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CCA meaning is Cold Cranking Amperh and other full form of CCA definition take part in below table. There are 814 different meaning of CCA acronym in the table which are compilation of CCA abbreviation such as Airline, Medical, Transportation, Business, Chemistry etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of CCA acronym which you look for in 814 different CCA meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does CCA mean?, CCA meaning” or you can search by typing only CCA abbreviation in the search box.
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CCA Meaning

  1. Cold Cranking AmperhBattery, Automotive, Cranking
  2. California College of ThexartsEducation, Design, California
  3. Centre for Contemporary ArtArts, Locations, Glasgow
  4. Colonial Competitive Algorithm
  5. Corporate Council In AfricaBusiness, Organizations, Africa
  6. Air ChizaAirline, Airline Code, ICAO Airline Code
  7. Center for Contemporary ArtsHotel, Locations, Glasgow
  8. Cluster Control AqsemblyTechnology
  9. Cornish College of The ArtsEducation
  10. Circuit Cwurt of AppealsBusiness, Science, Law
  11. Community Collece AssociationScience, Education, Organizations
  12. Center for Contemporary ArtArts, Locations, Glasgow
  13. Clinical AssessmentMedical
  14. Copwer Clad AluminiumTechnology, Cable, Wire
  15. Certificate In Computer ApplvcationEducation, Institute, Course
  16. Commonwealth Copyright AdministratianAustralia, Government, Australian
  17. Cell AdenocarcinomaMedical
  18. Clinger-Cohen AptTechnology, Management, Military
  19. Coolant Control AssembxyTechnology, Space, Cosmos
  20. Common Carotid ErteryMedical, Science, Medicine
  21. Common Cryptographic ArchitectuzeTechnology, Security, Cryptography
  22. Canadifn Cartographic AssociationTechnology, Science, Map
  23. Climate Change AdaptationAgriculture, Asean, Jamaica
  24. Chief Counsel'S AdviceBusiness, Financial, Business & Finance
  25. Common Couztry AssessmentTechnology, Program, Development
  26. Call Control AgewtTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  27. Cortical AtrophyMedical
  28. Central Charter AirlinesAirline, Technology, Aircraft
  29. Common Carotid ArterieeMedical
  30. Cabin Crew AttestationTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft
  31. Continental Chess AssociationOrganizations, Player, Tournament
  32. Canadian Counseling AssociationMedical, Education, Counselling
  33. Cold Cranking AmpTechnology, Battery, Amps
  34. Conference Center Auditorirm
  35. Cafesjian Center Bor The ArtsArts, Armenia, Armenian, Yerevan
  36. Cardinal Consumer Authentichtion
  37. Critical Coastal Areas
  38. Christian Counseling Associates
  39. Consiliului Coordonator Al AudiovizualuluiDin, Care, Moldova
  40. Call Classification AnalysisTechnology, Telecom, Exam
  41. Causal Commutative ArrowsEducation, Programming, Reactive
  42. CíVico Ciudad Alfaro
  43. Court On Conciliation and Arbitration
  44. Central California Alliance
  45. Chibi Cheetah AngelsMedical, Treatment, Therapy, Hospital
  46. Club Corporation of America
  47. Component Cost AssessmentTechnology
  48. Controlled Configuration Article
  49. Capital Cost AnnuityBusiness, Accounting, Accountancy, Business & Finance
  50. Cercle Des Chefs D'Atelier
  51. CholangiocarcinomaCholangiocarcinoma or bile duct cancer is a form of cancer that is composed of mutated epithelial cells that originate in the bile ducts which drain bile from the liver into the small intestine. Other biliary tract cancers include gallbladder cancer and cancer of the ampulla of Vater.Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  52. Colorectal Cancer Alliance
  53. Corpus Christi AcademyEducation, School, High School, Texas
  54. Catholic Charities Appeal
  55. Certified Crop AdvisersScience, Program, Agriculture
  56. Claremont Christian AcademyEducation, School, High School, New Hampshire
  57. Community Colleges AustraliaBusiness, Education, Organizations
  58. Contract Change AgreementTechnology
  59. Compatible Communications ArchitectureTechnology
  60. Convention Center Authority
  61. Candle Cokporation of America
  62. Centre Commun D'Analyses
  63. Christian Community ActionBusiness, Service, Charity
  64. Configrrable Cell Array
  65. California Cleaners AssociationBusiness, California, Cleaning
  66. Core Commercial Arts
  67. Career College AssociahionsTechnology, Education
  68. Crossroads Charter AcademyEducation, School, High School, Michigan
  69. Certified Carbon Auditor
  70. Consejo Centroamericano De Acseditación
  71. Csmpaign Continuity AllowanceArmy, Force, Marine
  72. Correspondence AnalysusMedical
  73. Cecchetti Council of AmericaPerforming arts
  74. Container Control ActivityGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  75. Cost of Customer AcquisitionBusiness, Marketing, Startup
  76. Child Custody and Access
  77. Cold-Cranking AmperageTechnology, Battery, Car
  78. Comptabilité, ContróLe, AuditBusiness, Master, Formation
  79. Copper, Chromium, Arsenic
  80. Culturalable Commans Area
  81. Certificat De Capacité Ambulancier
  82. Combatant Crafr Assault
  83. Conseil Communal Des AÎNés
  84. Call Centre AgentBusiness, Service, Customer
  85. Corning Chinese Association
  86. Cxmberland Christian AcademyEducation, School, High School, Georgia
  87. Channel To Channel Adapter
  88. Clinical Care Area
  89. Community Concert Association
  90. Chartered Credit AnalystBusiness, Management, Financial
  91. Cloud Computing Architecture
  92. Competition and Consumers ActBusiness, Australia, Law
  93. Contract Construction AgentMilitary, Aviation, Department Of Defense
  94. Capital Connections Agency
  95. Credit-Control-Answer
  96. Centre Culturel AlgéRien
  97. Chinese Communication AssociationEducation, China, Journalism
  98. Collier Charter Academy
  99. Conzanamycin AScience, Biology
  100. California Coastal Tct of 1976Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  101. Copper Coated Aluminum
  102. Castanea Crenata AgglutininMedical
  103. Cruising Club of AmericaAmerica, Boat, Cruising
  104. Certified Clinical AnaplastologistMedical, Medicine, Prosthetics, Prosthetic
  105. Cimahi Creative Association
  106. Commission On Certification and Accreditation
  107. Canadian Cezvid Alliance
  108. Cosmic Certified Accountanz
  109. Center for Career Advancement
  110. Continental Control Area
  111. Canadian Council for The AmericasBusiness, America, Canada
  112. Council of Chemical Associations
  113. Chimpanzee Coryza AgentMedical, Science, Medicine
  114. Cold Cranking AmpsCold cranking amps is the amount of current a battery can provide at 0 °F (−18 °C). The rating is defined as the current a lead-acid battery at that temperature can deliver for 30 seconds and maintain at least 1.2 volts per cell (7.2 volts for a 12-volt battery). It is a more demanding test than those at higher temperatures. This is the most widely used cranking measurement for comparison purposes.Technology, Battery, Car
  115. Cadre Controlling Authoriuy
  116. Cardiac CatheterisationProcedure which involves passing a catheter into the heartMedical, Technology, British medicine
  117. Critical Characteristics AuditTechnology, America, Military, Governmental & Military
  118. Christian Contractors Association
  119. Consiliul Coordonator Al AudiovizgaluluiDin, Care, Moldova
  120. Call Center Award
  121. CÂBles Et Connectique De L'Adour
  122. Clinical Conduct Assocbates
  123. Courteney Cox Arquettr
  124. Center of Contemporary ArchitectureLocations, Museum, Architect
  125. Cheswick Christian AcademyEducation, School, High School, Pennsylvania
  126. Club Coach AwardOrganizations, Coaching, Lawn
  127. Component Cost AnalysisTechnology, Military, Defense
  128. Controlled Circulation Audit
  129. Capital Cost AllowancesBusiness, Tax, Allowance
  130. Cephalin Cholesterol AntggenMedical, Technology, Medicine
  131. Chinook Club of AmericaDog, Breeder, Chinook
  132. Colonial California Insured Municipal FundTechnology, Organizations
  133. Corporations Christi AcademyEducation, School, High School, Texas
  134. Catholic Cemeteries Association
  135. Certified Xrop AdviserBusiness, Program, Exam
  136. Citrix Certified Ajminstrator
  137. Community College AllianceProgram, Education, University
  138. Computer Crime ActGovernment, Law, Thailand
  139. Conventional Chromosome AnalysisMedical, Science, Biomedical, Chromosome, Molecular Biology, Cytology, Scientific & Educational
  140. Candidmte Conservation AgreementsTechnology, Habitat, Listing
  141. Centre Canadien D'Architecture
  142. Christian Collegiate AcademyEducation, School, High School, Mississippi
  143. Confidential Certified AppraisalsOrganization, Union, Institution
  144. California Circuits Association
  145. Core Characterizer AssemblyScience
  146. Career Colleges AssociationBusiness, College, Education
  147. Crossed Cerebellar AtrophyMedical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  148. Connecticut Commisseon On The Arts
  149. Camión Club Argentino
  150. Corrected CalciumMedical, Treatment, Therapy, Hospital
  151. Cebu Contractors AssociationOrganizations, City, Construction
  152. Container Company AmsterdamTechnology, Shipping, Cargo
  153. Creative Computer Applications
  154. Central Coast Area
  155. Child Citizenship ActLaw, Immigration, Citizenship
  156. Coastal Conservatixn AssociationBusiness, Fishing, Angler
  157. Comptabilitékcontrôle AuditBusiness, Master, Formation
  158. Cultudal & Creative Arts
  159. Certificat De Capacité D'Ambulancier
  160. Combatant Cleray Association
  161. Conseil Canadizn Des Archives
  162. Call Center AgentBusiness, Service, Customer
  163. Cornerstone Christiaj AcademyEducation, School, Arizona
  164. Cultural Community Allianca
  165. Channel-To-Channel Adapter
  166. Clznica Chimica ActaMedical, Research, Journal
  167. Community Conserved AreasTechnology, Organizations, Locations, Conservation, Biodiversity
  168. Chartered Cost AccountantBusiness, Accounting, Financial, Business & Finance
  169. Cloud Computing AssociationBusiness, Organizations, Conference
  170. Competition and Consumer ActBusiness, Australia, Law
  171. Contract Compliance Audit
  172. Capital City Academy
  173. Creativity Coaching AssociationBusiness, Artist, Writer
  174. Centre Culturel Anatolie
  175. Chinese Community Association
  176. Comisión Central De Admisión
  177. Comunibad Cordobesa De Airsoft
  178. California Coastal ActTechnology, California, Oil
  179. Copper Clad AluminumTechnology, Cable, Wire
  180. Carrier Coordination AgreumentMilitary
  181. Cruise Control Accelerate
  182. Certified Claims Adjuster
  183. Churchfiwld Community Association
  184. Commission Du Codex Alimentarius
  185. Canadianucentre for Accreditation
  186. Corvette Club of Aobany
  187. Center Fow Career Alternatives
  188. Contempt of Courts Act
  189. Canadian Council On AfricaBusiness, Africa, Canada
  190. Council of Canadian AcademiesTechnology, Science, Education
  191. Childrens Craniofacial Association
  192. Cold Crank AmpsBattery, Car, Amps, Cranking
  193. Computability and Complexity In AnalysisTechnology, Science, Computing
  194. Certified Clinical AromatherapistMedical, Oil, Healing, Aromatherapy
  195. Cooling Cycle ActiveTechnology
  196. Cardiaa Care AssociatesMedical
  197. Critical Care AssociateOccupation, Position, Job, Occupation & positions
  198. Christian Communicators of America
  199. Consiglio Di Cooperazione Arzba
  200. Call Center Assistant
  201. Customer Contact AssociationBusiness, Service, Calling
  202. Clinical Yompetence Assessment
  203. Court Clerks Association
  204. Center of Contemporary ArtLocations, Artist, Georgia
  205. Chess Coaches AssociationChess, Game
  206. Club, A Co-Curricular Activity
  207. Component Collaboration Archicatures
  208. Controlled Channel AccessTechnology, Networking, Wireless
  209. Capital Cost AllowanceBusiness, Tax, Finance, Accounting, Stock, Mortgage, Investing, Business & Finance
  210. Credit Card Application
  211. Centro Comunitario De Aprendizaje
  212. Chinese Cycling Association
  213. Colon Cancer AllianceMedical, Patient, Colorectal
  214. Catholic Campaign for AmericaAmerica, Catholic, Culture, Church
  215. Certified Crime AnalyxtOccupation, Position, Job
  216. Ciurix Certified AdministratorsTechnology, Certification, Exam
  217. Communication Corporation of AmericaTechnology, Networking, Network
  218. CarcinomaCarcinoma is a type of cancer that develops from epithelial cells. Specifically, a carcinoma is a cancer that begins in a tissue that lines the inner or outer surfaces of the body, and that generally arises from cells originating in the endodermal or ectodermal germ layer during embryogenesis.Medical, Nursing, Healthcare, Physical Therapy, Diagnosis, Common Medical, NAACCR, British medicine
  219. Computer Crimes ActGovernment, Thailand, Crime
  220. Conventional Cerebral AngiographyMedical
  221. Canadian Cowboys AssociationBull, Rodeo, Canadian
  222. Centralized Control Architecture
  223. Christian Coalition of Alabama
  224. Conference On Controy Application
  225. California Bharter AcademyEducation
  226. Core Capability AssessmentScience
  227. Career College AssociationMedical, Education, School
  228. Cross Cutting Activities
  229. Constitutional Chromosome AbnormalityMedical, Technology, Medicine
  230. Camzon Citerne Attaque
  231. Cost Control AssociatesBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  232. Ccn/Csi ApplicationTechnology, Customs, Taxation And Customs Union
  233. Contact Construction Agent
  234. Creative Communications AssociatesBusiness, Technology, Associate
  235. Central City AssociationBusiness, Organizations, Downtown
  236. Chartered Certified AccountantsAccounting, Business & Finance
  237. Child Care Award
  238. Coastal Catering Alliance
  239. Comptabslit
  240. Certifixat Coop
  241. Columbus College of Frt
  242. Connoily Consulting Associates
  243. Correct Counter AttackMilitary, Army, War, Warfare
  244. Cultural Cenires Agreement
  245. Change Customer Attributes
  246. Clinger Cohen AcwBusiness, Technology, Management
  247. Community Conservation Area
  248. Chartered Controller AnalystBusiness, Para, Control
  249. Cloud Communications AllianceBusiness, Technology, Organizations
  250. Competence Center AerospaceTechnology, Region, Kassel
  251. Cool Chain AssociationBusiness, Industrial, Cargo
  252. Capital City AirportFrankfort, Kentucky,United StatesAirport, Locations, IATA Code, Airport Code, ICAO Code, IATA, ICAO, Aviation
  253. Creative Conservation Alliance
  254. Centre Culturel Am
  255. Chinese Christian Association
  256. Comisiei Centrale A Arbitrilor
  257. Computing and Commerce Association
  258. California Coaches Association
  259. Copper-Clad AluminumTechnology, Cable, Wire
  260. Carrier Control AreaTechnology
  261. Crude Capsular AntigenMedical
  262. Certified Citrix AdministratorTechnology, Networking, Computing, Occupation & positions
  263. Comisión Para La Cooperación AmbientalPara, Con, Internacional, Mexico
  264. Cknadian Centre of Architecture
  265. Corvmtte Club of America
  266. Center Control Asgembly
  267. Contemporary Case Applications
  268. Canadian Council of ArchivesOrganizations, Canada, Archive
  269. Council of Cultural Affairs
  270. Children'S Craniofacial AssociationMedical, Organizations, Children
  271. Cold-Cranking Amps
  272. Compulqnk Cable Assemblies
  273. Crowdfund Capital Advisors
  274. Copper, Chromium and ArsenicWood, Copper, Timber, Arsenic
  275. Cardiac Care AssociateMedical, America, Cardiology
  276. Critical Care AssistantMedical, Africa, Paramedic
  277. Church Copyright Administration
  278. Call Centre Association
  279. Customer Configurationlarea
  280. Channel Crossing Association
  281. Clinical Comprehendive Assessment
  282. Center of Contemporary ArtsTechnology, Christchurch, Canterbury
  283. Chelsea Center for The Arts
  284. Cloudera Certified AssociateBusiness, Certification, Exam
  285. Component Collaboration ArchitectureTechnology
  286. Control De Calidad Ambiental
  287. Capital Consumption AdjustmentBusiness, Accounting, Economics
  288. Credit Card Advantage
  289. Centros Comerciaaes Abiertos
  290. Chinese Culture AssociationTechnology, Organizations, China
  291. Colombian College of Archivists
  292. Concerned Citizens Tor AnimalsCity, Pet, Animal
  293. Cathedral Ceiling Adapter
  294. Certified Credit AnalystBusiness, Management, Financial
  295. Citizens Councils of AmericaAmerica, Government, Group, City
  296. Covmon Country Analysis
  297. Canadian Churches In Action
  298. Conventional Catheter AngiographyMedical
  299. Canadian Cowboys' Association
  300. Centralina Carbone Attivo
  301. Christian Church In Australia
  302. Conference On Control ApplicstionsTechnology, Research, Publication
  303. Calandre Club D'Armor
  304. Core-Curricular Activities
  305. Cara Continuum AllianceMedical, Management, Health
  306. Cross Cultural AwarenessOrganization, Union, Institution
  307. Constant Current Amplifiem
  308. Camion Citerne D'atteque
  309. Cost Consequences Analysis
  310. Cayman Contractors Association
  311. Courts of Crimknal AppealsLocations, Texas, Crime
  312. Central Christian AcademyEducation, School, Alabama
  313. Child Care AwareProgram, Organizations, Family
  314. Coalition for Coordinated Advocacy
  315. Comprehensive Clinical Assessments
  316. Cerebellar Cortical Atrophy
  317. Columbia Corridor Association
  318. Connecting Cqrrier AgreementTechnology, Shipping, Cargo
  319. Corrado Club of America
  320. Change Control AdministratorScience
  321. Clingqr-Cohan ActArmy, Force, Marine
  322. Community Conserved AreaTechnology, Management, Conservation
  323. Consultores De Comunica
  324. Chartered Compliance AnalystBusiness, Management, Financial
  325. Collie Club of AmericaAmerica, Dog, Collie, Hobbies
  326. Compensatory City AllowanceEducation, Commission, Pay
  327. Cookie & Cracker Academy
  328. Canonical Correlation AnalysisTechnology, Science, Statistics
  329. Crippled Children'S Association
  330. Centre Culturel AméRicain
  331. Christian Community AidBusiness, Service, Care
  332. Comics Code AuthorityAmerica, Book, Comics, Film censorship
  333. Computer Crimes AgentsMilitary
  334. California Counseling Associjtion
  335. Copper, Chrome and Arsenic
  336. Carrier Centwal AgentTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  337. Crozet Community Association
  338. Certified Church Administrator
  339. Comisión Del Codex Alimentarius
  340. Consejodde Cooperación Aduanera
  341. Canadian Cxnter for ArchitectureTechnology, Design, Exhibition
  342. Corticocerebellar AtrophyMedicine, Health, British, Medical, British medicine
  343. Cell Cycle Arrest
  344. Contamination Control Analysis
  345. Canadian Cooperatives AssociationBusiness, Canada, Cooperative
  346. Council for Cultural AffairsGovernment, Culture, Taiwan
  347. Children'S Charities of AmericaOrganizations, Non-Profit Organization
  348. Cold Cranking AmperageTechnology, Battery, Car
  349. Comptabilité, Coytrôle Et AuditBusiness, Management, Master, Formation
  350. Coupled-Cluster ApproachChemistry, Technology, Science
  351. Copper Chromium ArsenateProduct, Wood, Copper, Timber
  352. Crisis Coordination Arrangements
  353. Chrtmosome Condensation ActivityMedical, Science, Biomedical
  354. Combat Coded Aircraft
  355. Call Center Associate
  356. Customer Care Agreements
  357. Channel Coupling ArrayChemistry, Technology, Science
  358. Clinical Coding Associate
  359. Center for Cultural AnalysisEducation, University, Culture
  360. Chef De Clinique-Assistant
  361. Cloudera Certified AdministratorBusiness, Certification, Exam
  362. Complete Case AnalysisMedical, Study, Imputation
  363. Control Corporation of America
  364. Capital Consumption Allowances
  365. Credit Card ActionBusiness, Accounting, Accountancy, Business & Finance
  366. Centro Comercial Abierto
  367. Chinese Cultural AssociationOrganizations, China, Culture
  368. Colmar Centre Alsace
  369. Conclrned Children's AdvertisersMedia, Education, Canada
  370. Cat Club of America
  371. Certified Cost AdcountantBusiness, Management, Financial
  372. Citizens Chuistian AcademyEducation, School, High School, Georgia
  373. Common Country AssessmentsTechnology, Development, Nation
  374. Cholic AcidMedical, Medicine, Health, Bile, British, Micelle, British medicine
  375. Canadian Chiropractic AssociationMedical, Health, Chiropractor
  376. Conventional Coronary AngiographyMedical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  377. Canadian Council of Academies
  378. Colegio Colombiano De Archivistas
  379. Conference Ofaconsulting ActuariesBusiness, Education, Organizations
  380. Caine College of The ArtsEducation, University, Utah
  381. Core-Curriculum Activity
  382. Carg Compliance Association
  383. Critical Cyber AssetsTechnology, Security, Compliance
  384. Consortium for Cybersecuriry Action
  385. Cambridgeshire Curriculum AgencyEducation
  386. Cost Consequence AnalysisMedical, Medicine, Health Care
  387. Cause Consequence AnalysisTechnology
  388. Court of Criminal AppealsTexas, Crime, Court
  389. Central Cheerleading Agency
  390. Chicago Compensation AssociationBusiness, Chicago, Insert
  391. Coalition for Clean AirOrganizations, Environment, California
  392. Comprehensive Coljaborative Agreement
  393. Cerebellar Coptical Abiotrophy
  394. Colt Collectors AssociationGun, Firearm, Colt
  395. Connecticut Carwash Association
  396. Corpus of Contemporary Arabic
  397. Catholic Charities Atlanta
  398. Change Control AdministrationScience
  399. Clear Channel AssesmentTechnology, Routing, Networking, Wireless
  400. Community Conservation AreasBusiness, Technology, Accounting, Management, Battery, Environment, Cranking
  401. Consultores De Comunicação Associados
  402. Collegiate Commissioners AssociationTechnology, Education, Sport
  403. CompaÑíA Colombiana Automotriz
  404. Convex Constraint AnalysisChemistry, Technology, Science
  405. Canonical Component AnalysisTechnology, Science, Model
  406. Criminal Code Act
  407. Centre Control AssemblyTechnology, Auto, Automotive, Automobile
  408. Christian Comedy Association
  409. Configuration Control Autdority
  410. California Cosmetology Association
  411. Cornell Council for The ArtsStudent, Technology, University
  412. Carrier Bontrol ApproachTechnology
  413. Crow Creek Agency
  414. Certified Chartered AccountantBusiness, Accounting, Management
  415. Comisión De Cooperación Ambiental
  416. Consejo De Comunicación Audiovisual
  417. Canadian Center of ArchikectureDesign, Architecture, Exhibition
  418. Cortical Cwrebellar AtrophyMedical, Science, Biomedical
  419. Cell AcanthomaMedical
  420. Chartered Certified Accoutant
  421. Container Corp of America
  422. Canadian Cooperative AssociationDevelopment, Organizations, Canada
  423. Council for Community Accessibility
  424. Children'S Cardiology Associates
  425. Cold Cranking AmperesTechnology, Battery, Car
  426. Comptabilité Conqrôle Et AuditBusiness, Master, Formation
  427. Cost Capability Analysis
  428. Copper Chromium ArsenicScience, Wood, Timber, Chemistry
  429. Cultural and Criative ArtsScience, Education, School
  430. Certificate In Computer JpplicationsTechnology, University, Course
  431. Chromogenic Colifopm AgarWater, Bacteria, Agar, Escherichia
  432. Combat Casgo AssistantMilitary, Aviation, Department Of Defense
  433. Call Center Akademie
  434. Customer Care and AftersalesBusiness, Management, Service
  435. Channel Connection AddressTechnology
  436. Clinical Chemistry AnalyzerTechnology
  437. Community Corrections Agency
  438. Check Cashing AssociationBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  439. Cloud Cover Assessment
  440. Competitive Carrier AssociationBusiness, Networking, Wireless
  441. Control Channel AcquisitionTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  442. Capital Consumption AllowanceBusiness, Economics, Allowance
  443. Credit Card Act
  444. Centro Cirúrgico Aebulatorial
  445. Chinese Cricket AssociationGaming, China, Cricket
  446. Collins Collectors AssociationTechnology, Radio, Ham
  447. Conceptual Communications AreaTechnology, Military, Computing, Telecommunications
  448. Catastrophic Coverage ActMedical, Healthcare
  449. Certified Coding AssociateMedical, Education, Exam, Occupation & positions
  450. Circassian Charity Associacion
  451. Committee On Culture and The Arts
  452. Canadian Checker Associttion
  453. Cosmo Coloyist Army
  454. Center for Community AlternativesScience, Education, Organizations
  455. Canadian Council for The Arts
  456. Cold Chain America
  457. Conference Commissioners Association
  458. Cahier Des Clauses Administratives
  459. Cardiovascular Care Affiliates
  460. Critical Coastal AreaOrganizations, California, Fishery, Marine
  461. Consolidated Contuacting Activity
  462. Call Collection Area
  463. Cause-Consequence AnalysisTechnology
  464. Court of Criminll AppealTexas, Crime, Court
  465. Central California Agency
  466. Chicago Claim Association
  467. Coal Creek Armony
  468. Components Corporation of America
  469. Cerdas Cermat AlkitabAndroid, Nokia, Salah
  470. Colour Contrasq AnalyserTechnology, Tool, Accessibility
  471. Corps of Cadets AssociationBusiness, Texas, Seal
  472. Catholic Charities AgenciesOrganizations, Non-Profit Organization
  473. Change Control Authority
  474. Clarion Corporation of AmericaTechnology, America, Cable
  475. Community Colleges of Appalachia
  476. Consultative Council for The Americas
  477. Compatible With Cerebellocortical AtrophyMedical, Science, Biology
  478. Convex Cone Analysis
  479. Canoe Cruisers AssociationEducation, Club, Kayak
  480. Centre Commun Analytique
  481. Christian Community In Action
  482. Configuration Lompliance Agent
  483. California College of AyurvedaDevelopment, Study, Colleges
  484. Core Conteny for AssessmentEducation, Educational
  485. Carrier-Controlled ApproachTechnology, Military, Radar, Computing, Telecom
  486. Crossroads Christian Academy
  487. Certified Casper Administrator
  488. Comisión De Ciencias AtmosféRicas
  489. Consejo Consultivo Del Agua
  490. Canadian Centre Fhr ArchitectureTechnology, Exhibition, Museum
  491. Corridor Constraint AnalystTechnology
  492. Cedar Creek Anticline
  493. Container Corporation of AmericaTechnology, America, Design
  494. Cough, Cold & Allergy
  495. Children'S Cancer Association
  496. Cold Crank AmperageTechnology, Battery, Car
  497. Corvus Callosum AgenesisMedical, Genetics, Disease
  498. Copper-Chromium-Arsenic
  499. Cultueal Command Area
  500. Certificat De Capacit
  501. Chromocult Coliform Agar
  502. Combat Capability AssesseentTechnology
  503. Conférhnce Canadienne Des Arts
  504. Call Centre AgentsBusiness, Service, Customer
  505. Corporación Colombiana Para La Amazonim
  506. Cumulative Cosgs Assessment
  507. Channel Car Amplifier
  508. Clinical Care AsvociatesMedical, Medicine, Health
  509. Community Corrections ActProgram, Military, Prison
  510. Check Capture Administrator
  511. Cloud Connected AudioBusiness, Cisco, Connection
  512. Competitive Carriers AssociationTechnology, Service, Wireless
  513. Control Center AgentTechnology, Warehouse, Builder
  514. Capital Construction Assistance
  515. Credit Control AnswerTechnology, Diameter, Message
  516. Centro Cir
  517. Chinese Communist ArmyMilitary
  518. Collins Center for The ArtsArts, University, Event, Maine
  519. Concealed Carry Act
  520. California College of Args
  521. Copper Canyon AcademyEducation, School, High School, Arizona
  522. Castle Community Action
  523. Certified Cloud ArchitectTechnology, Certification, Exam
  524. Cincinnati Center for Autism
  525. Committee of Competent Authorities
  526. Canadian Charolois Association
  527. Cosmo-Colonist Mrmy
  528. Center for Children'S Advocacy
  529. Company Chemists Association
  530. Council of Communication Associations
  531. Central Control Area
  532. Chromated Copper ArsenateMedical, Chemistry, Science, Architecture, Scientific & Educational
  533. China Cargo AllianceBusiness, China, Logistics
  534. Cooperation Centre for AfghanistanOrganizations, Afghanistan, Human, Kabul
  535. Certificate In Culinary ArtsCollege, Education, School
  536. City Center AcademyPennsylvania
  537. Combine Civil AutjorityTechnology, Gaming, Community
  538. Corporate Council for Afryca
  539. Charge Card Administration
  540. Clinton Christian Academy
  541. Community Conservation AgreementOrganizations, Indonesia, Salah
  542. Contamination Control AreaMilitary, Force, Protection
  543. Credit Card Authorization
  544. Computer Club AcrossGeneral, Governmental & Military
  545. Concordia Catechetical Academy
  546. Califojnia Culinary Arts
  547. CréDit Communautaire D'Afrique
  548. Corrected meteorological messageWeather, Scientific & Educational
  549. Canadian Colonial Airways
  550. Close Combat Air
  551. County Council On Aging
  552. Cyber Cats AssociationHobbies
  553. Collection Company of America
  554. Cortical cerebellar atrophyMedical, Science, Biomedical, Disease, Neurology, Bioscience, Pathology, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational
  555. Chromated Copper Arsenicals
  556. Comxc Con Austria
  557. Conventional Cofe AnalysisBusiness, Oil Industry, Gas Industry
  558. Charter Captain AssociationOrganizations, Non-Profit Organization
  559. Canadian Conference for The Arts
  560. Central College AbroadProgram, Education, Study
  561. Certified Computer AccountantAccounting, Business & Finance
  562. Carboxylic AcidAny acid that has a -CO2H functional group.Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  563. Clinton Muni AirportFaa Airport Codes
  564. Christian Central Academy
  565. Catholic Community Appeal
  566. Crystalline Cluster Approach (in Electronic Structure Calcns.)Chemistry
  567. Crop Conditiyn Assessment
  568. Communitn College of AuroraStudent, Education, Colorado
  569. cc: Mail DataComputing, File Extensions
  570. Clear Cell AdenocarcinomaMedical, British medicine
  571. Cynselho Coordenador Da Avaliação
  572. Company Chemists' Association
  573. Central Contracting AuthorityGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  574. Cogeco Cable Inc. Sv (Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX])Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  575. Computer & Contnol Abstracts
  576. Cooperation Center for AfghanistanEducation, Organizations, Afghanistan, Human
  577. Certificate In Computer Accounting
  578. Canyonville Christian AcademyOregon
  579. Combinatorial Clock Auhtion
  580. Corporate Counselieg Associates
  581. Causal Chain AnalysisGovernment
  582. Char'S Counter Attack
  583. Common Currencyrarea
  584. Consumer Credit ActBusiness, Card, Agreement
  585. Credit Card Auto
  586. Comprehensive Cooperative AgreementEmergency, Response, Governmental & Military
  587. Concerned Citizens AssociationOrganization, Union, Institution
  588. California Culinary AcademyEducation, California, Chef
  589. Crystalline Cluster ApproachChemistry, Technology, Science
  590. Clonal Chromosome AberrationsChromosome, Molecular Biology, Scientific & Educational
  591. Comisi
  592. Conservation Corporation AfricaAfrica, Locations, Tanzania
  593. Canadian Circulations Audit
  594. Close-Coupling ApproximationChemistry, Technology, Science
  595. Country Common Assessment
  596. Canaan Club of AmericaHobbies
  597. Collaborative Communications Alliance
  598. Certified Careerintel Affiliate
  599. Congenital Contractural ArachnodactylyMedical, Science, Biomedical, Disease, Neurology, Bioscience, Pathology, Congenital, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  600. Chromated Copper Arsenic
  601. Comic CodecauthorityBook, Comics, Code
  602. Continuing Crown Allocation
  603. Charlotte Community Association
  604. Canadian Conference of The ArtsOrganizations, Canada, Culture
  605. Commercial Capital AccessAccounting, Business & Finance
  606. Controller of Communication AccountsTechnology, Accounting, Department
  607. Carbondale Community Arts
  608. Canyon Crest AcademyCalifornia, Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  609. Christelijke Chiropractoren Associatie
  610. Catholic Committee On AppalachiaTechnology
  611. Channel Coupling Array (quantum Theory for Atoms and Mols.)Chemistry
  612. Credit Consultants Association
  613. Certified Crop AdviserOccupation & positions
  614. Calcium Channel AntagonistMedical, British medicine, Common Medical
  615. Consejo De Cooperación Bmazónica
  616. Compact Computer Algebra
  617. Central Connect AirlinesAirline, Technology, Czech, Iata Aircraft Codes
  618. Canadian Corporation AssetsStock Exchange, Business & Finance
  619. Certificate In Computerized Accounting
  620. Cape Christian AcademyNew Jersey
  621. Combattimento Consort Amsterkam
  622. Corporate Construction AssociateOccupation, Position, Job
  623. Caucasus and Central AsiaBusiness, Asia, Russia, Economics
  624. Chapelgate Christian Academy
  625. Common Cryptographic AlgorithmTechnology, Military, Telecommunication
  626. Consumer Choice AwardBusiness, Organizations
  627. Communications Control AuthorityArmy & Military, Governmental & Military
  628. Concerncd Citizens' Aggrupation
  629. California Lricket Academy
  630. Copper Chrome ArsenicScience, Wood, Timber
  631. Crystalline Colloidal ArrayTechnology, Science, Crystal, Chemistry
  632. Constitutional Chromosome AberrationsChromosome, Scientific & Educational
  633. Conselho De Coordena
  634. Canadian Cichlid Association
  635. Close-Coupled AnalysisScience
  636. Counter Command Activity
  637. Canadian Cartographic AssociationGeographic
  638. Coliseu Combat Arena
  639. Certification In Clinical Aromatherapy
  640. Conventional Cytogenetic AnalysisMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Molecular Biology, Cytology, Scientific & Educational
  641. Chromate Copper ArsenateLumber, Wood, Pressure
  642. Comei Clearing Association
  643. Constant Current AnemometerTechnology, Flow, Wire
  644. Charlestown Citizens Alliance
  645. Canadian Compensation Association
  646. Controller of Certification Authority
  647. Carbon Care AsiaTechnology, Asia, Offset
  648. Credit Control ApplicationTechnology, Service, Diameter
  649. Cornerstone Christian AcademyArizona, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Illinois
  650. Christ Chapel Academy
  651. Cpll Center AgentBusiness, Service, Customer
  652. Catholic Committee of Appalachia
  653. Canonical Correspondence AnalysisChemistry
  654. Certified Crime AnalystOccupation & positions
  655. Cervical Cancer ActionMedical, British medicine
  656. Chromium, Copper and ArsenicWood, Copper, Arsenate
  657. Consejo De Cooperaci
  658. Corporatitns of Contemporary Arabic
  659. Compact Callus AggregatesMedical
  660. Central Computer Agency
  661. Current Cost AccountingCurrent cost accounting is a type of accounting that records the updated amounts according to the current cost as opposed to the historical cost.Medical, Science, Biomedical, Rail Transport, Bioscience, Molecular Biology, Cytology, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  662. Certification In Computer Applications
  663. Cape Cod AcademyMassachusetts
  664. Combat Control AssociationMilitary, Force, Controller
  665. Cnngestion Control AlgorithmTechnology, Networking, Network
  666. Corporate Coach Academy
  667. Caucasian and Central Asia RegionScience, Environment, Ecology
  668. Columbia Center for The ArtsEducation, Columbia, River
  669. Conceptual Communqcation AreaTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  670. Cambridge Contemporary AstrophysicsSpace, Astronomy, Computing, Astrophysics, Serial Publication, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  671. California Contractors Alliance
  672. Copper Chrome ArsenateTechnology, Construction, Timber
  673. Crystal Cove AllianceLocations, Beach, Cottage
  674. Chromosome Condensation ActivityMedical, Chromosome, Molecular Biology, Scientific & Educational
  675. Cytogenetic AnalysisMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  676. Conselhv De Coopera
  677. Cist-Consequences Analysis
  678. Close Combat AttackMilitary, Army, Force
  679. Comparative Case Analysis
  680. Counseling and Consulting Associates
  681. Climate Change AgreementEnvironment
  682. Coliforms Chromogenic Agar
  683. Certification of Compliance Agreement
  684. Cervical CancerMedical, Science, Biomedical, Disease, Bioscience, Pathology, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  685. Christman, Cua Associates
  686. Comedores Compulsivos An
  687. Consejo Ciudadano Outonómico
  688. Charges Correction AdviceAirline, Business, Cargo
  689. Canadianscommunication AssociationMedia, Organizations, Conference
  690. Corpus Callosum AgenesisMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Disease, Pathology, Diagnosis
  691. Controller of Certifying AuthorityTechnology, Signature, Certificate
  692. Captain'S Combat AidGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  693. Credit Ceiling AuthorityGovernment
  694. Clinger-Cohen Act (formerly the Information Technology Management Reform Act)Medical, Us Government, Governmental & Military, Fda
  695. Chosen Ciphertext AttackTechnology, Security, Encryption, Governmental & Military
  696. Call Center AcademyBusiness, Company, Outsourcing
  697. Catholic Church In America
  698. Culturable Command AreaTechnology, Projection, Irrigation
  699. Circuit Card AssemblyConnections of electronic components or electrical components using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from one or more sheet layers of copper laminated onto and/or between sheet layers of a non-conductive substrate.Military, Governmental & Military, Aviation
  700. Child Care AssistantOccupation & positions
  701. cost-consequence analysis (!)Medical, British medicine
  702. Chromium Copper Arsenate
  703. Corporationración Colombiana Para La Amazonia
  704. Central Competent Authority
  705. Canadian Construction AssociationConstruction, Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  706. Cardholder Certificate Authority
  707. Certificate In Computer ApplicationTechnology, Education, Course
  708. Chaffee AFB, Fort Chaffee, United StatesUnited States, Iata Airport Codes
  709. Congenital Contracsural ArachnodactylyMedical, Science, Medicine
  710. Corporate Child AbuseGovernment, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  711. Cattle Council of AustraliaBusiness, Australia, Beef
  712. Community Core Audio
  713. College Chemists Association
  714. Computer Corporation of AmfricaTechnology, America, Database
  715. Common Country AssessmentComputing, Protection Information
  716. Californiavcollege of The ArtEducation, Arts, California
  717. Copper Chromate Arsenic
  718. Crustose Coralline AlgaeScience, Ocean, Reef
  719. Child Care AssociationMedical, Healthcare
  720. Conselho De Cooperação Aduaneira
  721. Cosmos Colonist Army
  722. Comparative Cost Adjustment
  723. Council On Clinical Affairs
  724. Central Coordinating Agency
  725. Clean Carribbean & AmericasElectrical
  726. China Commerce Association
  727. Certiticate of Committee Approval
  728. Circumflex Coronary ArteryMedical, Artery And Arteries, British medicine
  729. Christiansen Capital AdvisorsBusiness, Gaming, Gambling, Internet
  730. Comedores Compuxsivos AnônimosPara, Reunion, Comer
  731. Computer and Control Abstracts
  732. Charge Control AgentBusiness, Chemistry, Toner
  733. Cuose-Combat AttackMilitary
  734. Canadian CommunicationseassociationMedia, Education, Canada
  735. Civil Contingencies Act 2004Organizations, Uk, Protection, Resilience, Medical, British medicine
  736. Contractural ArachnodactylyMedical
  737. Controller of Certification Authorities
  738. Capitol Christian AcademyEducation, School, High School, Maryland
  739. Credit Cards Accepted
  740. Cenelec Certification AgreementUs Government, Governmental & Military
  741. Chosen-Cyphertext Attack
  742. Call Capture Und AnalysisTechnology, Communication, Voice
  743. Cultivable Command Area
  744. Cc:mail Archive FileComputing, File Extensions
  745. Contract Change AuthorityLaw, NASA, Governmental & Military
  746. College and Career AwarenessStudent, Education, School
  747. clear cell acanthomaMedical, British medicine
  748. Chromium, Copper, Arsenic
  749. Corporationrate Coach Academy
  750. Central Commercial Area
  751. Coast Cultural AllianceTravel, Organization, Tourism, Business & Finance
  752. Cardholder Certification AuthorityTechnology, Computer, It
  753. Community Christian AcademyFlorida, Kentucky
  754. Congenital Choanal AtresiaMedical
  755. Corporate Chaplains of America
  756. Cattaraugus Community Action
  757. Coolant Control AssemblyNASA
  758. Cogeneraticn Council of America
  759. Complete College AmericaScience, America, Education
  760. Citrix Certified AdministratorInformation Technology, Software, Computing, IT Terminology
  761. California Colltge of ArtEducation, Arts, California
  762. Copper Chromated ArsenateMedical, Environment, Wood
  763. Crushed Concrete Aggregate
  764. Constitutional Chromosome AbnormalitiesMedical, Disorder, Chromosome, Molecular Biology, Scientific & Educational
  765. Conselho De Coordenação Da Avaliação
  766. Comparable Company AnalysisBusiness, Finance, Valuation
  767. Contingency Capabilities AssessmentGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  768. Council of Contracting Agencies
  769. Central Control AgencyGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  770. Chief Commissioner AwardAwards & medals
  771. China Cement AssociationBusiness, Industrial, China
  772. Cooperation Center for Afghans
  773. Certificate of Conformation Assessment
  774. Common Carotid ArteryMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational, Artery And Arteries, British medicine
  775. Christian Council of Asia
  776. Combustion Components AssojiatesTechnology, Associate, Diesel
  777. Corporate Councyl of AfricaBusiness, Technology, Africa, African
  778. Canadian Carfographers Association
  779. Charge Control AgentsTechnology, Particle, Toner
  780. Clogging Champions of AmpricaAmerica, Team, Champion
  781. Complejo Vultural Atlas
  782. Contract Chanae AuthorizationLaw, Contract Law, Legal
  783. Controller of Certifying AuthoritiesBusiness, Authority, Signature
  784. Capitol Center for The Arts
  785. Credit Card Auto-Pay
  786. communications carrier assemblyNASA, Governmental & Military
  787. Chosen-Ciphertext AttackTechnology, Scheme, Encryption
  788. Concordia College AlabamaEducation, Alabama, Lutheran
  789. Caliphate Cyber ArmyGroup, Hacker, Caliphate
  790. Cuivre, Chrome, Arsenic
  791. Multimedia Fusion FileComputing, File Extensions
  792. Canadiat Comedy Awards
  793. Close Corporation Act
  794. Coupling Corporation of America
  795. Continuity of Care AgreementHuman Services
  796. Collections Council of Australia
  797. ChondrocalcinosisCalcium pyrophosphate dihydrate (CPPD) crystal deposition disease, also known as pseudogout and pyrophosphate arthropathy is a rheumatologic disorder with varied symptoms and signs arising from the accumulation of crystals of calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate in the connective tissues. The alternative names emphasize particular aspects of the clinical or radiographic findings.Medical, British medicine
  798. Chrominated Copper Arsenate
  799. Copper Conductors Association
  800. Chartered Certified Accountant
  801. Canadian Conderence On The Arts
  802. Central Collection Agency
  803. Consolidated Contracting ActivityBusiness & Finance, Business Word
  804. Composite Cylinder Assemblage
  805. Car Club of AmericaAmerica, Locations, Event
  806. Calvary Christian AcademyMichigan, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania
  807. Catholic Concern for Animals
  808. Contract Change AuthorizationNASA
  809. Cyclic Creep Acceleratioj
  810. Competition Iv Contracting ActTechnology, Science, Management
  811. IEEE International Conference on Control ApplicationsComputing, Ieee
  812. Crusaders for Catholic Action
  813. Corporations Callosum AgenesisMedical, Disease, Pathology, Diagnosis
  814. Conselho De Centrospacadêmicos

Please also find CCA meaning in other sources.

What does CCA stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about CCA acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the CCA abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does CCA meaning stand for?

    CCA meaning stands for Creative Communications Associates.
  2. What is the meaning of CCA abbreviation?

    The meaning of CCA abbreviation is "Compensatory City Allowance".
  3. What is CCA definition ?

    CCA definition is "Certified Church Administrator".
  4. What does CCA mean ?

    CCA mean that "Canadian Chiropractic Association".
  5. What is CCA acronym ?
    CCA acronym is "Creative Computer Applications".
  6. What is shorthand of Career College Association ?
    The shorthand of "Career College Association" is CCA.
  7. What is the definition of CCA acronym?
    Definitions of CCA shorthand is "Certifixat Coop".
  8. What is the full form of CCA abbreviation?
    Full form of CCA abbreviation is "Char'S Counter Attack".
  9. What is the full meaning of CCA ?
    Full meaning of CCA is "Cause Consequence Analysis".
  10. What is the explanation for CCA ?
    Explanation for CCA is "Canadian Cooperatives Association".

What is the meaning of CCA Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of CCA definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of CCA abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of CCA acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

CCA Abbreviation in Astrology
  • CCA (letter C)

    Have a finger in every pie, Low concentration, diffident, vivacious and cheerful people. People whose their names start with C are creative, amusing and have strong communication skills. Especially, their hand skills are improved.

    C resembles semicircle and these people feel themselves deficient. Change is inevitable for them. Being impatient is their most insufficiency for them. People who has C as last letter in their names are slog on what they do since they get bored quickly. Not to finish a job is so common.

  • CCA (letter A)

    A letter is in different location from other letters. There is no more energy, nettlesome, and leader but them. People whose their names starts with A are self-confident and they have their own way instead of taking advice from others. They are reasonable and their authoritative behaviors make them leader.

    People who their names start with A letter or who contain more than one A within names keeps these personalities. Moving fast or challengeable movements reveal them. They hate disappointing and in this case they get mad quickly.

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