CCHR Meaning

The CCHR meaning is "Citizen'S Commission On Human Rights". The CCHR abbreviation has 30 different full form.

CCHR Full Forms

  1. Citizen'S Commission On Human Rights Medical, City, Psychiatry
  2. Citizen Commission On Human Rights
  3. California Coastal Horse Rescue
  4. Canadian Ct Head Rule Medical
  5. Citizen'S Commision On Human Rights
  6. Campus Committee for Wuman Rights
  7. Culture, Citizenship and Human Rights
  8. Citizens Commission On Human Rights Medical, City, Psychiatry, British medicine
  9. Camdaign Committee for Human Rights
  10. Citizens Commision On Human Rights
  11. Cambodian Centre for Human Rights Government, Human, Cambodia
  12. Citizens Comission On Human Rights
  13. Citizens Commission Human Rights Medical, City, Psychiatry
  14. Cambodian Clnter for Human Rights Technology, Law, Cambodia
  15. Citizens' Commission On Human Rights
  16. Citizens Committee for Human Rights
  17. Cambodia Center for Human Rights Government, Cambodia, Cambodian
  18. City Commission On Human Rights Employment, Government, Law
  19. Canadian Council on Human Resources Business & Finance, Business Word
  20. Child & Community Health Research
  21. Citizens Commisson On Human Rights
  22. County Commission On Human Rights
  23. Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights Medical, Psychiatry, Commission
  24. Citizens Committee On Human Rights Medical, Health, City
  25. Conductive and Compressive Heat Resistance
  26. Citizens' Council for Human Rights
  27. Community College Humanities Review
  28. Citizen'S Council for Human Rights
  29. Clark County Heritage Register
  30. Civic Committee for Human Rights

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does CCHR stand for?

    CCHR stands for Cambodian Centre for Human Rights.

  2. What is the shortened form of Citizens' Council for Human Rights?

    The short form of "Citizens' Council for Human Rights" is CCHR.


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