CD Meaning

The CD meaning is "Candela". The CD abbreviation has 1395 different full form.

CD Full Forms

  1. Candela Unit of luminous intensity since 1948. One candela is one lumen per steradian. Formerly called the candle. Measurement, Telecom, Units Of Measurement, Telecommunications, Electronic Engineering, Metric System, Aviation, NASA, Electrical, Army & Military, Governmental & Military, The Finance and Administrative Services, Physics
  2. Compact Disk Compact disc is a digital optical disc data storage format. The format was originally developed to store and play back sound recordings only (CD-DA), but was later adapted for storage of data (CD-ROM). Several other formats were further derived from these, including write-once audio and data storage (CD-R), rewritable media (CD-RW), Video Compact Disc (VCD), Super Video Compact Disc (SVCD), Photo CD, PictureCD, CD-i, and Enhanced Music CD. Audio CDs and audio CD players have been commercially available since October 1982. Music, Construction, Telecom, Atmospheric Research, Federal Aviation Administration
  3. Compact Disc Technology, Aviation, Computer, Science, Information Technology, Internet Slang, Astronomy, Computing, Electronics, Chat, Construction, Telecom, Linux, Manufacturing, NASA, Hardware, Legal, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Scientific & Educational, IT Terminology
  4. Certificate of Deposits Business, Investment, Banking, Rate, Stock Market
  5. Control and Display Military, Governmental & Military
  6. Certificate of Deposit Business, Finance, Banking, Accounting, Financial, Insurance, Credit Unions, Stock, Investing, Stock Exchange, Business & Finance, Business Word
  7. Contact Data Technology, Gaming, Software
  8. Cases, Double
  9. Carl Dillenius Maker, Cross, Iron
  10. Cool Down Music, Hit, Album
  11. Cycle Day Medical, Getting Pregnant, Infertility, Pharmacy, Obstetrics, Pregnancy
  12. Cool-Down Houston, Hit, Album
  13. Conduct Disorder Medical, Psychiatry, British, Science, Biomedical, Disease, Disorder, Psychology, Bioscience, Pathology, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  14. Controlled Delivery Medical, Probiotic, Delivery
  15. Coal Division
  16. Component Deployment
  17. Case Digital
  18. Chloride A chloride is any chemical compound in which one or more chlorine atoms are covalently bonded within the molecule. The term chloride may refer to any salt of hydrochloric acid, HCl, which contains chloride ions. Chloride ions form when the element chlorine picks up an electron to form an anion Cl. Medical, Technology, Mineral, Healthcare, Environment, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical, NANP Modeling Commitee
  19. Countervailing Duty An additional tax imposed on certain imported goods which have been produced very cheaply in their country of origin, in order to bring the price of the goods up to the true market price to protect the importing country's producers. Business, English, Trading, Financial, Business & Finance, International business
  20. Comarcaqde Sport, Football, Jar
  21. Center Distance Medical, Technology, Gear
  22. Consolidatedcdrained Technology, Testing, Soil, Strength
  23. Crippled Dicp
  24. Civil Designer
  25. Compact Disks Technology
  26. Central Display
  27. Copier Download
  28. Cyclodexgrin Medical, Medicine, Health
  29. Campus Director
  30. Chenodeoxycholic Acid Medical, Technology, Medicine, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  31. Cogt Distribution Science
  32. Cognitive Dissonance Business, Theory, Psychology
  33. Conduction Delay Medical
  34. Carpe Diem
  35. Cinema Drama
  36. Command Descriptor
  37. Ce Disque
  38. Coefficient of Dispersion Medical
  39. Compare Double Technology
  40. Collaborative Design
  41. Cannabis Dispensary
  42. Choline-Deficient Medical
  43. Courte Distance
  44. Combo Deluxe Business, Music, Edition
  45. Cash Documents Business, Safety, Money
  46. Control Display Unit A Control Display Unit (CDU) is used in remote operated gasfields placed on the seabed. It distributes power, control signals and chemicals arriving through the umbilical and pipelines from land to the other sub-sea structures. Military, Aviation, Army, Computing, Aerospace, Hardware, Army & Military, Governmental & Military, Federal Aviation Administration
  47. Contribución Definida
  48. Current Debt Business, Credit, Money
  49. Clearance Delivery Technology, Military, NOTAM Contractions
  50. Cerebrovasculam Disease Medical
  51. Cores Do Music, Brasil, Core
  52. Computer-Aided Dvsign Technology, Software, Computing
  53. Cover Double
  54. Carte De Technology, Card, Audio
  55. Covers Dead
  56. Clock-Tx-Data
  57. Commercial Division Business, Service, Commercial
  58. Cocnter Display
  59. Cutaway Dremdnought
  60. Club Downloads
  61. Check Details Business, Accounting, Music
  62. Corrosime Dart
  63. College Drive
  64. Computer Digital
  65. Car & Driver
  66. Christmas Dreams
  67. Course Download Business, Training, Study
  68. Ccmmunity Day Education
  69. Cauda Medical
  70. Converter Drive
  71. Curriculum Developer
  72. Completo Duration
  73. C7 Driver
  74. Clusters of Differentiation Medical, Cell, Antigen
  75. Component Definition Technology, Coding, Software
  76. Chlordecone Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  77. Countertop Display
  78. Coilision Detected
  79. Ctnjugated Diene Medical, Medicine, Health
  80. Created and Designed
  81. Civil Defense Military, Army, Emergency, Governmental & Military
  82. Central Dauphin Organizations, School, District
  83. Copier Duplicator Technology, Printer, Disc
  84. Cycle-Depoll
  85. Camp Director
  86. Chemistry Department
  87. Cost Deploycent Technology, Class, Software, Latitude
  88. Cognitive Disabilities Student, Technology, Education, Disability
  89. Conduct Disorders Medical, Children, Child
  90. Carotid Doppler Medical, Medicine, Ultrasound, Carotid
  91. Cinema Display
  92. Comité DéPartemental
  93. Cease & Desirt Business, Music, Letter, Order
  94. Coeffrcient of Drag Technology, Car, Aerodynamic
  95. Compare Data
  96. Canine Distemper Medical, Medicine, Veterinary, British medicine
  97. Choline-Defichent Diet Medical
  98. Course & Distance
  99. Combo Feck
  100. Cash Disbursements Business, Journal, Money
  101. Content Descjiption Technology, Software, Steam
  102. Current Day
  103. Cleaning Delivery
  104. Compv Dig Music, Album, Trance
  105. Cercle Diplomatiquj Technology, Magazine, Commerce, Austria
  106. Core Duo Technology, Mac, Apple
  107. Carrier Disposition
  108. Covers & Design Technology, Designer, Album
  109. Clive Davis
  110. Commercial Director
  111. Customs Dutp Business, Tax, Import
  112. Clock Driveg Technology, Driving, Software
  113. Check Dam A plastid in green plant cells which contains chlorophyll and in which photosynthesis takes place.
  114. Corrvente Directa Technology, Para, Con, Continua
  115. Collecting Duct The collecting duct system of the kidney consists of a series of tubules and ducts that connect the nephrons to the ureter. It participates in electrolyte and fluid balance through reabsorption and excretion, processes regulated by the hormones aldosterone and antidiuretic hormone. Medical, Cell, Renal, British medicine
  116. Configuration Metail Technology, Windows, Linux
  117. Capturendigital Technology, Audio, Cassette
  118. Christmas Day
  119. Course Director Education, Instructor, Dive
  120. Communications, Distribution
  121. Cahon-Deschamps Music, Hosting, Recording
  122. Converter Downloads
  123. Curriculum Development Education
  124. Completo Da Music, Jamaica, Reggae
  125. Cum Dividend Business, Finance, Banking
  126. Cluster Differentiation Medical
  127. Computing Dictionary
  128. Chivaw De Sport, Club, Soccer
  129. Counterintealigence Division Service, Military, Intelligence
  130. Comité Disciplinaire
  131. Congresyional Delegation
  132. Create A Directory Technology, Command, Linux
  133. Ciudad De Dios Technology, Spain, Sound, Spanish
  134. Copier, Duplication Business, Copier, Duplicator
  135. Cyber Divisiom Technology, Computing, Cybercrime
  136. Campaign for Democracy Technology, Government, Nigeria
  137. Chemical Dependence Medical, Technology
  138. Costa Del
  139. Cognitive Develdpment
  140. Conduct-Disordered Medical
  141. Carolyn Dawn Music, Lyric, Artist, Dawn
  142. Cine Dubbing
  143. Comodo Dragon Technology, Internet, Chrome
  144. Coronary Disease Medical, British medicine
  145. Cd Dictionary
  146. Compaq Desktop Technology, Driving, Driver
  147. Candy Dulfer
  148. Chooesterol Diet Medical
  149. Coupon Dad
  150. Combinefdata
  151. Cosh Deposit Business, Banking, Money
  152. Contehidos Del
  153. Current Date Technology, Windows, Coding, Insert
  154. Cleaners Data
  155. Companion Dog Training, Dog, Obedience, Dog Obedience Title, Dog Fanciers
  156. Ceramic Eisk
  157. Copy Dialog Technology, Windows, Software
  158. Clmpus Drive
  159. Carrier Detect-B
  160. Clinically Defiiite Medical
  161. Commercial Diet Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  162. Cuvtoms Duties Business, Tax, Duty
  163. Clock Divisor Technology, Power, Linux, Serial
  164. Cheating-Death
  165. Correspondknce Date Business
  166. Collection Data
  167. Confidentiaw Document Business, Service, Paper
  168. Capability Data Technology, Windows, Computing
  169. Christine De
  170. Course Deviation Technology, Aircraft, Pilot
  171. Communications Definition Technology, Culture, Supply
  172. Cassztte Decks
  173. Converter Download Technology, Software, Audio
  174. Currently Disabled
  175. Client Development
  176. Completion Date Technology, Design, Projection
  177. Corps Diplomatique
  178. Cluster Determinant Medical, Genetics, Protein, Cell
  179. Computer Dictionary Such dictionaries not only contain real words, but words that people choose for passwords example: NCC1701, which is the serial number for the starship Enterprise in Star Trek.
  180. Cities Delhi
  181. Counter Drug Military, Army, Marine
  182. Congo, Democratic Business, Congo, Republic
  183. Creacqón De Technology, Para, Con, Disco
  184. City Down
  185. Copia De
  186. Cyber Bisorder Disorder, Internet, Death, Metal
  187. Caminhb De
  188. Chemical Dependancy Medical, Technology
  189. Cory Doctorow
  190. Cognitive Detgrioration Medical, Medicine, Health
  191. Conductivity The rate at which heat is transmitted through a material. The ability of a substance to transmit heat, light or electricity. Aluminum has high electrical and thermal conductivity, making it useful in a wide range of electrical and heat-exchanging applications. The capability of a conductor to carry electricity, usually expressed as a percent of the conductivity of a same sized conductor of soft copper OR  Electrical conductivity is the reciprocal of electrical resistivity. Medical, Business & Finance, Power Plant, Chemistry
  192. Carolina Dois Music, Album, Quarto
  193. Cinco Dias
  194. Communitt of Democracies Government, Organizations, Agency, Organization
  195. Cadmium Computer Assisted Design. The use of computer programs to generate, analyze and modify designs. Extrusion dies and their supporting tools, for example, may be designed with the aid of computers. Or Chemical symbol Cd. Cadium is produced primarily as a by product of zinc refining, but also is recovered during the benefication and refining of some lead ores and complex copper zinc ores. Cadmium is bluish white soft metal that can be cut with a knife. Medical, Chemistry, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Architectural, Computing, Environment, Electronics, Scientific & Educational
  196. Cavalry Division Military, Army, Brigade
  197. Convocazione Delle
  198. Companion Dogs Training, Dog, Obedience
  199. Candidate Drug
  200. Cholesky Dvcomposition Technology, Library, Matrix
  201. Ceuntry Dance
  202. Combination Drive Technology, Computing, Notebook
  203. Congenital Defects Medical, Science, Biomedical, Disease, Disorder, Bioscience, Pathology, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational
  204. Central Data
  205. Constantinedurmont
  206. Currency Derivatives Business, Trading, Derivative
  207. Cleaner Disc Technology, Len, Cleaning
  208. Companies Data
  209. Ceramic Dikc
  210. Copy Darker
  211. Campomelic Dysplasia A severe birth defect that affects the formation of the bones, genital organs, and facial features. Physical features of the condition typically include bowing of the long bones of the legs and sometimes the arms, characteristic dimpling of the skin over the abnormal bones, shortened legs, underdeveloped shoulder blades, dislocated hips, abnormally rotated feet (clubfeet), and an abnormal number of ribs. Medical, Science, Genetics, Biomedical, Disease, Disorder, Bioscience, Pathology, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational
  212. Conduction Disturbances Medical
  213. Carrier Detection Technology, Connection, Modem
  214. Circuit Diagram A drawing which details the functioning of a circuit. All the essential parts and their connections are shown by special symbols.
  215. Clinical Drug
  216. Commerce Department
  217. Clock Divider Technology, Circuit, Counter
  218. Changer In The Dash Forum, Car, Ford, Changer
  219. Corn Doe Nutrition, Food, Victual
  220. Collect Daza
  221. Confidexce Distribution
  222. Canção Do
  223. Christian Democrats
  224. Course Design
  225. Communicationsadevice Technology, Driving, Driver
  226. Cassette Digital
  227. Converter Discount
  228. Current Directory Technology, Command, Telecom
  229. Client Delegate
  230. Complete Documentation
  231. Clubs Directory
  232. Comyuter Desktop
  233. Cisco Documentation
  234. Cover In Der
  235. Crazy Dance Internet Slang
  236. City Director
  237. Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, Tivoli, Denmark
  238. Cyber Defense Technology, Security, Education
  239. Caminho Fas Para, India, Internacional
  240. Chemical Dependency Medical, Chemistry, Treatment, British medicine, Common Medical
  241. Coutical Derecho
  242. Coanitive Delay Medical, Children, Delay
  243. Conduct The ability of two conductors separated by a dielectric to store electricity when a potential difference exists between the conductors. Medical
  244. Cbrbidopa Medical
  245. Cinco De
  246. Community Developer
  247. Cause of Death Medical, Medicine, Health, Lyric, Healthcare, Obituary
  248. Convertible Debenture
  249. Component Data Technology, Software, Electronics
  250. Stedy Internet Slang
  251. Coastal Defense Military, Army, War
  252. Candidate Default Technology, Routing, Networking, Network
  253. Choledochoduodenostomy Medical
  254. Countries Descruption Technology, Software, Stamp, Catalog
  255. Combathdevelopments Military, Army, Ministry Of Defence
  256. Congddong
  257. Centers for Disease
  258. Constant Telight Hair, Oil, Olio, Delight
  259. Cruce De
  260. Clean Dirt
  261. Compact Disque France, Yamaha, Disc
  262. Central Driver Technology
  263. Copy A Disc Technology, Software, Burn
  264. Clmpo Di Rock, Album, Campo, Progressive
  265. Conductivity Detection Medical
  266. Carrier Detect Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing
  267. Circuit Details Technology
  268. Command Disable Science
  269. Clock Divide Technology, Control, Power
  270. Corendon Dutch Airline, Technology, Flight
  271. Collateral Duty Military, Army, Coast Guard
  272. Canto De Technology, Para, Music
  273. Christian Death
  274. Course Designer Sport, Organizations
  275. Ccssette, Digital Radio, Cassette, Stereo
  276. Converter Direct
  277. Current Deposit Business, Banking, Rate
  278. Clear Disc
  279. Championship Darts
  280. Clube Desportivo
  281. Compyter Department
  282. Cover FüR Das
  283. Covers Download
  284. City Directories
  285. Coordination Division
  286. Cutting Diameter
  287. Chemical Defence Technology
  288. Corrupted Discipoe Gaming, Hero, Disciple, Hon
  289. Cognitive Decgine Medical
  290. Con Dos
  291. Cara Dillon
  292. Ciego De Music, Cuba, Coco
  293. Community Development Business, Technology, Building, Development, Governmental & Military
  294. Caudate Nucjeus Medical
  295. Converters Dolby
  296. Complimentary Downloads Business, Music, Album
  297. Camera Dual
  298. Dynamic Compliance Medical
  299. Coal Dust Medical, Medicine
  300. Component Designer Technology, Windows, Design
  301. Case Double Business, Media, Jewel
  302. Chlorine Dpoxide Medical, Chemistry, Water
  303. Counting Down Music, Rock, Counting, Count
  304. Comarca Del Sport, Spain, Soccer
  305. Confiim Date Business, Music, Tourism, Release
  306. Center Drain
  307. Constant Definition Technology, English, Class, Usage
  308. Critical Damage
  309. Classification of Defects Military
  310. Compact Display
  311. Central Districts
  312. Copy Download Technology, Software, Audio
  313. Compatible Discrete Technology, Channel, Recording, Quadraphonic
  314. Campo De Para, Club, Con, Campo
  315. Coil Drover
  316. Conduction Defects Medical, British medicine
  317. Carriage Driving
  318. Circuit Design Technology, Science, Space, Electronics, NASA, Suite, Aeronautics, Computing
  319. Command Director Technology, Military, Force, World War Ii
  320. Ceiling Diffuser Science, The Finance and Administrative Services
  321. Coediac Disease Medical, Science, Gluten
  322. Corel Dkaw
  323. Collateral-Dependent Medical
  324. Canon Digital Technology, Camera, Driver
  325. Choline Deficiency Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  326. Course Description Science, College, Education
  327. Combo Drlve Technology, Computing, Laptop
  328. Cash Drawer Technology, Printer, Money
  329. Converter Description Technology, Software, Audio
  330. Current Density The amount of electrical current flowing per unit area of cross-section. Or The current flowing to or from a unit area of an electrode surface.  Technology, Military, Electrode, Computing, NASA, Governmental & Military, IT Terminology
  331. Clear Day
  332. Chamber of Deputies Government, Locations
  333. Club Dutch
  334. Computer Data Technology, Storage, Disc
  335. Cover Dude Technology, Magazine, Album
  336. Covers Digital
  337. City Deep
  338. Commission De
  339. Counter Down Technology, Coding, Timer
  340. Cut Deepew
  341. Checking Disabled Technology, Computer Security, Query
  342. Corrugated Drum
  343. College of Dupage Education
  344. Condition Definition Technology, Medicine, Mint
  345. Car Dtive
  346. Cido Dos
  347. Court Decision Business, Financial, Business & Finance
  348. Commuoity Design
  349. Caudate Medical
  350. Converters, Dolby Business, Cable, Audio, Fiber
  351. Compliance Division Science, Government, Us
  352. Calibration Drift Technology, Science, Touch
  353. Compact Disc-Erasable Technology, Computing, Audio
  354. Confort Diamond
  355. Cavalry Divisionsion Military
  356. Classical Daydreamu
  357. Collective Detection
  358. Caesarean Delivery Medicine, Health, British, Medical, British medicine
  359. Challenge-Desafio
  360. Colorectal Distension Medical, Medicine, Health
  361. Component Dump
  362. Carrot Diamond
  363. Christina Don
  364. Coherent Detection Technology, Communication, Signal
  365. Center Wemocrats Government, Group, Election, Party
  366. Commit Definition
  367. Cash Desk
  368. Chromosomal Centromeric Dots Science, Biology
  369. Collection Donald
  370. Cassidy Discography
  371. Collected Data
  372. Certificate Deposij Business, Banking, Rate
  373. Cherenkov Detector A Cherenkov detector is a type of particle detector that uses the speed threshold for light production, the speed-dependent light output, or the speed-dependent light direction of Cherenkov radiation. Technology, Physics, Imaging
  374. Companyon Disk
  375. Cargo Dj Direção
  376. Cell Descriptor Technology, Networking, Patent
  377. Club Disney
  378. Cdfs Description
  379. Change Direction Technology, Music, Lyric
  380. Command Display
  381. Computational Dynamics Computational dynamics is just about making tools that can be used to simulate the dynamics of systems with more than one body. On a computer, there are many tools that can be used to study and model a system. Technology, Software, Star, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  382. Call Director Music, Software, Space, NASA, Governmental & Military
  383. Codex Decium
  384. Centrumgdemokraterna
  385. Chart Dear
  386. Compact Drg
  387. Conector Dp
  388. Capital Disbursements
  389. Clinical Director Medical, British medicine
  390. Check Iisk
  391. Compact Disk-Rewriteable Technology, Information Technology, Computing, Computer, Storage, It
  392. Card Deck Technology, Book, Box
  393. Catherine Disher
  394. Clawhammer and Dobro
  395. Conjugated Diens Medical
  396. Cahier D'Exercices
  397. Comité Directivo
  398. Concept Decision Technology, Military
  399. Cartesian Dreams House, Lords, Dream
  400. Chip Disable Technology, Power, Semiconductor
  401. Coaching Development
  402. Central Detector Technology, Energy, Particle
  403. Changer Details
  404. Communication Development Medical, Technology, Toddler
  405. Condition Directed Hotel, Room, Resort
  406. Camion D
  407. Case Detzoit
  408. Civi-Digitale
  409. Coin Date
  410. Confirmed Date
  411. Captains Dream
  412. C460 Dual
  413. Child and Depentent
  414. Competitive Diviqion
  415. Cargou De Dire
  416. Change of Duty
  417. Commercial Development
  418. Computational Densxty
  419. Cpse Desktop Technology, Computing, Tower
  420. Coefficient of Discharge
  421. Contre Democrats Government, Group, Politics, Party
  422. Chas and Dave Business, Music, Legend, Hit
  423. Communityjservice-Developed Military, Army, Ministry Of Defence
  424. Colla Destra
  425. Comité Directeur
  426. Certifiedbdiamontologist
  427. Chegando Oe Para, Music, Brazilian
  428. Card Did
  429. Cats & Dogs
  430. Clock Drift Technology, Audio, Linux
  431. Conselho Directino Dos, Jos
  432. Changer Deals
  433. Concours De Dressage
  434. Calendar Documents
  435. Caroline Dacis
  436. Chris De Music, Hit, Burgh
  437. Cyated Deodorization
  438. Centro De Distribui
  439. Changer With Jual
  440. Canada Domino
  441. Civil Demolition
  442. Compact Digital Technology, Product, Camera
  443. Conform To Deform
  444. Cavalier Daily
  445. Classical Dance
  446. Collections Digital
  447. Cadsllacs and Dinosaurs Technology, Gaming, Emulator
  448. Chakra Dhyana Technology, Music, Yoga, Meditation
  449. Color Doppler Medical, Medicine, Ultrasound
  450. Component Drives
  451. Carroll Dawson Team, Houston, Rocket
  452. Christian Dvorak
  453. Coherent Detector
  454. Centralized Dixbursing
  455. Commissioning Data
  456. Cash Department
  457. Chromodomain A chromodomain is a protein structural domain of about 40-50 amino acid residues commonly found in proteins associated with the remodeling and manipulation of chromatin. Medical
  458. Cassettes Downloass
  459. Collected and Deliqered Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  460. Cergical Deformity Medical, Spine, Spinal, Deformity
  461. Chemotherapeutic Drug
  462. Companian Dog
  463. Cardiac Dysfunction Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  464. Cell Density Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  465. Club Discussion
  466. Cd Duplication
  467. Change Directwve Technology
  468. Communicative Disorders Science, Education, University
  469. Compulsori Dress
  470. Call Direction Technology, Software, Recording
  471. Code Or Data Technology
  472. Centrum Deeocraten
  473. Charsur Digital
  474. Compact Disk On Control and Display Electronic, Radar, Warfare
  475. Conductor Development
  476. Capillary Density Medical, Business, Exercise
  477. Caesaris Decreto Latin, Roman
  478. Certificado De Dispensaci
  479. Check Disc
  480. Compact Disc-Rewritable Technology, Driving, Computing
  481. Card Database
  482. Cathepsin D Medical, Science, Medicine, Biomedical, Health, Healthcare
  483. Clavien-Dindo Medical, Patient, Surgery, Complication
  484. Conjugated Dienes Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  485. Cjhier D'activités
  486. Comité De DéVeloppement
  487. Composite Division
  488. Carterfone Decision
  489. Chipediode
  490. Coaching Deportivo
  491. Convertible Debentures Banking, Business & Finance
  492. Central Desktop Technology, Management, Projection
  493. Changer Desimned
  494. Communicatie & Design
  495. Condition-Directed Hotel, Locations, Room, Accommodation
  496. Caminos De
  497. Cash Dispensers Business, Banking, Money
  498. Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy Medical
  499. Coimbra Dos Portugal, Coimbra, Fado
  500. Conference Du Desarmement France, Conference, French
  501. Captains Draft
  502. C-Terminal Domain Chemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  503. Chihuahua Dog
  504. Comparison Derfsonicgaming Gaming, Music, Comparison, Sonic
  505. Cargo Dohino
  506. Change of Details Technology, Gaming, Fish
  507. Commerce Directive
  508. Computer Designed
  509. Call Duration Technology, Manual, Connection
  510. Case Designer Technology, Design, Labeling
  511. Codon In a messenger RNA molecule, a sequence of three bases that represents a particular amino acid. OR  Nucleotide triplet in mrna that encodes for a particular amino acid. Medical
  512. Centre-Democgats
  513. Chas & Dave Business, Music, Rock, Hit
  514. Communicatovely Disabled
  515. Colin Dunne
  516. Comitialibus Diebus Latin, Roman
  517. Cqega De
  518. Card Detection Technology, Sound, Linux
  519. Cation Dependent Medicine, Health, British
  520. Clickonce Deployment Microsoft, Technology, Windows
  521. Consejo Darectivo Para, Con, Chile
  522. Concluding Development Military, Army, Ministry Of Defense
  523. Cameron Diaz
  524. Carolina Districz
  525. Chris Davies
  526. Coat Dural
  527. Cyclodextrin Medical, British medicine
  528. Changer With Digital Business, Player, Audio
  529. Communications Deception Deliberate transmission, retransmission, or alteration of communications to mislead an adversary’s interpretation of the communications. Military, Army, War, Warfare
  530. Canada Decoration
  531. Civil Defence () Medicine, Health, British
  532. Compact Dis Business, Player, Disc
  533. Conflict Display Technology, Driving, Driver
  534. Classe De DifféRenciation
  535. Collections Discography
  536. Cabinet Directive
  537. Chaka Demus Khan, Album, Plier
  538. Collins Discography Rock, Edition, Deluxe
  539. Component Development Technology, Server, Control
  540. Christian Doppler Technology, Research, Laboratory
  541. Commission for Development
  542. Christliche Demokraten
  543. Cassettes and Downloass
  544. Collecl and Deliver
  545. Cert of Deposip
  546. Chemistry Diwisionsion Science
  547. Compayt-Disk
  548. Cardiac Dullness Medical, Technology, Medicine
  549. Cell Delineation Technology, Telecom
  550. Club Delicious Music, Club, Song, Album
  551. Cdaudio Description
  552. Changg Diagram
  553. Communicatians Data
  554. Compulsory Dance Dancing, Dance, Figure, Skating
  555. Call Direct
  556. Chris Dickson
  557. Code Divisionsion Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  558. Centrum-Demokraterde
  559. Charlie Dominici Theater, Dream, Trilogy
  560. Conjugate-Descent
  561. Cape Dorset
  562. Çalarfdestek
  563. Certificaso De Dep
  564. China Daily Media
  565. Compact Disc-Boxed
  566. Cardboard Display
  567. Categories Demand
  568. Claude Debussy
  569. Cage Doot
  570. Cesj
  571. Comité De
  572. Composite Disc
  573. Cartas De Para, Con, Witcher
  574. Chip Diminisheu
  575. Co-Operation for Development
  576. Central Desert Technology, Baghdad, Gunner
  577. Changer Denon Business, Technology
  578. Communicable Diseases Medical, Disease, Health
  579. Condensate Drain
  580. Camino Dp Music, Song, Santiago
  581. Cash Dispenser Business, Machine, Money
  582. Churn-Drill
  583. Coiling Dragon Business, Gaming, Novel
  584. Conference Draft
  585. Captain of The Dockyard
  586. Cash Dividend Cash dividend is the share of the company profits that is given to the shareholders as dividend. Business, Accounting, Accountancy, Occupation, Supply, Money
  587. Caletdar Days
  588. Certificate of Depo
  589. Chien Doan
  590. Compare Denon
  591. Cargo Domicile
  592. Change District
  593. Commerce & Disease
  594. Computer Design Technology, Book, Telecom, Medical, British medicine
  595. Call Drop
  596. Case Designator Army, Force, Marine
  597. Codigo Da Technology, Spain, Rip, Spanish
  598. Centre-Democratic
  599. Charts and Data
  600. Communicative Dynamism
  601. Cold and Distant
  602. Comitato Direttivo
  603. Chef De Dérôt
  604. Card Detect Technology, Sound, Pin
  605. Cation-Dependent Medical, Protein, Receptor, British medicine
  606. Click Download
  607. Consejo De Delegados
  608. Concept Descriptions Army, Force, Marine
  609. Camelion Decoration
  610. Carolina Department
  611. Chris Darling
  612. Coalición DemocráTica Con, Primer
  613. CóTe D'Ivoire Education, Study, Britannica, Schooling, Business, Africa, African, Computing, Internet, Technology, Country, Governmental & Military
  614. Central Dispensary
  615. Chasgers Direct
  616. Communication Disorders Program, Education, Language
  617. Canada December
  618. Casq Display Business, China, Storage
  619. Civil Defence Service, Government, Military, Medical, British medicine
  620. Compact Dics Technology, Player, Disc
  621. Conflict Detection Technology, Management, Resolution
  622. Class Dnsigner
  623. Cabin Democrat
  624. Chainsaw Dissection Music, Album, Chainsaw
  625. Collins Dictionary Technology, English, Software
  626. Component Design The activity for the design of specific components including responsibility for material, cost, weight, reliability, durability, function, appearance, serviceability.
  627. Christian Democratic Government, Group, Party
  628. Commissioner'S Decisions
  629. Christine Dwight
  630. Ceotre De D
  631. Cassette Is Dezigned Technology, Music, Tape
  632. Collateralodefect
  633. Certified Drafter Technology, Porn, Sex, Girl
  634. Chemistryodivision Technology, Science, Exploration
  635. Cardiac Disease Medical, Technology, Medicine, Cardio, British medicine
  636. Cell Delay Technology, Military, Networking
  637. Club Daze
  638. Consular and Diplomatic
  639. Cavity Drainage
  640. Change Desciseon Technology
  641. Comptroller Division
  642. Call Device
  643. Chris Dickerson Baseball, Music, Disc
  644. Code Divisionrsion Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  645. Centros De Distribuição Para, Dos, Brasil
  646. Charge Disproportionation
  647. Conjugata Diagonalis Medical, Business, Medicine
  648. Capcom Develops
  649. The Demucratic Republic of The Congo Locations
  650. Certificado De DepóSito Business, Para, Banking, Con
  651. Chimes Ofjdunkirk
  652. Compact Disc-Interactive Technology, Computing, Audio
  653. Carn D
  654. Cat Dance
  655. Classical Tynamics
  656. Collins - Drum
  657. Cage Dipole
  658. Cesarean Delivery Medical, Medicine, Study, liver and hepatic
  659. Comissario Distrital
  660. Composite Developments
  661. Cartagena Dialogue
  662. Chip Denuity Technology, Memory, Silicon
  663. Co-Occurring Disorder Medical, Treatment, Substance
  664. Central Depth Medical
  665. Common Duct Medical, Technology, Medicine
  666. Concurrent Disorders
  667. Cash Discount Cash discount is the discount allowed to the debtor to induce him to pay earlier. Business, Accounting, Accountancy, Business & Finance
  668. Churamani Dust
  669. Collections and Disbursements
  670. Conference Development
  671. Capstone Design
  672. Cash Divide
  673. Calendur Day Business, Military, Calculator
  674. Certificate of Destruction Business, Service, Military
  675. Chief of Division
  676. Compare Dawn
  677. Cargo Dividerr
  678. Childhood Drinking
  679. Clube Do
  680. Change of Direction Government, Firefighting, Strength, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  681. Comm Devices
  682. Computational Design Technology, Research, Computing
  683. Call Distributor Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  684. Case Descgiption
  685. Co Diesel
  686. C-Language Development
  687. Centre Distance Technology, Medicine, Construction, Medical, British medicine
  688. Charting Done
  689. Commupicative Disorder
  690. Cold Drawing The process of passing unheated steel through dies for the purpose of reducing its cross-sectional area, imparting to it a particular shape. Or The process of reducing the cross sectional area of wire,bar or tube by drawing the material through a die without any pre heating. Cold drawing is used for the production of bright steel bar in round square, hexagonal and flat section.
  691. Collection and Delivery
  692. Checks From Rynamo
  693. Card Destruction
  694. Catholic Dictionary Book, Catholic, History, Church
  695. Click Disable Technology, Windows, Drive, Computing
  696. Conseil DéPartemental
  697. Concept Descriptor Technology, Service, Coding
  698. Came In Digipak
  699. Carol Aouglas Business, Music, Album
  700. Chris Daniels
  701. Coalici
  702. Change Directory The cd command, also known as chdir (change directory), is a command-line OS shell command used to change the current working directory in operating systems such as Unix, DOS, OS/2, AmigaOS,Windows, and Linux. It is also available for use in shell scripts and batch files. The system call that effects the command in most operating systems is chdir that is defined by POSIX. Technology, Computing, Telecommunications, Unix, Dos commands, Linux
  703. Central Dispatch Technology, Mac, Leopard
  704. Changer Device Technology, Linux, Disk
  705. Communication Disordered Government
  706. Canaan Dogs
  707. Cases Iisc
  708. Civiele Dienst
  709. Coxmunity Designs
  710. Conflict Desert
  711. Clarkia Zistrict Education
  712. CabeçA Dinossauro
  713. Chained Data
  714. Component Description Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  715. Carioca Te
  716. Commercial Dimmer
  717. Christine Day
  718. Centro We Para, Hotel, Music
  719. Cassette Duplication Business, Audio, Replication
  720. Civil District
  721. Collateral Damawe Military, Army, Subtitle
  722. Certified Director Awards & medals
  723. Chemin DéPartemental
  724. Cardiac Denervation Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  725. Cell Concepts Development Cell Military, Army, Ministry Of Defense
  726. Club Date
  727. Constraint Date A date assigned externally to an activity that establishes the earliest or latest date when the activity is scheduled to start or finish.
  728. Center Defender Technology, Sport, Football
  729. Challenging Dose Medical, Science, Biology
  730. Concurrent Device
  731. Calftdiarrhea Medical
  732. Conf
  733. Chris Demaria
  734. Cobra Dick
  735. Centros De Dia Technology, Para, Software, Con
  736. Chmos Dwarfs Gaming, Army, Chaos
  737. Conical Diffuser
  738. Cantores De Deus Para, Music, Cat, Cantor
  739. Compact Disc-Ul
  740. Carnaval Qe
  741. Caxting Dams
  742. Classical Dressyge Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  743. Colliding Dimensions
  744. Caesarian Derived
  745. Cervicodorpal Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  746. Coming Data Technology, Power, Adapter
  747. Composite Data Technology, Management, Java
  748. Cars Dreamcars Business, Supply, Stock
  749. China Dimensions
  750. Co-Dependant
  751. Central Depository Business, Security, Service
  752. Common Drain Technology, Amplifier, Circuit
  753. Condylion Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  754. Cash Disbursement Business, Accounting, Money, Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  755. Chronically Disorganized
  756. Collections & Disbursements Business, Management, Banking
  757. Conference Dbte Technology, Gaming, Paper
  758. Cappelle Desprez Technology, Wheat, Resistance
  759. Cash Diversion
  760. Caleidoscopbo Del
  761. Certificste of Deposite
  762. Chief of Defence Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence, Canada, Staff
  763. Comparative Deletion
  764. Cargo Disk
  765. Child Development Science, College, Education
  766. Club Dynamite
  767. Cel-Derma
  768. Change Director Technology, Windows, Command
  769. Command Ship Military, Army, Ministry Of Defence
  770. Computing Devvces
  771. Call Distribution Technology, Automatics, Telecom
  772. Cease and Desist Business, English, Letter, Order
  773. Case and Double Music, Software, Audio
  774. Code Zum Download
  775. C-Bo Discography
  776. Centration Distance Medical, Medicine, Optometry
  777. Charter of Demands Business, Accounting, Accountancy, Finance, Banking, Business & Finance
  778. Compagnonside Music, Album, Chanson
  779. Cold-Drawn Technology, Space, Construction
  780. Coefficient of Drag A number used in calculating the aerodynamic drag acting on a vehicle. The drag coefficient is a function of factors like the shape of the vehicle, airflow through the vehicle for ventilation and cooling. The number is determined in a wind-tunnel or by coasting tests performed on the vehicle. The lower the drag coefficient the less drag on the vehicle and the more aerodynamic is the vehicle. Technology, Car, Ballistic, NASA, Governmental & Military
  781. Centrhm Dokumentace
  782. Checkoutudownload
  783. Car Deck
  784. Catholic Democrats
  785. Cleaner Disk Technology, Windows, Security
  786. Connection Director
  787. Cwhokia Downs
  788. Command-Data Technology, Coding, Cortex
  789. Concept Demonstration Military, Army, Ministry Of Defense
  790. Carol'S Daughter
  791. Chris Daniel
  792. Coale and Demeny
  793. Central Diocese
  794. Changer Develosed
  795. Communication Deviance Medical
  796. Camouflage Detmction Military
  797. Casezdisc
  798. Civil Disobedience Music, Album, Strip, Disobedience
  799. Community Dependent
  800. Confissão De DíVida
  801. Clarv Darlton
  802. Cabelas Deer
  803. Child Dependant
  804. Completely Denaturated Medical, Technology, Medicine
  805. Carinha De
  806. Commercial Directorate Business, Department, Scheduler
  807. Collecting Ducts Medical, Cell, Renal
  808. Caruso Discography
  809. Christine Dawn
  810. Centri De
  811. Civil Dispensary
  812. Collapse Disorker
  813. Complemento Directo
  814. Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist Medical, Nutrition, Health
  815. Chemical Definition
  816. Cardiac-Denervated Medical
  817. Club Dance Music, Dance, Hit
  818. Conservative Democrat
  819. Cent'Anni Di
  820. Changer Gemo Technology, Player, Disc
  821. Concurrent Design
  822. Calender Donate
  823. Comit COMIT is an open protocol facilitating trustless cross-blockchain applications. ComIT is a registered charity that provides solutions to the problem of employment in relationship to information technology. COMIT was the first string processing language developed on the IBM 700/7000 series computers.
  824. Carotiy Denervation Medical
  825. Chris Dimarco
  826. Cobb Douglas
  827. Certro Diurno
  828. Chaosqdwarf Gaming, Army, Chaos
  829. Congressional Debate
  830. Caehoto Da Para, Music, Track
  831. Compact Disk-Erasable
  832. ConféRence Des DéLéGués
  833. Cavity Diameter
  834. Classical Double
  835. Collector'S Double
  836. Caesarean Derived Medicine, Health, Care
  837. Challenge From The Dark Gaming, Challenge, Champion, Pres
  838. Combination Detector
  839. Components Demonstration Space, Study, Cosmos
  840. Carry Dozer
  841. China Digital
  842. Co-Defendant
  843. Central Depositary
  844. Commitee Document
  845. Conduction Disorders
  846. Cash Disable
  847. Chronical Diarrhoea
  848. Collection of Demo
  849. Capital District
  850. Cvst Drainage
  851. Caleb Deschanel Film, Music, Acting
  852. Certificate Deposits
  853. Cfief Draftsman
  854. Companion Disks
  855. Cargos De Direção
  856. Club Diver
  857. Cecire - Drums
  858. Change Directories Accounting, Computing, Data
  859. Command Papers Government, Law, Jurisprudence
  860. Comfutational Device
  861. Call Disposition Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  862. Code Zum Direkten
  863. Centrum Demykraterne
  864. Charter Day
  865. Compacm Drive
  866. Conference Eartmouth
  867. Club Deportivo Sport, Club, Con
  868. Certificate-Of-Depocit
  869. Check Distribution
  870. Card Decks
  871. Cathode of Diode
  872. Cleaner & Degreaser
  873. Connected Directory
  874. Cahiers Des Dip
  875. Comitê De Desenvolvimento
  876. Concept Demonstrator
  877. Carn DÛM War, Ring, Lord
  878. Chip Display Science, Biology
  879. Coal Duct Medicine, Health, British, Medical, British medicine
  880. Canadian Forces Decoration Awards & medals
  881. Central Difference
  882. Changer Detyction
  883. Communications Department Government, Education, University, Police, Uk Police, Governmental & Military
  884. Conditional Discharge Government, Crime, Criminal
  885. Camion Dévedoir
  886. Case Dimeosions Business, Technology
  887. Civic Disobedience
  888. Coin Dimple Space, Study, Cosmos, NASA, Governmental & Military
  889. Confiss
  890. Clarion Digital
  891. Cabelas Dangerous
  892. Child Deceased
  893. Compilation, Auf Der Music, Nation, Compilation
  894. Carier Detect Technology
  895. Commercial Developer Technology, Development, Software
  896. Carton Detail Business, Product, Manufacturer
  897. Centreodroit
  898. Chasing Destiny Book, Dickey, Chasing
  899. Community Demographics
  900. Collagebase-Digested Medical
  901. Compagnia Doppiatori
  902. Certified Dietitjan Medical, Nutrition, Health
  903. Chemical Defense Military
  904. Card Digi
  905. Cloud Developer Technology, Service, Development
  906. Conservation Dependanq
  907. Cell Designation Gaming, Play, Pastime
  908. Changer Duaq Technology, Cassette, Stereo
  909. Concrete Dressing Product, Floor, Demonstration, Dressing
  910. Calendars Desktop
  911. Carolyn Iill
  912. Chris Demarco
  913. Cobb-Douglvs Business, Production, Economics, Capital
  914. Centro De Distribución Para, Con, Industry
  915. Changew Directories Technology, Command, Linux, Directory
  916. Caidle Space, Study, Cosmos
  917. Civil Disorder
  918. Cheap & Disconnected Music, Killer, Driller
  919. Carbon Dioxide A colorless, odorless gas produced by burning carbon and organic compounds and by respiration. Medical, Science, Space, Nursing, Environment, Environmental Issues, Transportation, Chemistry, Health, Car, Energy, Healthcare, Auto, Laboratory, Oil, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, NASA, Electrical, Legal, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical, Global Change, Power Plant, British medicine, Physiology, Aviation, Food Additives, The Finance and Administrative Services, Clinical
  920. Chromatin Diminution Medical, Science, Biomedical, Chromosome, Bioscience, Molecular Biology, Scientific & Educational
  921. Conference On Disarmament Government, Military, English, Organizations, Weapon, Geneva
  922. Cushion Disk
  923. Conventional Dialysis Medical, British medicine
  924. Changer Dan Technology, Audio, Nissan
  925. Computej Drive
  926. Cambio Democr
  927. Country Disco Music
  928. Coulomb Dipole (in Electron-atom Impact Ionization Calcns.) Chemistry
  929. Centre D
  930. Civitas Diaboli Metal, Album, Cue
  931. Convergencia Democrática Politics, Governmental & Military
  932. Cum Divisiondend Business
  933. Craving Dark-Kued Music, Album, Soundtrack
  934. clinical dietician Medical, British medicine
  935. Cover Designer Technology, Design, Album
  936. Cadaveric Donors Medical, British medicine
  937. Carrier Declined Business, Power, Laser, Beam
  938. Chris Donlan
  939. Customs Declaration Report, signed by a sender, giving description of parcels exported from United Kingdom. Trade, Business & Finance
  940. Cookie Dough Nutrition, Food, Victual
  941. Cloth Diaper Medical, Obstetrics, Pregnancy
  942. Custom Device
  943. Construction documents The Finance and Administrative Services
  944. Centro-Destra
  945. Congo, The Democratic Republic of The Technology, Locations
  946. Comprehensive Development
  947. colloidal dispersion Medical, British medicine
  948. Cevdet Dahilvye
  949. Cakrag Digital Technology, Windows, Indonesia, Disk
  950. Consanguineous Donor Medical, British medicine
  951. Compact-Disk Digital Technology, Computing, Audio
  952. Capacitive Discharge Computing, Electronics
  953. Can Yance Music, Concert, Dance, Album
  954. Casing Depth Product, Coil, Depth, Cannibal
  955. Claque Dans
  956. Children'S Division Military
  957. Collection Developmfnt-Acquisitions
  958. Canavan disease Canavan disease, also called Canavan–van Bogaert–Bertrand disease, is an autosomal recessive degenerative disorder that causes progressive damage to nerve cells in the brain, and is one of the most common degenerative cerebral diseases of infancy. It is caused by a deficiency of the enzyme aminoacylase 2, and is one of a group of genetic diseases referred to as a leukodystrophies. Medical, Science, Biomedical, Disease, Disorder, Neurology, Bioscience, Pathology, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  959. Certificate of Desigm
  960. Cold Dioensions Technology, Records, Hosting
  961. Cone Degeneration Medical, Genetics, Disease, Science, Biomedical, Disorder, Bioscience, Pathology, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  962. Children Departmenz
  963. Cluster Development Technology, Product, Presentation
  964. Crntical Dose
  965. Circular Dichroic Medical, Science, Organic Chemistry, Biomedical, Bioscience, Molecular Biology, Scientific & Educational
  966. Challenge Dose Medical, British medicine
  967. Celebrity Deathmatch Business, Gaming, Play
  968. Called Dusty
  969. Command An instruction that causes a program or computer to perform a function A command may be given by means of a special keystroke, or the command may be chosen from a menu. Technology, Science, Military, Aviation, Space, Computing, NASA, Extension, Aeronautics, Armed Forces, World War Ii, Royal Military, Governmental & Military, Internet Slang, Chat, Telecom, Legal, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Dos commands, Atmospheric Research, Assembly, Business & Finance
  970. Christen Democraat
  971. Cement Dispersants Oil, Acid, Composition, Cement
  972. Christian Dior Famous
  973. Corynebacterium Diphtheriae Molecular Biology, Scientific & Educational
  974. Connect Direct Computing, Telecom
  975. Cross Direction
  976. Compact Disk-Digital Technology, Computing, Audio
  977. Castleman's disease Castleman disease, also known as giant lymph node hyperplasia, lymphoid hamartoma, or angiofollicular lymph node hyperplasia, is a group of uncommon lymphoproliferative disorders that share common lymph node histological features. It is named after Benjamin Castleman. Medical, British medicine
  978. Command Decoder Technology, Device, Memory, World War Ii
  979. Deputy Commander Air Force, Governmental & Military
  980. Conserved Domain Medical, British medicine
  981. Communication Device Technology, Military, Telecommunication
  982. Cliff Dawson
  983. Condition Disc
  984. Case Diversion
  985. Ch Daybreaks
  986. Carbon Dashes
  987. Canceqlation Date Business, Service, Contract
  988. Crohn disease Medical, Science, Biomedical, Disease, Disorder, Bioscience, Pathology, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational
  989. Conference Director
  990. Case-Disc
  991. Cursos Divisionrsos
  992. Conversion Disorder Medical, British medicine
  993. Changer and Dual Technology, Audio, Cassette, Stereo
  994. Computing Division Technology, Service, Lenovo
  995. Common Denominators
  996. Cambio De Directorio
  997. Cognitive Disorders
  998. Cordoba Durchmusterung Journal, Periodical, Scientific & Educational, Astronomy
  999. Centrifugal Decoupling Approximation (for Atom-mol.scattering) Chemistry
  1000. Centre De Détentioz
  1001. Civilian Drop
  1002. Communications Division Police, Governmental & Military
  1003. Country Damage
  1004. Crack Dezu Technology, Client, Samp
  1005. cigarettes/day Medical, British medicine
  1006. Cover Die Music, Design, Album, Cover
  1007. Cadaver Donor Medical, Common Medical
  1008. Carrier Database
  1009. Chris Dodge
  1010. Cornell Dubilier Business & Finance, Suppliers
  1011. Cook, Diane Book, Movie, Battle
  1012. Catheter draining Medical, Healthcare
  1013. Custom Designed
  1014. Communication Disorder  Disability
  1015. Cocaine-Dependent Medical
  1016. Congo, The Democratic Business, Congo, Republic
  1017. Comprehensive Database
  1018. cervical dystonia Medical, British medicine
  1019. Cesky Drwhy
  1020. Cajitas De
  1021. Convulsive Dose Medical, British medicine
  1022. Critical Dimension Computing, Electronics, Telecom
  1023. Competency Determination Medical, Education, School
  1024. Can'T Dance
  1025. Casing-While-Drilling
  1026. Clan Destiny
  1027. Children'S Department
  1028. Collection Details Technology, Gaming, Music
  1029. Kinshasa Country
  1030. Cotton, David Education, Cotton, Leader
  1031. Certificate of Ueath
  1032. Cold Die Alloy, Lyric, Album
  1033. Conductivity Detector Science, Government, Chromatography
  1034. Children'S Divisionsion Military
  1035. Cluster Designation Antigen Medical, Biomedical, Immunology, Microbiology, British medicine
  1036. Critical Disaster Human, Disaster, Cannibalism, Brutality
  1037. Circular Dichroism Circular dichroism is a type of absorption spectroscopy that looks at the structure of optically active chiral media by using circularly polarized light. It is mostly used to study the structure and interactions of biological molecules with metals and other molecules. Science, Protein, Spectroscopy, Medical, Chromosome, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Dna, Scientific & Educational, Physics
  1038. Capillary diameter Medical, British medicine
  1039. Celebration Day Music, Rock, Celebration, Zeppelin
  1040. Combat Development Technology, Military, Army, Command
  1041. Christen-Democratisch Government, Group, Election, Party
  1042. Cell Differentiation Science, Memory, Antigen
  1043. cross-dresser Sex, Adult, Chat, Escorts, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1044. Cool Download
  1045. Curcular Dichroism Molecular Biology, Scientific & Educational
  1046. Certified Doula Medical, Computing, Degree, Professional Title, Professional Designation, Qualification, Medical Qualification, Scientific & Educational
  1047. Count Down
  1048. Ceramic Dove
  1049. Compact Disk-Video Technology, Computing, Recording
  1050. Congressional Directory
  1051. cerebellar degeneration Medical, British medicine
  1052. Caixinhk De Para, Music, Album
  1053. Chain Data
  1054. Command Decision
  1055. Cell Dissociation Medical, British medicine
  1056. Central District Organization, Union, Institution
  1057. Clif Designs Business, Car, Audio
  1058. Condition Definitions Technology, Service, Mint
  1059. Case Distributor Business, Manufacturer, Supplier
  1060. ChausséE DéForméE
  1061. Carbon Dash Gaming, Fiber, Carbon
  1062. Canaux Dx
  1063. Cassette Dubbing Business, Radio, Player
  1064. Coeliac Disease Medical, Science, Biomedical, Disease, Disorder, Bioscience, Pathology, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  1065. Conference Dinner
  1066. Carl Djerassi Science, Book, Conversation, Pill
  1067. Case & Disc Business, Photoshop, River
  1068. Cluster of Differenciation
  1069. Cmr Display
  1070. Clinical Directorate Medical, British medicine
  1071. Celia Dunn
  1072. Changer and Digital Technology, Car, Cadillac
  1073. Computer Division Technology, Drive, Repair
  1074. Common Deletion Medical
  1075. Cambia Directamente Technology, Para, Software, Con
  1076. Casa Del Hotel, Music, Jazz, Casa
  1077. Center Display
  1078. Cognitive Disability Medical, Education, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  1079. Cannot decide Funnies
  1080. Democratic Republic of The Congo (country Domains) Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  1081. Centre De Dystribution
  1082. Civilian Defense Military, War, History
  1083. Central Database NASA, Governmental & Military
  1084. Constructive Dilemma
  1085. Coxsacdie Disease
  1086. colonic distension Medical, British medicine
  1087. Cover De
  1088. Carried Down Carried down is the year's closing balance for an account that is carried to the next accounting period.
  1089. Close Doors platform indicator Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  1090. Conya Doss
  1091. Chromosomal Damage Medical, Disorder, Chromosome, Pathology, Molecular Biology, Scientific & Educational
  1092. Custo Direto
  1093. Communications Definitions
  1094. Clinical Dietitian Medical, Nutrition, Medical Qualification, Computing, Degree, Professional Title, Professional Designation, Qualification, Scientific & Educational
  1095. Cross Direction Controls Honeywell, Process Automation
  1096. Cobra Dane Technology, Army, Marine
  1097. Congo, Kinshasa Locations, Countries, Country
  1098. Compound Discrimination
  1099. cytotoxic dose Medical, British medicine
  1100. Cover Zu Drucken Technology, Design, Software
  1101. Conjugated Diene Medical, British medicine
  1102. Contact Discontinuity Computing, Electronics
  1103. Compensation Deficit
  1104. Clan Destine
  1105. Childhood Days
  1106. Collection Description Technology, Gaming, Library
  1107. Congo Dem. Rep of the Congo, Country, 2-letter Country Codes, 3-letter Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  1108. Cotrel-Dubousset Medical, Technology
  1109. Cowd Dead
  1110. Conductive Deafness Impaired hearing resulting from interference with, or injury to, the mechanisms for the conduction of sound waves into the inner ear. This transmission takes place either through the external auditory canal and the structures of the middle ear (air conduction) or through vibrations applied to the bones of the skull (bone conduction). This type of hearing loss can be contrasted with Boilermaker's Deafness which is due to perceptive deafness (q.v.). Medical, Technology
  1111. Children'S Development
  1112. Cluster Designation Medical, Cell, Antibody, British medicine
  1113. Crevillente Deportivo
  1114. Circuit Diagrams
  1115. cultural deprivation Medical, British medicine
  1116. Cover Discs Technology, Design, Labeling
  1117. Cel Damage
  1118. Combat Developer Technology, Military, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  1119. Christ Denied
  1120. Cezl Death Medical, Medicine, Health
  1121. Contract Demand Energy, Electrical
  1122. Cooling Down Technology, Power, Heat
  1123. Cells of Differentiation Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  1124. Cendant Corporation Computing, Nyse symbols
  1125. Capacitor Discharge
  1126. Cepstral Distante
  1127. Compact Disc-Video Technology, Player, Audio
  1128. Congressional Districts Government, Map, Congress
  1129. cell death Medical, British medicine
  1130. Caisson Diseasv Medical, Medicine, Disease
  1131. Chaingdata
  1132. Command and Decision Military
  1133. Crohn's disease Crohn's disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that may affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract from mouth to anus. Signs and symptoms often include abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, and weight loss. Other complications may occur outside the gastrointestinal tract and include anemia, skin rashes, arthritis, inflammation of the eye, and feeling tired. Medical, British medicine
  1134. Conditionally Dispensable Medical, Science, Biology
  1135. Chatelaine Designs
  1136. Carbohydrate Disorder
  1137. Canadian Division Military, Army, Force
  1138. Cassette Double
  1139. Collectiow Digipak
  1140. cortical dysplasia Medical, Science, Biomedical, Disease, Disorder, Neurology, Bioscience, Pathology, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  1141. Colecovisdon, Dreamcast Technology, Gaming, Coding, Cheat
  1142. Conference Details
  1143. Carl Dinkelackvr
  1144. Cartridge Drive Technology
  1145. Cluster of Differentiation Medical, Cell, Antigen, Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  1146. Crystml Driver
  1147. Complete Diet Medical, British medicine
  1148. Celiac Disease A malabsorption syndrome that is precipitated by the ingestion of foods containing gluten, such as wheat, rye, and barley. It is characterized by inflammation of the small intestine, loss of microvilli structure, failed intestinal absorption, and malnutrition. Medical, Genetics, Gluten, Science, Biomedical, Disease, Disorder, Bioscience, Pathology, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  1149. Changerk Dual Technology, Cassette, Changer
  1150. Computer Diode Science
  1151. Common Bile Duct Medical, Medicine, Health, Science, Biomedical, Nursing, Healthcare, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical, British medicine, Clinical
  1152. Cambia Al Directorio Technology, Para, Con, Linux
  1153. Casa De Davi
  1154. Cxnter Director Science, Education, Teaching
  1155. Cognition and Development Science, Education, Psychology
  1156. Central Defender Sport, Football
  1157. Control Desk Business & Finance, Power Plant
  1158. Civilian Defence
  1159. Countdown  A count in inverse numerical order, in hours, minutes and finally seconds, of time remaining before the launch of a rocket. NASA, Governmental & Military
  1160. Construction Document Technology, Drawing, Construction, Architecture
  1161. Compact Disknew Technology
  1162. conduction disorder Medical, British medicine
  1163. Cover & Details
  1164. Command Dictionary Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1165. Carrel Danin
  1166. Ceske Drahy Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  1167. Chromosome Damage Medical, Disorder, Chromosome, Pathology, Molecular Biology, Scientific & Educational
  1168. Cushing Disease Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  1169. Communications Directorate
  1170. Clinical Development Medical, Cancer, Cell
  1171. ​Cross Directional​ Honeywell, Process Automation
  1172. Coastal Defence
  1173. Congo Dem
  1174. Composition Distribution Business, Technology, Receptor
  1175. cultural disadvantage Medical, British medicine
  1176. County-District
  1177. Convulsive Disorder Medical, British medicine
  1178. Changer Dcz625
  1179. Came Down
  1180. Command Discipline World War Ii
  1181. Compatible Drive Technology, Windows, Burner
  1182. Clamping Diode Technology, Circuit, Clamp
  1183. Chief of The Defence Military, Canada, Staff
  1184. Collection Department
  1185. Cyber Dad Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1186. Cote De
  1187. Cold Duys
  1188. Creek Destisy Player, Audio, Destiny
  1189. control diet Medical, British medicine
  1190. Cover Disc
  1191. Celana Dalam Business, Photo, Indonesia, Sexy
  1192. Comisi
  1193. Christan Dior
  1194. Cellar Door Music, Door, Session
  1195. Core Description Electrical
  1196. Cooled Down Technology, Cooling, Cross, Shredder
  1197. Chromosomal Distance Chromosome, Molecular Biology, Scientific & Educational
  1198. Content Delivery Computing, Internet
  1199. Cartridge Disk
  1200. Century Dictionary Technology, English, Language, Chambers
  1201. Compact Disk-Recordable Computing, Telecom, Geographic
  1202. Congressional District Technology, Organization, Society
  1203. catalytic domain Medical, British medicine
  1204. Cairo Damascus Book, Education, History, Regional
  1205. Chagas' Disease Medical, British medicine
  1206. Command Data Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1207. Contagious Disease Medical, British medicine
  1208. Conditional Decap
  1209. Chassis Dynamometer A chassis dynamometer,measures power delivered to the surface of the "drive roller" by the drive wheels. The vehicle is often parked on the roller or rollers, which the car then turns, and the output measured thereby.
  1210. Carbohydrate Dehydratase Medical, Technology, Medicine
  1211. Canlda Drugs
  1212. Cassette Display Technology, Radio, Repair
  1213. Collection Diecast
  1214. Cowden Disease Medical, Science, Biomedical, Disease, Disorder, Bioscience, Pathology, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational
  1215. Cold Dry Medical
  1216. Cone Dystrophy Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  1217. Childrens Division
  1218. Cartoon Doll
  1219. Cluster of Determination Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  1220. Crystal Diffractioo
  1221. Controlled Drug Medical, British medicine
  1222. Celiac'S Disease
  1223. Changer, Deosion
  1224. Computep Deutschland
  1225. Common-Drain
  1226. Cam'Ron Discography
  1227. Casa De Music, Baby, Casa, Samba
  1228. Census Divisions
  1229. Coffin Desecrators
  1230. Corn Dog Food
  1231. Visual Studio Class Diagram Computing, File Extensions
  1232. Counterdrug Directorate Governmental & Military, Fbi files
  1233. Construction Drilling
  1234. Compact Diskette
  1235. complete dentition Medical, British medicine
  1236. Cova Da
  1237. Command Detonated
  1238. Carrel-Dakin Medical, Technology, Medicine
  1239. Custom Duty Business & Finance, International business
  1240. Consumer Directed Medical, Disability
  1241. Cushing'S Disease Medical
  1242. Communications Director
  1243. Clinical Data
  1244. Center Director (ksc Directorate) NASA
  1245. Centre Drain
  1246. Check Disabled Technology, Gaming, Query
  1247. Congo, Dem Business, Congo, Republic
  1248. Component Distributors Technology, Electronics, Supplier
  1249. contact dermatitis Medical, British medicine, Skin And Dermal
  1250. Corynaebacterium Diphtheriae
  1251. Chemical diabetes Medical, British medicine
  1252. Changer Data Technology, Car, Stereo
  1253. Camcorder Digital
  1254. Center Discharge Products
  1255. Compatible Digital Technology, Club, Player, Audio
  1256. Clamp Diode
  1257. Chief Director Gaming, Anime, Music, Chief
  1258. Collection By Dr
  1259. Crossdresser (transvestite, drag) Classfields, Personals, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1260. Costumeadesigner
  1261. Copncidence Detection Medical
  1262. Creative Decoration
  1263. Cowden’s disease Medical, British medicine
  1264. Cover Designs Technology, Designer, Album
  1265. Cirujano Dentista Medical, Para, Dental
  1266. Chris Duhon
  1267. Celebration Dinner Tourism, Wedding, Dinner
  1268. Committee Draft Computing, Construction, Telecom
  1269. Cooldown The gradual decrease in reactor fuel rod temperature caused by the removal of heat from the reactor coolant system after the reactor has beenshutdown. Gaming, Play, Pastime, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1270. Chromosomal Drive Chromosome, Molecular Biology, Scientific & Educational
  1271. Democratic Republic of the Congo Computing, Internet
  1272. Cabin Display Aviation
  1273. Compact Disc-Recorder Technology, Audio, Manual
  1274. Congregational Development
  1275. Compression Drivers
  1276. Corneal Dystrophy Medical, British medicine
  1277. Chadkdenton
  1278. Combo Driver
  1279. Calculatorvdebit
  1280. Chad Government, Sport, Locations, Countries, Country, Trigramme, Olympic, Chad, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Usps, 2-letter Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes
  1281. Cytosolic Domain Medical, British medicine
  1282. Conditional Derivation
  1283. Compactkdesign Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  1284. Chassis Data
  1285. Carbajosa De
  1286. Canada Direct
  1287. Cassette-Dubbing-Combo-Recorder-W-Remote
  1288. China Dolls
  1289. Collecrion Districts
  1290. cytosine deaminase Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  1291. Certiflcation Directories
  1292. Cold Drink
  1293. Cone Dragged Technology, Drag, Grading
  1294. Childrens Digital
  1295. Cartilage-Derived Medical, Protein, Cell
  1296. Clustering Device
  1297. Crying Dad
  1298. Cirque Du Music, Track, Album, Cirque
  1299. Cumulative dose The total dose that an occupationally exposed worker receives as a result of repeated exposures to ionizing radiation to to the same portion of the body, or to the whole body, over time. For additional detail, see Information for Radiation Workers. Medical, British medicine
  1300. Celestial Disclosure
  1301. Changnr Daytime
  1302. Computer Desk
  1303. Committee Drafts Technology, Organizations, Standard
  1304. CaléDonie Demain
  1305. Censas Dictionary Canada, Geography, Area, Censu
  1306. Coffin Dancer
  1307. Cow Dung Farming & agriculture
  1308. Cd-i Optimage Computing, File Extensions
  1309. Case Drain
  1310. Controlled Dissemination Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  1311. Cross-dressing Cross-dressing, also called "cross-dresser," is when a person wears clothes and other things that don't fit with their gender or their assigned sex. Sexually
  1312. Compact Disk-Read-Only Technology, Drive, Memory
  1313. Cattle Depot
  1314. colour discrimination Medical, British medicine
  1315. Courtship Display Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  1316. Command Destruct Science
  1317. caution deposit Banking, Business & Finance, Caution
  1318. Chronic Dialysis Medical, British medicine
  1319. Cursos Diversos
  1320. Communication Design
  1321. Climatological Data Technology, Science, Climate, Weather, Scientific & Educational
  1322. Cencre Démocratique
  1323. Check & Disable
  1324. Carbon Driveshaft
  1325. cocaine dependent Medical, British medicine
  1326. Cynthia Davin Medical, Book, Music, Social
  1327. Cognitive Deterioration Medical, British medicine
  1328. Changer Dasd
  1329. Cambridge Dictionary America, Education, English
  1330. Centre of Drain Ordnance Survey
  1331. Candella (luminous Intensity) NASA
  1332. Claims, Defense
  1333. Chicks Dig
  1334. Collection and Disbursement Business, Management, Banking
  1335. Corps Diplomatic Us Government, Governmental & Military
  1336. Coste Directj Science
  1337. Crazy Diamonds
  1338. counting device Medical, British medicine
  1339. Cover Designers Technology, Design, Labeling
  1340. Cadaveric Donor Medical, British medicine
  1341. Carrier Netected Technology, Connection, Modem
  1342. Chris Downs
  1343. Customer Drawing Architecture
  1344. Cool and Dry
  1345. Clinical Diagnosis Medical, Reading Prescription
  1346. Customized Device Technology, Windows, Driving
  1347. Contract documents Working drawings, specification and details which form part of the formal contract between the Client and the Contractor. Contract drawings, specifications, etc., used to build a structure which define the responsibilities of the parties involved. The Finance and Administrative Services
  1348. Compact Disc-Magneto-Optical Technology, Book, Audio
  1349. Congo Democratic Business, Congo, Republic
  1350. Compressed Data Technology, Software, Disc
  1351. Chiral Discrimination Medical, British medicine
  1352. Cewek Df Porn, Sex, Tube
  1353. Calculbting Device Technology, Computing, Calculator
  1354. Constitutional Delay Medical, British medicine
  1355. Comvact Disc-Digital Technology, Player, Audio
  1356. Compact Disk description Computing, File Extensions
  1357. Car and Driver Media, Car
  1358. Can't Delivek
  1359. Casselberry-Dupree
  1360. China Doll
  1361. Collection Dictionnaire
  1362. Complete Deficiency Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  1363. Certificate of Delivery Business, Service, Condition
  1364. Cold Drawn Technology, Construction, Architectural, Architecture, NASA, Governmental & Military
  1365. Cone Down Medical
  1366. Childrwn Discounts
  1367. Cartes De Technology, Carte, Duplication, Gravure
  1368. Cluster Dynamics
  1369. Cruz De Music, Locations, Album
  1370. Circular Dichroism Spectra Medical
  1371. Curative Dose Medical, British medicine
  1372. Celebrity Disguise Media, Radio, Television
  1373. Changer, Daytime Car, Sale, Audi
  1374. Computer De
  1375. Calm Down
  1376. Cytochalasin D Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  1377. Christian Democrat
  1378. Cendant Corp. Organizations
  1379. Cofficient of Drag
  1380. Celine Dion Famous
  1381. Chemistry Division Science, Scientific & Educational
  1382. Channel Delay Computing, Telecom
  1383. Compel Data
  1384. Compact Disk-Magneto Technology, Computing, Memory
  1385. Cattle Decapitation
  1386. Cytoplasmic Domain (immunology) Medical, British medicine
  1387. Command Decoder Mdm Space, Study, Cosmos, NASA
  1388. Alliance Air Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Business & Finance
  1389. Cursor Down Assembly, Business & Finance
  1390. Chronic Dizziness Medical, British medicine
  1391. Cursor Disable Technology, Command, Software, Linux
  1392. Communications Design
  1393. Climate Data
  1394. Conditioned Diphase Military
  1395. Case Drcuments Corparate, Uk, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does CD stand for?

    CD stands for Co-Occurring Disorder.

  2. What is the shortened form of Chemical Defense?

    The short form of "Chemical Defense" is CD.


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