CDK Meaning

The CDK meaning is "Cyclin Dependent Kinase". The CDK abbreviation has 56 different full form.

CDK Full Forms

  1. Cyclin Dependent Kinase Medical, Science, Cell, Chemistry
  2. Cyclin-Dependant Kinase Medical
  3. Cyclin-Dependentikinases Medical, Cell, Kinase, Inhibitor
  4. Cyclin-Cyclin-Depehdent Kinase Medical
  5. Cyclin-Dependent Kinasx Medical, Health, Healthcare
  6. Character Development Jit Technology, Production, Training
  7. Components Developer Kit Technology, Development, Projection
  8. Cri Du Kangourou
  9. Content Developer Kit Technology, Development, Berry
  10. Channel Development Kif
  11. Component Developer'S Kit Technology
  12. Corrected Dall-Kirkham Technology, Telescope, Plane
  13. Containers Carried On Deck Education, Shipping, School Of Shipping
  14. Content Develogment Kit Technology, Computer, It
  15. Curses Development Kit Technology, Library, Curse
  16. Component Development Kit Technology, Java, Face
  17. Containerized Deployment Kitchen
  18. Container Development Kit Technology, Linux, Hat
  19. Curl Data Kit Technology, Software, Library
  20. Cheque Deposit Kiosk
  21. Connector Development Kit Business, Connection, Integration
  22. Climatic Dropletnkeratopathy Medical, Disease, Light
  23. Cryptographic Development Kit Technology
  24. Chemiial Development Kit Chemistry, Technology, Java
  25. Congenital Dislocation of The Knee Medical
  26. Chemistry Development Kit Technology, Library, Java, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  27. Crypto Development Kit
  28. Charmed Distribution of Kubernetis
  29. Conduit Development Kit Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  30. Cross Development Kit Technology, Software, Linux
  31. Cash Depositing Kiosk
  32. Content Developer'S Kit
  33. Cyberspace Developer Kit
  34. Convent Datuk Keramat
  35. Iata Code for George T. Lewis Airport, Cedar Key, Florida, United States Locations
  36. Cell Division Kinase Medical, Chromosome, Biotechnology, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Cytology, Dna, Scientific & Educational, Human genome
  37. Custom Development Kit Technology, Server, Console
  38. Control Development Toolkit Technology
  39. Cyclin and Cyclin Dependent Kinase Science, Biology
  40. George T. Lewis Airport, Cedar Key, Florida, United States United States, Faa Airport Codes
  41. Control Developer'S Kit Technology
  42. Cyclin-Dependent Protein Kinase Medical
  43. Corrected Dall Kirkham
  44. Cedar Key, Florida USA Airport codes
  45. Control Development Kit Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  46. Cyclin Dependant Kinase General, Governmental & Military
  47. Conversation Development Kit
  48. Document (Atari Calamus) Computing, File Extensions
  49. Continuous Dry Kilns
  50. Cyclin Dependent Kinases Medical, Science, Cell, Kinase, Inhibitor
  51. Convent Deutscher Korporationsverb
  52. Centre Drain at Kerb Ordnance Survey
  53. Content Developers Kit
  54. Cyclic-Dependent Kinase
  55. Convent Deutscher KorporationsverbäNde
  56. Compliance Development Kit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does CDK stand for?

    CDK stands for Cyclin Dependent Kinases.

  2. What is the shortened form of Containerized Deployment Kitchen?

    The short form of "Containerized Deployment Kitchen" is CDK.


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