CDLS Meaning

The CDLS meaning is "Communications Data Link System". The CDLS abbreviation has 23 different full form.

CDLS Full Forms

  1. Communications Data Link System Technology, Military, Computing
  2. Center for The Development of Leadership Skills
  3. Confederazione Democratica Lavoratori Sammarinese
  4. Caux Dialogue On Land and Security Technology, Award, Intercultural
  5. Confederazione Democratica Lavoratori Sammarinesi Technology, Sex, Union
  6. Career Development Loans Business, Student, Funding
  7. Community Development and Leadership Summit
  8. Canterbury District Law Society
  9. Contract Data Requirement List Technology, Management, Military, Federal Aviation Administration
  10. Child Development Laboratory School
  11. Canadian Defence Liaison Staff
  12. Child Development Lab School
  13. Contractor Dlpot Logistics Support Technology
  14. Cornelia De Lange Syndrome Foundation Medical, Technology
  15. Central Denver Language School
  16. Configuration Data Lists Technology
  17. Criminal Defense Lawyers
  18. Cornelia De Lange Syndrome Medical, Technology, Science, Medicine, Pathology, Amsterdam Dwarfism, Biomedical, Disease, Disorder, Bioscience, Defect, Scientific & Educational
  19. Cornelia De Lange Syndromt
  20. Cornelha De Lange Syndrome Medical, Genetics, Syndrome
  21. Core Disaster Life Support Medical, Medicine, Education
  22. Canadian Defense Liaison Staff
  23. Câmaras De Dirigentes Lojistzs Para, Dos, Brasil

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does CDLS stand for?

    CDLS stands for Central Denver Language School.

  2. What is the shortened form of Confederazione Democratica Lavoratori Sammarinesi?

    The short form of "Confederazione Democratica Lavoratori Sammarinesi" is CDLS.


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