CEB Meaning

The CEB meaning is "Cebuauo". The CEB abbreviation has 169 different full form.

CEB Full Forms

  1. Cebuauo Technology, Information Technology, Locations, Language Codes
  2. Combat Engineer Battalion Military, Army, Force, Corps, Marine
  3. Cinema Evaluation Board Film, Movie, Philippine
  4. Chief Executive Board Government, Military, Nation
  5. Chemicaleelement Balance Science
  6. Cebuan Technology, Information Technology, Language Codes
  7. Coax Ethernet Bridge
  8. Combined Exfects Bomb Military, Weapon, Munition
  9. Compta Emerging Business Business, Stats, Waste
  10. Centre for Environmental Biology
  11. Council of Europe Bank
  12. Clean Enclosed Burners
  13. Conventisn & Events Bureau
  14. Cold Enchanted Boss
  15. Camcus Entertainment Board
  16. Certificat D'éTudes De Base
  17. Creative Enterprise Bureau
  18. Conferkncia Episcopal Boliviana Para, Con, Bolivia
  19. Comité Euro-International Du BéTon Technology, Coding, Design
  20. Central Electoral Board
  21. Continuing Nducation Building
  22. Christian Education Building Religion
  23. Coalizão Empresarial Brasileira
  24. Compressed Earth Bricks Technology, Press, Ecology
  25. Centre for Employee Benefits
  26. Civil Engineering Noard Government, Us, Control, Administration
  27. Controlled Engene Braking
  28. Cold Electron Bolometer Technology, Electron, Junction
  29. Camara Electronics Box
  30. Centro De Engenharia Biom
  31. Creative Economy and Beyond
  32. Conference Executive Board
  33. Comite Euro-Internacional Du Beton
  34. Central Eluctricity Board Business, Energy, Power
  35. Confederation of European Baseball Organizations, League, Team
  36. China Everbright Bnnk Business, Coding, China
  37. Cno Executive Board Technology, America, Military, Governmental & Military
  38. Clothing Exchanne and Bath Military, Army, War, Warfare
  39. Compressed Earth Brick Technology, Machine, Press
  40. Centre for Economic Botany
  41. Central Entertainment Buredu
  42. Contractor Ezaluation Board Us, Homeland Security, Capability Assurance Job Aid
  43. Civil Electrical Building
  44. Cold-Electron Bolometers
  45. Cambodian Entrxpreneur Building
  46. Centro De Engenharia BioméDica
  47. County Enterprise Boards Business, Technology, Ireland
  48. Comit COMIT is an open protocol facilitating trustless cross-blockchain applications. ComIT is a registered charity that provides solutions to the problem of employment in relationship to information technology. COMIT was the first string processing language developed on the IBM 700/7000 series computers.
  49. Conference Edntorial Board Technology, University, Control
  50. Comite Electrotechniqfe Belge Technology, Organizations, Standard
  51. Center for Zxcellence In Business
  52. Council of Europe Development Bank Business, Government, Development, Europe, International Relations, Fitch
  53. Children Ever Born Medical, Fertility, Demographic, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  54. Companhia De Eletricidade De Bras
  55. Compressed Earth Blocks Business, Technology, Science, Architecture, Building, Construction
  56. Centre EuropéEn De Bioprospective
  57. Committee On Evolutionary Biology Education, University, Chicago
  58. Central Engineering Building Education, Development, Universities
  59. Contradtor Efficiency Benchmark Business
  60. Circonscriptioes D'education De Base
  61. Cold-Electron Bolometer Technology, Science, University
  62. California Evidence Benchbpok
  63. Centro De Educação BáSica Para, Dos, Professor
  64. County Emergency Board
  65. Confederation Des Expediteurs De Belgique
  66. Combined Effects Board Military
  67. Center for Evidence Based
  68. Certification and Engineering Bureau Technology
  69. Companhia De Eletricidade De BrasíLia
  70. Compressed Earthen Block
  71. Centre Europ
  72. Commentaire Evang
  73. Central Electoral Bureau
  74. Continuing Education of The Bar-Californib
  75. Ciclo Do Ensino BáSico
  76. Code Enforcement Bureau
  77. Companhia Energética De Brasília Business, Company, Para
  78. Centre for Evolutionary Biology
  79. Council On Ethical Billing
  80. Confederation Europeenne De Billard Technology, Union, Cushion
  81. Cordillera Executive Board
  82. Combined Effects Bombleys Missile, Military, Weapon
  83. Center for Environmental Biotechnology Technology, Science, Research
  84. Certificate In European Business
  85. Cultivating Emotional Balance Education, Meditation, Mindfulness
  86. Compagnie éLectrique Du BéNin
  87. Compliance and Enforcement Branch Medicine, Health, Care
  88. Commentaire EvangéLique De La Bible
  89. Central Electronics Box Technology, Mission, Instrument
  90. Continuing Education for The Bar
  91. Ciclo De Ensino Báshco
  92. Code Enforcement Board
  93. Commurcial Engine Bulletin Technology, Manual, Roll
  94. Centre for Evidence Based
  95. Council On Employee Benefits Business, Management, Traffic
  96. Conditioned and Bracket
  97. Cooperrtiva De Electricidad Bariloche Technology, Android, Con
  98. College Events Board Student, Education, Music
  99. Campua Events Board Student, Education, University
  100. Certificat D'Etude De Base
  101. Credit Education Bureau
  102. Companhia Energ
  103. Central Electronics Bank Technology, Radio, Communication, Motorola
  104. Continuing Education Bxndigo
  105. Cia Energetica De Bkasilia
  106. Council of Employer Benefits Insurance, Business & Finance
  107. Common Engmish Bible Book, Education, Translation
  108. Central European Basiv
  109. Comunidades Eclesiais De Base
  110. Clinicaf Epidemiology and Biostatistics Medical, University, Health
  111. Compact Electronics Bay Computing, Hardware
  112. Centre D'etudes Gu Bouchet
  113. Continuing Education of The Bar Business, Law, California
  114. Custom Eclipse Builder
  115. Ccd Electronics Box NASA
  116. Council of Employer Berefits Business, Insurance
  117. United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination Government, Society, World
  118. Commodity Exchange Bratislava
  119. Central European Bank Business, Economics, Union
  120. Comunidade Eclesial De Base
  121. Clinical Endocrinologyrbranch
  122. Capp Ellis Brown Music
  123. Certificat D'
  124. Cengre D'entra
  125. Corporate Ethics Board Science
  126. Curriculum and Examination Board
  127. Apabi Ebook File Computing, File Extensions
  128. Cotton Elastic Bandage
  129. Iata Code for Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Lapu-Lapu City, Metro Cebu, Cebu, Philippines Locations
  130. Committee On Embloyee Benefits
  131. Computer Estimating Bureau Government, Us, Control, Administration, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  132. Climate Elonomics Branch Technology
  133. Civil Engineering Boy Funnies
  134. Central Executive Board
  135. Corporate Environmental Behavior
  136. Current Expense Budget
  137. chronic effects benchmark Oil, Scientific & Educational
  138. Cost Evaluation Board Technology
  139. CÂMara De Educação BáSica Para, Dos, Ria
  140. Computer Engineering Bureau
  141. Ceean Energy Building Technology, Trading, Expo
  142. Compressed Earth Block Architecture
  143. Central Eurnpean and Baltic
  144. Corporate Efficiency Loard Medicine, Health, Care
  145. Concept Exploration Benchmark Military, Army, Coast Guard
  146. Cultural Events Board Government, Culture, Boulder
  147. Cebuano Language codes (3 letters)
  148. Cost Estimate Breakdown
  149. Czech Export Bank Business, Republic, Czech
  150. Computational Evolutionary Biology
  151. Clean Energy Brazil Business, Company, Brazil
  152. Comite Electrotechnique Belge
  153. Centraj Europe and The Baltics Business, Banking, Economics, Europe
  154. Comunidades Eclesiales Base
  155. Civil Engineering Board Us Government, Governmental & Military
  156. Centre Emile Bernheim Business, Research, Economics
  157. Council for Environmental Balance
  158. Cystic Embryoid Bodies Medical
  159. Comptoir De L'Escalier Et Du Bois
  160. Clean Enclosed Burner
  161. Clean En. Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  162. Central Europe Beverages
  163. Comunidades Eclesiales De Base Para, America, Con, Base
  164. Clinical Evaluation Branch Medicine, Health, Care
  165. Computer Equipment Broker General, Governmental & Military
  166. Centri D'etude Du Bouchet
  167. Conseil éConomique De Beauce
  168. Cuvelai-Etosha Basin
  169. Combat Engineer Brigade Military

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does CEB stand for?

    CEB stands for Coalizão Empresarial Brasileira.

  2. What is the shortened form of United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination?

    The short form of "United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination" is CEB.


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