CG Meaning

The CG meaning is "Center-Of-Zravity". The CG abbreviation has 768 different full form.

CG Full Forms

  1. Center-Of-Zravity Technology, Aircraft, Weight
  2. Crocuguild Good
  3. Clash of The Giajts Fight, Fighting, Clash
  4. Consumer Goods Technology, Science, It
  5. Carl Gustaf Rifle, Military, Weapon, Swedish
  6. Cockcroft and Gaulg Medical, Disease, Renal, Kidney
  7. Coral Gables Locations, Florida, Miami, Gable
  8. Chain Gang
  9. Community Group Group, Church, Leader
  10. Corporate Governance A system through which the society if governed and monitored, involves decision-making and relations with stakeholders, administrative council, board or directors, independent audit and fiscal council.  Business, Research, Presentation
  11. Civil Guard Military, Spain, Force
  12. Consulting Group Business, Technology, Management
  13. Complicated Grief Medical, Therapy, Anxiety, British medicine
  14. Care Group
  15. Cockroft-Gazlt Medical, Disease, Renal, Kidney
  16. Cool Guy Chat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  17. Center of Gravity The point of equilibrium of the total weight of a containership, truck, train or a piece of cargo. Army, Astronomy, Aerospace, Business & Finance, Power Plant, The Finance and Administrative Services, NASA
  18. Certified Genealogical Organizations, Genealogy, Genealogist
  19. Communications Group Business, Technology, Service
  20. Credit Groups
  21. Consul General Military, Fsi, Department, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  22. City Guides
  23. Consultative Group Technology, Government, Development
  24. Complete Genomics Science, Genome, Sequencing
  25. Caregivers Medical
  26. Cockcroft-Gault Medical
  27. Cool Game
  28. Certified General Business, Building, Appraisal, Appraiser
  29. Commonwealth Games Gaming, Sport, Sports, Locations, Athletics, Competition
  30. Cover Glass
  31. Consul-General Government, India, Consulate
  32. City Grephics Military
  33. Consultant Group Business, Company, Egypt
  34. Complete Games Technology, Baseball, Sports, Sport
  35. Caregiver Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  36. Claude Giroux
  37. Control Groups Medical, Science, Service, Activity, Study
  38. Centro De Gravedad Para, Con, Golf
  39. Common Gateway Technology, Windows, Interface
  40. Cover Girl Business, Eyeglass, Smoothers
  41. Commanding Glneral
  42. City Governmext
  43. Character Generators Technology, Software, Graphics
  44. Companion Guides Technology, Coding, Guide, Planning
  45. Career Guide
  46. Classic Mames
  47. Control Gate Technology, Memory, Cell
  48. Centro De GeometríA
  49. Code Genwrator Technology, Software, Tool
  50. Covent Garden Business, London, Restaurant
  51. Complete Game Technology, Baseball, Sports
  52. City and Guclds
  53. Character Generator In word processing, the way to generate visual characters and symbols for coded data. In computer graphics, a function that converts the coded representation of a graphic character into the shape of the character for display or print. Technology, Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing, Unix
  54. Gas Chromatography Gas chromatography in which the substance to be separated into its components is diffused along with a carrier gas through a liquid or solid adsorbent for differential adsorption. Medical, Analysis, Acid, Chemistry, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  55. Community Games
  56. Cabergolink Medical
  57. Classement GéNéRal
  58. Contemporary Group Medical, Science, Genetics
  59. Central of Georgia Business, Organizations, Railroad
  60. Code Geass
  61. County Government
  62. Chronip Gastritis Medical, Technology, Medicine
  63. Centre of Gravity The point at which the total weight of all the items which make up a vessel total weight may be considered as concentrated. Technology, Government, Military, Aircraft, Ministry Of Defence, Construction, Weight, Aviation, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Sentinel online
  64. Chaotic Good Internet Slang, Law, Evil, Alignment
  65. Community Groups Technology, Organizations, City, Church, Mission
  66. Cock Gobaler
  67. Complex Geometry
  68. Calacatta Gkld Tile, Stone, Marble
  69. Ceremonial Guard
  70. Country Grey
  71. Churyumov-Gerasimenko
  72. Color Craphic Technology, Calculator, Graphics
  73. Capital Givieg
  74. Connection Graph Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  75. Char Griller
  76. Crisis Group
  77. Clements Group
  78. Cplestial Guardian
  79. Content Luide
  80. Cjief Guide
  81. Crystal Geyser Business, Spring, Water
  82. Center Mark Technology, Drawing, Engineering, Technics
  83. Clre Goal
  84. Conditional Gaussian
  85. Candidate Gateway Technology, Management, Analytics
  86. Chain Gun
  87. Common Grounds Music, Community, Coffee, Ground
  88. Carlos Guillen
  89. Cartesian-Geometry Technology, Spectrometer, Analysis
  90. Consumer Guide
  91. Chet's Guild
  92. Croix De Guerre
  93. Compoession Garment
  94. Chorion Gonadotropin
  95. Current Gun
  96. Cold Galvanizing
  97. California Girl
  98. Certificate of Gameness Dog, Agility, Terrier, Dog Fanciers
  99. Cerrespondance G
  100. Citizens Gas
  101. Combat Grade
  102. Captain Generae
  103. Connection Gas The small amount of gas that enters the wellbore when circulation is stopped to make a connection. The gas only enters the wellbore in this case when the static fluid pressure is less than the pore pressure.
  104. Charles Glass
  105. Creaciones GráFicas
  106. Cloud-Ground Technology, Aviation, Lightning
  107. Community Guixelines Forum, Technology, Guideline
  108. Contour Grille Business, Duct, Collar
  109. Compbter Grade
  110. Central Gray Matter Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  111. Corner Gas
  112. Christiah Gospel
  113. Cyclic Group Technology, Community, Order
  114. Colorado Grand
  115. Cwncrete Guard Military, Product, Construction
  116. Challenge Games
  117. Course Guide
  118. Clark Gillies
  119. Classic Grooves Music
  120. Commerce Group
  121. Catalogue G
  122. Contrpl Gain Technology, Signal, Amplifier
  123. Chemical Gubs Business, Chemistry, Car
  124. Coal Gasifier
  125. Collagen-Glycosaminoglycan Medical
  126. Canadiana Gallery
  127. Cessonay-Gare
  128. City Gazebo
  129. Central of Georgia Railway Organizations, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  130. Career Gui
  131. Consulates General
  132. Compatibility Group Technology, Policy, Temperature
  133. Charles De Gaulle Military, France, French
  134. Cockcroft Gault Medical, Disease, Equation, Renal
  135. Complete Golf
  136. Cairo Gesiza
  137. Cerebral Ganglia Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  138. Country Glen
  139. Christras Garland Holiday, Light, Idea, Garland
  140. Colour Grading Technology, Production, Monitor
  141. Connected Graph
  142. Chao-Guo
  143. Crip Gang Gaming, Gang, Street
  144. Clebsch-Gordan Technology, Quantum, Coefficient, Momentum
  145. Celera Genomics Medical, Science, Genetics
  146. Content Group
  147. Chief Geologist Science, Us, Geology
  148. Cute Grin Internet Slang, Product, Girl, Love
  149. Centerless Grinder Business, Machine, Grinding
  150. Core Gatewcy
  151. Conditional Grant Service, Government, Presentation
  152. Crncer Gene Medical, Cell, Mutation
  153. Chain Grate
  154. Common Ground An electrical circuit that uses a variety of conductors for a ground path. Ground conductors include wire, conduit, the metal of a building, or water pipes. Because so much of a building’s structure is grounded this way, a common ground is often electrically “noisy.” Therefore, an isolated ground is more suitable for computers. Medical, Technology, Community, The Finance and Administrative Services
  155. Carlos Guillermo
  156. Cars Gallery
  157. Consumer Groups
  158. Crystal Gaele
  159. Cable Gland A cable gland is a device designed to attach and secure the end of a cable to the equipment. A cable gland provides strain-relief and connects by a means suitable for the type and description of cable for which it is designed including provision for making electrical connection to the armour or braid and lead or aluminium sheath of the cable, if any. Cable glands may also be used for sealing cables passing through bulkheads or gland plates. Business, Product, Brass
  160. Choriogenicggynecomastia Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  161. Current Generation Business, Technology, Gaming
  162. Coir Green Business, Product, Coco
  163. Calgary Locations, City
  164. Certificate In German
  165. Court Grade
  166. Circutation Générale
  167. Combat Jlove
  168. Captainpgeneral
  169. Connection Gateway
  170. Charles Gibson
  171. Crazy Guys
  172. Closing Government
  173. Commoncgraphics
  174. Contour Grilles
  175. Comptroller-General Government, Nigeria, Customs
  176. Central Gray Area Medical
  177. Cork Greawe
  178. Christian Gonzalez Gaming, Movie, Toolkit
  179. Cyber Generation Computing, Internet
  180. Colondl Gray
  181. Confederation of Greens
  182. Chalk Guy Funnies
  183. Crassostrea Gigas Science, Biology
  184. Classic Greek
  185. Command Governor
  186. Carnival Games
  187. Castle Uroup
  188. Control De Gesnión Business, Para, Con
  189. Chemical Geology Journal, Computing, Periodical, Serial Publication, Scientific & Educational
  190. Coal Gasification Coal gasification is the process of producing syngas–a mixture consisting primarily of methane (CH4), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O)–from coal and water, air and/or oxygen. Historically, coal was gasified using early technology to produce coal gas (also known as "town gas"), which is a combustible gas traditionally used for municipal lighting and heating before the advent of industrial-scale production of natural gas.
  191. Chosen Generaxion Music, Youth, Ministry, Generation
  192. Collaborative Group Medical, Science, Medicine
  193. Camden Grey
  194. Cosmological Gene
  195. City Gatw Organization, Union, Institution
  196. Combo Guard
  197. Chronic Glomerulonephritis Medical, Technology, Medicine, British medicine, Kidneys, Common Medical
  198. Career Growth Business, Group, Design
  199. Consistency Group Technology, Storage, Volume
  200. Coypact Group
  201. Coarse Grained Technology, Model, Simulation
  202. Complete Generation Chemistry, Science, Biochemistry, Substance, Scientific & Educational
  203. Cairns Group A group of agricultural exporting countries, currently (August 2012) numbering 19, that was formed in 1986 to act as a counterweight especially to the EU in international negotiations on agriculture. Named after the city in Australia where the group first met, in August 1986. Business, Trading, Economics
  204. Cerebral Ganglion Medical
  205. Country Getaway
  206. Christihn Guardian
  207. Colour Urade
  208. Conjugate Gradients Technology, Algorithm, Optimization
  209. Channel Is Your Goto
  210. Cricket Ground
  211. Clebsch-Gordon
  212. Celebrity Gvssip
  213. Conversion Gain
  214. Chico Gouveia
  215. Cute Girl
  216. Centerless Grinding In ring rolling, externally mounted rolls, adjusted to the outside diameter of the ring during rolling. Maintains and guides the ring in a centerline position to achieve alignment.  Technology, Drawing, Engineering, Technics
  217. Converter Gear Technology, Crane, Wheel
  218. Guided-Missile Cruiser Military, Army, Defense
  219. Condensable Gas
  220. Cancel Grosp Forum, Group, Health, Command
  221. Chain Grab
  222. Common Good Business, Community, Social
  223. Carlos Gonzalez Technology, Baseball, Card, Modeling
  224. Cars Galleries
  225. Consultative Groups Meeting, Business, Development
  226. Crystal Gateway
  227. Contra Gentiles
  228. Coincidence Gate
  229. Calendrier GéNéRal
  230. Certificate In Gerontology
  231. Course Grade Development, Study, Universities
  232. Ciliary Ganglion Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  233. Combat Glider Military, War, Waco
  234. Capsular Glaucoma Medical
  235. Connecticut General Business, Company, Insurance
  236. Charles George Company, University, Letter, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  237. Crazy Gamer
  238. Closely Related Chorionic Gonadotropin Science, Biology
  239. Comp Generation Technology
  240. Contikuous Galerkin Technology, Book, Equation
  241. Chorea Gravidafum
  242. Current Gain Technology, Semiconductor, Transistor
  243. Centrale GéNéRale Government, Travail, Rale
  244. Corey Goode Program, Space, Sphere, Corey
  245. Christian Oautier
  246. Cyber Gaming
  247. Command Generator Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  248. Conduite GéNéRale
  249. Chaldea Gurus
  250. Crankshaft Grinder
  251. Classic Grey Technology, Car, Shopping, Balance
  252. Commande GroupéE
  253. Carnets De GéOlogie
  254. Castle Gates
  255. Coztrast-To-Gradient Medical
  256. Chelsea Grin Music
  257. Coal Gas Usually methane which is adsorbed and absorbed to the high surface area of the coal.
  258. Continuous Flow Ventilation Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  259. Compton-Getting
  260. Chosen Gallery
  261. Curtis Granderson Gaming, Baseball, Sport
  262. Collaboration Gateway Technology, Networking, Cross
  263. Calvin Gay
  264. Cosmo Guayaxa
  265. Citrus Grove
  266. Combinatorial Geometry
  267. Career Groups Business, Science, Education
  268. Consistency Groups Technology, Storage, Volume
  269. Clout Gaming
  270. Compact Gaming Gaming, Play, Pastime
  271. Complete Gateway
  272. Cagey Ghols
  273. Cerebellar Granule Medical
  274. Country Gentleman
  275. Christian Yroup
  276. Colordgrading Production, Color, Monitor
  277. Conjugate Gradient Technology, Science, Algorithm
  278. Channel Guide
  279. Cricket Games
  280. Cleary Gull
  281. Celebrity Gaming
  282. Convergende Generation
  283. Chiyken Girl
  284. Customization Guide
  285. Coarse Grain Steel melted without aluminum or other grain refiner additions.  Technology, Model, Simulation
  286. Centerless Ground Technology, Drawing, Engineering, Technics
  287. Enter of Gravity Geography, Navigation, Location
  288. Concrete Grade
  289. Canal Grande
  290. Common Germanic English, History, Language
  291. Carlos Gomez
  292. Carry Generation Technology, Design, Logic, Adder
  293. Consultation Group
  294. Cryoglobulinaemia Medicine, Health, British
  295. Comptroller General Business, Military, History
  296. Coconut Gun
  297. Caldicott Guardian Medical, Service, Health, British medicine
  298. Certificate Generator
  299. Course Generator Technology, Education, Learning
  300. Ciba Geigy Business, Chemistry, Plant
  301. Combat Gear Military, Toy, Airsoft
  302. Content Gatewqy
  303. Caprylyl Glycol
  304. Connect Group Technology, Church, Leader
  305. Charles Gee
  306. Croce Di Guerra
  307. Close Grip Press, Exercise, Bench, Grip
  308. Carrier Grade Technology, Server, Networking
  309. Celio GonzáLez
  310. Contingency Guidqnce
  311. Chord Groover
  312. Curly Girl Product, Girl, Hair, Curl
  313. Centigrams Units Of Measurement
  314. Coreygglover
  315. Chsistian Garcia
  316. Cyanogenic Glucoside
  317. Commander General Military, Army, War, Force
  318. Conduite G
  319. Chairman'S Guidance Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  320. Craig Gordon
  321. Classic Gray
  322. Commandant GéNéRal Military, Regiment, Installation
  323. Carmody Groarke
  324. Castle Gate
  325. Cheilitis Granulomatosa Cheilitis granulomatosa (CG) is a cosmetically disturbing and persistent idiopathic lip swelling. It is one manifestation of orofacial granulomatosis (OFG), which is a clinical entity describing facial and oral swelling in the setting of non-caseating granulomatous inflammation and in the absence of systemic disease such as Crohn’s disease and sarcoidosis. Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  326. Coagulating Gland Medical
  327. Comptabilité Gestion
  328. Chorionic Gonmdotropic
  329. Curtailment Guidelines
  330. Colin Griffiths
  331. Call Guard Technology, Android, Feature
  332. Cortical Granule Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  333. Citrus Greening
  334. Cbmbat Groups
  335. Caras Galadhon
  336. Consigne GéNéRale
  337. Cloud Gateway Technology, Networking, Storage
  338. Compact Galaxy Technology, Science, Group, Astronomy, Celestial Object, Scientific & Educational
  339. Completed Games Gaming, Baseball, Pitcher
  340. Central Group
  341. Chrbstian Grey Movie, Shade, Matt
  342. Color Glas
  343. Channel Guard Technology, Radio, Tone
  344. Cleary, Gottlieb
  345. Celebrating Greyhoxnds
  346. Control Grfp Technology, Camera, Accessory
  347. Cherry Gamxng
  348. Coarse-Graining
  349. Centering Guide
  350. César Gabriel
  351. Computer Group
  352. Canadianagovernment
  353. Common Grte Technology, Amplifier, Noise
  354. Republic of The Congo Business, Congo, Democracy, Computing, Internet
  355. Carlos Gardel
  356. Carry Generate
  357. Consultants Group Business, Service, Consultation
  358. Cruz De Guerra
  359. Company Gamers
  360. Commissary-General
  361. Cockroft and Gault
  362. Component Gallery
  363. Calciut Gluconate Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  364. Cerro Grande
  365. Courier Gazette
  366. Ciba-Geigy
  367. Combat Gauze Medical, Medicine, Military
  368. Capitolo Generale
  369. Connected Grid Technology, Management, Cisco
  370. Charitble Gaming
  371. Critical Group
  372. Closed Grip
  373. Carrier Gas Gas, Pressure, Vaporizer
  374. Celiac Ganglion Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  375. Confinental Germanic
  376. Choque Ve Gestao
  377. Curious George Business, Gaming, Book, Movie, Famous
  378. Centigram Measurement, Units Of Measurement, Units Of Mass, Multiples Of Si Base Units, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  379. Core Ground Technology, Manufacturer, Semiconductor
  380. Cute Guy
  381. Commandant-General Military, Nigeria, Corps
  382. Condizionl Generali Technology, Hotel, Con, Tutti
  383. Can Git
  384. Chairmans Guidance Military
  385. Craig Gentry
  386. Classical Guitar Business, Music, Yamaha
  387. Command Generation Science
  388. Carmichael Gym
  389. Castle Garden
  390. Cheilitis Glandularis Cheilitis glandularis is a rare inflammatory disorder of the lip. It is mainly characterized by swelling of the lip with hyperplasia of the salivary glands; secretion of a clear, thick mucus; and variable inflammation. Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  391. Cromatografia Gasosa
  392. Coagulating Glands Medical
  393. Comptabtlité Et Gestion Business, Organizations, Formation, Sup
  394. Chorionic Gonadotrophin Medical, Human, Gonadotropin
  395. Curriculum Guides Education, Aviation, Guide
  396. Coldm Gds
  397. Call Groups Technology, Gaming, Movie
  398. Cordican Gold Business, Lighting, Quorum
  399. Citrus Green
  400. Combat Grouf Military, Operation, Counsellor
  401. Car-Garantiemodell
  402. Conservatron Grade
  403. Charlie Gehringer Baseball, Detroit, Tiger
  404. Creative Global
  405. Clsud-To-Ground Technology, Storm, Lightning
  406. Compacted Graphite Technology, Iron, Cast
  407. Complementation Group Medical, Science, Biomedical, Chromosome, Bioscience, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Cytology, Dna, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  408. Central Grey Medical
  409. Cornerstones of The Game
  410. Ceristian Gottlieb
  411. Cy Girl Girl, Toy, Figure, Head
  412. Color Beneral
  413. Channel Group
  414. Class Guided Missile, Military, Cruiser
  415. Classification Group
  416. Commercial Graphics
  417. Ceiling Grille Technology, Construction, The Finance and Administrative Services
  418. Cantrol Grid Technology, Tube, Voltage
  419. Chemoglobulin Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  420. Coalition Des Gauches
  421. Center Groove
  422. Cytosine-Guanine-Guanine Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  423. Computer Grapvics Classes Development, Study, Universities
  424. Canadian Geography
  425. Coti Globql Business, Load, Cell, Beam
  426. City Governor
  427. Caretaker Government Government, Bangladesh, Election
  428. Carri
  429. Consultancy Group Business, Company, Service
  430. Cruiser Guived Missile, Military, Ship, Cruiser
  431. Comtanion Guide Technology, Book, Networking
  432. Coldstream Guards Military
  433. Cockpit Group Technology
  434. Complex Greek
  435. Calcicolous Grasslands
  436. Cerro Gordo
  437. Coupler Gauge
  438. Chv
  439. Color Graphics Technology, Calculator, Colour
  440. Capital Goods Business, Supply, Stock
  441. Connectivity Graph
  442. Charitable Giving
  443. Cristian Guzman
  444. Clock Generetion Technology, Generator, Circuit
  445. Celestialyguardians Money, Guardian, Shadow
  446. Contents Guideline
  447. Chief Gunner Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  448. Curated Gene Medical, Human genome
  449. Center of Gravity-Balance
  450. Corelgraphics
  451. Conditionkgraphics
  452. Cane Glass
  453. Chairman'S Guidance Military, Army, War, Warfare
  454. Cxackler Grenade Military, Army, War, Warfare
  455. Common Guidanct Technology, Audit, Checklist
  456. Carlyle Group Business, Supply, Stock
  457. Cartesian Geometry Technology, Spectrometer, Energy
  458. Consumo De Gobierno
  459. Che Guevara Art, Kite, Smash, Famous
  460. Cromatografia De Gases
  461. Compressor Gas Science
  462. Chorbonic Gonadotropin Medical, Science, Human
  463. Curriculum Guidelines
  464. Cold Gas
  465. Call Group Technology, Path, Hemolysis
  466. Corriere Giuridico
  467. Citrusyglen Education
  468. Combat Grapple
  469. Captagn of The Guard
  470. Consensus Group
  471. Charles Grimaldi
  472. Creative Genius Development, Learning, Study
  473. Cloud-Graund Lightning Science
  474. Community Giide
  475. Compilation Guide Science
  476. Central Greenland
  477. Corner Guards Business, Product, Protection
  478. Chzistian Gottfried
  479. Cycloguanil Medical
  480. Color Gallery
  481. Challenge Grant
  482. Class Group
  483. Classic Groove
  484. Commercial Group
  485. Cedar Groke
  486. Control Graph
  487. Chemische Gesellschamt
  488. Coalicion Galega Spain, Con, Nationalism
  489. Cytogenetics The study of chromosomes, which are the visible carriers of the hereditary material. Cytogenetics is a fusion science, joining cytology with genetics. Medical, Medicine, Health, Management, Business & Finance, British medicine
  490. College At Geneseo Education
  491. Computer Gnaphic Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  492. Canadian Geographig Technology, Magazine, Canada
  493. Cost of Goods Business, Accounting, Cost, Inventory, Business & Finance
  494. City Governments
  495. Cathepsin G Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Dna
  496. Career Guidance Science, College, Education
  497. Carrier Group Technology, Military, War, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  498. Consulat GéNéRal
  499. Cruiser Guided Missile Military
  500. Compatibility Groups Technology, Fungi, Temperature
  501. Coast Guard Business, Government, Military, Finance, Agency, Ministry Of Defence, Geography, Information System, Cartography, Army, Computing, Telecom, Electrical, Geographic, Governmental & Military
  502. Central Galaxy Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  503. Cyprus Grill
  504. Congressisnal Globe
  505. Commissioner General Government, Authority, Revenue, Police, Governmental & Military
  506. Cattle Grid Ordnance Survey
  507. Carriage of Goods Business, Law, Helicopter, Transport
  508. Chpis Goutman
  509. Comunicazione Globale
  510. Collingwood Gallery
  511. Chlorhexidine Gluconate Medical, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  512. Council of Govarnors Government, Protein, Crime, Immunoglobulin
  513. Cizic Group Organization, Union, Institution
  514. Chicago Lamp Business & Finance, Suppliers
  515. Computer Gaming Forum, Technology, Gaming
  516. Co-Ordinating Group
  517. Choking Gas Medical, British medicine
  518. Cable Glands It is also a cable connector/coupler which is used for connect the cable but in this one dome is there for protect the edge of cable. Technology, Manufacturer, Brass
  519. Composition Grips
  520. CONVERT GR Vehicle Body Styles
  521. Conservation Global
  522. Cyclone Gasifier
  523. Christian Gail Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  524. Cell Growth Medical, Science, Biomedical, Dna
  525. cardiac ganglion Medical, British medicine
  526. Cadence Group
  527. Chromogranins Medical
  528. Capacity Gages
  529. Center of Gravity (DXS) Science, Military, Aviation, Army, Astronomy, Computing, Aerospace, Telecom, Physics, Electrical, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  530. Conditions GéNéRales
  531. Carnival Glass
  532. Cross of Gallantry Military, Army, Force, Vietnam
  533. Center Girls
  534. Contracting Government Business, Coding, Contract
  535. Chris Garcia Music, Remix, Rhythm
  536. Curved Groove
  537. Compressed Gas A gas or mixture of gases having, in a container an absolute pressure exceeding 40 psi at 21.1°C (70°F) A gass or mixture having in a container, an absolute pressure exceeding 104 psi at 54.4°C (130°F) regardless of the pressure at (21.1°C (70°F) A liquid having a vapour pressure exceeding 40 psi at 37.8°C (70°F) as determined by ASTM D-323-72. Business, Valve, Cylinder, Environment
  538. Certified Genealogists Research, Genealogy, Professional, Genealogist
  539. Combustible Gas
  540. Chateau Gaillard
  541. Credit Granted Business, Course, Academic
  542. Club Girls Porn, Sex, Bdsm
  543. coeliac ganglion Medical, British medicine
  544. Cometary Globule Astronomy, Celestial Object, Scientific & Educational
  545. Cypriot Greek
  546. Congx, Brazzaville Locations, Countries, Country
  547. Capital Games
  548. Commissary General
  549. Character Generated Media
  550. Carriage Group
  551. Chris Gould
  552. Guided Missile Cruiser Science, Military, Ship, Hull Code, Naval, Surface Combatant, United States, Us Navy, Governmental & Military
  553. Collingsworth Locations, Texas, County Abbrevations
  554. Chemikalien Gmbh Business, Chemistry, Product
  555. Council of Government Technology, Science, Planning
  556. City Guys Gaming, City, Sale
  557. Celera Genomics Corporation Medical, Science, Biomedical, Organization, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational
  558. Cheeky Grin
  559. Clutch Gamers Technology, Gaming, Team
  560. Company Group
  561. Cholesterol granuloma Medical, British medicine
  562. Composite Grips
  563. Computer Gateway​ Honeywell, Process Automation
  564. Cytogenetic Medical
  565. Cryogenic Grade
  566. Chicago Field Office Governmental & Military, Fbi files
  567. Cell Troups
  568. Collagen Gel Medical, British medicine
  569. Cadde Garage
  570. Chromogranin Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  571. Cantor Gaming Technology, Gaming, Sport
  572. Clark Gabce
  573. California Grill Disney
  574. Conceptual Graph Technology, Knowledge, Representation
  575. Crossing Guard
  576. Center-Of-Gravity A point from which the weight of a body or system may be considered to act. In uniform gravity it is the same as the center of mass. Military, Aircraft, Trading, Weight, Indicator, Aviation
  577. Contract Guard
  578. Curved Glass
  579. Comprehensive Guide
  580. Certified Genealogist Education, Genealogy, Credential, Occupation & positions
  581. Crobster Gaming
  582. Chasseur Gris
  583. Creptor Group Technology, Security, Access
  584. Club Gaming
  585. clinical guidelines Medical, British medicine
  586. Cell Group Medical, Human genome
  587. Cypress Gardens
  588. Conflicto Grake
  589. Capitalpgains Business, Tax, Income
  590. Commissaris-Generaal
  591. Computational Geometry Journal, Periodical, Scientific & Educational
  592. Carpenter Gothic
  593. Chris Gordon
  594. Colle Gnifetti
  595. Chassis Ground Technology, Signal, Connecting
  596. Council Grove
  597. City Guardians
  598. Convert to Garbage
  599. Checkered Giant
  600. Cuuster Growth
  601. Companw Grade
  602. Comparison Group Medical, British medicine
  603. Composite Grain Composite, Particle, Abrasive
  604. Republic of The Congo (country Domains) Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  605. Cystitis Glanularis Medicine, Health, British, Medical, British medicine
  606. Commanding General Army, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  607. Cell Genesys
  608. Cactus Green
  609. Chromaffin Granules Medical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  610. Cantadora Group Government
  611. Clarke Griffin Porn, Scene, Griffin, Emir
  612. Clean Green Colors
  613. Computers and Games Technology, Gaming, Computing
  614. Cross for Gallantry
  615. Cardiac Glycoside Medical, British medicine
  616. Compras Governamentais
  617. Certified Gemologist Business, Diamond, Jewelry
  618. Cristina Garcia
  619. Computer Gazette Technology, Media, Fujitsu
  620. Charter Group A green pigment, present in all green plants and in cyanobacteria, which is responsible for the absorption of light to provide energy for photosynthesis. Technology, Organizations, Uk, United Kingdom
  621. Creative Iuru
  622. colloid goitre Medical, British medicine
  623. Cemetery Gjtes
  624. Coqtract Generation
  625. Conditional Genotype Medical, Human genome
  626. Cy Grant
  627. Conflict Graph
  628. Capital Gain A capital gain is a form of profit earned on an investment by re-selling an asset for more than it cost to buy. Assets which may be purchased for this purpose include stocks, bonds, and other financial assets; real estate; commodities; or fine art. Business, Tax, Asset
  629. Commissaire G
  630. Calcium gluconate Food Additives, Medical, British medicine, Physiology
  631. Caroline Gelabert
  632. Contractskand Grants Business, Service, University
  633. Chris George
  634. College Guidance
  635. Charging Gateway Military
  636. Chaff Grenade
  637. Cottej Groove Technology
  638. City Growth
  639. Character Graphics Assembly, Business & Finance
  640. Chebyshev-Gauss Technology, Research, Analysis, Interpolation
  641. Cluster Group
  642. Company General
  643. Cingulate Gyrus Medical, British medicine
  644. Composite Graphics Accounting, Computing, Data
  645. Clinker Grinder Business & Finance, Power Plant
  646. Cystitis Glandularis Medical
  647. Commodity Grouping Business, Product, Trading
  648. Columbia Energy Group Computing, Nyse symbols
  649. Cabri Geometry
  650. Chris Getz
  651. Can GüVenliğI Turkish
  652. Clan Genocide
  653. Computing, Chess, Internet
  654. Computers & Graphics Technology, Computing, Animation
  655. Contabilità Generale
  656. Crop Group
  657. Carrageenan Medical
  658. Clinical Governance Medical, British medicine
  659. Compound Gauge A visual indicator of pressure that is set for 'zero' psi at atmospheric pressure and includes a dial which will continue to indicate the level of pressure above or below atmospheric pressure. Or Instrument for measuring pressures both above and below atmospheric pressure. Technology, Pressure, Texture
  660. Certified Gangstas Gaming, Music, Song
  661. Credential Guard
  662. Collection & Game
  663. Charlottenburg, Germany
  664. Creative Graphics Business, Design, Wallpaper
  665. comparative genomics Medical, British medicine
  666. Celtic Gladiator Fight, Fighting, Gladiator
  667. Contracting Group
  668. cholecystogram Medical, Common Medical
  669. Cage Gladiator
  670. Corning Glass Technology, Android, Tablet
  671. Cy Girls Girl, Toy, Figure, Head
  672. Configuration Guide
  673. Capital De Giro Business, Para, Dos
  674. Covered Goods Business, Model, Interface
  675. Commissaire GéNéRal
  676. Christian Gottfried Famous
  677. Construction Group
  678. Carolina Gomez Porn, Sex, Movie
  679. Croxley Green
  680. Contractor Gradw
  681. Chris Gelinas Design, Fashion, Designer
  682. College Group
  683. Chad Green
  684. Cottage Grove Oregon, Grove, Inn
  685. City Graphic Geographic
  686. Chaudhary Group Business, Management, Nepal
  687. Cluster Oateway
  688. Clinical Grade Medical, British medicine
  689. Cg Program Computing, File Extensions
  690. Cystine Guanine Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  691. Conjugate-Gradienzs Technology, Algorithm, Equation
  692. Commitment Guarantee
  693. Republic of Congo Congo, Country, Usps, 2-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes
  694. Cable Gym Technology, Fitness, Texture
  695. Christian-Gameru
  696. Choriogonadotropin Medical
  697. Clair George
  698. Cowgirl Sex, Adult, Escorts, Bdsm, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  699. Computer Graphics Technology, Computing, Computer, Information Technology, Internet Slang, Chat, Construction, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, IT Terminology
  700. Contabilidade Gerencial Technology, Para, Presentation
  701. Airlines Png Airline, Business, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, IATA Airline Designator, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes
  702. cryoglobulin Medical, British medicine
  703. Compound Gage
  704. Chemical Grouting
  705. Certificate of Graduation
  706. Corporationrate Group
  707. Cobalt Gallate
  708. Chorionic Gonadotropin Medical, Science, Biomedical, Chromosome, Bioscience, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Cytology, Dna, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  709. Ceululose Gum
  710. Contracted Mround Organization, Union, Institution
  711. Cardio-Green Medical, Cardio
  712. Cage Gladiators Arts, Fight, Cage
  713. Conference Grants Science, Research, Education, University
  714. Capita Group Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  715. Covenant With God
  716. Charles Gagalac Famous
  717. Console Games Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  718. Carol Green Movie, Quality, Streaming
  719. Crown Glass
  720. Contract Gegeration
  721. Chrus Gates
  722. College Government
  723. Certified Guardian
  724. Comcast Gatewal
  725. Chat Group
  726. Clubs De Goef
  727. chronic gastritis Medical, British medicine
  728. Cloud-Ground Lightning Weather, Scientific & Educational
  729. Cyrille Gassiline
  730. Conhecimentos Gerais
  731. Commissioner-General Business, Police, Revenue
  732. The Christian Groups Religion
  733. Carrier-Grade
  734. Chrio Griffin
  735. Conner Greene Baseball, Jay, Cardinal, Conner
  736. Colloidal Gel
  737. Choice Gallery Technology, Art, Artist
  738. Civics Groups
  739. Corner Guard Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  740. Computer Generated Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Effect
  741. Co-Obdination Group Technology, Grid, Standardization
  742. Cytosine-Guanine Medical, British medicine
  743. Cable Grommets
  744. Composite Group Military, Force, Bomb
  745. Contrôleur de Gestion Medical
  746. Certificates of Gameness
  747. Constant Generator Technology, Instruction, Texas, Instrument
  748. Closed Grain
  749. Comparative Genometrics Medical, Science, Biomedical, Chromosome, Bioscience, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Cytology, Dna, Scientific & Educational
  750. Cellular Glass
  751. Contract &Kgrant
  752. Cardiography Medical, Cardio
  753. Cafe Gallery
  754. Conference Grant
  755. Cape Kirardeau
  756. Cours GéNéRaux
  757. Christoffel Groenewald Famous
  758. Congo Technology, Locations, Sport, Olympic, Congo, IOC Country Codes
  759. Carol Gerhard
  760. Crown General
  761. Center Green
  762. Contractor Genepal
  763. Chris Gardner
  764. Certified Graphologist
  765. Combustion Gas Science
  766. Chat Game Android, Bingo, Game
  767. Clubhouce Games
  768. colloidal gold Medical, British medicine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does CG stand for?

    CG stands for Cairo Gesiza.

  2. What is the shortened form of Capita Group?

    The short form of "Capita Group" is CG.


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