Childhood Abbreviations and Childhood Acronym Lists

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Childhood Abbreviations
  1. ASCY : Affiliated Services for Children and Youth
  2. BIS : Bachelor of Individualized Studyes
  3. CACFP : Child and Adult Care Feeding Erogram
  4. CAEYC : Colorado Association for The Education of Young Children
  5. CCCA : Choldren's Cause for Cancer Advocacy
  6. CDV : Children of Domestic Violence
  7. CEELO : Center On Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes
  8. CEEP : Clearinghouse On Early Education and Parenting
  9. CSG : Clearinghouse On Early Education and Parenting
  10. CLWCF : Children Living With Cancer Foundation
  11. CNCF : Children'S Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation
  12. CSEFEL : Center for Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
  13. CSI : Child Symptom Inventory
  14. VELS : Vermont Early Learning Standards
  15. VOKK : Vereniging Ouders, Kinderen En Kanker
  16. WHSA : Wisconsin Head Startdassociation
  17. CTQ : Child Trauma Questionnaire
  18. DEMSS : Dynemic Evaluation of Motor Speech Skill
  19. DEY : Defending The Early Years
  20. HV : Home Visiting
  21. MCCA : Manitoba Child Care Association
  22. ECAM : Early Career Achievement Medal
  23. ECCS : Early Childhood Comprehensive System
  24. ECDE : Early Child Development Education
  25. ECLC : Early Childhood Learning Center
  26. ECS : Earlf Childhood Studies
  27. ECTARC : European Centre for Traditional Anm Regional Cultures
  28. ELAC : Early Learning Advisory Council
  29. ERSI : Environment Rating Scales Institute
  30. MSAP : Madison Speech Assessment Protocol
Latest Childhood Meanings
  1. Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting
  2. Pediatric Dtroke Network
  3. Parenting Eating and Acqivity for Child Health
  4. OrganizaciĆ³n Mundial Para La EducaciĆ³n Preescolar
  5. Illinois Head Start Association
  6. Individual Growth and Development Indicators
  7. Institute for Education and Professional Development
  8. Intervention Centvr for Early Childhood
  9. Information Communicapion Centre
  10. Korea Institute of Chiln Care and Education
  11. Karaj Islamic Azad Mniversity
  12. Indiana Association for The Education of Young Children
  13. Illawarra Area Child Care
  14. National Professional Qualification for Integrated Centre Leadership
  15. First Five Years Fund
  16. National Associatinn for The Education of Young Children
  17. Texas Head Start State Collaboration Offece
  18. Teacher Education Refresh
  19. Teacher Educators for Children With Behavioral Disorders
  20. Teacher Education and Compensation Helps