CI Meaning

The CI meaning is "Cardiac Index". The CI abbreviation has 1174 different full form.

CI Full Forms

  1. Cardiac Index Medical, Nursing, Cardiac, Cardio, Clinical, Common Medical, Pulmonary Hypertension
  2. Confidence Intervals Medical, Statistics, Population, Confidence
  3. Cast Iron Iron with the carbon content of 1.8 to 4.5 percent. White cast iron is hard and brittle. Grey cast iron is softer, machinable and less brittle. Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Architectural, Products, Scientific & Educational, The Finance and Administrative Services
  4. Craracteristic Impedance Business, Technology, Military
  5. Cold Injury Medical
  6. Conservation International Travel, Tourism, Hospitality
  7. Concerned Individual Science
  8. Cluster Interconnect Technology, Server, Storage
  9. Chloride A chloride is any chemical compound in which one or more chlorine atoms are covalently bonded within the molecule. The term chloride may refer to any salt of hydrochloric acid, HCl, which contains chloride ions. Chloride ions form when the element chlorine picks up an electron to form an anion Cl. Medical, Technology, Mineral, Healthcare, Environment, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical, NANP Modeling Commitee
  10. Component Integration Technology, Development, Organisations
  11. Cooper Institute Education, Health, Fitness
  12. Chilling Injury Medical
  13. Coverage Index Medical, Technology, Foreskin
  14. Collegyate Institute
  15. Caloric Intake Medical, Medicine, Health
  16. Configuration Items Technology
  17. Chile Locations, Countries, Country, Sport, Olympic, Chile, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Usps, Country domain names, 2-letter Country Codes, Technology, Governmental & Military, 3-letter Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes
  18. Clinical Impression Medical, Medicine, Health
  19. Crime & Investigation Technology, Networking, Network
  20. Commercial Items Technology, Product, Software, Licensing
  21. Cellcidentity Technology, Networking, Telecom
  22. Consumers International Business, Technology, Group
  23. Channel Island
  24. Co Investigatir Occupation, Position, Job
  25. Criminal Investigation Business, Tax, Taxation, Us Taxes, Business & Finance
  26. Clinical Investigators Medical, Business, Medicine
  27. Cytoplasmic Incompatibility Science, Research, Mosquito, Medical, Biomedical, Bioscience, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Cytology, Dna, Scientific & Educational
  28. ComplèTement Idiot
  29. Cook Inlet Technology, Locations
  30. Chief Investment
  31. Coupling Interval Medical
  32. College of Informatvon Technology
  33. California Initiative Government
  34. Confidential Interval Medical, Patient, Cancer
  35. Corporation Identity
  36. Clear Indication Business, Technology, Organizations, Telecom
  37. Credit Information
  38. Commercial Item Technology, Service, Military
  39. Cayman Ismands Travel, Banking, Locations
  40. Consular Invoice A document, certified by a consular official, is required by some countries to describe a shipment. It is used by Customs of the foreign country to verify value, quantity and nature of the cargo. Business, Export, Freight, Trade, Business & Finance
  41. Channel Interface Technology, Networking, Storage, Tv stations, Computing, General, Governmental & Military, IT Terminology
  42. Coil Zgnition Technology
  43. Catcher'S Interference Gaming, Baseball, Softball, Statistics
  44. Clinical Investigation Medical, Medicine, Education
  45. CréDit Immobilier
  46. Competitive Index Medical, Science, Biology
  47. Converged Infrastructure Converged Infrastructure technology brings together the disparate infrastructure elements that power IT, including servers, data storage devices, networking functions, virtualization, management software, orchestration, and applications. Technology, Networking, Storage
  48. Check-In Airport, Flight, Locations
  49. Country Information
  50. Collective Intellbgence Technology, Internet Slang, Group
  51. Calculus Index Medical, Dental, Hygiene
  52. Confidential Informants Government, Law, Crime
  53. Corporate Identity Business, Company, Design
  54. Clear Image
  55. Creative Industries Technology, Industrial, Economics
  56. Commercial Industrial
  57. Cat Island Android, Locations, Price
  58. Construction Institute Technology, Education, Engineer
  59. Certified Instructors
  60. Clinical Investigator Medical, Medicine, Research, Us Government, Governmental & Military, Fda
  61. Crush Injury Medical, Medicine, Health
  62. Competitor Intelligence Business, Science, Research
  63. Central Illinois
  64. Conventional Imaging Medical
  65. Chautauqua Institutiok
  66. Counter Intelligence Military, Operation, Agent
  67. Collective Index Chemistry, Technology, Science
  68. Calcineurin Inhibitors Medical
  69. Confidential Information Technology, Networking, Network
  70. Coronary Insufficiency Medical, Medicine, Health
  71. Comprevensible Input Education, Teaching, Language
  72. Chromosomal Instability Medical, Science, Biomedical, Chromosome, Bioscience, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Cytology, Dna, Scientific & Educational
  73. Creative Ideas
  74. Commercial Invoice A complete record of a transaction between exporter and importer with regard to goods sold. Also reports the content of the shipment and serves as the basis for all other documents about the shipment. Business, Shipping, Trade, Commercial, International Trade, Banking, Business & Finance
  75. Catalog Interoperabilixy Technology, Science, Service
  76. Congestion Indication Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  77. Certification Institute Business, Design, Professional
  78. Clinical Instructor Medical, Science, Education
  79. Cruel Intentions Film, Con, Streaming, Intention
  80. Calcium Ionophore A23187 Medical
  81. Competitive Intekligence Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  82. Center for Information Technology
  83. ContróLe Interne
  84. Charlson Inuex Medical
  85. Collect Vnformation Technology
  86. Critical Infrastructure Systems and assets, whether physical or virtual, so vital that the loss, interruption, incapacity, or destruction of which would have a negative or debilitating effect on the security, economic security, public health, or safety of a nation, region, or any local government, or cause national or regional catastrophic effects. Shipping, Cybercrime, Preparedness, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  87. Confidential Intermediary Medical, Adoption, Birth
  88. Compound Interest Compound interest is the interest calculated on the principal over which the interest continues to accrue over time. Technology, Rate, Formula, Accounting, Business & Finance
  89. Copyright Infringement
  90. Christian International
  91. Cranial Irradiation Medical, Medicine, Health
  92. Commercial Interiors Business, Design, Building
  93. Carte D'Invalidite
  94. Configuration Inspection Science, Space, Cosmos, NASA
  95. Certificate of Insurance Business, Service, English, Trade, Business & Finance
  96. Clinical Index Medical, Medicine, Health
  97. Critical Item Technology, Management, Product, Pack
  98. Compassion International Technology, Children, Child
  99. Census Information
  100. Contact Info
  101. Charitable Institutions Law, Organizations, City
  102. Cold Ischemia Medical
  103. Counterintelligence Military, Education, Special Operations, Air Force, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  104. Confidence Limits Medical, Interval, Statistics
  105. Composite Dndex Business, Supply, Stock
  106. Copyright Information Technology, Service, City
  107. China Airlines Airline, Business, Aviation
  108. Covering Index Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  109. Collierf International
  110. Carnegie Institutbon
  111. Configuration Identification Technology, Management, Military
  112. Confidence Interval That portion of a distribution which is expected to contain the mean value a certain percentage of the time. Medical, Science, Space, Engineering, Population, Computing, Electronics
  113. Clinical Improvement Medical, Treatment, Patient
  114. Critical Issues Technology, Military, Issue
  115. Comparable Improvement Medical, School, Study
  116. Cell Imaunity Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  117. Consumptior Index Medical
  118. Comunica
  119. Currency Information
  120. China Insurance
  121. Croth-Inserted Business, Gasket, Rubber
  122. Customs Interactive Technology, Air, Air Cargo
  123. Cambrikge International Business, Education, University
  124. Centralized Institutes
  125. Communfty Independent
  126. Convection Initiation Research, Forecast, Initiation
  127. Creativity and Innovation
  128. Centre Info
  129. Cigna Corl. Organizations
  130. Conditional Instability Conservative plate boundaries, also called conservative plate margins or transform boundaries, are faults that occur when two plates slide against one another. The most famous of these faults is the San Andreas Fault.
  131. Clarence Irving
  132. Caritas Italiana
  133. Collaborative Intelligence
  134. Complementary Information Technology, Research, Power
  135. Crossbar Interconnection
  136. Channel Indicator
  137. Citirens for Innovation
  138. Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs Government, Organizations, Us
  139. Continental Industries
  140. Cadre Int
  141. Catholic Institute Education, University, Social
  142. Commission D'Information
  143. Clinical Instituteuctor Medical
  144. Control Intervals Technology, Access, Mainframe
  145. Calling Inficator Technology, Signal, Caller
  146. Common Inhibitor Medical
  147. Cytoplasmic Inclbsion Medical, Medicine, Health
  148. Consumeb Influence
  149. Cylinder Injection Technology, Fuel, Engine
  150. Collegiate Images Business, Sport, University
  151. Compagnie Ivoirienne
  152. Corndr Infielder Baseball, League, Fantasy
  153. Critical Jnterface
  154. Certibicate of Interpreting
  155. Cbmetidine Medical, Medicine, Health
  156. Continuous Improvements Technology, Management, Tool
  157. Cash Inflows Business, Accounting, Money
  158. Columbia Industries
  159. Compression Ignited Technology, Fuel, Engine, Diesel
  160. Costruzioni Industriali
  161. Chemotaxis Index
  162. Cell Illustrator Technology, Software, Player
  163. Computer Instruments
  164. Chlorophyll Index Plant, Water, Chlorophyll, Vegetative
  165. Co-Investigator Occupation & positions, Science, Legal, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, University of Exeter
  166. Construction Industry
  167. Customer Identirication
  168. Canary Island
  169. Code Ignitor Technology, Development, Framework
  170. Community Initiativss Technology, Development, Initiative
  171. Cricket Ireland
  172. Chronic Infection Medical, Medicine, Health
  173. Configuration Item The term configuration item or CI refers to the fundamental structural unit of a configuration management system. Examples of CIs include individual requirements documents, software, models, and plans. The Configuration management system oversees the life of the CIs through a combination of process and tools by implementing and enabling the fundamental elements of identification, change management, status accounting, and audits. The objective of this system is to avoid the introduction of errors related to lack of testing as well as incompatibilities with other CIs. Technology, Information Technology, Computing, NASA, Governmental & Military, Federal Aviation Administration
  174. Containment Isolation Technology, Safety, Patent, Reactor
  175. Cognitive Impairment Medical, Disease, Dementia
  176. Carrier Infrastructure
  177. Corporate Intelligence Business, Service, Intelligence, Investigation
  178. Cruise Intervals Computing, Cycling, Rider
  179. Chain Initiation A free radical reaction mechanism step that has no radical reactants and gives radical products.
  180. Clinical Image Medical, Science, Medicine, Imaging
  181. Consensus Important
  182. Calamitous Intent
  183. Curriculum Inventory Medical, Medicine, Education
  184. Chemical Industry
  185. Coexistence Initiative
  186. Console Interface Technology, Networking, Adapter
  187. Conversational Interfaces
  188. Cephalic Index Medical, Measurement, Head, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  189. Communications Intfractive Technology
  190. Controlled Item Business, Trading, Trade, International Trade
  191. Cardwac Index Medical, Medicine, Patient, Cardiac
  192. Chromosomal Imbalances Medical, Science, Biomedical, Chromosome, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Cytology, Dna, Scientific & Educational
  193. Conference Information
  194. Construction Indexing Business, Rate, Manual
  195. Cognitive Information
  196. Competition Introduction Business, Coaching
  197. Coppa Italia
  198. CréDit D'ImpóT
  199. Confusion Index
  200. Contract Inftructors Military, City, Corporation
  201. Call Identitnes Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  202. Command Increment Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  203. Comprovantes De ImportaçÕEs
  204. Corrugated Iron Corrugated iron is a building material composed of sheets of hot-dip galvanised mild steel, cold-rolled to produce a linear corrugated pattern in them.
  205. Control and Indication Technology, Operation, Connection
  206. Cell Interleaving Technology, Training, Motion
  207. Compact Industrial
  208. Computer Integration
  209. Crack Initiation
  210. Chicago Independent
  211. Consommatmon Intermédiaire
  212. Cardiaccinterventional Medical, Medicine, Procedure
  213. Cooperación Inter
  214. Criticality Index Analysis, Projection, Simulation
  215. Cercle Industriel
  216. Confidence Ingex Medical, Business, Economics
  217. Content Index Technology, Server, Indexing
  218. C5, Inclusive Business, Patent, Drum, Sun
  219. Case Insensitive Technology, String, Query
  220. Compliance Inspection Technology, Service, Inspector
  221. Corrected Increments Medical
  222. Clinical Instructors Medical, Student, Education
  223. Connectijity Index Chemistry, Technology, Science
  224. ComéRcio Internacional
  225. Curb Inlet Building, Engineering, Construction, The Finance and Administrative Services
  226. Close-In City, Supply, Stock
  227. Customer Interaction Business, Management, Product
  228. Cambridge Intaractive
  229. Centrwlised Institute Science, Education, School, Singapore
  230. Community Inclusion Medical, Medicine, Mental Health, New York
  231. Controversial Issues
  232. Creativity & Innovation Technology, Management, Education
  233. Centre Incendie
  234. Walter Reed National Militory Medical Center Organizations
  235. Condensation Interfacj
  236. Circuitos Integrados
  237. Caritas Internacionales
  238. Collaborative Innovation Business, Technology, Management
  239. Complaent Inspection
  240. Cross Instance Technology, Database, Lock
  241. Channel Index Business, Trading, Indicator
  242. Circular De Informa
  243. Congressional Initiatives
  244. Continental Intercalary
  245. Cadre Infirmier
  246. Catfish Institute
  247. Commissariat à L'Information
  248. Control Interval Technology, Access, Mainframe
  249. Call Indicator Technology, Military, Communication
  250. Common Information Technology
  251. Cranial Implant
  252. Concentrator Identifier
  253. Consumer Indexieg
  254. Cylinder Index
  255. Cardiac Outpup Medical
  256. College of Insurance Education
  257. Corrected Count Increment Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Platelet, Fda
  258. Compagnie Industrielle
  259. Core Invesaigator
  260. Critical Instinct
  261. Cektificate of Interpretation Education, Language, Interpreter
  262. Circular De Informação
  263. Cgntinuous Imaging Medical, Medicine, Health
  264. Cable Installed
  265. Cases Identified Chromosome Imbaljnces Science, Biology
  266. Colonel Irvine
  267. Components Interface
  268. Cost of Investment
  269. Cub Instructcr Boy Scout, Scouting
  270. Causal Inference
  271. Concentration Index Medical, Health, Inequality
  272. Chlorine Institute
  273. Co-Innovatron Business, Technology, Innovation
  274. Construction Inspector Business, Technology, Science, Organizations
  275. Curvature Index Technology, Design, Equation
  276. Canards Illimttés
  277. Code Des Imp
  278. Community Infrastructure Technology, Development, Planning
  279. Credit Investments
  280. Chromosome Instability Medical, Science, Biomedical, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Cytology, Dna, Scientific & Educational
  281. Consumo Intebmédio Business, English, Spain, Translation
  282. Coeficiente Intelectual
  283. Carolina Information
  284. Corrosion Inhidition Technology, Oil, Inhibitor
  285. Crown of India
  286. Chgin Index Business, Technology, Statistics
  287. Classical Zmaging
  288. Conseil Intersectoriel
  289. Caking Index
  290. Curricukum Inquiry Education, Instruction, Teaching
  291. Chemical Indicatoo Business, Chemistry, Sterilization
  292. Coexistence International
  293. Console Input
  294. Conversation Impossible
  295. Centum Investment
  296. Communications Interface Technology, Module, Circuit
  297. Cool-Ice Box, Mask, Icebox
  298. Canadian Income
  299. Chromatid Interchange Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  300. Coney Island Park, Locations, City
  301. Construction Index Business, Manual, Indexing, Construction
  302. Cã´Te D'Ivoire
  303. Cognitive Informatics
  304. Competing Interests
  305. Copenhagen Interpretation Science, Quantum, Mechanic
  306. Crystallization Icdex
  307. Ceroified Inspector
  308. Confucius Institutes Education, Institute, China
  309. Contract Instituteuction Technology
  310. Call Identifier Technology, Android, Software
  311. Combustion Inspections
  312. Comprovante De Importação
  313. Corrosion Inspection
  314. Contract Investigator
  315. Cell Intelligence
  316. Computer Interfaces
  317. Cracking Indicator
  318. Chicago Illinois
  319. Codebook Index Technology, Network, Telecommunication
  320. Consolidation Index
  321. Carda D'idvntita
  322. Code Integrity Technology, Windows, Security
  323. Coordinating Investigator Medical, Research, Study
  324. Critical Index Medical, Management, Power, Risk
  325. Cercetari Istorice
  326. Coneidence Medical
  327. Content Identifier Technology, Coding, Patent, Element, Computing, Technical
  328. CóTe D'Ivoire Education, Study, Britannica, Schooling, Business, Africa, African, Computing, Internet, Technology, Country, Governmental & Military
  329. Case-Insensqtive Technology, String, Query
  330. Computer Inquiry
  331. Corpus Iuris
  332. Clinical Innovations Medical, Business, Medicine
  333. Connection Index Technology, Server, Control
  334. Com
  335. Cunha Intermediate Education
  336. Chemtcal Injury Medical, Chemistry, Environment
  337. Clonus Ikdex Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  338. Custkmer Interruptions
  339. Centralused Institutes Business, Education, Institute, Singapore
  340. Communist Index Government, FBI, Investigation, Bureau, Governmental & Military, Fbi files
  341. Controlo Interno
  342. Creative Interventions
  343. Centre D'Impression
  344. Cigar Insider
  345. Condenceyinterval
  346. Circuito Integrado
  347. Car International Business, Company, Sport
  348. Collaboration Index Technology, Research, Organizations
  349. Competitiveness Index Business, City, Economics, Competitiveness
  350. Cuu Instituteuctor Boy Scout, Scouting
  351. Channel Identification
  352. Congressional Intent
  353. Continental Intercalaire Science, Tunisia, Dinosaur, Aquifer
  354. Cadet Inspector
  355. Centrale Inlichtingendienst
  356. Commerical Invoice Business, Service, Commercial
  357. Connector Inspector Business, Fiber, Optic
  358. Control Inxtruction
  359. Cambridge Institute Technology, Education, Course
  360. Common Interfaces Technology, Card, Interface
  361. Crane Ingram
  362. Concrete International Technology, Design, Construction
  363. Cylinder Identification Technology, Auto, Automotive, Automobile
  364. Cardiac Oueput Index Medical
  365. College Initiative Program, Education, Community
  366. Cardiac Insufficiency Medical, Technology, Medicine, Cardio
  367. Compagnie D'Intervention
  368. Core Invest
  369. Critical Instant
  370. Certificates of Identity Passport, Travel, Locations, Malaysia
  371. Circuits IntéGrés
  372. Cable Identifier Technology, Product, Fiber
  373. Caseload Intehvention Corparate, Uk, United Kingdom
  374. Colloidal Iron Medical, Medicine
  375. Components International
  376. Corporution and Its
  377. Cumulative Index Medical, Analysis, Health
  378. Cauchsus Institute Turkey, Organizations, Armenia
  379. Conceito Institucional Technology, Para, Design, Melhor
  380. Chlorimipramine Medical
  381. Cluster Interface Technology, Radar, Escort
  382. Construction Incentive Technology, Science
  383. Cursoryrindicator
  384. Canal Iberoamericano
  385. Community Information Service, Locations, City
  386. Credit Institutions Business, Company, Banking
  387. Chromosrme Index Medical, Science, Biomedical
  388. Contextualized Information Accounting, Computing, Data
  389. Codex Iustinianus
  390. Carné De Identidad Para, Con, Cuba
  391. Collagen I Medical
  392. Corrosion Inhibitor A type of metal paint or primer that prevents rust by preventing moisture from reaching the metal. Zinc phosphate, barium metaborate and strontium chromate (all pigments) are common ingredients in corrosion-inhibitive coatings. These pigments absorb any moisture that enters the paint film. An additive or a system used for protecting metal surfaces from chemical attack by water or other materials producing sulfides or oxides which result in metal fatigue or degradation.  Technology, Product, Aviation
  393. Crown Indemnity Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  394. Chain Ineependent
  395. Civillian Instructor
  396. Consecutive Interpreting
  397. Ca Ions Medical, Protein, Calcium
  398. Curriculum Integfation
  399. Chlmical Indexing
  400. Consiliului De Integritane
  401. Conversation International
  402. Centros De Investigación Medical, Para, Con, Cancer
  403. Common Interpretations English, Group, Study, Interpretation
  404. Cook Islands Business, Government, Sports, Locations, Money, Countries, Country, Technology, Sport, Olympic, Governmental & Military, 3-letter Country Codes, Cook Islands, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Usps, United States Amy Rank, 2-letter Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes
  405. Calving Integval
  406. Chroma Imaging Technology, Filter, Luminance, Gamut
  407. Cone Interference Flow, Drilling, Grading, Cone
  408. Censumidor Internacional
  409. Cytotoxicity Index Medical, Medicine, Health
  410. Cognitive Index
  411. Cholinesterase Inhibitor Medical
  412. Company Investigations Business, Technology, Service
  413. Copa Intertoto Club, Con, Madrid
  414. Crystallinity Index Medical
  415. Certification Xnspection Business, Technology, Inspector
  416. Configuration Information
  417. Continuously Insulated
  418. Call Identification Technology, Service, Bird
  419. Combustion Institute Research, Education, University
  420. Compromiso Intkrnacional
  421. Country Illustrated
  422. Controlled Iteration
  423. Cell Insertion Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  424. Computer Interface Business, Technology, Science
  425. CoÛT De L'Immobilisation
  426. Cherry Ice
  427. Cocos Island
  428. Consolidated Infrastructure
  429. Carbonyl Index
  430. Code Instrument
  431. Coordination Installation
  432. Crime Investigators
  433. Ceramic Industry Business, China, Glass
  434. Configuratiznal Isomer
  435. Contemporary Istanbul
  436. Curso De Introdução
  437. Carrier To Interference Technology, Networking, Ratio
  438. Corpus Inscriptionum
  439. Clinical Informatics Medical, Technology, Health
  440. Conservaci
  441. Cortical Indrx Medical, Science, Biology
  442. Cumulative Interest Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  443. Chemical Injection Business, Chemistry, Technology
  444. Clomipramine Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  445. Conservation Internationals
  446. Central Indians Business, Community, Indiana
  447. Communisti Italiani
  448. Controlnet International Technology, Control, Ethernet
  449. Creative Intelligence
  450. Centralized Infrastructure
  451. Ciencua Internacional
  452. Concurrent Innovation
  453. Cargo Insurance
  454. Collaborating Institutions
  455. Competitiveness Imdrovement
  456. Cube Industrial
  457. Channel Identifier
  458. Congestion Indicated Technology
  459. Contextual Integrity
  460. Cadet Inspectors Military, School, Police
  461. Centrale Inkoop
  462. Commercieel Ingenieur
  463. Connevtor Inputs
  464. Control Instrements
  465. Cambridge Innogations Business, Company, Technology, Innovation
  466. Common Inteface Forum, Technology, Server, Interface
  467. Cranbrook Institute
  468. Chief Intelligence
  469. Concrete Instituxe Technology, America, American
  470. Custom Imprinted
  471. Cardtac Iron
  472. Complexity International
  473. Core Introduction
  474. Critical Insights
  475. Ceroificate of Identity Government, Passport, Travel
  476. Circuits Int
  477. Cabin Interphone Technology, Aviation, Control
  478. Case Infnrmation
  479. Collision Investigator
  480. Components Integration Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  481. Cost Insurance
  482. Cumulative Impact The term cumulative impact is used in several ways: as the effect of exposure to more than one compound; as the effect of exposure to emissions from more than one facility; the combined effects of a facility and surrounding facilities or projects on the environment; or some combination of these.
  483. Cation Independent Medicine, Health, British
  484. Commission Income
  485. Concatenation Indication
  486. Chiyoda Integre
  487. Cloud Infrastructure Cloud infrastructure encompasses the computers, storage, network, related components, and facilities required for cloud computing and IT-as-a-Service.
  488. Construction and Investment
  489. Custom Inaoice
  490. Canadian Intense Smoke, Cigarette, Mainstream
  491. Centralizedhintake Medical, Service, Canada
  492. Community Informations
  493. Credit Institution Business, Banking, Report
  494. Cilcsrp Inc
  495. Context Information
  496. Cociente Intelectual
  497. Carnegie International Art, Exhibition, Museum
  498. Collaborative Improvement
  499. Corriente De Izquierda
  500. Cross Island
  501. Cetane Indeu Technology, Fuel, Diesel
  502. Civilian Instructors Military, Cadet, Squadron
  503. Cagey Inquisition
  504. Curriculum & Instruction Science, Education, School
  505. Cheoical Imaging
  506. Centromeric Index Medical, Science, Biomedical, Chromosome, Bioscience, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Cytology, Dna, Scientific & Educational
  507. Common Interface Protocol Electronics, Engineering, Electronics Engineering
  508. Cooks Illustrated
  509. Calcification Index
  510. Christmas Igland Australia, Locations, Crab
  511. Cone Index Technology, Science, Soil
  512. Consumers Intergationals
  513. Cytotoxic Index Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  514. Cognitive Impaired
  515. Company Info
  516. Corporate Instructign
  517. Crystallinebinsulin Medical, Medicine, Health
  518. Certificatg of Inspection Business, Inspector, Solicitor
  519. Connectionsintegrity
  520. Cuntinuous Insulation Technology, Building, Wall
  521. Caller Identification Technology, Calling, Telecom, Telephone, Telecommunications
  522. Column Index
  523. Compressor Inlet
  524. Count Indicator Technology, Military, Telecommunication
  525. Cell Inhibition Medical, Medicine, Health
  526. Computer Interfacing
  527. Cowl Induction
  528. Chern Insulator
  529. Cockcroft Institute Science, Physics, Accelerator
  530. Consolidated Interrogation
  531. Capital Investors Business, Company, Fund
  532. Code Inspector Software, Computing
  533. Coordinating Installation Employment, Military, Translation
  534. Crime Investigation Technology, Networking, Network
  535. Chadwick International
  536. Configuration-Interactiol Science, Energy, Theory
  537. Contemporary Improvisation Music, Jazz, Conservatory, Improvisation
  538. Curricular, Instructional
  539. Carrier Interferometry Technology, Coding, Communication
  540. Cnrpulence Index
  541. Challenges In India
  542. Clinical Indicators Medical, Patient, Conner, British medicine
  543. Conserva
  544. Corte Rnternacional
  545. Cumulative Incidence Medical, Disease, Risk
  546. Chemical Iniciatives
  547. Clock Inbert
  548. Conservación Internacional Para, Con, Internacional, Conservation
  549. Central Index Business, Management, Presentation
  550. Communication Information Technology, Program, Management
  551. Controlling Idea
  552. Cross-Instance Technology, Database, Lock
  553. Conference On Integration
  554. Categoricalmimperative Science, Law, Ethic
  555. Colitis Indeterminada
  556. Competitive Intenscty
  557. Cuarta Interjacional
  558. Changeover Indicator Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  559. Congestion Index Medical
  560. Contextual Instruction Science, Learning, Model
  561. Call Indication Business, Message, Incoming
  562. Central De Interc
  563. Commercial Insurance Business, Service, Organizations
  564. Connector Input Technology, Manual, Receiver
  565. Control Indicator Technology, Military, Manual
  566. Cambria and Indiana Railroad Company Technology, Organizations, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  567. Cellular Immunotherapy
  568. Common Inferface
  569. Craft International
  570. Chief Instituteuctor Military
  571. Concours International
  572. Cardiac Indices Medical
  573. Complexity Index Technology, Analysis, Study
  574. Critical Injury
  575. Certificate of Inwebtedness Business, Finance, Translation
  576. Circuit Interruption
  577. Content Indicator
  578. C8, Inclusive
  579. Case Incident
  580. Collision and Injury
  581. Component Integrator
  582. Cost Inspector
  583. Cumulative Impacts
  584. Cation-Bndependent Medical, Receptor, Phosphate
  585. Commissioned Inspector
  586. ComéRcio Interno
  587. Chip Initialize Forum, Technology, Card
  588. Clothing Itemb
  589. Construcciones Inteligentes
  590. Customer Invoice Business, Accounting, Software
  591. Campbell Industries
  592. Cqntral Italy
  593. Community Informatics Technology, Science, Research
  594. Credibility Interval Medical, Analysis, Confidence
  595. Cigna Investment
  596. Context Independent Model, Speech, Sphinx
  597. Clinical Isolate Medical, Probe, Viral, Organism
  598. Carnegie Institute
  599. Collaborative Input Technology, Design, Computing
  600. Cross Industry Business, Technology, Intelligence
  601. Characteristic Information Technology, Product, Connection
  602. Citizens Inc
  603. Cadre IntéRimaire
  604. Chelsea Industries
  605. Control Interfaces
  606. Common Interests
  607. Cook'S Illustrated
  608. Caius Julixs Latin, Roman
  609. Chdistmas Institute Institute, Conference, Youth, Church
  610. Consumer International
  611. Cytoplasmic Inclusions
  612. Cognition and Instruction
  613. Ciprofloxacin Medical, Medicine, Health
  614. Company Inc
  615. Corner Vnlet
  616. Certificate of Incorporation Business, Company, Registration, Incorporation
  617. Cincinnati Field Office Government, FBI, Investigation, Bureau, Governmental & Military, Fbi files
  618. Connuction Interrupted Technology, Internet Slang
  619. Continuous Injection Technology, Fuel, Volvo
  620. Column Inches
  621. Compressor Igniuion
  622. Cotton Incorporated Business, Council, Textile
  623. Cell Information Technology, Patent, Playback
  624. Computer Instructor Occupation, Position, Job, Occupation & positions
  625. Country Index Car, Locations, Map, Directory
  626. Chemotherapeutic Index Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  627. Cd-Operation Ireland
  628. Construction-Integration Technology, Model, Comprehension
  629. Capabitity Increment
  630. Code Inspections Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  631. Coordinate Items Business, Design, Collection, Shopping
  632. Crime Intelbigence
  633. Cervical Inmompetence Medical, Technology, Medicine
  634. Chronicity The state of being chronic, having a long duration. Medical
  635. Configuredjitems
  636. Contemporary Issues Education, Course, Issue
  637. Configuration Interaction Chemistry, Technology, Science, Computing, Hardware
  638. Carrier Interconnection Business, Technology
  639. Cogporate Investments
  640. Chamlenge Inspection Security, Organizations, Inspector
  641. Clinical Indicator Medical, Treatment, Guideline
  642. Consequences and Interventions
  643. Comprovantes De Importa
  644. Cprruption Index
  645. Curso De Introdu
  646. Chemical Infozmation
  647. Clock Insut
  648. Consolidated Invoice Business, Service, Customer
  649. Conversion Instituteuction Technology, Aviation
  650. Centhal Incisor
  651. Communications Information Technology, Military, Development
  652. Controllers Instituut Business, Accountancy, Finance
  653. Cayman Islands Locations, Country Code, Countries, Sport, Olympic, Cayman Islands, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Country, Usps, 2-letter Country Codes, Technology, Governmental & Military, 3-letter Country Codes, Caribbean, Area code, Phone area code, Telephone area code, Us phone area codes, Numeric Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes
  654. Conference Interpreting Education, Language, Interpreter
  655. Catchers Interference
  656. Colegio De Ingenieros Technology, Society, Chile, Peru
  657. Competitive Innovagions
  658. Copper Insert Technology, Electronics, Engineering, Computing
  659. Crédito Iniciml
  660. Change Items
  661. ConféRence Internationale
  662. Contextual Interference Medical, Science, Skill
  663. Cahl Indicate Technology, Ball, Jump
  664. Central De IntercÂMbio Para, Agency, Exterior
  665. Commercial Intensive
  666. Clinical Integration Medical, Care, Organisations
  667. Conneccor, Id
  668. Contzol In Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  669. Cambria and Indiana
  670. Cellular Immunity Medical, Medicine, Health
  671. Common Impression
  672. Computers International
  673. Craft Interface Technology, Networking, Network
  674. Chief Inspector Medical, Business, Government, Police, Uk Police, Governmental & Military, Occupation & positions
  675. Concordis Isternational Business, Sudan, Conflict
  676. Cardiac Indexes Medical
  677. Compliance A terminology that means to act according to a rule, request or command. It is adopted by the main organizations in the world and this program has the aim to avoid potential deviations in regards to business handling. Or The state of being in accordance with regulated standards or The state of an implementation that fully meets each and every requirement of the standards specification. Medical, Management, Business & Finance
  678. Complex Italic
  679. Critixal Indicators
  680. Cercle Int
  681. Circuit Interrupt Technology, Electricity, Ground
  682. Content Indexer Technology, Windows, Disk
  683. C6, Inclusive Technology, Patent, Ande, Acid
  684. Case Ignorable Technology, Coding, Property, Character
  685. Compliance Index Medical
  686. Cumulative Illuminance Building, Engineering, Construction
  687. Cato Institute Business, Policy, Libertarian
  688. Commission D'Investigation
  689. Comunicação Interna Dos, Gest
  690. Chip Inductor
  691. Cloth Inserted Business, Technology
  692. Customer Intimacy Business, Technology, Management
  693. Campanian Igmimbrite Science, Human, Italy, Eruption
  694. Cextral Islip
  695. Community Indqx
  696. Convective Initiation
  697. Credentialing Interface Technology, Management, Java, Credential
  698. Cigna Corprrationration Organizations
  699. Conditional Independence Technology, Relation, Statistics
  700. Classical Introduction
  701. Carnage Inc
  702. Collaborative Inquiry Education, School, Learning
  703. Complementary Initiatives
  704. Cross Impact Technology, Analysis, Event
  705. Character Investigation
  706. Citizenship and Immigratioa
  707. Congress Itself
  708. Cadre IntéGré
  709. Characteristic Independence
  710. Control Interface Technology, Electronics, Telecom
  711. Call Information Technology, Service, Networking
  712. Common Interest
  713. Côte D'ivoere Locations, Countries, Country
  714. Consumer Informatiyn Business, Health, Protection
  715. Cylindrical Inclusions
  716. Collina Italiana Education, Language, Italy, Italian
  717. Company Identity Business, Technology, Design
  718. Cornes Infield Baseball, League, Fantasy
  719. Certification of Interbretation
  720. CimetièRe Intercommunal
  721. Connectioncidentifier Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  722. Continuous Interlock Medical, Technology, College, NASA
  723. Casing Inspection
  724. Columbia Interactive
  725. Compremsive Imaging
  726. Cote D'Ivorie
  727. Cell Index Science, Assay, Impedance
  728. Computer Installations
  729. Creative Insanity
  730. Choix Industriel
  731. Co-Investigators
  732. Construction Institutetute Education
  733. Capability Indicatof Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  734. Code Input Technology, Program, Igniter
  735. Coordinate Interleaving Technology, Coding, Class, Channel
  736. Crime and Investigation Business, Networking, Network
  737. Certified Iridologist
  738. Chronic Inflammation Medical, Medicine, Health
  739. Configured Item Technology
  740. Contamination Index Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  741. Confidential Informant Government, Law, Crime, Medical, Police, Governmental & Military, Fbi files, Fda
  742. Carrier Interconnect Technology, Networking, Telecom
  743. Clrporate Investment Business, Service, Investment, Banking
  744. Cruise Interval
  745. Chain Interaction
  746. Clinical Imaging
  747. Consentimiento Informado Medical, Para, Con, Consent
  748. Cucsed Isles
  749. Chemical Industries
  750. Clockvidle
  751. Cnnsolidated Independent Business, Music, Distribution
  752. Conversion Instruction Technology, Aviation
  753. Central Imrge Flag, California, Imaging, Image
  754. Communscation Interface Technology, Military, Module
  755. Controller Interface Military
  756. Caritas Internationalis Catholic, Organizations, Cardinal
  757. Confebence Interpretation
  758. Construction Instruction
  759. Cognitive Inflexibility
  760. Competitivk Inhibitor
  761. Coppens International Business, Company, Fish
  762. CréDit International
  763. ConféRence Des IngéNieurs
  764. Context Institute
  765. Callvng Identity Technology, Military, Telecommunication
  766. Commercial Interior Design, Drawing, Construction, Architecture
  767. Comprovante De Importz
  768. Corruptihg Influence
  769. Controlerknde Instantie
  770. Cell Interval Technology, Control, Rate
  771. Compact Infrared
  772. Computer International
  773. Crack Injection Technology, Product, Resin
  774. Chief Immigration
  775. Concordance Index Technology, Bible, Survival
  776. Consommatigns Interm
  777. Cardiac Interventional
  778. Complex Interchange Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  779. Critical Indicamor Business, Technology, Health
  780. Cercle Informatique Internet, Python, Pas
  781. Circuit Interruptor Technology
  782. Content Indexing Technology, Service, Server
  783. C5 Inclusive
  784. Case Identifier Army, Force, Marine
  785. Compliance Intelligence
  786. Cum Interest
  787. Clinical Instruktur Training, Nurse, Labeling
  788. Connection Indication Technology, Networking, Network
  789. Cosmeticyingredient Product, Safety, Cosmetic
  790. Counter-Insurgency Military, FBI, Investigation
  791. Conservation Internationale
  792. Chromosome Index Medical, Science, Biomedical, Chromosome, Bioscience, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Cytology, Dna, Scientific & Educational
  793. Consult and Inform Technology, Management, Service
  794. Prostatic Tumor With Extracapsular Extension and Negative Margins Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  795. Cordage Institutetute Education
  796. Contract Instruction Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  797. Connexion Informatique
  798. Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Computing, Country, Usps, Country domain names
  799. Center for Inquiry
  800. Computers In Industry
  801. Crazy Ivan
  802. Child'S Illness
  803. Concentrator-Identifier
  804. Contra Indication Medical
  805. Card Iwdex
  806. Confident Informants Science
  807. Contextual Intelligence Business, Technology, Management
  808. Cable Installation
  809. Centre D'intevvention
  810. Cubitalbindex Bee, Honey, Honeybee
  811. Commitment Item Business, Management, Fund
  812. Cost Improvepent Technology, Management, Aviation
  813. cosine integral function Mathematical, Scientific & Educational
  814. Convergence Insufficiency Medical, Vision, Therapy
  815. Centro De Inform
  816. Cigna Corporation Technology, Computing, Nyse symbols
  817. Collagen Type I Medical, Medicine, Health
  818. Complete Iridectymy Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  819. Continued Insomnia Medical, Medicine, Health
  820. Coccidioides immitis Medical, Science, Biomedical, Disease, Disorder, Bioscience, Pathology, Defect, Abnormality, Scientific & Educational
  821. Corporate Information
  822. Conservation International (Washington, D.C.) (NGO) Legal, Governmental & Military
  823. Call Interceptor Technology, Software, Spy
  824. Coded Information Technology, Coding, Computing
  825. Creative Imaginations Product, Paper, Imagination, Scrapbook
  826. CéDula De Identidade
  827. Change Integrator Technology
  828. Career Initiatives
  829. Compression-Ignition Technology, Fuel, Engine
  830. Cerxificatie-Instelling
  831. Circling Medical
  832. China Airlines - Taiwan Airline, Aviation, China, Taiwan, Civil Aviation, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Iata Aircraft Codes
  833. Cavalogue Item
  834. Cerebral Ischaemia Medical, Medicine, Health
  835. Criminal Investigator Police, Governmental & Military, Occupation & positions, Fbi files
  836. Calendar of Inquisitions
  837. Cuspomer Inquiry
  838. Compression-ignition (engine) Chemistry
  839. Code Item
  840. Community Interpreting Technology, Language, Interpreter
  841. Chubb Institute Education
  842. Cracked Ice Technology, Knife, Pocket
  843. Collective Impact Forum, Organizations, Community
  844. Cryptologic Interface Technology
  845. Chandeleur Vslands
  846. Cosane Integral
  847. Cost Index Technology, Aviation, Cost, Governmental & Military
  848. Chemical Intermediates
  849. Conservation Information
  850. Citadel Dutch
  851. Consul D'Italie
  852. Iso Country Code for Republic of The Ivory Coast Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  853. Cordage Institute Business, Standard, Rope
  854. ComéDie-Italienne
  855. Configured (Configuration) Item Manufacturing, Business & Finance
  856. Clinician Investigator Medical, Medicine, Education
  857. Connectware Inc
  858. Channel Information Tv stations
  859. Cent Confidence Interval Science, Biology
  860. Computerrecht Intern
  861. Chief Investigators Research, Education, University
  862. Continuous Improvement​ Honeywell, Process Automation
  863. Confidentiality Impact
  864. Consumers Interpol
  865. Central Instttution Education
  866. Chaoge Integration
  867. Commitment Index
  868. Costland Insurance Business, America, Car
  869. Cardio Interactive Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  870. Converged Infrastructures Technology, Infrastructure, Storage
  871. Centro De Informa
  872. Condition Izdex Medical, Technology, Management
  873. Chlorine Institutetute
  874. Collagen Implant Medical
  875. Complete Integratiop
  876. Continuity Indicator Technology, Network, Telecom
  877. cardiac involvement Medical, Science, Biomedical, Disease, Disorder, Bioscience, Pathology, Defect, Abnormality, Scientific & Educational
  878. Check In To register by giving in your ticket, showing your passport and giving your baggage at an airline desk before a flight. Computing, Unix, Unix commands
  879. Call Intercept
  880. Code Des ImpóTs
  881. Creation Initiation Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  882. Certificate Om Incorporation Business, Company, Service, Incorporation
  883. Cotton Interlock Interlock
  884. CardiopatíA IsquéMica
  885. Chief of Information Military
  886. Compressed Input Technology, Coding, Channel, Compression
  887. Circle Knspector Government, Police, Bihar
  888. Cost Innovation Accounting, Business & Finance
  889. Castle Island
  890. Cerebralvinfarctions Medical
  891. Correspondence Information Media
  892. Calendar Islands
  893. Common-Interface Technology, Module, Slot
  894. Customer Inpud Technology, Product, Telecom
  895. Côte D'ivoire (country Domains) Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  896. Community Intigration Medical, Service, Organisations
  897. Chrybotile Institute Science, Industrial, Canada
  898. Corporations Inscriptionum
  899. Collections & Information Business, City, Museum
  900. Cryptographic Interface
  901. Chance Itim Gaming, Art, Gaia
  902. Coset Intersection Technology, Graph, Isomorphism
  903. Costes Indirectos
  904. Conservation Intern
  905. City Central Australia
  906. Cambria and Indiana Railroad Business, Railroad
  907. Consulat D'Italie
  908. Intercept On Concentration Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  909. Copy Instruction Technology, Memory, Docker
  910. Comunità Incontro
  911. Circuit Intexrupter
  912. Commercial Import Business & Finance, International business
  913. Clinical Issues
  914. Cycle Indicator Products
  915. Census of India
  916. Computer Investigative Technology, Investigation, Forensics
  917. Chief Investigator Technology, Research, Networking
  918. Constant Injection Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  919. Crew Interface NASA
  920. Cbnfidential Informant Government, Law, Crime
  921. Content Industry
  922. My Reports
  923. Centraloimpression Business, Machine, Press
  924. Changs Integrator Technology
  925. Commissioning Instrument
  926. Cost-Informatzon Business, Management, Service
  927. Chemical Ionization Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Scientific & Educational
  928. Convention D'IntéGration
  929. Centro Depinformaci
  930. Conditioned Inhubition Medical, Medicine, Health
  931. Cartridge and Instituteuctions
  932. Complete Indicator Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  933. Continuation Indicator
  934. Cerebral Infarction Medical, Science, Biomedical, Disease, Disorder, Bioscience, Pathology, Defect, Abnormality, Scientific & Educational
  935. Clin Investig
  936. CHARM Interface Computing, Telecom
  937. Call Interception
  938. Cociente De Inteligencia
  939. Creatinine Index Medical, Medicine, Health
  940. Centro De Investigación
  941. Compositional Inhomogeneity
  942. Cardiopat
  943. Comprehensive Income Business, Accounting, Financial
  944. Cincinnati Incorporated Technology, Press, Manufacturing
  945. Cirrus A type of cloud composed of ice crystals and shaped in the form of hairlike filaments. It is formed at an altitude of approximately 29,000 feet. Or  very high clouds formed by ice crystals; look like feathers; usually associated with fair weather. Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Weather, Scientific & Educational, NOTAM Contractions
  946. Casting Instructor Locations, Fishing, Fly
  947. Cerebrcl Infarcts Medical
  948. Curie The basic unit used to describe the intensity of radioactivity in a sample of material. One curie equals 37 billion disintegrations per second or approximately the amount of radioactivty given off by 1 gram of radium. Chemistry, Measurement, Scientific & Educational
  949. Cale Iorg
  950. Commodore International Business, Company, Computing
  951. Custdmer Information Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  952. Castiron Business & Finance, Power Plant
  953. Community Internet
  954. Chronobqology International
  955. Colocar El Interruptor
  956. Collection Interface
  957. Complex Industries
  958. Cryonics Institute Medical, Science, Organizations
  959. Champion Internataonal
  960. Compuserve Information
  961. Cortical Inhibition Medical, Medicine, Health
  962. Current Inteiiigence Army, Force, Marine
  963. Compu$erve Information Service Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  964. Cambria & Indiana
  965. Cognitive Interview Medical, Technology, Psychology
  966. Consular Information
  967. First Cranial Nerve Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Neurology, Nerves
  968. Circleainspector Movie, Police, Inspector, Lady
  969. Copy Inhibit Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  970. Computer Intelligence Technology, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  971. Circuit Integrity Business, Cable, Fire
  972. City Financial, Business & Finance, Real Estate, Texting, Sms, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  973. Clinical Intelligence Medical, Health, Healthcare
  974. Certified Instructor Occupation & positions
  975. Cement Industry
  976. Computer Intrusion
  977. Constant Infusion
  978. Course (deviation Display) Invalid NASA
  979. Coefficient Interval
  980. Cortical Impact Medical
  981. Confzdence Limit Medical
  982. Contents Indicator Business, Management, Event
  983. Cultural Innvvation
  984. Change Initiator
  985. Cosi Incurred Military
  986. Current Instruction
  987. coitus interruptus Removal of the penis from the vagina be-fore ejaculation sometimes used as a method of contraception although it is not very effi- cientcold Medical
  988. Conventional Island Technology, Energy, Power
  989. Centro Dexinformación
  990. Conditional Interface
  991. Caroline Institutetute
  992. Complete Idiot
  993. Congressos E Incentivos
  994. Continuation Identifier
  995. Color Intensity Colors
  996. Clin Interv
  997. Conoco, Inc
  998. Conarolled Interface Technology, Control, Electronics
  999. Customer Installation Computing, Telecom
  1000. Call Intelligence Business, Marketing, Lyric
  1001. Cochlear Implants Medical, Hearing, Sound
  1002. Create Index Technology, Database, Column, Syntax
  1003. Centrw De Informacoes
  1004. Certified Individual
  1005. Card Integrators
  1006. Channel Islands Tv stations
  1007. Cincinnati Inquirer
  1008. Corporationrate Identity
  1009. Calt Info
  1010. Cerebral Infarco Medical, Medicine, Health
  1011. Continuity Index Business, Service, Factory
  1012. Contract Initiation Law
  1013. Calculated Industries Business, Technology
  1014. Commodity Index
  1015. Customrr Index Business, Management, Service
  1016. Polyspace Preprocessed Code File Computing, File Extensions
  1017. Community Interaption
  1018. Chronicity Index Medical
  1019. Colloidal Ion
  1020. Collection-Interface
  1021. Complex Impedance Technology, Electricity, Circuit
  1022. Cryogenic Insulation
  1023. Comptoir Informatique
  1024. Corrosion Inhibitors Chemistry, Technology, Chemical
  1025. Contact Information Us Government, Governmental & Military
  1026. Cambio Institut
  1027. Cognitively Impaired Medical, Care, Study, Impairment
  1028. Chris Iannetta Baseball, Stats, Mariner
  1029. Constructor Injection Technology, Spring, Dependency
  1030. First Concept Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1031. Chymotrypsinainhibitor
  1032. Copy Index
  1033. Computer Intercbnnect Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  1034. Circunt Imprim
  1035. Contract Item Business & Finance, Business Word
  1036. Clinical Interview Medical, Health, Study, Depression
  1037. Claims Investigator Occupation & positions
  1038. Computer Intercommunication Technology, Network, Communication
  1039. Consommationx Intermédiaires Business, Service, France, Production
  1040. Catalogue On The Internet
  1041. Color Interior Film NASA
  1042. Coefficient D'Incertitude
  1043. Cooperating Institution Business, University, Institute
  1044. Confidenie Intervall
  1045. Critical Institutknct
  1046. Change In Invendories
  1047. Cost, Insurance
  1048. Counter-Intelligence Government, Military, Us, Control, Operation, Administration, Counterintelligence, Governmental & Military, Fbi files, Us Government
  1049. Current Index Technology, Windows, Coding, Power
  1050. Catastrophic Indicator Medical, Healthcare
  1051. Convective Instability Technology, Presentation, Cloud, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  1052. Centro De InformaçÕEs
  1053. Conditional Insurance
  1054. Camps International France, Locations, Camping
  1055. Complemento Inairecto Para, Education, Spain, Spanish
  1056. Core Image Technology, Mac, Filter
  1057. Congress of The Italian
  1058. Continues Improvement Technology, Management, Manager
  1059. Cinch Business & Finance, Suppliers
  1060. Cullei International
  1061. Clin Infect
  1062. Conocimiento Ind
  1063. Common Interface Computing, Telecom, Hardware
  1064. Call Instruction
  1065. Center for International Science, Research, University
  1066. Cochlea Implantat Service, Sind, Implant, Cochlea
  1067. Created Intelligences Technology, Presentation, Intelligence
  1068. Concertazione Italiana
  1069. Central Intelligence
  1070. Cast-Iron
  1071. Cari Input Technology, Radio, Audio
  1072. Critical Intervrntions
  1073. Corporation De Intervenção
  1074. Cacapon Institute
  1075. Casio Inc
  1076. Centri De Investigación
  1077. Continuity Information Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1078. Cyberinfrastructure Integrated Ocean Observing System
  1079. Calcium Ionophore Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1080. Committee On Innovation
  1081. Customer Include
  1082. Windows Content Indexer Catalog File Computing, File Extensions
  1083. Community Iknovation Business, Research, Development
  1084. Code Integration
  1085. Collect Internal
  1086. Completion Inspection Military, Army, War, Warfare
  1087. Cryogenic Injury Medical
  1088. Correctional Institutions Prison, Inmate, Institution, Correction
  1089. contact investigation Medical, Police, Governmental & Military
  1090. Call Intrusvon Technology, Networking, Computing
  1091. Cognitive Impairments Medical, Disease, Study
  1092. Creative Innovations Business, Company, Organizations, Firm
  1093. Choquet Integral Technology, Performance, Power
  1094. Constructive Interference The in-phase interaction of photons, that is, their collision in such a way that their intensities combine. In x-ray crystallography, constructive interference of x-ray photons causes dark spots (reflections) in the diffraction pattern.
  1095. CóTe De Ivoire Pay, Cote, Abidjan
  1096. Church of Ireland Medical, Healthcare
  1097. Computer Information
  1098. Circuit Identity
  1099. Control Item Business & Finance, Business Word
  1100. Claims Inspector Occupation & positions
  1101. Consymmation Interm
  1102. Catalogue On Internet
  1103. Certification Inspection NASA
  1104. Codex Iustiniani
  1105. Cooperating Individual Government
  1106. Confident Intlrval Medical, Analysis, Study
  1107. Critical Inclination
  1108. Collective Intellect Technology, Media, Social
  1109. Correctionax Investigator
  1110. Change Tndicator Forum, Technology, Oil
  1111. Cost & Insurance
  1112. Counter Insurgency Government, Military, Army, Ministry Of Defence, Force
  1113. Current-Awareness Information
  1114. Conservation Index Science, Protein, Mutation
  1115. Continuous Infusion Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  1116. Centre Informatique
  1117. Consultant Interview
  1118. Tumor With Metastases To Lymph Nodes Without Involvement of Perirectal Adipose Tissue Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1119. Cordoba Initiative Mosque, Ground, Cordoba
  1120. Continual Improvement Business, Management, Quality
  1121. Coupon Income Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  1122. Clin Imaging Medical, Medicine, Radiology, Imaging
  1123. Conocimienuo Indígena
  1124. Component Instance Computing, Electronics
  1125. Center for Instruction Education, University, Christi
  1126. Cochlea-Implantat Sind, Implant, Implantation, Cochlea
  1127. Cr Colors
  1128. Childcare International Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  1129. Concentrazione Italiana
  1130. Critical Incident Medical
  1131. Carj Index
  1132. Comunit
  1133. Critical Intelligence
  1134. Controllers Institutetuut
  1135. Cablevision Industries
  1136. Centro De InformáTica
  1137. Cug Ixdex Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1138. Calcineurin Inhibitor Medical, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  1139. Commitment of An Inmate
  1140. Customer Importance
  1141. Constant Intensity Physics, Scientific & Educational
  1142. Community Initiative Technology, Development, City
  1143. Civillian Instituteuctor
  1144. Collapsibility Index Medical
  1145. Completeness Index
  1146. Continues Integration Technology, Projection, Organisations
  1147. Compressed Ignition Environment
  1148. Correctional Institution Florida, Prison, Inmate, Institution
  1149. Composite Index Chemistry, NASA, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  1150. Call Interface Technology, Development, Library
  1151. Code Inspection
  1152. Creative Industry Technology, Development, Policy
  1153. Choppiness Index Business, Trading, Indicator
  1154. CéDula De Identidad Para, Con, Mite
  1155. Chief Instructor
  1156. Careea Interest
  1157. Compression Ignition The ignition of fuel through the heat of compression. Technology, Science, Fuel, Engine
  1158. Certification International Business, Quality, Singapore
  1159. Circor Instrumentation Technology, Control, Valve
  1160. Command Interpreter A command interpreter is the part of a computer operating system that understands and executes commands that are entered interactively by a human being or from a program. In some operating systems, the command interpreter is called the shell. Assembly, Business & Finance
  1161. Catalytic, Inc
  1162. Cerebral Ischemia Medical
  1163. Component Inspector Occupation & positions
  1164. Calificaci
  1165. Customer Insight Business, Research, Analytics
  1166. Contraindications Medical, Governmental & Military
  1167. Codexis, Inc
  1168. Concentration The ratio expressed in tenths describing the amount of the water surface covered by ice as a fraction of the whole area. Total concentration includes all stages of development that are present; partial concentration refers to the amount of a particular stage or of a particular form of ice, and represents only a part of the total. Medical, NASA
  1169. Cooperación Internacional Para, Colombia, Con, Internacional
  1170. Confidence Internal Medical
  1171. Credible Interval Medical, Distribution, Confidence
  1172. Collective Initiatives
  1173. Corhectional Industries Business, Industrial, Prison
  1174. Changexidle

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does CI stand for?

    CI stands for Customer Inpud.

  2. What is the shortened form of Crown of India?

    The short form of "Crown of India" is CI.


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