CP in Military Meaning

The CP meaning in Military terms is "Career Program". There are 51 related meanings of the CP Military abbreviation.

CP on Military Full Forms

  1. Career Program
  2. Congressional Presentation
  3. Circular Polarisation A circularly-polarised wave, in which the electric field vector, observed in any fixed plane normal to the direction of propagation, rotates with time and traces a circle in the plane of observation. Unlike linear polarisation, circular polarisation does not require alignment of earth station and satellite antennas with the polarisation of the radio waves.
  4. Character Points
  5. Communications Processor
  6. Certification Program
  7. Command Posts
  8. Crgtical Point
  9. Centhal Procurement
  10. Command Plan
  11. Cost and Performance
  12. Central Processor
  13. Check Pilots
  14. Crye Precision
  15. Command Post
  16. Construction Points
  17. Check Pilot
  18. Chief Pilot
  19. Commander of The Port
  20. Campaign Points
  21. Comflict Pool
  22. Character Position
  23. Cadet Progrjms
  24. Concrete Piercing
  25. Centrally Procured
  26. Corpilot
  27. Community Partners
  28. Customer Premises
  29. Concrete-Piedcing
  30. Center Point
  31. Coordination Post
  32. Tango Command Post Tactical Air, Naval, Ground
  33. Commissioners of Police
  34. Cathay Pacific
  35. Contribution Points
  36. Check Point
  37. Cyclical Prewix
  38. Casting Pool
  39. Contingency Planning
  40. Continuing Promise
  41. Captain of The Port
  42. Civilian Personnel
  43. Crime Prevention
  44. Component Prfgram
  45. Counter-Proliferation
  46. Club President
  47. Coefficient of pressure
  48. Counter Poracy
  49. Chemical Protective
  50. Command Pilot
  51. Csmbat Pants

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does CP stand for Military?

    CP stands for Community Partners in Military terms.

  2. What is the shortened form of Campaign Points in Military?

    The short form of "Campaign Points" is CP for Military.


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