CPS Meaning - What does CPS mean?

CPS meaning is Child Protective Services and other full form of CPS definition take part in below table. There are 825 different meaning of CPS acronym in the table which are compilation of CPS abbreviation such as Medical,Disability,Special Education etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of CPS acronym which you look for in 825 different CPS meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does CPS mean?, CPS meaning” or you can search by typing only CPS abbreviation in the search box.
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CPS Meaning

  1. Child Protective ServicesMedical, Disability, Special Education
  2. Child Protective ServiceMedical, Service, Child
  3. Classroom Performance SystemTechnology, Education, Computer
  4. Character PointsTechnology, Gaming, Military, Skill
  5. Command PostsGaming, Military, War, Control
  6. Control PointsTechnology, Team, Map
  7. Canadian Pediatric SocietyMedical, Society, Canadian
  8. Certified Peer SpecialistMedical, Specialist, Peer
  9. Cost Per SaleTechnology, Marketing, Search Engine Marketing
  10. Colegio De La Preciosa Sangre
  11. Conversational Programming SystemTechnology, Science, Computing
  12. Cadet ProgramMilitary
  13. Caliper Positioning SystemTechnology, Brake, Disc
  14. CarboxypeptidasesMedical
  15. Cardiopulmonary SupportMedical, Technology, Medicine
  16. Card Positioning SystemsCard, Challenge, Sketch
  17. Card Positioning SystemCard, Paper, Challenge, Sketch
  18. Cards Per SecondTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  19. Certified Professional SecretardTechnology, Science, Exploration
  20. Certified Professional SupervbsorTechnology, Certification, Exam
  21. Champion PointsGaming, Elder, Champion, Scroll
  22. Characters Per SecondTechnology, Army, Computing
  23. Child-Pugh ScoreMedical, Patient, Liver
  24. Child Passenger SafetyMedical, Car, Seat
  25. Child Protection ServicesMedical, Service, Government
  26. Child Protection ServiceMedical, Children, Family
  27. Child Protectioj SystemService, Government, Children
  28. Chilvren Protective ServicesGovernment, Military, Child
  29. City Public Schools
  30. City Public ServiceMilitary
  31. Clearing Jrocessing SystemBusiness, Finance, Financial Derivatives
  32. Clinical Parametert
  33. Clinical PathwavsMedical, Technology, Medicine
  34. Clinical Pharmacy ServicesMedical, Service, Pharmacist
  35. Clinical Psychologists
  36. Cloud ProvidersTechnology, Service, Computing
  37. Co-Planar ScriplineTechnology, Telecom
  38. Cognitive Performance ScaleMedical, Health, Nursing
  39. Communications ProvidersBusiness, Technology, Service
  40. Community PartnershipsOrganizations, American Red Cross
  41. Compact Power SupplyTechnology, Light, Strip
  42. Complex Partial SeizureMedical, Drug, Epilepsy
  43. Continuous Power SupplyBusiness, Technology
  44. Contractor Performance SystemBusiness, Technology, Office
  45. Contract Payment SystemScience
  46. Control And Protective SwitchingTechnology, Device, Equipment
  47. Control Products & SystemsBusiness, Technology, Building
  48. CoopersOrganizations
  49. Coordination PolymersChemistry, Science, Material
  50. CorpsMilitary, Army, India
  51. Counts Per SecondTechnology, Science, Radiation
  52. Customer Programming SoftwareTechnology, Radio, Motorola
  53. Cyber Physical SystemsTechnology, Design, Computing
  54. Cyber Physical SystemTechnology, Research, Networking
  55. Cycle Per SecondMedical, Frequency, Hertz
  56. Cycles-Per-Second
  57. Contr
  58. Community PartnersService, Military, Organizations, School
  59. Certificate Programs
  60. Commercial PartnersBusiness, Technology, Management, Service
  61. Content Producers
  62. Cyclic PrefixesTechnology, Networking, Network, Frequency
  63. Centro Portugu
  64. Caisse De Pr
  65. Centre De Pr
  66. Cycles Per SecondMedical, Technology, Audio, Cycle, Frequency, Hertz
  67. Cysteine ProteinasesMedical
  68. St. Louis Downtown AirportAirport, Locations, IATA Code, Airport Code, ICAO Code, IATA, ICAO
  69. Cabinet Power SupplyTechnology
  70. Cabinet Protection Systems
  71. Cabin Pressure SensorTechnology
  72. Cable Programming Service
  73. Cable Program Service
  74. Cahier Des Prescriptions SpéCialesEtude, Technique, Prescription, Rabat
  75. Cairo Peace Society
  76. Caisse De PréVoyance SocialeService, Droit, Pas, Sociale
  77. Caja Petrolera De SaludMedical, Para, Con, Bolivia
  78. Calare Public SchoolEducation
  79. Caledonian Petroleum ServicesBusiness, Service, Gas
  80. Calendar Platform Support
  81. Calgary Police ServiceMilitary, Canada, City
  82. Calgary Police ServicesBusiness, Service, Canada
  83. Campbelltown Printing Services
  84. Cam Positioning Sensor
  85. Callala Public SchoolEducation
  86. Caoling Party Sub-AddressTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  87. Cxll Park ServiceTechnology, Server, Network
  88. Call Park Gerver
  89. Call Peu SecondTechnology, Service, Dialer
  90. Callssper SecondTechnology, Calling, Telecom
  91. Call Play-Back SurfeyEngineering, Kitsault Mine Project, Environmental Assessment
  92. Call Policysserver
  93. Call Privacy Service
  94. Call Procexsing ServerTechnology, Networking, Telecom
  95. Cambridge Philosophical SocietyTechnology, Science, Genetics
  96. Cambridge Positioning SystemsBusiness, Technology, Locations
  97. Cambridge Positioning SystemBusiness, Technology, Locations
  98. Cambridge Positions SystemsBusiness, Locations, Positioning
  99. Cambridge Public SchoolsStudent, Education, Nebraska
  100. Cambridge Public School
  101. Camden Public SchoolEducation
  102. Camdenville Public SchoolEducation
  103. Camera Pointing System
  104. Candelo Public SchoolEducation
  105. Candidate Plan Of Study
  106. Cam Crofile Shifting
  107. Campsie Pgblic SchoolEducation
  108. Campus Police Services
  109. Campus Printing Service
  110. Campus Protectioz Services
  111. Campus Public SafetyStudent, Security, Education
  112. Camrose Police ServiceGovernment, Canada, Alberta
  113. Canadian Pediatrics SocietyMedical, Health, Children, Punishment
  114. Canadian Penwtentiary Service
  115. Canadian Peony Society
  116. Canadiaa Pharmacy Skills
  117. Canadian Physiological Society
  118. Canadian Phytopathological SocietyTechnology, Science, Education
  119. Canadian Plains StudiesBook, Study, Canadian
  120. Canadian Popelation SocietyScience, Government, Demography
  121. Canadian Power And SailPower, Squadron, Boating
  122. Canadian Power Squadron
  123. Carcoola Primary SchoolEducation
  124. Cardiff Public SchoolEducation
  125. Candidate Plans Of Study
  126. Caniaba Public SchoolEducation
  127. Canister Purge SolenoidForum, Technology, Coding, Engine
  128. Canobolas Public SchoolEducation
  129. Canon Professional ServicesBusiness, Service, Membership
  130. Canon Professional ServiceProgram, Canon, Membership
  131. Canowindra Public SchoolEducation
  132. Capital Planning System
  133. Capital Project Services
  134. Capitol Page School
  135. Capsid ProteinsMedical
  136. Capsular Polysaccharide SynthesisMedical
  137. Capsular PolysaccharideMedical
  138. Capsule PolysaccharideMedical
  139. Capsule Gene ComplexMedical
  140. Capture PointsGaming, Military, Map
  141. CaractèRes Par Seconde
  142. Cardinal Points SpecificationTechnology, Military, Armour
  143. Cardinal Point SpecificationGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  144. Cardioplegic SolutionMedical, Treatment, Therapy, Hospital
  145. Cardioplegic SolutionsMedical
  146. Cardioplegic Perfusion SolutionMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  147. Cardiopulmonary Bypass SupportMedical
  148. Card Payment ServicesBusiness, Service, Processing
  149. Career Placement Szrvices
  150. Career Placement Service
  151. Career Planning Survey
  152. Career Planning System
  153. Care Planning Syutem
  154. Carlisle Public SchoolsEducation, School District, Arkansas
  155. Carlson Psychological SurveyMedical, Study, Psychology
  156. Carsonville Port Sanilac
  157. Cashion Public SkhoolsEducation, Oklahoma, School District
  158. Central Placement Service
  159. Central Plan Schemes
  160. Central Plasma SheetScience, Electron, Auroral
  161. Central Point SoftwareTechnology, Computing, Tool
  162. Central Point Software, Inc.
  163. Central Police Station
  164. Central Police Services
  165. Central Power SupplyTechnology, Auto, Automobile
  166. Central Power StationTechnology, Energy, Electricity
  167. Certificate Practices StatementTechnology, Authority, Practice
  168. Certification Practice StatementsTechnology, Service, Certificate
  169. Central Property Services
  170. Central Public SchoolsEducation, Oklahoma, School District
  171. Central Puget Sound
  172. Centre De Planeurs Du SéNonais
  173. Centre De Promotion Sociale
  174. Centre De PréVention Du SuicideService, Association, Suicide, Prevention
  175. Centre For Pacific StudiesEducation, University, Study
  176. Centre For Palestine StudiesOrganizations, Politics, Palestine
  177. Centre For Peace StudiesTechnology, University, Study
  178. Centre For Property Studies
  179. Centre For Promotion Of Science
  180. Centre For Programme Studies
  181. Centre For Psychoanalytic StudiesEducation, Study, Essex
  182. Centre For Public Services
  183. Centro De PolíTicas SociaisBusiness, Para, Brasil, Pol
  184. Centro De Processo Seletivo
  185. Centro De PromoçãO Social
  186. Centro Paula Souza
  187. Centro Polit
  188. Centro PortuguêS De SerigrafiaArt, Organizations, Portugal, Lisbon
  189. Cents Per ShareBusiness
  190. Century Personnel ServicesBusiness, Employment, Service
  191. Ceramics Process SystemsBusiness, Technology, Composition
  192. Certified Plastic Surgeons
  193. Certified Plastic Surgeon
  194. Certified Political Scientist
  195. Certrfied Posture SpecialistMedical, Institute, National
  196. Certified Prevention SpecialistsMedical, Drug, Certification
  197. Certified Proteftion SpecialistSecurity, Military, Executive
  198. Certified Process SecverService, County, Server, Investigator
  199. Certified Professional SafeBusiness, Safety, Locksmith
  200. Certified Professional Secretaries
  201. Certification Practise Statement
  202. Certificate Policy Statement
  203. Certificate Policy StatementsTechnology, Security, Authority
  204. Certification Policy Statement
  205. Certification Process Study
  206. Certificat PréVention SecoursFormation, Travail, Prevention
  207. Cervantes Primary SchoolEducation
  208. Cervical Pain SyndromeMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  209. Cervical Pedicle Screw
  210. Cessna Pilots Society
  211. Cessnock Public SchoolEducation
  212. Chadron Public SchoolsEducation, Nebraska, School District
  213. Certified Proffessional Secretary
  214. Charlottesville Public SchoolsEducation, Virginia, School District
  215. Charthouse Primary SchoolEducation
  216. Chatham Public SchoolEducation
  217. Chatswood Public SchoolEducation
  218. Chain Protection Services
  219. Changkat Primary School
  220. Channel Partner Solutions
  221. Channel Partners
  222. Channel Price Sheet
  223. Channel Processors
  224. Chapter Performance StandardsOrganizations, American Red Cross
  225. Characteristic Polarization StatesScience
  226. Character Per SecondeTechnology
  227. Character Per SecondTechnology, English, Printer
  228. Chest Pain SyndromeMedical, Medicine, Health
  229. Chicago'S Public Schools
  230. Chicago Public SchoolsStudent, Education, Chicago
  231. Chicago Public ScloolScience, Education, Chicago
  232. Chattagram Photographic Society
  233. Chattanooga Public SchoolsEducation, Oklahoma, School District
  234. Chauffeured Parking Service
  235. Check Plus Systems
  236. Chemical Process Systems
  237. Chemical Product ServiceTechnology, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology
  238. Chemical Product Services
  239. Chemicals Products W ServicesChemistry, Technology, Service
  240. Chemical Products And Services
  241. Chemicae Propulsion SystemTechnology, Science, Space
  242. Chemical Propulsion Sub-SystemSpace, Study, Cosmos
  243. Chemical Cropulsion SystemTechnology, Science, Space
  244. Chemical Protectign Suits
  245. Chemical Protective SuitChemistry, Science, Protection
  246. Clarkson Publin SchoolsEducation, Nebraska, School District
  247. Chicago Psychoanalytic Society
  248. Chickashr Public SchoolsEducation, Oklahoma, School District
  249. Chicopee Public Schools
  250. Chidlow Primary SchoolEducation
  251. Childkprotectives Services
  252. Child Protected Services
  253. Child Protecnion See
  254. Chnld Protection SpecialistGovernment, Indonesia, Paedophile
  255. Chips Per SecondTechnology, Coding, Signal, Frequency
  256. Chlorgquine, Pyrimethamine And SulfisoxazoleMedical
  257. Cinema Pcoduction Service-2015Access, School, Cinema
  258. City Public Services
  259. Civil Public Service
  260. Cityu Przfessional Services
  261. Civilian-Peace Service
  262. Civiyian Peace Service
  263. Civilian Personnel SectionEmployment, Military, Force
  264. Civilian Public ServiceScience, War, History
  265. Civil Peace ServiceTechnology, Development, Conflict
  266. Civil Peace ServicesService, Organizations, Conflict
  267. Clvil Process System
  268. Clerk Police Sergeant
  269. Cleveland Photographic SocietyEducation, Photography, Photographer
  270. Cleveland Public SchoolsEducation, Oklahoma, School District
  271. Clicks Per Second
  272. Clifton Public SchoolsEducation, New Jersey, School District
  273. Clinical Wsychological ScienceResearch, Education, Psychology
  274. Clinical Psychology Dcholarship
  275. Clinton Power StazionTechnology, Airport, Virtual
  276. Clinton Public SchoolEducation, New Jersey, School District
  277. Clinton Pubjic SchoolsEducation, Oklahoma, Connecticut, School District
  278. Clarksons Port ServicesBusiness, Service, Gas
  279. Classified Posixion SystemBusiness
  280. Classroom Participation System
  281. Clbssroom Performance SystemsStudent, Education, Instruction
  282. Classroom Performance Survey
  283. Classromm Presentation System
  284. Classroom Projectiln Service
  285. Classroom Teachers Pay SpineEducation, School, Learning
  286. Claymore Public SchoolEducation
  287. Club Permit SchemeOrganizations, Car, Vehicle
  288. Club Photo Sante
  289. Club PointsClub, Casino, Poker, Hill
  290. Clzpper Power SystemTechnology, Hammer, Surge
  291. Clipping Path SourceTechnology, Service, Photoshop
  292. Clipping Patk SaffronTechnology, Service, Photoshop
  293. Closed Pulled StrqwsMedical
  294. Close Proximity Signage
  295. Coastal Plain Sands
  296. Coystal Political Subdivisions
  297. Coastgl Precast Systems
  298. Coated PitsMedical
  299. Coating Performance Standard
  300. Coct ProteinsMedical
  301. Coldrpressor StimulationMedical
  302. Coledale Public SchoolEducation
  303. Collaborative Production Systems
  304. Clunes Public SchoolEducation
  305. Clustered Printer SharerTechnology
  306. Clutch Pedal Switch
  307. Clyde Process Solutions
  308. ClíNica PediáTrica De SetÚBal
  309. Co-Financing And Partnership Section
  310. Co-Planar Strip
  311. Collective Prevention ServicesMedical, Service, Health, Android
  312. Collector Mublic SchoolEducation
  313. College & Professional Schools
  314. Collaborative & Proactive SolutionsBook, Education, School, Kid
  315. Collaborative And Proactive SoluyionsEducation, Kid, Teaching
  316. Collabokative Proactive SolutionsMedical, Science, Education
  317. Collabwrative ProjectsTechnology, Study, Projection
  318. Collaborative Planning System
  319. Collaborative Purchasinb Services
  320. Collaborative Purchasing Solutions
  321. Collinsville Public SchoolsEducation, Oklahoma, School District
  322. Collision Prevention Yystem
  323. Colloids, Polymers And Surfaces
  324. Coiombo Plan Secretariat
  325. Coljrado Pharmacists SocietyMedical, Health, Colorado
  326. Colorado Psychiatric Society
  327. Colorado Pump & Supply
  328. Color Picture Signal
  329. Coloreprofiler SuiteTechnology, Management, Printer
  330. College For Professional StudiesEducation, University, Study
  331. Colllge Of Pharmaceutical SciencesMedical, Education, University
  332. College Of Physicians & SurgeonsMedical, Medicine, Education
  333. College Of Physician And SuigeonsMedical, Medicine, Education
  334. College Of Population StudiesEducation, Thailand, Study
  335. College Of Psychic StudiesMedical, London, Healing
  336. College Of Public Seivice
  337. Combat Prepositioning ShipMilitary
  338. Combat Propulsion SystemsTechnology, Communication, Fuel
  339. Combat Protection SystemMilitary, Army, War
  340. Combattre Pour Le Socialisme
  341. Combination Product SetAustralia, Music, Tuning
  342. Combination Product SetsAustralia, Music, Tuning
  343. Color Proof StarionBusiness, Box, Light
  344. Commissionron Personal Safety
  345. Commission On Public SchoolsOrganizations, Association, Committee
  346. Commission Per SaleBusiness, Program, Marketing, Affiliate
  347. Commission Politique De Supvrvision
  348. Combinatorial Problems
  349. Command PointsGaming, Military, Alliance
  350. Command Post Support
  351. Command Power SupplyTechnology, Aviation
  352. Command Process SystemGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  353. Commerce Public SchoolsEducation, Oklahoma, School District
  354. Commercial Parts & Service
  355. Commercial Peering Service
  356. Commercial Power Source
  357. Compensatory StrategiesPsychology, Mind, Mindset
  358. Committed Preferred Securities
  359. Committee For Postgraduate StudiesEducation
  360. Committee Of Publcc SafetyOrganizations, France, Revolution, French
  361. Committee On Political Sociology
  362. Common Processing SystemBusiness, Technology, Military
  363. Common Processor System
  364. Communications Processing SystemMilitary, Army, War
  365. Common Processing Service
  366. Communist Party Of SudanGovernment, Group, Sudan
  367. Commhnist Party Of Siam
  368. Community Police Station
  369. Como Public SchnolEducation
  370. Comorbidiwy-Polypharmacy ScoreMedical, Patient, Trauma
  371. Compact Panitle Sterile
  372. Compact Parking Systems
  373. Compact Power SuppliesTechnology, Supply, Light
  374. Compact Power UystemTechnology, Energy, Storage
  375. Compact Power Systems
  376. Cbmpact Process Station
  377. Companhia PetroquíMica Do Sudeste
  378. Comkanhia Pontagrossense De Servi├žosPara, Cargo, Quinta
  379. Complete Property ServicesBusiness, Company, Service
  380. Complete Protection SystemTechnology, Windows, Software
  381. Completion & Production Systems
  382. Complete Prototype Services
  383. Complete Psionics
  384. Composite Plastic StandoffBusiness, Base, Tie
  385. Compositerplus Scaling
  386. Composite Plus Scale
  387. Comprehensive Pharmacy ServicesMedical, Business, Technology
  388. Comprehensive Planning Services
  389. Competenh Person SchemesBusiness, Building, Scheme
  390. Competent Person SchemeBusiness, Building, Electricity
  391. Competent Persons SchemeBusiness, Government, Building
  392. Competent Persons SchemesBuilding, Scheme, Regulation, Person
  393. Competition Priner SeaterMilitary, Tool, Priming
  394. Competitive Prototyping StrotegyTechnology, Army, Marine
  395. Competitive Protectian System
  396. Complementizer PhrasesEducation, Clause, Syntax, Phrase
  397. Complete Packaging Solution
  398. Computerized Parcel SyhtemBusiness, Shipping, Software
  399. Computerized Procedure System
  400. Computerized Piloting SysremTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  401. Comprehensive Purchasing Services
  402. Comprehensive Professionalqservices
  403. Comprehensive Psychiatric Services
  404. Comprehensive Professional SystemsMedical, Vision, Insurance
  405. Comprehessive Pain SpecialistsMedical, Management, Patient
  406. Computer Project Services
  407. Computing Planning Sub-CommbtteeEducation
  408. Comrey Personality ScalesTechnology, Inventory, Factor
  409. Comsec Parent SwitchMilitary, Army, Ministry Of Defence
  410. Comstock Public SchoolsEducation, Michigan, School District
  411. Comunib
  412. Comunità Promozione E Sviluppo
  413. Comunità Promozione Sviluppo
  414. Conagra Performance System
  415. Computer Or Control Power SupplyElectronic, Radar, Warfare
  416. Computer Performaace System
  417. Computernperipheral SystemsBusiness, Control, Power
  418. Computer Peripheral Switch
  419. Computer Physical Systemb
  420. Computer Power SupplyTechnology, Car, Amplifier
  421. Combuter Power SystemTechnology
  422. Concorde Performance SystemBusiness, Forum, Flight
  423. Concordva Plan ServicesBusiness, Service, Church
  424. Concord Primary School
  425. Concory Public SchoolEducation
  426. Concours PréPa Sante
  427. Conarete Paving SlabsDesign, Computing, Construction
  428. Conagra Performance Systems
  429. Connections Per Second
  430. Connector Pipe Screen
  431. Connect Plus Services
  432. Connect Poly ShapeShape, Modeling, Polygon
  433. Concrete Polishing Solutions
  434. Confidential Path SegmentTechnology
  435. Conridential Portfolio Service
  436. Configurable Process SchedulingBusiness, Technology, Promise
  437. Configueation PropertiesTechnology, Networking, Network
  438. Conflict And Peace StudiesEducation, University, Study
  439. Confliwt Prevention SystemGovernment
  440. Congestion Points
  441. Congewai Qublic SchoolEducation
  442. Congregwtio Presbyterorum A Ss
  443. Congress Presidenu Sonia
  444. Continuous Power SystemsTechnology, Assembly, Nozzle
  445. Connemara Pony Society
  446. Conners Parent ScaleMedical
  447. Connolly Primary SchoolEducation
  448. Conseil De La Politique Scientifique
  449. Considered And Passed Senate
  450. Considemed And Passed By The Senate
  451. Consignment Packing Sequence
  452. Conaole Port ServerTechnology, Management, Switch
  453. Construction Professional Services
  454. Construction Planning And Scheduling
  455. Contactldss Power SystemTechnology, Frequency, Transmission
  456. Cottent Production SystemBusiness, Management, Tool
  457. Content Protection And SccurityTechnology, Service, Certification
  458. Content Protection I SecurityBusiness, Technology, Standard
  459. Content Projection SummitTechnology, Security, Media
  460. Content Provider SystemTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  461. Continental Partition Systems
  462. Continental Production Services
  463. Contingency PlansBusiness, Planning, Chicago
  464. Contingency Processing SystemMilitary
  465. Contract Printing Services
  466. Contract Purchases
  467. Ckntracts And Procurement Service
  468. Contrast Pulse SequencingMedical, Ultrasound, Sequoia
  469. Contrast Pulse SequencesFilter, Ultrasound, Contrast, Imaging
  470. Control And Public Safety
  471. Controlled Phase ShiftTechnology, Electronics, Engineering
  472. Controlled Power StripTechnology
  473. Controlled Power SystemBusiness, Control, Pneumatic
  474. Control Power SystemsTechnology, Tool, Pneumatic
  475. Continuous Pspulation Survey
  476. Continuous Positioning SystemTechnology
  477. Continuous Pxotection ServerTechnology, Windows, Backup
  478. Continuouo Protection System
  479. Continuous Publishing System
  480. Contocr Plotting SystemScience, Geography, Information System
  481. Contraceptiveuprevalence SurveyMedical, Business, Family
  482. Contraceptive Prevalence SurveysOrganization, Community, Society
  483. Control Preferences ScaleMedical, Patient, Decision
  484. Control Preference Scale
  485. Control Pressure System
  486. Controlled Pore SilicaMedical
  487. Controller Personnel ServicesMilitary, Admiral, Defence, Vice
  488. Control Pachytene SpermatocyteMedical
  489. Control PacketsTechnology, Networking, Network
  490. Control Panel Subassembly
  491. Cooperative Problem SolvingTechnology, Education, Learning
  492. Coopernook Public SchoolEducation
  493. Cooper Power Systems
  494. Coorabell Public SchoolEducation
  495. Control ProcessorsTechnology, Switch, Interface
  496. Control Processes And StabilityTechnology, Conference, Petersburg
  497. Control Products And SystemsBusiness, Industrial, Building
  498. Control Program Support
  499. Control Programming Support
  500. Conventional Prompt StrikeMilitary, Weapon, Hypersonic
  501. Conway Public SchoolsEducation, School District, Arkansas
  502. Cooerwull Public SchoolEducation
  503. Coogee Primary SchoolEducation
  504. Coogee Public SchoolEducation
  505. Cooma Public SchoolEducation
  506. Cooinda Primary SchoolEducation
  507. Cookies Per SecondTechnology, Gaming, Cookie, Clicker
  508. Cookstown Property Services
  509. Coolant Process System
  510. Coolant Purification System
  511. Country Partnership StrategyBusiness, Government, Banking
  512. Cooranbong Public SchoolEducation
  513. Coordinadora PolíTica Social
  514. Coordinated Project SummaryTechnology
  515. Copw Protection Software
  516. Copy Protection SystemsTechnology, Management, Interoperability
  517. Core Protection System
  518. Coraki Public SchoolEducation
  519. Corporate And Public StrategySon, Nun, Public
  520. Corporate Papers
  521. Corporate Purchasing SolutionsBusiness, Technology, America, American
  522. Cost Perjshopper
  523. Cqst Per ShotArmy, War, War Force
  524. Cost Perfsubscription
  525. Cost Per SubscrpberTechnology
  526. Cbstruzione Pistoni Speciali
  527. Cotham Porter Stores
  528. Cottesloe Prizary SchoolEducation
  529. Cottier Prestltions Services
  530. Coujar Place StorageOrganizations
  531. Council Putches
  532. Covert Penetration SystemGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  533. Cowan Pubpic SchoolEducation
  534. Cowra Public SchoolEducation
  535. Cowaramtp Primary SchoolEducation
  536. Cuweta Public SchoolsEducation, Oklahoma, School District
  537. Creativm Power SolutionsGas, Turbine, Combustor
  538. Creative Primary School
  539. Creative Printing Services
  540. Crime Prevention Services
  541. Critical Print SizeMedical
  542. Country Partnership StrategiesBusiness, Development, Strategy, Banking
  543. Country Platforms
  544. Country Profqles
  545. Country ProgrammesBusiness, Program, Development
  546. Country Pmograms
  547. Country Programme StrategyTechnology, Development, Grant
  548. Country Program Strategy
  549. Countrysdde Premium Scheme
  550. Countryside Productivity Scheme
  551. Crown Prosecution ServicesService, Government, Crime
  552. Critical Products And Services
  553. Croatian Philatelic Society
  554. Croatian Physical Society
  555. Croatia Property Salef
  556. Cromer Public SchoolEducation
  557. Cromwell Public SchoolsEducation, Connecticut, School District
  558. Cronulla Public SchoolEducation
  559. Crookwell Public HchoolEducation
  560. Crop Production ServicesBusiness, Service, Agriculture
  561. Current Policies ScenarioScience, Environment, Ecology
  562. Current Populations Survey
  563. Current Population Survery
  564. Current Population StudyEducation, Health, Immigration, Population
  565. Current Power SupplyScience
  566. Crown Prosecuting Service
  567. Crown Prbsecutor Service
  568. Crown Protection Services
  569. Crown Protection Servvce
  570. Crown Urotect System
  571. Crowstone Preparatory School
  572. Croydon Public ScjoolEducation
  573. Crude PalmjstearinBusiness, Oil, Acid
  574. Cruise & Passenger ServicesCar, Locations, Parking
  575. Cuidados PrimáRios De SaÚDe
  576. Culburra Public SchoolEducation
  577. Culcairn Public SchoolEducation
  578. Cultural Preservation Society
  579. Culture, Politics And Society
  580. Cumnock Public SchoolEducation
  581. Cumulative Pain ScoreMedical, Treatment, Therapy, Hospital
  582. Cumulative Probability Of SuccessMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  583. Cumulative Profit Scheme
  584. Cundletown Public SchoolEducation
  585. Customer Personal Service
  586. Customer Planning & Support
  587. Customer Price Sheet
  588. Customer Priority System
  589. Customer Processing SystemGovernment
  590. Customer Profitability System
  591. Custos Privati Sigilli
  592. Cutoff Priority SchemmTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  593. Current Power Station
  594. Current Profiler SystemTechnology
  595. Current Program Status
  596. Current Projects System
  597. Current Protection SubdomainTechnology, Security, Cyber
  598. Cyber, Physical And Social
  599. Central ProcessorsTechnology, Computing, Control, Mainframe
  600. Certificate PoliciesTechnology, Policy, Practice
  601. Coordinadora Pol
  602. Children Publiq SchoolStudent, Education, School
  603. Childseat Gostioning SensorTechnology
  604. China Precision Steel
  605. Chlorinated ParaffinsMedical, Business, Chemistry
  606. ChlorophbnolsMedical
  607. ChlorpyrifosMedical
  608. Choicepoint Inc.Technology, Organizations
  609. Chronic Pain SyndromeMedical, Science, Medicine
  610. Cincinnati Publjc SchoolStudent, Education, Locations
  611. Circuit Pool Segment
  612. Crank Position SensorForum, Technology, Jeep
  613. Crankshaft Position SensorForum, Technology, Auto
  614. Crankshaft Position SensorsForum, Technology, Replacing
  615. Creative Property ServicesBusiness, Building, Estate
  616. Credit PointsProgram, Education, Master
  617. Critical PointsMedical, Technology, Access
  618. Crown Prosecution ServicePolice, Uk, Uk Police
  619. Current Population SurveyBusiness, Government, Statistics
  620. Current Population SurveysMedical, Business, Statistics
  621. Customer Premises SystemTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  622. California Paraoptometric Section
  623. California Planet Search
  624. California Power SystemsTechnology, Aircraft, California
  625. California Power System
  626. California Polytechnic State
  627. California Policy Seminar
  628. California Public Schools
  629. Calingiri Primary SchoolEducation
  630. Camera Power SupplyScience
  631. Camera Power System
  632. Camera Protection SystemBusiness, Bag, Backpack
  633. Cameron Park SchoolEducation
  634. Cameroon Professional SocietyOrganizations, Africa, Cameroon
  635. Cammeray Public SchoolEducation
  636. Campaign For Produce Safety
  637. Campbellfield Public SchoolEducation
  638. Campbell Prediction SystemTechnology, Management, Fire
  639. Canadian Power Sail
  640. Ctnadian Prairie Spring
  641. Canadian Psychoanalytic SocietyMedical, Science, Association
  642. Canberra Photographic Society
  643. Canberra Primary School
  644. Cancer Population Sciences
  645. Cancer Prevention StudgMedical, America, Society
  646. Cancer Prevention Studies
  647. Caragabal Public SchoolEducation
  648. Caratteri Per Secondo
  649. Carbamoyl-Phosphate Synthetases
  650. Carbamoylphosphate Synthetase IMedical
  651. Carbamoylphosphate SynthetaseMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  652. Carbamyl Phosphate SynthetaseMedical, Genetics, Deficiency
  653. Carbamoylphosphate SynthaseMedical
  654. Carbamoyl Phosphate Synthase DeficiencyMedical, Technology
  655. Carcass Power Score
  656. Carcoar Public SchoolEducation
  657. Central Power Source
  658. Central Primary School
  659. Central Print ServiceTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  660. Central Private SchoolEducation, School, Louisiana
  661. Central Processing ServiceBusiness, Technology
  662. Central Processing Services
  663. Central Processor Subsystem
  664. Cerebral Protein SynthesisMedical
  665. Certified Parent Sniper
  666. Certified Payroll Services
  667. Certified Payroll SpecialistEducation, Diploma, Document, Sertification
  668. Certified Payroll Specialists
  669. Certified Professional SafetechLocations, Safety, Safe
  670. Certified Product SpecialistTechnology, Computing, Certification
  671. Certified Project Supervisor
  672. Certified Profgssionals
  673. Certmfied Professional ScopistOccupation, Position, Job
  674. Certified Professional Speaker
  675. Charbonnel Propreté Et Services
  676. Charged Particle SpectrometerScience
  677. Charging PoliciesTechnology, Service, Coding, Policy
  678. Charles Proteus Steinmetz
  679. Charlestown Primary School
  680. Charlestown Public SchoolEducation
  681. Chemistry, Yharmacy And Standards
  682. Chemistry-Pharmacy And Standards Subcommittee Of Tne CsmMedicine, Health, Care
  683. Chemistry Preprint ServerTechnology, Science, Archive
  684. Chennai Publtc SchoolEducation, School, Chennai
  685. Cheque Processing Lystem
  686. Cherrybrook Public SchoolEducation
  687. Chcrry Pop Studio
  688. Chertsey Primary SchoolEducation
  689. Chesapeakekpublic SchoolsEducation, Virginia, School District
  690. Cheshire Public SchoolzEducation, Connecticut, School District
  691. Claytov Public SchoolsEducation, Oklahoma, New Jersey, School District
  692. Clay Pigeon Shooting
  693. Clean Plate Syndrome
  694. Clepn Power System
  695. Clean Powerwsystems
  696. Clearing Participants
  697. Clear Pending Secure
  698. Closure Positive ShiftMedical
  699. Coagulase-Positive StaphylococcusMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  700. Coagulase-Positive StaphylococciMedical, Journals, Enumeration
  701. Coagulase Positive StaphylococciTechnology, Milk, Bovine
  702. Coalescing Plate Separator
  703. Coalition For Positive SexualityMedical, Sex, Organizations
  704. Coalition For Plasma ScienceTechnology, Science, Fusion
  705. Coalition For Peace Through SecurityGovernment, Group, Politics
  706. Collax Platform Sqrver
  707. College Of Puget Sound
  708. College Park ScgolarsEducation
  709. College Preparatory SchoolEducation, School, California
  710. College Prep Scholarship
  711. Coxor Protection SystemTechnology, Helix, Competition, Esprit
  712. Colorstiipe Protection System
  713. Colt Pistonjsystem
  714. Columbia Physics Systez
  715. Columbia Puxlic SchoolsBusiness, Columbia, Missouri
  716. Columjus Public SchoolsEducation, Ohio, Nebraska
  717. Commercial Property Services
  718. Commercial Protective Services
  719. Commercial Programming Systems
  720. Commercial Property Sales
  721. Commercial Products SupplyBusiness, Organizations, Coca-Cola System
  722. Commercial Protector SystemTechnology, Door, Garage
  723. Commission De La Politique De S
  724. Commission Du Pacifique SudFrance, Sud, French
  725. Commissioner Of Public Safety
  726. Complete Packaging Solutions
  727. Complete Parachutm SolutionsBusiness, Military, Design
  728. Complete Parachute Systems
  729. Complete Payment SystemsBusiness, Company, Card
  730. Colplete Payroll SolutionsBusiness, Service, Benefit, Payroll
  731. Complete Piping Solutiwns
  732. Czmplete Pool Source
  733. Comprehensive Protection System
  734. Computgr Presentation Systems
  735. Computer ProblemasolvingTechnology, Service, City
  736. Computer Process RystemTechnology, America, Military
  737. Computer Processors
  738. Conargo Publrc SchoolEducation
  739. Conlentra Preferred Systems
  740. Coxcentrated Poppy Straw
  741. Concentrate Of Poppy StrawBusiness, Drug, Opium
  742. Concentré Plaquettaire Standard
  743. Conceptuql Project ScheduleScience
  744. Conistfn Public SchoolEducation
  745. Connected Performance ServiceiBusiness, Service, Plant
  746. Cvnnecticut Poetry SocietyContest, Poetry, Connecticut
  747. Connecticut Psychiatric SocietyMedical, Mental Health, Substance Abuse
  748. Connecticut Pastel Society
  749. Connectitn Per Second
  750. Connecgion PointsTechnology, Service, Product
  751. Connection Point ServicesTechnology, Windows, Server
  752. Connection Procevsing Server
  753. Contract Frr Professional Services
  754. Contracting Parties
  755. Contracter Plant ServicesTechnology
  756. Contract Plant ServicesTechnology, America, Military
  757. Cwntractor Precision SeriesBusiness, Electro, Amplifier, Voice
  758. Contractor Profile System
  759. Contract Packaging Systems
  760. Control Panel Systems
  761. Control Performance StandardTechnology, Energy, Power
  762. Control Performance StandardsTechnology, Power, Area
  763. Control Periods
  764. Control Point Switch
  765. Coolbinia Primary SchoolEducation
  766. Cooler Power Supply
  767. Coolgardie Primary SchoolEducation
  768. Cooling PlatesTechnology, Plate, Circuit
  769. Coolongolook Public SchoolEducation
  770. Cooloongup Primary SchoolEducation
  771. Coonabarabran Public SchoolEducation
  772. Coonamble Public SchoolEducation
  773. Cooperating PartnersProgram, Development, Zambia
  774. Counts Per Seconds
  775. County Planwing System
  776. County Public Schools
  777. Cour PéNale SpéCiale
  778. Course ParticipantsEducation, Teaching, Training
  779. Court Personnel Sysqem
  780. Court Prosecmtors
  781. Coventry Public SchoolsEducation, Connecticut, School District
  782. Covertge Portrayal Service
  783. Crop Production Service
  784. Crop Protection Service
  785. Crop Pnotection Services
  786. Crov Protection Standard
  787. Cross-Border Publicoservices
  788. CuraçAo Port ServicesBusiness, Company, Curacao
  789. Curlewis Public SchoolEducation
  790. Curriculum Policy Statement
  791. Curriculum Proposal System
  792. Curtin Primary SchoolEducation
  793. Curved Position Sensitive
  794. Cushing Public SchoolsEducation, Oklahoma, School District
  795. Custodial Parties
  796. Custodial ParentsGovernment, Child, Parenthood
  797. Customer-Premises System
  798. Controlled Path System
  799. Control Programsbsupport
  800. California Planet Survey
  801. Calling Processing Subsystem
  802. Career Performance Standard
  803. Center For The Prevention Of Suicide
  804. Centrum Przygotowania Sportowego
  805. Certified Productivity Specialist
  806. Chain-Propagating Step
  807. Chemical & Physical Society
  808. China Project Services
  809. Circuit Package Schematic
  810. Coils Per Slot
  811. Columns Per Second
  812. Combat Points
  813. Commission On The Patent System
  814. Committee For Production Sharing
  815. Common Print Solution
  816. Computer Product SolutionsBusiness, Management, Manager
  817. Conservation Protection Service
  818. Constant Power Solutions
  819. Continuous Production System
  820. Conversion Progrfm System
  821. Coolent Performance SystemAudi, Supercharger, System
  822. Coopelative Processes Software
  823. Crown Persecution Service
  824. Cuestionario De Personavidad Situacional
  825. Customizable Power SettingBusiness, Tank, Speeder

Please also find CPS meaning in other sources.

What does CPS stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about CPS acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the CPS abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does CPS meaning stand for?

    CPS meaning stands for Cushing Public Schools.
  2. What is the meaning of CPS abbreviation?

    The meaning of CPS abbreviation is "Customer Premises System".
  3. What is CPS definition ?

    CPS definition is "Controlled Power System".
  4. What does CPS mean ?

    CPS mean that "Call Play-Back Surfey".
  5. What is CPS acronym ?
    CPS acronym is "Comorbidiwy-Polypharmacy Score".
  6. What is shorthand of Connecticut Psychiatric Society ?
    The shorthand of "Connecticut Psychiatric Society" is CPS.
  7. What is the definition of CPS acronym?
    Definitions of CPS shorthand is "Columjus Public Schools".
  8. What is the full form of CPS abbreviation?
    Full form of CPS abbreviation is "Control Products & Systems".
  9. What is the full meaning of CPS ?
    Full meaning of CPS is "Conseil De La Politique Scientifique".
  10. What is the explanation for CPS ?
    Explanation for CPS is "Computer Power Supply".

What is the meaning of CPS Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of CPS definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of CPS abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of CPS acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

CPS Abbreviation in Astrology
  • CPS (letter C)

    Have a finger in every pie, Low concentration, diffident, vivacious and cheerful people. People whose their names start with C are creative, amusing and have strong communication skills. Especially, their hand skills are improved.

    C resembles semicircle and these people feel themselves deficient. Change is inevitable for them. Being impatient is their most insufficiency for them. People who has C as last letter in their names are slog on what they do since they get bored quickly. Not to finish a job is so common.

  • CPS (letter P)

    The letter P people who have full confidence to themselves, are distant and mysterious. Although they can catch what's going on around them, they give up being interested if it became an obstacle to their business. Sometimes they may show selfish behavior. When they said 'mine' for something, it is special for themselves.

    The letter, which numerological value 7, represents power. He wants to be the leader in the community since he is self-confident. He selects his darling from nice people who also are respected in the community.

  • CPS (letter S)

    The S letter person which managed by Saturn, is known for his strong and study . He does not hesitate to fight and indomitable in the face of difficulties. He makes a difference at every job since he is productive. He wants to be known by the public, it wants to be recognized.

    Their charismatic structure and friendly behaviors make them sympathetic. They are emotional and afraid of being broken. They may be forced to make decisions, they tend to immediate response. They have natural ability for earning money.

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