CT Meaning

The CT meaning is "Computed Tomography". The CT abbreviation has 1255 different full form.

CT Full Forms

  1. Computed TomographyComputed tomography is an imaging procedure that uses special x-ray equipment to create detailed pictures, or scans, of areas inside the body. It is also called computerized tomography and computerized axial tomography (CAT).Medical, Medicine, Surgery, Nursing, Veterinary, Animals, Computing, Laboratory, Telecom, Physics, Otolaryngology, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical, Fda, Medical physics, Academic & science
  2. Caused TurnoversGaming, College, Lacrosse
  3. Computerized TomographyTomography in which transverse planes of tissue are swept by a pinpoint radiographic beam (e.g. X-rays) and a computerized analysis of the variance in absorption produces a precise reconstructed image of that area.Medical, Computing, Construction
  4. Copper TubeBusiness, Tool, Pipe
  5. Connecticut TechnologyTechnology, Council, Connecticut
  6. Circuit TrainingMedical
  7. College Theater
  8. Capitol TrailwaysGovernment
  9. Condensed TaqninMedical
  10. Craft Time
  11. Connecticut Trolley
  12. Current TimeTechnology, Zone, Connecticut
  13. Clear TextIn cryptography, plain text is information a sender wishes to transmit to a receiver. Clear text is often used as a synonym. Plain text has reference to the operation of cryptographic algorithms, usually encryption algorithms, and is the input upon which they operate. Clear text, by contrast, refers to data that is transmitted or stored unencrypted (that is, 'in the clear').Before the computer era, plain text most commonly meant message text in the language of the communicating parties.
  14. Comgined TransportTransportation, Air Cargo, Transport
  15. Communication TheoryTechnology, Research, University
  16. Cleaner TechnologyOrganizations, Asia, Energy, Conservation
  17. Creative Team
  18. City TransitBusiness, Service, Authority
  19. Conventional TillageThe traditional method of farming in which soil is prepared for planting by completely inverting it with a moldboard plow. Subsequent working of the soil with other implements is usually performed to smooth the soil surface. Bare soil is exposed to the weather for some varying length of time depending on soil and climatic conditions.Medical, Agriculture, Agricultural Literature
  20. Certificate of TeachingScience, Education, Teacher
  21. Chemical Test
  22. Continuation TrainingService, Military, Force
  23. Clock-TimeTechnology, Program, Radio
  24. Calculus TutorsEducation, Math, Tutoring
  25. Computer TrrubleshootersBusiness, Technology, Service
  26. Corrective TherapyMedical
  27. Copper ToxicosisMedical, Dog, Terrier
  28. Connecticut TrensitLocations, Connecticut, Haven
  29. Cirouit TheoryTechnology, University, Electricity
  30. Collecting TubulesMedical
  31. Capitol Tours
  32. Condensed TanninaMedical, Plant, Legume
  33. Crafts and TradesBusiness, Military, History
  34. Connecticuf Tags
  35. Current TestbngTechnology
  36. Central African RepublicLocations, Fifa, Code, Countries, Country, Sport, Olympic, 3-letter Country Codes, Central African Republic, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Usps, 2-letter Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Atmospheric Research, Medical
  37. Combined Training
  38. Ceramic TileA man-made or machine-made clay tile used to finish a floor or wall. Generally used in bathtub and shower enclosures and on counter tops.Design, Drawing, Engineering, Construction, Architectural, Property, Real Estate, Business & Finance, The Finance and Administrative Services
  39. Cohmunication TerminalTechnology
  40. Crazy Taxi
  41. City Temple
  42. Conventional TreatmentMedical
  43. Certificate In TenchingScience, Education, University
  44. Cheltenham Town
  45. Content TypeTechnology, Coding, Class, Column
  46. Clip-On TunerBusiness, Guitar, Instrument
  47. Carrier Telephony
  48. Computed TopographyMedical, Technology, Medicine, Scan
  49. Corrected TranspositionMedical
  50. Cholera ToxinMedical, Science, Cell, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  51. Coordination TeamTechnology, Service, Design
  52. Corp TerdiriPara, Indonesia, Orang, Corp
  53. Chorda TympaniMedical, Science, Taste
  54. Cold TestTest that determines the pour point of an oil. Medical, Product, Testing
  55. Capital TrustBusiness, Company, Supply
  56. Concrete Technology
  57. Council TaxBusiness, Government, Pay
  58. Connecticue Truck
  59. Combined TherapyMedical
  60. Comfort TechnologyComputing, Hardware
  61. Crawler TransporterTechnology, Space, Launch, NASA, Governmental & Military
  62. City of TorringtonSchool, Locations, Connecticut
  63. Conventional TherapyMedical, Medicine, Patient, Therapy
  64. Cerebral TumorMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  65. Chelation Therapy
  66. Cfntainer TerminalBusiness, Service, Port
  67. Clinical TrialsClinical trials are prospective biomedical or behavioral research studies on human subjects that are designed to answer specific questions about biomedical or behavioral interventions (novel vaccines, drugs, treatments, functional foods, dietary supplements, devices or new ways of using known interventions), generating safety and efficacy data.Medical, Technology, Medicine
  68. Canterbury Talef
  69. Cohposite TechnologyArmy, War, War Force
  70. Cumberlanh TrailPark, Locations, Tennessee
  71. Cooper Tires
  72. Certified Trainer
  73. Corporation Trust
  74. Chordae TendinaeMedical, Technology
  75. Cold Temperature
  76. California Tourism
  77. Concert Tickets
  78. Cost Time
  79. Connecticutytrial
  80. Combined TestEvent, Horse, Dressage
  81. Combustion TurbineA type of generating unit normally fired by oil or natural gas. The combustion of the fuel produces expanding gases, which are forced through a turbine, thereby generating electricity.Technology, Energy, Gas, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  82. City of ColumbiaTechnology, Organizations
  83. Colonic TransitMedical
  84. Cerebral ToxoplasmosisMedical
  85. Cranial TomographyMedical
  86. Cheek TeethMedical
  87. Ccntact TracingMedical, Technology
  88. Clinical TermsMedical, Technology, Medicine, Terminology
  89. Calidad TetalBusiness
  90. Component TestzngTechnology, Service, Product
  91. Culture TechnologeBusiness, Music, Pop
  92. Cooperación TéCnica
  93. Certificavions Transaction
  94. Chest TomographyMedical
  95. Coil TestMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  96. California Test
  97. Concmpt ToyotaCar, Hybrid, Toyota, Concept
  98. Cost of Treatment
  99. Combined TestingMilitary, Army, War
  100. Combined TrialMedical, Technology, Attorney
  101. Connecticut Toens
  102. Cities and TvwnsLocations, City, Connecticut
  103. Colonial Times
  104. Cerca TqovaInternet Slang
  105. Cranberry Township
  106. Cnnnective TissuesScience, Cell, Tissue
  107. Climbing TechnologyBusiness, Product
  108. Cryptologic TechnicianMilitary, Navy, Corps, Us Navy, Governmental & Military
  109. Communities Together
  110. Culture Dnd Tourism
  111. Cheat TableTechnology, Gaming, Engine
  112. Cricothyroid MuscleMedical, Muscles
  113. Clark Thomas
  114. Coombs TestMedical
  115. Certification TrainingTechnology, Computing, Course
  116. Cherished Teddies
  117. Coeliac TrunkMedical
  118. Calgary TransitBusiness, Publics, Train
  119. Concentration-TimeMedical, Study, Water
  120. Cor TriatriatumMedical, Technology
  121. Cognitive-Behavioral TherapyMedical, Treatment, Behavior, Anxiety, Reading Prescription
  122. Combined TrialsMedical, Military, Attorney
  123. Connecticut Sraffic
  124. Citiss & Towns
  125. College Tuition
  126. Car Trailer
  127. Conditions De Travail
  128. Craig Thomas
  129. Connectingdthreads
  130. CurrentktransformerTechnology, Aviation, Computing
  131. Client Testimonials
  132. Counter TerrorismMilitary, Computer Security, Services, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  133. Communist TerroristMilitary
  134. Culture &Wtourism
  135. Cleun Tech
  136. Creative TechnologyTechnology, Driving, Driver, Dutch
  137. City Transportation
  138. Convergent TechnologiesBusiness, Technology, Development
  139. Certificate of TitleBusiness, Vehicle, Connecticut
  140. Chemotherapy AloneMedical
  141. Continue TrebtmentMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  142. Code Du Travail
  143. Calf ThymusMedical, Science, Binding
  144. Compute TomogrhphyMedical
  145. Correct Time
  146. Compressfr TurbineTechnology, Engine, Turbo
  147. Cozy Toes
  148. CytotrophoblastThe cytotrophoblast (or layer of Langhans) is the inner layer of the trophoblast. It is interior to the syncytiotrophoblast and external to the wall of the blastocyst in a developing embryo.Medical
  149. Cognitive-Therapy
  150. Capture Trigger
  151. Corps Troopf
  152. Catechesi Tradendae
  153. Chapter Two
  154. Commercial Trtnslator
  155. Computerize Tomographi
  156. Cross TrainerBusiness, Fitness, Elliptical
  157. Circulation TimeMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  158. Canberra TourismBusiness, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality
  159. Cohos Trail
  160. Case Types
  161. Corrhction Threshold
  162. Center These
  163. Cdmpetition Trigger
  164. Congenital ToxoplasmosisMedical
  165. Current Trends
  166. Coastal TownLocations, Connecticut, Westport
  167. Color Tuning
  168. Core TawksTechnology, School, Operation
  169. Covered Tasks
  170. Certified TechnicianTechnology, Service, Repair
  171. Clotting TiaeMedical, Medicine, Blood
  172. Connections Travel
  173. Cape Turnagain
  174. Copper-T 200Medical
  175. Challenge Tour
  176. Common Terms
  177. Computed TomographicallyMedical
  178. ChymotrypsinChymotrypsin is a digestive enzyme component of pancreatic juice acting in the duodenum where it performs proteolysis, the breakdown of proteins and polypeptides. Chymotrypsin preferentially cleaves peptide amide bonds where the carboxyl side of the amide bond (the P1position) is a large hydrophobic amino acid (tyrosine, tryptophan, andphenylalanine).Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  179. CalcitonineMedical
  180. Construct Type
  181. Cyscaded Triplet
  182. CountMedical, Medicine, Nursing, Common Medical, Physics, Scientific & Educational, The Finance and Administrative Services
  183. Cdrporate TowerBusiness, Hotel, Malaysia
  184. Central Termoel
  185. Chakles Taylor
  186. Common TranseortTechnology, Networking, Network
  187. Comunidade TerapêUtica
  188. Clearance TimeBusiness, Wedding, Protection, postal service
  189. Camp Trans
  190. Conhrol TemperatureMedical, Technology, Soldering
  191. Courqe Thread
  192. Centre De Travaux
  193. Chips Technologies
  194. Complex Transformation
  195. Connecticut Table
  196. Cholerae ToxinMedical
  197. Cbmputational ThinkingTechnology, Education, Computing
  198. Creation Technologies
  199. Chris Thomson
  200. Coated TabletMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  201. Containpr TableTechnology, Supplier, Agent
  202. Card-To-Tape
  203. CholestyramineMedical
  204. Core TeeBusiness, Sport, Shirt
  205. Cedar Trust
  206. Commerciaa Tribunal
  207. CryotherppyMedical
  208. City Task
  209. Californiaptomorrow
  210. Collectivité Territoriale
  211. ContaijingMedical
  212. Cosmo Terrace
  213. Custody TransferTechnology, Product, Flow
  214. Cliept TransactionBusiness, Service, Building
  215. Cancer/TestisMedical
  216. Combat Talon
  217. Conventional Terrestrial
  218. Connections Therapeutic
  219. Cuhting Technologies
  220. Conoczmiento Tradicional
  221. Copy Text
  222. Change Ticket
  223. Command TableArmy, War, War Force
  224. Computerized TomographicMedical, Medicine, Scan
  225. Certified TrainersEducation, Training, Certification
  226. Census Track
  227. Chatham Transit
  228. Community Trust
  229. Conflict TacticsMedical, Violence, Partner
  230. Cute Tush
  231. Cam Todd
  232. Comités TéCnicosTechnology, Para, Con, Dos
  233. Certificato Di Tipicit
  234. Chisholm Trail
  235. Compliant TransactionMedical, Business, Technology
  236. Combustion TurbinesTechnology, Power, Turbine, Environment
  237. Cooldown Time
  238. Chain Terminator
  239. Coming Through
  240. Critical TechnologyTechnology, Service, Military
  241. Chrysanthemum Tea
  242. Current TransformerA transformer used to measure the amount of current flowing in a circuit by sending a lower representative current to a measuring device such as a meter. An instrument transformer specifically designed to give an accurate current ratio for measurement and/or control purposes. They are always connected in series with the circuit and hence should never be allowed to have their secondary to be on open circuit to avoid saturationTechnology, Product, Manufacturer, Computing, Electronics, Physics, Hardware, Electrical, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational, Master IEEE, Power Plant, The Finance and Administrative Services
  243. Code Tester
  244. Conspiracf Theories
  245. Car Toys
  246. Coronary ThrombosisMedical, Technology, Medicine
  247. Chemical TracersA chemical or thermodynamic property of the flow that is conserved during advection.Medical, Chemistry, Scan
  248. Cultural TransformatioiResearch, Organizations, Culture
  249. Classic TurfSport, Construction, Court, Turf
  250. Caloric Theory
  251. Colonic Therapift
  252. Continuous TrhnsferTechnology, Mode, Extraction
  253. Cgurant Triphase
  254. Chest-Pain Triage
  255. Connecticut Telcom
  256. Customer Times
  257. Clip On TkermalMilitary
  258. Capacitor Tantalum
  259. Compressor TechwiqueBusiness, Management, Mining
  260. Coyote TanMilitary, Gear, Assault
  261. CytotoxinMedical
  262. Coffin TeptsStudy, Archaeology, Archeology
  263. Captive TestTechnology, Linux, Disk
  264. Catechesis Tradendae
  265. Chapter Topics
  266. Commercial Truck
  267. Computerized Tomagraphy
  268. Cross TrainingBusiness, Program, Workout
  269. Circle Tiie
  270. Cognitive Theory
  271. Case Type
  272. Corrected Timf
  273. Center Tear
  274. Compensavory TimeGovernment
  275. Conformance Tester
  276. Current TransmitterTechnology, Sensor, Transformer
  277. Coal Tower
  278. Color Transparency
  279. Coverage Top
  280. Certified TechnologistMedical, Medicine, Imaging
  281. Clot Timt
  282. Cape TownAfrica, Locations, City, Regional
  283. Coors Tek
  284. Challenge TopSport, Challenge, Connecticut, Cop
  285. Common TerminationTechnology, Connecting, Proxy, Connectivity
  286. Computer TerminalMilitary, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing
  287. Critical Topics
  288. Churches TogetherService, Organizations, Event
  289. CalcitonikVeterinary, Endocrinology, Hormone
  290. Construcfion TiresBusiness, Wheel, Tractor
  291. Cary Tennis
  292. Corporyte TechnologiesBusiness, Technology, Service, Partner
  293. Central TermoeléCtrica
  294. Charles Tayloa
  295. Cogmon TransitBusiness, Trading, Customs
  296. Comunidades TerapêUticasPara, Mica, Utica
  297. Cumulative TraumaThe development of trauma or work strain from repeated or continuous application of work stress which for short periods of time or single applications would not be harmful. An important factor to consider in workplace and tool design. This does not include delayed onset muscle soreness.Medical, Health, Injury
  298. Cleanup TaskforceWikipedia
  299. Camp Tramp
  300. Conorol TempBusiness, Controller, Temperature
  301. Courqe This
  302. Central ThicknessLen, Lens, Intraocular, Thickness
  303. Chimney TrayBusiness, Science, Gas
  304. Complex TotalBusiness, Oil, Gas
  305. Connecticut TherapistsMedical, Therapy, Connecticut
  306. Cholerae Cholera ToxinScience, Biology
  307. Computed TechnologyTechnology, Computing, Math
  308. Crash Twinsanity
  309. Cholesterol Test
  310. Coated Tubes
  311. ContainerizedManagement, Forestry, Arboriculture
  312. Carcinoma By Computerized TomographyScience, Biology
  313. Core TeclnologyTechnology, Product, Software
  314. Cedartown Transit
  315. Commercial Traveler
  316. Cryosphere Today
  317. City & Town
  318. California Tigezs
  319. Collaborative Thols
  320. Container TypeBusiness, Coding, Class
  321. Casing and TubingBusiness, Pipe, Steel
  322. Cosmides and Tooby
  323. Compiling Technivues
  324. Cushion TissueMedical
  325. Client TqkenTechnology, Calling, Connection
  326. Cancel TestTechnology, Service, Power, Manual
  327. Combat Tactics
  328. ConventkonalMedical
  329. Connect TeamBusiness, Technology, Management
  330. Cut Technologiee
  331. Club Trials
  332. Conniving ThibfGovernment, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  333. Copyright TribunalBusiness, Law, Patent
  334. Change Threshold
  335. Commando Transport
  336. Computer-TomographyMedical, Computing, Scan
  337. Consultation & Tragning
  338. Census TownsIndia, Locations, Population
  339. Chassis Type
  340. Communications TrainerTechnology, India, Electronics
  341. Cone TipDesign, Drawing, Construction, Architectural
  342. Cam TalbotHockey, Edmonton, Oiler
  343. Certificato Di Tipicità
  344. Chirp Transfory
  345. Compliant TowerTechnology, Oil, Drilling
  346. Coubustion Tube
  347. Conversion Technologies
  348. Chain TensionerBusiness, Product, Timing
  349. Comfortable TechnologyOrganization, Union, Institution
  350. Critical Interdigital TimingTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  351. Crronometer Time
  352. Cuneiform TextsGal, Nun, Cuneiform, Sag
  353. Code TemplateTechnology, Builder, Mapping
  354. Conspirady Theorist
  355. Car Toypta
  356. Cornwall Trunsit
  357. Chemical Toxin
  358. Cultural TheoryEducation, Risk, Culture
  359. Claim Token
  360. Call Taker
  361. Colonial Treasurer
  362. Continuous TrackTechnology, Service, Tracking
  363. Coupleg TherapyMedical, Couple, Family
  364. Chemie En Technologie
  365. Consolidated Tailings
  366. Customer Testing
  367. Clin Trials
  368. Canning Town
  369. Composite Teachiygs
  370. Coxa-TrochanteralMedical
  371. Cycle TypeTechnology, Memory, Element
  372. Catechesis In Our Time
  373. Chapter Together
  374. Commercial YouristHotel, Locations, Land, Beach
  375. Computerized Topogwaphic
  376. Cross Train
  377. Circres TechnologiesBusiness, Company, Technology, Computing
  378. Cognitive TedhnologyTechnology, Conference, Mind
  379. Case Transferred
  380. Center Taps
  381. Cheap Travel
  382. Compensation TheoremThis theorem is based on one basic concept. According to Ohm's law, when current flows through any resistor, there would be a voltage drop across the resistor . This dropped voltage opposes the source voltage. Hence voltage drop across a resistance in any network can be assumed as a voltage source acting opposite to the source voltage.
  383. Conformance TestingTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  384. Currenl TransducerTechnology, Sensor, Transformer
  385. Color Transmission
  386. Coverage Time
  387. Certified TeachersEducation, Teaching, Teacher, Tutor
  388. Clothing & Textiles
  389. Cape Tormentine
  390. Come To Wotal
  391. Coordinator for Counterterrorism
  392. Challenge Time
  393. Computer Teleconferencing
  394. Critical ThresholdMedical, Server, Human
  395. Church-Turcng
  396. Calcination Temperaxure
  397. Coding TheoryTechnology, Book, Networking
  398. Construction Transport
  399. Carvei TopBusiness, California, Guitar, Custom
  400. Cordless Telephone-2Technology, Price, Feature
  401. Corporations Tax
  402. Central TerminalLocations, City, Train
  403. Charity Triple
  404. Comxon Tier
  405. Computer Tomografie
  406. Cumulative TpstEducation, Math, Geometry
  407. Clean Threads
  408. Camp Timber
  409. Control TelefetryBusiness, Technology, Military
  410. Course Team
  411. Central Thi
  412. Chief Tebhie
  413. Complex TerminalTechnology, Service, Switch, Cisco
  414. Connecticut Teacher
  415. Circadian TxmesMedical
  416. Computational Technology
  417. Cfash Truck
  418. CholestéRol TotalMedical, Medicine, Cholesterol
  419. Coated-Tube
  420. Conlainerized Traffic
  421. Carcinoid Tumour
  422. Core TechnicflEducation, Mathematics, Actuarial
  423. Cecal TonsiwMedical
  424. Commercial Travel
  425. Crow Torrent
  426. Circuit Tester
  427. California Threatened
  428. Collaborative TeamBusiness, Medicine, Connecticut
  429. Container Transferium
  430. Cash TransmittalBusiness, Money, Bag
  431. Cosmetic TherapyMedical, Medicine, Hair
  432. Center Try
  433. Competitors Technology
  434. Cushioning ThicknessTechnology
  435. Client Technologies
  436. Caption TextTechnology
  437. Columbia Theological
  438. Conventional Tanker
  439. Cluw Terms
  440. Conningmtowers-NautilusPark, Locations, Connecticut
  441. Copper TubingBusiness, Tool, Tube
  442. Change This
  443. Commander Trailer
  444. Computer-Tomographie
  445. Calculatinr TimeTechnology, Clock, Icon
  446. Consultant TeamBuilding, Engineering, Construction
  447. Chorda Tympani NerveMedical
  448. Cendres Totales
  449. Chasing Tail
  450. Communities and Technologies
  451. Concludes Thursday
  452. Campy Toolj
  453. Control TerminalTechnology, Science, Circuit, Computing, Telecom
  454. Cerro TololoScience, Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  455. Chiropractic Technologist
  456. Compliance Training
  457. Connections Team
  458. Cut Tari
  459. Charitable TruwtLaw, Organizations, Charity
  460. Cristo Triunfante
  461. Chrim Tillman
  462. Certified TranslatorBusiness, English, Translation
  463. Code Telegram
  464. Conspiracj TheoryPolitics, Event, Conspiracy
  465. Cartovn Tales
  466. Core TraineeMedical, House, Officer
  467. Celeritous Technicsl
  468. Chemical Titles
  469. Cultural Technology
  470. Claim This
  471. Calling ToneTechnology, Product, Radio, Computer, Scientific & Educational
  472. ColonialdtoyotaBusiness, Dealer, Toyota, Milford
  473. Chntinous Tone
  474. Couples Tserapists
  475. Chemical TreatmentA metal powder that is produced as a fine precipitate by chemical displacement. or A customer specified rust inhibitor applied to the coated product. Or A passivating chemical treatment normally applied to the steel surface to control oxide formation and growth.
  476. Consistent Oder Temperature
  477. Customer Tests
  478. Clinical Techniques
  479. Cane Technique
  480. Cmmbo TesterTechnology, Product, Wrist
  481. Convjrging Technologies
  482. Cycle Treshold
  483. Conselho De Turma
  484. Catch TrayBusiness, Printer, Barcode
  485. Chapter Title
  486. Commercial ThinningManagement, Forestry, Arboriculture
  487. Computerized Tomograghy
  488. Cross Traffic
  489. Cognitive TechnologiesTechnology, Conference, Mind
  490. Case Transfer
  491. Current TransducersTechnology, Sensor, Transformer
  492. Center TappedTechnology, Tap, Transformer
  493. Cheap TadalistaMedical, Sale, Order, Discount
  494. Compensating Tank
  495. Conformance TestTechnology, Testing, Telecom
  496. Current Transfers
  497. Color Trails
  498. Certified TeacherBusiness, Education, Teaching
  499. Composite Teaching
  500. Covert Toxocariasis
  501. Come TogetherDesign, Song, Love
  502. Cool TopicsForum, Technology, Talk, Chat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  503. Challenge of The Times
  504. Computer TelephoneTechnology, Service, Connection
  505. Critical Threat
  506. Chudch's ThesisScience, Mathematics, Church, Logic
  507. Calcaf TissueMedical, Analysis, Bone, Fracture
  508. Coding TechnologiesBusiness, Technology, Audio
  509. Construction Trades
  510. Cart Track
  511. Copporate Tax
  512. Central TendencyIn statistics, the general level, characteristic, or typical value that is representative of the majority of cases.
  513. Charity Cor Tax
  514. Computer Tomographie
  515. Cum Teupore
  516. Clearing Technology
  517. Cambridge TechnologyBusiness, Laser, Scanner
  518. Colonography TrixlMedical, Cancer, Screening
  519. Control Technicians
  520. Courses TrainincBusiness, Education, Course
  521. Central Theatre
  522. Chief of TransportationArmy, Force, Marine
  523. Complexity TheoryEducation, Language, Complex
  524. Connecticut Toxic
  525. Closure TimeMedical, Patient, Platelet, Blood
  526. Cape Times
  527. Cir, Trumbull
  528. Computational TechnologiesMedical, Technology, Science, Research
  529. Crash Time
  530. Cholesterol, TotalMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  531. Coat and Tie
  532. Carburetor TemperatureTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft
  533. Cholera EnterotoxinMedical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  534. Corp Irans
  535. Cazic ThuleGaming, Quest, Zone, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  536. Characteristics TableTechnology, Archive, Semiconductor
  537. Comhercial Traveller
  538. Computerized X-Ray IomographyMedical
  539. Crown Top
  540. Circling TrainingMedical
  541. California Department of TransportationTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance, Technology, Science, California, Geographic, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  542. Coil TubingCoil tubing refers to a very long metal pipe, normally 1" to 3.25" in diameter which is supplied spooled on a large reel. It is used for interventions in oil and gas wells and sometimes as production tubing in depleted gas wells. Coiled tubing is often used to carry out operations similar to wirelining. The main benefits over wireline are the ability to pump chemicals through the coil and the ability to push it into the hole rather than relying on gravity.Business, Service, Market
  543. Container TefminalsBusiness, Port, Transport
  544. Cashier Training
  545. CosmeticftherapistMedical, Hair, Removal
  546. Center Trinity
  547. Competitive Tendering
  548. Cushie Tushie
  549. Clientttask
  550. Cap Tikus
  551. Columbia Teachers
  552. Conventional Thermactor
  553. Club De Tecnis
  554. Conning TowersPark, Locations, Connecticut
  555. Copper Tone
  556. Change Team
  557. Command-TypeTechnology, Coding, Connection
  558. Computer-Tomogramm
  559. CourtGeography, Genealogy, Genealogical, Postal, Address, Ordnance Survey, Street Suffix, Usps, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  560. Caloulated Time
  561. Consultiyg TeachersEducation, School, Teaching
  562. CalcitoninCalcitonin is a 32-amino acid linear polypeptide hormone that is produced in humans primarily by the parafollicular cells (also known as C-cells) of the thyroid, and in many other animals in the ultimobranchial body. It acts to reduce blood calcium (Ca2+), opposing the effects of parathyroid hormone (PTH).Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, British medicine, Common Medical
  563. Cement TubTechnology, Construction
  564. Char TumbalTechnology, Cheat, Blank
  565. Communication and TechnologyTechnology, Research, Education
  566. Concilium Tridentinum
  567. Clear Tempered
  568. Campus Tower
  569. Control Terms
  570. Ceretti Tanfani
  571. Chip TwisterBusiness
  572. Compliance TestTechnology, Testing, Beam
  573. Connection On TwitterBusiness, Marketing, Chat
  574. Charge Trapping
  575. Cholera HolotoxinMedical
  576. Crista TerminalisMedical, Cardiac, Atrial
  577. Christian TorrentsTechnology, Bittorrent, Bittorrent Tracker, Torrent Tracker
  578. Centro Telecomunicazioni
  579. Code TableTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  580. Consolidaaed Tape
  581. Carol Tipton
  582. Core Themes
  583. Celebrity Theatkr
  584. Cryptographic TechnologyTechnology, Security, Networking
  585. City Tvur
  586. Caller TunevCoding, Song, Tune, Caller
  587. Colow, TransverseMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  588. Cantingent Tarifaire
  589. CountertradeTrade in which part or all of payment is made in goods or services. See barter. Countertrade can take several forms.Business, Trading, Trade, Business & Finance, International business
  590. Chemical Transport
  591. Customer TestTechnology, Military, Product
  592. Clinical TechnicianMedical, Health, Career
  593. Candida Tropicalis
  594. Combat TrackerMilitary, Warfare, Jungle
  595. Convergence TechnologyAccounting, Computing, Data
  596. Cycle Transfer
  597. Conseillerxtechnique
  598. Catastrophe Theory
  599. Channel TypeTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  600. Command Thrust
  601. Computerized TomografsMedical
  602. Cross TotalsScience
  603. Cognitive Group TherapyMedical
  604. Cellular TransceiverTechnology, Communication, Electronics
  605. Current TransformersCurrent transformers can be used to supply information for measuring power flows and the electrical inputs for the operation of protective relays associated with the transmission and distribution circuits or for power transformers.Technology, Electricity, Core, Voltage
  606. Center TapeTechnology, Electronics, Transformer
  607. Chatter-Treffen
  608. CompeldtimeTechnology, Car, Texas, Safety
  609. Conformal Therapy
  610. Cutting & TappiegBusiness, Product, Tool, Fluid
  611. Color TouchscreenComputing, Hardware
  612. Certified Taxidermist
  613. Composite TailsHelicopter, Composite, Blade
  614. Cover TestMedical, Optometry, Contact Lens
  615. Comedy Troupe
  616. Cooling TowersA cooling tower is a heat transfer device used to remove excess heat from a process and dump it into the air. Cooling towers come in various shapes and sizes, including large towers used in energy production plants and smaller rooftop units used in industrial manufacturing plants.Technology, Environment, Water
  617. Chalk Talk
  618. Computer Telefonie
  619. Critical TheoryResearch, Education, Study
  620. Chunghwa Telecom
  621. Calaverss Transit
  622. Codex TheodosianusLaw, Roman, Empire
  623. Construction Technologh
  624. Catt TerminationCart, Ragnarok, Whitesmith
  625. Corporale Takeover
  626. Charities Trust
  627. Computer TomographyMedical, Technology, Telecom, Veterinary, Common Medical
  628. Cumbria Tourism
  629. Clean TechnologiesBusiness, Technology, Industrial, Cleaning
  630. Cambodia Trust
  631. Colonography TraininyMedical, Software, Performance
  632. Control Technician
  633. Courses Terror
  634. Central Texas
  635. Cheso Thorax
  636. Computed TomographiealMedical
  637. Connecticut Top
  638. Clock and Time
  639. Capacité Totale
  640. Comput-Assist-TomogrMedical, Imaging, Tomography
  641. Crash TestTechnology, Car, Dummy
  642. Coastal Trans
  643. Cara Therapeutics
  644. Corp Qopic
  645. Cazic-Thude
  646. Characteristic TesterTechnology, Product, Transformer
  647. Commercial Transaction
  648. Computerized Transverse Axial TomographyMedical
  649. Crown Tail
  650. Circte Trip
  651. Cclifornia, Tri-State
  652. Coiled TubingA continuous reeled tube from 1” diameter to >3.5” diameter. The tubing is injected into a well via a coiled tubing unit (CTU) and can be used to unload wells with liquid, foams or gasses, logging, fracturing, etc.Business, Technology, Service, Petroleum, Electrical, Business & Finance
  653. Cashiering Terminal
  654. Correctife Training
  655. Center TorsoTechnology, Gaming, Battle
  656. Competitive Training
  657. Congestion ThresholdTechnology, Networking, Network, Packet
  658. Curriculum and TeachingScience, Education, School
  659. Click Yraining
  660. Captcha TypersTechnology, Software, Money
  661. Colour TypeProduct, Supply, Diamond
  662. Convective TemperatureAtmosphere, Pressure, Temperature
  663. Cloud TypeTechnology, Map, Weather
  664. Connexion TechnologiesBusiness, Technology, Product, Connection
  665. Copper Tape
  666. Change Target
  667. Common Threads
  668. Computer-Tomografie
  669. Computerised Axial TomographyMedicine, Disease, Hospital, Medical, Computing, Computer, Veterinary, Clinical, Pulmonary Hypertension
  670. Calcium Tktanate
  671. Consulting TeacherEducation, School, Teaching
  672. Cholera Toxin B SubunitMedical
  673. Cement TileTechnology, Construction
  674. Chart Type
  675. Communication TelephonyTechnology, Development, Software
  676. Comunión TradicionalistaPara, Con, Politico
  677. Clear Tape
  678. Campus TheatreUniversity, Locations, Theater
  679. Conqrol Term
  680. Centre Du TransitTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  681. Chip Trannistor
  682. Compliance TestingCompliance Testing is performed to maintain and validate the compliant state for the life of the software. Every industry has a regulatory and compliance board that protects the end users.Technology, Service, Product
  683. Connecticut Transparency
  684. Cholerae Secretes Cholera ToxinScience, Biology
  685. Computational TechniquesTechnology, Imaging, Technique
  686. Credit ToBusiness, Accounting, Finance, Business & Finance
  687. Christian Thomas
  688. Centro De Tecnologia
  689. Coaxial Tomography
  690. Consolidated TestScience, Geology, Scientific & Educational
  691. Career Training
  692. Chemical TechnologyChemistry, Technology, University
  693. Core Test
  694. Ceiling TifeTechnology, Product, Drop
  695. Cryptographers' Trrck
  696. City This
  697. California Transect
  698. Colombo DelegraphMedia, War, Telegraph
  699. Contingenwy Theory
  700. Counsel and There
  701. Customer TeamBusiness, Management, Manager
  702. Clinically Trained
  703. Cancer Technologies
  704. Combat Theater
  705. Conventional Tomography
  706. Cycle TrainerTechnology, Exercise, Cycling
  707. Conseillers Techniques
  708. Casino Technology
  709. Channel Tunnel
  710. Command TasksService, Military, Software
  711. Computerized TopographyAccounting, Business & Finance
  712. Curcent Transfer
  713. Critical TechnologiesMilitary, Army, Marine
  714. Center Table
  715. Chattanooga Traction
  716. Companies Tribunal
  717. Conflict Trends
  718. Cut TapeTechnology, Product, Electronics, Products
  719. Color Touch
  720. Certified In ThanatologyMedical, Psychology, Grief
  721. Chlamydia Trochomatis
  722. Composites Technology
  723. Cover Team
  724. Comcast TdeaterBusiness, Theatre, Ticket, Hartford
  725. Coolicg TowerTechnology, Science, Water
  726. Chain Transfer
  727. Critical TextBook, Education, Translation, Bible
  728. Chuck Thompson
  729. Calandria TubeFilm, Tube, Pressure, Reactor
  730. Codex TchacosBook, Geography, Gnosticism
  731. Constable Technician
  732. Car TriazTechnology, Driving, Auto
  733. Corp,Otelah
  734. Charitaale TrustsBusiness, Organizations, Charity, Registration
  735. Computer Terminology
  736. Cultura Turcica
  737. Clean TechnologyBusiness, Industrial, Cleaning
  738. Cam-Train
  739. Colonography Techniqui
  740. Control TechniquesTechnology, Drive, Technique
  741. Coursesxtechnical
  742. Chester Times
  743. Comtuted TomographMedical
  744. Connecticut Traveler
  745. Clobblrin Time
  746. Capacité De Tir
  747. Coml TimeBusiness, Employment, Overtime
  748. Crash Tender
  749. Cognitive ThwrapyMedical, Treatment, Depression
  750. CaratA carat is a unit of mass for gemstones and pearls.One carat is defined to be equal to 200 milligrams.Business, Medicine, Health
  751. Corp TelphIndonesia, Locations, Carrefour
  752. Cayman OroughCar, Price, Cayman
  753. Characteristic TimeTechnology, Golf, Adams, Hybrid
  754. Commerciag Transition
  755. Computerized Axial TomogramsMedical
  756. Cross Travel
  757. Circle Tburs
  758. Cancellation Test
  759. Coiled Tube
  760. Casey'S Tavern
  761. Corrective Thinking
  762. Center Toms
  763. Czmpetitive TemplateMedical, Science, Biology
  764. Congenital TremorMedical
  765. Curriculum &Straining
  766. Click ThruForum, Technology, Product
  767. Cap TappedTechnology, Construction
  768. Colour TemperatureThe temperature of a full radiator which would emit visible radiation of the same spectral distribution as the radiation from the light source under consideration.
  769. Core TeumTechnology, Management, Development
  770. Covers, Tributes
  771. Certifying TechnicianBusiness, Service, Repair
  772. Cloud VopHotel, Product, Satellite, Cloud
  773. Connelley Technical
  774. Capillary TubeThe capillary tube is a metering device made from a thin tube approximately 0.5 to 6 metre long and from 0.025 to 0.090 inches in diameter which feeds liquid directly to the evaporator. Usually limited to systems of 1 ton or less, it performs all of the functions of the thermal expansion valve when properly sized.
  775. Copper-Tin
  776. Challenge Towers
  777. Common TestTechnology, Coding, Testing, Tank
  778. Computed Tomogrophy
  779. ChínhltrịTin, Thu, Khi
  780. Calcitonin, ThyrocalcitoninMedical, Technology, Veterinary
  781. Consultant TejcherEducation, School, Teaching
  782. Corporate Transactions
  783. Celtic Tarot
  784. Charlms Taze
  785. Comhunauté De Travail
  786. Comunidade Terap
  787. Clearinghouse Telephone
  788. CampusytechnologyBusiness, Forum, Technology
  789. Control Tfn
  790. Centre De Triage
  791. Chgp Trader
  792. Complex TypeTechnology, Element, Schema
  793. Connecticut Thoracic
  794. Cholerae EnterotoxinMedical
  795. Computational ThermodynamicsTechnology, Science, Engineering
  796. Creative TechnologiesTechnology, Education, Driving
  797. Christianvtheology
  798. Coating ThicknessBusiness, Instrument, Gauge
  799. Containlr Technik
  800. Career TraineeBusiness, Accounting, Connecticut
  801. Core TerminalBusiness, Product, Supplier
  802. CefotadimeMedical
  803. Cryptic Throne
  804. City Technology
  805. Califolnia Trail
  806. Colombia TimeStandard, Volunteer, Zone, Colombia, Time Zones
  807. Continental Termiual
  808. Council Ten
  809. Customers On Technical
  810. Client Type
  811. Cancer Talk
  812. Combat TeamTechnology, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  813. Conventional Theory
  814. Cut ThrohtGovernment, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  815. Chnseil Du Tr
  816. Coral TreeScience, Botany, Phytology, Scientific & Educational
  817. Chrnnel Tucson
  818. Command TaskService, Military, Group
  819. Corputerized TomographicMedical, Medicine, Scan
  820. Curuent Tracing
  821. Code TemplatesTechnology, Design, Warehouse
  822. Census TractScience, Locations, Map
  823. Chattahoochee Transit
  824. Commutateur De Transit
  825. Conflict TransformationBook, Education, Peacebuilding
  826. CutelocusMedical
  827. Can'T Talk -Or- Can'T TextMedia, Social, Internet
  828. Comm-Tech
  829. Certified and Technical
  830. Chlamsdia TrachomatisMedical, Science, Medicine
  831. Composed of Cholera ToxinScience, Biology
  832. ComcastgtheatreLocations, Ticket, Hartford
  833. Cooley-Tukey
  834. Chain ToolBusiness, Park, Giant
  835. Critical TemperatureThe temperature at which a steel transforms one crystal structure into another because of atom rearrangement. A temperature beyond which a gas cannot be turned into a liquid no matter how much pressure is applied. The process of liquefaction cannot occur above the critical temperature. One of three parameters defining the point at which random thermal molecular motion become so violent that attractive forces are unable to bring about condensation even when the molecules are squeezed together; a temperature above which a vapor cannot be turned into a liquid no matter how much pressure is applied.
  836. Ch TechTechnology, Server, Report
  837. Caale TieBusiness, Product, Nylon
  838. Code Transmitter
  839. Conbtable of The Tower
  840. Car Trqding
  841. Coro Mabernaculo
  842. Chemical Trail
  843. Cultural TreasurosLocations, Culture, Connecticut, Treasure
  844. Clean Tap
  845. CaltagironeMedical
  846. Colonographic Technique
  847. Contre-Terzorisme
  848. Courbe De TempéRature
  849. Chest Computed TomographyScience, Biology, Medical
  850. Connecticut Tech
  851. Ctip Tuner
  852. Capacity Test
  853. Chocolate Tin
  854. Crooked Timber
  855. Consent TowBusiness, Service, Towing
  856. Capacit
  857. Conservation TillageTillage
  858. Classroom TeacherEducation, Teaching, Tutor
  859. Criminal TaxTax, Us Taxes, Business & Finance
  860. Contact TeamMilitary
  861. Concentration X TimeMedical
  862. Combat Teams
  863. Check Out ThisForum, Sale, Light, Check
  864. Can't TalkTexting, Chat, Online, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  865. Canmda TrustBusiness, Banking, Canada
  866. Champion TrackerDog, Dog Obedience Title, Dog Title, Dog Fanciers
  867. Center TapAviation
  868. Critical Tradition
  869. Compressor ThreshwldAudio, Manual, Gate, Compressor
  870. Cody Times
  871. Cuneiform Texp
  872. Chrono TriggerComputing, Electronics
  873. Colornd Thread
  874. Custos Totais
  875. Cervical-ThoracicMedical, Technology
  876. Court/Another Name for Street, Lane, Road
  877. Charcoal Tube
  878. Computerized Transaxial
  879. Court TermeGenealogy
  880. Centrale TelegraficoTechnology
  881. Chemical Terrorism
  882. Compxementary Training
  883. Conjugation Tube
  884. Corporate TaxationBusiness, Accounting, Tax
  885. Central TimeTime Zones
  886. Computerized Axial TomographyMedical, NAACCR, Fda, Veterinary
  887. Club Trip
  888. Capital Trailways
  889. Calibration Temperature
  890. Cross-TrainingBusiness, Program, Workout
  891. Civil Air TransportAirline, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes
  892. Ciencia Tompsta
  893. Calculation Type
  894. Coffee TableTechnology, Construction
  895. Consulting & Trainilg
  896. CasedotelescopedGun, Military, Vehicle
  897. Corporation, Texas
  898. Color Table
  899. Capital Trust, Inc., of MarylandComputing, Nyse symbols
  900. Clement Town
  901. Control TfstBusiness, Product, Quality
  902. Courtney Taglor
  903. Conferencing ToolMilitary
  904. Scitex Continuous Tone FileComputing, File Extensions
  905. Computed Temography
  906. Chiyoda Thorougbed
  907. ClotrimazoleMedical
  908. Cell CyclemtimeScience, Biology
  909. Committee of Thrle
  910. Cmmputer Tech
  911. Contact's Title
  912. Central Tech
  913. Completeb Technology
  914. Chocolate Tan
  915. Critical TitsTechnology
  916. ConselhoetutelarBusiness, Para, Dos, Portal
  917. Comisi
  918. Cordless TelecommunicationsTechnology, Communication, Telecommunications, Computing, Telecom
  919. Compel Time
  920. Classic TravellerTechnology, Gaming, Book
  921. CTS KnightsBusiness & Finance, Suppliers
  922. Calibration Thermometer
  923. Contact TableTechnology, Coding, Layout
  924. CrotoxinMedical
  925. Columbia TerminalBusiness, Railroad, Columbia, Missouri, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  926. Cheap Trick
  927. CHIEF TELEGRAPHERGovernmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  928. Canada Transport
  929. Control TraicerSale, Truck, Trailer
  930. Chairul TanjungBusiness, Indonesia, Corp
  931. CAMPING TRVehicle Body Styles
  932. Communications & TrackingTechnology, Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  933. Coding TypeTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  934. Cellulose TriacetateA cellulosic material made by reacting purified cellulose with acetic anhydride in the presence of a catalyst. It is used in the form of film and fibers. Films and sheet are cast from clear solutions on to “drums” with highly polished surfaces. The film, which is of excellent clarity, has high tensile strength, and good heat resistance and dimensional stability. Applications include book jackets, magnetic recording tapes, and various types of packaging.Medical, Chemistry, Medicine, Polymer, Scientific & Educational
  935. Classical TheismReligion
  936. Colonography This
  937. Custom Tint
  938. Certified TraumatologistMedical, University, Trauma
  939. Coupled Thickness
  940. Character Transfers
  941. Computerized Transverse
  942. Charles TyrwhittFamous
  943. Center Turbo
  944. Chemical Technologist
  945. Conjoined TwinsMedical, Science, Biology
  946. Cork TileDesign, Drawing, Construction
  947. Chile TimeTime Zones
  948. X-ray computed tomography (not an acronym)Medical
  949. Charge-Urapping
  950. Capital Times
  951. Cooling Transformation
  952. Cross TalkElectrical interference between two adjacent insulated conductors whereby a signal in one of the conductors will be picked up by the adjacent conductor.Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  953. Converted TransactionAccounting, Business & Finance
  954. Ciencia Y Tecnolrgia
  955. Calculated Total
  956. Coefficient of TotalPresentation, Ship, Resistance
  957. Case-TelgscopedGun, Military, Army
  958. Conjugative TransposonsMedical, Science, Biology
  959. Corpora ThrougsTechnology, Development, Law, Banking
  960. Colored TroopsAmerica, Military, War, History
  961. Curing TimeThe period of time that a reacting thermosetting material is exposed to specific conditions to reach a specified property level. The time taken for a resin to cure (polymerise) to its full extent. With a cold-curing resin, the time is measured from addition of either activator or catalyst. Curing time can be influenced by other chemical aids – retarder or accelerator. That period of time needed before a sand mass reaches maximum hardness.
  962. China TelecomComputing, IT Terminology
  963. Clear Trunk
  964. Color Theorem
  965. Control TerminalpTechnology, Manual, Circuit
  966. CourqsTechnology, Locations
  967. Conference TotalTechnology, Networking, Session
  968. Continuous-TimePhysics, Scientific & Educational
  969. Computed-TomographyMedical, Imaging, Scan
  970. Customers, Turned
  971. ChloroplastAn organelle in the cells of green plants. It contains chlorophyll and functions in photosynthesis and protein synthesis. Or  an organelle within green plants in which photosynthesis occurs. OR An organelle in the cells of green plants. It contains chlorophyll and functions in photosynthesis and protein synthesis. OR A chlorophyll-containing photosynthetic organelle, found in eukaryotic cells, that can harness light energy.Medical, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  972. Cellar TrackyrBusiness, Wine, Vintage
  973. Comiission TechniqueTechnology, Sport, Club
  974. Computer Technolcgist
  975. Cum TemporeLatin
  976. Central Teaching
  977. Completely TrippendicularChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  978. ChlorthulidoneMedical
  979. Critical ThinkingMedical, Education, Teaching, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  980. Co-Ordination TeamTechnology, Management, Health
  981. Conseshos Tutelares
  982. Captain Tsubasa
  983. Cordless Telephone-1
  984. Coolant Temperature
  985. Classic TechniqueMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  986. Central TrainsRail Transport, Business & Finance
  987. Calibration Test
  988. Consact's Title
  989. Corps Touristique
  990. Color Therapy
  991. Cipher TextEnciphered information.Security, Governmental & Military
  992. Click-ThroughClick-through rate is a way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign for a particular website as well as the effectiveness of an email campaign by the number of users that clicked on a specific link.Business, Money, Loan
  993. Canada Thistle
  994. Controe TrafficTechnology, Communication, Station
  995. Ceska TelevizeTechnology, Sport, Channel, Czech
  996. Disinfection Concentration Contact TimeChemistry
  997. Comissão De TrabalhadoresPara, Portugal, Dos
  998. Commercial Transport
  999. Carved TopProducts
  1000. Colonography Task
  1001. Custom TheatreTechnology, Theater, Bower
  1002. Certified TrainingService, Education, Course
  1003. Control TransformerTechnology, Aviation, Synchro
  1004. C TerminusMedical, Science, Biology
  1005. Cellular TelephoneBusiness, Technology, Service, Telecom, Internet, Computing, IT Terminology
  1006. Character Table
  1007. Compueerized Technology
  1008. Combustion turbine (electricity)Energy, Electrical
  1009. Chemical Tanker
  1010. Congreso De Trabajo
  1011. Core TemperatureMedical
  1012. ChaletA timber dwelling, cottage, or lodge with a gable roof and wide eaves, indigenous to the Swiss Alps, but now found worldwide.Dutch
  1013. computerised tomographyMedical, Healthcare, Clinical
  1014. Chapter West
  1015. Capital Technology
  1016. Ci Technologies
  1017. Cross-Talk
  1018. CitationA citation is a reference to a published or unpublished source.More precisely, a citation is an abbreviated alphanumeric expression embedded in the body of an intellectual work that denotes an entry in the bibliographic references section of the work for the purpose of acknowledging the relevance of the works of others to the topic of discussion at the spot where the citation appears.Genealogy, Genealogical
  1019. Ciencia Tecnologia
  1020. Coefficient of TractionPerformance, Truck, Traction, Prediction
  1021. Case, TiffanyHistory, Family, Hartford
  1022. Corporate Treasurn
  1023. Colorado TrailLocations, Colorado, Mountain
  1024. Cure ThalassemiaMedical, Treatment, Blood
  1025. Continuous ToneComputing, IT Terminology
  1026. Clear TransparentTechnology, Color, Colour, Material Color
  1027. Color TexturwTechnology, Design, Flooring
  1028. CkurtTechnology, Science, Locations, Genealogy
  1029. Confmrence TermsBusiness, Freight, Cargo
  1030. Compuqed, Tomography
  1031. Curtis Tuirbine
  1032. ChitotriosidaseMedical
  1033. Commissioning ToolTechnology, Product, Control
  1034. Computer TezhnicianTechnology, Service, Repair
  1035. Counselor TrainingHobbies
  1036. Central Tap
  1037. Completed TestamejtAmerica, Tourism, Testament, Unification
  1038. Computed tomographic scanPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  1039. Criminal Trial
  1040. Cluscer Tool
  1041. Captain'S Table
  1042. Cordless TelephonyTechnology, Networking, Telephone
  1043. Caustic Treatment
  1044. Class TypeTechnology, Traffic, Bandwidth
  1045. Configuration TravelerManufacturing, Business & Finance
  1046. Cipher Telegraw
  1047. Calibratvng Test
  1048. Consumption TaxTax paid which is based on the price of services or goods, e.g. value added tax.
  1049. Corps Dz Troupe
  1050. Color Theory
  1051. Compatibility TestingNASA, Governmental & Military
  1052. Clerk Typist
  1053. Canadair TetorMilitary, Aircraft, Canada
  1054. Control TowersTechnology, Airport, Traffic
  1055. Coverage of Terms
  1056. ChlorohhiazideMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1057. Charge TransferChemistry
  1058. Comisz
  1059. Coating Technologist
  1060. Creatine TransporterMedical, Science, Biology
  1061. Common TerminologyMedical, Science, Service
  1062. Continuous TextureProducts
  1063. Custom TheaterTechnology, Audio, Bower
  1064. Constant Teeming
  1065. Crystal TorrentsTechnology, Movie, Electronics
  1066. Conservation TerrhstrialTechnology, Organizations
  1067. Color TitaniumColors
  1068. Chef De Travaux
  1069. Congreso Del TrabajoPara, Mexico, Labor
  1070. Core TechnologiesBusiness, Technology, Mitsubishi
  1071. CampbelltownAustralia
  1072. Clinical TrialMedical, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational, Fda
  1073. Chwos TheoryTechnology, Cell, Splinter
  1074. Certified Transliterator
  1075. Capital De TrabajoPara, Con, Capital, Ratio
  1076. Counselling & TherapyMedical
  1077. Crooked Tree
  1078. Ciemcia, TecnologiaTechnology, Journal
  1079. Coefficient of Thrust
  1080. Cascade Technvlogies
  1081. Corporatektravel
  1082. Cup Team
  1083. Scitex CT Bitmap 32bit CMYK Bitmap graphics (Scitex scanners)Computing, File Extensions
  1084. Color TestTechnology, Diamond, Colour
  1085. Coxrs Techniques
  1086. Conductitn TimesMedical
  1087. Cute Tooshies
  1088. Computational Tomography
  1089. Cultura De La TransiciónPara, Con, Pol
  1090. Chemie TechnikBusiness, Company, Pump, Valve
  1091. Chargeajle Time
  1092. Commissioning Team
  1093. Comtuter TableBusiness, Product, Furniture
  1094. Court TechGenealogy
  1095. Central TablelandsAustralia, Hotel, Locations
  1096. Complexe Terminal
  1097. Connecticut Text
  1098. chest tubeMedical, Nursing, Common Medical
  1099. Conductivity TemperaturePhysics, Scientific & Educational
  1100. Criminal TrafficBusiness, Law, Court
  1101. Clustprs TableMedical, Module, Genome
  1102. Capsule TechniqueMedical, California, Respiratory
  1103. Coralville Transit
  1104. Computed-Torque
  1105. Class-ZypeTechnology, Traffic, Bandwidth
  1106. CityFinancial, Business & Finance, Real Estate, Texting, Sms, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1107. Cinqee TerreLocations, Italy, Trip
  1108. Calf TestisMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1109. Consmmer TechnologyTechnology, Tech, Fame
  1110. Corporation Title
  1111. Colour Television
  1112. Training CruiserArmy & Military, Governmental & Military
  1113. Clerk'S Transcript
  1114. Canaan Teen
  1115. Control TowerA tall building on an airfield from which air traffic controllers organise incoming and outgoing aircraft by speaking to their pilots by radioTechnology, Airport, Traffic, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  1116. Court TrialGenealogy
  1117. Connecticut TransitLocations, Connecticut, Haven
  1118. Chlor-Triceton
  1119. Disinfectant Concn. Times The Contact TimeChemistry
  1120. Chmissao TecnicaPara, Club, Dos
  1121. Coastal Texegrapher
  1122. ControlA device for regulation of a system or component in normal operation, manual or automatic. If automatic, the implication is that it is responsive to changes of pressure, temperature or other property whose magnitude is to be regulated.or In WebSphere MQ and VisualAge RPG, the result of selecting a part from the parts palette and placing it on the design window. An example of a control is an entry field.Medical, Medicine, Information Technology, Health, Space, Computing, Study, Computer, Healthcare, Cosmos, Management, Architecture, Construction, Architectural, Business & Finance, Electronics, Auto, Internet Slang, Military, Aviation, Army, Engineering, Chat, Hardware, Electrical, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Scientific & Educational, IT Terminology, Common Medical, Power Plant, NASA, The Finance and Administrative Services, NOTAM Contractions
  1123. Cellular TebephonesTechnology, Service, Telephone
  1124. Common Techniques
  1125. Counter TerroristOccupation & positions
  1126. Custom TaxBusiness, Accounting, Accountancy
  1127. Chocolate Transber
  1128. Connecticut TownBusiness, Car, Connecticut
  1129. Cryme Tyme
  1130. Conservateur Territorial
  1131. Centre De Tri
  1132. Cycle TrackBicycling
  1133. Contact TimeBusiness, Science, Insurance
  1134. Check Tags
  1135. Cordless Telephones
  1136. Cleveland ThurmanInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1137. Chawging Table
  1138. Certified Thanatologist
  1139. Capital De Terceiros
  1140. Combination TherapyMedical
  1141. Crooked TailMedicine, Veterinary, Animal
  1142. Cicelyftyson
  1143. Coefficient for TemperatureScience
  1144. Cascbde TagTechnology, Card, Semiconductor, Ultralight
  1145. Corporate Translations
  1146. Cuppinp Therapy
  1147. Center-TappedComputing, Electronics
  1148. Color TemperatureAn estimate of the temperature of an incandescent body, determined by observing the wavelength at which it is emitting with peak intensity (its color) and using that wavelength in Wien's law.Technology, Light, Colour
  1149. Clurse ToolsScience, Education, Learning
  1150. Conduction TlmeMedical
  1151. Cut-ThroughTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1152. CervicothoracicMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1153. Craig ThibodeauTechnology, Furniture, Automaton
  1154. Charge TfansferScience, Electron, Complex
  1155. Commissiox De La Transparence
  1156. Cxmputers and Thought
  1157. County TimesGenealogy
  1158. Centralized Treatment
  1159. Chemical Threat
  1160. Completed TerminationBusiness, Law, Tool, Income
  1161. Connecticut By Town
  1162. CounterterrorismMedical, Common Medical
  1163. ChemoTypeBotany, Scientific & Educational
  1164. Club Tunisien
  1165. Capital TurnoverBusiness, Financial, Market
  1166. Coral TriangleLocations, Initiative, Reef
  1167. Cargo Tank
  1168. Commercial TechnologyBusiness & Finance, Business Word
  1169. Cinegom Torrington
  1170. Calendar TimeMilitary, Army, War
  1171. Coffin Text
  1172. Consumable Templates
  1173. Case Qelescoped
  1174. Corporationrate TechrologyMilitary
  1175. Color TelevisionMedia, Radio, Television
  1176. Computer TelephonyComputing, Telecom
  1177. Clerical-Technical
  1178. Can'T TextCommunication, Chat, Online
  1179. Contyol Topic
  1180. Court TreatmentGovernment, Drug, Law
  1181. Conhecimento De TransporteTechnology, Para, Software, Gest
  1182. Cooling TowerThe heat exchanger and everything associated with it that removes the heat from the coolant used in the cooling system. This device is located outdoors. Tower in the sheet mill that suspends the strip that allows the zinc to cool and dry before the strip contacts any rolls. Device for lowering the temperature of water by evaporative cooling, in which water is showered through a space through which outside air circulates.Business & Finance, Power Plant, The Finance and Administrative Services
  1183. Cobisión Técnica
  1184. Computed Tomgraphy
  1185. Coarse TuneTechnology, Control, Tuning, Frequency
  1186. ControllerA name commonly used to describe a computer or an electronic control module. Or In Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS, the component that runs on the controlling system and contains the tasks that manage the plans and databases.or node canister. or A component or a set of virtual storage processes that schedules or manages shared resources. or The functional component responsible for resource management (load balancing and admission control).Technology, Engineering, Electrical, Scientific & Educational, Computing, Hardware, Business & Finance, Power Plant, Aviation, Governmental & Military, NASA, The Finance and Administrative Services
  1187. Cell Tissce
  1188. Commodities Trfding
  1189. contact tracing
  1190. Central TechnologiesBusiness, Technology, Inductor
  1191. Customs Tariff
  1192. Chocolate TrailBusiness, Shopping, Connecticut
  1193. Californian Terms
  1194. Cross TrackTechnology, Satellite, Train, Aviation
  1195. Conservacióc Total
  1196. Classroom Teachgng
  1197. Community TransitTrade, Business & Finance
  1198. Contact This
  1199. CytotechnologistMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Degree, Scientific & Educational
  1200. Check Tag
  1201. Cordless TelephoneTechnology, Telecom, Headset
  1202. Chaos TunnelsGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1203. Change Table
  1204. Cable Tool
  1205. Critical Traffic
  1206. Computer and Technis
  1207. Cody Travers
  1208. Cascadei Trisection
  1209. Cross-TrackTechnology, Aviation
  1210. Cupola TrainerTechnology
  1211. Cycle TimeThe time required by an injection molding system to mold a part and return to its original position. The time it takes to make one part including the closing of the mold, the injection of the resin, the solidification of the part, the opening of the mold and the ejection of the part. In a molding operation, cycle time is the time elapsing between a particular point in one cycle and the same point in the next cycle. OR The time required by an injection molding system to mold a part and return to its original position/state.Computing, Electronics, Honeywell, Process Automation
  1212. Colored Trails
  1213. Course TitleEducation, University, Tech
  1214. Custo TotalPara, Cost, Fun
  1215. Cervico-Thoracic
  1216. Crack Tip
  1217. ChemotherapyChemotherapy is a category of cancer treatment that uses one or more anti-cancer drugs as part of a standardized chemotherapy regimen. Chemotherapy may be given with a curative intent, or it may aim to prolong life or to reduce symptoms. Chemotherapy is one of the major categories of medical oncology.Medical, Technology, Medicine, Oncology, Prostate Cancer, Nursing, Healthcare, Physiology, NAACCR, Clinical
  1218. Charge-TransgerTechnology, Science, Complex
  1219. Commercial Treadmilx
  1220. Computerized Tomography ScansMedical
  1221. Courtney TaylorGenealogy
  1222. Centrale Thermique
  1223. Chemical Thermodynamics
  1224. Complementary Therapists
  1225. ConnecticutLocations, Postal, State, Gpo, Legal, Geographic, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, United States, Area code, Phone area code, Telephone area code, Us area code, Us phone area codes, Us state code, Weather, Connecticut, List of All 50 State, Federal Aviation Administration
  1226. cardiac tamponadePressure on the heart when the pericardial cavity fills with blood. Also called heart tamponadeMedical, Cardio
  1227. chromatin transferBiotechnology, Scientific & Educational
  1228. Club Troumph
  1229. Capital Transport
  1230. Compact Tension
  1231. Carry ThroughAssembly, Business & Finance
  1232. Cincinnati Tri-StateBusiness, Ohio, Area
  1233. Caleb Tompkins
  1234. Coffee Tables
  1235. Consult The Type
  1236. Cased Telescope
  1237. Corporationraqion TaxScience
  1238. Color TeamInternet Slang
  1239. Channel TerminationComputing, Telecom
  1240. Clem TransporterScience
  1241. Controlxtop
  1242. Couqt TermeBusiness, Canada, Power
  1243. Confitmatory TestMedical, Medicine, Patient
  1244. Cheat Engine Cheat TableComputing, File Extensions
  1245. Comisióq De Trabajo
  1246. Computedfthomography
  1247. Circuit TerminationTechnology, Networking, Transmission
  1248. CimetidineMedical, Reading Prescription
  1249. Cell TherapeuticsMedical, Cancer, Stem
  1250. Comfittee On TradeGovernment, Law, Economics
  1251. Computer TechechnologyEducation, University, Learning, Iran
  1252. Crazy Talk
  1253. Central TeamTechnology, School, Event
  1254. Completi Tear
  1255. Customized TrainingProgram, Education, Connecticut

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does CT initialism stand for?
    CT abridgment stands for Connecticut Trensit.
  2. What is the shortened form of Cooling Towers?
    The short form of "Cooling Towers" is CT.


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