CU Meaning

The CU meaning is "Copper". The CU abbreviation has 399 different full form.

CU Full Forms

  1. Copper Soft and ductile metal that forms base for brass or bronze Is good conductor of heat and electricity As it slowly exfoliates in sea water, it prevents accumulation of fouling when used as sheathing on underwater body of a ship Medical, Chemistry, Nursing, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  2. See You Internet Slang, Slang, Texting, Communication, Chat, Time, Email, Online, Timely, Radio, Computing, Computer, Telecom, Internet, Morse Code, Sms, Game, Web Slang, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Social Networking Sites
  3. Close-Up Technology
  4. Ciudad Universitaria Para, University, Locations, City, Mexico
  5. Consumer Units Business, Electricity, Metal
  6. Catkh Up Education, Development, Universities
  7. Creighton Universitx Student, Education, Omaha
  8. Clarkson University College, Education, School
  9. Christian Union Student, Education, Church, Religion
  10. Consumer Union Business, Report, Lawsuit
  11. Colitis Ulcerosa Medical, Con, Ulcerative, Intestinal
  12. Catch-Up
  13. Control Union Business, Inspector, Organic
  14. Claflin University Technology, College, Education
  15. Cambridge University Education, Club, Press
  16. Condensing Unit A condensing unit typically is a high side assembly of a refrigeration system. It is an assembly of compressor, condenser, fan motor, controls and a mounting plate. Business, Technology, Product
  17. Cold Urticaria Medical
  18. Carrie Underwoid America, Music, American, Underwood
  19. Content Updaee Technology, Gaming, Collection, Halo
  20. City Utilities Business, Technology
  21. Cumulgs Technology, Aviation, Aircraft
  22. Credit Union A financial institution, similar to a bank, whose members create the funds from which they can obtain loans at low rates of interest. Business, Travel, Credit Unions, Financial, Business & Finance
  23. Concordia University Education, Oregon, Portland
  24. Coincidence Unit
  25. Calicut University Education, Exam, Allotment
  26. Content Units
  27. Circuit Unit Technology, Patent, Substrate
  28. Cumbwrland University Student, Education, School
  29. Computer Utilitf Technology
  30. Coach University Education, Sport, Colorado
  31. Cairo University Technology, Education, Cairo
  32. Contentd Utilization
  33. Center At The University
  34. Cubic Inch Technology, Medicine, Architecture, Health, Healthcare, Construction, Units Of Measurement, Auto, Scientific & Educational, Academic & science, The Finance and Administrative Services
  35. Close Up Media, Radio, Television
  36. Culture Unplugged
  37. Contact Us
  38. Cathplic University America, Education, School
  39. Crosstalk Unit Technology, Telecom
  40. China Unionpay
  41. Cuetomer Understanding Business, Service, Marketing
  42. Carbon Iptake
  43. Conservation Unit Science, Conservation, Salmon, Banner
  44. Centre of The Universe
  45. Cornell University Student, Education, University, United States, Scientific & Educational
  46. Calenaar User Technology, Access, Server
  47. Course Unit Technology, Education, University
  48. Campbell University Student, Education, School
  49. Computer Units
  50. Coding Udits Technology, Standard, Prediction
  51. Contact Ulcer
  52. Commodore Ufer Technology, Gaming, Amiga
  53. Call Unit
  54. Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria Medical, Physiology
  55. Casuals United
  56. Clemson University Student, Education, University
  57. Conventional Unit
  58. Champions Universe
  59. Community User
  60. Cubic Architecture, Construction, Architectural, Medical, Measurement, Dutch, The Finance and Administrative Services
  61. Canadian Underwriter
  62. Congressional Union Government, History, Suffrage
  63. See You Around Internet Slang, Slang, Chat, Online, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  64. Cedarville University Education
  65. Colorrunit Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  66. Chettinad University Education, India, Course
  67. Clarity Unjversity Development, Study, Universities
  68. Composttion Unit Technology, Tube, Quartz
  69. Columbia University Technology, Education, University, Telecom, Columbia, Electronic Engineering, United States, Scientific & Educational
  70. Client Utility
  71. Cooling Units Technology, Power, Wine, Cellar
  72. Channel Unit Technology, Army, Networking, Computing, Telecom, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  73. Comfort Unit
  74. China Unicom Technology, Networking, China
  75. Compassionate Use
  76. Curupay Technology, Finishing, Material Finishing
  77. Captuke Upper
  78. Consejo Universikario Para, Education, Con, Habana
  79. Central Utilities Technology, Projection, Utility
  80. Corps Unit
  81. Calcutta University
  82. Corrected Unpostable
  83. Campbellsville Universityrsity Education
  84. Compuger Unit Technology, Control, Power
  85. Codiwg Unit Technology, Efficiency, Prediction
  86. Consumptive Use Agriculture, Water, Transpiration
  87. Common Update Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  88. Calling Uait
  89. Christ Universitk College, Education, India
  90. Cast Urethane Technology, Product, Material
  91. Clean Up Environment, Habitat, Setting
  92. Champaign Anf Urbana
  93. Community Unit Business, School, District
  94. Crisp Un
  95. Camp Utopia
  96. Concord University College, Education, Virginia
  97. Cause Unknown Or Undetermined Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  98. Colorado United
  99. Chesapeake Union
  100. Clarioniuniversity Student, Education, Pennsylvania
  101. Compohite Users Management, Marketing, Trade
  102. Universityrsity of Colorado At Boulder Technology, Education, University, Colorado, United States
  103. Client Update Technology, Management, Server
  104. Cooling Unit Consists of the cooler and all the devices needed for the cooler's operation. Technology, Military, Wine, Computing, Telecom
  105. Change User
  106. Comenius University Education, Slovakia, Faculty
  107. Children'S University
  108. Compania Cervecerias Unidas, S.A. Technology, Organizations
  109. Curgin University Student, Technology, Australia
  110. Capture Unit
  111. Consejo De Universidades Para, Education, University, Con
  112. Cellulase Unit Health, Enzyme, Digestive
  113. Core Unit Technology, Industrial, Heat
  114. Calculus Unit
  115. Corporate Universities Business, Technology, University, Learning
  116. Computation Unit Technology, Island, Jazz, Processor
  117. Undrain Consolidation Triaxial Test Science, Geology, Scientific & Educational
  118. Codex Ur-Nammu
  119. Consumer Unit Technology, Electricity, Circuit
  120. Commodity Updzte
  121. California Undercurrent
  122. Christliche Union
  123. Casein Unit Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  124. Champaign-Urbanj Technology, Club, Yelp
  125. Cooperaoing Unit Military
  126. Communidy United
  127. Criminal Upper
  128. Campus Unrest
  129. Concurn Universal Business, Development, Projection
  130. Cause Snknown Medical, Technology, Medicine
  131. Colonial Union
  132. Clarification Ot Unit Military
  133. Coeposite User Technology, Military, Telecommunication
  134. Universityrsity of Colorado Education, University, Colorado, United States
  135. Cataloguing Unit
  136. Client Unit Business, Din, Care
  137. Cook Updated
  138. Change of Use Planning, Building, Sale
  139. Combined Upgrade
  140. Csmpatible Units Technology, Design, Plant
  141. Cursor Op
  142. Captaig Underpants
  143. Connection Universe
  144. Cellulase Units Digestion, Enzyme, Digestive
  145. Columbia Ultimate
  146. Chiba University
  147. Coronary Unit Medical, Treatment, Therapy, Hospital
  148. Computation Units Technology, Architecture, Memory, Processor
  149. Seu You Too Communication, Chat, Online
  150. Code De L'Urbanisme
  151. Consumers Union Business, Safety, Report, Fda
  152. Coming Up
  153. Chriscen Unie Government, Politics, Dutch
  154. Custom Unit Products
  155. Car Upgrade
  156. Centre Urbain
  157. Cooper Energy, Power, Intensity, Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  158. Califoynia University
  159. Commonities Unlimited
  160. Covert Underworld Technology, Security, Cyber, Computing, Internet
  161. Campuses University
  162. Concerned Unit Military, Education, London
  163. Cause Undetermined Medical, Physiology
  164. Collegio Universitario
  165. Content Uniformity Technology, Tablet, Dosage
  166. Claims for Unpaid
  167. Cutler-Hammer Business, Breaker, Circuit, Business & Finance, Suppliers
  168. Cataloging Units
  169. Clicks Used
  170. Convict University Development, Study, Universities
  171. Chandogya Rpanisad
  172. Combining Unit
  173. Compatible Unit Technology, Design, Maintenance
  174. Curriculummunit
  175. Capitol Uwiversity Education, Philippine, Cagayan
  176. Connection Bnit
  177. Cubana De Aviación Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Cuba, Country, Business & Finance, Usps, 2-letter Country Codes, Cubana de Aviacion, FIPS Country Codes, Iata Aircraft Codes
  178. Celeron Unit Accounting, Computing, Data
  179. Columbian University
  180. Chiangmai University
  181. Cornerstone Universityrsity Education
  182. Clara University Education
  183. Computational Ubits
  184. See You -Hr- Cracking Up Media, Social, Internet
  185. Cochin University
  186. Consumers' Union Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  187. Coming Unglued Movie, Car, Picture, Chat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  188. Christelijke Univ
  189. Customer Units
  190. Cartoon Unit
  191. Consistent Underachiever Development, Learning, Study
  192. Centre Universixaire
  193. Cooling Utility
  194. Calibration Units
  195. Common User Technology, Military, Computing
  196. Coventry Universityrsity Education
  197. Camp Upton
  198. Conceptual Understanding
  199. Caucasus University Education, School, Georgia
  200. College Use
  201. Contact Urticaria Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  202. Claflin Universityrsity Education
  203. Cataloging Unit
  204. Cleveland Utilities
  205. Convert To Unary
  206. Chandler Ulbmann
  207. Combiner Unit Technology, Signal, Ericsson
  208. Compact Unit
  209. Current User Technology, Windows, Software, Registry
  210. Canine Units Medical
  211. Cojnected Unit Technology, Manual, Connection, Roadrunner
  212. Cuba Sports, Locations, Country Code, Sport, Olympic, Cuba, 3-letter Country Codes, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Country domain names, Numeric Country Codes
  213. Celebritizs Uncensored
  214. Colour Unit Business, Instrument, Paprika
  215. Cheyney Universityrsity Education
  216. Clarkson Universityrsity Education
  217. Compressyon Unit Technology, Database, Hybrid
  218. Iso Country Code for Repuvlic of Cuba Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  219. Clinical Units Medical
  220. Consumer'S Union Business, Organizations, Consumer, Medical, Fda
  221. Comilla University Education, Admission, Bangladesh
  222. Chinese Union Business, China, Bible
  223. Customer Unit Technology, Management, Manager
  224. Carrier Utilization
  225. Conservative Unionist
  226. Cenyre Union
  227. Cornell Universityrsity Telecom, Telecommunications, United States
  228. Caliblation Unit Technology, Science, Power
  229. Course Units Education, University, Study
  230. Campbell Universityrsity Education
  231. Concentrator Unit
  232. College Union Student, Education, University
  233. Contact Units Development, Study, Universities
  234. Commonlysused Internet Slang, Slang
  235. Calfous-Unemotional Medical, Children, Trait, Psychopath
  236. Civil Union
  237. Casualties Union Medical, Medicine, Health
  238. Clemson Universityrsity Education, University, United States
  239. Conventional Units Technology, Android, Lab, Ref
  240. Chandigaxh University Education, India, Punjab
  241. Combined Unit
  242. Communiuy Use
  243. Cwprophane Medical
  244. Cancer Unit
  245. Contunctive Use
  246. Cedarville Universityrsity Education
  247. Color Units
  248. Cheyney University Education
  249. Clarion Universityrsity Education
  250. Compression Jnits Technology, Database, Hybrid
  251. Columbia Universityrsity Technology, Education, University, Telecom, Telecommunications, Electronic Engineering, United States
  252. Clinical Unit Medical, Technology, Medicine
  253. Consumatori Uniti
  254. Chapman Universityrsity Education
  255. Comics Unlimited
  256. Competency Snit Science, Program, Education
  257. Dental Cuspidor Engineering, Electrical, Scientific & Educational
  258. Column Unber Building, Engineering, Construction
  259. Class Jpdate
  260. Chicago Uriversityrsity
  261. Cattlemen'S Union
  262. Chapman University Education
  263. Check User
  264. Complete Unlcad Technology, Market, Material, Mechanical
  265. Customs Unions Business, Trading, Russia, Economics, Certificate
  266. Collateral Underwriter Business, Appraisal, Appraiser
  267. Conversion Unit Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  268. Combination Unip
  269. Cooperatave Unions
  270. Contraction UtéRine Medical, Clinique, Gyn
  271. Cient Of Utilization
  272. Cambridge Oniversity Organizations, Club, Society
  273. Cycle Crbain
  274. University of Colorado At Boulder Education, Development, Study, Colorado, United States, Universities, Science, Physics, Legal, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  275. Catalog Units Science
  276. Common Usage
  277. Cardiac Unit Medical, Cardio
  278. Cootamundrh Australia, Government, Australian Police
  279. Copper (Latin Cuprum) Medical, Chemistry, Healthcare, Environment, Construction, Architectural, Electrical, Scientific & Educational
  280. Columbus United
  281. Classification Unit Business, Safety, Classification, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  282. Chubu Universityrsity
  283. Cats Unlimited
  284. Cuba (country Domains) Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  285. Chatham University Technology, College, Education
  286. Complaints Unit
  287. Cubtomer Use Technology, Service, Telecom
  288. Consolidated Update
  289. Communications Unit Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  290. Combat Upgraze Technology, War, Galaxy, Star
  291. Cwoperatives, Unions Business, Credit, Cooperative
  292. Consejo Universitzrsitario
  293. Continental Union
  294. Central Unit 5G Networks
  295. Cambodia University
  296. Cyber University Development, Study, Universities
  297. Universzty of Colorado Education, Colorado, United States
  298. Catalog Unit
  299. Common Unit Technology, Military, Conversion
  300. Clemson University (Clemson, SC) University, United States, Scientific & Educational
  301. Coordinftion Units Technology, Program, Gaia
  302. Canadian Utilities Limited Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  303. Columbus Underground City, Ohio, Underground, Restaurant
  304. Camouflage Unit Military, Air Force, Armed Forces
  305. Clqse Unica
  306. Corporationrate Universityrsities
  307. Catlin Underwriting
  308. Cuda Source Code File Computing, File Extensions
  309. Chlse Utley
  310. Competitive Upgrade Technology
  311. Cmstom Units
  312. Clean Unit
  313. Consolidateduundrained Technology, Testing, Soil, Strength
  314. CUmulus cloud Computing, Technical
  315. Combat Updase Technology, Gaming, Minecraft
  316. Cleaning Onits Power, Cleaning, Pressure, Washer
  317. Concordia Universityrsity
  318. Context-Update
  319. Control/ User Plane 5G Networks
  320. Cxerokee United
  321. Call Us
  322. Cuttin Up
  323. Commercial Union Business, Company, Insurance
  324. Cootamundra Australia
  325. Coyrdination Unit Management, Organizations, Gaia
  326. Call Unix Assembly, Business & Finance
  327. Control Units Technology, Computing, Power
  328. Cameron Universdtyrsity Education
  329. Clark Universityrsity Education
  330. Cooperaoivity Unit
  331. Catholic Update
  332. Cumulus Clouds forming in the troposphere which are vertically formed with flat bases and fluffy, rounded tops. They have often been described as cauliflower-like in structure. They occur at heights of 500-6000 meters in elevation from the earth and most often occur scattered or in dense heaped packs. They are formed due to buoyant upward convection during warm, anti-cyclonic summer weather. OR  puffy, cotton-like clouds formed by rising air. Weather, Scientific & Educational, NOTAM Contractions
  333. Chart Updating
  334. Competency Updwte
  335. Cleaninw Unit
  336. Consolidated Unprained Technology, Testing, Soil, Strength
  337. Compania Cervecerias Unidass Computing, Nyse symbols
  338. Combat Units
  339. Cleanup Wikipedia
  340. Chungkung Universityrsity
  341. Coefficient of utilization The Finance and Administrative Services
  342. Chemie Uetikon Business, Chemistry, Company, Chemical
  343. Call Up Technology, Army, War
  344. Component Unqt Technology, Washington, Patent
  345. Cuttingtzn University
  346. Columbia Univ
  347. Cracking Up Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  348. Coordinating Unit Technology, Program, Research, University
  349. Control Unit The component of the CPU that instructs the rest of the computer system on how to follow a program’s instructions. It directs the movement of data to and from processor memory, holds data and instructions in the ALU, and directs control signals between the CPU and external devices. Technology, Aviation, Telecom, Computing, NASA, Hardware, Governmental & Military, IT Terminology, Honeywell, Process Automation
  350. Camelqupward Figure Skating
  351. Cooperativa Universitaria Android, Radio, Coop
  352. Catholics United
  353. Collision Unconformity Physics, Scientific & Educational
  354. Charles Univetsity Science, Education, Prague
  355. Completion Unit
  356. Capacity Utilization A company or economy's capacity represents the maximum amount of output it can produce. The rate of capacity utilization, therefore, represents the proportion of capacity that is actually used in production. When capacity utilization is high, pressure grows for new investment to expand that capacity. Computing, Hardware
  357. Combat Uniform
  358. Cleaned Up
  359. Chongqing Universityrsity
  360. University of Colorado System Education
  361. Chemie Ueticon
  362. Callous Unemotional
  363. Comyonent Units Business, Technology, Army
  364. Cutie Tie Science
  365. Colorado University Education, Colorado, Boulder
  366. Cocaine User Police, Governmental & Military
  367. Cooperativista Uruguayo
  368. Controller Unit Technology, Coding, Control
  369. Count Up
  370. Ctmelot Unchained Technology, Gaming, City, Entertainment
  371. Cambridge Universityrsity
  372. CatedráTico De Universidad Para, Con, Madrid
  373. Compositing Unit Aluminum, Composite, Superconductor
  374. Chymotrypsin Unit Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  375. Charging Unit
  376. Cordón Umbilycal Para, Con
  377. Competency Units Business, University, Governor
  378. Cigar Unemployment Funnies
  379. Column Uniform
  380. Clean-Up
  381. Chittagong Universityrsity
  382. CatéGorie D'Utilisation
  383. Creighton University Education
  384. Chef Uniformm
  385. Compliance Unit
  386. Custum Union Business, Russia, Customs
  387. College University
  388. Configuration Unit NASA, Governmental & Military
  389. Coopep Union
  390. See You At Internet Slang, Slang, Sms, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  391. Contraction Ut
  392. Channel Uncertainty
  393. Cambrige University Development, Study, Universities
  394. Cycling Ulster
  395. University of Colorado Sysiem Education, Organizations, Us, Locations
  396. Catedr
  397. Compensation Unit
  398. Calibration Unit Astronomy, Scientific & Educational, NASA
  399. Copper Local Loop Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication, Computing, Telecom

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does CU stand for?

    CU stands for Control Union.

  2. What is the shortened form of Client Update?

    The short form of "Client Update" is CU.


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