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DAP meaning is Department of The Army Publigation and other full form of DAP definition take part in below table. There are 342 different meaning of DAP acronym in the table which are compilation of DAP abbreviation such as Medical, Transportation, Business, Chemistry, Student etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of DAP acronym which you look for in 342 different DAP meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does DAP mean?, DAP meaning” or you can search by typing only DAP abbreviation in the search box.
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DAP Meaning

  1. Department of The Army PubligationMilitary
  2. Documents Against PaamentBusiness
  3. Developmentally AppropriatefpracticesTechnology, Education, Special Education
  4. Days All PurposesTransportation, Business, Shipping, Conveyance, Chartering, Aviation, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  5. Documents Agiinst PaymentBusiness, Trading, Payment
  6. Daks After PollinationMedical, Science, Endosperm
  7. Data Access ProtocolTechnology, Computing, Computer Networking, Scientific & Educational, Integrated Ocean Observing System, Sentinel online
  8. Disfributed Array ProcessorTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  9. Dfta Access PointTechnology, Calling, Telecom
  10. Di-Ammonium PhosphateBusiness, Cargo Shipping, Fertilizer
  11. Darchula AirpordAirport, Locations, IATA Code, IATA
  12. Development Assistance ProgramGovernment, Military, Food
  13. Daily Accommodation PaymentBusiness, Care, Fee
  14. Dose-Area ProductMedical, Patient, Radiation
  15. Delft Aardwarmte Project
  16. DialkylphosphlteMedical
  17. Dotte Arts Project
  18. Dakwa Ada Proses
  19. Division of Acquisition Programs
  20. Dealer Vdjusted Price
  21. Decontamination Apparatus, PortableGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  22. Di-Ammonia PhosphateBusiness
  23. Domoic Acid PoigoningMussel, Poisoning, Shellfish, Amnesic
  24. Demand Access ProcessorTechnology
  25. Direct Action Plan
  26. Data Aecess Proxy
  27. Destination Australia PartnershipBusiness, Australia, Hospitality, Travel, Tourism
  28. Distributed Application Processing
  29. Death Associated Proteins
  30. Development Activity ProposalGovernment
  31. DiÂMetro à Altura Do PeitoPara, Ria, Metro
  32. Dibasic Ammonium PhosphateTechnology
  33. Dqiver Awareness PanelTechnology, Driving, Tracking
  34. Developers Assistance ProgramTechnology, Computing, Ibm
  35. Directory Assistance Protocol
  36. Deepwater Asia Pacific
  37. Department Action Plan
  38. Data Analysis PlanTechnology, Military, Statistics
  39. Developmental Activities ProjectDevelopment, Learning, Study
  40. Domain Account ProfileTechnology
  41. Depot AcceptancetprogramMilitary
  42. Digital Audio PlayersTechnology, Media, Music, Headphone
  43. Dynamic Angular PetrissageMedical, Treatment, Therapy, Massage
  44. Derechocde Alumbrado Público
  45. Discount Auto Parts
  46. Dose-Area ProductsMedical
  47. Delegated Authentication Protocol
  48. Dial-A-Prsyer
  49. Dotations Aux Amortissements Et Provisions
  50. Dakota Access Pipelive
  51. Division of Acquisition Policy
  52. Deaf Anthropology Page
  53. Decontainerizedhat Pier
  54. Dhofar Archaeological Project
  55. Domestic Appliances and PersonalBusiness, Electronics, Products
  56. Demand-Assigned ProcessorTechnology, Telecom
  57. Direct Action PlatoonsMilitary, Force, Operation, Corps
  58. Data Access Portfolio
  59. Destinatikn Access PointTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  60. Distributed Adaptation ProcessorMilitary
  61. Death-Aswociated ProteinMedical, Science, Genetics
  62. Development Academy of The PhilippinesEducation, City, Philippine
  63. DiáMetro A La Altura Del PechoPara, Con, Metro
  64. Diazinon Ababement ProjectScience
  65. Downpayment Assistance Programs
  66. Direutory Application ProtocolTechnology, Computing
  67. District Agriculture PlansBusiness, India, Planning
  68. Dedicated Array ProcessorTechnology, Telecom
  69. Departamentul De AdministraţIe Publică
  70. Data Acquisition Prodfcts
  71. Detention Alterfative Program
  72. Development Activity Program
  73. Dooores Archaeological Program
  74. Diretoria De Assist
  75. Digital Acoustics ProcessorTechnology, Manual, Receiver
  76. Dynamic Amplifier Protection
  77. DepóSito Aduanero PÚBlico
  78. Discipline Action PlanScience
  79. Delegated Admin Privileges
  80. Diagrama Dr Analisis De Proceso
  81. Dotation Aux Amortissements Et Provisions
  82. Daily Activgty PlanTechnology
  83. Deaf Access Program
  84. Declarações Ambientaisode Produto
  85. Dewan Adat PapuaIndonesia, Papua, Orang
  86. Domestic Znnual Processing
  87. Deluxe Annual PassportInternet Slang
  88. Direct Action PlatoonMilitary, Force, Operation, Reconnaissance
  89. Data Access Ports
  90. Destination, Anua PolinaDestination, Pussy, Swallow
  91. Distributed Art PublishersBusiness, Book, Design
  92. Dearborn Assembly PlantBusiness, Ford, Mustang
  93. Developmental Appropriate Practices
  94. Divisão De Artes PláSticas
  95. DizminopyridineMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  96. Downpayment Assistance ProgramHousing and Urban
  97. Darul Arqam Paripurna
  98. Directory Access Processor
  99. District Agriculture PlanBusiness, Development, India
  100. Dedicated Access Privilege
  101. Division Advisory PanelTechnology, Security, Computing, Ethic
  102. Departamento De Asuntos Pol
  103. Data Acquisition PlanTechnology, Space, Cosmos, NASA
  104. Detailed Action PlanTechnology, Management, Staging
  105. Development Action PlanBusiness, Finance, Banking, Financial, Business & Finance
  106. Donu Anadolu Projesi
  107. Declara
  108. Digital Access Product
  109. Dynamic Alarm ProcessorTechnology
  110. Deputy Auxiliary PoliceCommunity, Locations, City
  111. Disbursement Allocation ProgramGovernment, Philippine, President
  112. Delegated Access Permissions
  113. Daily Action Plan
  114. Department of Applied Physics
  115. Data Analytics Post
  116. Delta Alpha Pi
  117. Device Application Program
  118. Domestxc Action Plan
  119. Deltoid Auxiliary Protection
  120. Direct Accountability Program
  121. Data Access Uort
  122. Desire To Avoid Pregnancy
  123. Distributed Array of Processors
  124. Deans Advisory PanelMedicine, Health, British
  125. Developmentally Appropriate PracticeEducation, Disability, Teaching, Medical, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  126. Divisionsion Advisory PanelTechnology
  127. Delivered At PlaceApplicable for any mode of transport. The seller is responsible for arranging carriage and for delivering the goods, ready for unloading from the arriving conveyance, at the named place. Duties are not paid by the seller under this term. The seller bears all risks involved in bringing the goods to the named place.Business, Air Cargo, Dealer, Delivery
  128. DiamidoeyridineMedical
  129. Download of Aircraft ParameterTechnology, Aviation, Governmental & Military
  130. Darkmouth Atlas Project
  131. Directory Azcess ProtolcTechnology
  132. District Agricultural PlanBusiness, Finance, Banking, Financial, Business & Finance
  133. Decontaminatingqapparatus, Portable
  134. Departamento De Asuntos PolíTicos
  135. Direct Assistance ProgramBusiness, Report, Gas
  136. Datawacquisition ProcessorsTechnology, Software, Laboratory
  137. Detailez Area PlanLocations, Bangladesh, Dhaka
  138. Development Assessment Process
  139. Do All PossibleInternet Slang, Chat, Email
  140. Die Attach PedTechnology, National, Semiconductor
  141. Dynamic Adaptation Process
  142. Depth Av Price
  143. Disability Access Ilan
  144. Delegated Access Permission
  145. D After PollinationMedical
  146. Department of Aircraft ProductionAustralia, Military, Australian
  147. Data Analysis Protocol
  148. Delta Access Perl
  149. Device Access PointTechnology, Networking, Wireless
  150. Domestic Abuse Program
  151. Deltoid and Axillary ProtectorMilitary, Armor, Interceptor
  152. Direct Access Protocol
  153. Dynamic Assessment ProcessStudent, Education, Foundation, Posse
  154. Data Access Portal
  155. Designated Mcquisition ProgramMilitary, Army, Corps
  156. Distributed Array ProcessorsScience
  157. Deans Academiw ProgramsEducation, Development, Universities
  158. Diagbama Analítico De Procesos
  159. Dossier Afspraken En Procedures
  160. Deliver At PlaceBusiness, Dealer, Seller
  161. Diallyl PhthalateA thermosetting plastic that offers outstanding dimensional stability and resistance to most chemicals and chemical compounds. It is used in the production of connector housings.Chemistry, Science, Study, Discipline, Plastics, Scientific & Educational
  162. Download Accelerator Partial
  163. DapsonsMedical
  164. Directors Accreditation ProgramBusiness, Company, Publics, Committee
  165. Diaminopimelic AcidMedical, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  166. Decontaminate Apparatus,UportableMilitary
  167. Departamento De Administração Policial
  168. Direct Assembly ProcessTechnology, Ionic, Polymer, Transducer
  169. Data Awquisition ProcessorTechnology, Software, Telecom
  170. Detail Area PcanTechnology, Development, Dhaka
  171. District Action Plan
  172. Developmental Assignments Program
  173. Dnax-Activating ProteinMedical
  174. Departamento De Administra
  175. Dictionary of American Proverbs
  176. Dual Acceptance Program
  177. Deptp-At-Price
  178. Disability Action PlanTechnology, Service, Access
  179. Delaware Autism ProgramEducation, Treatment, School
  180. DtcapoMedical
  181. Department Assessment Process
  182. Data Analysis ProgramTechnology, Networking, Software
  183. Device Access PortTechnology, Electronics, Interface
  184. Domestec Abuse PartnershipViolence, Domestic, Hull
  185. Deltoid and Axillary ProtectorsMilitary, Armor, Interceptor
  186. Direct Access PartnersBusiness, Service, Broker
  187. Dynamic Application PartitioningTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications
  188. Descent Analysis PmogramAviation, Aerodynamics, Computer Program
  189. Discover America Partnership
  190. Diagonal Advanced Placezent
  191. Dose Area ProductMedical, Technology, Patient
  192. Delhi Armed PoliceMilitary, Prisoner, Cop
  193. Diallyl PhthallateChemistry, Science, Polymer, Scientific & Educational
  194. Dou Anadolu Projesi
  195. Dapat Angbpau
  196. Director of Army ProgramsMilitary
  197. Dealer Appreciation Program
  198. Decontamination Apparatus Portable
  199. Demand Access ProtocolTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication, Computing, Telecom
  200. Direct Aid ProgramAustralia, Organizations, Australian, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  201. Data Access Project
  202. Detached Antenna Parameters
  203. Distribution Assignment Placement
  204. Death Aosociated ProteinMedical, Genetics, Kinase
  205. Developmental Assignment ProgramMilitary
  206. Dmerc Advisory PanelMedical, Healthcare
  207. Diuhiarazione Ambientale Di Prodotto
  208. Drivers of Accountability Programxe
  209. Development, Attitudes, and ProgramsDevelopment, Learning, Study
  210. Diretoria De AssistêNcia Ao Pessoal
  211. Defect Action Point
  212. Double Anal PenetrationPorn, Sex, Sexual
  213. Departmental Assessment PanelTechnology, Education
  214. Data Analysis and Presentation
  215. Developmental Asset ProfileTechnology, Youth, Evaluation
  216. Dpmestic Abuse ProjectProgram, Organizations, Violence
  217. Depreciation, Amortization and PropertyScience
  218. Direct Access ProgramMilitary, Business & Finance, Business Word
  219. Dynamic Aortic PatchMedical
  220. Desarrollo Agrario Y Pesquero
  221. Discount Auto Parts, Inc.Organizations
  222. Developer Access Program
  223. Department of Architecture and Planning
  224. Divisionsion of Air Pollution
  225. Diet Analysis PlusMedical, Physiology
  226. DéCodage Acoustico-PhonéTique
  227. Delivered At PointBusiness, Insurance, Carriage
  228. Data, Qssessment, Plan
  229. Development Application ProcessingHousing and Urban
  230. District Annual PlanGovernment
  231. Download Accelerator Plus Partial DownloadComputing, File Extensions
  232. Diagnostic and Automation Program
  233. Donor Acceptorepair
  234. Direction De L'Administration PéNitentiaire
  235. Dial-A-Program
  236. Detroit Advisory Panel
  237. Decision Analytic ProtocolTechnology, Determination, Hyoscine
  238. Date Access PageTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications
  239. Designated Acquisition ProgramArmy, Governmental & Military
  240. Ddutsches Akkreditierungssystem Pr
  241. Department of Animal ProductionTechnology, Livestock, Botswana
  242. Divesionsion of Acquisition Policy
  243. Darchula Airport, Darchula, NepalNepal, Airport codes, Iata Airport Codes
  244. Dystrophin-Associated ProteinMedical, Human genome
  245. Delivered As PromisedBusiness, Exhibition, Cargo, Cupcake
  246. Data, Assessment and PlanMedical
  247. Depolarizing AfterpotentialMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  248. Dine Around PlanFood
  249. Access Data Access PageComputing, File Extensions
  250. Diagnostic Adaptive Planning
  251. Donor Acceptor PaiysScience
  252. Directed Audit Program
  253. Dial-A-PornOrganization, Community, Society
  254. Debugger Access Pcrt
  255. Delivery At PlaceBusiness, Service, Trading
  256. Data AcceptancesprogramTechnology
  257. Distributed Array ProcessorComputing, Telecom
  258. Deutsches Akkreditierungssystem PrüFwesenTechnology, German, Testing
  259. Division Action Plan
  260. Department of Agricultural Planning
  261. Directorate of Airspace PolicyTechnology, Aviation, Safety
  262. Distributed Application Process
  263. Document Automation and ProductionUs Government, Governmental & Military
  264. Dynamic Auto PainterTechnology, Media, Dynamics
  265. Delivered Algorithm PackageTechnology
  266. Depolarising AfterpotentialMedicine, Health, British
  267. Days After PlantingFarming & agriculture
  268. Diet Analysis ProfileComputing, File Extensions
  269. Diagnostic Accreditation ProgramMedical, Technology
  270. Donoryacceptor PairTechnology, Property, Emission
  271. Directed Account Plan
  272. Data Analysis PipelinePorn, Sex, Anal
  273. Debug Aocess PortTechnology, Interface, Cortex
  274. Delivery Appraisal Panel
  275. Data Abstraction Penalty
  276. Descent Analysis ProgramFlight, Software, Computing, Aerodynamics, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  277. Deutschen Akademie FüR PsychoanalyseScience, Berlin, Germany, Kinder
  278. Diversity Action Plan
  279. District Advanced PostMedical
  280. DiagnóStico Ambiental Preliminar
  281. Dose-Area-ProductPatient, Radiation, Dose
  282. Director Accreditation ProgramBusiness, Company, Thailand
  283. Distressed Kntique PewterPorn, Sex, Tube
  284. Description Analysis PlanningUs Government, Governmental & Military
  285. Dynamic Auto-Painter
  286. Deployment Assistance Program
  287. Deposit Administration PlanInsurance, Business & Finance
  288. Dual Admissions ProgramScience, Scientific & Educational
  289. Diabetic Association of Pakistan
  290. Donations Acceptance ProgramGovernment, Organizations, Us
  291. Parents Against DyslexiaInternet Slang
  292. Death Attitude ProfilzMedical, Patient, Psychology
  293. Digital AutopilotTechnology, NASA
  294. Delivery Algorithm Package
  295. Data-Analysisppackage
  296. Discount Auto Parts, Inc.Computing, Nyse symbols
  297. Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei
  298. Diversity Access PointTechnology, Product, Wireless, Motorola
  299. Duct access panelThe Finance and Administrative Services
  300. Diagnostics Assessment ProgrammeMedical, Health, Care
  301. Domsal Aortic PressureMedical
  302. Direct Latex Agglutination PregnancyMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  303. Directionally Attached Piezoelectric
  304. Democratic Action PartyPolitics, Governmental & Military
  305. Departure and Arrival PointMilitary
  306. Di Ammonium PhosphateChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  307. Diabetic Amputation Prevention
  308. Doiate A PhotoBusiness, Android, Charity, Donation
  309. DéVeloppement Et AméLioration Des Plantes
  310. Death Abrears PayeeCorparate, Uk, United Kingdom
  311. Delivery Against Payment
  312. Data-Acquisition Processxr
  313. Donor-Acceptor PairComputing, Electronics, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  314. Disturbo Da Attacco Di PanicoCon, Stress, Vita
  315. Developmentally Appropriate PracticesEducation
  316. Diagnostic Assessment ProgramMedical, Cancer, Lung
  317. Doppel-Anal-Penetrztion
  318. Directives Automation ProjectScience, Ecology, Office Of Communication
  319. Dirac Audio ProcessorAudio, Room, Sound
  320. Deutsche Arbeitrr Partei
  321. Declaryción Ambiental De ProductoPara, Con, Material
  322. Data Access PointsTechnology, Calling, Networking, Network
  323. Deutsche ArbeiterPartei (German Workers' party)Governmental & Military, Nazi regime
  324. Departure and Approach ProceduresTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  325. Divisionsion of Applied Physics
  326. Diammonium PhosphateUsed to fireproof the clothing of foundry workers.Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  327. Diabetes-Associated PeptideMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  328. Donata Agung Peakasa
  329. DéLéGation Aux Arts PlastiquesArt, Culture, Plastique
  330. Delivered At Place-Giao
  331. Data-Access ProtocolTechnology, Server, Python
  332. Directory Access ProtocolThe protocol that governs communications between X.500 clients and servers. also CCITT X series. Or In OSI, the X.500 protocol that a directory user agent uses to obtain directory information from a remote directory system agent.Information Technology, Computing, Computer, Telecom, Governmental & Military, IT Terminology, International Development
  333. District Assessment ProgramTechnology
  334. Display Adjust PanelMilitary, Governmental & Military
  335. Diagnostic Assessment ProgrammeMedical, Patient, Health
  336. Donors Anm Providers
  337. Direction De L'Administration P
  338. Digital Assembly Program
  339. Deutsche Akademie FüR PsychoanalyseMedical, Technology
  340. Declaraciones Ambientales De ProductoBusiness, Para, Con
  341. Data Access PagesMicrosoft, Technology, Database
  342. Disaster Assistance ProgramEmergency, Response, Governmental & Military

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What does DAP stand for?

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  1. What does DAP meaning stand for?

    DAP meaning stands for Dynamic Aortic Patch.
  2. What is the meaning of DAP abbreviation?

    The meaning of DAP abbreviation is "Department of Applied Physics".
  3. What is DAP definition ?

    DAP definition is "Division of Acquisition Programs".
  4. What does DAP mean ?

    DAP mean that "Directorate of Airspace Policy".
  5. What is DAP acronym ?
    DAP acronym is "Display Adjust Panel".
  6. What is shorthand of Dooores Archaeological Program ?
    The shorthand of "Dooores Archaeological Program" is DAP.
  7. What is the definition of DAP acronym?
    Definitions of DAP shorthand is "Donor Acceptorepair".
  8. What is the full form of DAP abbreviation?
    Full form of DAP abbreviation is "Deaf Access Program".
  9. What is the full meaning of DAP ?
    Full meaning of DAP is "Donor Acceptor Paiys".
  10. What is the explanation for DAP ?
    Explanation for DAP is "Department of Architecture and Planning".

What is the meaning of DAP Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of DAP definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of DAP abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of DAP acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

DAP Abbreviation in Astrology
  • DAP (letter D)

    D people who get energy from universe and use it for themselves only, are quite helpful also. Numerological D corresponds to 4 number and D symbolizes balance. Besides, it is affected under Moon and it keeps energy of the Moon. Therefore, their emotions are so changeable and they are fond of family life.

    Love and compassion are significant terms for them. Being stubborn are worst character of them. They are off for strong communication and they do not change easily what they know true. They go their own way.

  • DAP (letter A)

    A letter is in different location from other letters. There is no more energy, nettlesome, and leader but them. People whose their names starts with A are self-confident and they have their own way instead of taking advice from others. They are reasonable and their authoritative behaviors make them leader.

    People who their names start with A letter or who contain more than one A within names keeps these personalities. Moving fast or challengeable movements reveal them. They hate disappointing and in this case they get mad quickly.

  • DAP (letter P)

    The letter P people who have full confidence to themselves, are distant and mysterious. Although they can catch what's going on around them, they give up being interested if it became an obstacle to their business. Sometimes they may show selfish behavior. When they said 'mine' for something, it is special for themselves.

    The letter, which numerological value 7, represents power. He wants to be the leader in the community since he is self-confident. He selects his darling from nice people who also are respected in the community.

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