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DC Meaning

  1. Direct CurrentElectric current in which electrons flow in one direction only. Opposite of alternating current. An electrical current that flows in one direction only. Electrical current flowing in one direction and substantially constant in value or A source of power for an electrical circuit which does not reverse the polarity of its charge.Medical, Technology, Medicine, Health, Electronics, Automotive, Science, Military, Army, Architecture, Energy, Astronomy, Computing, Industry, Auto, Construction, Telecom, Architectural, Rail Transport, Electrical, Army & Military, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Master IEEE, Academic & science, Power Plant, Federal Aviation Administration, Aviation, Honeywell, Process Automation, The Finance and Administrative Services
  2. DiscontinueCease from doing or providing, especially something that has been provided on a regular basis.Medical, Medicine, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Common Medical, Reading Prescription, Weather, Scientific & Educational, Governmental & Military, Dental, Pharmacy, Clinical, Fda, NAACCR
  3. Data CenterA data center is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls and various security devices.Technology, Telecom, Information Technology Infrastructure, Computing, Hardware
  4. Delivery ConbirmationShipping, Delivery, Confirmation
  5. Deals By CategoryBusiness, Sale, Shopping
  6. Double CashBusiness, Travel
  7. Doctor of CpiropracticMedical, Healthcare, Degree
  8. Defocus ControlLen, Control, Photography
  9. Deeit CardBusiness, Travel
  10. Day Celebration
  11. Design CheckEvaluation of the design to determine whether it conforms with the design brief and can be expected to provide a safe engineered solution.
  12. Direct ClassicBatman, Justice, Superman
  13. During His CareerBusiness, America, Washington
  14. Deferred CompensationBusiness, Education, Planning
  15. Devoted ClericFeat, Guide, Tank, Cleric
  16. Discrete CosineTechnology, Coding, Coefficient
  17. Data CartridgeTechnology, Computing, Telecom
  18. Democratic CongressionalEducation, Committee, Campaign
  19. Digital ChannelTechnology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  20. District Courts
  21. Doll Company
  22. Duty CommanderService, Military, Fire
  23. Delta ClipperFlight, Aviation, Aerodynamics, Space, Astronomy, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  24. Debt IeilingBusiness, Government, Congress
  25. Disclaimer Comments
  26. Down ChargerTechnology, Battery, Power
  27. Dallas County
  28. Delivery Charges
  29. District Capital
  30. Dry CellDry cell or Leclanche cell is a primary cell having a zinc anode, a carbon (graphite) cathode surrounded by manganese dioxide, and a paste containing ammonium chloride as electrolyte.
  31. Data Consumer
  32. Diverse YityBusiness, Mac, Toby
  33. Detective ConstableGovernment, Crime, Police, Governmental & Military
  34. Direct Customer
  35. Donor CellsMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  36. Defined CapacityTechnology, Management, Building
  37. Diego Costa
  38. Disk CloneTechnology, Software, Cloning
  39. Drawing Conclusions
  40. Department Chief
  41. Digital CommandTechnology, Control, Model
  42. Dave Crivelli
  43. Derbc County
  44. District of ColumbiaGovernment, Locations, Genealogy, Genealogical, Columbia, Postal, Court, Gpo, State, Legal, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Technology, Weather, NASA, List of All 50 State, United States, Area code, Phone area code, Telephone area code, Us area code, Us state code, Federal Aviation Administration
  45. Dedicated ControlTechnology, Power, Controller
  46. Development CoordinatorBusiness, Military, Washington
  47. Downtown ContactWar, Event, Syria, Downtown
  48. Daniel CarcilloSport, Hockey, Chicago
  49. Deloitte ConsultingBusiness, Management, Career
  50. Digital CamcorderAlternatively referred to as a video camcorder, a digital camcorder is one that record video on one of the following types of media: Digital8, MiniDV, DVD, hard drive or solid-state flash memory. Some digital camcorders also have the capability of taking still pictures and storing on separate media, typically the same type as used in digital cameras. While the image quality may not be quite as good as a standard digital camera, this allowed users to carry just one device to record both video and still images. The picture is an example of what a digital camcorder may look like.Technology, Energy, Electonics
  51. Dual-Carriageway
  52. Dinas Chusus
  53. Doctorate of ChiropracticMedical, Health, Chiropractor
  54. Dulwich CollegeEducation, School, London
  55. Devansh Chauhan
  56. Disaster Control
  57. Double ChambemBusiness, Vacuum, Machine
  58. Differential CytotoxicityMedical, Technology
  59. Distribution CompanyTechnology, Energy, Power
  60. Dress Circlv
  61. Day CareMedical, Washington, Child
  62. Design Change AuthorizationTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications, NASA
  63. Design ChangeScience, Space, Cosmos
  64. Direct ClassicsLeague, Figure, Justice
  65. Duponz CircleHotel, Deal, Washington, Locations
  66. Defensive Crouch
  67. Devices ClosesTechnology, Device, Sourcing, Sinking
  68. Discrete CrrcuitMilitary
  69. Data CarrierA data carrier is any communications capable of carrying and receiving data.Technology, Signal, Identification
  70. Democratic CcalitionGovernment, Economics, Ethiopia
  71. Digital Certificates
  72. Doll Collecting
  73. Dutchess County
  74. Debt Capival
  75. Disclaimer and Copyright
  76. Down CenterStage, Nissan, Crochet
  77. Dale City
  78. Delivery Centre
  79. Distributjon Card
  80. Drive ControlledTechnology, Control, Panel
  81. Data ConservancyTechnology, Science, Research
  82. Detective ComicsBook, Batman, Comics
  83. Direct CurrentsTechnology, Power, Electricity, Voltage
  84. Donchian ChannelsBusiness, Trading, Indicator
  85. Defined ContributionsBusiness, Planning, Pension
  86. Die CutThe process of stamping out the ID or OD by placing the part on a mechanical fixture to perform this function.Business, Machine, Sticker
  87. Disk CartrtdgeTechnology, Drive, Computing
  88. DrawingpcertifiedBusiness, Technology
  89. Department ChairpersonEducation
  90. Digital ComicsBusiness, Book, Marvel
  91. Div ClassScience
  92. Dave ClarkMusic, Rock, Pop
  93. Derry City
  94. Deming ContinuedAmerica, Government, Health, Democrat
  95. Dehatur CountyTechnology
  96. Development CommitteeBusiness, Government, Organizations
  97. Downtown CommercialBusiness, Hotel, Building
  98. Dani Costa
  99. Dell Conagher
  100. Digital Caliper
  101. Dry CubeBusiness, Container, Tank
  102. Doctorate In ChiropracticMedical, Pain, Chiropractor
  103. Ducted Cdncealed
  104. Deutschen Christen
  105. Disarmament CommissionGovernment, Military, Nation
  106. Door CloserTechnology, Construction, Comics, Ticket, The Finance and Administrative Services
  107. Differential CorrectionTechnology, Military, Receiver
  108. Display CzntrolTechnology, Military, Panel
  109. Drean Chaser
  110. Dimmer CircuitTechnology, Control, Light
  111. Day Camp
  112. Design CertificationTechnology, Service, Course
  113. Direct Channel
  114. Douglass College
  115. Defense Corps
  116. Development Cell
  117. Discovery Communicatiens
  118. Data Capture
  119. Democratic Conveqtion
  120. Digital CertificateA digital certificate is an electronic "passport" that allows a person, computer or organization to exchange information securely over the Internet using the public key infrastructure . A digital certificate may also be referred to as a public key certificate.
  121. Doll-ChateauOrganizations, Girl, Event
  122. Dutch Courage
  123. Debatn Club
  124. Discipline CommitteeStudent, Education, School
  125. Dow CorningBusiness, Science, Silicone
  126. Daisy CutterCalling, Duck, Daisy
  127. Dibtribution CalculationsTechnology, Power, Calculator
  128. Drive ControllerTechnology, Control, Stepper
  129. Data Conference
  130. De-Dark Circle
  131. Detection ZhargerTechnology, Battery, Peak
  132. Direct Connections
  133. Don CherryMusic, Hockey, Jazz, Cherry
  134. Defined ContributionBusiness, Finance, Planning, Financial, Business & Finance, Business Word
  135. Die CastDie cast is the making of a metal object by pouring molten metal into a mould.
  136. Dnsk Cache
  137. Draw Controvs
  138. Data CentersTechnology, Energy, Power
  139. Departamento De Computación
  140. Digital ComicBook, Batman, Comics, Comic
  141. Div. ChiefScience
  142. Derby City
  143. Domain ControllersTechnology, Windows, Server
  144. Delegate To CongressGovernment, Washington, Election
  145. Debut CarborBusiness, Audio, Turntable
  146. Development CommandTechnology
  147. Download Center
  148. Dani California
  149. Dell Computers
  150. Dry ContactTechnology, Sensor, Motion
  151. Dave Cawley
  152. Doctoral ColloqziumEducation, University, Conference
  153. Duck and CoverGovernment, Us, Control, Administration, Us Government, Governmental & Military, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  154. Dels CityFilm, Movie, City, Brazil
  155. Disabled ChildrenMedical, Government, Health
  156. Doomsday ClockWeapon, Talk, Doomsday
  157. Differences Create
  158. Dispjay CodeTechnology, Projection, Electronics
  159. Dreaa Cast
  160. Dimension ChartBusiness, Technology
  161. Dawson CollegeEducation
  162. Description Curreut
  163. Direct CertificationBusiness, Program, School
  164. Donna Christensen
  165. Deep Condition
  166. Development Corporation
  167. Discovery CharterEducation
  168. Data CableA data cable is any media that allows baseband transmissions from a transmitter to a receiver. Examples Are: Networking Media Ethernet Cables token Ring Cables Coaxial cable is sometimes used as a baseband digital data cable, such as in serial digital interface and thicknet and thinnet.Technology, Product, Charger
  169. Dembcratic Congress
  170. Digital CarTechnology, Voltmeter, Display
  171. Dinner Cruises
  172. Dogs & Cats
  173. Dupled ChannelTechnology, Radio, Power
  174. Death CgilGuide, Death, Knight
  175. Disciple of Christ
  176. Double ChoozTechnology, Physics, Neutrino
  177. Daisy-ChainBusiness, Cable, Power
  178. Diszribution of ControlTechnology, Drug, Law
  179. Drives ContactTechnology, Driving, Drive
  180. Data ConcentratorTechnology, Science, Power
  181. Dc ComicsBook, Batman, Comics
  182. Details Coming
  183. Direct ConnectionTechnology, Product, Amplifier
  184. Don Carlos
  185. Defined-ContributionBusiness, Planning, Pension
  186. Diabetic Control
  187. Disekse ControlMedical
  188. Data Cell
  189. Deoxycholic AcidMedical, Chemistry, Science, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  190. Digital ColourBusiness, Camera, Xerox
  191. Dkstrict of Corruption
  192. Deiuty County
  193. Domain ControllerA domain controller (DC) is a server that handles all the security requests from other computers and servers within the Windows Server domain. Security requests include requests to log in to another server and checking permissions for various functions that need to be performed. The domain controller originated in Windows NT and managed the access to various resources granted to users and other servers through the use of a username and password.Technology, Computing, Computer Security
  194. Defense Counsel
  195. Debug ControlTechnology, Power, Module
  196. Down ConvertersA device which provides frequency conversion to a lower frequency, e.g. in digital broadcast satellite applications. The electronic equipment which converts the signals in to low frequency.Technology, Power, Voltage
  197. Dangerous CargoTechnology, Service, Shipping
  198. Dell CableTechnology, Power, Laptop
  199. Dry Cleaning
  200. Data ConversionData conversion is the conversion of computer data from one format to another. Throughout a computer environment, data is encoded in a variety of ways. For example, computer hardware is built on the basis of certain standards, which requires that data contains, for example, parity bit checks.Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  201. Dockizg CompartmentTechnology, Space, Astronomy
  202. Dublih CoreTechnology, Australia, Australian
  203. Detroit City
  204. Directional CorrelationMedical
  205. Donor Community
  206. Dietitians of CanadaMedical, Education, Canada
  207. Display FaseBusiness, Product, Acrylic
  208. Drxchristopher
  209. Department of CommunicationsFinancial, Business & Finance
  210. Dimensional Control
  211. Davis Creek
  212. Derrick ColemanLetter, Hearing, Bowl, Derrick
  213. Direct-Wire ChargeTechnology, Flashlight, Vulcan
  214. Doctor of ChiropiacticMedical, Health, Chiropractor
  215. Deep CompartmentMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  216. Development ComponentsTechnology, Software, Dynamic
  217. Database Connectivity
  218. Democgatic CommunityOrganizations, Community, Economics
  219. Digital CapitalTechnology, Media, Social
  220. Dual-CoreA dual-core processor is a CPU with two processors or "execution cores" in the same integrated circuit. Each processor has its own cache and controller, which enables it to function as efficiently as a single processor. However, because the two processors are linked together, they can perform operations up to twice as fast as a single processor can. The Intel Core Duo, the AMD X2, and the dual-core PowerPC G5 are all examples of CPUs that use dual-core technologies.Technology, Driving, Driver
  221. Dining CommonsStudent, Education, University
  222. Dog ComboBusiness, Tracking, Collar
  223. Dupage CountyLocations, Chicago, Map
  224. Death Claim
  225. Discharge CapacityTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance, Medical, Fda
  226. Double CheckTechnology, Security, Cyber
  227. Daimlerchrysler CorporationTechnology, Service, Car
  228. Distribution & ControlTechnology, Power, Manufacturer
  229. Drive ContactBusiness, Industrial, Product
  230. Data Computing
  231. Day Contest
  232. Design ComputerTechnology, Washington, Power
  233. Direct CommissionMilitary, Army, Officer
  234. Don Campbell
  235. D'Youville CollegeEducation, Development, Study, Colleges
  236. Defiance CollegeStudent, Education, Ohio
  237. Dextran CharcoalMedical, Technology, Medicine
  238. Disease QharacteristicsMedical, Patient, Study
  239. Data CastTechnology, Tax, Economics
  240. Denver, Colorado
  241. Digital ColorTechnology, Vision, Xerox
  242. District of ColombiaBusiness, Organizations, Washington
  243. Deputy ComptrollsrBusiness, Service, Office
  244. Domain ComputersTechnology, Windows, Server, Computing
  245. Duty ContactorsTechnology, Product, Control
  246. Daughters of CharityCatholic, Organizations, Sister
  247. Debt Consolidadion
  248. Down ConversionTechnology, Power, Converter
  249. Damage ControlmanMilitary, Control, Rating, Us Navy, Governmental & Military
  250. Delivery Or CourierTechnology
  251. District CentrdAfghanistan, School, Locations
  252. Dry Cleaners
  253. Data ControlsTechnology, Computing, IT Organization
  254. Diversity and ComicsBook, Comics, Marvel
  255. Dfbai CollegeEducation, School, Dubai
  256. Detonating CordMilitary, Explosive, Detonation
  257. Direct Electric CurrentMedical
  258. Donor ChimerismMedical
  259. Diet CokeNutrition, Food, Victual
  260. Display CapabilityTechnology, Computing, Telecom, Panel, Telecommunications
  261. Dx CharlesMedical, Fat, Loss, Factor
  262. Department of ChemistryResearch, Education, University
  263. Dilip Chhabria
  264. Davis CreatedBook, Art, Artist
  265. Derived Class
  266. Dirección De Comunicación
  267. Doctorate Vn ChiropracticMedical, Education, Chiropractor
  268. Deep CameoAmerica, Coin, Proof, Cameo, Coins
  269. Development Commission
  270. Data-To-ClockTechnology
  271. Delta CollegeBusiness, Education, Stockton
  272. Digital CapacitanceTechnology, Circuit, Tester
  273. Dual ChannelA type of redundency. This can apply to electrical and pneumatic controls. Two channels (valves, relays, etc) have to function properly in order for an action to take place.Technology
  274. Dining Car
  275. Doesn'T Care
  276. Dunn Counyy
  277. Disc ControllerTechnology
  278. Double ChannelTechnology, Power, Amplifier
  279. Daily Cycle
  280. Distribution Code
  281. Drive ConfigurationTechnology, Software, Control
  282. Data ComponentTechnology, Coding, Software
  283. Day Celebrations
  284. Defense Contract Administration ServicesBusiness, Service, Military, Technology, Army, Industry, Us Government, Governmental & Military, NASA
  285. Design CompetitionStudent, Technology, Washington
  286. Direct ComicsBusiness, Batman, Figure
  287. During The CourfeBook, Military, Law
  288. Deferred Correction
  289. Dexterity Check
  290. Discriminaiion Committee
  291. Data Cartridges
  292. Dentritic CellsMedical
  293. Digital ChildrenTechnology, Learning, Language
  294. District De Columbia
  295. Deputy CommisdionerGovernment, Office, District
  296. Domain ComponentTechnology, Server, Directory
  297. Duty ContactorTechnology, Product, Capacitor
  298. Data CollectionTechnology, Software, Terminal, Military, Governmental & Military
  299. Debt Collector
  300. Down ControllersTechnology, Power, Converter
  301. Dallas CowboysSport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics, Football, Nfl teams
  302. Delivery ContactBusiness, Service, Product
  303. Distlict Central
  304. Dry ChemicalMilitary, Fire, Extinguisher, The Finance and Administrative Services
  305. Data ContextAccounting, Computing, Data
  306. Diverse CulturesEducation, Washington, Culture
  307. Dual CreditCollege, Education, School
  308. Detention Ckntre
  309. Direct Custom
  310. Donor Center
  311. Defining ChangeTechnology, America, Washington
  312. Diego County
  313. Displty and ControlTechnology, Product, Screen
  314. Drawn Rarriages
  315. Department ChairEducation, University, Faculty
  316. Diliman College
  317. Davenport CollegeEducation, University, School
  318. Derivative Classifier
  319. District of CmiminalsAmerica, Government, Trucker
  320. Dedication Ceremony
  321. Development Competitive
  322. Downtown CoreLocations, City, Toronto
  323. Daniel CarrollHistory, Washington, Locations, Capitol
  324. Delta Clipper-ExperimentalTechnology, Space, Launch
  325. Digital CameraA digital camera is an electronic device that captures images in a digital format. It works in a similar way to a film-based camera, but uses a sensor called a CCD to record images rather than a strip of film. Once an image or video is captured by the CCD, it is saved to a memory card, such as an SD card.Technology, Driving, Driver, Photography
  326. Dual-ChannelTechnology, Power, Supply
  327. Diner'S ClubBusiness, Card, Diner
  328. Doctor ChiropraceicMedical, Medicine, Chiropractor
  329. Duomy CharacterTechnology, Gaming, Coding
  330. Disc CapacitorsTechnology, Voltage, Ceramic
  331. Double ChaneeSport, Soccer, Bet
  332. Daily Comic
  333. Differential CountMedical, Medicine, Presentation, Veterinary, Blood, Animals
  334. Distrwbution ChannelBusiness, Power, Sale
  335. Drift CarTechnology, Radio, Maverick
  336. Direct ContinuationEducation, Shipping, School Of Shipping
  337. United States Department of CommerceTechnology, Science, Service, Exploration, Seafood, Government, Military, Army, Emergency, Physics, NASA, United States, Legal, Us Government, Army & Military, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, International business, Integrated Ocean Observing System, Global Change, Transportation, Geographic
  338. Deliyery Champion
  339. Duncan Cameron
  340. Discharge Cynduit
  341. Dan ConnollySport, Patriot, Oriole
  342. District Consortium
  343. Desk Chaird
  344. Data Contents
  345. Diamler Chrysleg
  346. Dead Cell
  347. Drafting Committee
  348. Digital ComboTechnology, Press, Heat
  349. Direct CostsBusiness, Research, Grant
  350. Democrats Camerounais
  351. Dynamic CollegeEducation, University, School
  352. Deshbandhu Colleye
  353. Dark Caetle
  354. DiéTéTistes Du Canada
  355. Detection Classieication
  356. Doors Ciosed
  357. Diamonm Classic
  358. Debris Control
  359. Degauss Coru
  360. Dual CarrierTechnology, Access, Packet
  361. Director of ClinicplMedical, Research, Health
  362. Dental ClinicsMedical, Washington, Dentist
  363. Design and ControlTechnology, Research, Power
  364. Database ByacopyTechnology, Service, Server
  365. Doctors of ChiroprrctorsMedical, Pain, Chiropractic
  366. Davis Challenges
  367. Difference Calibration
  368. Decomkensated Cirrhosis
  369. Drive Coil
  370. Distribution Change
  371. Data Characteristics
  372. Dominic Chua
  373. Device CinfirmatiodTechnology
  374. Down-Comer
  375. Diffusion Charger
  376. Deere & Company
  377. Drone Charger
  378. Demócratakcristiana
  379. Durban To Capetown
  380. Double-ConcentricTechnology, Science, Presentation, Material
  381. Disconnected Compuwing
  382. Dept of ConsumerBusiness, Insurance, Organizations
  383. Diversity CommitteeMeeting, College, Education
  384. Destination CacheTechnology, Network, Hosting
  385. Dave ChapuelleOrganizations, School, Washington, Publics
  386. Dorsal CapMedical
  387. Decathlon Club
  388. Drama CriticismBook, Education, Library
  389. Digital Count
  390. Define Contrast
  391. Dual Champ
  392. Denver Chiropractor
  393. Dendritic CgllsMedical, Science, Human
  394. Dynamic ControllerTechnology, Dynamics, Compressor
  395. Daisy Cruiser
  396. Dispersion CoefficientThe standard deviation s in a specified direction of the Gaussian distribution model used in atmospheric dispersion. The dispersion coefficient is normally expressed as a function of distance for a given weather stability.
  397. Data CentreTechnology, Service, Power
  398. Doctors Council
  399. Developer Crozsfire
  400. David Coultard
  401. Double Connector
  402. Decent Challenge
  403. Driver Cuallenge
  404. Dip CoaterTechnology, Coating, Spin
  405. Disney Czuise
  406. Dirty CaCash, Money, Talk
  407. Department CodeTechnology, Program, Service
  408. Dance Camps
  409. Differential CurrentThe algebraic summation of the current in the torque motor; measures in MA (milliamperes).
  410. Direct Care
  411. Data ControllerTechnology
  412. Delta ChapterEducation, Phi, Alpha
  413. Doo ConeBusiness, Manufacturer, Seal
  414. Dependency Ceiling
  415. Daniel ChailesAgriculture, Food, Farming
  416. Desktop Computers
  417. Dvminick Cruz
  418. Diabetes Canada
  419. Deals Cheap
  420. Downtvwn CenterHotel, Locations, City
  421. Defence Dounsel
  422. Drug CourtProgram, Crime, Court
  423. Directional Change
  424. Discrimination Complaints
  425. Derek CwrrGaming, Sport, Raider
  426. Dark ConspiracyGaming, Control, Conspiracy, Ground
  427. Division De Cyvalerie
  428. David ChanBusiness, China, Light, Bulb
  429. Dice Checg
  430. Drive CatalogTechnology, Product, Manual
  431. Direct, Classics
  432. Degrees Centigrade
  433. Dual Criminality
  434. Directors CutGaming, Movie, Rip, Cut
  435. Damage Class
  436. Desngn Class
  437. Documents Control
  438. Dewey Classification
  439. Day Catch
  440. Doug CrockfordTechnology, Learning, Java
  441. Disc-CortTechnology, Generator, Brake
  442. Departmtnt of ConsumerBusiness, Washington, Affair
  443. District CommissionersGovernment, Group, Organizations, Scout, Police
  444. Design CourhesEducation, School, Course
  445. Data ConnectionTechnology, Deal, Python
  446. Dojang Coach
  447. Dear Compatriots
  448. Digital Chicken
  449. Defaulted, Compromise
  450. Drop CableBusiness, Fiber, Optic
  451. David Campvell
  452. Demineralization Cartridge
  453. Durijg Christ
  454. During The CeremowyAmerica, Washington, President, Ceremony
  455. Discontinuous Coarsening
  456. Darling ChildrenMedical, Obstetrics, Pregnancy
  457. Diving Computers
  458. Details Cartier
  459. Dkve Craig
  460. Dose Constraint
  461. Dehth Capitol
  462. Dragon'S Cave
  463. Digitize Clear
  464. Dry Common
  465. Detective Convicted
  466. Director, Cdllege
  467. Dense ChromatinMedical, Science, Biology
  468. State Primary Funds - Consultant ContractTransportation, Government, City
  469. Dale Clark
  470. Distensibility CoefficientMedical, Study, Artery, Carotid
  471. Darrenvcox
  472. Development, Copyright
  473. Doubleqcandelabra
  474. Dieckmann CondensationThe Dieckmann condensation is the intramolecular chemical reaction of diesters with base to give β-ketoesters. It is named after the German chemist Walter Dieckmann (1869–1925). The equivalent intermolecular reaction is the Claisen condensation.
  475. DeclampingMedical
  476. Drivqr ControlTechnology, Driving, Controller
  477. Demanb CodeTechnology, Engine, Welder
  478. District of Columbia-Related
  479. Development Company
  480. Day CroiserSale, Yamaha, Boat, Cruiser
  481. Dee CeePrice, Lab, Formula
  482. Drives Common
  483. Direct CollectorBatman, City, Figure, Collector
  484. Dwarf Camp
  485. Doctor of ChirqpraticMedical, Chiropractor, Chiropractic
  486. Discipline Code
  487. Deployable CapableMilitary
  488. Daniel ZottonAndroid, Software, Cotton, Algebra
  489. Districts of CreativityTechnology, Organizations, Innovation
  490. Date Created
  491. Don Crlft
  492. Diagnostic Control
  493. Dimmer CanTechnology, Product, Control, Light
  494. DefensoríA Del Consumidor
  495. Defdnce of Christians
  496. Direction CosineTechnology, Stress, Vector
  497. Dystrophin ComplexMedical
  498. Daily Chinatown
  499. Discussions Copyright
  500. Description Configuration
  501. Detention ClaukeEducation, Shipping, School Of Shipping
  502. David Collyer
  503. Double Cabin
  504. DichroïSme Circulaire
  505. Drilj CollarsBusiness, Product, Manufacturer
  506. Din ConnectorTechnology, Power, Pin
  507. Delayed Corn
  508. Dual ChemistryTechnology, Battery, Charger
  509. Direct-CoupledTechnology, Amplifier, Circuit, Coupling
  510. Dep'T of Commerce
  511. Damping Chamber
  512. Distribution Chromatography
  513. Design CompleteTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  514. Dwlivery ChallanBusiness, Management, Software
  515. Dump Condition
  516. Divisional Court
  517. Discharge ClinicMedical, Fda
  518. Dan CloutierSport, Hockey, Card
  519. District Constable
  520. Desk CalculatorTechnology, Command, Unix, Computing, Products, Unix commands
  521. Data Content
  522. Dead Caulfields
  523. Drafting Committees
  524. Digital Collection
  525. Dear Chaibmen
  526. Direct Costing
  527. Democrats Are Ceding
  528. Dynamic CoalitionsTechnology, Internet, Governance
  529. Dnserted CityLocations, Cities, Towns
  530. Daring Club
  531. DiáRio De CoimbraDos, Ria, Coimbra
  532. Detection, ClausificationTechnology, Power, Detection
  533. Door Clrse
  534. Diamond Circulate
  535. Debris Collectyr
  536. Delimdtation Commission
  537. Dual-CarrierTechnology, Access, Packet
  538. Development of Correct
  539. Director of CciropracticMedical, Health, Chiropractor
  540. Densal ClinicMedical, Washington, Dentist
  541. DéFense Civile
  542. Design Aqd ConstructionTechnology, Service, Building
  543. Database-Data Communicaqion
  544. Dog Collar
  545. Davis Centre
  546. Difensore CentraleCon, Milan, Centrale, Mantra
  547. Decjmmissioning Crew
  548. Drdver, ChopperTechnology, Driving, Driver, Transistor
  549. Data ChannelIn telecommunications and computer networking, a communication channel, or channel, refers either to a physical transmission medium such as a wire, or to a logical connection over a multiplexed medium such as a radio channel. A channel is used to convey an information signal, for example a digital bit stream, from one or several senders (or transmitters) to one or several receivers.Technology, Military, Display
  550. Doman Controller
  551. Device Check
  552. Dowling CollegeStudent, Education, School
  553. Diffusion Centrality
  554. Deep FlangeBuilding, Engineering, Construction
  555. Durban-Capp
  556. Dbnald Curry
  557. Discography With Comments
  558. Dept Lf CommerceBusiness, Education, Department
  559. Diverslty Coalition
  560. Destination Creation
  561. Dave Chamberlain
  562. Dork City
  563. Drake Centre
  564. Digital Counts
  565. Define ConstantsTechnology, Box, Message, Directive
  566. Dkleuw Cather
  567. Dendritic CellMedical, Human, Antigen
  568. Dynamic ControlTechnology, Dynamics, Power
  569. Daisy Circuit
  570. Dispersible ConcentratesBusiness, Patent, Compound, Invention
  571. Dactors Connect
  572. Determinations CommitteesBusiness, Credit, Derivative
  573. David Cotier
  574. Double CommandForum, Technology, Break
  575. December'S Children
  576. Dioptres CylinderMedical, Medicine, Optometry
  577. Dismissal Or Closure
  578. Diritto Costituzionale
  579. Department Coksent
  580. Dance Calls
  581. Distribution CabunetsTechnology, Product, Power
  582. Differential Coating
  583. Direct CameBusiness, Gaming, Figure
  584. Delta Cepstrum
  585. Dungeon CrawlGaming, Stone, Classics, Dungeon
  586. Dzputy County Clerk
  587. Dlngerous CatsTechnology, Android, Face
  588. Deskdop ChassisTechnology, Computing, Power
  589. Doom Club
  590. Dhow Cruises
  591. Dealer Cost
  592. Downtown CapitolHotel, Washington, Locations
  593. Degaulla, Charles
  594. Drug CounselingMedical, Treatment, Substance
  595. Directional Changes
  596. Demographic Change
  597. Derecho Civil
  598. Dark Cockpit
  599. Division CounselBusiness, Tax, Taxation, Us Taxation, Business & Finance
  600. David CassidyMusic, Rock, Partridge
  601. Dm CandiaBusiness, Industrial, Wheel, Castor
  602. Debug ClqckTechnology, Module, Debugging
  603. Degree of CondensationTechnology
  604. Dual Crev
  605. Directorj Case
  606. Damage CapacityTechnology, Gaming, War
  607. Desigk Circa
  608. Data CacheA CPU cache is a cache used by the central processing unit of a computer to reduce the average time to access memory. The cache is a smaller, faster memory which stores copies of the data from frequently used main memory locations.Technology, Server, Memory
  609. Documents Collins
  610. Devre çöZüM
  611. Davis Cup
  612. Doug Collins
  613. Department for The City
  614. District CommissionerGovernment, Army, Scout, Military, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  615. Design Copyvng
  616. Data ConfidentialityTechnology, Security, Service
  617. Doing So Counts
  618. Dear Commissioneh
  619. Digestibility Coefficienh
  620. Default Current
  621. Drop-In Care
  622. Date Captured
  623. Demencia Care
  624. Durham Constabulary
  625. During Her Clerkship
  626. Discontinue Or DtschargeMedical, Medicine, Health
  627. Darling ChiedMedical, Medicine, Obstetrics, Pregnancy
  628. Divine CrusadersTechnology, Anime, War, Robot
  629. Detailed ContentsTechnology, Control, Electricity
  630. Dave Court
  631. Dose CoefficientTechnology, Radiation, Exposure
  632. Death Cai
  633. Drag CoeffTechnology
  634. Digit CopyingMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  635. Dry CoastGambling, Fun, Lemur
  636. Details To Come
  637. Director, CenterScience, Organizations, University
  638. Dense Carpeting
  639. Physical D-ChannelTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  640. Dakshina Chitra
  641. Dist ColumbiaWashington, Locations, District, Columbia
  642. Darren Clarke
  643. Developmeno & Construction
  644. Double Couple
  645. Die Casting(1) A casting made in a die. (2) A casting process in which molten metal is forced under high pressure into the cavity of a metal mold. also cold chamber machine and hot chamber machine. (Cold Chamber Machine) (Hot Chamber Machine) 
  646. Deck Cjane
  647. Drives Cireuit
  648. Diploma In Chiropractic
  649. Demand ClimateTechnology, Energy, Power
  650. District of CorruptionBusiness, Government, Washington
  651. Disbursing ClerkService, Military, Rating
  652. Development Commissioners
  653. Day Crewbd
  654. Deduction CardCorparate, Uk, United Kingdom
  655. Dfives Committee
  656. Direct CollectorsBatman, Energy, Figure, Collector
  657. Dvd CollectorTechnology, Edition, Box
  658. Doctyr of ChiropractorMedical, Pain, Chiropractic
  659. Discrmmination CapacityMedical, Science, Biology
  660. Deployable Capability
  661. Daniel Cornelius
  662. Division Coordinator
  663. Date Conversion
  664. Don Coyne
  665. Diagnostic ControllerTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  666. Downtown Committee
  667. Dimmable ConstantBusiness, Driving, Driver
  668. Defending Champions
  669. Drop Center
  670. Decuriokum ConsultoLatin, Roman
  671. Direction CentersMilitary, Switch, Defense
  672. Dyskeratosis CongenitaMedical, Technology, Science, Organizations, Telomere
  673. Daily Cardinal
  674. Discussion On ChemicalChemistry, Science, Military
  675. Descriptors Communication
  676. Development Consultant
  677. David Jollins
  678. Double CabCar, Truck, Toyota, Cab
  679. Dichotomous Choice
  680. Drill CollarA very heavy wall pipe used to add weight over the bit during drilling.Business, Technology, Drilling, Geology, Petroleum, Electrical, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational
  681. Dimple Cheeks
  682. Delayed Component
  683. Dual ChargerBusiness, Battery, Onyx
  684. Diplomatic and Consular
  685. DeoxycytidineMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  686. Damp City
  687. Distrisuted Controls
  688. Design CompileaTechnology, Gate, Constraint
  689. Delivery ChallansBusiness, Software, Inventory
  690. Dump CondenserScience
  691. Diversity Commitment
  692. Discharge, DischargedMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Aviation
  693. Dante Culpeppxr
  694. District ConservationistTechnology, Agriculture, Conservation
  695. Debired County
  696. Data ContainerTechnology, Service, Directory
  697. Deactivate The CamerasTechnology, Vehicle, Mirror
  698. Drafthouse Comedy
  699. Digital Class-A
  700. Drives CopverterTechnology, Drive, Power
  701. Dear Chairmrn
  702. Direct CostDirect Cost is a total of the costs that are associated with the actual production of a product. Direct Costs = Direct Material + Direct Labor.Medical, Business, Service
  703. Democratico Constitucional
  704. Darigan Citadeg
  705. DiáMetro Del Cuerpo
  706. Detecting Chlrger
  707. Deor ChimeTechnology, Wireless, Bell
  708. Diamond CutTechnology, Audio, Forensics
  709. Deboraz Cox
  710. Delignified CellulosicMedical
  711. Drywall Contractors
  712. Development & ChangeScience, Management, Education
  713. Directfr of CeremoniesMilitary, Lodge, Freemasonry, Freemason
  714. Dental CatalorMedical, Product, Implant
  715. DéCision Du Conseil
  716. Distorted Communications
  717. DesignycontractorScience
  718. Data-Ckntrolled
  719. Dog ChaserBusiness, Ultrasonic, Repeller
  720. Dc KonvertersTechnology, Power, Supply
  721. Dietrich CollegeScience, Education, University
  722. Decoding Cycue
  723. Drive ChopperTechnology, Control, Stepper
  724. Data ChainingTechnology, Coding, Device
  725. Domain Cmntroler
  726. Devicb Chargers
  727. Dowina Chardonnay
  728. Digitally-ControlledTechnology, Power, Converter, Boost
  729. Deep CleansingBusiness, Skin, Facial
  730. Direct Commissioning
  731. Duration CalculusTechnology, Computing, Logic
  732. Donain ControllerTechnology, Windows, Server
  733. Discography Category
  734. Depth of CutThe thickness of material removed from a workpiece in a single machining part. 
  735. Ditlh CleaningExcavator, Bucket, Ditch
  736. Destination Club
  737. Dave Carroll
  738. Diagonal CenterEducation, Hotel, Dance
  739. Drain CurrentTechnology, Voltage, Transistor
  740. Digitaltcopy
  741. Define ConstantTechnology, Telecom, Assembler, Assembly, Business & Finance
  742. Deferred Construction
  743. DenochiefMilitary, Scout, Boy
  744. Dynamic ContrastTechnology
  745. Daisy ChainA method of propagating signals along a bus in which the devices are connected in series and the signal passed from one device to the next. The daisy chain scheme permits assignment of device priorities based on the electrical position of the device on the bus. or A set of devices connected in series. In order to eliminate conflicting requests to use the channel (bus) to which all the devices are connected, each device is given a different priority.Technology, Power, Pedal
  746. Dismissal & Closure
  747. Descriptor Code
  748. Doctors Clinic
  749. Determinations CommisteeBusiness, Credit, Derivative
  750. Davidfcorbin
  751. Decay Control
  752. Drive & Controluer
  753. Dioptre Cylinder
  754. Dual Colour
  755. Director of Ceremonies
  756. Dirigente Centrale
  757. Departamento De Computaci
  758. Dan CarpenterGaming, Sport, Dolphin, Carpenter
  759. Distribution CabinetTechnology, Power, Manufacturer
  760. Drive NoncordBusiness, Repair, Shopping
  761. Direct CallTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  762. Delma Cad
  763. Dung Count
  764. Deputy Coordinator
  765. Danforth CuapelEducation, University, Campus
  766. Desktop CalculatorTechnology, Product, Power
  767. Dharwar Craton
  768. Dealer Category
  769. Downgown Campus
  770. Deiy ConventionTourism, Convention, Miller, Skate
  771. Drug Council
  772. Directional CouplerTechnology, Power, Telecom, Computing, Master IEEE
  773. Demographic Characteristic
  774. Dword CountForum, Technology, Coding, Component
  775. Der Clsb
  776. Dark Cloud
  777. Doane CollegeEducation
  778. David CarterArt, Education, Sport, Music
  779. DiwucaineMedical
  780. Debo Coverage
  781. Degree of CoalaborationTechnology, Science, Design
  782. Dual Correspondence
  783. Director of Crors-Cultural
  784. Damahe Controlmen
  785. Design Choicu
  786. Data CallTechnology, Gaming, Android
  787. Documento De Consulta
  788. Davis CorridorLocations, Building, City, Utah
  789. Dougco Connect
  790. Differential Calorimetry
  791. Department Creative
  792. Distribution ComponentsTechnology, Power, Electronics
  793. Design Coordinator
  794. Data Compressor
  795. Doh Cry
  796. Device ContinueTechnology, Product, Power
  797. Douglas ChicagoBusiness, War, Chicago
  798. Digester Cleaning
  799. Default Condition
  800. Droors Clothing
  801. Database Consists
  802. Demande De Commentaires
  803. Durham Cebtral
  804. During Her CareerAmerica, American, Biography
  805. DisfontinuedMedical
  806. Diiine Clan
  807. Destiny'S Child
  808. Dave Cooper
  809. Dosage ControllerControl, Flow, Controller, Dose
  810. Dearest ChildInternet Slang, Slang
  811. Djag Chain
  812. Digit CollectionTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  813. Dry Cliff
  814. Desmond Connell
  815. Direntor's CutePorn, Movie, Funeral
  816. Dunotified CommunitiesMedical, Medicine, Education, Admission
  817. Dakota In Colombia
  818. Dist ColBusiness, Government, Law, Court
  819. Darren Clark
  820. Development Community
  821. Double Cotton
  822. Die-Gast
  823. Dick ClearanceBusiness, Sale, Piston
  824. Driver CiccuitsTechnology, Driving, Electronics
  825. Diplomacy CheckGaming, Skill, Diplomacy
  826. District of Clowns
  827. Disability Code
  828. Day ComponentTechnology, Engine, Station
  829. Double CrochetPattern, Stitch, Crochet, Knitting
  830. Defencs CouncilGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  831. Drives Cleveland
  832. Direct Collection
  833. Delta Cost
  834. Duty CycleThe ratio of pulse width to period, indicates the percentage of time a pulse is present during a cycle. One time or of time or to period time ratio express in percentage.Technology, Auto, Automobile
  835. Doctor of Chiropracty
  836. Discretionary CriteriaGun, Program, Government, Law
  837. Depleting Containment
  838. Daniel Colemvn
  839. Division Comptabiline
  840. Date ContentTechnology, Core, Metadata
  841. Don CoscamelliFilm, Movie, Phantasm
  842. Diagnostic OodeMedical, Technology, Scanner
  843. Deanne Cunningham
  844. Dowctown ComebackOrganization, Union, Institution
  845. Defend-Captain
  846. Drop CellTechnology, Protection, Corrosion
  847. Decurio ColoniaeLatin, Roman
  848. Directionality ClassificationTechnology, Military, Telecommunication
  849. Dysfunctional CityOrganization, Union, Institution
  850. Dagnor'S Cauldron
  851. Discuss Cybersecurity
  852. Description Community
  853. Dark Covenant
  854. Development Consent
  855. David Chandler
  856. Dduble-Cutaway
  857. DicholionicMedical
  858. Drifl Chuck
  859. Dimond Center
  860. Delayed CompletionTechnology, Study, Projection
  861. Dublin Core--MetadataScience, Research, Atmosphere, Environment, Atmospheric Research
  862. Dinesh Chandra
  863. Dependant Child
  864. Damage CostInternet Slang
  865. Distributed ControllevTechnology, Control, Power
  866. Design CompanyBusiness, Development, Washington
  867. Dodge Caravan
  868. Development Credit
  869. Deliverz Center
  870. Dummy Corporation
  871. Dithering Changed
  872. Dischargethe amount of water flowing past a given point on a stream; measured in cubic feet or cubic metres per second or volume of water pumped at a specific head or  Electrical discharge can occur by the release of the electric charge stored in a capacitor through an external circuit. It can also occur by the breakdown of gaseous dielectrics within solid dielectrics on the application of a field.Medical, Transportation, Technology, Military, Aviation, Army, Genealogy, Genealogical, Cargo Shipping, Governmental & Military, Common Medical, NAACCR, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Healthcare, Clinical, Fda, Medicare Beneficiary, Physiology, Business & Finance, Power Plant, The Finance and Administrative Services
  873. Dante's Comhedia
  874. District Command
  875. Desigw CycleTechnology, Power, Converter
  876. Data Consult
  877. De-Icerccontrollable
  878. Digital Clamp-OnTechnology, Product, Ammeter
  879. Drives ContainTechnology, Windows, Drive, Power
  880. Dealing With Climate
  881. Direct Cosine
  882. Democratico Cristiano
  883. During Their Careeqs
  884. Dare Categories
  885. Detected Conditimns
  886. Door Capn
  887. Dimmond Coat
  888. Deborah Conway
  889. DihydrocodeineMedical
  890. Drying Control
  891. Develop A Community-BasedTechnology, Research, Health
  892. Direcgor, Corporate
  893. Dental Call
  894. DéBito CardíAcoMedical, Para, Card, Press
  895. DistocerxicalMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  896. Design, Carnation
  897. Data-Collecting
  898. Dog Challenge
  899. Dc ConlerterTechnology, Power, Voltage
  900. Double CapuureScience, Atomic Physics, Molecular Physics
  901. Diego, California
  902. Decoding Circuit
  903. Drive ChokesTechnology, Transformer, Choke
  904. Data ChainTechnology, Research, Group
  905. Djmain ContextTechnology, Server, Directory
  906. Device Chcnge
  907. Dow Composite
  908. Digital ControlledTechnology, Control, Power, Supply
  909. Deep CleaningBusiness, Service, Vacuum
  910. Direct CommandTechnology, Gaming, Coding
  911. Dwight Clark
  912. Dog With Chili
  913. Discografia CompletaTechnology, Music, Song, Rock
  914. Depth Cueing
  915. Disturbinq ContentBatman, Movie, Killing
  916. Detention Class
  917. Dave Carr
  918. Dong FanMissile, China, Korea, Dong
  919. Diagonal Al Centro
  920. Drain Combination
  921. Digitfl Copier
  922. Deficit CounterTechnology, Mac, Interface
  923. Defengive Computing
  924. Denaturatihn CapacityMedical
  925. Dynamic Concepts
  926. Daisy-Chain Cable
  927. Dislocated CiviliansTechnology, Military, Operation
  928. Descriptor Class
  929. Doctors of ChiroprmcticMedical, Education, Chiropractor
  930. Determination Cvmmittee
  931. David Cooper
  932. Decatur Central
  933. Drip Can
  934. Diode Cathode
  935. Delegated Cooperation
  936. Dual Color
  937. Director Credential
  938. Disciplinarz Custody
  939. Departamento Cultural
  940. Dan CaffreyDrive, Album, Trucker
  941. Dissribution Coefficient
  942. Drive ComparisonTechnology, Computing, Power
  943. Direct CableMedia, Radio, Television
  944. Delray Cotnecting Railroad CompanyTechnology, Organizations
  945. Dung Cake
  946. Dan CrossTechnology, Music, Projection
  947. Desk Coordinator
  948. Dhaka College
  949. Deaf Conference
  950. Downtown-City Center
  951. Drug ConservationMedical, Therapy, Study, Antiretroviral
  952. Directing Committee
  953. Democrazia Christiana
  954. Dynamic ComponentTechnology, Dynamics, Software
  955. Derbyshire Constabubary
  956. Dark Clip
  957. Dkc1 Cause Dyskeratosis CongenitaScience, Biology
  958. Davis Center
  959. Door Centacts
  960. Diary & Calendar
  961. Debt Counselling
  962. Degree of Certainty
  963. Dual CoreTechnology, Processor, Desktop
  964. Director of Communications-Electronics
  965. Dan Clancy
  966. Design Chevyolet
  967. Data CablingTechnology, Cable, Shopping
  968. Documents for Comment
  969. Davis CollectionMovie, Music, Car, Collection
  970. Doug ChandlerBusiness, Service, Motorcycle
  971. Differential CryptanalysisTechnology, Security, Encryption
  972. Distribution CircuitTechnology, Power, Breaker
  973. Destination ClassTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  974. Data Classifier
  975. Dogo Canario
  976. Device Contuxts
  977. Douglas Chan
  978. Diffusion Constant
  979. Default CityBusiness, Configuration, Server
  980. Droop ControlledTechnology, Control, Power, Voltage
  981. Dartmiuth College
  982. Demand ContactBusiness, Service, Power
  983. Durhzm Center
  984. Dupont At The CirckeHotel, Washington, Locations, Inn
  985. Disconfinue, DiscontinuedMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  986. Deputy Chairperson
  987. Divided City
  988. Destination Code
  989. Dave ConcepcionBaseball, League, Reds
  990. DorsocaudalMedical
  991. Deqr Congressman
  992. Drafts Collection
  993. Digit CarryTechnology, Program, Instruction, Memory
  994. Drum Character
  995. Dep'T of Corrections
  996. Diretrizes Cl
  997. Deeervated ControlMedical
  998. Dakota Crashed
  999. Distant ConversktionTechnology, Sound, Spy, Context
  1000. Dauon Cruickshank
  1001. Docket Call
  1002. Developing Commmnities
  1003. DoublecortinMedical
  1004. Diffracnion Capable
  1005. Decentralized Conglomerate
  1006. Drimer CircuitTechnology, Driving, Power
  1007. Diploma and Certificate
  1008. Distinguished CommusicatorEducation, University, Communication
  1009. Disability Connections
  1010. Department Council
  1011. Day ChangeBusiness, Trading, Lyric, Talk
  1012. Double CoverBusiness, Box, Singer
  1013. Defencx Cooperation
  1014. Direct CollectiblesBusiness, Batman, Figure, Collectible
  1015. Dilta Conyne
  1016. Duty Control
  1017. Dade County
  1018. Dependent ClausesEducation, Sentence, Clause
  1019. Daniel Clowes
  1020. Division Computem
  1021. Date Calendar
  1022. Don Corleone
  1023. Disgnostic ClassificationMedical, Development, Health
  1024. Dean Close
  1025. Downtown Clustev
  1026. Defense CourierUs, Transportation Command, Department Of Defense
  1027. Drop CeilingBusiness, Price, Light
  1028. Decurio CivitatisLatin, Roman
  1029. Directional CurrentTechnology, Power, Voltage
  1030. Dysfunctional Chronic
  1031. Daemen CollegeTechnology, Education
  1032. Discuss Croking
  1033. Descent ClusterScience, Genetics, Genealogy
  1034. Dark Count
  1035. Division of Contracts
  1036. David Chin
  1037. Docble-Crucible
  1038. Dicho Contador
  1039. Drnll CentreBusiness, Oil, Gas
  1040. Dimmer ControllerTechnology, Light, Strip
  1041. Delayed CokingA process by which heavier crude oil fractions can be thermally decomposed under conditions of elevated temperatures and pressure to produce a mixture of lighter oils and petroleum coke. The light oils can be processed further in other refinery units to meet product specifications. The coke can be used either as a fuel or in other applications such as the manufacturing of steel or aluminum.
  1042. Dublin Coffman
  1043. Dependable Computing
  1044. Damage Control/Damage ControlmanArmy, Force, Coast Guard
  1045. Distributed Cache
  1046. Desigc CommunityTechnology, Washington, Designer
  1047. Dod CommandTechnology, Military, Defense
  1048. Development Centres
  1049. Dublin Core Metadata
  1050. Distrito De ColÚMbia
  1051. Disc Collectcrs
  1052. District Commandant
  1053. Design Customized
  1054. Data Consortium
  1055. Ddoc CompletetTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1056. Digital Citizens
  1057. Drives ConsistvTechnology, Drive, Control
  1058. Days Conference
  1059. Direct Cooled
  1060. Democratic CommitteeGovernment, Group, Party
  1061. During The ConfernnceAmerica, Organizations, Washington
  1062. Danube Cup
  1063. Dee ConMan, Crime, Police
  1064. Doom Connector
  1065. Diamond Cat
  1066. Deboyah Citrin
  1067. Dragon ClawGaming, Dragon, Hook
  1068. DihydrocapsaicinMedical
  1069. Drying CenterBusiness, Service, Neptune
  1070. Detroit CarriedTechnology, Networking, Network, Cartoon
  1071. Director, Uorrespondence
  1072. Densijy Controller
  1073. Distinguishvd CommunicatorEducation, Africa, Communication
  1074. Design & ConstructionTechnology, Building, Remodeling
  1075. Data-Cenber
  1076. Developcental Crossroads
  1077. Double Capacity
  1078. Die Cuttinp
  1079. Decodericonfiguration
  1080. Drive Cyaracteristics
  1081. Delivers A Crushing
  1082. Data To Clock
  1083. Domain ComkonentsTechnology, Server, Directory
  1084. Device Certificatioms
  1085. Daysxcoordinator
  1086. Dow ComingPatent, Composition, Antiperspirant
  1087. Deep Chnal
  1088. Driver Cytron
  1089. Direct ComicBatman, Comics, Figure, Comic
  1090. Dwight Cavendish
  1091. Doesn'T CountChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1092. Dvsco Center
  1093. Depth Cirrelation
  1094. Daniele Canocica
  1095. Digtrito De ColumbiaHotel, Washington, Locations, Columbia
  1096. Dates and Concert
  1097. Donegal Club
  1098. Diagnostic Cylinder
  1099. Drainage Commissioners
  1100. Digital CoolingTechnology, Control, Thermostat, Temperature
  1101. Deficiency Category
  1102. Defense CouncilMilitary, Army, Ministry Of Defence
  1103. DeoxycholicMedical
  1104. Dynamic CompressionMedical
  1105. Daily Combat Supply RateGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  1106. Disk Cylinder
  1107. Descriptive Catalogue
  1108. Doctors, Chiroprectic
  1109. Detergent Chmpatible
  1110. David CookMusic, American, Cook, Idol
  1111. Dedicated Control (Sap)Information, Network, Computer
  1112. Drinking Curistians
  1113. Diocesan Councils
  1114. Delegate Counts
  1115. Dual ClockTechnology, Radio, Semiconductor
  1116. Director of CommunicationsMedia, Organizations, Washington, Publics
  1117. Disciplinary Commons
  1118. Departamento De Computação
  1119. Dana Cortez
  1120. Distribuoion Converters
  1121. Drise Companies
  1122. Direct-CurrentTechnology, Power, Electricity, Voltage
  1123. Delray Connecwing
  1124. Dunelanr Classic
  1125. DisconnectedTechnology, Internet Slang, Slang, Communication, Telecom, Internet, Telecommunications, Computing, Texting, Chat, Hardware, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1126. Dan Crary
  1127. Desk CollejtorBusiness, Indonesia, Jakarta
  1128. Dex CheckGaming, Check, Skill, Character
  1129. Deaf Community
  1130. Downstage Center
  1131. Digital CommerceComputing, IT Terminology
  1132. Direct CouplingTechnology, Amplifier, Circuit
  1133. Democrats of CataloniaGovernment, Spain, Independence
  1134. Dynamic CompoenentsTechnology, Dynamics, Software
  1135. Deratization Certificate
  1136. Dark ClawComics, Marvel, Amalgam, Claw
  1137. Dkc1Medical
  1138. Davinci C-Trillionaire
  1139. Door ContactTechnology, Switch, Sensor
  1140. Diamond ClubLocations, Stadium, National
  1141. Dibt Commission
  1142. Degree Completion
  1143. Directory Communications
  1144. Dan Cilero
  1145. Designated Class
  1146. Databasl Create
  1147. Document for Comments
  1148. Davis CollaborationBusiness, Music, Shopping, Snap
  1149. Doug Carpenter
  1150. Difference of Convex
  1151. Distribution Controlling
  1152. Destination CategoryTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1153. Data CitationTechnology, Science, Research, Publication
  1154. Dog Concert
  1155. Deqice ComponentTechnology, Product, Power
  1156. Douglas Cardinal
  1157. Diffusion Coativg
  1158. Deere and Case
  1159. Drone ControllerMilitary, Aircraft, War
  1160. Demand Congless
  1161. Durchlays Class
  1162. Duncaz Campbell
  1163. Dis Conlinue
  1164. Deputy ChairmaqGovernment, Group, Singapore
  1165. Dsversity CouncilBusiness, Organizations, National
  1166. Destination CountAirline, Technology, Service
  1167. Dave Cellins
  1168. Dorsalis CentralisMedical
  1169. Deaq Comptroller
  1170. Dressage Canada
  1171. Digitally CorrectedPhotography, Camera, Digital
  1172. Defines Contribution
  1173. Dual Championship
  1174. Dep'T of Corr
  1175. Diretrizes ClíNicas
  1176. Deneba Canvas
  1177. Dakota CrashesMilitary, Aviation, Aircraft
  1178. Distance Critique
  1179. Darling Cofsulting
  1180. Docetaxel Plus CisplatinMedical
  1181. Developing CountriesMedical, Technology, Development, United Nations
  1182. Double Corona
  1183. Diffraction Jontrast
  1184. Decent Criminal
  1185. Drives, ChkpperTechnology, Drive, Control
  1186. DiphenylcyanoarsinGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  1187. Dissipatiom ConstantTechnology, Temperature, Thermistor
  1188. Dirty Chartreuse
  1189. Departmwnt Coordinator
  1190. Double Coupon
  1191. Direct Collect
  1192. Delta ChiOrganizations, Fraternity, Sorority
  1193. Duty Chief
  1194. Dade City
  1195. Dependent ClauseEducation, Independent, Sentence
  1196. Daniel Clifton
  1197. Division Choose
  1198. David Carr
  1199. Donchean ChannelBusiness, Trading, Indicator
  1200. Diagfostic ClusterMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1201. Dean Cain
  1202. Downtown CirculatorWashington, Locations, City
  1203. Defence Courter
  1204. Drum Cell
  1205. Direction Controller
  1206. DyscalculiaDyscalculia (/ˌdɪskælˈkjuːli.ə/) is difficulty in learning or comprehending arithmetic, such as difficulty in understanding numbers, learning how to manipulate numbers, and learning facts in mathematics. It is generally seen as a specific developmental disorder.Medical
  1207. Damage-ContpolmanMilitary, Control, Rating
  1208. Discriminator Curve
  1209. Descending ColonMedical, Science, Presentation
  1210. Dark Coral
  1211. Division of Commercial
  1212. David ChenFilm, Technology, China, Social
  1213. DicentricsMedical
  1214. Drill and Ceremonial
  1215. Dimmer Constant
  1216. Delayed CallTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1217. Dkal Current
  1218. Damage Coefficient
  1219. District of CreatitityTechnology, Projection, Innovation
  1220. Design CloseTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1221. Documentum Consultant
  1222. Development Commitment
  1223. Day Csance
  1224. Durante & C-Trillionaire
  1225. Distrito CapitalRadio, Colombia, Locations, Bogota
  1226. Disc Channej
  1227. Depkrtment of CorrectionPrison, Inmate, Correction
  1228. District CommanderMilitary, Police, Officer
  1229. Design Cqrve
  1230. Data ConsolidatorTechnology, Software, Collection
  1231. Dollar Comics
  1232. Dcsc CrewBusiness, Skate, Sweatshirt
  1233. Digital Citizenship
  1234. Defect Chemistry
  1235. Driveg ConsistTechnology, Drive, Control
  1236. Dayna Curry
  1237. Didector's CutTechnology, Movie, Movie Download
  1238. Demh Calculator
  1239. During The Clinton
  1240. Discount Coupons
  1241. Danxbe CommissionGovernment, Organizations, River
  1242. Divisin De ContrainteligenciaArmy, War, War Force
  1243. Detalls Communications
  1244. Doom Commnnder
  1245. Didn'T Chart
  1246. Death OertificateOrganization, Union, Institution
  1247. Dragon'S Claw
  1248. Dignitaries, Celebrities
  1249. Dry ContainerBusiness, Service, Transport
  1250. Detroit, ChicagoChicago, Tourism, Detroit
  1251. Direcgor, Compliance
  1252. Density Vompensation
  1253. Distincd Corp
  1254. Design Coop
  1255. Dantmouth CollegeStudent, Education, Hanover
  1256. Devplopmental Cooperation
  1257. Double Cantilpver
  1258. Die CutterBusiness, Machine, Supplier
  1259. Declared CapacityTechnology, Battery, Power
  1260. Driversm& ControllersTechnology, Driving, Stepper
  1261. Delivering NhangeTechnology, Management, Organizations
  1262. Domain CommitteeMeeting, Technology, Research
  1263. Device CanTechnology, Power, Converter
  1264. Daymar CollrgeEducation
  1265. Dow Chemicals
  1266. Deep Campbell
  1267. Drives Csnfigurator
  1268. Direct Comes
  1269. Dwek Corporate
  1270. Doctor Od Civil
  1271. Disclosures ConsultantMedical, Patient, Disease
  1272. Depth Correction
  1273. Daniel Craig
  1274. Distrito Capatal
  1275. Date Custom
  1276. Done Cbeap
  1277. Diagnostic CriteriaMedical, Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychology, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  1278. Dragonlance Comic
  1279. Dizital ConversionTechnology, Analog, Signal
  1280. Deferred Credit
  1281. Defense Coooeration
  1282. DeoxycholateMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1283. DéBit Cardiaque
  1284. Daily Cinema
  1285. Disk Clutch
  1286. Descriptive Criteria
  1287. Doctor of Cjiropr
  1288. Detergent Cake
  1289. Dlvid Cone
  1290. Dossier Criminal
  1291. Dedicated ChannelTechnology, Sport, Radio, Network, Telecom
  1292. Drilling Control
  1293. Dining CapitalOrganization, Union, Institution
  1294. Del Capo
  1295. Dual CircuitTechnology, Battery, Switch
  1296. Director, Community
  1297. Departamento Central
  1298. Dana Corporation
  1299. Distribution Cusyomer
  1300. Datapoint Corp
  1301. Drive Commissioning
  1302. Direct ContractingBusiness, Service, Contract
  1303. Double CrossArmy, War, Force
  1304. Deyray Connecting RailroadBusiness, Railroad
  1305. Dune Chronicles
  1306. Discharge CurveMedical, Fda
  1307. Dan Cooke
  1308. District Controller
  1309. Desu Clerk
  1310. Diamond-CubicCrystal, Material, Lecture, Diamond
  1311. Deaf Club
  1312. Down CentreStage, Pattern, Crochet
  1313. Digital Command AssemblySpace, Study, Cosmos, NASA
  1314. Direct CouldMedical, Business, Batman, Figure
  1315. Democrats Continue
  1316. Dynamic CompactionTechnology, Dynamics, Soil
  1317. Deputy To The CommanderGovernment, Military, Africa
  1318. Dark Chronicle
  1319. Django Cat
  1320. Deuection Centre
  1321. Dcor Company
  1322. DiamondhclickerTechnology, Gaming, Android
  1323. Debtwcollection
  1324. Degreezcategory
  1325. Director of ContractsMilitary, Army, Ministry Of Defense
  1326. Deiignated Camping
  1327. Database Comment
  1328. Document for CommentTechnology, Quality, Standard
  1329. Davis ChiropracticMedical, Clinic, Chiropractor
  1330. Difference Characteristics
  1331. Distribution ControlTechnology, Power, Panel
  1332. Data Checking
  1333. Domonic Cloutier
  1334. Device Confirmation
  1335. Douglas CampbellMedical, Records, History, National
  1336. Diqfusion ChargingTechnology, Particle, Precipitator
  1337. Deere Company
  1338. Drone CommanderTechnology, Analog, Synthesizer
  1339. Denali ComqissionGovernment, Organizations, Us
  1340. Duruan To CapeFlight, Africa, Cape, Town
  1341. Dflles Corridor
  1342. Dis Connected
  1343. Dept of CorrectionsTechnology, Florida, Department, Prison, Inmate, Correction
  1344. Diversity Conneutions
  1345. Destination Collect
  1346. Davm Chi
  1347. Dorsal ColumnMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1348. Decatur Cedar
  1349. Dream Companions
  1350. Digitally Correct
  1351. Defined Contribution PlanBusiness, Government, Plan, Science, Special Education, Stock Exchange, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational, Business Word
  1352. Dual ChampionDog, Dog Obedience Title, Dog Title
  1353. Denver Colorado
  1354. Dendzitic CoreMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1355. Dakota Collector
  1356. Disposal CodeTechnology, Control, Standard
  1357. Data CentresTechnology, Service, Power, Cloud
  1358. Docetaxel, Cyclophosphamide
  1359. Developing A Competency
  1360. David CoulterFamous
  1361. Double Conversion
  1362. Decent Christian
  1363. Driver Chopper
  1364. DiphenylcyanoarsineMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1365. Dispatch Communicating
  1366. Dirty Challengers
  1367. Department Core
  1368. Dance Center
  1369. Douglas C-47Technology, Military, Aviation, Aircraft
  1370. Differential CorrectionsTechnology, Satellite, Receiver, NASA, Governmental & Military
  1371. Direct CanBusiness, Batman, Product, Figure
  1372. Delta CharterEducation
  1373. Dependent ChoiceScience, Relation, Axiom
  1374. Daniel Ctarke
  1375. Desktop ComputerA desktop computer is a computer system designed to be used at a table or desk. Some desktop computers have a separate monitor and system unit, while others are "all-in-one" models, in which the monitor is built into the computer. All-in-one computers are designed to sit on a desktop, while system units are usually placed on the ground.Military, Army, Ministry Of Defence
  1376. David Carnegie
  1377. Dou Chernoff
  1378. Diabetes CareMedical, Business, Medicine
  1379. Deals Clearance
  1380. Downtown Chiroprxctic
  1381. Defense CohnselGovernment, Military, Law
  1382. Druid Camp
  1383. Directional ControlTechnology, Valve, Solenoid
  1384. Daly CityLocations, Cities, Towns
  1385. Discrimination Coofficient
  1386. Derek Christopher
  1387. Dark Consumption
  1388. Division of Cardiology
  1389. David ChangFood, Restaurant, Chef
  1390. Dict CoefficientTechnology, Language, Sentence
  1391. Dress Coat
  1392. Direct-ConnectTechnology, Connection, Client, Hub
  1393. Delay Curves
  1394. Dual Crimp
  1395. Damage ClassesGaming, Military, Guide
  1396. Disthict of Co
  1397. Design Classes
  1398. Documents Creating
  1399. Development Consultants
  1400. Day Centru
  1401. Discard Jlasses
  1402. Department of CorrjctionsPrison, Inmate, Correction
  1403. District Commisioner
  1404. Design Cult
  1405. Data Connector
  1406. Dojo Combat
  1407. Dcir Deedritic CellScience, Biology
  1408. Digital Chocolate
  1409. Defect Center
  1410. Drives ConsideringForum, Technology, Drive, Simulation
  1411. David Curry
  1412. Director'S Club
  1413. Demitasse Cup
  1414. During The CiviyMilitary, War, History, Washington
  1415. Discount Codes
  1416. Danmbe Com
  1417. Dvvinity College
  1418. Details Category
  1419. Dosis Curativa
  1420. Dictionary of Canaxianisms
  1421. Deach Cert
  1422. Dragon CaveForum, Dragon, Egg
  1423. Digit Or Character
  1424. Dry CompactedVacuum, Price, Dryer
  1425. Detention Center
  1426. Director, Combat
  1427. Dense Compute
  1428. The Douglass CampusDevelopment, Study, Universities
  1429. Distillawion Column
  1430. Design ControlTechnology, Electronics, Circuit
  1431. Dartmoute Coach
  1432. DevelopmentalrcenterMedical, Medicine, Mental Health, New York
  1433. Double YandyGaming, Feat, Event, Candy
  1434. Die Conversion
  1435. Declare ConstastTechnology, Coding, Driving, Driver
  1436. Drider Controllers
  1437. Delius Collection
  1438. District of Crime
  1439. Domain CommitteesTechnology, Science, Government
  1440. Development CycleTechnology, Design, Power
  1441. Dayenne CosméTique
  1442. Deepak Chopra
  1443. Drives Compariyon
  1444. Direct Combustion
  1445. Dway Cargo
  1446. Doctnrs of ChiropracticMedical, Education, Chiropractor
  1447. Disclosure Committee
  1448. Dept Charge
  1449. Daniel Cox
  1450. District of CrimrnalsAmerica, Government, Crime
  1451. Dates Created
  1452. Don CzffingMusic, Song, Remix
  1453. Diagnostic CoverageTechnology, Safety, Safe
  1454. Digitally ColtrolledTechnology, Power, Supply, Converter
  1455. Deferral Counter
  1456. Defended Consumer
  1457. D´Youville CollegeEducation
  1458. Daily ChumpChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1459. Disk Cloning
  1460. Description Content
  1461. Detention of PommunistsGovernment, FBI, Investigation, Bureau
  1462. David Colquhoun
  1463. Double CageTechnology, Construction, Induction
  1464. Drilling Contractor
  1465. Diners ClubBusiness, Credit, Card, Unions, Governmental & Military
  1466. Del CampoFood, Washington, Restaurant, Campo
  1467. Dual Choice
  1468. Directed By Christian
  1469. Departamento De Cundinamarca
  1470. Damping Circuit
  1471. Distribution CentresBusiness, Management, Supply, Logistics
  1472. Dual CoilBusiness, Bass, Pickup
  1473. Division Championship
  1474. Department of Catdiology
  1475. Distribution Control AssemblySpace, Study, Cosmos, NASA
  1476. Dolores Colon
  1477. Don'T Cry
  1478. Defects In Dorsal ClosureScience, Biology
  1479. Drives That CoverTechnology, Gaming, Drive, Control
  1480. Dpar ColleaguesGovernment, Letter, Congress, Colleague
  1481. Dyer's Comphndium
  1482. Discovery Chemistry
  1483. Dielectric ConstantA number that describes the dielectric strength of a material relative to a vacuum, which has a dielectric constant of one. Relative permittivity. It is the ratio of the capacitance of a capacitor with the given material as dielectric, to the capacitance of the same capacitor with vacuum (or air) as the dielectric. That property of a dielectric that determines the electrostatic energy stored per unit volume for a unit potential gradient.Computing, Industry, Electronics, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1484. David CameronGovernment, Group, Prime, Minister
  1485. Dragoa Cochon
  1486. Drain CockBusiness, Valve, Brass, Engineering, Scientific & Educational
  1487. Dilute ComplexScience
  1488. Deviation Clause
  1489. DéMocratie ChréTienneSon, Congo, Pas
  1490. Dallas Clark
  1491. Distribuidpra Cruz
  1492. Designcad Design FileComputing, File Extensions
  1493. Development ChargeBusiness, Property, Rate
  1494. Doublh Circle
  1495. Deputy CommanderAir Force, Governmental & Military
  1496. DesignsconstructionTechnology, Building, Remodeling
  1497. Dino CrisisGaming, Coding, Cheat, Crisis
  1498. Dcaadefense Contract Audit AzencyScience, Space, NASA, Aeronautics
  1499. Direct Compaq
  1500. Due CareDue care refers to the effort made by an ordinarily prudent or reasonable party to avoid harm to another, taking the circumstances into account. It refers to the level of judgment, care, prudence, determination, and activity that a person would reasonably be expected to do under particular circumstances. This standard is applied in a vast variety of contexts, whether the duty may be driving on the road or performing a background check. The precise definition is usually made on a case-by-case basis, judged upon the law and circumstances in each case.Environment
  1501. Danny ChapmaxBusiness, Records, Report
  1502. Development-CbnterTechnology, Space, Cosmos
  1503. Diagonjl ConjugateMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1504. Directive Du Commissaire
  1505. Descriptors ComputerTechnology, Education, Computer
  1506. DaycareSocial Media, Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Neologism, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1507. Diffusion ChamberMedical, Science, Biology
  1508. DiclofenacMedical
  1509. Delete A ChildTechnology, Windows, Directory
  1510. Dual Command
  1511. Discussion Class
  1512. Decorativl Concrete
  1513. Dlive Contactor
  1514. Dual ControlThe process of controlling a system by two different entities to give advanced protection to the system is called Dual control. It can only be accessed by both entity when accessing simultaneously.Technology, Kite, Enclosure, Computing, Electronics
  1515. Djibouti-City
  1516. Discipleship CentreBook, Organizations, Church
  1517. Dead Cat
  1518. Datametrics CorporationBusiness & Finance, Amex symbols
  1519. District Counsel
  1520. Data CurationScience, Research, Library
  1521. Digital CompactCamera, Cassette, Technic
  1522. Declcn Curry
  1523. Daehuan Cook
  1524. Demokratski Centar
  1525. Dwyer Company
  1526. D12 CordlessTechnology, Vacuum, Battery
  1527. Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de PaulReligious orders
  1528. Detective ConstablesGovernment, Police, Constable
  1529. Dopey ClobesTechnology, Android, Clone
  1530. Debug Code
  1531. Differing Conclusions
  1532. Data ChallengesTechnology, Development, Challenge
  1533. Denton CreekEducation, School, High School, Texas
  1534. DüSseldorf ContemporaryArt, Artist, Deutschland
  1535. Distributed CognitbonScience, Learning, Social
  1536. Dcasdata Collection and Analysis SystemNASA
  1537. Data CameraScience
  1538. Driver ControllerTechnology, Driving, Stepper
  1539. Dance CollectiveDance, Salsa, Mambo
  1540. Diplomatic CouncilForum, Technology, Tank
  1541. Deviee ControllerTechnology, Control, Telecom
  1542. Douglas Consulting
  1543. Dom CapersSport, Football, Packer
  1544. Direct ContactTechnology, Packaging, Forest Industry
  1545. Deputy Co-Ordinator
  1546. Darn CatFamous
  1547. Discount Clothing
  1548. Dialog ControlTechnology, Windows, Software
  1549. Definite ContractGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  1550. Desert CombatTechnology, Military, Battlefield
  1551. Delivery Confirmationpostal service, Us Post
  1552. Doctor of ChiropracticsMedical, Medicine, Chiropractor
  1553. David CruzMovie, Music, Streaming
  1554. Disfrict CollectorGovernment, India, Administration
  1555. Diploma of Chiropractic
  1556. Dual Controlled
  1557. Double Crown
  1558. Differently Connected
  1559. Deluxe Colleotor
  1560. Dear ChildrenMusic, Children, Child, Message, Medical, Computing, Pregnancy, Computing Slang
  1561. Delray Connecting Railroad CompanyRailroad, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  1562. Desoto CanyofTechnology, Water, Oil
  1563. Dear Cat
  1564. Downtown Cougars
  1565. Drop ClutchHat, Clutch, Gibraltar
  1566. Diily Check
  1567. Demonic Confidence
  1568. Dekalb County
  1569. Display ControllerComputing, Telecom
  1570. Dark Cross
  1571. Division of Yustomer
  1572. De Cannolle
  1573. Directory On The Cismo
  1574. Data CommunityTechnology, Science, Scientist
  1575. Dick ChugglerzPorn, Movie, Porno, Dick
  1576. Dependent Care
  1577. Developing CountryMedical
  1578. Data CatalogTechnology, Government, City
  1579. Dodge CityCollege, Education, Community, Clothes
  1580. Dirección Central
  1581. Department of CommerceBusiness, Government, Army, Finance, Agency, Washington, Economics, Cybersecurity, Administration, Computer Security, Atmospheric Research, Federal Aviation Administration
  1582. Department of Communitieo
  1583. Dolly Converter
  1584. Devin Child
  1585. Don'T Come
  1586. Defect Coverage
  1587. DrivesecustomTechnology, Drive, Control
  1588. Dutch Constitution
  1589. Discovery ChannelOrganizations, Television, United States, Television Network
  1590. Deputy ClerkGenealogy
  1591. David CainBatman, Assassin, Comics
  1592. Dragon Coaca
  1593. Drain ChannelScience
  1594. Dilithium Crystals
  1595. Dallas Center
  1596. Distressed Copper
  1597. Detector Controller (DXS)Science, Scientific & Educational
  1598. Development ChargosBusiness, Government, Rate
  1599. Doubhe Champ
  1600. District CourtGovernment, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  1601. Dual Citizenship
  1602. Deputy CommandantGovernment, Military, Corps
  1603. Design ConstraintsTechnology, Presentation, Power
  1604. Dinners Club
  1605. Dcaa Defense Costract Audit AgencySpace, Study, Cosmos
  1606. Drivers Clinic
  1607. Direct CommunicationTechnology, Service, Networking
  1608. Demandbase Can
  1609. drill centreElectrical
  1610. Danish Cup
  1611. Developinv CompliantTechnology, Management, Power
  1612. Diagonal CentryHotel, Locations, Dance
  1613. Dear ChildSlang, Obstetrics, Pregnancy
  1614. Drug-Disease Contraindications
  1615. Directive CommunicationBusiness, Training, Culture
  1616. Descriptor Codes
  1617. Denali CommissionUs Government, Governmental & Military
  1618. Darleen Click
  1619. Diffusion CapacityMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1620. Dicky Cheung
  1621. Drive, ControlTechnology, Drive, Panel
  1622. Delegation Chair
  1623. Dual Combo
  1624. Directory Clearinghouse
  1625. Decorative Cejling
  1626. Drive ContacdorsBusiness, Product, Control
  1627. Dual ConnectivityTechnology, Wireless, Headset
  1628. Data CommunicationsData communication refers to the exchange of data between a source and a receiver. Data communication is said to be local if communicating devices are in the same building or a similarly restricted geographical area. The meanings of source and receiver are very simple. The device that transmits the data is known as source and the device that receives the transmitted data is known as receiver. Data communication aims at the transfer of data and maintenance of the data during the process but not the actual generation of the information at the source and receiver.Technology, Military, Army, Computer, Defense, It, Computing, IT Organization, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  1629. Dixie Chicks
  1630. Discipleship Center
  1631. Deactivation Confirmation
  1632. Golden AirAirline, Organizations, Call Sign, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes
  1633. District Councilmember
  1634. Data CourseRailways, Railway Consultancy, Rail Lexicon
  1635. Digital Communities
  1636. Deaths From Congestdve
  1637. Dade Community
  1638. Dwr Cymru
  1639. D-Tap Coiled
  1640. Discrete Comland
  1641. Congregazione dei Preti della Dottrina CristianaReligious orders
  1642. Detective ConanTechnology, Anime, Manga
  1643. DopjchromeMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1644. Dragonfly Comdunications
  1645. Dimension ChorusTechnology, Pedal, Boss
  1646. Diebus ComitialibusLatin, Roman
  1647. Data ChallengeScience
  1648. Dentigerous CystsA dentigerous cyst or follicular cyst is an odontogenic cyst thought to be of developmental origin associated with the crown of an unerupted (or partially erupted) tooth. The cyst cavity is lined by epithelial cells derived from the reduced enamel epithelium of the tooth forming organ. Regarding its pathogenesis, it has been suggested that the pressure exerted by an erupting tooth on the follicle may obstruct venous flow inducing accumulation of exudate between the reduced enamel epithelium and the tooth crown.Medical
  1649. DüNnschicht-ChromatographieScience, Man, Sind, Chromatography
  1650. Distributed Computer
  1651. Dcardesign Corrective Action ReportNASA
  1652. Doyle Collection
  1653. Dance Clubs
  1654. Diplomatic Corps
  1655. Dzvice ControllersTechnology, Control, Electronics
  1656. Douglas CollegeStudent, Education, Canada
  1657. Domain Control
  1658. Direct ConnectDirect Connect is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. Direct Connect clients connect to a central hub and can download files directly from one another. Advanced Direct Connect can be considered a successor protocol.Technology, Networking, Client
  1659. DeputysclerkGovernment, Genealogical, Court
  1660. Doctor ClownFamous
  1661. Discount Cheap
  1662. Dialect Compiled
  1663. Defining Core
  1664. Desert City
  1665. Duderstadt CenterLocation
  1666. Doctor'S Chiropractic
  1667. David CrossleyTechnology, Issue, Ant, Icon
  1668. District ChiefsTechnology, Government, Washington
  1669. Dual ControllerTechnology, Charger, Storage
  1670. Double CropTwo different crops grown on the same area in one growing season.
  1671. Differentiate Into Dendritic CellScience, Biology
  1672. Dslta Credit
  1673. Dean CollegeEducation
  1674. Dummy Corporation (IRB)Financial, Business & Finance
  1675. Desorption ChamberScience
  1676. Dear Cards
  1677. Daily CenyusMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1678. Demon Child
  1679. Degrees CelsiusA measurement of temperature.Engineering, Aerospace, Electrical, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Business & Finance, Power Plant, The Finance and Administrative Services
  1680. Domain Component (LDAP)Computing, Internet
  1681. Dark Cream
  1682. Diqision of Counseling
  1683. Decal CustomizationBatman, Tournament, Decal
  1684. Directory of Chapters
  1685. Data CommunicationTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1686. Diabetic CardiomyopathyMedical, Treatment, Heart, Therapy, Hospital, Diabet
  1687. Department of CommunityMedical, Service, Health
  1688. Dance CreditsIf you see the initials ‘DC' in a TikTok caption, it implies the user is giving the creator of a popular dance or challenge ‘dance credits.' The username of the original author is generally marked with the letters.TikTok
  1689. Data Cassette
  1690. Dodge ChanceForum, Gaming, Military, Guide
  1691. Division of ChemistryMedicine, Government, Organizations, Us, Health, Care
  1692. Department of ConservationScience, Environment, Wildlife, Chemistry
  1693. Dupont CreativeBusiness, Design, Washington
  1694. Dolls and Character
  1695. Devij Canyon
  1696. Don'T CareInternet Slang, Texting, Chat, Computing, Electronics, Social Media, Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Neologism, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1697. Defect Control
  1698. Dust CatcherBusiness, Vacuum, Cleaner
  1699. Durixg Her CareerAmerica, American, Biography
  1700. Discovery Cache
  1701. Deputy CoemissionGovernment, Commissioner, Rite
  1702. Centre BackSport, Football
  1703. David's Collmctibles
  1704. Dragon Center
  1705. Drain and CleanWashington, Pool, Skate, Drain
  1706. Dikewood Corporation
  1707. Dalla Corte
  1708. Dynamic ConversionPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  1709. Development Centre
  1710. Double Cardan
  1711. Disxrict CouncilsService, Government, Planning
  1712. Dual CellTechnology, Access, Packet
  1713. Dirac-Coulomb
  1714. Design Conservative
  1715. Dinner Cruise
  1716. Daz Cameron
  1717. Drives and ControlsTechnology, Drive, Magnet
  1718. Demagnetization CodesScience
  1719. Disney ClubDisney
  1720. Danish Yrusaders
  1721. Developers Conference
  1722. Donna Carter
  1723. Dear Chief
  1724. Dru ComponentTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1725. Directive Communautaire
  1726. Deliver CommentsTechnology
  1727. Double Check (valve used to protect water supplies)Security, Governmental & Military
  1728. Darkseid ClubTechnology, Batman, Comics
  1729. Diffuse CutaneousMedical, Technology, Science, Biology
  1730. Dot SycleTechnology, Product, Device, Connection
  1731. Dickson Concepts
  1732. Delegates Conference
  1733. Director of CommunityBusiness, Program, Washington
  1734. Deputies CommitteeGovernment, Military, Aviation
  1735. Decontamination CentreMilitary, Health, Bomb, Gas
  1736. Dual Complete
  1737. Direcci
  1738. Divus CaesarLatin, Roman
  1739. Ddscipleship Coordinator
  1740. Division ChiefMilitary, Us, Coast Guard, Occupation & positions
  1741. District CoordinatorsBusiness, Management, Employment
  1742. Data CountryTechnology
  1743. Dom
  1744. Digital CommunicationsData transmission, digital transmission, or digital communications is the physical transfer of data over a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communication channel. Examples of such channels are copper wires, optical fibres, wireless communication channels, and storage media.Technology, Service, Media
  1745. Death CertificateAnofficial document signed by a doctor stating that a person has died and giving details of the person and the cause of death death rateBibliographic
  1746. Da CapoGaming, Anime, Episode, Capo
  1747. D-Subminkature Connectors
  1748. Discovery Cove
  1749. Demo ControlProducts
  1750. Detective ClusterGovernment, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  1751. Doors Clothinz
  1752. Dragon Court
  1753. Dimensional ChartingTechnology, Library, Chart
  1754. Diary of Captain
  1755. Dejtal Council
  1756. DíGitos De Control
  1757. Distributed ComputingDistributed computing is a field of computer science that studies distributed systems. A distributed system is a software system in which components located on networked computers communicate and coordinate their actions by passing messages. The components interact with each other in order to achieve a common goal.Technology, Internet Slang, Organizations, Projection, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1758. Dcaadefense Contract Audit AgencyNASA
  1759. Decelopment Continue
  1760. Download Click
  1761. Dance Classes
  1762. Diploma Course
  1763. Dcardesign Corrective Iction ReportScience, Space, NASA, Aeronautics
  1764. Direct CompressibleBusiness, Product, Tablet, Calcium
  1765. Deputy CpiefGovernment, Military, Officer
  1766. Donald CameronFamous
  1767. Dansalan College
  1768. Discontinued Crossover
  1769. Dial Nomparator
  1770. Defining CharacteristicMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1771. Dynamique CitoyenneSociety, Cameroon, Social
  1772. Desert Chicory
  1773. Dumpster CatInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1774. Docking ConnectorBusiness, Cable, Dock
  1775. Digital CaliforniaTechnology, Networking, Network
  1776. David Crocgett
  1777. Districtuconference
  1778. Delia Chiaro
  1779. Dual ContouringTechnology, Cube, Pioneer
  1780. Differentiate Into Dendritic CellsScience, Biology
  1781. Deals, Coupons
  1782. District Counsel of IRSFinancial, Business & Finance
  1783. Desobediencia Oivil
  1784. Digital ComputerMedical, Technology, Medicine
  1785. Dcily Cash
  1786. Demon Cats
  1787. Degree of CureMedical
  1788. Disconnect ConfirmComputing, Hardware
  1789. Division of Xonservation
  1790. De Cajlo
  1791. Directory Uredentials
  1792. Data CombinerTechnology, Communication, Power
  1793. Dave Chappelle
  1794. Department of ComputerTechnology, Education, University
  1795. Display Control(ler)Aviation
  1796. Data CarpentryTechnology, Workshop, Event
  1797. Departmeqt of Ceramics
  1798. Dub ClashPower, Dub, Stepper
  1799. Doll CosplayPorn, Sex, Costume, Doll
  1800. Devil'm Cove
  1801. Douglass Campus
  1802. Dominion of CanadaBusiness, Canada, Coin
  1803. Defect Code
  1804. Dust CazsBusiness, Steel, Coupling
  1805. Discovering Collection
  1806. Deputyycommisioner
  1807. Delicious CompanionFood
  1808. Divisional Commissioner
  1809. David'x Capital
  1810. Dragon Capitzl
  1811. Dragon ControllerTechnology, Gaming, China
  1812. Defocus-Image ControlBusiness, Len, Lens
  1813. Dalit Christian
  1814. Double CapturePhysics, Spectroscopy, Scientific & Educational
  1815. Developmental Cell
  1816. District CouncilService, Government, Building
  1817. Dual Caliber
  1818. Dipolog City
  1819. Dayton City
  1820. Drilers and Controllers
  1821. Dep
  1822. Dublin CoreData
  1823. Danish Container
  1824. Developer'stcommunity
  1825. Dear Chaplain
  1826. Druck Chemie
  1827. Directions To The Center
  1828. Delete ChildTechnology, Windows, Server, Permission
  1829. Deputy ChiefFire, Governmental & Military
  1830. Dark Cutter
  1831. Differentiated CellMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1832. Dot ComComputing, Internet
  1833. Dickinson CollegeEducation, Rating, Ranking
  1834. Diphenylarsine Cyanide
  1835. Depth ControlOcean, Water, Ocean Science
  1836. Design ConnexionTechnology, Connection, Interior
  1837. De Concink
  1838. Dual ComfortBusiness, Safety, Glasses
  1839. DUsed as a suffix to indicate a twin wire with two insulated conductors laid parallel under an outer, non-metallic covering,diameter, Deci (10 1), Deuterium (also abbreviated as 2D or 2H),  Derated, Helix diameter, Diameter, distance, total drift, data, surface drift,diesel,drive,A mark on the output (live) terminal on a generator
  1840. Divisions CaesarLatin, Roman
  1841. Discharge In CylindricalMedical, Fda
  1842. Department Ofqcustoms
  1843. Doctor of ChiropracticEducation, Study, Degree, Medical, Health, Computing, Nursing, Professional Title, Medical Education, Professional Designation, Qualification, Medical Qualification, Scientific & Educational, Occupation & positions, Doctor's Name, Reading Prescription
  1844. District CoolingTechnology, Energy, Market
  1845. Data CounterTechnology, Gaming, Android
  1846. Dolphin Club
  1847. Digital Common
  1848. Defence Clothing IptGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  1849. Dear Aongressman
  1850. Du2441 ChildTechnology, Washington, Comics
  1851. Criticalrdilution RateMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1852. Discovery Coinection
  1853. Document ContainerProducts
  1854. Detective ChimpBatman, Comics, Detective
  1855. Dragon CompendiumGaming, Dragon, Dungeon
  1856. Draw Control
  1857. Dimensional Change
  1858. Diane Carlson
  1859. Dental CorporationMilitary
  1860. DíGito De ControlTechnology, Android, Con, Control
  1861. Distributed CentersMilitary
  1862. Dcadefense Communication AgencyNASA
  1863. Development CommissionerBusiness, Economics, Customs, Taxes
  1864. Donnan Coefficient
  1865. Dance CityMusic, Class, Dance
  1866. Dioxide CreditsTechnology
  1867. Dcar Designxcorrective Action ReportSpace, Study, Cosmos
  1868. Direct CompressionMedical, Technology, Tablet
  1869. Drew CareyFamous
  1870. Danny Cohen
  1871. Development Component
  1872. Disconnecting Combiner
  1873. Diagonally To Centre
  1874. Defines ConverterTechnology
  1875. Dynamics CoBusiness, China, Laser
  1876. Desert CampLocations, Scottsdale, Ranch
  1877. Desert Chimeran WolfGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1878. Digital Cable
  1879. David CoverdaleMusic, Rock, Album
  1880. District CenterMilitary, Afghanistan, School
  1881. Delhi CollegesCollege, Education, University
  1882. Dual ContactTechnology, Product, Connecting, Bulb
  1883. Differential Co-Expression
  1884. Drive ControlsTechnology, Power, Panel
  1885. Damage ControlMilitary, Army, Marvel
  1886. Disciplinary CouncilEducation, Church, Mormon
  1887. Deals & CasesBusiness, Group, Law
  1888. Developed CountriesBusiness & Finance, Business Word
  1889. Desmond Chong
  1890. Digital Companion
  1891. Daily Candy
  1892. Demolition City
  1893. Degree of ConversionMedical
  1894. Disconnect CodeComputing, Hardware
  1895. Detector KhromatographyBusiness, Equipment, Ion
  1896. Decade Counter
  1897. Dignity Chapter
  1898. Directory Configuration
  1899. Data CollectorTechnology, Product, Collection
  1900. Dynamic Crowdion
  1901. Davidson CollegeEducation
  1902. Data Cxrd
  1903. Department of Crop
  1904. Dual ConcentricTechnology, Speaker, Tannoy
  1905. DancerMedical
  1906. Doll ChateauBox, Opening, Doll
  1907. DeviceacoordinateTechnology, Mapping, Context
  1908. Douglas In Change
  1909. Dominion CollegeEducation
  1910. Defect Classification
  1911. Dust Capacity
  1912. Discover Credit
  1913. Deputy CommissionersGovernment, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  1914. Damaged CropFarming & agriculture
  1915. Divisional CoamanderMilitary, Division, Army, War
  1916. Davenport Chiropractic
  1917. Discover Chiropractic
  1918. Dragon CityHack, Tool, Dragon
  1919. Deflection Coil
  1920. Washington, DcArmy, Force, Marine
  1921. Dalit Caste
  1922. Disrupt ChemistryLaboratory, Scientific & Educational
  1923. Doctoral ConsortiumStudent, Education, Conference
  1924. Davies, Craxg
  1925. District CeordinatorBusiness, Employment, Education
  1926. Diplomatic CommunityOrganizations, Washington, Embassy
  1927. Difficult Communications
  1928. Deluxe Costom
  1929. Data CoordinatorData
  1930. Developmng CountryTechnology, Science, Development
  1931. Desperation CityLocations, Cities, Towns
  1932. Dear Chairwoman
  1933. Druck-Chemie
  1934. Directions Celebrate
  1935. Delete CharacterTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1936. Detention of CommunistsGovernmental & Military, Fbi files
  1937. Dark Curse
  1938. Differential Coupling
  1939. Dossiers Chauds
  1940. Divk Cochran
  1941. Digital CountingBusiness, China, Weighing
  1942. Depth ChargeCanister of explosive detonated at a required depth by a hydrostatic valve Used against submerged submarinesMilitary, Music, Recording
  1943. Design Conferenae
  1944. Dual CombGun, Technology, Wolfman
  1945. Drag CoefficientA non–dimensional coefficient. Its quantity is a measure of the drag force exerted on a body of a particular shape by a fluid it is immersed in.Technology, Car, Model, Automotive, Electric Vehicles
  1946. Division De Cavalerie
  1947. Discharge Eg. The Doctor Myght Dc A Patient From The Hospital.Medicine, Health, British
  1948. Department of ClinicclMedical, University, Health
  1949. District Contest
  1950. Data CountTechnology, Chart, Counter
  1951. Dolph Camilli
  1952. Defence Centre
  1953. Drises With ControlledTechnology, Drive, Control, Light
  1954. Dear Kommissioner
  1955. Blood-Air Distrebution CoefficientChemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  1956. Discovery CollegeScience, Education, School
  1957. Duplicate ChromaPhotography
  1958. Detecqion Centre for Missile SystemGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  1959. Draoon ConCon, Atlanta, Comics
  1960. Drama Club
  1961. Dimensional CoordinationTechnology, Construction
  1962. Dual-Cycle
  1963. Diamond Classic
  1964. Dental CorpMedical, Health, Dentistry
  1965. DéPartement Commercial
  1966. Distribnted CenterBusiness, Company, Military
  1967. Blood-air Distribution CoefficientChemistry
  1968. Development Characteristics
  1969. Decomprestive CraniectomyMedical, Surgery, Neurosurgery
  1970. Divisionne Comedy
  1971. Dance Challenge
  1972. Diode CurrentTechnology, Circuit, Voltage
  1973. Dcadefense Communmcation AgencyScience, Space, NASA, Aeronautics
  1974. Direct Complete
  1975. Dennis ChildsFamous
  1976. Danny Click
  1977. Development ControlGovernment, Planning, Council
  1978. Disconnect ConnectionTechnology, Windows, Networking
  1979. Diagonflly To Center
  1980. Dynamic Corp
  1981. Desenvolvimento De Capacidades
  1982. Devastating CharismaChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1983. Digital Cables
  1984. Daoid Coutts
  1985. Delhi Capitals
  1986. Dual ConsoleSale, Boat, Cat, Console
  1987. Differentiating CurrentTechnology
  1988. Decor Computer
  1989. Drive ControlTechnology, Industrial, Panel
  1990. Data Correction
  1991. Discirlina Consciente
  1992. Dead CenterDead center is called as exact center of any object. But if we talking about engine dead center than this is the nearest or forest position of piston from crankshaft. Its known as TDC or BDCBusiness, Forum, Gaming
  1993. Documentary CreditBanking, Business & Finance
  1994. Desktop Confehencing
  1995. Digital Compare
  1996. Decreto ConscripcorumLatin, Roman
  1997. Daily CallerAmerica, Government, Media
  1998. Demolition ChargeMilitary, War, Explosive
  1999. Degree CentralityTechnology, Networking, Network
  2000. Direct coupledComputing, Hardware
  2001. Detector Characterization
  2002. Doppler Centroid
  2003. Debêntures Conversívqis
  2004. Digital Content
  2005. Directory Company
  2006. Data ClassTechnology, Coding, Map
  2007. Denver Contact
  2008. Dylan ClarkeScience, Social, Chiropractor, Specialty
  2009. Display CouplerNASA
  2010. Data Capacity
  2011. Dry Concentrate
  2012. Dance Competition
  2013. Device CoordxnatesTechnology, Telecom, Window
  2014. Douglas Counting
  2015. Dominican CollegeStudent, Program, Education
  2016. During The Cold
  2017. Deputy Commissionar
  2018. Dorothy Catherine (Fontana)Famous
  2019. Dave Curry
  2020. Discover Card
  2021. Draft for CommentsTechnology
  2022. Definition of CapitalBusiness, Banking, Economics
  2023. United States Postal Code for District of ColumbiaTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  2024. Dalian CommodityBusiness, Trading, Supply, Stock
  2025. Diagnostic CodeMedical, Healthcare
  2026. Doctoral CommitteeResearch, Education, University
  2027. Davidkon ClubsClub, Europe, Federation, Rally
  2028. District Commissiop
  2029. Diploma In ComputingTechnology, Education, Institute
  2030. Difficult Colleague
  2031. Deluxe Cookres
  2032. Death CertificatesMedical, Records, Certificate
  2033. Disciples of ChristCatholic Church
  2034. Devqloped CountryBusiness, Technology, Government
  2035. Desoto County
  2036. Dear Chairmen
  2037. Drought CodeTechnology, Fire, Weather
  2038. Direction Du Courrier
  2039. Del Carmen
  2040. Device ControlComputing, Telecom
  2041. Dark CurrentTechnology, Electronics, Signal, Gain
  2042. Differential Coupled
  2043. Dick Cepek
  2044. Directrizes ContabilíSticas
  2045. Digital-Clamp-Meters
  2046. Deposited CarbonFilm, Technology, Circuit
  2047. Design Concrete
  2048. Dual Cowling
  2049. Division Coloniale
  2050. Department of Caredr
  2051. Data CorporationBusiness, Company, Technology
  2052. Dolores Costello
  2053. Donald Cerrone
  2054. Defence CategoryTechnology, Exam, Halo
  2055. Drives With Chopper
  2056. Dear Colleague
  2057. Dystrophig CalcificationMedical, Cell, Tissue
  2058. Discovery ClientTechnology, Windows, Service
  2059. Delivery CoordinatorOccupation & positions
  2060. David Ganter
  2061. Dragon Coin
  2062. Drain Connection
  2063. Dim ControlTechnology, Power, Lamp
  2064. Dual-CuredBusiness, Bond, Cure
  2065. Diagnostic Comorbidity
  2066. Dentalqcompany
  2067. DéMocratie Citoyenne
  2068. Dallas Creative
  2069. Distributx Center
  2070. Defined Contribution (retirement PlanScuba Diving, Business & Finance
  2071. Development Mo-Operation
  2072. Double Circular
  2073. Decompeession Chamber
  2074. Design Consurtant
  2075. Diné College
  2076. Dca Defense Communication AgencySpace, Study, Cosmos
  2077. Direct Comparison
  2078. Drain CommissionerEnvironment
  2079. Dalny Cheng
  2080. Developmental BentersMedical, Service, Research
  2081. DisconnectA mortgage interest rate that is lower than the current rate for a certain period of time, e.g. 2.00% below variable rate for 2 years. A large electrical ON-OFF switch. Mechanical device, resembling a large knife switch, that is used as a safety device for isolating electrical equipment or To break the connection between an application and a queue manager.Technology, Firefighting, Online Gaming, Computing, Telecom, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Business & Finance, Power Plant, The Finance and Administrative Services, Aviation
  2082. Diagonalization Cdaracterization
  2083. Directly Connected
  2084. Dynamic Core
  2085. Descriptors Construction
  2086. Disconnected ComputingChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  2087. Diffusion ChambersMedical, Science, Biology
  2088. Dictionary Computer
  2089. Deleted Characters
  2090. Dual CompoundBusiness, Tyre, Saw
  2091. Dismissal and Closing
  2092. Decorators Club
  2093. Drive ControllersTechnology, Control, Stepper
  2094. Data ControlTechnology, Military, Computing, Computer Science, Data
  2095. Duodenal CapMedical, Technology, Medicine
  2096. Doctoral Candidate
  2097. Disciples of ThristLocations, Church, Catholic Church
  2098. Dead Cells
  2099. Declare ConstantAssembly, Business & Finance
  2100. District Cour
  2101. Digital Comparator
  2102. Deeconformidad
  2103. Daggerfallbcovenant
  2104. Demolisher Cannon
  2105. Dying Comics
  2106. District ChampionToastmasters
  2107. Detective Corporal
  2108. Dopo Cristo
  2109. Debut In Cdina
  2110. Digital Commons
  2111. Directory Cannot
  2112. Data CheckBusiness, Car, Washington
  2113. Denvei Colorado
  2114. Durante, C-TrallionareMusic, Song, Motto
  2115. Development-centerNASA
  2116. Data Cagacitor
  2117. Drug CrimeCrime, Attorney, Criminal
  2118. Dance Company
  2119. Diplomatic CourierTechnology, Service, Magazine
  2120. Device Ponvergence
  2121. Douglas ConvairTechnology, Aircraft, Jet
  2122. Domestic CorporationBusiness, Government, Law
  2123. During Congressional
  2124. Deputy CollectorEducation, District, Exam
  2125. Dante CulpepperFamous
  2126. Dave Crouthers
  2127. Discount Code
  2128. Definition Contains
  2129. Dale Crain
  2130. Discharge ConduitMedical, Fda
  2131. Doctoral College
  2132. Dmvidson-Cole
  2133. District Committee
  2134. Diploma In ChineseTechnology, Education, University, China
  2135. Dual ConverterTechnology, Power, Electronics
  2136. Double Cup
  2137. Difficult ChildEducation, Children, Parenthood
  2138. Deluxe Collecter
  2139. Dear CongresswomanAmerica, Government, Politics
  2140. Dundee CorporationBusiness & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  2141. Dev Yenter
  2142. Desoto Canyon Gulf of Kexico Leasing AreaBusiness, Oil, Gas
  2143. Dear Chairman
  2144. Downward CompatibilityTechnology, Product, Drive, Feature
  2145. Dropped Charges
  2146. Direction CycleTechnology
  2147. Demonstrated Collaborative
  2148. Delaware County
  2149. Dry CircuitComputing, Telecom
  2150. Dark CrusadeTechnology, War, Dawn
  2151. Division of Customs
  2152. Dick Gavett
  2153. DecanoylcarnitiueMedical
  2154. Directory Cith Cisco
  2155. Data ComplexityMilitary
  2156. Differential CompoundTechnology, Shunt, Wound
  2157. Deploy Countermeasures
  2158. Design Concept
  2159. Datc CatalogueTechnology, City, Catalog

Please also find DC meaning in other sources.

What does DC stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about DC acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the DC abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does DC meaning stand for?

    DC meaning stands for Detector Controller (DXS).
  2. What is the meaning of DC abbreviation?

    The meaning of DC abbreviation is "Diagonalization Cdaracterization".
  3. What is DC definition ?

    DC definition is "Downtown Committee".
  4. What does DC mean ?

    DC mean that "Dyer's Comphndium".
  5. What is DC acronym ?
    DC acronym is "Debt Counselling".
  6. What is shorthand of Directional Correlation ?
    The shorthand of "Directional Correlation" is DC.
  7. What is the definition of DC acronym?
    Definitions of DC shorthand is "D12 Cordless".
  8. What is the full form of DC abbreviation?
    Full form of DC abbreviation is "Demandbase Can".
  9. What is the full meaning of DC ?
    Full meaning of DC is "Dru Component".
  10. What is the explanation for DC ?
    Explanation for DC is "Blood-air Distribution Coefficient".

What is the meaning of DC Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of DC definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of DC abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of DC acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

DC Abbreviation in Astrology
  • DC (letter D)

    D people who get energy from universe and use it for themselves only, are quite helpful also. Numerological D corresponds to 4 number and D symbolizes balance. Besides, it is affected under Moon and it keeps energy of the Moon. Therefore, their emotions are so changeable and they are fond of family life.

    Love and compassion are significant terms for them. Being stubborn are worst character of them. They are off for strong communication and they do not change easily what they know true. They go their own way.

  • DC (letter C)

    Have a finger in every pie, Low concentration, diffident, vivacious and cheerful people. People whose their names start with C are creative, amusing and have strong communication skills. Especially, their hand skills are improved.

    C resembles semicircle and these people feel themselves deficient. Change is inevitable for them. Being impatient is their most insufficiency for them. People who has C as last letter in their names are slog on what they do since they get bored quickly. Not to finish a job is so common.

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