DF Meaning

The DF meaning is "Dengue Fever". The DF abbreviation has 619 different full form.

DF Full Forms

  1. Dengue Fever Medical, Disorder, Dengue
  2. Dean Foodsaco. Organizations
  3. Don'trfragment Technology
  4. Defence Forces Military, Ireland, Force
  5. Diloxanide Furoate Medical
  6. Disk Format Technology, Accounting, Computing
  7. Daffodil Foundation
  8. Dental Fluorosis Medical, Health, Fluoride
  9. Ddrect Flow Technology
  10. Dual-Fuel Technology, Engine, Range
  11. Disposition File
  12. Dala Flow Technology, Design, Diagram
  13. Development Flight Flight, Aviation, Aerodynamics, Space, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  14. Dominant Follicle Medical, Technology
  15. Deep Fried
  16. Digitsl Forensics Technology, Security, Computing
  17. Disease-Free Medical
  18. D-Felfluramine Medical
  19. Dental Floss Medical, Product, Mint
  20. Direct Fiked Technology, Heater, Heating
  21. Deferoxamine Medical, Technology, Medicine, Organizations, Health, Healthcare
  22. Dual Frequency Eagle, Frequency, Transducer
  23. Disposition Form Technology, Military, Army, Governmental & Military
  24. Data First
  25. Deposit Facility Business, Banking, Economics, Rate
  26. Dominant Follicles Medical
  27. Deep Freeze Deep Freeze, by Faronics, is an application available for the Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and SUSE Linux operating systems which allows system administrators to protect the core operating system and configuration files on a workstation or server by restoring a computer back to its original configuration each time the computer restarts.
  28. Digital Fluoroscopy Medical, Technology, Medicine
  29. Dkstrito Federal Locations, City, Mexico
  30. Dental Fear Medical
  31. Dirac-Fock Chemistry, Science, Electron
  32. Dual-Frequency Technology, Finder, Transducer
  33. Deflection Factor Military
  34. Disposal Facility Science
  35. Data Fieod Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  36. Department of Finance Transportation, Business, Government, Economics, California, Fishing, Science, Scientific & Educational
  37. Dodd-Frank Business, Financial, Trading, Protocol
  38. Deep Forest Science, Botany, Phytology, Scientific & Educational
  39. Developnent Fabric
  40. Direction Funding Technology, Military, Aviation, Aircraft, Radio, Station, Federal Aviation Administration
  41. Density Function
  42. Diplome In French Science, Education, University, Course
  43. Dual Focus Technology, Camera, Sigma, Photography
  44. Definition File Technology, Windows, Coding, Software
  45. Display Functions Technology, Space, Cosmos, NASA
  46. Data Fqbric
  47. Departamento De La Familia
  48. Document Frequency
  49. Deep Face Technology, Golf, Putter
  50. Development Forum
  51. Degrees of Ureedom Medical, Freedom, Statistics
  52. DemonstraçÕEs Financeiras
  53. Diploma In Finance Education, University, School
  54. Dual-Focus Business, Len, Sigma
  55. Defensive Fire Gun, Military, Army
  56. Disoproxil Fumarate Medical, Drug, Patient
  57. Dale Farnsworth
  58. Departamento De FíSica Para, Con, Mica
  59. Distance Field Technology, Gaming, Computing
  60. Deep-Fiber
  61. Development Framework Business, Oil Industry, Gas Industry
  62. Dean Foodn Company Technology, Organizations
  63. Drug Free Medical, Sleep, Workplace
  64. Defense Force Gaming, Military, Army, War, Earth, War Force
  65. Diogo Figubiras Sport, Sevilla, Genoa
  66. Disk Free Technology, Unix, Unix Command, Computing, Hardware, Unix commands
  67. Dakota Fanning
  68. Dent Fix
  69. Dirextion-Finder Technology, Military, Radio
  70. Dual Filter Science
  71. Dissipation Factor The ratio of the conductance of a capacitor, in which the material is the dielectric, to its susceptence; or the ratio of its parallel reactance to its parallel resistance, or the ratio of the power loss to the circulating KVA. The ratio of the power dissipated in watts in an insulating material to the product of the effective voltage and the current. Measured at a frequency of 106 cycles per second. Technology, Capacitor, Dielectric, Computing, Electronics, Hardware
  72. Data Formatter Science
  73. Development Finance
  74. Dark Flow Dark flow is an astrophysical term describing a possible non-random component of the peculiar velocity of galaxy clusters. The actual measured velocity is the sum of the velocity predicted by Hubble's Law plus a possible small and unexplained (or dark) velocity flowing in a common direction. In 2013, data from the Planck spacecraft showed no evidence of "dark flow". Technology, Music, Star
  75. Divine Feminine Technology, Art, Love, Goddess
  76. Durable Flex
  77. Demokratski Front Front, Protest, Tine
  78. Digital Focuser
  79. Dear Father Internet Slang
  80. Desert Force
  81. Dancetand Fitness
  82. Disk Freespace Accounting, Computing, Data
  83. Defence Field
  84. Development Forward Technology, Space, Cosmos
  85. Deformation Front Science, Geology, Scientific & Educational
  86. Dielectric Field
  87. Documentation FrançAis
  88. Dave Francis Sex, City, Auld
  89. Departamentodde Familia
  90. Direbt Feed Technology, Gaming, Military
  91. Downnfast
  92. Decimal Fraction A decimal fraction whose denominator is a power of ten and whose numerator is expressed by figures placed to the right of a decimal point. Technology, Coding, Calculator
  93. Daniel Francois
  94. Dissociatzon Factor Medical
  95. Dry Flowables Business, Product, Control, Herbicide
  96. Data Fetch Technology, Instruction, Computing, Cache
  97. Dennig Fong
  98. Dworkin and Foster
  99. Deaf Medicine, Education, Disease, Disorder
  100. Deterioration Factors Technology, English, Vehicle, Translation
  101. Dan Fletcher
  102. Dutch Friesian Dutch, Milk, Holstein, Cow
  103. Defense Factor Gaming, Military, Access
  104. Diagnostid Framework Technology, Windows, Networking
  105. Dung Flingers
  106. Deliverable Forward
  107. Diego Fagundez England, Soccer, Revolution
  108. Digital Field
  109. Doll Figuhe
  110. David Fury
  111. Department of Forestry Technology, Aircraft, Grumman
  112. D-Dodonya, F-Fabolosz Gaming, Discord, Clan
  113. Discussion Forum A discussion board (known also by various other names such as discussion group, discussion forum, message board, and online forum) is a general term for any online "bulletin board" where you can leave and expect to see responses to messages you have left. Or you can just read the board. The first discussion boards were available on bulletin board systems. On the Internet, Usenet provides thousands of discussion boards; these can now sometimes be viewed from a Web browser. Chat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  114. Dread Full
  115. Decision Framework Business, Research, Presentation
  116. Deutsche Freischar
  117. Danny Fox
  118. Dismributed Filaments
  119. Diamond Fooe
  120. Don Fisier
  121. Dysfunctional Fighters
  122. Donna Fergusin
  123. Detonator Firing Science
  124. Display Function
  125. Drop Forging (1) The forging obtained by hammering metal in a pair of closed dies to produce the form in the finishing impression under a drop hammer. (2) Forging method requiring special dies for each shape. 
  126. Dark Fired
  127. Divine Favor Guide, Favor, Paladin, Spell
  128. Dupont Fabros
  129. Demokratische Fcont
  130. Digital Fluorography
  131. Dome Fuji Science, Climate, Core
  132. Deaf Smith Locations, Texas, County Abbrevations
  133. Desert Fighters
  134. Damped Frwquency Technology
  135. Disk Fragmentation Accounting, Computing, Data
  136. Default Fund
  137. Developpent-Forward Space, Study, Cosmos
  138. De Flowered
  139. Documentation FrançAise
  140. Dave Fisher
  141. Departamenzo Forestal
  142. Direct Feeder
  143. Double Focusing Technology
  144. Deciduous Forest Demographic transition refers to the transition from high birth and death rates to low birth and death rates as a country develops from a pre-industrial to an industrialized economic system. This is typically demonstrated through a demographic transition model. Science, Tree, Community
  145. Daniel Floyd
  146. Dissertation Fellowship
  147. Dry Flowable Formulation Agriculture, Farming, Cultivation
  148. Data Feed
  149. Denisqfurtuna
  150. Dwight Freeney
  151. Death Fathom
  152. Deterioration Factor Technology, English, Translation, Emission
  153. Dan Finnerty
  154. Defenders of Freedom
  155. Debice Fonts
  156. Dungeon Finder Gaming, Play, Pastime
  157. Delicate Fabric Technology, Product, Cleaning
  158. Dietarg Fiber Medical, Food, Fibre
  159. Dovl Family
  160. David Fulton
  161. Department of Forest
  162. Diagnosi Funzionale
  163. Discussion Facilitator
  164. Dread Fortress Guide, Mode, Dread
  165. Decision Forest Medical, Technology, Analytics
  166. Deutscher Frauenrat
  167. Danny Foster
  168. Distributed Feature
  169. Dirmond Fire
  170. Don Melo
  171. Dynamo Field Technology, Battery, Regulator, Alternator
  172. Doncfeng Missile Army, War, War Force
  173. Deterrent Force Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  174. Doctoral Fellowships
  175. Drop Forged Formed by hammering or being forced into shape by heat.
  176. Dark Fire
  177. Divide Floating Technology, Coding, Instruction, Computing
  178. Duplo Folders
  179. Demoiselle De Fyrtune
  180. Digital Flap Camera, Bag, Pouch, Flap
  181. Domain Forest
  182. Deadly Forest
  183. Derek Fawcus Technology, Control, Traffic, Linux
  184. Damien Foundation
  185. Disk Filter
  186. Deep Flat Business, Product, Price, Fryer
  187. Developing Fuels Chemistry, Technology, Oil
  188. Deflazacort Medical
  189. Documentation Fran
  190. Dave Finlay
  191. Dent Fukds
  192. Direct Fedeual
  193. Double Flange Business, Butterfly, Valve
  194. Decay Factor Science, Density, Exponential
  195. Dissemination Facilitl Science
  196. Drug-Food
  197. Data Federator
  198. Diving Flippers
  199. Dempqng Factor
  200. Dwarf Someone with dwarfism, which is now more correctly called short stature. People with dwarfism (short stature) also consider themselves little people, as in the Little People of America. Medical, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  201. Direct Flight Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Flight, Aerodynamics, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  202. Death'S Fathom
  203. Detached Flight Military, Training, Cadet
  204. Dal Ferguson
  205. Defenders of The Faith Metal, Defender, Priest
  206. Deviceyflag Forum, Technology, Linux
  207. Dungeon Family
  208. Degree Fahrenheit Technology, Safety, Alert, Safe
  209. Dilig
  210. Dietary Fibers Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  211. Dogafuck
  212. David Feagin
  213. Departament of Fedenal
  214. Dependencias Federales
  215. Diretoria De Finan
  216. Draqing File Technology, Computer Data, Computer File
  217. Decision Feedback Technology, Channel, Signal
  218. Deutsche Franenrat
  219. Danny Farmer
  220. Distribution Function Technology, Telecom, Probability
  221. Diamond Fights
  222. Date Hiled Technology, Internet Slang
  223. Dynamic Factors
  224. Dungeon Fighter
  225. Dong Feng Missile, Military, China
  226. Deterministic Frame
  227. Do-Not-Fragment Technology, Networking, Network, Packet
  228. Drop Forge Space, Study, Cosmos
  229. Dark Files
  230. Division Factor Technology, Signal, Semiconductor, Frequency
  231. Duplicate File
  232. Demo Fight
  233. Digital Finisher Technology, Meteor, Finishing
  234. Domaibes De Formation Stage, Social, Formation, Aide
  235. Deadly Force
  236. Derechos Funramentales Para, City, Mexico
  237. Daedalian Foundation Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  238. Disk File Technology, Command, Linux
  239. Dryft Flux
  240. Deep Field
  241. Developed Force Medical
  242. Definition Full
  243. Doctor of Forestry Academic Degree, Degree, Scientific & Educational
  244. Dave Fielding
  245. Dyspraxia Foundation
  246. Dimensional Fact
  247. Dorsiflexor Medical
  248. Decapacitation Factor Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  249. Disseminated Foci Medical, Technology, Medicine
  250. Druckluft-Fachhandel Business, Social, Shopping, Compressor
  251. Data Fanout Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  252. Diving Fins
  253. Demoystrated Flight Technology, Aviation, Regulation
  254. Dibenzofuran Medical
  255. Dear Friends
  256. Destructive Force
  257. Dancoff Factor
  258. Defence Quota Network, Railway, System
  259. Device Fault Technology, Command, Power
  260. Dua Foundation
  261. Degradation Factor
  262. Digits Fohward Medical, Learning, Memory
  263. Dielectric Function
  264. Dog Fight
  265. David Farkas Sale, Camera, Lens
  266. Departamento De Fnnan
  267. Departamento De F
  268. Direction Finders Technology, Radio, Antenna
  269. Drain Fusnel Business, Technology
  270. Decision-Feedback
  271. Die Frelheitlichen
  272. Danmarks Forskningsbiblioteksforening Science, Association, Library
  273. Distributed Functional
  274. Diamond Fight
  275. Data Fives
  276. Dynamic Filter
  277. Dumping Factor
  278. Don Front
  279. Determining A Forwarding
  280. Drop Frame Technology, Coding, Timecode
  281. Dark Figure
  282. Divide Factor Technology, Signal, Semiconductor
  283. Duplex Filter Science
  284. Delivery Forecast Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  285. Digital Fingerprint
  286. Domaine De Formation Social, Formation, Travail, Sociale
  287. Day Fighter
  288. Derbynfood
  289. Dachfensterschloss Fenstergitter
  290. Disk Feed
  291. Dream Foundation Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  292. Dedicated Files Technology, Security, Card, Java
  293. Deutschland Crance
  294. Definition Field Technology, Coding, Server, Language
  295. Diaphragmavic Fatigue Medical
  296. Doctor Faustus
  297. Dauki Fault
  298. Dysplastic Foci Medical, Science, Biology
  299. Dimels
  300. Dorsi Flexion Corparate, Uk, United Kingdom
  301. Disposition Forms Military
  302. Drucker & Falk
  303. Data Factory
  304. Divine Forces Music, Force, Clan
  305. Demonstra
  306. Digital Forensic Technology, Investigation, Forensics
  307. Dear Fiancee Forum, Message, Pregnancy
  308. Deyign Flow
  309. Dabcing Flash
  310. Defence Force
  311. Devige Function
  312. Dryness Fraction
  313. Defries and Fulker Medical
  314. Digitized Film Forum, Technology, Photography
  315. Dielectric Filters
  316. Document Financial
  317. David Fairbairn
  318. Departamento Ue Finanças
  319. Dennis Feltham Technology, Book, Projection, Novel
  320. Direvtion Factor Science
  321. Drain Frame Ordnance Survey
  322. Decimation Filter Technology, Analog, Signal
  323. Die Frxiheit Technology, German, Man, Sind
  324. Danish Furniture
  325. Distance Fantor
  326. Diamond Farm
  327. Dala File Technology, Database, Group, Counter
  328. Dynamic-Filter
  329. Defence Resistance againstan attack of a disease . behaviour of a personwhich is aimed at protecting him or her fromharm defence mechanism Military, Network, Railway, System, Texting, Game, Legal, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  330. Dual Function
  331. Determiner Field Literature, Language, Linguistics
  332. Drop-Frame Technology, Manual, Timecode
  333. Diversity Focused
  334. Duodenal Fluid Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Skin And Dermal
  335. Delivery Facility
  336. Digital Filtration Medical, Technology
  337. Dolphin Frieqdly Nutrition, Food, Victual
  338. Davy De Fauw
  339. Depth Filtration Medical, Filter, Water
  340. D5 Feheral
  341. Disk Farm
  342. Dream Fiwness
  343. Dedicated File Technology, Command, Card
  344. Deutsche Front
  345. Danske Folkeparti
  346. Definition Files
  347. Diaja Ferrari Industry, Fashion, Manner
  348. Don Francks
  349. Datum Features Technology, Python, Feature, Eagle
  350. Dysgonic Fermenteb Medical, Technology, Medicine
  351. Dilution Factor Science, Forest Industry, Concentration
  352. Dorsal Fumiculi Medical
  353. Disposición Final
  354. Drought Factor
  355. Data Facility Technology, Program, Service
  356. Divine Focus Component, Spell, Casting
  357. Demonwfury Military, Maple, Slayer
  358. Digital Force
  359. Dear Fiance Forum, Internet Slang, Baby, Chat, Social Media, Blogging, Twitter, Disney, Facebook, Neologism, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  360. Desert Foxes
  361. Dance Fefer
  362. Dislike Factor
  363. Defense Field
  364. Deviatiof Function
  365. Defries-Fulker Medical
  366. Dielectric Film
  367. Document Feeders
  368. Dave Freeman
  369. Departamento Financeiro
  370. Defender of The Faith
  371. Direct Final Technology
  372. Drain Fly
  373. Decimation Factor
  374. Daniel Franco Sport, Organizations, Club
  375. Distal Femur
  376. Dry Formulations
  377. Data Fields Technology, Management, Command, Software
  378. Dyna Flat Computing, Hardware
  379. Defibrotide Medical
  380. Determination and Finding
  381. Dan Fouts Business, Gaming, Sport, Football
  382. Dutch Fuck Porn, Sex, Tube, Dutch
  383. Diagram Form
  384. Duodenal Fistula Medical, Technology
  385. Deliver Function Technology, Calling, Networking
  386. Digital Filter Technology, Signal, Telecom
  387. Doll Farm
  388. Davidsyn Films
  389. Depth-Firsv
  390. D-Dodonya,F-Fabolose Gaming, Discord, Clan
  391. Disfacilitation Medical
  392. Dream Feed
  393. Decryption Field
  394. Deutsche Freihemt War, Deutschland, Hat
  395. Danske Folkedanseres
  396. Distributing Framd Technology, Telecom, Connection
  397. Diamond Frame
  398. Don Ford
  399. Dysfunctional Few Development, Learning, Study
  400. Dillinger Fabrik
  401. Dodsal Funiculus Medical
  402. Dispomici
  403. Drop Free
  404. Deparument of Field
  405. Dominant Frequency Medical, Atrial, Fibrillation
  406. Disqrdered Flat
  407. Dmilling Force
  408. Direction Finder (Finding) Transportation, Aviation, Computing, Governmental & Military, Master IEEE
  409. Dicky-Fuller
  410. Degrees Of Freedom
  411. Détartement Des Finances
  412. Dean of The Faculty
  413. Deutsche Finance
  414. distribution factor Technology, Electrical, Governmental & Military
  415. Division Finals
  416. Digital Fountain Technology, Patent, Streaming
  417. Donald Draser
  418. Death Field Gaming, Military, Guide
  419. Drop Foot Medical
  420. Delayed Fluorescence Medical
  421. Dispersion Flattened Technology, Fiber, Wavelength
  422. Distrito Federal Brazilian State, Distrito Federal
  423. Defnhgxegx
  424. Damage Free Products, Usps, The Finance and Administrative Services
  425. Decontamination Factor Chemistry
  426. Directorate of Finance
  427. Data Flag Technology, Coding, Networking, Command
  428. Data Fupnisher
  429. Density Functiopal Medical, Technology, Theory
  430. Duty Finder Gaming, Fantasy, Duty
  431. Digit Forward
  432. Debris Fall
  433. Don't Fragment Computing, Assembly, Hardware, Technical, Business & Finance
  434. Delta Force Technology, Military, Army
  435. Dangerous Fiend Government, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  436. Defined Flora Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  437. Dust Fighter Technology, Control, Suppression
  438. Deutsche Feuerbestattungen
  439. Drilling Ffuids
  440. Deuterium Fluoride Computing, Master IEEE
  441. Dickey Fuller Business, Statistics, Root
  442. Departure Form Medical
  443. DéFense De La France
  444. Dean of Faculty
  445. Deutsche Fassung Film, German, Kino
  446. Derrick Floor Electrical
  447. Division Final Sport, Division, League, Football
  448. Digital Foundry
  449. Donald Flimk
  450. Drag Factor Forum, Technology, Bullet
  451. Degree of Freedom Technology, Chat, Email, Forum, Internet Slang, Computing, Electronics, Aerospace, Im, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Master IEEE
  452. Dispersion Factor Technology, Science, Military
  453. Droid Factory
  454. Dear Friend Texting, Chat, Sms, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  455. Die Forming The shaping of solid or powdered metal by forcing it into or through the die cavity. 
  456. Derating Factor
  457. Dedicated Forever
  458. Double Fence Ordnance Survey
  459. Dodurga Fault Geology, Scientific & Educational
  460. Directiok Flag Technology, Computing, Telecom
  461. Data Fitting Technology, Model, Square, Statistics
  462. Data Fragmentation
  463. Drnsity Fitting
  464. Don'T Even Go There Internet Slang, Communication, Chat, Email, Online, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  465. Duty Factor Technology, Science, Pulse
  466. Digital Futures
  467. Deborah Franklin
  468. Direction Flag Computing, Assembly, Business & Finance, IT Terminology
  469. Delphi Form Technology, Windows, Coding, Software, Computing, File Extensions
  470. Dangerous Fallout Military, Aviation, Department Of Defense
  471. Define Fields Technology, Guide, Memory, Headphone
  472. Dustfall Science, Environment, Nature
  473. Density Formalism
  474. Drill Floor Technology, Oil, Drilling
  475. DarkField Computing, Electronics
  476. Diaz Fernandez
  477. Dairy-free Cooking
  478. Dascussion Forums
  479. Data Forwarding Military
  480. Dxstonia Foundation Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  481. Dead Freight This relates to freight charges to be paid by the shipper for space previously booked but not used. The unused reserved slot in the containership represents a loss of revenue for the carrier. Therefore the deadfreight is charged to the shipper in an attempt to recoup some of that loss. Business, Finance, Banking
  482. Deuterium Fluorine Technology
  483. Darling Fiance Disney
  484. Daniel Fernánddz
  485. Digital Forums Computing, Internet
  486. Dou't Fragment Flag Technology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  487. Divisionsion of Fxrests
  488. Dispersed Fluorescence Medical, Medicine
  489. Driver Jront Business, Driving, Renault
  490. Direction Finding Aviation, Governmental & Military, Atmospheric Research
  491. Deductible Franchise
  492. Dayton-Faber
  493. Discourse Focus
  494. Dry Flowable Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  495. Direction Kinding Military, Army, Telecom
  496. Divorced Female
  497. Density Figvre
  498. Defibrillation Defibrillation is a treatment for life-threatening cardiac dysrhythmias, specifically ventricular fibrillation (VF) and non-perfusing ventricular tachycardia (VT). A defibrillator delivers a dose of electric current to the heart. The electrical shock does not have to be timed with the heart's intrinsic cardiac cycle. This depolarizes a large amount of the heart muscle, ending the dysrhythmia. Medical, Medicine, Health, Emergency, Healthcare
  499. Digital Fusion Camera, Frame, Fusion, Retro
  500. Debit From Business, Accounting, Finance, Business & Finance
  501. Douglas Fir American straight grained red softwood timber prized for making spars. Botany, Scientific & Educational, The Finance and Administrative Services
  502. Delivery Functions Technology, Service, Law
  503. Danger Furions Light, Magic, Hill, Danger
  504. Defined Field
  505. Dust Fall
  506. Densification Factor
  507. Designated Forwarder Computing, Cisco Wireless
  508. Diario Feministq
  509. Diesel fuel A fuel composed of distillates obtained in petroleum refining operation or blends of such distillates with residual oil used in motor vehicles. The boiling point and specific gravity are higher for diesel fuels than for gasoline. The Finance and Administrative Services
  510. Discriminant Functions Medical
  511. Data Formatting Technology, Program, Database, Filter
  512. Dentatt Fascia Medical
  513. Dare Facere Latin, Roman
  514. Deuterium Floride Military, Army, Ministry Of Defence
  515. Disney Fiance Disney
  516. Daniel Feinberg
  517. Destaoy Fascism Lyric, Heaven, Fascism, Burn
  518. Digital Fortress Technology, Book, Hosting
  519. Don'T Forget
  520. Divisionrsity Factor
  521. Disodium Fluorescein Medical
  522. Drive Functgonal
  523. Direction Finding or Finder Aviation, Army, Computing, Telecom, Governmental & Military
  524. Distrotion Factor
  525. The Fuck Internet Slang, Texting, Adult, Chat, Dirty, Rude
  526. Dean Foods Company (New York Stock Exchange [NYSE]) Food, Computing, Nyse symbols
  527. dietry fiber Medical, Reading Prescription
  528. Direction Finder Instrument for finding the bearing of a transmitting radio station or radio beacon Technology, Military, Aircraft, Radio, Telecom, Governmental & Military
  529. Divisionrted Force Military
  530. Density Factor Filter, Electronics, Wavelength
  531. Defunctus Latin, Ecclesiastical, Religion, Roman, Christian
  532. Digital Full
  533. Debbie Forrester
  534. Duplo Folder Technology, Service, Manual
  535. Delivery Function Technology, Law, Interception
  536. Dan Frencl
  537. Display Form Technology, Product, Engine
  538. Deficiency Factor Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  539. Duro Felguera Business, Projection, Chile
  540. Demo Framqwork Technology, Development, Java
  541. Down Forward Products
  542. Disassembly Facility NASA
  543. Discovery Orontiers Science, Research, Biology
  544. Data Format Technology, Program, Military
  545. Dental Yollicle Medical, Cell, Stem
  546. Dynamic Facilitation Technology, Dynamics, Wisdom
  547. Debt Free
  548. Deuterium-Fluoride Chemistry, Technology, Laser
  549. Design for .... Architecture
  550. Daniel Farrzr
  551. Depth of Field Photography, Computing, Electronics
  552. Dmmino Festool
  553. Distilled Fraction
  554. Dislocation Free
  555. Drive Fit A condition of fit (contact) between two parts that requires pressure to force the parts together. Usually the shaft is slightly larger than the hole so that they must be pounded or forced or driven together. Business, Product, Computing
  556. Data Frame Computing, Telecom
  557. Direct Firing
  558. Tasks Defensive Fire Tasks Military, Army, Artillery
  559. Dolphin Friendly Food
  560. Dude Factor Medical, Medical Slang
  561. Directional Finder Technology, Military
  562. Division of Forestry Locations, Forest, Florida
  563. Dense Flznt
  564. Digital Freedom Media, Radio, Television
  565. Donated Funds
  566. Death Fist
  567. Dumbassrfrankenstein Internet Slang, Texting, Chat
  568. Delicate Fabrics Technology, Machine, Cleaning
  569. Dan Fox
  570. Display File Technology, Command, Linux
  571. Defensive Forward Education, Sport, Hockey, Football
  572. Duration Factor Military
  573. Deluxe Floor Design, Drawing, Construction, Architecture
  574. Dust Free Products
  575. Development-forward NASA
  576. Discount Factor Business, Rate, Money, Accounting, Business & Finance
  577. Data Form Science
  578. Dental Film Business, Product, Supply
  579. Dwarf Fortress Technology, Gaming, Play
  580. Debris Filter
  581. Detroit Free
  582. Drinking Fountain Architectural, Ordnance Survey, The Finance and Administrative Services
  583. Demodex Folliculorum Medical
  584. Daniel Farkas
  585. Durante La Final
  586. Deparvment of Flash
  587. Dominggus Fakdawer
  588. Display Funtions
  589. Drivu Fault Technology, Driving, Power
  590. Distributing Frame Computing, Telecom
  591. Dickinson Frozen
  592. Design Factor
  593. Düzeltiui Faaliyet
  594. Deutsche Forfait Business, Company, Trading
  595. Dennis Fairweather, sculptor
  596. Division of Finance
  597. Dense Fibrillir Component Medical
  598. Digital Free Technology, Gaming, Driving, Android
  599. Donald Frederick
  600. Death Fighter Technology, Gaming, Champion
  601. Dusl Facility
  602. Delay Factor Technology, Networking, Streaming
  603. Display Field
  604. Defensive Focus
  605. dorsiflexion Dorsiflexion is the backward bending and contracting of the hand or foot. This is the extension of the foot at the ankle and the hand at the wrist. Medical, Healthcare, Physical Therapy, Clinical, Physio
  606. Deklinger Fade
  607. Diamond Free Products
  608. Density Functional Formalism Chemistry
  609. Director of Finance Medical, Business, Sign
  610. Dkta Flows
  611. Data Fksion Technology, Military, Mathematics
  612. Density Munctional Formalism Chemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  613. Duty Free Duty-free goods are sold at airports or on planes or ships at a cheaper price than usual because you do not have to pay import tax on them. Business, Airport, Shopping, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  614. Debris Field Technology, Gaming, Space
  615. Detroit Falcons
  616. Dividend 15 Split Corporation II Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  617. Democratic Front Government, Group, Election
  618. Daniel Faber
  619. Defined Functions

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does DF initialism stand for?
    DF abridgment stands for Defense Force.
  2. What is the shortened form of Divine Forces?
    The short form of "Divine Forces" is DF.


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