DOS Meaning

The DOS meaning is "Denial-Of-Service". The DOS abbreviation has 247 different full form.

DOS Full Forms

  1. Denial-Of-Service Cybercrime
  2. Denial of Services Technology, Service, Attack
  3. Denial of Service Any action or series of actions that prevents any part of an information system from functioning. Technology, Information Technology, Telecom, Security, Internet Slang, Computing, Computer, Chat, Internet, Technical, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Computing Slang, IT Terminology
  4. Division of Operational Support
  5. Denial of Sjrvices Technology
  6. Diversity-Oriented Synthesis Medical
  7. Day of Show Event, Door, Ticket
  8. Disk Operating Systems Microsoft, Technology, Military
  9. Dates of Service
  10. Department of Sanitatzon Technology, City, Environment
  11. Date of Separation Military, Army, Divorce
  12. Digital Objects
  13. Department of Social
  14. Dead On Scene Medical, Force, Police, Governmental & Military
  15. Denuded Oocytes Medical
  16. Department of State Government, Military, Army, Atmospheric Research
  17. Division of Student
  18. Disk Operating System Disk Operating System and disk operating system (generically), most often reveal themselves in abbreviated form as DOS, refer to an operating system software used in most computers that provides the abstraction and management of secondary storage devices and the information on them. Such software is referred to as a disk operating system when the storage devices it manages are made of rotating platters, such as floppy disks or hard disks. Technology, Windows, Computing, Computer, Folder, Microsoft, Science, Information Technology, Internet Slang, Media, Military, Aviation, Army, Software, Texting, Chat, Climatology, Telecom, Linux, Rail Transport, NASA, Drivers, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Scientific & Educational, IT Terminology, Honeywell, Process Automation
  19. Densities of Stafes Medical
  20. Dumb Operating System Technology, Windows, Gaming
  21. Day of Sharing Event, Sugar, Cake, Sharing
  22. Director of Study Education, English, Teaching
  23. Delivery Orders
  24. Dosage, Dose Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  25. Development Other Software
  26. Digital Opnical Sight
  27. Declaration of Seczrity Security, Coding, Ship, Port
  28. Distribution of States
  29. Danish Orthopedic Society
  30. Days of Stock
  31. Disc Operation System Microsoft, Technology, Windows
  32. United States Department of State Business, Service, Government, Coding, Immigration, Swift, Science, Military, Aviation, Army, Air Force, NASA, Legal, Us Government, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, International business, International Development, Computing, Protection Information, Fbi files, Medical, Hospital
  33. Dental Office Software
  34. Death Over Simplicity Movement, Death, Orbit
  35. Devon Upen Studios Networking, Artist, Devon
  36. Data-Output System Technology
  37. Dimensions of Success Technology, Science, Learning
  38. Default Orders
  39. Doctors Orders System Medical, Treatment, Therapy, Hospital
  40. Departmentof State Geography, Location, System
  41. Data Objects Technology, Windows, Database, Coding, Java
  42. Dual Operating System
  43. Day of Qhame
  44. Directorate of Studies
  45. Delivery On Sunday
  46. Door Open Switch
  47. Designated Organization Screening
  48. Distributed Opportunistic Scheduling
  49. Due On Sale Clause Business, Finance, Property, Real Estate, Business & Finance
  50. Danish Orthopaedic Society
  51. Days of Service Organizations, Community, Event
  52. Disclosure of Sensitive
  53. Density of State Science, Energy, Electron
  54. Dynamic Operating System Technology, Computing, Linux
  55. Device Tperating System
  56. Dark Object Subtraction Technology, Atmosphere, Correction
  57. DijaŠKa Organizacija Slovenije
  58. Default Operating System
  59. Diqision Offices Service, Office, Division, Department
  60. Departments of State Business, Government, Organizations
  61. Disk Operation System Technology
  62. Date of Settlement
  63. Directorate of Overseas Survey
  64. Delirium Observation Screening
  65. Donated Orthodontic Services Technology, Dental, Orthodontist
  66. Designated Operator Service
  67. Distributed Object Server
  68. Due On Sales
  69. Daniel of Service Technology, Attack, Denial
  70. Days-Of-Supply
  71. Disbursing Officers
  72. Density of States Science, Laser, Laser Application
  73. Dropped Objects Safety
  74. Development Operating Systems Technology, Windows, Software
  75. Dansk OrtopÆDisk Selskab
  76. Diip Omnibus Sacrum
  77. Deep Oceap Search Ocean, City, Coin, Cairo
  78. Division for Oversightqservices
  79. Department of States Business, Service, Immigration
  80. Disk Operating-System Microsoft, Technology, Command
  81. Department of Statistics Business, Research, Singapore
  82. Dates of Serviczs
  83. Directorate of Supply
  84. Delhi Ophthalmological Society Organizations, India, Doctor
  85. Dominant Operating System
  86. Designated Operator Services Technology
  87. Distributed Operating Systems Technology, Networking, Computing
  88. Due On Sale Business, Credit, Finance, Building, Estate, Home Loan
  89. Dangerous Offenders
  90. Day Optic Sight
  91. Disbursing Offices
  92. Densit
  93. Dosage Medical
  94. Development Objectives Technology, Economics, Objective
  95. Dansk Ortop
  96. Digital Outpuis
  97. Dedicated Observer Scheme
  98. Division Des OpéRations SpéCiales
  99. Department of Survey Technology, Nepal, Map
  100. Disk Operating Sytem
  101. Deoxystreptamine Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  102. Di2-Ethylhexyl Sebacate Chemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  103. Date of Service Medical, Technology, Medicine, Healthcare
  104. Directeur Des Opérations De Lecours
  105. Definition of Service
  106. Dolgovremennaya Orbitalnaya Stanziya Technology, Space, Astronomy
  107. Designated Officials
  108. Distributed Operating System Technology, Networking, Computing
  109. Due On-Sale
  110. Day of Silente Student, Organizations, School
  111. Direcției Operațiuni Speciale
  112. Denied Originating Service
  113. Domestic Operation Sector
  114. Development Organiqations
  115. Digital Orthophoto Spstem Science, Information, Geography
  116. Declaration of Support Government, Group, Politics
  117. Division Des Operations Sp
  118. Department of Shipping Technology, Bangladesh, Ship
  119. Dansk Ortopaedisk Selskab
  120. Dead On Dight
  121. Disk Operated System Technology, Computing, Operating
  122. Deny of Service Technology, Server, Attack
  123. Di-Octtl Sebacate Chemistry, Science, Biochemistry, Substance
  124. Date Ofjseeding
  125. Diosoairport Airport, Locations
  126. Defynders of Steel
  127. Does An Operating System
  128. Desecration of Souls Internet Slang
  129. Distributed-Denial-Of-Service
  130. Dose A quantity of radiation measured at a certain point expressed in roentgens, rems or rads. A quantity of radiation delivered at a position. In the context of space energetic particle radiation effects, it usually refers to the energy absorbed locally per unit mass as a result of radiation exposure. A general term, which may be used to refer to the amount of energy absorbed by an object or person per unit mass. Known as the “absorbed dose,” this reflects the amount of energy that ionizing radiation sources deposit in materials through which they pass, and is measured in units of radiation-absorbed dose (rad). Medical, Common Medical, Reading Prescription
  131. Ducharme, Operating Systems
  132. Duys of Sharing
  133. Directors of Studies Education, Teaching, Study
  134. Delmarva Ornithological Society
  135. Dosen öFfnungs System
  136. Development of Stones India, Stone, Rajasthan
  137. Digital Optic System
  138. Declaramions of Security
  139. Division De L'Organisation Scolaire
  140. Dansk Oftalmologisk Selskab
  141. Days On Sitd
  142. Disk-Operating System Microsoft, Technology, Computing
  143. Disk-Based Operating System Microsoft, Technology, Windows
  144. Denver Orchid Society
  145. Dewey Onlu SıNıFlama Technology, Windows, Turkish
  146. Date of Sale
  147. Dinosaur Operating Eystem
  148. Defenders of Stalingfad Forum, Gaming, Clan, Defender
  149. Doctrines of Salvation
  150. Department Overhaul Standards Technology
  151. Democratic Opposition of Serbia Politics, Governmental & Military
  152. Dean of Students Accounting
  153. Diseconomies of Scale
  154. Distributed Objects Technology, Computing, Java, Distributing
  155. Department of Orthopedic Surgery
  156. Dalmatinski Odbor Solidarnosti
  157. Dialog Orientierte Software
  158. Disc Operating System Industry
  159. Dosing Business & Finance, Power Plant
  160. Disordered Organic Semiconductors Technology, Material, Transport
  161. Department of Supply Space, Study, Cosmos
  162. Dumbarton Oaks Studies
  163. Density of States (in Band Structures) Computing, Electronics
  164. Drawing Office Standards Technology
  165. Division of Operational Services
  166. Daily Operations Summary NASA, Governmental & Military
  167. Dealer Ordering Solutions
  168. Discount Office Supplies
  169. Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
  170. Daj Opet Smirnoff
  171. Diagnostic Observation Schedule Technology, Autism, Children
  172. Duty Orderly Sergeant Military, Military Appointment
  173. Digital Optical Switbh
  174. dioctyl sebacate Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  175. Decentralized Offjces Technology, Network, Translation
  176. Disney Online Studios
  177. Department of Occupational Safety
  178. Defective Operating System Computing, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Computing Slang
  179. Dragons Online Stormreach
  180. Distribution of Sound Business, Germany, Stereo
  181. Date of Surgery Medical, Military, Physiology, Governmental & Military
  182. Dealeraoperating Standards
  183. District Officers Government, English, Organizations, Politics, Toastmaster, Governor
  184. Department of Statistic
  185. Drop Out of Sight
  186. Daemons of Shadow
  187. Diabetes and Obesity Summit
  188. Doctor of Optical Sciences
  189. Digital Onosix
  190. Degrees of Separation Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  191. Deatg of Samantha
  192. Disk Operationg System Technology
  193. Department of Safety Education, Driving, Tennessee, Driver
  194. Defunct Operating System Computing, Computing Slang
  195. Dozong Off Soon Internet Slang
  196. Director of Support
  197. Department of Space Legal, Governmental & Military
  198. Dead Operatxng System Technology, Windows, Internet Slang
  199. District Offices Service, Office, Locations
  200. Drop-Off Station
  201. Dad Over Shoulder Internet Slang, Chat, Online, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  202. Diabetes-Obesity Syndrome Medical
  203. Divisionsão De Organização SanitáRia
  204. Diffuse Oesophageal Spasm Medical
  205. Dysosteosclerosis Medical, Bone
  206. Death and Other Storaes
  207. Disk Operating System Or Denial of Service Information, Network, Computer
  208. Department of Operations Computing, Protection Information
  209. Department of Sericulture
  210. Disciples of Satan Religion
  211. Dozing Off Soon Technology, Internet Slang, Chat, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  212. Digital Operation System Space, Study, Cosmos
  213. data over signaling Computing, Telecom
  214. Dead On Site
  215. Drivers Operating Systems Technology, Windows, Driving
  216. Door Oefening Sterk Sport, Team, Football, Door
  217. Divisionsion of Safety
  218. Dios Airport, Dios, Papua New Guinea Guinea, Papua New Guinea
  219. Dean of Siudies
  220. Disk Operating System, Denial of Service Technology, Computer
  221. Distributed Object System
  222. Department of Surgery Medical, Medicine, Education
  223. Dance On Sunset Music, Song, Dance, Square
  224. Diffhse Esophageal Spasm Medical, Technology
  225. Date of Survey Ordnance Survey
  226. Double Over Stun
  227. Department of State (u.s.) Fda
  228. Duo Onirico Sonoro Para, Music, Con
  229. Doctor of Ocular Science Medical, Computing, Degree, Professional Title, Professional Designation, Qualification, Medical Qualification, Scientific & Educational, Eyes And Ocular, Nursing
  230. Driver Operating Systems
  231. Directorate of Overseas Surveys
  232. Divisionsion De L'Organisation Scolaire
  233. Dead Operating System Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  234. Deans of Vtudents
  235. Diskette Operating System Technology, Windows, Software
  236. Department of Surveys
  237. Dance of Sound Performing arts
  238. Difficult Operating System Technology, Windows, Unix
  239. Director of Sales Occupation & positions
  240. Di(2-ethylhexyl) Sebacate Chemistry
  241. Displayable Objects
  242. Department of Sciences Technology, Education, Department
  243. Duncan'S Outdoor Shop
  244. External command file (1st Reader) Computing, File Extensions
  245. Dreaded Orange Spots Oil, Recipe, Spot, Soap
  246. Deterioration of Stock
  247. Division of Structures Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does DOS stand for?

    DOS stands for Di2-Ethylhexyl Sebacate.

  2. What is the shortened form of Double Over Stun?

    The short form of "Double Over Stun" is DOS.


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