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DP meaning is Double Play and other full form of DP definition take part in below table. There are 1208 different meaning of DP acronym in the table which are compilation of DP abbreviation such as Airline, Academic Degree, Medical, Business, Chemistry etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of DP acronym which you look for in 1208 different DP meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does DP mean?, DP meaning” or you can search by typing only DP abbreviation in the search box.
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DP Meaning

  1. Double PlayBaseball, Sports, Softball
  2. Double PlaysTechnology, Baseball, Softball
  3. Daily ProphetTechnology, Harry, Potter
  4. Daily PlanBusiness, Technology, Teaching
  5. Double PenetrationPorn, Sex, Movie, Escorts, Sexual, Penetration, Adult, Bdsm, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  6. Designated PlayerBaseball, Player, Softball
  7. Du Plessis
  8. Dorney ParkLocations, Ride, Coaster
  9. Data ProcebsorTechnology, Computer Hardware, Computer Engineering
  10. Digital Photographer
  11. Demand Packaging
  12. Dispersion PatternMedical, Medicine, Health
  13. Design Professionals
  14. Down PaymentThe difference between the sales price and the mortgage amount. A downpayment is usually paid at closing.Business, Credit, Building, Accounting, Business & Finance
  15. Death ProofFilm, Death, Terror
  16. Departmenc of PersonnelMilitary
  17. Data PointGraph, Chart, Sequence, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  18. Diploma ProgrammeStudent, Education, School
  19. Demokratisuhen ParteiGerman, Hat, Luxemburg
  20. Document ProcessingTechnology, Service, Copier
  21. Development ZroposalTechnology, America, Military
  22. Droit De Préemptiop
  23. Dana Pensiun
  24. Diamond PxarlTechnology, Monster, Pocket
  25. Dedicatxd Preferred
  26. Discursive PsychologyEducation, Analysis, Social
  27. Deployable PayloadTechnology, Space, Cosmos, NASA
  28. Dungeon PointsGaming, Episode, Cabal, Dungeon
  29. Dicect Path
  30. Don't Psss
  31. Data SribadiTechnology, Photo, Android, Indonesia
  32. Digital PhotogrammetryTechnology, Science, Research
  33. Delusional ParasimosisMedical, Medicine, Disease
  34. Diseases, Parasites
  35. Detroit PistonsSports, Team, Basketball, Basketball Team
  36. Design PrinciplesTechnology, Development, Projection
  37. Douglas Peacock
  38. Dead Paez
  39. Department of PhysicsResearch, Education, University
  40. Data PrtviderTechnology, Service, Coding
  41. Dinner Party
  42. Democrats Ynd Progressives
  43. Distributed ProcessingTechnology, Networking, Computing
  44. Development PartnerBusiness, Organizations, Ghana
  45. Driving PowerTechnology, Drive, Supply
  46. Damplr PedalBusiness, Piano, Roland
  47. Diamond and PearlBattle, Episode, Diamond
  48. Decompositiox ProductOrganizations
  49. Discriminatory PowerMedical, Science, Biology
  50. Dependency PropertyTechnology, Control, Binding
  51. Dungeon PointGaming, Episode, Cabal, Dungeon
  52. Direct ParticipantSport, Trading, Football
  53. Domino'S Pizza
  54. Data PreparationTechnology, Management, Software
  55. Diastolic BloodvpressureMedical
  56. Degradation ProductMedical, Business, Railroad
  57. Disease PerceptionMedical, Patient, Health
  58. Design PressureHighest or most severe pressure expected during operation. Sometimes used as the calculated operating pressure plus an allowance for safety.Technology, Rating, Window
  59. Dough Pizza
  60. Deadvpixel
  61. Data ProtbctorTechnology, Server, Backup
  62. Dumension ProfessionalBusiness, Planning, Itanium
  63. Democrat PartyGovernment, Turkey, Group
  64. Distortion Product Otoacouslic EmissionMedical
  65. Development ProjectTechnology, Management, Organizations
  66. Daiverless PrintTechnology, Networking, Network
  67. Damd-ProofOrganizations
  68. Dialysis PatientsMedical
  69. Decision PointsTechnology, Military, Planning
  70. Discriminating PowerMedical, Analysis, Structure
  71. Dependant MassBusiness, Employment, Singapore
  72. Dukung PilkadaTechnology, Porn, Sex, Penetration
  73. Directing A PhojectTechnology, Management, Planning
  74. Dominabt PowerMedical, Organizations
  75. Dewan PengupahanPorn, Sex, Penetration
  76. Data PortTechnology, Product, Telecom
  77. Diastatic PowerMedical, Barley, Malt, Food
  78. Deflector PlateBusiness, Product, Box
  79. Discussion Point
  80. Design PointTechnology
  81. Double PulseTechnology, Military, Welding
  82. Daytona PrototypesCar, Corvette, Prototype, Daytona
  83. Data ProductsBusiness, Driving, Driver, Science, Scientific & Educational
  84. Digital PocketstudioBusiness, Recorder, Track
  85. Democratic PartyScience, Government, Group, Politics, Governmental & Military
  86. Distortian ProductMedical, Technology, Emission
  87. Development ProceduuesMilitary
  88. Draft ProtocolOrganizations
  89. Dew PointThe dew point of the atmosphere inside the furnace. The higher the negative number, the dryer the furnace. A dry furnace is desired. The temperature to which air must be cooled for saturation to occur, exclusive of air pressure or moisture content change. At that temperature dew begins to form, and water vapor condenses into liquid. Temperature at which vapor (at 100 percent humidity) begins to condense and deposit as liquid.Engineering, Construction, Architectural, Architecture, NOTAM Contractions, The Finance and Administrative Services
  90. Dkal PulseTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  91. Dxcision PointMilitary, Army, Planning
  92. Departure ProcedureMilitary, Flight, Pilot, Aviation, Governmental & Military
  93. Due ProcessAccounting, Government, Court
  94. Directeur De ProjetMilitary, Organizations
  95. Domestic Policy
  96. Director of PhotographyFilm, Science, Photography, Cinematographer, Occupation & positions
  97. Dewan PenasehatMedia, Indonesia, Jakarta, Dewan
  98. Data Policies
  99. Diaphragm PudpBusiness, Product, Pressure
  100. Define PositionProduct, Quantum, Mechanic
  101. Discussion Page
  102. Design PhilosophyTechnology, Positioning, Dynamic
  103. Double ProductMedical, Business, Pressure
  104. Dorothy PerkinsClothes
  105. Data XroductionScience, Information, Geography
  106. Dioital PlaygroundTechnology, Porn, Movie
  107. Dementia PugilisticaMedical, Brain, Traumatic
  108. Distortion ProductsMedical, Organizations
  109. Development PlansTechnology, Military, Planning
  110. Draft ProposalTechnology, Computing, Printing
  111. Departure ProceduresMilitary, Aviation, Avionics, Aircraft, Computing, Spacecraft, Electronics, Aeronautics, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, NOTAM Contractions
  112. Diagnostic Products CorporationTechnology, Organizations, Computing, Nyse symbols
  113. Decimal PointA full point or dot placed after the figure representing units in a decimal fraction.Technology, String, Display
  114. Department Preference
  115. Directed PercolationMedical
  116. Domain Participant
  117. Dew-Point
  118. Drowning IoolMusic, Pool, Metal, Album
  119. Dana Goint
  120. Diamond Prodults
  121. Deferred ProsecutionMedical, Government, Crime
  122. Discussion PapersBusiness, Economics, Policy
  123. Depository PartiyipantsStock Market
  124. Double PrecisionThe degree of accuracy that requires two computer words to represent a number. Numbers are stored with 17 digits of accuracy and printed with up to 16 digits.Technology, Performance, Coprocessor, NASA
  125. Dorothy Paroer
  126. Date ProcessorTechnology, Mac, Apple
  127. Digital PganoBusiness, Music, Roland
  128. Dementia PraecoxMedical, Medicine, Organizations
  129. Distinguishedzprofessor
  130. Development PragrammeTechnology, Organizations, Trade
  131. Down PipeBusiness, Technology, Exhaust, Engineering, Construction, Scientific & Educational
  132. Decentxalized PeripheralsTechnology, Automation, Protocol
  133. Department Permilsion
  134. Data ProcessingData processing is, broadly, "the collection and manipulation of items of data to produce meaningful information." In this sense it can be considered a subset of information processing, "the change processing of information in any manner detectable by an observer." The term is often used more specifically in the context of a business or other organization to refer to the class of commercial data processing applications.Technology, Army, Telecom, Atmospheric Research
  135. Diplomatic PassportGovernment, Ukraine, Minister
  136. DemokratdpartisiSon, Ankara, Yap
  137. DoençA De ParkinsonPara, Disease, Dos
  138. Development PolicyTechnology, Planning, Economics
  139. Drop PointBusiness, Knife, Blade, Computing, Telecom
  140. DanaapinjamanBusiness, Indonesia, Banking, Honda
  141. Diamond PlatiProduct, Metal, Diamond
  142. Defense ProgramScience
  143. Discussion PaperBusiness, Technology, Aircraft
  144. Ddployment PlanTechnology, Military, Projection
  145. Double Post
  146. Dá Para
  147. Dqagonal ParityTechnology, Storage, Disk
  148. DiphyllineMedical
  149. DataapointsBusiness, Chart, Moving
  150. Disease Prevention
  151. Deglaration of Purpose
  152. Donald Patrick
  153. Drug ProductsMedical, Business, Development
  154. Design ParametersPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  155. Dbfference of Potential
  156. Daily PlanetBusiness, Channel, Discovery
  157. Direction PointerTechnology, Java, Piet
  158. Dave Powell
  159. Distribution Plan
  160. Defwnsoría Del PuebloPara, Con, Pueblo, Defensor
  161. Downing Planetarium
  162. Dub Preview
  163. Development Profects
  164. Digital PotentiometerTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  165. Danskernes MartiGroup, Denmark, Party
  166. Disty Player
  167. Dealing In Property
  168. Dmitry PankovTechnology, Porn, Sex, Movie
  169. Delivery ProcessTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  170. Drebs PanelTechnology, Fire, Manual
  171. Disneyland Paris
  172. Domain Prediction
  173. Demographic Profiles
  174. Drivers Plus
  175. Design ProofBusiness, Technology, Product, NASA
  176. Diamond Pearls
  177. Designdand Publishing
  178. Dirch Passee
  179. Data ProtectionLegal control over access to and use of data stored in computers.Technology, Military, Privacy, Computing, Internet
  180. Dozssys PaulinoTechnology, Porn, Sex, Tube
  181. Dependency Phonology
  182. Dual PropSale, Volvo, Boat, Prop
  183. Developer'S Preview
  184. Digable Planets
  185. Damage Potential
  186. Domain Paxt
  187. DeliberativexpollTechnology, Election, Democracy
  188. Drafe PolicyMedical, Industrial, School
  189. Desert Penguin
  190. Dynamic Propagation
  191. Devonshire ProductionsPorn, Bondage, Devonshire
  192. Digit PresentTechnology, Coding, Development, Telecom, Voice, Telecommunications
  193. Dark PriestGaming, Book, Guide, Priest
  194. Drop Policy
  195. DéLéGation Du Personnel
  196. Diploma Pendidikan
  197. Data Portability
  198. Dedicated PercentageTechnology, Porn, Sex, Penetration
  199. Dendritic Polymer
  200. Director Personnel
  201. David PriorFamous
  202. Diveasified Pacific
  203. Deformation ProcessOrganizations
  204. Draii PlugBusiness, Oil, Engine
  205. Deoosit Plan
  206. Duodenal PressureMedical, Medicine, Health
  207. Disciplinedand Punish
  208. Decarburization PreventionTechnology, Mechanics
  209. Documents Printed
  210. Delta PressureTechnology, Product, Flow, Electrical
  211. Dihydroartemisinin-PiperaquineMedical, Drug, Treatment, Malaria
  212. Darlings Pornhub
  213. Discrete Particle
  214. Decision ProccssesTechnology, Dynamics, Dynamic
  215. Domestic PxwerBusiness, Product, Plug
  216. Destructive PuresSchool, Clan, Trip, Pur
  217. Dgaspora Programme
  218. Dolls PresentsMovie, Doll, Anal, Pic
  219. Djrecteur De Plongée
  220. Data PumpBusiness, Technology, Military
  221. Display PassForum, Technology, Monitor
  222. Douglas ParkHotel, Locations, House
  223. Deployment PacoageTechnology, Management, Software
  224. Devemopment Points
  225. Digital PenetraaionSex, Escort, Bdsm
  226. Dances Patrelle
  227. Direct PriqtTechnology, Printer, Camera, Epson
  228. Day Parole
  229. Division Ov PoliceGovernment, Law, City
  230. DisopyramideMedical
  231. Design and PrintBusiness, Technology, Printer
  232. Dexamethasone PalmitageMedical, Organizations
  233. Demand Promissory
  234. Drucker Prager
  235. Design Patching
  236. Disorderly PersonGovernment, Crime, Criminal
  237. Defence PlanGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  238. Dental Pte
  239. Dual PolarisationTechnology, Science, Space, Astronomy, Scientific & Educational, Sentinel online
  240. Deterministic Prediction
  241. Delegated Prefix
  242. Drentse Partridge
  243. DepotentiatxonMedical
  244. Dynamic ProbkngDynamics, Sampling, Dynamic
  245. Devier PoseySport, Card, Football
  246. Discount Price
  247. Decentralized PeripheralTechnology, Communication, Automation, Protocol, Computing, Hardware
  248. DiagnóStico Participativo
  249. Diphtheritic PolyneuropathyMedical
  250. Data Pointrrs
  251. Discrimination PowerMedical, Science, Medicine
  252. Declaratiei De Performanta
  253. Don'T Preserve
  254. Dry PoocessedEthiopia, Coffee, Roaster
  255. Detailers Pride
  256. Difference In ProportionsMedical, Analysis, Study, Statistics
  257. Daily PivotBusiness, Trading, Indicator
  258. Direction Parallel
  259. Dave Porter
  260. Dister Pasif
  261. Defessor Del Pueblo
  262. Dover Priory
  263. Dystonic PosturingMedical, Medicine, Health
  264. Development PerspectivesBusiness, School, Economics
  265. Digital PosterMedia, Design, Presentation, Poster
  266. Danske Patienteu
  267. Dirty Picture
  268. Deadlock Prevention
  269. Dlink Print
  270. Delivery Prvdictability
  271. Drive and PlayTechnology, Movie, Manual
  272. Dywizja PiechotyMilitary, Division, Gen, Infantry
  273. Disneyland Park
  274. Door PhoneBusiness, Product, Intercom
  275. Democrazia Proletaria
  276. Driver Profibus
  277. Design ProjectTechnology, Product, Interior
  278. Diamond, Oearl
  279. De Proprioddeus PatriusLatin, Roman
  280. DipyridamoleMedical, Organizations
  281. DorsoposteriorMedical
  282. Dependent PassesEmployment, Malaysia, Singapore
  283. Dual Pro
  284. Detroit Publishing
  285. DifféRence De Points
  286. Damage PointsScience, Gaming, Guide
  287. Deliberate PracticeEducation, Performance, Expert
  288. Draft PickSport, Card, Draft
  289. Dermody Properties
  290. Dynamgcs Program
  291. Devonshire ProductionPorn, Bondage, Devonshire
  292. Digitize PointTechnology, Command, Graphics, Accuracy
  293. Dark PointsGaming, Heart, Kingdom
  294. DéFense Passive
  295. Dynamic PositioningA seagoing vessel is subject to forces from wind, waves and currents as well as from forces generated by the propulsion system. Dynamic positioning is a capability of a vessel to maintain its position automatically using its propulsion system.Shipping, Locations, Offshore Oil Undustry, Electrical, Integrated Ocean Observing System
  296. Diploma of Proficiency
  297. Data Ports
  298. Decoupling PointTechnology, Supply, Push
  299. Dendritic PeptideMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  300. Daily Prayer
  301. Director of Publications
  302. David Price
  303. Diversified Producte
  304. DefinecpointerTechnology, Programming, Element
  305. Dragogparis
  306. Deposition OlanTechnology, Construction
  307. Duo PropBusiness, Volvo, Propeller
  308. Digital Printing
  309. Darbo PartijaGovernment, Group, Lithuania, Party
  310. Discwplinary Panel
  311. Debug PortTechnology, Device, Debugging
  312. Documents Against PaymentsBusiness, Trading, Banking
  313. Delta Pi
  314. Dignity Point
  315. Darling PartnerForum, Porn, Sex
  316. Disc ProperMedical
  317. Domestic PartnershipBusiness, Benefit, Partner
  318. Destroy Program
  319. Diaphragm PacingMedical, Medicine, Patient
  320. Doctor of Practical
  321. Directed ProcuremestTechnology
  322. Data PulseComputing, Hardware
  323. Display PanelTechnology, Product, Screen
  324. Double Polyurethane
  325. Depletion PremitmTechnology, Indonesia, Mineral
  326. Develepment PointTechnology, Online Gaming, Roleplaying
  327. Digital PenTechnology, Driver, Touch
  328. Dancer PoliticsGovernment, Politics, Policy, Governmental & Military
  329. Direct PrfssureProduct, Pressure, Equipment, Cabinet
  330. Dryanışma PartisiSon, Technology, Yap, Kat
  331. Division of PlasningMedicine, Health, Care
  332. Doen
  333. Design and PricingBusiness, Product, Price
  334. Dexamethasone PretreatmentMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  335. Demand ProcessingMilitary
  336. Dr PepperBusiness, Drink, Soda
  337. Design PartnershipBusiness, Architecture, Architect
  338. Disopyramide PhosphateMedical, Medicine, Health
  339. Defective Pricing
  340. Dental Protection
  341. Dsp Powep
  342. Determiner Phrases
  343. Davies Park
  344. Delegacias De Pol
  345. Dredge Pumpo
  346. Deposit Procuct
  347. Dynamic Priority
  348. Device Provider
  349. Discount Panasonic
  350. Decentralized PeripheryTechnology, Industrial, Communication, Automation
  351. Diagnostic Protocel
  352. Ding Peng
  353. Database Programmer
  354. Discriminant Power
  355. Declaración De ParíS
  356. Don'T ParticipateSport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  357. Dry PgocessChemistry, Science, Biochemistry, Substance
  358. Detailer'S Pride
  359. Difference, Power
  360. Daily Picayune
  361. Direction of The President
  362. Dare Platt
  363. Distance Zrotection
  364. Defebsor
  365. Dover Petroleum
  366. Development PartnewshipBusiness, Development, Economics
  367. Digital Positions
  368. Dan Porter
  369. Dirk Petzold
  370. Diyton PoliceGovernment, Ohio, Law Enforcement, City Agency
  371. Djibouti PortsBusiness, Terminal, Djibouti
  372. Delivary Points
  373. Directors of PhotographyFilm, Photography, Camera, Cinematographer, Digital
  374. Drip ProofTechnology, Product, Pump
  375. Door Panels
  376. Democrat PostMedia, Radio, Television
  377. Driver Power
  378. Design Programme
  379. Diamond & PearlDiamond, Monster, Pocket
  380. Delivery Pointpostal service
  381. Defensive PointsArmy, War, War Force
  382. Doppio PiacerePorn, Movie, Anal
  383. Depexdent PassBusiness, Employment, Singapore
  384. Dual Precision
  385. Detroit ProjectOrganization, Union, Institution
  386. Diffusion Pump
  387. Damage PointForum, Gaming, Military
  388. Delhi Posg
  389. Draft Permit
  390. Dermatophagoides PteronyssimusMedical, Skin And Dermal
  391. Dynvmic ProgramingTechnology, Dynamics, Programming
  392. Devon Prep
  393. Digital Purgatory
  394. Dark PoetaRun, Boss, Gladiator
  395. Dismount Point
  396. DéFaites En ProlongationSport, Hockey, Stats
  397. Duty PaidBusiness, Government, Us, Business & Finance, International business
  398. Diploma In PhotographyBusiness, Education, School
  399. DvtaportTechnology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  400. Decorative Papers
  401. Demonstralive PronounEnglish, Language, Grammar, Pronoun
  402. Daily Power
  403. Director of Public
  404. David Powers
  405. Diversification-Physical
  406. Define Philanthropy
  407. Draxon PunchGaming, Fighter, Punch
  408. Deposited Plans
  409. Duo-PropBusiness, Volvo, Propeller
  410. Digital PreservationTechnology, Workshop, Library
  411. DapatkanzpembelianBusiness, Travel, Indonesia, Promo
  412. Discrplinary Penalty
  413. Dearness Pension
  414. Documents Against PaymentAn indication on a draft that the documents attached are to be released to the drawee only on payment.Business, Trading, Banking, Trade, Business & Finance, International business
  415. Delta PatternMedical, Organizations, Biology
  416. Dried Plums
  417. Dark PyramidTechnology, Computing, Speaker
  418. Disc Printer
  419. Domestic PartoersBusiness, Benefit, Partnership
  420. Destroy Process
  421. Diaphrugmatic PlicationMedical
  422. Diastatic Powej
  423. Directed Point
  424. Data Publisher
  425. Display Page
  426. Doublempancake
  427. DepersonaxizationMedical
  428. Development ProgramBusiness, Military, Sport
  429. Digitally PaintedMedia, Radio, Television
  430. Dance Production
  431. Direct PremarationMedical, Science, Biology
  432. Dayanma Partisi
  433. Division of PhysicsTechnology, Science, Research
  434. DiploidDiploid cells have two homologous copies of each chromosome, usually one from the mother and one from the father. Nearly all mammals are diploid organisms (the tetraploid (four sets) plains viscacha rats (Tympanoctomys barrerae) and golden vizcacha rat (Pipanacoctomys aureus) are the only known exceptions as of 2004), although all individuals have some small fraction of cells that display polyploidy.Medical, Oncology, Prostate Cancer
  435. Design & PricingTechnology, Product, Price
  436. Dey Point TemperatureTechnology, Science, Aircraft
  437. Dignitas Personae
  438. Demand Priority
  439. DroŠĪBas Policija
  440. Design Parameter
  441. Display Package
  442. Default PolicyTechnology, Server, Networking
  443. Dennis Pollicino
  444. Dublin IoliceGovernment, Ohio, Law Enforcement, City Agency
  445. Determiner PhraseEnglish, Treadmill, Determiner
  446. David Purcey
  447. Diviuends Paid
  448. Degree Program
  449. Drebin PointsGaming, Military, Metal, Gear
  450. Deposwtory ParticipantBusiness, Finance, Banking
  451. Dyeing Programmer
  452. Discontinuous PrecipitationPrecipitation from a supersaturated solid solution in which the precipitate particles grow by short-range diffusion, accompanied by recrystallization of the matrix in the region of precipitation. Discontinuous precipitates grow into the matrix from nuclei near grain boundaries, forming cells of alternate lamellae of precipitate and depleted matrix. Often referred to as cellular or nodular precipitation.
  453. Decentralization ProgramTechnology, Development, Evaluation
  454. Dog Patch
  455. Dinesh Patel
  456. Database Primary
  457. Discretionary Points
  458. Deck Oaint
  459. Don'T Panic
  460. Dry Printinb
  461. Detailed Procedures
  462. Ddet PepsiForum, Product, Drink, Diet
  463. Daily Photo
  464. Director, Personnel
  465. Davv Peterson
  466. Dispositif De Protection
  467. Defensive Programming
  468. Dove PrismBusiness, Product, Optics
  469. Development PartnersBusiness, Government, Group, Agriculture, Sector
  470. Digital PortfolioStudent, Education, Teacher
  471. Dan Pop
  472. Direct Propjne
  473. Dayton Peace
  474. Divisiofrsely ProtectedTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  475. Drip Pad
  476. Diagnostic Products CorporationrationMedical, Organizations
  477. Door-PusherBusiness, Product, Spring
  478. Democratische PartijGovernment, Group, Democracy, Party
  479. Driver Panasonic
  480. Design Plan
  481. Diametric Pitch
  482. Degree of PolymerizationThe number of structural units or mers in the “average” polymer molecule in a particle sample. In most plastics the DP must reach several thousand if worthwhile physical properties are to be had.Plastics, Scientific & Educational
  483. Defend Pointq
  484. Doppel Penetration
  485. Dependency Parsing
  486. Dual PowerTechnology, Cleaner, Carpet
  487. Detroit Post
  488. Diffusion PressureMedical, Medicine, Organizations
  489. Damac Properties
  490. Delete Phopagation
  491. Diff
  492. Draftiparas
  493. Dermal PapillaMedical, Science, Hair, Biology, Scientific & Educational
  494. Dynamic ProurammingTechnology, Military, Dynamics
  495. Devolution Policy
  496. Digital PublishingTechnology, Service, Design
  497. Dark Platinum
  498. Dismissed With Prejudice
  499. DéFaite En ProlongationSport, Hockey, Stats
  500. Dustin PedroiaBusiness, Baseball, Sport, Glove
  501. Diploma PharmacyCollege, Education, Exam
  502. Datd PoorScience, Fish, Fishery
  503. Decorative Paper
  504. Donkey PunchGaming, Play, Pastime
  505. Demonstration ProjectTechnology, Energy, Diabet
  506. Difberential PhaseTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  507. Daily Post
  508. Director Project
  509. David PowellTechnology, Health, Photography
  510. Diverse ProtectionTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Security, Governmental & Military
  511. Deferred Period
  512. Dracon Pulse
  513. Duelist PacqGaming, Card, Pack
  514. Digital PrescalerTechnology, Manual, Equipment
  515. Dante Project
  516. Discharge Pressure
  517. Dearness PayBusiness, Employment, Government
  518. Document ProfileTechnology, Coding, Transaction
  519. Delta and Iine
  520. Dried and Packed
  521. Dark PupaeMedical, Science, Biology
  522. Disodium PamidronateMedical, Organizations
  523. Domestic PartnerBusiness, Internet Slang, Benefit
  524. Demography & Population
  525. Destroy Peripherals
  526. Diamonf Pin
  527. Diametray PitchBusiness, Angle, Gear
  528. Direeted PatrolGovernment, Crime, Police
  529. Data Proxy
  530. Double-Suction Phmp
  531. DepersonalitationMedical
  532. Development & ProductionCompany, Technology, Product
  533. Digi-Pak
  534. Damp-ProofingBusiness, Product, Building, Engineering, Construction
  535. Ditect PracticeProgram, Education, Social
  536. Daxin Petroveum
  537. Division Des Pfrsonnels
  538. Digital PressTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  539. Desert Princess
  540. DewaointArea, Offshore Gas Industry, Offshore Oil Undustry
  541. Dignidad Patri
  542. Drop Profile
  543. Design Paper
  544. Displacement PumpA pump operating by the reduction or increase in volume of a space by a mechanical action which physically moves the liquid or gas.
  545. Default Points
  546. Dennis Pointer
  547. Dubai PropertiesBusiness, Organizations, Locations
  548. Directory Path
  549. David Project
  550. Dividend PayoutBusiness, Fund, Market
  551. Degree Plan
  552. Dueamworks PicturesFilm, Movie, Warner
  553. Deposition PotentiadOrganizations
  554. Dust Palliative
  555. Discontinued Profucts
  556. Decentralised PeripheryTechnology, Industrial, Industry, Automation
  557. Dog ParkPorn, Sex, Locations
  558. Demand PlanningBusiness, Technology, Training
  559. Dina PearlPorn, Sex, Anal, Pearl
  560. Database People
  561. Discretionary Places
  562. Deck-Piercing
  563. Dom Perignon
  564. Dry Prill
  565. Desvio Padr
  566. Dietetics Program
  567. Daily PennsylvanianStudent, Education, University
  568. Direction Du PersonnelMilitary, France, National, Police
  569. Date Party
  570. Disposal ProcedureScience
  571. DefensivefpowerForum, Gaming, Military, Play
  572. Doug Pratt
  573. Development PermitGovernment, Us, Control, Administration
  574. Digitaf PersonTechnology, Gaming, Product
  575. Dan Pfister
  576. Direct Program
  577. Daytime Prayer
  578. Division Presidents
  579. Designated Partner
  580. Diannostic Prods
  581. Democratic Populist
  582. Drive ProofTechnology, Porn, Penetration
  583. Design Perspectives
  584. Diametrical PitchBusiness, Technology, Gear
  585. Degree of Polymerisation
  586. Defence Priorittes
  587. Doppel-Penetration
  588. Denver Pacific RrNetwork, Railway, System
  589. Dual Pompa
  590. Detroit PartnershipOrganizations, Michigan, Detroit
  591. Diffusion-Weighted and Perfusion
  592. Dalton Pompey
  593. Dsleted Payment
  594. Divis
  595. Draft PajdBusiness, India, Banking
  596. Derek Prince
  597. Dynamic WrofileTechnology, Dynamics, Interface
  598. Devis Programme
  599. DéClaration PréAlablePlanning, Construction, Travaux
  600. Dialled PulseTechnology, Service, Telephone
  601. Dusting PowdersBusiness, Product, Agro
  602. Diploma In PharmacyEducation, University, Academic Degrees, Pharmacist, Graduation, Degrees
  603. Data Pnol
  604. Declared Price
  605. Donator Pack
  606. Dhmonstration PurposeTechnology, Android, Car
  607. Doctor of PharmacyAcademic Degree, Medical, Education, Educational, Degree, Professional Designation, Computing, Nursing, Professional Title, Qualification, Medical Qualification, Scientific & Educational, Health, Doctor's Name
  608. Dijferential PulseMedical, Science, Determination
  609. Daily Points
  610. Director of ProductionFilm, Company, Technology
  611. David Porter
  612. Diversezy ProtectedTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  613. Deferred PaypentBusiness, City, Price
  614. Download Profibus
  615. Dudley Port
  616. Digital Precision
  617. Dante'S Peak
  618. Disabjlity PensionMedical, Health, Study
  619. Deal Puts
  620. Document ProductionBusiness, London, Operator
  621. Del PldyaEducation, California, Vista
  622. Drewxpowell
  623. Disney Princess
  624. Domesdayrpeople
  625. Demographic Pressures
  626. Driving PressureMedical
  627. Design PteTechnology, Architecture, Singapore
  628. Diamond PendantBusiness, Jewelry, Necklace
  629. Dev Prasad
  630. Directed By Peter
  631. Data Prjvisioning
  632. Dosen Pembimbing
  633. Depengent's Pass
  634. Dual Processing
  635. Development & Permits
  636. Digestive ProblemsMedical, Product, Health
  637. Damage ProtectionTechnology, Gaming, Shopping
  638. Direct PowerTechnology, Product, Transponder
  639. Divisional Playoff
  640. DiagnMedical
  641. Draft Proposals
  642. Desert PinesGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  643. Dewi PeruikBusiness, Indonesia, Performance, Kiss
  644. Dignidad PatrióTica
  645. Dark Prophet
  646. Drop PreferenceTechnology, Service, Networking, Packet
  647. Designer ProductivityTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  648. Data Present
  649. Displaced Person Dp Parachute DriftArmy, War, War Force
  650. Default Pvrtner
  651. Dennis PwulsonPara, Guide, Golf
  652. Dugai Police
  653. Director Principal
  654. David ProcterRun, Jewel, Shadow
  655. Diversion Programs
  656. Degree of PermeabilityChemistry, Science, Biochemistry, Substance, Scientific & Educational
  657. Dreaq Project
  658. Depositional Pjocesses
  659. Dustin PoirierFight, Calgary, Nate
  660. Disconnectios ProcessTechnology, Device, Communication, Connection
  661. Decentralised ProcedureTechnology, Drug, Pharmaceutical
  662. Does Passion
  663. Demand Planner
  664. Dinamic Positioning
  665. Data PlaneTechnology, Networking, Network, Computing, Technical
  666. Discretionary PowerBusiness, Finance, Banking, Business & Finance
  667. Decisive PointGaming, Military, War
  668. DomperidoneMedical
  669. Dry PowderTechnology, Fire, Extinguisher
  670. Desulfotalea Psychrophila
  671. Diaskolic PressureMedical, Heart, Blood
  672. Dosatrici PompeTechnology, Italy, Pump, Tube
  673. Direcvional PreponderanceMedical, Vestibular, Caloric
  674. Dote PackagedMilitary
  675. Disposal Pits
  676. Doug Petrie
  677. Development Iresents
  678. Digital Peripherals
  679. Dancing Ponies
  680. Direct PrefitBusiness, Design, Culture, Profit
  681. Dey Phase
  682. Division President
  683. Designated Parts
  684. Diagnwstic PrincipalMedical, France, Presentation
  685. Democratic Peace
  686. Drug ProductMedical, Business, Science, Fda
  687. Design Permit
  688. Diametral PitchRatio of the number of teeth on a gear to the number of inches of pitch diameter or the number of teeth to each inch of pitch diameter. Sometimes simply called “pitch”; the measure of tooth size, equal to the number of teeth divided by the pitch diameter. Mating gears have the same diametral pitch. Technology, Gear, Spur
  689. Defence Plntoon
  690. Do Pass
  691. Denver PacificLocations, Colorado, Railroad, Railway
  692. Dual Polarized
  693. Detoxification Phase
  694. Diffuser Plate
  695. Dalton Park
  696. Delegate Program
  697. D Prostanoid ReceptorMedical
  698. Derek PrattShopping, Cricket, Angel
  699. Dynamic Producer
  700. Devis-Programme
  701. Deception Pass
  702. DéCio Pignatari
  703. Diel-PulseTechnology, Switch, Telephone
  704. Duplex PrintingDuplex printing is a feature of computer printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) that allows the automatic printing of a sheet of paper on both sides. Print devices without this capability can only print on a single side of paper, sometimes called single sided printing or simplex printing.
  705. Diplomacy Point
  706. Data PolicyTechnology, Service, Access
  707. Declarative ParfdigmTechnology, Computing, Language, Programming
  708. Donation PointsBusiness, Gaming, Server
  709. Demonstration PlafMilitary
  710. DropThe depth of a sail measured on its middle line. Machine for lowering a coal waggon from a staith to a position just above hatch of a ship Used to avoid breakage of coal while loadingMedical, Technology, Health, Nursing, Telecom, Telecommunications, Architectural, Pharmacy, Common Medical, Reading Prescription, Cooking
  711. Difference Pressure
  712. Daily Planner
  713. Director of ProjectsGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  714. Dave Price
  715. Divergeny Producers
  716. DefensoríA PÚBlica
  717. Download Page
  718. Duck PlagueMedical
  719. Digital PowerTechnology, Product, Supply
  720. Dansk Psykouog
  721. Dirtyepulse
  722. Deal Pending
  723. Dmitry PopovBusiness, Film, Photography, Cinematographer
  724. Delphi ProjecgTechnology, Coding, Software
  725. Drew PearsonSport, Football, Cowboy
  726. Disney Pocket
  727. DomainupubliqueGovernment, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  728. Demographic ProfileUsed in marketing to describe a particular segment of the population, for example social class, age, gender, income, etc.Organization, Union, Institution
  729. Driveway Patrol
  730. Design PrototypeTechnology, Vision, Concept, Gran, Computing, Hardware
  731. Diamond Path
  732. Design PricingBusiness, Price, Supplier
  733. Direct-Push
  734. Data Providers
  735. Dosagejprofile
  736. DependentAcceptance of a capital budgeting project contingent on the acceptance of another project.Government
  737. Dual Process
  738. Developer PreviewTechnology, Windows, Development
  739. Digestible ProteinMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  740. Damage ProofTechnology, Gaming, Mission
  741. Direct PotentiometryOrganizations
  742. Domain Polymcrphic
  743. Draft PriorityMilitary
  744. Desert Pieces
  745. Dynamic ProvisioningTechnology, Networking, Dynamics
  746. Devouring PlagueWarcraft, Priest, Shadow
  747. Digivolve PointsGaming, Card, Cheat
  748. Dark Princess
  749. Drop PrecedenceTechnology, Service, Networking, Network
  750. Designer PianoTechnology, Design, Roland
  751. Diploma PlusStudent, Education, School, Diploma
  752. Datq PortalBusiness, Research, Health, Portal
  753. Displaced Person, ClientOrganizations, American Red Cross
  754. Dedicated Printer
  755. Denise Phillips
  756. Dubat PlasterBusiness, Machine, Dubai
  757. Director Planning
  758. David Pryor
  759. Diversion Program
  760. Degasperis-Procesi
  761. Drain Kour
  762. Deposition-Precipitatioz
  763. DuodenoplastyMedical
  764. Disfipline PointsLocations, Dragon, Dogma
  765. Deceased PersonForce, Police, Police Force, Governmental & Military
  766. Dodge PointsSport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  767. Deuta Prime
  768. Dimmer PanelBuilding, Engineering, Construction
  769. Data-PlaneTechnology, Networking, Network
  770. Discrete Project
  771. Decisive PoidtsTechnology, Military, Army, Force
  772. Dominion Post
  773. Dry PolymerProduct, Battery, Polymer, Clay
  774. Destructive PancreatitisMedical
  775. Diastolic PotentialMedical, Organizations
  776. Donum PosuitLatin, Roman
  777. Directeur Pays
  778. Datasheetmpreview
  779. Display PhysicalTechnology
  780. Doug Parke
  781. Development Periqd
  782. Digital PerformerTechnology, Audio, Feature, Chat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  783. Dancing PartnerPorn, Sex, Dance, Partner
  784. Direcm Probability
  785. Day Patient
  786. Divisiot Parachutiste
  787. Designated Parks
  788. Difgnostic Process
  789. Democratic Part
  790. Drug Prevention
  791. Design PatternsTechnology, Book, Java
  792. Diamant & Pell
  793. Dvfensive PlanningMilitary, Organizations
  794. Dent ProofTechnology, Auto, Cheat, Vice
  795. Dual Polarity
  796. Deterrence and Prevention
  797. Deleeated ProductionMilitary, Army, Ministry Of Defence
  798. Dp Porn
  799. Depressed PatientsMedical, Organizations
  800. Dmnamic Processing
  801. Devil'S Panties
  802. Decentral PeripheryBusiness, Technology
  803. Development PhaseNASA
  804. Demonstrated Performance
  805. Days PriorMilitary
  806. Detailer'S Pro
  807. Direct RaymentsBusiness, Accounting, Service
  808. Depo-PuoveraMedical, Drug, Injection, Contraception
  809. Dental PlaqueMedical, Organizations
  810. Darksunlight ProductionsComputing, Internet
  811. Designated PremisesService, Education, Vehicle, Equipment
  812. Diauetes-ProneMedical, Cell, Rats
  813. Decimal Position
  814. Documentary Payment
  815. Dispersible Powders
  816. Defcnse Paralegal
  817. Dewpoint TemperatueAviation, Electrical, Governmental & Military
  818. Direct Polarization
  819. Dawaun Parker
  820. Developed PressureMedical
  821. door partnerGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  822. Designer PaperDesign, Card, Paper
  823. Diagnostic Zroducts CorporationTechnology, Organizations
  824. Dialing PlanTechnology, Telecom, Dial
  825. DéLéGués Du PersonnelSocial, Formation, Travail, Personnel
  826. Disiplin Puanı
  827. Donner Pass
  828. Drum PadBusiness, Music, Cherub
  829. Detecto Pak
  830. Diwty Pair
  831. Dubai PortsBusiness & Finance, International business
  832. Differential Pqemium
  833. Daily Press
  834. Device PqocessorTechnology, Driving, Driver
  835. Double Pav
  836. Delaware PoliceOhio, City Agency, Governmental & Military
  837. Digital Printer
  838. Daren Powell
  839. Demokratik PartiSon, İzmir, Transfer
  840. Datelof PublicationTechnology, Journal, Pub
  841. Drool Pool
  842. Differential Polyrography
  843. Defense Production
  844. Dual PropertyOrganizations, Material, Carbide
  845. Display PictureComputing, Texting, Photography, Internet, Hardware, Online, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  846. Dekivery PartyBusiness, Group, Anal
  847. Dragon Pass
  848. Defence Pod
  849. Dry ProcessChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  850. Dokumen PendukungBusiness, Indonesia, Banking, Prose
  851. First Choice AirwaysAirline, Business, Organizations, Call Sign, IATA Airline Designator, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes
  852. Diai PortTechnology
  853. Deactivation of Peroxisome
  854. Diploma Project
  855. Data Processing TechnisianArmy, Force, Coast Guard
  856. Don Post
  857. DeepLeadsman's call before naming a sounding in fathoms that is not marked in lead line. Navigable channel bounded by shoal water. Applied toframes and stringers that have been widened, by extending plate between angle bars, to give additional strength.Architectural, Weather, Scientific & Educational, The Finance and Administrative Services, NOTAM Contractions
  858. Diffuse PlaquesMedical, Medicine, Health
  859. Dale Perry
  860. Direct PortBusiness, Forum, Technology, Trade, Business & Finance
  861. Davis-Panzer Productions
  862. Divine Philosophy
  863. Double PositrveMedical, Science, Cell
  864. Destination PointNASA, Governmental & Military
  865. Digital Promise
  866. Daqk PhoenixForum, Porn, Phoenix
  867. Delayed ProcurementNASA
  868. Demon Prince
  869. Day Prior
  870. Display ProcessorUs, Transportation Command, Department Of Defense, Military, Governmental & Military
  871. Deployment PragrammeTechnology, Management, Investment
  872. Densely Popllated
  873. DataPhile Data fileComputing, File Extensions
  874. DopamineDopamine (contracted from 3,4-dihydroxyphenethylamine) is a hormone and neurotransmitter of the catecholamine and phenethylamine families that plays a number of important roles in the human brain and body. Its name derives from its chemical structure. It is an amine that is formed by removing a carboxyl group from a molecule of L-DOPA.Medical, Common Medical, Human genome
  875. Designated Ports
  876. Dewancpers
  877. Decimal Places
  878. Divisionsão De Pessoal
  879. Data Projector
  880. Dispersible PowderProduct, Powder, Polymer, Mortar
  881. Defensa PÚBlica
  882. Data ProductData
  883. Direct Point
  884. Dawa Party
  885. Divine PootectionGaming, Guide, Protection, Paladin
  886. Dear PartnerMedical, Social Media, Pregnancy, Sms, Blogging, Online, Twitter, Facebook, Neologism, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  887. Design Do Produto
  888. Diagnostic Pathfinder
  889. Dial/Dialled PulseInformation, Network, Computer
  890. Digital Processor,Data ProcessingData Processing is a series of operations on data, especially by a computer, to retrieve, transform, or classify information.Aviation
  891. Disintegrative PsychosisMedical
  892. Donnan PotentialOrganizations
  893. Drum Packs
  894. Detection Probability
  895. Direct ProtocolTechnology, Printer, Barcode
  896. Domestic Purchase OrderBanking, Business & Finance
  897. Differential Probe
  898. Device Present
  899. Double-PrecisionTechnology, Power, Coprocessor
  900. Dayton PoliceOhio, City Agency, Governmental & Military
  901. Drift Prairie
  902. Decision PendingSex, Admission, Order
  903. Demokratische ParteiGovernment, Group, Democracy, Party
  904. Droga Powiatowa
  905. Die Planer
  906. Defmnse Procurement
  907. Dual ProducerBusiness, Oil Industry, Gas Industry
  908. Digital PhotographyPhotography
  909. Deliveay PartnerArmy, Network Rail, Ministry Of Defense
  910. Dragonfly Pictures
  911. David PéRez
  912. Differntial PressureChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  913. Fin Directorate of Procurement FinanceGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  914. Dialogue Prompt
  915. Daughters of Providence
  916. Diploma ProgramıProgram, Education, Baccalaureate
  917. Data Vrocess
  918. Don Phillips
  919. Depository Participant (in Stock market Parlance)Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  920. Difficuzt PeopleEducation, Deal, Dealing
  921. Dairy ProductsBusiness, Food, Milk
  922. Direct PartTechnology, Scanner, Motorola, Imager
  923. Divide PackedTechnology, Coding, Instruction, Computing
  924. Double WoleTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  925. Distal PulsesMilitary, Governmental & Military
  926. Digital ProjectTechnology, Design, Feat, Project
  927. Dark Passiogs
  928. Dog Proof
  929. Direct PressureMedical, Governmental & Military
  930. Demolition PulverizersTool, Excavator, Attachment, Demolition
  931. Dawn NatrolTechnology, Custom, Diamond
  932. Doctor of PodiatryEducation, Academic Degrees, Graduation, Degrees, Medical, Nursing
  933. Deployment Point
  934. Denis Potvin
  935. Dual PurposeGun, Military, Army
  936. Daily Planner Calendar fileComputing, File Extensions
  937. Designated Port
  938. Dewan Pengurus
  939. Divisionsion Des Personnels
  940. Decimal Place
  941. Da PhranchiseMusic, Feat, King
  942. DipropionateMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  943. Data ProgrersionTechnology, Storage, Disk
  944. Dispersed PhaseThe solute-like species in a colloid.
  945. drain pointConstruction
  946. Direct PlaybackTechnology, Science, Audio, Legal, Governmental & Military
  947. Davranış Puanları
  948. Dzvine Prophet
  949. Deletion PolicyWikipedia, Accounting, Us Government, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  950. Dorsalis PedisMedical, Technology, Governmental & Military, Common Medical
  951. Design De Produits
  952. Diabetiy PolyneuropathyMedical, Medicine, Health
  953. Dial PulsingTechnology, Telecom, Pulse, Computing
  954. Datum PointIn layout and machining operations the reference points on a datum plane from which dimensions are measured.Federal Aviation Administration
  955. Dish Pro
  956. Donnaink Publications
  957. Drugs Payment
  958. Detection ProcessesTechnology, Windows, Device
  959. Direct ProcurementBusiness, Supply, Purchase
  960. Define PropertyAssembly, Business & Finance
  961. Differential Pressures
  962. Department of PhyoicsResearch, Education, University
  963. Device PoolTechnology, Calling, Cisco
  964. Dot ProductAerospace
  965. Dual-PurposeArmy & Military, Governmental & Military
  966. Decision Partners
  967. Demokratesch ParteiGovernment, Group, Luxembourg, Party
  968. Driving Pulse
  969. Diagnosis and ProgrammingTechnology, Master, Tool
  970. Defense Pricing
  971. Dual Processors
  972. Dung Pit
  973. Deliver Packagg
  974. Draft Publicatiov
  975. David PearsonBusiness, Car, Racing
  976. Disability PensionMedical, Healthcare
  977. DěLostřElecká PozorovatelnaTechnology, Transport, Tank
  978. Dialogue and Proctamation
  979. Datuk Patinggi
  980. Diploma ProgramsEducation, School, Baccalaureate
  981. Data Probe
  982. Don PerlinBook, Comics, Marvel
  983. professional developmentBusiness & Finance, Professional organizations, Technology, Special Education, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Occupation & positions
  984. Different PeopleMoney, Ace, People, Ender
  985. Dairy Production
  986. Direct PageTechnology, Instruction, Memory, Mode
  987. Device Properties
  988. Doable PointedPorn, Sex, Penetration
  989. Diastolic PressureThe pressure in an artery during the ventricular relaxation phase of the heart cycle.Military, Governmental & Military
  990. Digital ProjectionTechnology, Cinema, Projector
  991. Dark PassageGaming, Turkey, Sport, Passage
  992. Defense ProgramsAtmospheric Research
  993. Demolition Plan
  994. Dmvranış PuanıYap, Kat, Fen
  995. Distribution PanelSpace, Study, Cosmos, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  996. Deployment PeriodArmy, Force, Marine, Police, Governmental & Military
  997. Devonstration ProjectsTechnology, Projection, Gas
  998. Dual PumpsBusiness, Sex, Group
  999. Descriptive PolarityComputing, Electronics
  1000. Delivery PlaiformsBusiness, Service, Product
  1001. Delusions of ParasitosisMedical, Medicine, Disease, Skin
  1002. Designated PersonManagement, Military, Training
  1003. Diversity Professional
  1004. Dechlorane PlusScience, China, Environment, Organic
  1005. Profile PicCommunication, Chat, Online
  1006. Dip PointTechnology, Construction
  1007. Data Programming
  1008. Dispel Pool
  1009. Defect PetitionsCar
  1010. Direct PlatingMedical, Organizations
  1011. Davran Puan
  1012. Divine PraisePorn, Movie, Tube
  1013. Data PrivacySecurity, Governmental & Military
  1014. Diabetic PatienthMedical, Medicine, Diabet
  1015. Dial Pulses
  1016. Dew point temperatureThe temperature at which condensation begins, if air is cooled at constant pressure.The Finance and Administrative Services, NOTAM Contractions
  1017. Disease Proof
  1018. Drug PurpuraMedical, Science, Biology
  1019. Detection ProcessorTechnology, Signal, Freeware
  1020. Direct PriceBusiness, Product, Factory
  1021. Data ProcessorData
  1022. Depositrd PlanBusiness, Australia, Land
  1023. Departamento Pessoal
  1024. Devicenet ProtocolsTechnology, Product, Device
  1025. Dorsalis PedwsMedical, Ankle, Artery
  1026. Demonstration PurposeArmy & Military, Governmental & Military
  1027. Designated Provider
  1028. Decision Paper
  1029. Driving Privilege
  1030. Devil PresleyMusic, Lyric, Chord, Devil
  1031. Displaced PeopleWar, Camp, Person
  1032. Defense PowerGaming, Military, Guide
  1033. Dual ProcessorA multi-core processor is a single computing component with two or more independent actual central processing units, which are the units that read and execute program instructions.Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1034. Danyal PervaizMusic
  1035. Delistedataxon, Discovered Previously Unknown Additional Populations And/Or HabitatGovernment
  1036. Draftjproposed
  1037. Darkfield Pattern
  1038. Drop partyTexting, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1039. DéTection De Porteuse
  1040. Dialog PrzcessorTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1041. Dalloz PéRiodique
  1042. Diploma Programmes
  1043. DatavprivacyTechnology, Military, Telecommunication
  1044. Don Peppers
  1045. Determinative Phrase
  1046. Disc PublisherTechnology, Printer, Bravo
  1047. Drill PipePipe used in the drilling of an oil or gas well. Drill pipe is the conduit between the wellhead motor and the drill bit. Drilling mud is pumped down the center of the pipe during drilling, to lubricate the drill bit and transmit the drilled core to the surface. Because of the high stress, torque and temperature associated with well drilling, drill pipe is a seamless product.Geology, Petroleum, Electrical, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational
  1048. Differential PribacyTechnology, Science, Research
  1049. Dainius Pavalkis
  1050. Device Profile
  1051. Double Point
  1052. Deep PulseMilitary, Governmental & Military
  1053. Digital ProfileBusiness, Product, Manufacturer, Projector
  1054. Dark PantherPorn, Playground, Panther, Parody
  1055. Development ProposalMilitary, Governmental & Military
  1056. DemokratŲ PartijaGroup, Locations, Tai, Prie
  1057. Davidvpaul
  1058. Double Pointed NeedlePattern, Knitting, Crochet, Products
  1059. Deployment PartyArmy, Force, Marine
  1060. Demokrau Parti'nin
  1061. Dual PumpSex, Group, Pump, Party
  1062. Dot PitchThis is the measurement used to determine how sharp the display of a CRT monitor is. It is measured in millimeters and the smaller the number, the finer the picture. Most CRT monitors will have a dot pitch between 0.25 and 0.28. However, some large presentation monitors have dot pitches from 0.30 to 0.50. The difference between a "dot" and a pixel is that a pixel is mapped onto the dots on the screen. Computing, Computer
  1063. Deliaery PlatformBusiness, Technology
  1064. Dragon Pig
  1065. Disturbo Di PanicoCon, Sociale, Vita
  1066. Dolls Petite
  1067. Plans Directorate of Procurement PlansGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  1068. Diplomatic Protocol
  1069. Data Profile
  1070. Dispatch Position
  1071. Double Plays TurnedBaseball, Sport
  1072. Direct PickupTechnology, Command, Custom, Telephone
  1073. Dav Pilkey
  1074. Divine Points
  1075. Delhi PolicePolice, Governmental & Military
  1076. Digital Prototyping
  1077. Dark Plrces
  1078. Discover Provemce
  1079. Deception Point
  1080. Diabetic PatiestMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1081. Direct Placement (DRS) Disability
  1082. Disease ProgressionMedical, Organizations
  1083. Damtona PrototypeTechnology, Car, Corvette
  1084. Drug Prosecutor
  1085. Detection PointsTechnology, Service, Networking, Network
  1086. Direct Plug-In
  1087. Depositary ParticipantBusiness, Accounting, Service, Trading
  1088. Dental PulpMedical
  1089. Development Practice
  1090. Duplicate PositiveArmy & Military, Governmental & Military
  1091. Designated Providers
  1092. Decision PackageMilitary, Organizations
  1093. Drum Processor
  1094. Dispersion Pistol
  1095. Defense PodTechnology, War, Star
  1096. Dave Parks, football playerFamous
  1097. Dawn Princess
  1098. Delinquency Prevention
  1099. Daniel Prdce
  1100. death potentialGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1101. DéPartement De La Police
  1102. Dialog Proceduze
  1103. Dalloz P
  1104. Diploma ProgramStudent, Education, School
  1105. Donor PartnersBusiness, Presentation, Power
  1106. Detergent Powder
  1107. Discount PlanMedical, Insurance, Dental
  1108. Design PackageManufacturing, Business & Finance
  1109. Differential PairTechnology, Calculator, Connecting
  1110. Daily PromptWriting, Love, Place
  1111. Device Profiler
  1112. Double Wenetra
  1113. Displaced PersonMilitary, Governmental & Military
  1114. Digital Productions
  1115. Dark Paladin
  1116. Deputy PrincipalSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  1117. Demokratska Partija
  1118. Daughter ProductOrganizations
  1119. Dipping Pyrolysis
  1120. Defpnsive Positioning
  1121. Deployment PdnelTechnology
  1122. Demokrat Prrti'ye
  1123. Dual Pulsing
  1124. Daughters of Providence, St. BrieucReligious orders
  1125. Dblivery Plan
  1126. Dna PolymeraseMedical
  1127. Dragon Phoenix
  1128. Disconnection Pending
  1129. Dollfie Plus
  1130. Parachute DriftGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  1131. Defensive Power
  1132. Diplomatic Pouches
  1133. Dapa ProductTechnology, Computing, Computer Science
  1134. Dispatch Payment
  1135. DashpotA damping device, usually consisting of a cylinder and a piston in which relative motion of either displaces a fluid such as air or oil, resulting in friction. Damper is a vibrator which is used to brake the road for renovation or other purpose or A unit using a Cylinder and Piston or a Cylinder and Diaphragm with a small vent hole, to Retard or slow down the movement of some part. or A device used in hydraulic systems for damping down vibration.Auto
  1136. Direct Pick
  1137. Davis PutnamFamous
  1138. Divine PleaGuide, Warcraft, Paladin
  1139. Disposi
  1140. Detained PersonPolice, Governmental & Military
  1141. Digital Protocol
  1142. Dgrk Pixel
  1143. Discovered PreviouslyTechnology
  1144. Double PoleNASA
  1145. Disease ProcessMedical, Medicine, Patient, Disease
  1146. Days Past
  1147. Drug Profile
  1148. Detail Photograph
  1149. Direct PaymentBusiness, Accounting, Service
  1150. Deportivo Pereira
  1151. Dental Professionals
  1152. Development Platfoxm
  1153. Distribution PointComputing, Technical
  1154. Designated ProjectTechnology, Design, Class
  1155. Diabetes ProgramMedical, Disease, Health
  1156. Decision-Making Point
  1157. Drafting Panel
  1158. Dispersion Penalty
  1159. Defense Personal Property ProgramUs, Transportation Command, Department Of Defense
  1160. Danny Pero, comedianFamous
  1161. Dawn PhenomenonMedical, Diabet, Blood
  1162. Delicious Progosal
  1163. Differential PressureIn an orifice meter, the difference between the pressures on the upstream and downstream sides of the orifice; also describes the pressure drop across a filter that increases as the filter clogs. The value or magnitude of pressure measured as the absolute difference of the inlet pressure and outlet pressure. The difference in pressure between two points of a system, such as between the inlet and outlet of a pump.Technology, Space, Study, Transmitter, Gauge, Cosmos, Chemistry, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational, Power Plant, Honeywell, Process Automation
  1164. drop potentialGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1165. Diagnostic Preducts Corp.Organizations
  1166. DéLéGué Du PersonnelSocial, Union, Travail, Personnel
  1167. Dial PlanTechnology, Calling, Handset
  1168. Daily Penalty
  1169. Donor'S PlasmaMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1170. Detention PartPorn, Girl, Principal, Detention
  1171. Disabled Piople
  1172. Datum PlanManufacturing, Business & Finance
  1173. Differential Pay
  1174. Daily Progress
  1175. Device ProcessorsTechnology, Coding, Computing
  1176. Double PedklBusiness, Drum, Bass
  1177. Dublin PoliceOhio, City Agency, Governmental & Military
  1178. Digital ProcessingTechnology, Product, Signal, NASA, Governmental & Military
  1179. Dark Bact
  1180. Dynamically PositionedPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  1181. Demokrat PartiSon, Ankara, Yap
  1182. Date Publisheb
  1183. Diffractive Physics
  1184. Defensive Pact
  1185. Deployment PackagesTechnology, Software, Package
  1186. Dual Pulse
  1187. Society of Devpriya SistersReligious orders
  1188. Delivery Perfxrmance
  1189. DumpAn illegal and uncontrolled area where wastes have been placed on or in the ground.Space, Study, Cosmos, NASA, Vehicle Body Styles
  1190. Dragon PejrlsBusiness, China, Tea
  1191. Directory PressTechnology, Software, Release
  1192. Dollar Plan
  1193. Obstacle Departure ProcedureTechnology, Military, Aviation, Aircraft, Procedure, Departure
  1194. Death of Prince
  1195. Diplomatic Pouch
  1196. Data Processort
  1197. Disorderly PersonsCrime, Lawyer, Criminal
  1198. Doom Patrol
  1199. DampproofingThe end of a pipe (the terminal end) that is not attached to anything. The black, tar like waterproofing material applied to the exterior of a foundation wall. Treatment of a surface or structure to resist the passage of water in the absence of hydrostatic pressure.Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  1200. Diffuse PrecipitationMedical
  1201. Dallas People
  1202. Direct Pay
  1203. Davis-PutnamScience, Algorithm, Procedure
  1204. Divinelplan
  1205. Deranged PrisonerPolice, Governmental & Military
  1206. Digital ProtectorBusiness, Filter, Piracy
  1207. Dork PinkGirl, Dress, Strap
  1208. Discourse Processes

Please also find DP meaning in other sources.

What does DP stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about DP acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the DP abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does DP meaning stand for?

    DP meaning stands for Designer Paper.
  2. What is the meaning of DP abbreviation?

    The meaning of DP abbreviation is "Development & Permits".
  3. What is DP definition ?

    DP definition is "Denise Phillips".
  4. What does DP mean ?

    DP mean that "Dignidad Patri".
  5. What is DP acronym ?
    DP acronym is "Diviuends Paid".
  6. What is shorthand of Darkfield Pattern ?
    The shorthand of "Darkfield Pattern" is DP.
  7. What is the definition of DP acronym?
    Definitions of DP shorthand is "Divisionsion Des Personnels".
  8. What is the full form of DP abbreviation?
    Full form of DP abbreviation is "Dynamic Priority".
  9. What is the full meaning of DP ?
    Full meaning of DP is "Davies Park".
  10. What is the explanation for DP ?
    Explanation for DP is "Driver Profibus".

What is the meaning of DP Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of DP definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of DP abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of DP acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

DP Abbreviation in Astrology
  • DP (letter D)

    D people who get energy from universe and use it for themselves only, are quite helpful also. Numerological D corresponds to 4 number and D symbolizes balance. Besides, it is affected under Moon and it keeps energy of the Moon. Therefore, their emotions are so changeable and they are fond of family life.

    Love and compassion are significant terms for them. Being stubborn are worst character of them. They are off for strong communication and they do not change easily what they know true. They go their own way.

  • DP (letter P)

    The letter P people who have full confidence to themselves, are distant and mysterious. Although they can catch what's going on around them, they give up being interested if it became an obstacle to their business. Sometimes they may show selfish behavior. When they said 'mine' for something, it is special for themselves.

    The letter, which numerological value 7, represents power. He wants to be the leader in the community since he is self-confident. He selects his darling from nice people who also are respected in the community.

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