DS Meaning

The DS meaning is "Dear Son". The DS abbreviation has 1526 different full form.

DS Full Forms

  1. Dear Son Internet Slang, Texting, Online, Medical, Computing, Chat, Social Media, Pregnancy, Sms, Blogging, Twitter, Disney, Facebook, Neologism, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Computing Slang
  2. Down Synorome Medical, Disorder, Special Education
  3. Defensive Spacialist Sport, Team, Volleyball, Specialist
  4. Die Spieler
  5. Dyad Symmetry In genetics, dyad symmetry refers to two areas of a DNA strand whose base pair sequences are inverted repeats of each other. They are often described as palindromes. For example, the following shows dyad symmetry between sequences GAATAC and GTATTC which are reverse complements of each other. Medical, Science, Biology
  6. Degenerative Spondylolisthesis Medical, Pain, Lumbar
  7. Disk Station Technology, Networking, Storage
  8. Design Solutions Business, Service, Software
  9. Downspout A perforated, corrugated plastic pipe laid at the bottom of the foundation wall and used to drain excess water away from the foundation. It prevents ground water from seeping through the foundation wall. Sometimes called perimeter drain. A pipe, usually of metal, for carrying rainwater down from the roof’s horizontal gutters. Technology, Architecture, Construction, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  10. Data Security Protection of data from unauthorized (accidental or intentional) modification, destruction, or disclosure. Technology, Windows, Military
  11. Drgving School
  12. Datte, Shouganaijanai Technology, Gaming, Zone, Frogman
  13. Digital Studio Technology, Gaming, Software
  14. Democratjc Party Medical, Military
  15. Dnya Salk
  16. Denial Sf Service
  17. Detection Systems A mechanical, electrical, or chemical device that automatically identifies the presence of a material or a change in environmental conditions such as pressure, temperature, or composition.
  18. Digital Scale Business, Park, Tool
  19. Design Standard Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence, Manufacturing, Business & Finance
  20. Dusl Screen Technology, Gaming, Lenovo
  21. Decisecond Time, Units Of Time, Multiples Of Si Base Units
  22. Diode Switch Medical
  23. Direct Selling Business, Company, Organizations
  24. Department of Staje Government, Passport, Immigration
  25. Domination Success Business, Bay, Story
  26. Daniel Sánchez
  27. Deutsche Stimme German, Traffic, Deutsche
  28. Demice Secrets Technology, Gaming, Transaction
  29. Duty Station Technology, Military, Army
  30. Define Symbol Technology, Gaming, Coding, Software
  31. Desease Steps Medical, Health, Sclerosis
  32. Design Software
  33. Dowgload Stations Technology, Gaming, Store
  34. Data-Strdbe Technology, Semiconductor, Clock
  35. Drive Systemr
  36. Data Systems Technology, Software, Java
  37. Digital Streamer Technology, Audio, Linn
  38. Democratici Di Sinistfa Government, Group, Italy, Democrat
  39. Djoko Susilo Business, Jakarta, Pol, Simulator
  40. Days After Sight Business, Trade, Business & Finance
  41. Detail Specification A specification is often a type of technical standard. Technology, Camera, Specifications, Aviation
  42. Digimon Dtory Gaming, Story, Evolution, Cheat
  43. Desizn Stage Technology, Gaming, Development
  44. Dragon Song Gaming, Dragon, Cheat
  45. Drug Store Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  46. Deca Sports Gaming, Coding, Sport, Cheat
  47. Dinner Show
  48. Direct Sales Business, Company, Technology, Sale, Products
  49. Denver Seminary Education
  50. Domination A Scam Business, Product, Money
  51. Daniel Smith Business, Art, Watercolor
  52. Deutsche Schule
  53. Deviazione Standard
  54. Dust Strikers Gaming, Dust, Gear
  55. Deficit Syndrome Medical
  56. Direct Sale
  57. Disease Severity Medical, Science, Medicine
  58. Design Skjlls
  59. Download Serviwe Technology, Gaming, Hosting
  60. Dash Shot Gaming, Kid, Uprising
  61. Drive System The type of drive system: two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.
  62. Data Synchronization Technology, Database, Server
  63. Dementiayscale Medical, Disease, Syndrome
  64. Django Sabata
  65. Door Switch A momentary contact switch normally installed in a door-jamb. The switch is activated when the door is opened or closed. Technology, Science, Construction, Architectural, Architecture, The Finance and Administrative Services
  66. Detached Service Military, Group, War
  67. Diffuse Smleroderma Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  68. Design Stabiliky Military
  69. Dragon Sdayer Technology, Gaming, Cheat
  70. Drug Sgfety
  71. Daylight Savings Technology, Clock, Zone
  72. Dimensional Stability Retention of the precise shape of the part. Ability of a plastic part to retain the precise shape in which it was molded, fabricated, or cast. The ability of a material to maintain its shape under given processing or use conditions. The ability  of a part to retain its size and proportion over time. ability to retain precise shape and size. Ability of a plastic part to retain the precise shape in which it was molded, fabricated. or cast.
  73. Demolition Site Science
  74. Docufent Signed Business, Signature, Autograph
  75. Dancing Shoes
  76. Det Sgt
  77. Development Study Education, India, Institute
  78. Dualvsinter Business, Brake, Copper
  79. Defensive Systems Medical, Military
  80. Directory Synchronization Technology, Office, Server
  81. Didk Storage Technology, Management, Drive
  82. Design Sheet Military, Space, Cosmos
  83. Doubleqsys Technology, Gaming, Touch
  84. Darryl Strawberry Gaming, Baseball, Star, Strawberry
  85. Drive Sport Business, Technology, Craze
  86. Data Switch
  87. Deluxe Suitq
  88. Django & Sabata Gaming, Knight, Vampire
  89. Doctor of Scierce Education, University, Russia
  90. Datarselector Technology, Coding, Circuit
  91. Differvntiated Service Technology, Computer Security, Computer Networking
  92. Dejerine-Sottas Medical, Disease, Health
  93. Display System Technology
  94. Differentiated Services A quality-of-service standard between two networks that allows hosts to manage data by traffic flow. Technology, Service, Networking, Computing, Network, Telecom, IT Terminology, Technical
  95. Design Specificattons Technology, Product, Software
  96. Drajt Standard Technology, Networking, Internet
  97. Dropping Stroke Gaming, Music, Golf
  98. Dawn of Sorrow Gaming, Cheat, Sorrow
  99. Digit Symqol Medical, Gaming, Signal, Brain
  100. Demokratska Strankz Technology, Group, Party
  101. Document Scanners Business, Force, Epson
  102. Dance Studio
  103. Detergent-Soluble Medical
  104. Dtal Sim Microsoft, Technology, Nokia
  105. Defense Systems Technology, Gaming, Military
  106. Directory Servers
  107. Disczstorage Military
  108. Deputy Sheriff
  109. Donor-Apecific Medical
  110. Dwrling Son Internet Slang, Chat, Email
  111. Dhvelopment System Technology, Software, Tool
  112. Data Strobe Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  113. Delta Squad Technology, Gaming, War
  114. Divisions of Bri Government, History, Locations
  115. Doctor of Science Academic Degree, Healthcare, Graduation, Professional Designation, Medical Qualification, Medical, Computing, Degree, Professional Title, Qualification, Scientific & Educational, Nursing, Doctor's Name
  116. Dietary Tupplements Medical, Medicine, Health, Supplement
  117. Dynamical Systems Science, Mathematics, Conference
  118. Degrees of Substitution Medical
  119. Display Start Technology
  120. Design Specification Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  121. Down Syndrome Down syndrome, also known as trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21. It is typically associated with physical growth delays, characteristic facial features, and mild to moderate intellectual disability. Medical, Education, Children, Disability, Psychology, Special Education, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical
  122. Data Selict Technology, Gaming, Wireless, Headphone
  123. Dfogi Synu Internet Slang, Slang
  124. David Schwimmer Movie, Friendship, Madagascar
  125. Dngit Span Medical, Study, Memory
  126. Database System Technology
  127. Democritisch Socialisten Government, Group, Party
  128. Documentatiog Set Technology, Server, Software
  129. Dance Squad
  130. Detective Sergeant Crime, Police, Uk Police, Governmental & Military, Occupation & positions
  131. Date of Separation Military, Army, Divorce
  132. Dualjshock Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  133. Decompression Sickness Medical, Diving, Scuba Diving, Underwater, Scientific & Educational
  134. Diplomatic Security Security, Service, Government, Military, Department
  135. Discriminative Stimulus Medical, Medicine, Treatment, Healing
  136. Deployer Sqrvice
  137. Donald Suuherland
  138. Darkesun
  139. Development Jpecification Science
  140. Data Strategy Technology, Service, Military
  141. Delha Sigma
  142. Divine Storm Guide, Storm, Paladin, Retribution
  143. Distribution System A term used to describe that part of an electric power system that distributes the electricity to consumers from a bulk power location such as a substation. It includes all lines and equipment beyond the substation fence. Technology, Computing, Computer Security
  144. Dietary Supplement Medical
  145. Dye Sublimation A printing process using small heating elements to evaporate pigments from a carrier film, depositing these smoothly onto a substrate. Business, Printer, Epson
  146. Degree of Saturation Medical, Science, Presentation, Water
  147. Disney Sludios Technology, Gaming, Movie
  148. Design Specialist Technology
  149. Down Stream
  150. Data Segmedts
  151. Driving Simulators
  152. Dave Stewart Music, Album, Candy, Famous
  153. Digital Surveillance
  154. Democratic Society
  155. Dockieg Stations
  156. Daftar Sinole
  157. Detection System Technology, Science, Security
  158. Digital Scholarship Education, University, Library
  159. Dual Screens Technology, Gaming, Lenovo
  160. Decision Support Medical, Technology, Medicine, Research, Health, Healthcare
  161. Diploma Supplement Science, Education, University
  162. Discovery Studio Technology, Software, Visualizer
  163. Department Supervisoc Medical, Science
  164. Domination System Business, Money, Drop
  165. Dark Stdr
  166. Developers' System
  167. Dorsal Spine Corparate, Uk, United Kingdom
  168. Defined Substrate Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  169. Departmental Stock
  170. Digital Synnhronization
  171. Droitwichpspa
  172. Decision Service Business, Technology, Shopping
  173. Detection of Down Syndrome Science, Biology
  174. Discovery Server
  175. Dynamic Storage Memory management is the act of managing computer memory. The essential requirement of memory management is to provide ways to dynamically allocate portions of memory to programs at their request, and freeing it for reuse when no longer needed. This is critical to the computer system.
  176. Dog Steamer
  177. Decision Superiority Technology, Service, Contract
  178. Detivery Seperation
  179. Dietary Specials Product, Food, Gluten
  180. Download Station-Volume Gaming, Station, Kiosk
  181. Dark Steel Technology, Gaming, Nokia
  182. Duct Seal Technology, Compound, Bender
  183. Dead Soak
  184. Development Set
  185. Display Showcases
  186. Denzinger-Sch
  187. Difference Spectrophotometry
  188. Dream Syndicnte
  189. Direct Service Business, Technology, Gaming
  190. Durham Sun
  191. Dead Storage Organizations, Water, Uganda, Enviroment
  192. Dharampal Satyapal Business, Company, Group, India
  193. Dj Smng Music, Song, Production, Mix
  194. Disciplinzry Segregation
  195. Data Syncs
  196. Duty Sergeant
  197. Destruction Sphere
  198. Diseases Including Down Syndrooe Science, Biology
  199. Dagkside Technology, Bittorrent, Bittorrent Tracker, Torrent Tracker
  200. Delta-Sigma An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) architecture consisting of a 1-bit ADC and filtering circuitry which over-samples the input signal and performs noise-shaping to achieve a high-resolution digital output. The architecture is relatively inexpensive compared to other ADC architectures. Sometimes called a "sigma-delta" converter. Technology, Analog, Modulator
  201. Diamond Select
  202. Draft Survey Draft surveys are used to determine the weight of bulk cargo such as iron ore, coal, steel scrap, grain and some specific quantities of liquid cargo loaded onto, or discharged from, a vessel.
  203. Dimension Stone
  204. Dark Suywalker
  205. Drug Screening
  206. David Silvera
  207. Derivative Spectrophotometry Medical
  208. Daehan Shipbuilding
  209. Deep Spirits
  210. Democratic Socialism
  211. Dramatic Stories Gaming, Alpha, Sapphire
  212. Directory Standard
  213. Datagram Service Medical, Technology
  214. Duncan-Strong Medical
  215. Design Scotland Technology, Architecture, Scotland
  216. Deval's Square Castle, Blood, Square, Devil
  217. Distributed Sort
  218. Daniel Schlereth
  219. Defense Special
  220. Digital Section Technology, Power, Telecom
  221. Document Submission
  222. Danny Simpson
  223. Definition Study Space, Study, Cosmos
  224. Double Seat Technology, Coding, Valve
  225. Deplobment Site Technology, Service, Server
  226. Digital Slave Technology, Camera, Bracket
  227. Dave Scott
  228. Deutscher Stellermarkt
  229. Domination, Submission Discipline, Submission, Bondage, Domination
  230. Detective Sergeants
  231. Diazepam-Sensitive Medical
  232. Diorama Series Man, Toy, Figure
  233. Dark Swamp Gaming, Pirate, Cheat
  234. Duplex Signal Technology, Networking, Network
  235. Dawson Locations, Texas, County Abbrevations
  236. Development Staths
  237. Don Stewart Technology, Art, Drawing, Studio
  238. Dailyvsupervisor
  239. Defect Second Technology, Genetics, Networking
  240. Demonstrator Support
  241. Direct Smelting
  242. Data Set-Up Technology, Tablet, Watchdog, Timekeeper
  243. Death Ship Gaming, Cheat, Mortal
  244. Desktops Shop
  245. Digital Servo Business, Product, Helicopter
  246. Druckerei-Sersice
  247. Date Scale
  248. Debt Settlement Business, Credit, Relief
  249. Disintegtation Series Medical
  250. Dolly Shot
  251. Dynamic Syntax
  252. Drrk Skyes
  253. Deli Svrdang Technology, Gaming, Coding, Smash
  254. Drainage Study
  255. Dscr1 Down Syndrome Science, Biology
  256. Desarrollo Sostenible
  257. Developer Suit
  258. Dispersion Slope
  259. Domination Sign
  260. Deep Strecture Education, Grammar, Syntax
  261. Diffraction Spectrum
  262. Drill Sansuu Gaming, Anime, Drill, Aha
  263. Design Space
  264. Denlet Su
  265. Division Bignals
  266. Daniel Silver
  267. Dynamically Scheduled
  268. Death Star Technology, Military, Star Wars
  269. Destination Surveys
  270. Diaper Swap
  271. Docking Survey
  272. Danlsheldon
  273. Delayed and Stored
  274. Diagonal Stride Medical
  275. Douglas Scott
  276. Dave Stratton
  277. Djutsche Shareware
  278. Disney Son Turkish, Forum, Car, Disney
  279. Domain Services
  280. Direct Surcharge
  281. Decommissioning Suppzrt Science
  282. Delta Station Army, War, War Force
  283. Diesel-Stampfer
  284. Director Study
  285. Dassault SystИMes Technology, Syst, Mes
  286. Duplbcated Sequence Medical, Science, Biology
  287. Day Skipper Course, Sailing, Sail, Skipper
  288. Designated Server
  289. Dissolved Sulid Technology, Water, Forest Industry
  290. Don't Ctarve
  291. Dam Safety Technology, Environment, Water
  292. Defense and Security
  293. Dennis Shirley
  294. Driver Side
  295. Direct Synthehis Technology, Controller, Frequency, Darmstadtium
  296. Data Speech
  297. Door Sensor Technology, Networking, Network
  298. Delzghtfully Small Technology, Gaming, Station
  299. Departamentul SecurităţIi
  300. Diwital Switching Technology, Driving, Switch, Driver
  301. Droit Social
  302. Decision Services
  303. Detected Set Forum, Technology, Windows, Gaming
  304. Discovsry Secondary Education
  305. Dynamic Stiffness Technology, Dynamics, Softball
  306. Dog Soldier
  307. Decision Stump
  308. Delivery Schedule Business, Product, Customer
  309. Dietm E Saúde Technology, Para, Health, Android
  310. Download Station Technology, Gaming, Store
  311. Ducati Supersport Technology, Sport, Motorcycle
  312. Desensolvimento Sustentável Technology, Para, Dos, Brasil
  313. Development Strategy
  314. Display Sets Technology, Gaming, Software
  315. Denzinger-Schoenmetzer Catholic, Church, Dogma
  316. Diferencial Srmantico
  317. Dreab Sweets Gaming, Shopping, Dream, Bunny
  318. Discolnt Sports
  319. Durham Student
  320. Dead Stock
  321. Dhamma Schoyl
  322. Diya Simvana
  323. Discharge Status
  324. Data Sync
  325. Dutch Space Technology, Science, Mission
  326. Destruction Set
  327. Doc Savage
  328. Danubl Swabian
  329. Diamond Search Technology, Algorithm, Motion
  330. Dovetail Slides
  331. Dimensional Shift
  332. Drug Screened Medical, Testing, Screen
  333. David Sims
  334. Derek Stepan Gaming, Hockey, Rangers
  335. Dach Stein
  336. Deyp Sky
  337. Digital Station Technology, Military, Office, Module, Telecommunication
  338. Democratic Socialist
  339. Dramatics Society College, Empire, Strike
  340. Directory Sort Forum, Technology, Tool
  341. Datacenteroserver
  342. Dunajská Streda Locations, Caravan, Slovakia, Camp
  343. Day Supports
  344. Design Science Technology, Research, Math
  345. Diagnostic Server Technology, Networking, Network
  346. Distributed Synchronization
  347. Daniel Santos
  348. Defensive Skill
  349. Density Switch Technology, Module, Station
  350. Digital Screensaver
  351. Document Specialist
  352. Danny Shelton
  353. Definite Strike
  354. Do Something Forum, Technology, Gaming, Play
  355. Deployment Services
  356. Digital Sketchbook
  357. Drop Shape
  358. Dave Schultz Hockey, Card, Checklist
  359. Depolarizationvshift
  360. Deutscher Sportausschuss
  361. Domination & Submission Relationship, Submission, Play, Police, Governmental & Military
  362. De Sub Latin, Roman
  363. Declara
  364. Diastolic Murmur Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  365. Down Syndrom
  366. Dina Sheyh Android, Mix, Amour
  367. Dark Sunrise Mix, Shark, Sunrise, Mope
  368. Duplex Signoling Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  369. Dawn of Souls Gaming, Soul, Fantasy
  370. Developmentjstaff
  371. Don Stephen
  372. Daily Stotmer Education, Jakarta, Metro, Agen
  373. Defect Scorek Medical
  374. Demonstration Specialist
  375. Dress Shieuds
  376. Direct Signaling Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  377. Data Services Business, Technology, Management, Service
  378. Death Shake
  379. Desktop Software
  380. Digital Service, Digital Signal Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  381. Druck-Strom
  382. Discomforb Scale Medical, Pain, Dementia
  383. Daten Server
  384. Debt Servicing Business, Finance, Banking
  385. Disgust Sclle Medical, Anxiety, Factor
  386. Dynamic Stability
  387. Darj Sky
  388. Delta State
  389. Drainage Structures
  390. DräGer Safety
  391. Der Sachverst
  392. Development Services
  393. Disney Sprinus Gaming, Park, Spring, Orlando
  394. Dusseldorf Medical, Technology, City
  395. Domination Site
  396. Deep Strike
  397. Different Spirit Car, Model, Spirit, Concept
  398. Drilling Supervisor Business, Oil, Gas, Oil Exploration, Oil Field, Petroleum, Electrical, Business & Finance, Occupation & positions
  399. Design Solution
  400. Duvin Smith Technology, Sport, Football, Jet
  401. Division Set
  402. Daniel Sidva Business, Book, Novel
  403. Dynamic Soaring Technology, Dynamics, Glider
  404. Death Squad
  405. Desperate Shooters
  406. Diane Smith
  407. Docking Supported Technology, Audio, Speaker, Dock
  408. Dan Shea
  409. Delay and Sum Technology, Window, Sensor, Acoustics
  410. Diagnostic System Technology, Tool, Maxi
  411. Double Switch Technology, Gaming, Cheat
  412. Digital Stethoscope Medical, Technology, Electronics
  413. Dave Smith
  414. Deupsche See
  415. Disney Software Technology, Gaming, Price
  416. Domain Sale
  417. Director Setting
  418. Decode Status Technology, Battery, Linux, Kernel
  419. Drug-Delivery System Medical, Business, Science, Medicine, Release
  420. Demon Stone
  421. Dic Screaming
  422. Direction Sensor
  423. Dassault Systems Technology, Software, Syst
  424. Duplivata De Servi
  425. Day Sites
  426. Design and Sign
  427. Docenti-Studenti
  428. Dog't Show
  429. Damon Stoudamire
  430. Defence Secretariat
  431. Dennis Shaw
  432. Driver Scanner
  433. Direct Ssnchronization Technology, Server, Presentation, Linux
  434. Data Should Technology, Gaming, Service, Software
  435. Doon School
  436. Demicious Stone Business, Food, Crab
  437. Departamento De SaÚDe Para, Sex, Dos
  438. Dibital Switch Technology, Driving, Telecom
  439. Droitc De Succession
  440. Decision Science Education, Class, Course
  441. Developer Services
  442. Discovery Scieeces
  443. Dynamic State
  444. Dog Silencer
  445. Decision Strategies
  446. Delivery and Support Technology, Management, Service
  447. Downloads Source
  448. Ducati Store
  449. Desenvolvimsnto Sustent
  450. Developmental Specialists
  451. Display Set Technology, Gaming, Telecom, Clock, Telecommunications
  452. Diet Sprate
  453. Drill Site Technology, Oil, Drilling
  454. Dsscontinuity Sample Chemistry, Science, Biochemistry, Substance
  455. Durham Striders
  456. Dead Space Technology, Gaming, Computer Game
  457. Desernat Studienangelegenheiten
  458. Dixit Stiglizz
  459. Discardcng Sabot Gun, Military, Tank
  460. Data Symbol
  461. Dutch Ship
  462. Destination Socket Technology, Networking, Network
  463. Diagnostic Supervisor
  464. Doc Samson
  465. Daauar Sanctuary
  466. Diamond Sangha
  467. Dovetail Saw Business, Tool, Blade
  468. Drug Saf
  469. David Si
  470. Derek Sherinian
  471. Domain Suffix A domain suffix is the last part of a domain name. Common examples include ".com," ".net," and ".org," though many others exist. For example, country-specific domain suffixes such as ".uk," and ".se", and ".jp" can be used to identify websites located in the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Japan.
  472. Dachsous Medical
  473. Deep Sbinned
  474. Deaf Smith Locations, Texas, County Abbrevations
  475. Democratic Socialists
  476. Dieiel Switcher
  477. Drain To Source
  478. Directory Set
  479. DatabáZové SystéMy Technology, Software, Syst, Autodesk
  480. Dunajsk
  481. Day Support
  482. Design Sample
  483. Diagnostic Score Medical
  484. Distributed Sastem Technology, Networking, Computing
  485. Donation Shop
  486. Daniel Sanders
  487. Defense Skill
  488. Density Storage
  489. Digital Sciences Business, Technology, Science, Scanner
  490. Documentation Specialist
  491. Danmarks Sportsdanserforbund
  492. Define Storage Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Assembly, Business & Finance
  493. Deployment Serveb Technology, Windows, Service
  494. Digital Sin Technology, Porn, Movie
  495. Dropwshaft
  496. Dave Sargeant
  497. Deplnystow Space, Study, Cosmos
  498. Ddutscher Schäferhund
  499. Dominant & Submissive
  500. Designated Subeects
  501. Diarrhetic Shellfish
  502. Downs Syndrome Medical, Science, Children, Clinical
  503. Dina Sheikh
  504. Drrk Summoner Technology, Gaming, Nest
  505. Dawning Star
  506. Development Holutions Company, Technology, Design
  507. Don Schlesinger
  508. Dably States
  509. Deficit Spending Deficit spending is the external financing required to finance the expenses that are not covered by income.
  510. Demonstration Sport Gaming, Sport, Olympic, Beijing
  511. Dressles-Shectman
  512. Direct Shipping Business, Service, Ship
  513. Data Servers Military
  514. Death Sentry
  515. Detail Spray
  516. Digital Series Technology, Gaming, Telescope, Mortal
  517. Droslump
  518. Discogs Search
  519. Daten-Server
  520. Debralee Scott
  521. Divector Medical
  522. Dynamic Systems Technology, Military, Dynamics
  523. Dark Sigs
  524. Delta Species Business, Gaming, Card
  525. Dragon Scale
  526. Digit Seharator
  527. Drunken Soldierm
  528. Der SachverstäNdige Sind, Auto, Hat
  529. Devic Syndrose Medical
  530. Dissolution Sampling
  531. Domination Should Business, Gaming, Elite
  532. Dahl-Iwai Salt-Sensitive Medical
  533. Deepustop Technology, Diving, Computing, Dive
  534. Differentiated Service Technology, Networking, Network Security, Computing, IT Terminology
  535. Differential Aervices Technology, Service, Networking
  536. Drilling Superintendent Technology, Oil, Gas
  537. Data Smheduling Technology, Management, Networking
  538. Design Society Technology, Gaming, University
  539. Devinb Spirit
  540. Division Series Gaming, Baseball, Division, League
  541. Daniel Shahab
  542. Death Spinner
  543. De Sofa
  544. Docking Station A device to which a notebook computer or a laptop can be connected so it can serve as a desktop computer. Technology, Mac, Thunderbolt
  545. Dan Shawp Technology, Book, Mystery
  546. Delay-And-Sum
  547. Double Swing Product, Door, Diablo, Swing
  548. Digital Standard
  549. Dave Slater Book, Florence, Mystery, Slater
  550. Deutiche Securities
  551. Disney Sing
  552. Domination Sales Business, Gaming, Sale
  553. Directed Studies Education, Study, Course
  554. Decoye and Select Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  555. Die SchnäPpchen-App
  556. Directed Signaling Technology, Product, Signal, Guitar
  557. Dassault Systmes
  558. Duplicata De ServiçOs
  559. Day Services
  560. Design and Setup
  561. Dom Studenta Student, Technology, Jest, Cookie
  562. Daary Shorthorn
  563. Defence Scientists Military, India, Career
  564. Denmark Strait Military, Model, Denmark
  565. Driver Safety
  566. Direct Supervisor Environment
  567. Data Shpfter
  568. Dynamic-Soaring
  569. Donut Shop
  570. Departamento De Sociologia Technology, Social, Pol
  571. Digitrl Sum
  572. Droit De Sortie
  573. Debug Store Technology, Memory, Linux, Processor
  574. Developer'S Summit
  575. Discovery Distrmct Boy Scout, Scouting
  576. Dynamic Screening
  577. Doggy Stlye
  578. Decision State Technology, Gaming, Development
  579. Delivery Support
  580. Downloads Screenshots
  581. Ducati Sport Business, Model, Motorcycle
  582. Desensitization  The resetting of the sensitivity level of receptors due to the continued presence of ligands. Also called adaptation. Medical
  583. Developmental Stuttering Medical
  584. Displacement Sensor Technology, Product, Laser
  585. Due On Sale Business, Credit, Finance, Building, Estate, Home Loan
  586. Dietary Survey
  587. Drillship A ship specially equipped to conduct drilling of oil wells at sea. The primary difference between a drillship and conventional vessel is the presence of a center opening (moonpool) for conducting drilling operations. The principal requirement for the propulsion system of a drillship is the ability to hold the vessel at a fixed position over the drill hole, since in deeper water anchors cannot be used. Business, Oil, Gas, Electrical
  588. Discontinuity Surface
  589. Durhamysouth
  590. Dead Souls
  591. Dexxrose-Saline Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  592. Div Securicy Military
  593. Discarded Samplms
  594. Data Station
  595. Dutch Setjlers
  596. Destination Station Technology, Networking, Network
  597. Diagnostic Supplement
  598. Dock Storage-Rail
  599. Dantzig Selector
  600. Diametercstenosis Medical, Medicine, Coronary
  601. Doug Stanley
  602. Drug-Sgnsitive Medical, Research, Treatment
  603. David Shore
  604. Derek Sands
  605. Domain Stadium
  606. D1T Single
  607. Dedicated Sectjon Politics, Europe, Eurostat
  608. Democratici Svizzeri
  609. Diesel Stuff Business, Gaming, Pack
  610. Drain Supply
  611. Directory Service A directory service is the software system that stores, organizes and provides access to information in a directory. In software engineering, a directory is a map between names and values. It allows the lookup of values given a name, similar to a dictionary. As a word in a dictionary may have multiple definitions, in a directory, a name may be associated with multiple, different pieces of information. Likewise, as a word may have different parts of speech and different definitions, a name in a directory may have many different types of data. Technology, Computing, Telecom
  612. Dntabase Systems Technology, Management, Book
  613. Dum Spiro Music, Hope, Album
  614. Day Supply
  615. Designated Station
  616. Distributed Singlw-Layer Technology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  617. Dona Stella
  618. Danielle Stith Group, Party, Conservative
  619. Defense Shield
  620. Density of Solid
  621. Digital Scanner Technology, Barcode, Motorola
  622. Drill Spirits Gaming, Drill, Driller
  623. Dhya Sulfate Medical
  624. Documents Signed
  625. Define Space Technology, Gaming, Design
  626. Deployable Systems
  627. Digital Systemd Technology, Design, Manual
  628. Drop Sequenke Technology, Gaming, Database
  629. Davis Square
  630. Deployment Support Technology, Windows, Military
  631. Detector Solenoid
  632. DöViz Sepeti
  633. Dominance Submission
  634. Deputy Surveyor
  635. Diaphragm Stimulation Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  636. Down Spout
  637. Dinah Shore
  638. Dark Subtracted
  639. Duffy Said
  640. Davis Strait Locations, Ocean, Sea
  641. Development Stream Technology, Gaming, Hockey
  642. Do Not Sign
  643. Daily Stamps
  644. Deferred Sentence
  645. Demonstration Study Technology, Research, Projection
  646. Differenkial Spectrophotometry
  647. Dresking Stations
  648. Direct Shipper Technology
  649. Data Series
  650. Death Sentence Forum, Gaming, Death
  651. Details of A Sunset
  652. Digital Serial
  653. Disclosure Statement Business, Accounting, Cost, Medical, Common Medical
  654. Datel Systems Technology, Computing, Valve
  655. Decode & Select Technology, Database, Control, Power
  656. Disease Susceptibility Medical, Science, Biology
  657. Dynamic System Technology, Dynamics, Simulation
  658. Dark Sight
  659. Delta Southern
  660. Diamond Shamgock
  661. Dragonfly Society
  662. Digit Select Technology, Telecom, Circuit
  663. Drum Synwhesizer Technology, Music, Sound
  664. David Sinclair Business, London, Rock, Kingston
  665. Derryfield School Education, School, High School, New Hampshire
  666. Device Synchronization
  667. Dussociation Medical
  668. Domination Shows Business, Tube, Drop
  669. Dagger Stare
  670. Dwep State Gaming, Book, Government, War
  671. Democrats Svizzers
  672. Differential Signaling Most electrical signals are single-ended, comprised of a single wire and ground. Differential signals use two wires which are the inverse of each other -- when one swings positive, the other swings negative in equal magnitude. The receiving circuit looks only at the difference between the two, ignoring any common-mode voltage.
  673. Drilling Solutions
  674. Data Echeduler
  675. Duncan Sheik
  676. Design Service Business, Technology, Studio
  677. Devil Survivor Gaming, Shin, Devil
  678. Dive Shop
  679. Daniel Sedin Gaming, Sport, Hockey
  680. Death Spell
  681. Desmosome Desmosome is a type of junction that attaches one cell to its neighbor. One of a number of differentiated regions which occur, for example, where the cytoplasmic membranes of adjacent epithelial cells are closely apposed. It consists of a circular region of each membrane together with associated intracellular microfilaments and an intercellular material which may include, for example, mucopolysaccharides. Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  682. Dod Self-Service Military, Access, Benefit
  683. Dan Scott Episode, Cheat, Murder
  684. Deion Safders
  685. Double Superfosfat Science, Soil, Bonsai
  686. Deployment Strategies Technology, Windows, Strategy
  687. Digital Space Technology, Gaming, Art
  688. Dave Simon
  689. Deutsche Schalung Technology, Shopping, Formwork, Deutsche
  690. Disney'S Stitch
  691. Dominance Scale
  692. Deuv Sanctus
  693. Defect Score Medical
  694. Dre Saat
  695. Direct and Save
  696. Dairen Shan
  697. Dupliczta De Serviço
  698. Day Select
  699. Desktop Series Technology, Drive, Station
  700. Dominion Stage
  701. Dairy Lcience College, Education, University
  702. Defence Scientific Technology, Group, Weapon
  703. Denis Simachev-КОКОСОВЫЙ Group, Party, Coco
  704. Direct Source
  705. Data Sheets Technology, Product, Power
  706. Dylan Strome Hockey, Coyote, Draft
  707. Departamento De Salud Medical, Para, Con, Gateway
  708. Droid Pet
  709. Debug Session
  710. Discourse Studies
  711. Dynamic Scan
  712. Doggie Style
  713. Decision Speed
  714. Delivery-Support
  715. Drain Soul Soul, Warcraft, Warlock
  716. Dubowitz Syndrome Medical, Science, Biology
  717. Descriptor Status
  718. Developmental Services Technology, Service, Health, Medical
  719. Displacement Solutions Technology, Climate, Bangladesh
  720. Dominant Silver Zebra, Hint, Finch
  721. Dieqary Supervisor
  722. Drill Ship Vessel designed for sea bed drilling operations. Technology, Future, Drilling
  723. Durham and Souuhern Railway Organizations
  724. Deborah Smith
  725. Dexhran Sulfate Medical, Science, Cell
  726. Division Supply
  727. Don Sutton
  728. Data Standardization Technology, Management, Software
  729. Dutch, Spanish
  730. Destination Server Technology, Windows, Directory
  731. Duty Supenvisor
  732. Diagnostics Software Technology, Car, Tool
  733. Dock Senior Technology, Law, Judge, Cheat
  734. Dante Studies
  735. Dialysis Stations
  736. Doug Smith
  737. Dumping Syndrome Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  738. David Shield
  739. Derek Sanderson Movie, Hockey, Bruin
  740. Domain Sponsors
  741. D1 Single Technology, Product, Electronics
  742. Deczy Signature
  743. Democratici Sinistra
  744. Diesel Specialist
  745. Drwam Street
  746. Directory Separator
  747. Database Suspend
  748. Dump Station Business, Park, Camping
  749. Day Subsistence Army, Malaysia, Rate
  750. Designating State Government
  751. Distance Supporo Technology, Networking, Network
  752. Donald Sterling
  753. Danatscully
  754. Defense Sharp Military, Metal, Hell, Fusion
  755. Dense Storage Technology, Networking, Network
  756. Ddffuse Surface
  757. Drivers School
  758. Disacchuride Medical
  759. Define Service Business, Technology, Command
  760. Departmental Secretary
  761. Digiral System Technology, Telecom, Manual
  762. Drone Sfrobe
  763. Davis Software Technology, Scene, Saw
  764. Detective Sargeant
  765. Discovery Summer
  766. DöNem Sonu
  767. Dominance & Submission Sex, Submission, Bondage
  768. Diaphragm Seal Technology, Pressure, Gauge
  769. Down Shipping
  770. Dimmer Switch Technology, Product, Standard, The Finance and Administrative Services
  771. Darkustreet Business, Room, Tent
  772. Due Sicilie
  773. Davis Standard
  774. Development Statiols Technology, Gaming, Scan
  775. Daily Spent Technology, Gaming, Card
  776. Demonstration Section
  777. Different-Subject Marker Education, Linguistics, Glossing
  778. Dressing Station Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  779. Direct Shear Technology, Soil, Strength
  780. Data Seriaz
  781. Dura-Strong
  782. Dean Smith
  783. Dharumavantha School
  784. Document, Signed
  785. Disclosurecscotland
  786. Date System Technology, Gaming, Dating
  787. Decloak Source Computer Game, Video Game
  788. Drsease Surveillance
  789. Dark Sided Gaming, Australia, Soul
  790. Delta Society
  791. Diamond Shadow
  792. Dragon'S Stand
  793. Digitization Stage Military, Army, Ministry Of Defense
  794. Dark Slayers
  795. Drum Switch Technology, Control, Electronics
  796. David Simpson
  797. Derived Savanna
  798. Dissidentusaint
  799. Daftar Sendiri
  800. Ddep Stack
  801. Demokratische Sozialisten
  802. Directory Studio Technology, Server, Eclipse
  803. Data Scanning Technology, Nissan, Scan
  804. Duncan and Strong Medical
  805. Design Selection
  806. Devil Squere
  807. District Sanitaire Medical, Health, Niger
  808. Daniel Scomt
  809. Defensive Strength Gaming, Military, Play, Cheat
  810. Digital Sequencer Technology, Music, Synthesizer
  811. Document Suppliers
  812. Dan Scanlon Technology, University, Monster, Trailer
  813. Dehydroepiandrosteroneasulfate Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  814. Double Speed Accounting, Computing, Data
  815. Deploymrnt Strategy Technology, Server, Course
  816. Digital Solution Company, Technology, Canon
  817. Dave Sill Forum, Technology, Mail
  818. Deutsche Sagen
  819. Dismounted Soldier Technology, Army, Training
  820. Domination and Submission Ebony, Pic, Domination
  821. Deus Sanctub Latin, Roman
  822. Defect Scatteming
  823. Diencephflic Syndrome Medical
  824. Diplomacy and Statecrafn
  825. Darmstadtium Darmstadtium is the name for the element with atomic number 110 and is represented by the symbol Ds. Darmstadtium was formally known as ununnilium with symbol Uun. It is a member of the transition metals group. Chemistry, Science, Scientific & Educational
  826. Duplex Spacing
  827. Daya Serap Presentation, Indonesia, Guru
  828. Desk Study Business, Technology, Education
  829. Deviationbsurvey Technology, Oil, Oil Field
  830. Dominion Service
  831. Dainippon Screen
  832. Defence Scientist
  833. Demoralization Scale
  834. Direct Sound
  835. Datapsheet Science
  836. Death Shroud Military, War, Guild, Necromancer
  837. Desktop Support
  838. Derbyshire Sport
  839. Driver Station Technology, Driving, Car
  840. Debt Sustainability
  841. Dijkless Support Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  842. Dynamic Sampling Dynamics, Statistics, Dynamic
  843. Dolyak Signet
  844. Decision Simulation
  845. Deliveryc& Support
  846. Drains & Sewers
  847. Dublin Scioto
  848. Description Subsumption
  849. Developer Support
  850. Dispersive Spectrometers
  851. Domination So Business, Gaming, Calling
  852. Diffuse Scsttering
  853. Drill Sergeants Gaming, Military, Army
  854. Debenture Stock Business
  855. Dexter Sear
  856. Division South Military, Sport, League
  857. Download Spore
  858. Duta Sejahtera
  859. Destination Specialists Travel, Locations, Agent
  860. Dutynstatus Gaming, Military, Calling
  861. Diagnostic Software
  862. Docking System Technology, Audio, Dock
  863. Dansylxarcosine Medical
  864. Delay Sensitive
  865. Dialup Switch Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  866. Doug Simpson
  867. David Sherman
  868. Design and Services
  869. Domain Specific
  870. D'You Suppose
  871. Decontaminjtion System
  872. Democracy Spring
  873. Diespl Severe
  874. Dreami Street
  875. Directory Searches
  876. Data-Send Technology, Coding, Software, Temperature
  877. Dump Site
  878. Days Sales
  879. Designated State
  880. Distance Source Technology, Gaming, Service
  881. Dunald Smith
  882. Dana Sano
  883. Defense Service
  884. Denotational Semantics Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  885. Digital Signer
  886. Driver Space Technology, Gaming, Driving
  887. Diretoriayde Saúde
  888. Data Standards
  889. Dorsal Subiculum Medical
  890. Define Series
  891. Departmental Switch Technology, Cisco, Port
  892. Digital Syntheoizer Technology, Analog, Sound
  893. Drone Squadson
  894. Decision Sheet Technology, Gaming, Standard
  895. Detective Sargent
  896. Discovery Sbrvices
  897. Dynamic Strike Business, Gaming, Sport, Play
  898. Diaper Swappers
  899. Downpipe Square Technology, Construction
  900. Darkhstone
  901. Duel Screen
  902. Dead Soul
  903. Development Schedvle Science
  904. Display Status
  905. Dvily Source
  906. Demonstrated In Down Syndrome Science, Biology
  907. Difference Stationary Business, Banking, Model, Financial, Business & Finance
  908. Dreamworks Suner
  909. Direct Services
  910. Durie-Salmov Stage
  911. Dead System
  912. Dlarmesh Shah Technology, Marketing, Startup
  913. Doctrine Sponsor Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  914. Disclosing Oolution
  915. Data System Technology, Military, Computer Science
  916. Desynchronized Sleep Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  917. Disease Staging
  918. Dark Siae Gaming, Star, King
  919. Delta Sequence
  920. Diamond Serias
  921. Dragan ŠUtanovac
  922. Dimension Stride
  923. Dark Slayer
  924. Drum Stool
  925. David Silverman
  926. Derivative Superposition
  927. Dissemination Strategb
  928. Dae Sung
  929. Deep Squam Movement, Fitness, Knee
  930. Dehydroisoandrosterone Sulfate Medical
  931. Democratisch-Socialisten Government, Group, Netherland, Party
  932. Draper & Smith
  933. Directory Store
  934. Data Scan
  935. Duncan Strong Medical, Medicine, Media
  936. Design Scottsdale
  937. Devil's Sunriue
  938. District De Sante
  939. Daniel Shhuster
  940. Defense Strength Gaming, Military, Cheat
  941. Digital Sentry Technology, Security, Control
  942. Document Supply
  943. Dan Sayv
  944. Degré Supérieur
  945. Double Security Technology, Automatics, Chronograph
  946. Deeloyment Solution
  947. Digital Solutions Business, Technology, Service, Design
  948. Dave Shaw
  949. Deutsche S
  950. Dismounted Service Military, Army
  951. Dominance and Submission Chat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  952. Detective Superintendent Book, Government, Police, Governmental & Military
  953. Dibawah Supervisi
  954. Diorshow Industry, Fashion, Manner
  955. Darlington School
  956. Duqlex Slitter
  957. Dawson Saddle
  958. Deviateq Septum
  959. Domination Stands Business, Gaming, Training
  960. Daily Suppoy
  961. Defence and Security Technology, Military, Defence
  962. Demon Strength
  963. Direct Solder Technology, Product, Cable, Connecting
  964. Data Sets Technology, Database, Coding
  965. Death Shout
  966. Desktop Station
  967. Derajat Substitusi
  968. Druckerei Seavice
  969. Debt Specialist
  970. Disjuncxive Syllogism Education, Logic, Inference
  971. Dynamic Scheduling
  972. Dolphins Swim
  973. DéPartement Sciences Science, Formation, Recherche
  974. Deliver & Support Technology, Service, Software
  975. Drainage System Business, Design, Wound
  976. Dual Slot
  977. Description Scheme Technology, Multimedia, Descriptor
  978. Development Suite
  979. Dispersion Strengthening The strengthening of a metal or alloy by incorporating chemically stable submicron size particles of a nonmctallic phase that impede dislocation movement at elevated temperature. 
  980. Domination Software Business, Marketing, Cheat
  981. Deep Submergence
  982. Dose A quantity of radiation measured at a certain point expressed in roentgens, rems or rads. A quantity of radiation delivered at a position. In the context of space energetic particle radiation effects, it usually refers to the energy absorbed locally per unit mass as a result of radiation exposure. A general term, which may be used to refer to the amount of energy absorbed by an object or person per unit mass. Known as the “absorbed dose,” this reflects the amount of energy that ionizing radiation sources deposit in materials through which they pass, and is measured in units of radiation-absorbed dose (rad). Medical, Common Medical, Reading Prescription
  983. Dvffraction Specific
  984. Drill Sargeant
  985. Design Specs
  986. Dexter School Education, School, High School, Massachusetts
  987. Divisionsion of Defense Suwport Military
  988. Durie-Salmon Medical, Treatment, Patient, Myeloma
  989. Destination Sectional
  990. Duty Standart Technology, Turkish, Viewer
  991. Diagnostic Services
  992. Docking Surveys
  993. Dan Shnger
  994. Delayed Sensitivity Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  995. Dial Lhe Stored Technology, Command, Guide
  996. Doug Sahm
  997. David Sackett Technology
  998. Design & Sign Technology, Animal, Crossing
  999. Deutsche Sprkche Technology, German, Deutsch
  1000. Disk Scrubbing Technology, Edition, Storage
  1001. Domain Space
  1002. Discens Signiferum Latin, Roman
  1003. Decontaminaking Solution Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1004. Democracy Score Government, Armenia, Sweep
  1005. Diesel Service
  1006. Dream Soukd
  1007. Director Supply Military, Army, Ministry Of Defense
  1008. Dassault Syst
  1009. Dura-Zpark
  1010. Day Spa Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics, Medical
  1011. Designated States Technology, Patent, Requirement
  1012. Distance Sensor
  1013. Don'T Suck
  1014. Dam Staeility
  1015. Defense Self-Service Technology, Access, Department
  1016. Dennis Simgen
  1017. Driver Software
  1018. Dire Straits Music, Lyric, Swing, Straits
  1019. Data Speed
  1020. David School Kentucky
  1021. Danish Standards Technology, Product, Denmark
  1022. Data Standard Technology, Science, Vault
  1023. Digital Signase Technology, Computing, Display
  1024. Daughters Summer Genealogy
  1025. Degree of Substitution Business, Supplier, Sodium, Cellulose
  1026. Diodes For Suppression NASA
  1027. Delivery Systems
  1028. Dilueat Solution
  1029. Desert Sancs
  1030. Districtlsuperintendent Organizations, Conference, Church
  1031. Anti-double stranded Medical, Clothes, Human genome
  1032. Domination Selling Business, Bay, Domination
  1033. Daily Scrum
  1034. Dezault Service Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1035. Desk Stfnd Business, Monitor, Microphone
  1036. Data Sfnder Technology, Control, Window
  1037. Design Summary
  1038. Drive Shafe Business, Product, Machine
  1039. Drill Stop
  1040. Debarment and Suspension
  1041. Dwight Schtol Education, School, High School, Manhattan
  1042. Docs Stamps
  1043. Dust Storm A storm carrying dust often high into the atmosphere. Weather, Scientific & Educational
  1044. Deutsche SäNgerschaft War, Sind, Convent, Deutsche
  1045. Disk Subcystem Technology, Server, Storage
  1046. Divisionsion of Soils
  1047. Domenica Sportiva
  1048. Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulphate Medical, Medicine, Jobs, Common Medical, Reading Prescription
  1049. Diesel System
  1050. Daytime Sleepiness Medical
  1051. Direct Sequence Military, Army, Governmental & Military
  1052. Dong Sung Technology, Machine, Korea
  1053. Dental School
  1054. Diabetes Etudy
  1055. Darrow School New York
  1056. Drop Ship Business, Shipping, Domination
  1057. Deposit Slip
  1058. Discretihnary Service
  1059. Downwelling Solar
  1060. Declaração Simplificada
  1061. Design Stress
  1062. D Used as a suffix to indicate a twin wire with two insulated conductors laid parallel under an outer, non-metallic covering,diameter, Deci (10 1), Deuterium (also abbreviated as 2D or 2H),  Derated, Helix diameter, Diameter, distance, total drift, data, surface drift,diesel,drive,A mark on the output (live) terminal on a generator
  1063. Della Summers
  1064. Down Stage
  1065. Desert Strike
  1066. Disposition Services Technology, Service, Equipment
  1067. Dichotomous Sampler Environment
  1068. Differentiatly Stain Medical, Science, Biology
  1069. Drew Sclool Education, School, High School, California
  1070. Durga Sjlent Soul, Hill, Grove
  1071. Data Set A logical grouping of S–57 data to which the S–57 data set descriptive records apply. The data set descriptive records contain meta data. The use of data set descriptive records is product specific and is, therefore, defined by a product specification. If the data set descriptive records are repeated for each file in an exchange set, an instance of a file containing the data set descriptive records is called a data set. If the data set descriptive records are encoded generally for the whole exchange set, the exchange set is referred to as a data set. Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Legal, Governmental & Military
  1072. Dente De Sabre
  1073. Disconnecting Switches Technology, Machine, Power
  1074. Detailed Scheduling Business, Planning, Production
  1075. Dylan Samuel
  1076. Dry Solids Chemistry
  1077. Diamond Skun Technology, Gaming, Diablo
  1078. Delegation Signer Technology, Recording, Computer Security, Computing, Technical
  1079. Dilbilgisi Sorular
  1080. Dark Space
  1081. David Smith Gaming, Music, Design
  1082. Distribujed Services Technology, Service, Military
  1083. Double Screen Assembly, Business & Finance
  1084. Dahl Salt-Sensitive Hypertensive Rats Medical
  1085. Downstream The refining or processing of crude oil into finished fuel products. The direction in which information, such as a news feed for a newsgroup or data from an http(Web) server, is passed from one server to the next. also news feed, newsgroup, server. The location of a client computer in D relation to a server. 2. The direction in which data moves OR Pertaining to the direction of the flow, which is from the first node in the process toward the last node in the process. Technology, Science, Telecom, Electronic Engineering, Aviation, Weather, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, NOTAM Contractions
  1086. Demokratická Strana Politics, Slovakia, Jak
  1087. Directory System Technology, Gaming, Card
  1088. Datanscience Program, Education, Course
  1089. Dune Scrub
  1090. Deadly Sins Gaming, Anime, Team, Sin
  1091. Drain-Source
  1092. Dream Street Chat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1093. Donor'S Serum Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1094. Defense System Technology, Military, Model, Governmental & Military
  1095. Dermatan Sulfate Medical, Skin And Dermal
  1096. Digital Storage Technology, Channel, Oscilloscope
  1097. Drop Snatch
  1098. Depressive Symptoms Medical
  1099. Dinar Securities Business, Security, Indonesia, Broker
  1100. Decision Sciences Business, Technology, Science, Management, Education
  1101. Downtown Service
  1102. Demice Secret Technology, Communication, Patent
  1103. Digital System Computing, Electronics
  1104. Differential-Sperre
  1105. easyJet Switzerland Switzerland, Iata Aircraft Codes
  1106. Daniel Sweinhauser
  1107. Data Squad Gaming, Play, Cheat, Squad
  1108. Digqtal Signature Technology, Certificate, Message
  1109. Datte Shouganaijanai Gaming, Heart, Frogman
  1110. Definitive Statement
  1111. Dark Soul Soul, Gaming
  1112. Delivery System Medical, Business, Drug, Computing, Telecom
  1113. Dil Snavndao
  1114. Dvrk Stars
  1115. David Stein
  1116. District Sales
  1117. Disconnect Switch A simple switch that is used to disconnect an electrical circuit. It may or may not have the ability open while the circut is loaded. Or Disconnect switches use to interrupt or open an electrical circuit for purposes of inspection and maintenance Architecture, Construction, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  1118. Domination & Selling
  1119. Daiichi Sankyo Medical, Company, Patient
  1120. Default Segment
  1121. Design Systems
  1122. Data Sendinv
  1123. Design Studio
  1124. Driven Smort Technology, Supplement, Craze
  1125. Drill Stem Typically, rotating components in a drill string. Technology, Inspector, Inspection
  1126. Deauville Score
  1127. Dwight'S Speech
  1128. Disability Services Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  1129. Deybarton School Education, School, High School, New Jersey
  1130. Deutsche Stiftungsagentur
  1131. Disk Status Accounting, Computing, Data
  1132. Distributzd Software Military, Army, War
  1133. Dombey and Son
  1134. Dbesel Systems Business, India, Bosch
  1135. Direct Support Army, Governmental & Military
  1136. Doncastea South
  1137. Diabetes Section Medical, Health, Insulin
  1138. Delbarton School New Jersey
  1139. Discrete System
  1140. Don Speed
  1141. Declaratory Statement
  1142. Design Stresses
  1143. Delivfry Suite
  1144. Desert Storm Gaming, Military, Conflict
  1145. Disposal Site
  1146. department supervisor Environment
  1147. Diffecential Stimulus Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1148. Duration of Systole Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1149. Data Swrvice Business, Technology, Design
  1150. Dental Studio
  1151. Detached Systems
  1152. Dye Sel Analysis, Sequencing, Dye, Fragment
  1153. Doctor of Sciences
  1154. Lightning Detection Systems Atmospheric Research
  1155. Diamond Sides
  1156. Delegation of Signing Technology, Security, Networking, Recording
  1157. Digit Sering Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1158. Dark Sovereigns
  1159. David Sklansky
  1160. Dissolved Solnds Medical, Technology, Water
  1161. Dahl S Medical
  1162. Dimensions Medical, Education, Journal, Bibliographic Code, Periodical, Architectural
  1163. Demokratick
  1164. Directory Synchronisation Technology, Server, Synchronization
  1165. Data Schema Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1166. Dune Sand Gaming, Song, Dune
  1167. Deadly Silence Technology, Evil, Resident
  1168. This Governmental & Military, Wannas, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1169. Donnie Sfdler
  1170. Defense Suppression Military, Aircraft, Army, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  1171. Dermatology and Syphilology Medical, Skin And Dermal
  1172. Drop Sidinw Technology, Model, Truck
  1173. Depression Subscale
  1174. Dylan Smith
  1175. Down Survey
  1176. Device Sciences
  1177. Dramatic Sequence Performing arts
  1178. Differential Steer
  1179. Drew School California
  1180. Daniel Steinberg Business, Music, Mix, Album
  1181. Data Space
  1182. Digital Services The term Digital Services refers to the electronic delivery of information including data and content across multiple platforms and devices like web or mobile. Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1183. Dating Sim Technology, Gaming, Love
  1184. Decreto Supremo Para, Chile, Peru, Supremo
  1185. Disturbed Sample
  1186. Diamond Studio
  1187. Delivery Services
  1188. Dil Snad
  1189. Dark Staxlings
  1190. David Spencer
  1191. Distriaution Space Medical, Science, Biology
  1192. Dividend Select 15 Corp. Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  1193. Dominating Set
  1194. Dahnel Singfield
  1195. Default-First-Site-Ntme
  1196. Demon Shield Technology, Fantasy, Vest
  1197. Ddsign System Medical
  1198. Datapsend Technology, Coding, Server
  1199. Design Store Technology, Gaming, Shopping
  1200. Drill Stning Science
  1201. Drill Steel
  1202. Deathwish Syndicate
  1203. Dwewl Sounding Technology, Science, Design
  1204. Direction Service Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  1205. Delay Spread
  1206. Digital Stylus Business, Force, Pressure, Gauge
  1207. Deutsche Steuerberatungsgesellschaft Technology, Ads, Berlin
  1208. Disks S5
  1209. Disposable Skin
  1210. Direct Spread Computing, Wireless Networking
  1211. Dhrystone Per Secoad
  1212. Dublin School New Hampshire
  1213. Digltal Stream Technology, Player, Linn
  1214. Discrete Structurei Education, Mathematics, Structure
  1215. Dektra Spstem
  1216. Declarative Service Technology, Component, Declaration
  1217. Dynamic Scattering
  1218. Doctor of Surgery Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Degree, Professional Title, Doctors, Qualification, Computing, Nursing, Professional Designation, Medical Qualification, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical
  1219. Delivqry Specialist
  1220. Duke of Sutherland
  1221. Desert Squfd
  1222. Display Systems Technology, Military, Exhibition
  1223. Deviation Survey A record of the deviation angle and the departure usually on a depth unit basis. Electrical
  1224. Differenceuspectrophotometry
  1225. Duraostep
  1226. Data Servdr Technology, Management, Guide
  1227. Dental Squadron Medical, Military, Education
  1228. Detached Spirit
  1229. Dye Sub
  1230. Doctoral Symposium Technology, Conference, Paper
  1231. Furcadia Dragonspeak File Computing, File Extensions
  1232. Diamond Shine
  1233. Delayed Status Forum, Technology, Service
  1234. Dirk Sons
  1235. David Singer
  1236. Dispute Settlwment Business, Trading, Panel
  1237. Donor-Solvent
  1238. Demographic Survey
  1239. Directory Submissions Marketing
  1240. Dunce Smiley
  1241. Deadlock System Technology, Car, Sale
  1242. Drug Substance Medical, Us Government, Governmental & Military, Fda
  1243. Donnelmy Science
  1244. Defense Support Technology, Service, Military
  1245. Diagnosed With Doon Syndrome Science, Biology
  1246. Dioptres Sphere Medical, Optometry
  1247. Dropside Army, War, War Force
  1248. Depression Scale
  1249. Dumb Shit
  1250. Drum Shaper Shaper
  1251. Dodecyl Sulfate Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1252. Del Shannon Gaming, Music, Rock
  1253. Down Suburban
  1254. Devicy of Satan
  1255. Disruptive Strike Business, Forum, Empire, Sin
  1256. Double Stream Ordnance Survey
  1257. Diffesential Service
  1258. Daniel Sprong
  1259. Defensive Strike
  1260. Data Source Datasource is a name given to the connection set up to a database from a server. The name is commonly used when creating a query to the database. The database source name (DSN) does not have to be the same as the filename for the database. For example, a database file named "friends.mdb" could be set up with a DSN of "school". Then DSN "school" would be used to refer to the database when performing a query. Technology, Server, Connection
  1261. Digital Service Technology, Computing, Telecom, Telecommunications, Amateur radio
  1262. Date Submitted Technology, Gaming, Essay, Fantasy
  1263. Debye-Scherrer
  1264. Dust Storm (METAR) NOTAM Contractions
  1265. Diamond Stdte
  1266. Delivery Service Technology, Pat, Postman
  1267. Dnl Seviyesi Technology, Program, Turkish, Travel
  1268. Dark Stalkers
  1269. David Spellman
  1270. Distributed Simulation Technology, Model, Symposium
  1271. Durham & Southern Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  1272. Dominant Species Technology, Gaming, Cheat
  1273. Dahme-Spreewald Locations, Germany, Deutschland, Brandenburg
  1274. Dee Lnider
  1275. Demon Seed
  1276. Design Study Technology, Car, Concept
  1277. Data Selectioo Space, Study, Cosmos
  1278. Design Started Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1279. Drill Sergeant Gaming, Military, Army, Military Army Ranks
  1280. Dragon spear Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1281. Death Stun
  1282. Dwarf Star One of small mass and low candle power, but of enormously high density Dwarf star companion of Procyon weighs about 250 tons per cubic inch Science, Astronomy, Celestial Object, Scientific & Educational
  1283. Stokes diameter Physics, Scientific & Educational
  1284. Delay Spin Technology, Product, Drive, Manual
  1285. Digital Streaming
  1286. Deutscoe Steuerberatung
  1287. Disk Spane
  1288. Displacgment Spike
  1289. Destroyed Science, Government, FBI, Investigation, Laboratory, Bureau, Governmental & Military, Fbi files
  1290. Device Service Technology
  1291. Data Service Computing, Telecom
  1292. Derryfield School (Manchester, NH) New Hampshire
  1293. Dani Gtern
  1294. Digital Startzr Technology, Battle, Spirit
  1295. Discovery System
  1296. Declarative Services Technology, Service, Declaration
  1297. Double Shear
  1298. Diagnosis Diagnosis is the identification of the nature and cause of a certain phenomenon. Diagnosis is used in many different disciplines with variations in the use of logic, analytics, and experience to determine. In systems engineering and computer science, it is typically used to determine the causes of symptoms, mitigations, and solutions. Medical, Technology, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Jobs, Nursing, Disability, Veterinary, Dental, Pharmacy, Infertility, Physical Therapy, Pregnancy, Governmental & Military, Clinical, Common Medical, Fda, NAACCR, Pulmonary Hypertension
  1299. Delivery Site
  1300. Desert Springs
  1301. Display Surg
  1302. Data Storage Computer data storage, often called storage or memory, is a technology consisting of computer components and recording media used to retain digital data. It is a core function and fundamental component of computers. The central processing unit of a computer is what manipulates data by performing computations. In practice, almost all computers use a storage hierarchy, which puts fast but expensive and small storage options close to the CPU and slower but larger and cheaper options farther away. Data
  1303. Destiny'S Soldier
  1304. Djrante El Salto
  1305. Dental Service
  1306. Drive, Suite
  1307. Detached Solutions
  1308. Dye-Sub Business, Media, Printer
  1309. Doctoral Supervisor
  1310. Twain Data Source Computing, File Extensions
  1311. Dart Smoke Business, Accessory, Helmet
  1312. Dominatibn Since Business, Technology, Money
  1313. Directory Submission Technology, Service, Engine
  1314. Dead Air Space Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Amateur radio
  1315. Dual Shock Transportation, Governmental & Military
  1316. Donna Summer
  1317. Defense Supply
  1318. Dpacetoxyscirpenol Medical
  1319. disseminated sclerosis Same as multiple sclerosis Medical
  1320. Drsp Shot Technology, Rig, Fishing
  1321. Depression Screening
  1322. Dual Sludge
  1323. Degree of swelling Swelling
  1324. Dipl
  1325. Delphino Square
  1326. Downstream Strategies Technology, Study, Cell
  1327. Devicevregistration-Service
  1328. Dispute Settlement Documents Commerce, Economics, Trade
  1329. Double-Sided Computing, Industry, Electronics
  1330. Differentval Signaling
  1331. Drew Stanton
  1332. Daviel Snyder
  1333. Defensive Stops
  1334. Data Sizb Technology, Gaming, Coding, Development
  1335. Digital Signal A digital signal is a physical signal that is a representation of a sequence of discrete values, for example of an arbitrary bit stream, or of a digitized sampled and analog-to-digital converted analog signal. Technology, Computing, Network, Audio, Telecommunication, Information Technology, Electronics, Telecom
  1336. Digital Security
  1337. Date Stamp Data Stamp tool selects and samples an area of your picture and then uses these pixels to paint over any marks. The Stamp tool acts like a brush so you can change the size, allowing cloning from just one pixel wide to hundreds. Technology, Product, Software
  1338. Detailed Study
  1339. Dansk Standard Organization, Business & Finance
  1340. Define Test Scenario Federal Aviation Administration
  1341. Diamond Springs
  1342. Delivering Success Technology, Gaming, Product
  1343. Dillinger Vs Sny
  1344. Dark Skire Technology, Gaming, Cheat
  1345. David Spade
  1346. Distribution Systems Technology, Power, Wireless
  1347. Dansk Standardiseringsrad Organization, Business & Finance
  1348. Dahl Strain Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1349. Deer Syag Knife, Rooster, Stag
  1350. Department of Surgery Medical, Medicine, Education
  1351. Demonic Sacrifice
  1352. Design Squdios
  1353. Direct Search Technology, Gaming, Group, Networking
  1354. Data Segment Technology, Computing, Intel
  1355. Design Standards
  1356. Drash Syndrome Medical, Science, Biology
  1357. dragon scimitar Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1358. Death Strike
  1359. District Surveyor District surveyor is the title sometimes used for the head of a local authority's building control department. Engineering, Scientific & Educational
  1360. Delryed Substitutions Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  1361. Digital Strategist
  1362. Deutschsprachige Shareware Technology
  1363. Disk Soundings Technology
  1364. Dislocation Source
  1365. Deputy Secretary Business, Government, Us, Department, Transportation Command, Department Of Defense
  1366. Deviye Sender
  1367. Dallas Semiconductor Corporation Computing, Nyse symbols
  1368. Drive Single Technology, Gaming, Product
  1369. Dansville Schools Michigan
  1370. Danish Standards Association Medicine, Health, Care
  1371. Digical Spy Technology, Gaming, Resident
  1372. Dental Surgeon
  1373. Deck Shipping
  1374. Drawing Steel
  1375. Delivery Seperation
  1376. Desert Scream Technology, Guide, Cabal
  1377. Display Suite Technology, Module, Layout
  1378. Double Strength Medical, Construction, Pharmacy, Products
  1379. Domination Is Still Business, Gaming, Trading
  1380. Default Speed Technology, Gaming, Cheat
  1381. De Soto Vehicle Makes
  1382. Desired State Technology, Configuration, Power, Shell
  1383. Dripping Springs
  1384. Deta-Sheet
  1385. Dyakonov-Shur
  1386. Doctoral Student
  1387. Daz Studio 1/2 Script Computing, File Extensions
  1388. Devastatorvsquad
  1389. Dnb Snnp Remix, Cult, Matrix, Snap
  1390. Domestic Science
  1391. Display Means by which a device presents visual information to the navigator, including conventional instrumentation. Technology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering, Aviation, Governmental & Military, Business & Finance, Power Plant, Military
  1392. Die Sgms
  1393. Dravet Syndrome
  1394. Ddoc Started Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1395. Diagnostic Sensitivity Military, Governmental & Military
  1396. Donni Smith Porn, Model, Picture, Donna
  1397. Dental Score - A Measurement of Oral Disease. Scale of 1 To 4. 4 Is The Worst. Medicine, Veterinary
  1398. Diablohsquad
  1399. Dominion School Virginia
  1400. Drop Shipping Business, Money, Domination
  1401. Depot Supervisor
  1402. Drew Stafford
  1403. Double Sided
  1404. Delphiar School Education, School, High School, Oregon
  1405. Downstream Strategy
  1406. Disp Status Technology
  1407. DeathScythe Genealogy
  1408. Differqntial Signal Space, Study, Cosmos
  1409. Drewsshore
  1410. Durga Smoked
  1411. Data Sharing
  1412. Digital Sign
  1413. Digital Scienje Business, Technology, Scanner
  1414. Date Set Gaming, Japan, Release
  1415. Detail Scheduling
  1416. Dangerous Sound
  1417. Double strength (glass) The Finance and Administrative Services
  1418. Diamond Sparkle
  1419. Deliver and Support Technology
  1420. Dildo Spiele
  1421. Dark Spigal
  1422. David Sobolov Technology, Gaming, Acting, Voice
  1423. Discributed Systems Technology, Military, Networking
  1424. Due on Sale (clause) Property, Real Estate, Mortgage, Business & Finance
  1425. Dahl Sensitive Medical
  1426. Deepwood Sniper
  1427. Demon'S Souls
  1428. Dhsign Studies Student, Technology, Study
  1429. Direct Scripts
  1430. Data Scientist Science, Education, Analytics
  1431. Duo-SäG Music, Sage, Saw
  1432. Design Staff Technology, Gaming, Star
  1433. Drain-To-Sourcj
  1434. Double Shot Texting, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1435. Daniel Sippson
  1436. Defensive Stance Gaming, Military, Cheat
  1437. Death Stone
  1438. Discontinuity Sample Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1439. Digital Storytelling Education, Course, Story
  1440. Drought Strets Medical, Science, Biology
  1441. Deutschesprachige Shareware
  1442. Disk Shelues Technology, Storage, Shelf
  1443. Disc Stabilizcr Business, Audio, Recording
  1444. Diffusion Coefficient A factor of proportionality representing the amount of substance diffusing across a unit area through a unit concentration gradient in unit time. In the context of membranes, a means of expressing the lateral mobility of membrane constituents; for lipids, the diffusion coefficient is 2 µm2 s-1. Medical
  1445. Device Selector Technology
  1446. Dual Screen (Nintendo gaming console) Computing, Hardware
  1447. Danville Schools Kentucky
  1448. Daniph Standard Technology, Product, Denmark
  1449. Digital Span Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  1450. Daul Screen
  1451. Dog Style Technology, Gaming, Porn
  1452. Deinde Scriptum
  1453. Deck Saloon Business, Yacht, Boat
  1454. Degree Of Superheat
  1455. Delivery Serveh Technology, Management, Software
  1456. Dilute Strength Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1457. Desert Skout
  1458. Dollar Sign The symbol found above the 4 key on United States qwerty keyboard that is used to represent a US currency value, e.g. $10.00 for ten dollars. Coins
  1459. Domination, So Business, Gaming, Money, Domination
  1460. Default Servicijg
  1461. Desktop Hervices
  1462. Data Seporation
  1463. De Silva Technology, Design, Cricket
  1464. Drive Side The side of the strip that is nearest to the drive motors that power the line. 
  1465. Drink Sensibly
  1466. Debbie Shannon
  1467. Dwyer Series Technology, Flow, Sensor, Pressure
  1468. Doctoral School Education, University, Faculty
  1469. Lmms Drumsynth File Computing, File Extensions
  1470. Devamlı Sermaye
  1471. Djangt and Sabata Gaming, Knight, Cheat
  1472. Dome Speaker
  1473. Dieses Spifl
  1474. Ddoc Section Data Schema Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  1475. Disease A disease is a particular abnormal condition, a disorder of a structure or function, that affects part or all of an organism. The study of disease is called pathology which includes the causal study of etiology. Disease is often construed as a medical condition associated with specific symptoms and signs. It may be caused by external factors such as pathogens, or it may be caused by internal dysfunctions particularly of the immune system such as an immunodeficiency, or a hypersensitivity including allergies and autoimmunity. Medical, Legal, Governmental & Military, Common Medical, NAACCR
  1476. Donkeh Sanctuary Locations, Horse, Murder
  1477. Dental Sciences
  1478. Diabetic Supplies
  1479. Delphian School Oregon
  1480. Drop Shippep Business, Shipping, Domination
  1481. Deposit Stationf
  1482. Drawing Salt
  1483. Declared Site Medical, Military
  1484. Dual Splitter The Dual Splitter (DS) is used for splitting the bulk material into two buckets. Sampling
  1485. Dahl Salt-Resistant Medical
  1486. Dell Studio
  1487. Downstream Slot
  1488. Desert Sunset Technology, Finishing, Material Finishing
  1489. Disproportionate Share
  1490. Doctor Scott Famous
  1491. Differential Settlement
  1492. Drew Setley
  1493. Durga Sir
  1494. Data Setup
  1495. Digital Sight Technology, Camera, Microscope
  1496. Date Series
  1497. Detailed Schedule A schedule which displays the lowest level of detail necessary to control the project through job completion. The intent of this schedule is to finalize remaining requirements for the total project. Planning, Production, Scheduling
  1498. Down syndrome (trisomy 21) Medical
  1499. Diamond Songh
  1500. Delfino Square Technology, Gaming, Music
  1501. Dilmo-Spiele Porn, Sex, Tube
  1502. Darg Sparkle Gaming, Soul, Sound
  1503. David Snell
  1504. Distrabution Service Technology
  1505. Darling Son Medical, Forum, Computing, Texting, Chat, Pregnancy, Email, Im, Disney, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Computing Slang
  1506. Dahl Salt-Sensitive Hypertensive Medical
  1507. Demokratischen Sozialisten
  1508. Design Statement
  1509. Direct Sampling Technology, Simulation, Noise
  1510. Data Soiences Technology, Program, Education
  1511. Dune Sport Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  1512. Dead Sea Business, Hotel, Spa
  1513. Drain Source
  1514. Damage sheild Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1515. Donor Screening Medical, Blood, Hepatiti
  1516. Daniel Simon
  1517. Defensive System
  1518. Death Stinger
  1519. Determinate Sound Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  1520. Digital Store
  1521. Drosophila Dimulans
  1522. Divecting Station
  1523. Defense Science Science
  1524. Devire Seizure Technology, Software, Crack
  1525. Double Sampling Computing, Electronics
  1526. Differential Steering Technology, Caterpillar, Dozer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does DS stand for?

    DS stands for Delivery and Support.

  2. What is the shortened form of Data Speed?

    The short form of "Data Speed" is DS.


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