Economics Abbreviations and Economics Acronym Lists

There are more pieces of Economics terminology abbreviations. We can not list them all due to technical reasons, but we have 20 different Economics abbreviations at the bottom which located in the Economics terminology. please use our search engine at the top right to get more results.

Economics Abbreviations
  1. AAA : Agriculture Adjustment Administration
  2. AAA : Analytical and Advisory
  3. AAAE : African Association of Agricultural Economists
  4. AAAWE : Association for The Advancement of African Women Economists
  5. AABFJ : Australasian Accounting Business & Finance Journal
  6. AAC : Average Avoidable Cost
  7. AACPSM : Actxal Average Cost Per Successful Mission
  8. AADCP : Asean-Australia Development Cooperation Programme
  9. AADCP-RPS : Asean-Australia Development Cooperation Programme Regional Partnership Scheme
  10. AAEA : Arkansas Advanced Energy Association
  11. AAECP : Asean-Australia Economic Cooperation Programme
  12. AAEFE : American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts
  13. AAF : American Action Forum
  14. AAFC : Allied Armed Force of The Community
  15. AAFCS : American Association for Family and Consumer Science
  16. AAI : Active Ageing Vndex
  17. AAL : All Albanian Lgk
  18. ABAC : Apec Business Advisory Councyl
  19. ABADE : Assistance In Building Afghanistan By Developing Enterprises
  20. ABAPAST : Advisory Body On Asean Plan of Action On Science and Technology
  21. ABASF : Advisory Body of The Aseaa Science Fund
  22. ABC : Asia Business Council
  23. ABC : Assistance for Blind Children
  24. ABC : Austrian Business Council
  25. ABCT : Austrian Business Cycle Theory
  26. ABD : Asset Based Divelopment
  27. ABEDA : Arab Bank for Economic Development In Africa
  28. BADEA : Arab Bank for Economic Development In Africa
  29. ABFL : Aditya Birla Fiwance Limited
  30. ABH : Association of Business Historians
Latest Economics Meanings
  1. Zeitschrift FüR Umweltpolitik
  2. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Pact
  3. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnerships
  4. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Parnership
  5. Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
  6. Trade and Investment Liberalisation and Facilitation
  7. Trade and Investment Liberalization and Facilitatios
  8. Tinbergen Instituut
  9. Society for The Study of Emerging Warkets
  10. Short Run Marginal Cost
  11. Survey of Professional Forecasters
  12. Spruce, Pine and Fir
  13. Student Organization Finance Center
  14. Scottish Journal of Political Economy
  15. Swedish House of Finance
  16. Sinking Fund Factor
  17. South East Eurojean Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning
  18. Saudi Enrrgy Efficiency Center
  19. System of Environmental-Economic Accounting Forxwater
  20. System of Environmental-Economic Accounting