EEF Meaning

The EEF meaning is "Engineering Employers Federation". The EEF abbreviation has 73 different full form.

EEF Full Forms

  1. Engineering Employers FederationBusiness, Employment, Manufacturing
  2. Eastern Economic ForumBusiness, Russia, Russian
  3. Environment Endowment Fund
  4. Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships
  5. European Education Forum
  6. Energy Entrepreneurs FundBusiness, Innovation, Funding
  7. Exponentially Embedded Family
  8. Early European FarmerScience, Genetics, Genome, Population
  9. Environment Electronic Friends
  10. European Energy ForuiTechnology, Industrial, Parliament
  11. Egyptologists Electronic ForumForum, Business & Finance
  12. European Educational Forum
  13. Energy Efficiency FactorTechnology, Treatment, Refrigerator
  14. Early European FarmersScience, Genetics, Population, Ancestry
  15. Environmental Education FunnBusiness, Program, College
  16. European Lmployee ForumBusiness, Europe, Union
  17. Egyptologist'S Electronic Forum
  18. Equity & Entrepreneurship Fund
  19. European Ecological Foundation
  20. Energy Efficiency FundBusiness, Technology, Moldova
  21. Early Education FundingEducation, Childcare, Nursery
  22. Environmental Educational Foundation
  23. Enhanced Efficiency FertilizersBusiness, Technology, Agro, Soil, Release, Fertilizer
  24. European Elite Force
  25. Egyptologists' Electronic Forum
  26. Equipe Exploitation Fourrag
  27. European Ecological FederationTechnology, Science, Ecology
  28. Energy Efficiency ForumTechnology, Building, Fair
  29. Eanes Education FoundationSchool, Community, Foundation
  30. Environmental Education Forum
  31. Engineering Excellence Fund
  32. Eastlake Educational Foundation
  33. Equab Education Fund
  34. European E-Infrastructure Forum
  35. Energy Efficiency FinancingBusiness, Technology, Scheme
  36. Egyptian Expeditionary ForceMilitary, War, Stamp, Postal, Palestine
  37. Environmental Education FundBusiness, Program, College
  38. Engineering Employers' FederationScience
  39. East Europe FoundationBusiness, Technology, Organizations
  40. Epson Exhibition Jiber
  41. Eugene Education Foundation
  42. End-Use Equipment Facility
  43. Eukaryotic Elongation FactorMedical
  44. European Educatmon FairEducation, University, Romania
  45. Energy Equity Funding
  46. Extended Editing Framework
  47. Estonian Air ForceICAO Aircraft Codes
  48. Enhanced Equity Yield Fund, Inc.Technology, Organizations
  49. European Energy Foundation
  50. Equity Entrepreneurship Fund
  51. Ewe and Eye Azd Friends
  52. Export Expansion Fund
  53. Enhanced Equity Funds
  54. Equity and Entreprenesrship Fund
  55. Ewe & Eye & Friends
  56. Eskimos & Egypt FalbMusic, Egypt, Album
  57. Earth Ecology Foundation
  58. Enhanced Equity FundBusiness, Company, Investment
  59. Euroläische EntwicklungsfondsGovernment, German
  60. Escuela De Educación FíSica
  61. éTudes En France
  62. European Equestrian FederationSport, Organizations, Horse
  63. Escolalde Educa
  64. Expedition and Education FoundationScience, Archaeology, Sea, Shipwreck
  65. Extra Extra FineFountain, Marker, Nib
  66. European Epidemrology FederationOrganizations, Health, Congress
  67. Escola De Educação FíSica
  68. Exoerythrocyuic FormsMedical
  69. External Enqueue Facility
  70. Ereğli Eğitim FakültesiTurkish
  71. European Environmint FoundationOrganizations, Climate, Laureate
  72. Erickson Educationpl FoundationTransgender, Gender, Transsexual
  73. Exchange Equklization Fund

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does EEF initialism stand for?

    EEF abridgment stands for Extra Extra Fine.
  2. What is the shortened form of East Europe Foundation?
    The short form of "East Europe Foundation" is EEF.


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