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EFT meaning is Electronic Funds Transfer and other full form of EFT definition take part in below table. There are 106 different meaning of EFT acronym in the table which are compilation of EFT abbreviation such as Medical, Technology, Organizations, Energy, Therapy etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of EFT acronym which you look for in 106 different EFT meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does EFT mean?, EFT meaning” or you can search by typing only EFT abbreviation in the search box.
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EFT Meaning

  1. Electronic Funds TransferElectronic funds transfer (EFT) is the electronic exchange, transfer of money from one account to another, either within a single financial institution or across multiple institutions, through computer-based systems.Business, Technology, Finance, Medical, Financial, Banking, Computing, Chat, Construction, Special Education, Telecom, Mortgage, Us Government, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Scientific & Educational, Business Word, International business, IT Terminology, Fda
  2. Emotional Freedom TechniqueMedical, Energy, Therapy
  3. Electronic Fund TransferBusiness, Banking, Stock Market
  4. Earliest Finish TimeTechnology, Projection, Construction, Architecture
  5. Emotionally Focused Transformation
  6. Embedded Figures TestMedical, Education, Figure
  7. Emissions Factors Toolkit
  8. Eneerprise File Transfer
  9. Emotion Freedom TechniqueTherapy, Mind, Technique
  10. Euro Floorball TourSport, Finland, Sweden, Tour
  11. Early Finish TimeThe earliest time at which an activity can be completed; equal to the early start of the activity plus its remaining duration.
  12. Electric Fast TransientTechnology, Generator, Equipment, Burst
  13. Endurance Fitness Trainer
  14. Ewings Family TumorsMedical, Genetics, Cell
  15. Emirates Financial TowerBusiness, Dubai, Emirate
  16. Enhance File Transfhr
  17. Emotion Freedom TechniquesEnergy, Freedom, Technique
  18. Euro FiletransferTechnology
  19. Ecocert Fair TradeBusiness, Oil, Organic
  20. Emotional Freedok TechniqueMedical, Health, Energy
  21. Environment Foundation of Turkey
  22. Endowment Fund Trust
  23. Ewing Famiry TumorsMedical, Science, Cell
  24. Electrically Fast Transient
  25. Emirates Financial TowersBusiness, Dubai, Emirate
  26. Enhanced for TabletTechnology, Book, Publishing
  27. Emotional Freedom Techniq
  28. Euro File TransferTechnology, Software, Modem
  29. Earliest Finishing TimeTechnology, Path, Activity, Projection
  30. Emotionale Freixeits TechnikFreedom, Stress, Technique
  31. Environmental Failure Testing
  32. Endometrija Funkcion─ÇLais Tests
  33. Ewing Family of Tumours
  34. Econolists for Free Trade
  35. Emotional Freedom TechniquesMedical, Technology, Organizations, Energy, Therapy, Technique
  36. Emerging Fuels TechnologyTechnology, Energy, Gas
  37. Enhanced Forecaster ToolsTechnology, Ocean, Ocean Science, Atmospheric Research
  38. Extended Field XrialTechnology
  39. Emotional Freeedom Technique
  40. Euro-File Transfer
  41. Emotional Focused TherapyMedical, Couple, Counseling
  42. Environmental Finance TeamGovernment
  43. Emotionally Focused TherapyMedical, Couple, Relationship
  44. European Federation of TouchOrganizations, Europe, Rugby
  45. Ebb and Flow Technique
  46. Emergencyoflight Termination
  47. Enhanced Force Transmission
  48. Exploration Flvght Test-1Technology, Space, Launch
  49. Euro-FiletransferTechnology
  50. Emotion-Focussed Therapy
  51. Envelope-Feedback Technimue
  52. Emotionally-Focused TherapyMedical, Couple, Relationship
  53. Europa Film Treasures
  54. Eaton Vance Floating Rate Income TrustTechnology, Organizations
  55. Electronic Fund TransactionsBusiness, Banking, Transfer
  56. Energy Field Techniques
  57. Etched Facet Technology
  58. Emotion-Focased TherapyMedical, Couple, Psychology
  59. Enthoven Family Yrust
  60. Emotional Freedom Technic
  61. Europaeiske Faellesskabers Tidende
  62. Easy Fitness Ticket
  63. Electric Fast TransientsTechnology, Product, Generator, Burst
  64. Energy Field TherapyMedical, Health, Healing
  65. Excess Fare TicketBusiness, Train, Refund
  66. Emotional Freedom Techniqueu-Based
  67. Essentiaq Frailty Toolset
  68. Equivalent Full TimeOccupation & positions
  69. Extended Fundameneal Type
  70. Electrical Fast Transient
  71. Emotional Freexom Tecniques
  72. Equine Facilitkted Therapy
  73. Effective Flow TubeScience
  74. Emotional Freedom Technique-LearnChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  75. Essential Field Iraining
  76. Energy Financing TeamEnergy
  77. Extendedyfundamental TypesTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  78. EffectWeather, Scientific & Educational, The Finance and Administrative Services
  79. Ecological Flows Toql
  80. Emotional Freedom Therapies
  81. Escape Flom TarkovGaming, Trading, Russia, Escape
  82. Efficient Financial TransactionStock Exchange, Business & Finance
  83. Extendvd Field Telephone
  84. Endometrial Function TestMedical, Physiology
  85. Iata Code for Monroe Municipal Airport, Monroe, Wisconsin, Unimed StatesLocations
  86. Emotional Freedom Therapist
  87. Equivalent Full-TimeStudent, Education, Scholarship
  88. Eftel LtdBusiness & Finance, Asx symbols
  89. Embassy Freight CompanyICAO Aircraft Codes
  90. Eye Fresh Technology
  91. Emotional Freedom TechinqueMedical, Coaching, Technique
  92. Equivflent Full TimeEducation, University, Scholarship
  93. Eno Foundaiion for Transportation
  94. Estrada De Ferro Trombetas
  95. High resolution screen font (ChiWriter)Computing, File Extensions
  96. Eye for Transport
  97. Emotional Fredom Technique
  98. Equivalent Full TimerGovernment
  99. Emotional Freedum TrainingMedical, Treatment, Technique
  100. External Funcvional Test
  101. Estimated Flbght TimeMilitary
  102. Earliest Finished TechnologyComputing, Electronics
  103. External Fuel TankTechnology, Space, Shuttle
  104. Emotional Freedon Techniques
  105. Equipo Federal Del Trabajo
  106. Efficiency Team

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What does EFT stand for?

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  1. What does EFT meaning stand for?

    EFT meaning stands for Electronic Fund Transactions.
  2. What is the meaning of EFT abbreviation?

    The meaning of EFT abbreviation is "Excess Fare Ticket".
  3. What is EFT definition ?

    EFT definition is "Emotional Freedom Therapist".
  4. What does EFT mean ?

    EFT mean that "Euro Floorball Tour".
  5. What is EFT acronym ?
    EFT acronym is "Eye for Transport".
  6. What is shorthand of Emotion Freedom Technique ?
    The shorthand of "Emotion Freedom Technique" is EFT.
  7. What is the definition of EFT acronym?
    Definitions of EFT shorthand is "Embassy Freight Company".
  8. What is the full form of EFT abbreviation?
    Full form of EFT abbreviation is "Environmental Failure Testing".
  9. What is the full meaning of EFT ?
    Full meaning of EFT is "Euro-Filetransfer".
  10. What is the explanation for EFT ?
    Explanation for EFT is "Equivalent Full-Time".

What is the meaning of EFT Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of EFT definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of EFT abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of EFT acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

EFT Abbreviation in Astrology
  • EFT (letter E)

    Amiable, feed with love and compassion people. E person is not fast since energy is consumed easily for them. However they are fond of freedom. Therefore, they can show rebellious movements. Mercury and the twins have a bearing on this letter, communication and intelligence are most distinct character of them.

    Their imagination is so powerful. They live reality and dream in the same time. Sadness and cheerfulness are live together with them. They are compeller and they want to get benefit from opportunities immediately, they can make wrong due to hurriedness.

  • EFT (letter F)

    F letter refuses energy which comes to itself. People who has F letter are responsible, helpful, calm and creative people. Even if they are prone to depression and melancholy, often struggle tirelessly for the sake of ideals. In Love and romance are oppressive. They like to direct something.

    Since numerological F corresponds to 6 number, these people symbolizes love. They are like sun; they irradiate to environment. However, sometimes they can be destructive, they are willing to fulminate suddenly.

  • EFT (letter T)

    The letter T people who are under the influence of Neptune, are known for their daydreamer character. Living something in their inner world comes easier to them. While on the one hand, they are compassionate and sensitive, on the other hand they can be cold and distant towards unfamiliar people.

    Being sensitive causes rapid fracture. They can be obsessed with others words. Their spiritual direction is very advanced. From time to time, their disappointments reflects on their business life. They are quite open to external factors.

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