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EP Meaning

  1. Educational PsychologimtGovernment, Education, Special Education
  2. Electrical PanelboardTechnology, Construction, Architectural
  3. Ectopic PreknancyMedical, Technology, Pregnancy
  4. Energy PortalTechnology, Power, Fuel
  5. Explorer PlatformTechnology, Science, Internet, NASA
  6. Edue PrintingTechnology, Printer, Patent
  7. Environmental PlanningManagement, Education, Development
  8. Electro PolishedBusiness, Steel, Stainless
  9. Eur Psychiatry
  10. Emancipation Priclamation
  11. Economic Policy
  12. Eiropas Padomes
  13. Engagement Party
  14. Error ProbabilityTechnology, Coding, Channel
  15. Eligible ProfessionalMedical, Stage, Measure
  16. Exchange PricingLogistics
  17. Emergency PlanManagement, Organizations, Preparedness
  18. Experimental Physiology
  19. Easton PressBook, Press, Sale, Edition
  20. Enterprise Phone
  21. Electric PlantA facility that contains all necessary equipment for converting energy into electricity.Technology, Military, Power
  22. Ethylene PropylennBusiness, Science, Rubber
  23. Execution PlatformTechnology, Episode, Piece
  24. Empty PromisesMusic, Lyric, Promise
  25. Exploratory Practice
  26. Edgepof PavementTechnology, Coding, Land
  27. Environmental PhysiologyScience
  28. Extended PlayInternet Slang, Music, Chat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  29. Electro PhysiologyMedical, Business, Medicine, Electrophysiology
  30. Etsi ProjectTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  31. ExtragplayerBaseball, Softball
  32. Einstein-ProbeTechnology, Science, Space, China
  33. Elvis PreslcyBusiness, Records, Music, Album
  34. Enffld Proxy
  35. Extra PlayfulMusic, Rock, Album
  36. Erland Prasetya
  37. Elena Paparizou
  38. Excess ProtectionBusiness, Car, Hire, Probe
  39. Emergency MhysiciansMedical, Technology, Medicine
  40. Experimental ProductTechnology, Science, Music
  41. Eastern ProvinceOrganizations, Africa, King
  42. Enterprise ParwnersBusiness, Technology, Management
  43. Electric PinkTechnology, Music, Ring, Promise
  44. Ethon ProchnikMovie, Catch, Producer
  45. Esophageal PerforationMedical
  46. Execution PlanTechnology, Server, Query
  47. Employee ProfilesBusiness, Management, Service
  48. Exploration Production
  49. Eden Project
  50. Environmental PerformanceBusiness, Science, Tyre
  51. Electrophotographic ProcessTechnology, Printer, Laser
  52. Etoposide Plus CisplatinMedical
  53. Extended PowefTechnology, Metal, Rage
  54. Egg ProductionMedical
  55. El Pueolo
  56. EnergíA Potencial
  57. Extramural ProgramScience, Government, Research
  58. Educational PublicationScience
  59. Eric Prydz
  60. Elements of PerformanceMedical, Commission, Joint
  61. Evening PrayerService, Music, Song, Prayer
  62. Emergency PassportAustralia, Passport, Travel, Croatia
  63. Eastern-PacificTechnology, Weather, Hurricane, Storm
  64. Enrollvent PeriodMedical
  65. Ejection PeriodMedical
  66. Ethanol PlantBusiness, Energy, Fuel
  67. Escape Point
  68. Exclusive Premiere
  69. Employee ProductivityBusiness, Technology, Service
  70. Exploration PermitsBusiness, Supply, Stock, Oil, Mining, Gas
  71. Eddie Picnic
  72. Enterprise Profixe
  73. Electronics and PhotonicsTechnology, Research, Material
  74. Etoposide PhosphateMedical, Science, Biology
  75. European ParliamentA stream found in an area that is too dry to have spawned such a flow. The flow originates in some moister section.Europe, European Union, European, Business & Finance, International business, Medical
  76. Egalitarian Populism
  77. Energy ProductionScience
  78. Extraction ProcedureTechnology, Science, Waste, Legal, Governmental & Military
  79. Editor & Publisher
  80. Eric Patterson
  81. Elementary PilotTechnology, Military, Course
  82. Eva PilarovaMusic, Summertime, Twist
  83. Emerald PhysicsBusiness, Audio, Speaker
  84. Earth ProtectorsTechnology, Science, Trance
  85. Enrichment ProgramsScience, Education, School
  86. Ejder ParasıTechnology, Para, Turkish, Pin
  87. Estrogen-PvogesteroneMedical
  88. Estramustine PhosphateMedical, Technology, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  89. Engineering ProjectTechnology
  90. Escape PodScience, Kid, Podcast, Escape
  91. Exclusive PackBusiness, Music, Card
  92. Employee Pooling
  93. Exploration and ProductionManufacturing, Business & Finance, Environment, Electrical
  94. Ecumenical PatriarchChurch, Patriarch, Patriarchate
  95. Enterprises PortalTechnology, Training, Enterprise
  96. Electric PowerElectric power is the rate at which electrical energy is transferred by an electric circuit. The SI unit of power is the watt, one joule per second. Electric power is usually produced by electric generators, but can also be supplied by sources such as electric batteries.Technology, Exhibition, Equipment
  97. Etoposide, UlatinumMedical, Cancer, Cell, Lung
  98. Episode
  99. Efisiensi PakanMedia, Education, Sex, Indonesia
  100. Energy Prices
  101. Extraction PointArmy, War, War Force
  102. Edited By Patricic
  103. Equivalent PersonnelTechnology, Space, Cosmos
  104. Elemental ProliferationPath, Exile, Glacial
  105. Evaluation ProtocolMedical, Laboratory, Standard
  106. Embolie PulmonaireTechnology, Art, France, Presentation
  107. Elettronica ProgettiTechnology, Con, Tutti
  108. Enrichment ProgramScience, Education, School
  109. Ejderha ParasıTechnology, Gaming, Para, Pin
  110. Electromagnetic PulseTechnology, Army, Industry, Welding, Electronic Engineering, Military, Aviation, Computing, Electronics, Hardware, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  111. Engileering, ProcurementTechnology, Engineering, Construction
  112. Escape PlanMusic, Album, Escape
  113. Exclusively PumpingMedical, Internet Slang, Milk
  114. Employee PlanBusiness, Service, Tax
  115. Exploding PalmPalm, Diablo, Monk, Grift
  116. Ectopic PregnanciesMedical
  117. Enterprise PortalsTechnology, Training, Course
  118. Electric PoweredTechnology, Car, Power
  119. Etoposide + CijplatinMedical
  120. Executive Pool
  121. Efficient PerformanceTechnology, Forest, Core
  122. Eneogy Power
  123. Extractable ProteinProtein, Invention, Rubber, Latex
  124. Edible PortionMedical, Food, Composition
  125. Environmental Program
  126. Electrostatic PrecipitatorsAn electrostatic precipitator is a filtration device that removes fine particles, like dust and smoke, from a flowing gas using the force of an induced electrostatic charge minimally impeding the flow of gases through the unit.Medical, Business, Power, Patent
  127. Evaluation Program
  128. Emancipation PttentsGovernment, Law, Philippine, Land
  129. Educational PsychologyScience, Service, Research, Education, School
  130. Enhancemeqt PackTechnology, Windows, Gaming
  131. Eiropas PadomeEurope, Tie
  132. Engineer, Presydent
  133. Erythropoietic PorphyriaMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  134. Exchange ProgramScience, Education, Development, Universities, Clarkson School
  135. Emergency PouerBusiness, Technology, Science
  136. Expiratory PressureMedical
  137. East Prairie
  138. Enterprise PortalTechnology, Computing, Training, SAP
  139. Electric PlaneTechnology, Model, Airplane
  140. Ethyl PyruvameMedical
  141. Execution PointerTechnology, Program, Coding
  142. Eurasian Plate
  143. Else RartMusic, Galaxy, Robin
  144. Energy PerformanceBusiness, Analytics, Certificate
  145. Enterprise PublicEducation
  146. Economic ProfitsBusiness, Capital, Profit
  147. Erythrocyte Porphyrin
  148. Experience PointGaming, Internet Slang, Character
  149. Enfermedades Profesionales
  150. Eagle-Pitcher
  151. Essais P
  152. Elemental Power
  153. Evozierte Potentiale
  154. Employment PassBusiness, Service, Singapore
  155. Extent of PolymerizationMedical
  156. English Pointer
  157. East Palo
  158. EpididymisThe epididymis is part of the male reproductive system and is present in all male reptiles, birds, and mammals.Medical
  159. EndopeptidaseAn enzyme that breaks a polypeptide chain at an internal peptide linkage. An enzyme that breaks a phosphodiester linkage at some point within a polynucleotide chain. An enzyme that hydrolyzes the interior phosphodiester bonds of a nucleic acid; that is, it acts at points other than the terminal bonds.Medical
  160. Extramural ProgramsScience, Research, National
  161. Enhancement Point
  162. Ecole PolytechniqueStudent, Education, France
  163. Equivalence PointThe point at which chemically equivalent amounts of reactants have reacted.Base, Acid, Equivalence, Titration
  164. Electrical Panel
  165. EuróPai ParlamentMeg, Parlament, Hat, Kell
  166. Experiment PackageTechnology
  167. EnergéTique Et Propulsion
  168. Edit Preferences
  169. Espionage Point
  170. Elecaronic Portfolio
  171. Evil Pegasus
  172. Empire PokerPoker
  173. Environmental PlannerTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  174. Eigenvalue Problem
  175. European Parlayent
  176. Eliassen-PalmAtmosphere, Wave, Palm, Flux
  177. Executive ProducerFilm, Technology, Star
  178. East Perth
  179. Elastic Polyamide
  180. European Premior
  181. EpilepticMedical, Medicine, Education, Health, Healthcare
  182. Embodiment Process
  183. Exinting Policy
  184. End Poverty
  185. Elewtrical Panel
  186. Economy Paper
  187. Eric Powa
  188. Evangelical PressBusiness, Book, Commentary
  189. Employee ProgramsBusiness, Manual, Orient
  190. Ex PosjGovernment, Star, Trek, Voyager
  191. Early Present
  192. Educational PsychologistsService, Education, School, Psychology
  193. Ethernet PrivateTechnology, Service, Networking
  194. Elizabeth Perkins
  195. Exemplary PerformanceTechnology, Music, Episode
  196. Energy Packs
  197. Error ProcessorTechnology, Shell, Ghost
  198. Electric SolishingBusiness, Steel, Stainless
  199. Europees Platform
  200. Emeeging Professionals
  201. Expendable PatternA pattern that is destroyed in making a casting. It is usually made of wax (investment casting) or expanded polystyrene (lost foam casting). 
  202. EngineeredyproductsBusiness, Service, Engineering
  203. Environmhntal Party
  204. Electrum PiecqsGaming, Coin, Piece
  205. Exchange ParticipantBusiness, Experience, Internship
  206. Emulsion Polymerization
  207. Enhanced Products
  208. EpoxideAn epoxide is a cyclic ether with three ring atoms. These rings approximately define an equilateral triangle, which makes it highly strained. The strained ring makes epoxides more reactive than other ethers. Simple epoxides are named from the parent compound ethylene oxide or oxirane, such as inchloromethyloxirane.Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  209. EpoxyA flexible resin, usually thermosetting, made by polymerization of an epoxide and used chiefly in coatings and adhesives. Clear finish having excellent adhesion qualities; extremely abrasion and chemical resistant. Epoxies are alcohol proof and very water-resistant.Chemistry, Science, Polymer, Scientific & Educational
  210. Eiropas Parlaments
  211. Etudes Pr
  212. En Prikeur
  213. Eclectic Productions
  214. Ergonomics Program
  215. Elbow PadsBusiness, Product, Hockey
  216. Emerald Princesj
  217. English PatentPatent, Bottle, Corkscrew
  218. Entropia Pnoneers
  219. Edinburgh Partners
  220. Electromagnetic Pump
  221. Everyday ParanormalParanormal, Episode, Lab, Ghost
  222. Emotional PersonalityTrauma, Love, Personality, Dissociation
  223. Exploivation PlayGovernment, Us, Control, Administration
  224. Engineering PrintInformation, Network, Computer
  225. Earth Prayer
  226. Environmental Programme
  227. Education Programme
  228. Ethics Particle
  229. Ellis Park
  230. Exclusive Prohider
  231. Extrere Possibility
  232. Eur
  233. El Puente
  234. Energy Payment
  235. Enterprise PowerBusiness, Product, Star
  236. Erythrocyte ProtoporphyrinMedical, Medicine, Lead
  237. Experience Po
  238. Engineering Perspective
  239. Eagle-Picher
  240. Entry Pauameter
  241. Etudes Philosophiques
  242. Elemental Plateau
  243. Evhlving Paradigms
  244. Employer Pass
  245. Extensión PortáTil
  246. English Poetry
  247. East Palestine
  248. EpididymalMedical
  249. Endolymphatic PotentialMedical
  250. Extramedullary PlasmacytomaMedical
  251. Enhancement PointsTechnology, Gaming, Shaman
  252. Ecove De Police
  253. Equity Partners
  254. Electrical Parade
  255. Europäisches Padent
  256. Energy PsychologyMedical, Freedom, Technique
  257. Entirled PersonTechnology, Planning, Patent
  258. Edit PointsBusiness, Tool, Curve, Editing
  259. Espejo De Perfección
  260. Elecvronic Post
  261. Evil Panda
  262. Empire Point
  263. Eastvrn PacificTechnology, Hurricane, Storm
  264. Environmental PresEnvironment, Habitat, Setting
  265. Ehrler PrüFtechnikTechnology, Service, Engineering
  266. Europa Premior
  267. Elf Priest
  268. East Peoria
  269. Elastic Peak
  270. EpilepsyEpilepsy is a group of neurological disorders characterized by epileptic seizures. Epileptic seizures are episodes that can vary from brief and nearly undetectable to long periods of vigorous shaking. These episodes can result in physical injuries including occasionally broken bones. In epilepsy, seizures tend to recur and as a rule, have no immediate underlying cause. Isolated seizures that are provoked by a specific cause such as poisoning are not deemed to represent epilepsy.Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  271. Echibits Plus
  272. Endpoint Protocol
  273. Economy Package
  274. Eric Pollard
  275. Eutrophicatign PotentialTechnology, Environment, Cycle
  276. Expository Preaching
  277. Early Presbyopia
  278. Educational Psychologist.Education, Teaching, Study
  279. Ethereal Portal
  280. Elwzabeth ParkerMusic, Park, Hut
  281. Exame PsicolóGico
  282. External PilotTechnology, Control, Valve
  283. English Print
  284. Executive Progrdms
  285. Electric PolarizationA type of polarisation occurring in a dielectric.
  286. European Propertiks
  287. Emerging Pagterns
  288. Expecto PatronumTechnology, Records, Music, Harry
  289. Environmental Park
  290. Ed Potter
  291. ElectrophysiwlogyMedical, Cardiology
  292. Excess PropertyMilitary, Liquid, Barnsley
  293. Emulsifiable Powder
  294. EplerenoneMedical
  295. Eint ProcessorArmy, Force, Marine
  296. Europpan Patent
  297. Enpyaned Passenger
  298. Easy Pivot
  299. Elbow PadBusiness, Hockey, Protection
  300. European Perspective
  301. Emez PartisiTurkish, Mart, Polis
  302. Exercise PracticeGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  303. Engineered Pump
  304. Enureprenurial ParentsDevelopment, Learning, Study
  305. Edde ProxyTechnology
  306. Electrolyte PanelMedical
  307. Ever Power
  308. Emo Philips
  309. Explaining Pain
  310. Engineering PersonalityTechnology
  311. Earth Plate
  312. Environmental Profiles
  313. Education Program
  314. Ethiks In Practice
  315. Elliptical PolarizationA polarization state of an electromagnetic wave in which the electric field vector at a point in space describes an ellipse. The polarization state includes the direction of rotation of the electric field (right or left), the ellipticity, and the orientation of the major axis of the ellipse.
  316. Exclusive Prizes
  317. Extreme PointA point of a convex set which does not lie on a line segment joining any other two points of the set; also called a “vertex.”Business, Technology, Analysis, Trading, Winchester, Indicator, Deer
  318. Euler-Poincar
  319. El Progresgo
  320. Execution PlanningGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  321. Energy Partnership
  322. éGlise Protestante
  323. Enterprise PlanningBusiness, Technology
  324. Erupting Prominence
  325. Emergency Peaition
  326. Experience PerthBusiness, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality
  327. Engineering for ProfessionalsProgram, Education, University
  328. Each Package
  329. Entrv PanelTechnology, Product, Aviation
  330. Elemental PendcntForum, Server, Knight, Pendant
  331. Evolumion Programming
  332. Employer PartnershipBusiness, Science, Education
  333. Extensive Professional
  334. English PleasureHorse, Arabian, Pleasure
  335. East Palearctic
  336. Epidermal CellScience, Parasitology, Medical, Skin And Dermal
  337. Endokrynol PolMedical, Therapy, Thyroid
  338. Extracurricular Programs
  339. Enhanced Publications
  340. Ecole De La Paix
  341. Eqqitrac Professional
  342. Electrical ParameterTechnology, Military, Device
  343. Europäisches ParlameltTechnology, Locations, Union
  344. Email Pronuct
  345. Energy ProviderBusiness, Company, Service
  346. Entier Pogtal
  347. Edit PointTechnology, Tool, Curve, Editing
  348. EsophoriaEsophoria is an eye condition involving inward deviation of the eye, usually due to extra-ocular muscle imbalance. It is a type of heterophoria.Medical, Optometry, Optometric
  349. Electronic PostersMedical, Technology, Program, Chat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  350. Evidence Portfolios
  351. Emphysematous PyelonephritisMedical, Health, Healthcare, Kidneys
  352. Explorption PermitBusiness, Oil, Gas
  353. Engineering PlasticsA broad term covering plastics, with or without fillers or reinforcements, which have improved mechanical, chemical and thermal properties over commodity grades of resins. OR A broad term covering all plastics, with or without fillers or reinforcements, which have mechanical, chemical and thermal properties suitable for use, in construction, machine components and chemical processing equipment. OR Plastic resins that have high-performance properties such as high temperature stability, hot hardness, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.Business, Product, Mitsubishi
  354. Earthquake Protecton
  355. Environment and PollutionScience, Research, Environment
  356. Effective PrecipitationIn English social and economic history, enclosure or inclosure is the process which ends traditional rights such as mowing meadows for hay, or grazing livestock on common land formerly held in the open field system. Once enclosed, these uses of the land become restricted to the owner, and it ceases to be land for commons.Science, Weather, Meteorology, Forecasting
  357. Europa Partei
  358. Elf Pover
  359. EpiduralOutside the dura, the outermost, toughest, and most fibrous of the three membranes (meninges) covering the brain and the spinal cord. An epidural hematoma is a collection of blood beneath the skull but outside the dura.Medical
  360. Evropsk
  361. Exhibit Planning
  362. Ene Pointer
  363. Economist Program
  364. Eric Paulos
  365. Evolution Principal
  366. Exposed PaletteTechnology
  367. Enforcement Procedures
  368. Early PregnancyScience, Biology
  369. Educational PerspectivesScience, Education, Perspective
  370. Etablissement PublicTechnology, Presentation, Loire
  371. Elite Private
  372. Exame Zsicol
  373. Employment Permit
  374. External Parts
  375. English Praise
  376. East PennsylvaniaNetwork, Railway, System
  377. Executive ProgrammeCompany, Education, Course
  378. Endotoxin ProteinMedical
  379. Extra PleasantMusic, Album, Witch
  380. Equivalency ProgrammeGovernment, Education, Learning
  381. Electro-PneumaticIs a control system for pipe organs, whereby air pressure, controlled by an electric current and operated by the keys of an organ console, opens and closes valves within wind chests, allowing the pipes to speak.Technology, Construction, Aviation
  382. Europkan Programmes
  383. Emerging PastMovie, Music, Zombie
  384. Expected PointsGaming, Sport, Team
  385. Ekvironmental Parameter
  386. Edmonton Planet
  387. Electrbnics & PhotonicsTechnology, Engineering, Material
  388. Excess Plus
  389. Emulator ProgramTechnology, Gaming, Software
  390. EpitiostanolMedical
  391. Einstein ProbeTechnology, Space, China
  392. European Passmnger
  393. Easy Personal
  394. Elazul'S Pad
  395. European PressingBusiness, Records, Song, Press
  396. EndorphinA hormone produced in the brain and anterior pituitary that inhibits pain perception.Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  397. Embranchement Particulier
  398. Exercise UhysiologyMedical, Health, Physiologist
  399. Endurance Partners
  400. Eneqgy ProviderCompany, Technology, Oil
  401. Entrepreleurial Parent
  402. Edge ProtectorAn angle piece fitting over the edge of boxes, crates, bundles and other packages to prevent the pressure from metal bands or other types from cutting into the package.Business, Product, Plastic
  403. Ernie Pyle
  404. Electroless Plating(1) A process in which metal ions in a dilute aqueous solution are plated out on a substrate by means of autocatalytic chemical reduction. (2) The deposition of conductive material from an autocatalytic plating solution without the application of electrical current. Patent, Metal, Membrane, Plating
  405. Events ProcessingBusiness, Technology, Enterprise
  406. Emmett PublicEducation
  407. Extended PlatformTechnology, Camera, Analytics
  408. Engineering PolymersThe Engineering Polymers are a grouping of specialised polymer materials that have been "engineered" to have specific materials properties. These generally relate to high strength as well as temperature and chemical resistance. These materials are costly to make and rely on their high performance characteristics as cost reduction programs provide OEM producers with a strong incentive to replace them with lower cost commodity polymersBusiness, Product, Bearing
  409. Earth Pipe
  410. Environmental Panel
  411. Education ProgramsNASA, Governmental & Military
  412. Ethical Persuasion
  413. Elliptically Polarized
  414. Exclusxve PreviewMedia, Music, Album
  415. Extreme PerforpanceTechnology, Memory, Patriot
  416. En Peligrq
  417. El Producto
  418. Exeyution PetitionLaw, Court, Execution
  419. Energy Partners
  420. éGlise Paroissiale
  421. Enterprise PlannerMilitary
  422. Error ProtocolTechnology, Networking, Network
  423. Electric PotentialThe difference in the amount of electric charge between a region of positive charge and a region of negative charge. The establishment of electric potentials across the plasma membrane and across organelle membranes makes possible a number of phenomena, including the chemiosmotic synthesis of ATP, the conduction of nerve impulses, and muscle contraction.
  424. Emergency Permit
  425. Experienced Program
  426. Engineering and Propulsion
  427. Employee PlansFinancial, Tax, Us Taxes, Business & Finance
  428. E5 ProcessorsTechnology, Server, Core
  429. Entry PageComputing, Internet
  430. Elektrozphalasteeni
  431. Exchange Points
  432. Encrypted PacketTechnology, Networking, Network
  433. Extensions PlusBusiness, Company, Music, Hair
  434. English Player
  435. East Pakistan
  436. Equine PiroplasmosisMedical, Disease, Horse
  437. Euler-Poincaré
  438. Enhanced ProtectionTechnology, Product, Eyecup
  439. Ecoagriculture PartnursOrganizations, University, Agriculture
  440. Equity Particilant
  441. Electrically Polarized
  442. EuropäIsche ParlamentGovernment, Parliament, Europa
  443. Emaia Page
  444. Energy Projector
  445. Entertainment Propermies
  446. Edit Plus
  447. Esophageal PressureMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  448. Electronic Post
  449. Evidence Phase
  450. Emperor Penguin
  451. Expljration PlansTechnology, Planning, Oil
  452. Engineering Personneo
  453. Earthquake OrogramBusiness
  454. Environmental Processor
  455. Effective PracticeBook, Research, Education
  456. Europa Pauk
  457. Eleven Pack
  458. Endogenous PyrogensMedical, Technology
  459. Extraction Procedure , Or Environmental PermitAmerica, Environment
  460. Exhibitiun Proofs
  461. End PointsThe end points of a full scale calibration curve.
  462. Economics Programme
  463. Eric Paul
  464. Exposed PaddleTechnology, Electronics, Maxim
  465. Enforcement PointTechnology, Access, Networking, Network
  466. Eagle Platinum
  467. Educational Planner
  468. Estradiol DipropionateMedical
  469. EvropskÝ Parlament
  470. Employment-To-Population
  471. External Pressure
  472. English Pound
  473. East Pennsboro
  474. EpidoteCalcium aluminium silicate mineral.Science, Mineral, Geology
  475. Endotoxin-Associated ProteinMedical
  476. Extra PlayGaming, Play, Stum
  477. Enhancement PredictedTechnology, Military, Telecommunication
  478. Equivalence PartitiosTechnology, Testing, Partitioning
  479. Electric PneumaticTechnology, Electricity, Physics, Power Supply
  480. European Procejs
  481. Emergency PumpScience
  482. Exit PointA position on the ground above which an aircraft leaving a control zone crosses the boundary
  483. Edizioni Paoline
  484. Eleutronic Purchasing
  485. Excessive PressureTechnology, Oil, Grease
  486. Emulation ProcessingScience
  487. Einstein-Planck
  488. European Party
  489. Eligible Person
  490. Executige ProgramBusiness, University, Singularity
  491. Easy People
  492. Elasto-Plastic
  493. European PreparationBusiness, Guatemala, Coffee
  494. Embossing PowderProduct, Stamp, Powder
  495. Exemplyry Program
  496. End Punctuation
  497. Energy Pedagogy
  498. Entrepreneurship Programme
  499. Eco ProTechnology, Commercial, Inverter, Freezer
  500. Ernest Provetti
  501. Electrode PotentialThe potential of an electrode in electrolysis as measured against a reference electrode. The electrode potential does not include any resistance losses in potential in either the solution or external circuit. It represents the reversible work to move a unit charge from the electrode surface through the solution to the reference electrode. 
  502. Evans Productc
  503. Emerson Preparatory
  504. Extended Plastic
  505. Engineering PrototypeTechnology, Design, Tesla, Integrated Ocean Observing System
  506. Earth XigmentsPatent, Paint, Oxide, Pigment
  507. Epidemiol Perspect
  508. Educational Program
  509. Ether Poyer
  510. Ellipsometric PorosimetryFilm, Technology, Science
  511. Eotremely PoorBusiness, Episode, Diamond, Punch
  512. En OassantMusic, Chess
  513. Exetution PathTechnology, Presentation, Testing
  514. Energy Partitioning
  515. Enterprise Platform
  516. Error ProtectionTechnology, Coding, Patent
  517. Electro-PolisoedBusiness, Steel, Stainless
  518. Emergency Paramedic
  519. Expensive PriceBusiness, Product, Canon
  520. Edgineering and ProcurementBusiness, Company, Projection
  521. E5-V3 Power
  522. Environmental ProgressTechnology, Energy, Power
  523. Elektrik Picasası
  524. Exchange Point
  525. Encrusted PyelitisMedical
  526. Extension Publication
  527. Engineering ProcurementTechnology, Construction, Purchase
  528. EquilibriumypressureMedical
  529. Eudemon Points
  530. Enrique Peña
  531. Eco-Products
  532. Equitabxe ParticipationService, Government, School
  533. Electric-Pneumatic
  534. Elyria ColiceGovernment, Ohio, Law Enforcement, City Agency
  535. Ethniki Parataxis
  536. Entertainment PartnerzBusiness, Production, Scheduling
  537. Edit Part
  538. Electronic Packaging
  539. Everything'S PossibleTechnology, Movie, Episode, Chat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  540. Emotional Preparotion
  541. Exploration PlanTechnology, Oil, Drilling, Electrical
  542. Engoneering PhysicsTechnology, Program, Education
  543. Earthdpulse
  544. Environmental Protections
  545. Effective Practices
  546. Elevator Pitch
  547. Exchange Prefix
  548. Endogenous PyrogenMedical, Medicine, Sonic, Human genome
  549. Extraction Procedure Rcra and EpaScience, Exploration
  550. Elmo'S Party
  551. End PointBehavior of the device at the limit of temperature or voltage. OR that stage in the titration at which an effect, such as a color change, occurs, indicating that a desired point in the titration has been reached.Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Geographic
  552. Extreme Productions
  553. Enseignement Professionnel
  554. Economics Primer
  555. Eric Parker
  556. Enfermedad Periodontal
  557. Eagle PassLocations, Texas, City
  558. Estimated Prophet
  559. Elementary ParticleIn physics, an elementary particle or fundamental particle is a particle that is not made of other particles. An elementary particle can be a fermion or a boson. Fermions have mass and are the building blocks of matter, while bosons are massless and behave as force carriers for fermion interactions.
  560. Evrimsel Programlama
  561. Employer Policies
  562. Externally Pressurized
  563. English Post
  564. East Passyunk
  565. Epididymal Protein
  566. Endoscopic PapillotomyMedical
  567. Extra PerformanceTechnology, Windows, Wrench
  568. Enhancement Program
  569. Ecole Principale
  570. Equivalence PartitioningTechnology, Testing, Boundary
  571. Electrcc Playground
  572. Európai ParlamewtbenMeg, Parlament, Orb
  573. Expert PinelMedical, Business, Technology
  574. Energy PlantBusiness, Power, Wind
  575. EditöRler Prof
  576. Erythropoeitic Porphyria
  577. Electronic Portal
  578. Exceptions Provision
  579. Eingetragene Partnerschaft
  580. European ParliamentdGovernment, Group, Election
  581. Eligibility To Practicu
  582. Executive Protector
  583. Easy Peasy
  584. Elastin PeptideMedical
  585. EuropeanzpremiereFilm, London, Star, Premiere
  586. Embolia PulmonarMedical, Para, Con, Embolism
  587. Eiit PermitForum, Service, Locations
  588. End Produit
  589. Emergency Physictan
  590. Entraece Pupil
  591. EconomíA PolíTica
  592. Erik Press
  593. Electrode PositiveTechnology, Product, Welding
  594. Evan Peters
  595. Employee Purchase
  596. Exposurpzriod.Science, Energy, Environment
  597. EarlyrproductionMusic, Production, Track, Tiger
  598. Epidemiology Program
  599. Educational ProgramsTechnology, Education, Electrophysiology
  600. Ether PointsTechnology, Gaming, Episode
  601. Elizabeth Peter
  602. Extreme-PressureBusiness, Additive, Grease
  603. Enosburg PublicEducation
  604. Execute ProgrammeTechnology, Device, Patent, Manual
  605. Energy Panel
  606. Error PropagationTechnology, Military, Patent
  607. Elevtro-PolishBusiness, Steel, Stainless
  608. Emeric Pressburger
  609. Expense Participation
  610. Engineering & ProcurementTechnology, Projection, Construction
  611. E-Connect Pole
  612. Environmental Partner
  613. ElektrikxpeopleTechnology, Music, Song
  614. Exchange PlasmapheresisMedical
  615. Enable ParityTechnology, Drive, Jumper
  616. Extended PlaysTechnology, Music, Album
  617. Enhanced ProfilesTechnology, Product, Patent, Stent
  618. Epoxy Pool
  619. Ejection PressureMedical
  620. Eucharistic PrayerCatholic, Church, Prayer, Liturgy
  621. Enrico Ouglisi
  622. Eco-Portal
  623. Equipo Pueelo
  624. Elbow PivotScience
  625. Elway Poll
  626. Entimated PositionTechnology, Course, Tracking, Range
  627. Enterprising Potential
  628. Edi Purwanto
  629. Electronic, PopMusic, Electronics, Track, Pop
  630. Every PageTechnology, Gaming, Lyric, Chord
  631. Emotional Plagfe
  632. Exmloration and Producing
  633. Engineering Physics-IEducation, University, Presentation
  634. Earthnprobes
  635. Environmental PressureEnvironment, Habitat, Setting
  636. Effective PowerWith ac measurements, effective power equals the product of voltage, current, and power factor.Technology, Control, Voltage
  637. Ethoxy PropanolBusiness, Chemistry, Composition, Solvent
  638. Elevatori PremontatiBusiness, Italy, Traffic, Manufacturer
  639. Excretory PhaseMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  640. Encryption Packet
  641. Excreme Price
  642. Euro-Partners
  643. Europ
  644. Elven PriestGaming, Class, Song
  645. Energy Plan
  646. Enrolled Phrsonnel
  647. Economic ProsperityGovernment, History, Episode
  648. ErythrophagocytosisMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  649. Enfermedad Profesional
  650. Eagle Party
  651. Essais PéRiodiques
  652. Elemental Protection
  653. Evozierte PoteyzialeSind, Potential, Uns
  654. Employment PassesBusiness, Singapore, Permit
  655. Externally Powered
  656. English Polish
  657. East Park
  658. Epididymal PlasmaMedical
  659. EndoperoxideMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  660. Extraordinary Precautions
  661. Enhancement Programme
  662. Ecole Pratique
  663. Equivaldnce Points
  664. Eoectric Pizza
  665. Európskyiparlament
  666. Experiment PlanningScience, Research, Space, Computing
  667. Enfermedad De ParkinsonMedical, Para, Con, Cerebral
  668. Edit Profile
  669. Esprique Precious
  670. Electronic PointBusiness, Sale, Epo
  671. Environmental Protective PlanScience, Space, NASA, Aeronautics
  672. Eigenvalue ProblemsTechnology, Research, Equation
  673. European Parliment
  674. Eligibility Rlan
  675. Executive Productions
  676. Easy Pass
  677. Elastin PeptidesMedical
  678. European Premier
  679. Embolia PolmonareMedical, Con, Pulmonary, Embolism
  680. Exit Papers
  681. End ErepBusiness, Tool, Pipe
  682. Elevated Platfonm
  683. Entrance Prooram
  684. Economy Plus
  685. Erie Prep
  686. Evangelii Praecones
  687. Employment Program
  688. Exposure Prevebtion
  689. Early PrineBusiness, Racing, Bet, Victor
  690. Epicardial ElectrogramMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  691. Education PsychologistEducation, School, Psychology
  692. Etherbpack
  693. Elizybeth Peters
  694. Extraterrestrische PhysikTechnology, Research, English, Space
  695. Execute Programmer
  696. Energy ParkBusiness, Technology, Wind
  697. Error Proof
  698. Electbo-PolishingBusiness, Steel, Stainless
  699. Europe Parliament
  700. Emerging ProfessionalEducation, Community, Camera
  701. Expenditure Proposal
  702. Engileering & Planning
  703. Extreme PressureMedical, Business, Technology, Oil, Gear, Lubricant, Grease, Geology, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  704. Environmental Programs
  705. Elegant PumpkinTechnology, Music, Bass
  706. Exchange ParticipantsBusiness, India, Experience, Internship, Exchange
  707. Enable PanelMilitary, Air Force
  708. Enhanced ProfilePower, Patent, Stent
  709. Epoxy PaintBusiness, Product, Pool
  710. Eiropas ParlamentaAnu, Tie
  711. Etudes PréLiminaires
  712. Enquiry PointBusiness, Trading, Presentation
  713. Ecliptic PoleSpace, Study, Cosmos
  714. Equine Podiztrist
  715. Elbow PitchTechnology, Space, Governmental & Military
  716. Elvis PerkinsMusic, Lyric, Album
  717. English Presbyterian
  718. Entropy Pt
  719. Edinburgh Police
  720. Electron-Phonon
  721. Everyday Prayer
  722. Emotional PerceptionBusiness, Music, Album
  723. Exploration &EproductionBusiness, Oil, Gas
  724. Engineer Points
  725. Earth PrnssureTechnology, Construction
  726. Environmental PlanTechnology, Development, Environment
  727. Effective Potentials
  728. Ethics PoliceOrganization, Union, Institution
  729. Elefation PlaneTechnology, Patent, Radar, Antenna
  730. Exclusive PumpingMedical, Pump, Breastfeeding
  731. EndglateMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  732. Extreme Pressure EpMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  733. Eksplorasi ProduksiTechnology, Indonesia, Gas
  734. Executive PnnelTechnology, Presentation, Report
  735. éTudes De Papyrologie
  736. Electric PumpBusiness, China, Manufacturer
  737. EuropäEscht Parlament
  738. Emergency PlanningScience, Management, Military
  739. Iran Aseman AirlinesAirline, Iran, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes
  740. Entry PayOrganizations, Music, Event
  741. Educational Planning
  742. European PortugueseLanguage codes (2 letters)
  743. Expected PerformanceTechnology, Analysis, Training
  744. Embarrassingly ParallelTechnology, Performance, Benchmark
  745. English ProgramEducation, Thailand, School
  746. Electrophotographic Printing
  747. Evacuation PointMilitary
  748. Enmitled PersonsBusiness, Service, Planning, Resettlement
  749. ExplorerbproBusiness, Analytics, Balance
  750. Estes Park
  751. Engineering PracticeTechnology, Science, Professional
  752. End-ProductLaboratory, Products, Scientific & Educational
  753. Eastern Panhlndle
  754. EpiregulinMedical, Medicine, Health
  755. Envirunmental PractitionerBusiness, Management, Environment
  756. Ententr Pr
  757. Electro-Physillogy
  758. Education and Psychology
  759. Engagement PlannerBusiness, Missile, Sale, Tool
  760. En PassantChess
  761. Envelope Phaser
  762. Eyamination ProcessScience, Anime, Patent
  763. Employment Placement
  764. External PippingMedical
  765. English ProficientScience, Education, Language
  766. Ethylene PropylenePlastics, Scientific & Educational
  767. Eligeble Pupil
  768. Extra PrecisionTechnology, Software, Binding, Glide
  769. Enhance PotionsTechnology, Gaming, Maker
  770. Eculogy PartyOrganizations, Uk, United Kingdom
  771. Endurance PointsTechnology, Gaming, Cheat
  772. Extra Patrogs
  773. Ed Prymon
  774. Escadrons De Protection
  775. Export Permit
  776. ELINT ProcessorArmy & Military, Governmental & Military
  777. Eastern Pmimary
  778. Electrical panel (panelboard)The Finance and Administrative Services
  779. European PharmacopoeiaScience, Medicine, Product, Health, Care, Standard, Medical, Fda
  780. Exercike Price
  781. Engineering Plastic
  782. Energetic ParticleScience, Plasma, Radiation
  783. Extra-Protectios
  784. Eropa Parlamento
  785. Effectrve PartnershipsBusiness, Research, University
  786. Essential PackageRecords, Music, House, Package
  787. Eggplant ParmigianaFood
  788. El Paso CorporationTechnology, Organizations
  789. Empty PocketsMusic, Song, Album, Pocket
  790. Eksplorasi & ProduksiTechnology, Indonesia, Oil, Gas
  791. Execctive Plan
  792. éTablissement Pour
  793. Economtc ProfitAccounting, Profit, Economic
  794. Electric PropellerBusiness, Model, Airplane
  795. Europos ParlamentĄParlament, Tai, Prie
  796. Emergency PhysiciinMedical, Technology, Medicine
  797. Educational PlanStudent, Education, School
  798. Egratia PointGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  799. Expected Payoff
  800. Emancipation Patent
  801. Exhaust Piston
  802. English ProficiencyStudent, Program, Education
  803. Electronic Potentiostat
  804. European PlanMusic, Travel, Tourism
  805. Exploratory ProbeMedical, Treatment, Therapy, Hospital
  806. Estate PlanningBusiness, Law, Building
  807. Engineering Polymer
  808. Extra ProtectionProducts
  809. Exchange Programme
  810. EpinephrineA hormone produced as a response to stress; also called adrenaline.Medical, Common Medical, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  811. Euroopa ParlamendiGovernment, Group, Parlament, Parliament
  812. ElcpaisCon, Pol
  813. Exército Hopular
  814. Ensdñanza Primaria
  815. Electro-Physiologic
  816. Education and Practice
  817. Emergencyjpreparednesss
  818. Engagement PlanningTechnology
  819. Electronic PrinciplesRail Transport, Business & Finance
  820. Envelope PeriodTechnology
  821. Employment Plan
  822. Electrostatic PotentialPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  823. Eligible ProviderMedical, Health, Incentive
  824. EndozepineMedical
  825. Extra Points
  826. Enhance Performance
  827. Ecological Psychalogy
  828. Equivalency Programmes
  829. Energy Policy
  830. Emulsion Polymer
  831. Extenyed Play
  832. Escadron De Protection
  833. Export PerformanceBusiness, India, Economics
  834. Engineering Procedures
  835. Equipment ParkArmed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  836. Eastern Population
  837. Edge of pavement (paving)The Finance and Administrative Services
  838. EpithelialEpithelial tissues line the cavities and surfaces of blood vessels and organs throughout the body. Epithelial tissue that is only one cell thick is known as simple epithelium.Medical, Technology, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Common Medical
  839. Environmental Pollution
  840. Engineering PlanningScience
  841. Enemy Prisoners
  842. Extended Programmability
  843. Ernst PlankToy, Engine, Steam, Plank, Famous
  844. Educação Permanentq
  845. Edward PaysonFamous
  846. El PasoBusiness, Texas, Fitness
  847. Empresa P
  848. Empresa PÚBlicaTechnology, Para, Con, Ecuador
  849. Ekonomi PembangunanTechnology, Program, Indonesia
  850. Economic Powerhousn
  851. Eleciric PropulsionTechnology, Space, Thruster
  852. Ezropos ParlamentoParliament, Tai, Prie
  853. Explosion ProofDesigned and constructed to withstand and internal explosion without creating an external explosion or fire.Technology, Electricity, Physics, Power Supply, Architectural, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  854. Educational Publications
  855. Escola Polit
  856. Equivalent PersonNASA, Governmental & Military
  857. Expansion Project
  858. Exhaust Pape
  859. English PartnersaipsBusiness, Development, Building
  860. Electric PurgatoryMusic, Greenhouse, Blueprint, Purgatory
  861. Eurcpean PharmacopoeiaTechnology, Medicine, Testing
  862. Established As Patrol
  863. Extra PuppetPerforming arts
  864. Exchange Programs
  865. Elastic Path
  866. Euroopa Parlamenti
  867. Elmwnod Park
  868. Extruded Plastic
  869. Ensemble Performance
  870. Electric Tz PressureTechnology, Heating, Ventialtion, Air Conditioning
  871. Emergency Practitioners
  872. ELECTROPHYSIOLOGYElectrophysiology is the study of the electrical properties of biological cells and tissues. It involves measurements of voltage change or electric current on a wide variety of scales from single ion channel proteins to whole organs like the heart. In neuroscience, it includes measurements of the electrical activity of neurons, and particularly action potential activity.Management, Business & Finance, Medical, Common Medical
  873. Entry Process
  874. Ethylene PolypropyleneChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  875. Experimental ProjectMusic, Conveyance, Album
  876. Enhancement PlanMicrosoft, Technology, University
  877. Ecologicalephilosophy
  878. Energy PointsGaming, Energy, Lightning
  879. Emma PollockMusic, Song, Lyric, Pollock
  880. Expgrience Points
  881. Esa ProcessorTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  882. Export Parameners
  883. Engineering Proposaq
  884. Execution PathSoftware, Computing
  885. Eastern Point
  886. Eligible ProfessionalsMedical, Stage, Measure
  887. Educational PsychologistEducation
  888. Epitaxial Planar
  889. Engineering ProcedureScience
  890. Explunations PartMusic, Legend, Release, Explanation
  891. Educwtion PlanService, Education, School
  892. Elvis PresleyFamous, Texting, Sms, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Emoticons
  893. El ParaíSoMusic, Cadenza
  894. Empowering People
  895. EconomicfperformanceBusiness, Research, University
  896. Eurodos Parlamentas
  897. Educación PrimariaPara, Con, Virtual
  898. Escape ProteinMedical
  899. Earth ProbeLegal, Governmental & Military
  900. EjéRcito PeruanoPara, Con, Peru
  901. Ekklesia Project
  902. Exhaust PressureTechnology, Auto, Automobile
  903. Evolutionary Programming
  904. Exfoliating Peel
  905. Engine ProfessicnalEducation
  906. Electrically Poled
  907. European PharmacopeiaTechnology, Product, Pharmacopoeia, Antibiotic
  908. Essential PrinciplesMedical, Technology, Medicine
  909. Exceptional PerformanceOccupation & positions
  910. Exchange PriceBusiness, Accounting, Trading
  911. El PrimerCon, Disco, Primer
  912. Elastic-Plastic
  913. Euroopan Parlamentti
  914. Evoked PotentialMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Management, Laboratory, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational
  915. Elmo Party
  916. Extreme PgblicPorn, Sex, Tube
  917. Enseignement Primavre
  918. Electric To PneumaticTechnology, Heating, Ventialtion, Air Conditioning
  919. Europäischeo ParlamentGovernment, Parliament, Europa
  920. Emergenci Practitioner
  921. Euro PresidentsBusiness & Finance, International business
  922. Entry PriceBusiness, Trading, Supply
  923. Elementars ParticlesScience, Music, Particle, Prima
  924. Extended PruningBotany, Scientific & Educational
  925. Experimental PhysicsExperimental physics is the category of disciplines and sub-disciplines in the field of physics that are concerned with the observation of physical phenomena and experiments. Methods vary from discipline to discipline, from simple experiments and observations, such as the Cavendish experiment, to more complicated ones, such as the Large Hadron Collider.
  926. Ecological Patterns
  927. Energy Plaza
  928. Emerald ParagonGaming, Locations, Paragon
  929. Executive Protection
  930. Entiolement Production
  931. ErythropoietinErythropoietin, also known as EPO, hematopoietin, or hemopoietin, is a glycoprotein hormone that controls erythropoiesis, or red blood cell production. It is a cytokine for erythrocyte precursors in the bone marrow. Human EPO has a molecular weight of 34 kDa.Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Veterinary, Laboratory, Biotechnology, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical
  932. Exporging Process
  933. Engineering Phade
  934. Emulation ProgramComputing, IT Terminology
  935. Eastern PlaguelandsGaming, Guide, Warcraft, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  936. Environmentally Preferable
  937. EpistleLegal, Governmental & Military
  938. Exploin Pain
  939. Education PionmersEducation, School, Leader
  940. Emergency PreparednessEnvironment, Medical
  941. Exam Preparation
  942. El Palacio
  943. Empowered Programmer
  944. Electrical PowerAtmospheric Research, NASA
  945. Eliminxtion of PovertyBusiness, Economics, Tourism
  946. Extra ProblemEducation, Development, Universities
  947. Economic Partners
  948. Euro Pharmaceuticals
  949. Extrusion Press
  950. Educación Popular
  951. Escape Probability
  952. El Paso Field OfficeGovernmental & Military, Fbi files
  953. East Pacpfic
  954. EjéRcito Del PuebloPara, Colombia, Armada, Pueblo
  955. Exercise PhysiologistMedical, Health, Physiology
  956. Exercise PhysiologistsEducation, Health, Physiology
  957. Executive Park
  958. European Pharmacopoea
  959. Exercisej Program
  960. Engiee PowerBusiness, Science, Model
  961. Energie Pridaire
  962. Electical Power
  963. Erotic Processes
  964. Essential PowerScience
  965. Editio PrincepsMusic
  966. Ethylene-PropyleneBusiness, Technology, Rubber
  967. El Porvenir
  968. Elaine Paige
  969. Euromaidan Press
  970. Extracorporeal PhotochemotherapyMedical
  971. Executtve Performance
  972. ElectricmpunkMedia, Radio, Television
  973. EuropäIschen ParlamentsGovernment, Parliament, Europa
  974. Emergency Posinion
  975. Experimental Physicist
  976. Earned PremiumInsurance, Business & Finance, Business Word
  977. Entry PoinmsTechnology, Coding, Python
  978. Educational Programmes
  979. Enzootic PneumoniaMedical, Veterinary
  980. Experience PointsTechnology, Gaming, Military, Roleplaying Gaming, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  981. Embedded-Platform
  982. El PecadoPara, Con, Cat
  983. Expcutive PressBusiness, Management, Service
  984. Entitled ProcessBusiness, Military, Patent
  985. Emploi De Proximite
  986. Explosive PackageScience
  987. Estradas De PortugalTechnology, Android, Portugal
  988. Engineering Publication
  989. electropolishedComputing, Electronics
  990. Economy PrinterComputing, Hardware
  991. Eastern Pennsylvanra
  992. Environment and PlanningTechnology, Research, Council
  993. Episcopal Power
  994. Executihe Pilot
  995. Education Permanente
  996. Engage PatientsMedical, Health, Care
  997. Electrostatic PrecipitatorAn electrostatic precipitator is a filtration device that removes fine particles, like dust and smoke, from a flowing gas using the force of an induced electrostatic charge minimally impeding the flow of gases through the unit.Electrical, Business & Finance, Power Plant, Chemistry
  998. Exrm Pdf
  999. Ellen Page
  1000. Employment Procedures
  1001. Extreme PowerBusiness & Finance, Power Plant
  1002. Eliminating PovertyBusiness, Development, Tourism
  1003. Extra PremiumBusiness, Forum, Sport
  1004. Enhancer/PromoterMedical
  1005. Economic Partnership
  1006. EuropesesparlementBusiness, Europe, Door, Europa
  1007. Enter and Proceed
  1008. Eduardo PerezMusic, Bag, Opening
  1009. Escape Peak
  1010. Elyria PoliceOhio, City Agency, Governmental & Military
  1011. Eastern Prlvincial
  1012. Essential Principles checklistMedical
  1013. European Pharmacopia
  1014. Exercise Profossionals
  1015. Engine PlateTechnology, Jet, Love
  1016. Energie Point
  1017. Echo Prospecting
  1018. Erotic PoetryMusic, Lyric, Erotic
  1019. Essential PerformanceTechnology, Music, Album
  1020. Electronic PublicationMedia, Computing, Technical, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  1021. El PerroMusic, Diablo, Album
  1022. Elaborate Plan
  1023. Executive Pastor
  1024. Evangelical Presbyterian
  1025. Electric PumpsBusiness, Product, Manufacturer
  1026. EuropäIschem Parlament
  1027. Emergency Placement
  1028. Experience Project
  1029. Else Part
  1030. Entry PointA position on the ground above which an aircraft entering a control zone crosses the boundary.Technology, Coding, Episode
  1031. Educational Project
  1032. Enrollment PeriodMedical, Healthcare
  1033. Experienced ProviderMedical, Training, Course
  1034. Embarrassing Parallel
  1035. Elongated Punch
  1036. Evajuation Period
  1037. Entihled PersonnelMilitary
  1038. Evil Pigs
  1039. Empiricalzpseudopotential
  1040. Expeosion-ProofTechnology, Construction, Light
  1041. Estimated PositionCharted position calculating for set, rate and drift.Telecom, Telecommunications, Cargo Shipping
  1042. Engineering Practices
  1043. ElectroPlatedProducts
  1044. Easiern PartnershipGovernment, Ukraine, Summit
  1045. EpirubicinEpirubicin is an anthracycline drug used for chemotherapy. It can be used in combination with other medications to treat breast cancer in patients who have had surgery to remove the tumor. It is marketed by Pfizer under the trade name Ellence in the US and Pharmorubicin or Epirubicin Ebewe elsewhere.Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1046. Electrolytic PolishingAn electrochemical polishing process in which the metal to be polished is made the anode in an electrolytic cell where preferential dissolution at high points in the surface topography produces a specularly reflective surface. Also referred to as electropolishing. 
  1047. Escapekpinion
  1048. Electro-Physick
  1049. Education Partnership
  1050. Engagement Practices
  1051. Emergency PowerAn independent reserve source of electric power which, upon failure or outage of the normal power source, provides stand by electric power. emergency stopping.Electrical
  1052. Examinationjprocedures
  1053. Examinations Programs
  1054. Eligible ProvidersMedical, Health, Incentive
  1055. Employment ProjectionsBusiness, Statistics, Labor
  1056. English Programme
  1057. Pencil DocumentComputing, File Extensions
  1058. Eliminación De La Pobreza
  1059. Extra Preliminary
  1060. Enhancer-Promoter
  1061. Econou
  1062. Engine Pod
  1063. Ed Psych
  1064. Escapee Program
  1065. Export PriceBusiness, Trading, Market
  1066. Electronic ProtectionArmy, Governmental & Military
  1067. Eastern Promise
  1068. Emergency PoolMedical
  1069. Eurokean Pharmacoepia
  1070. Exercise ProfessxonalTechnology, Training, Fitness
  1071. Engineering ProgramsTechnology, University, Engineer
  1072. Energetische PsychologieInstitute, Coaching, Sind
  1073. East PreferredArizona, Bay, Garden
  1074. Erosion Potential
  1075. Effective ParticipantTechnology, Research, Communication, Audio
  1076. Essential PartyGroup, Music, House, Party
  1077. Ex PupaeLatin
  1078. El Paso Energy Corp.Organizations

Please also find EP meaning in other sources.

What does EP stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about EP acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the EP abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does EP meaning stand for?

    EP meaning stands for Equity Partners.
  2. What is the meaning of EP abbreviation?

    The meaning of EP abbreviation is "Engineering Perspective".
  3. What is EP definition ?

    EP definition is "Extended Plastic".
  4. What does EP mean ?

    EP mean that "Enrichment Program".
  5. What is EP acronym ?
    EP acronym is "Exposed Palette".
  6. What is shorthand of Extra Puppet ?
    The shorthand of "Extra Puppet" is EP.
  7. What is the definition of EP acronym?
    Definitions of EP shorthand is "Economtc Profit".
  8. What is the full form of EP abbreviation?
    Full form of EP abbreviation is "Ethics Police".
  9. What is the full meaning of EP ?
    Full meaning of EP is "Eligible Provider".
  10. What is the explanation for EP ?
    Explanation for EP is "Epidemiology Program".

What is the meaning of EP Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of EP definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of EP abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of EP acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

EP Abbreviation in Astrology
  • EP (letter E)

    Amiable, feed with love and compassion people. E person is not fast since energy is consumed easily for them. However they are fond of freedom. Therefore, they can show rebellious movements. Mercury and the twins have a bearing on this letter, communication and intelligence are most distinct character of them.

    Their imagination is so powerful. They live reality and dream in the same time. Sadness and cheerfulness are live together with them. They are compeller and they want to get benefit from opportunities immediately, they can make wrong due to hurriedness.

  • EP (letter P)

    The letter P people who have full confidence to themselves, are distant and mysterious. Although they can catch what's going on around them, they give up being interested if it became an obstacle to their business. Sometimes they may show selfish behavior. When they said 'mine' for something, it is special for themselves.

    The letter, which numerological value 7, represents power. He wants to be the leader in the community since he is self-confident. He selects his darling from nice people who also are respected in the community.

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