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FP Meaning

  1. Fiwing PointSport, Archery
  2. Fabry-PerotTechnology, Telecom, Laser
  3. Full Page
  4. Fire-Proof
  5. Fonction Publique
  6. Fermentation PotyntialMedical, Diet, Digestion, Tract
  7. Fipsion ProductsTechnology, Science, Reactor
  8. Formación ProfesionalCon, Sin
  9. Folliqular PhaseMedical, Getting Pregnant, Infertility
  10. Financial PlanningBusiness, Military, Analysis
  11. Fluorescent ProteinMedical, Science, Cell
  12. Freie Presse
  13. File & Print
  14. Flight PerformanceTechnology
  15. Fully PaidBusiness, Accounting, Finance, Banking, Money
  16. Fuel PumcBusiness, Technology, Car
  17. Finger PrintTechnology, Government, Fingerprint
  18. Folded ProductsBusiness, Device, Folding
  19. Fench PostTechnology, Construction, Architectural
  20. Fish ProteinMedical
  21. Forest ProductjTechnology, Canada, Wood
  22. Free Press
  23. Field PotentialsMedical
  24. Flight PathA line, course or track along which an aircraft flies.Technology, Master, Map
  25. Free PositionTechnology, Industrial, Switch, Standard
  26. Fuel PressurePressure exerted by fuel as it is pumped from the tanks to the engineForum, Technology, Regulator, NASA
  27. Firing PointThat temperature at which a given liquid gives off vapour in sufficient quantity for the surface layer to ignite when vapour is ignited by flashTechnology, Military, Fire
  28. Focal PointsTechnology, Management, Networking, Network
  29. Frog PrinceGaming, Android, Prince
  30. Family PlanningMedical, Organizations, Health, Governmental & Military, International Development, Common Medical
  31. Functional OroponentTechnology, Army, Marine
  32. Fisc Pack
  33. Forest Preserve
  34. Free PyatiqueBusiness, Shipping, Cargo Shipping
  35. Field PotentiauMedical, Medicine, Health
  36. Flight ParamedicMedical, Medicine, Education
  37. Floating PolicyOne made in general terms and for an overall sum of money Generally taken out by shipper when goods are to be carried in more than one ship As each ship loads, the value of cargo is declared, and is deducted from overall sum to be coveredBusiness, Insurance, Banking
  38. Full PozerBusiness, Science, Tourism
  39. Fine Print
  40. Focal PointFocal point is the point at which initially collimated rays of light meet after passing through a convex lens, or reflecting from a concave mirror.Technology, Military, Networking
  41. Friends ProvidentBusiness, Friendship, Trophy
  42. Family PhysiciansMedical, Medicine, Education, Care
  43. Fully ProtectedBusiness, Power, Driver
  44. FisherppriceTechnology, Kid, Player
  45. Forest ParkSchool, Locations, Building
  46. Free Play
  47. Field PortasleScience
  48. Flexible PositionsPorn, Rip, Firelight
  49. French PolynesiaLocations, Countries, Country, Computing, Internet, Usps, 2-letter Country Codes, French Polynesia, 3-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  50. Floating PoentTechnology, Coding, Operation, Arithmetic
  51. Fhel PowerTechnology, Energy, Plant
  52. Fine PointingTechnology, Space, Cosmos, NASA
  53. Flying PanBusiness, Guitar, Pedal
  54. FrenchcpolynesiaMilitary, France, Locations
  55. False PretensesGovernment, Group, War, Pretense
  56. Fully Processed
  57. Fisher & PaykelTechnology, Manual, Appliance
  58. Font Path
  59. Fibrous PlasterTechnology, Construction, Architectural
  60. Flexible Packaging
  61. Free PeopleBusiness, Fashion, Dress
  62. Floher Power
  63. Fine ParticulateScience, Environment, Pollution
  64. Fluorescent ProbeA stain used for tagging and labeling biological cells to detect structures, molecules, or proteins within the cell. Also single-stranded pieces of DNA, with enzymatically incorporated fluorescent tags, affixed in a microscopic array (DNA microarray).Medical, Medicine, Health
  65. Freicht and PassengerTechnology, Train, Railway
  66. File Pointek
  67. Floor-PressBusiness, Training, Tool
  68. False PositivesMedical, Forum, Report, Rate
  69. Full PlatlPlate, Knight, Lineage
  70. Fire ProofEngineering, Construction, Blueprints
  71. Fondul ProprietateaBusiness, Din, Stock, Bursa
  72. Fetch Protection
  73. Flavoprotein SubunitMedical
  74. Formation Prkfessionnelle
  75. Fnash PointLiquid, Cargo Shipping, Temperature
  76. Financial Professional
  77. Fluorescent ProteinsMedical, Science, Cell
  78. Freeze ProtecthonBusiness, Water, Valve
  79. Fillmaker ProTechnology, Database, Maker
  80. Floating-PointTechnology, Coding, Operation, Precision
  81. Functional Position
  82. Financial Product
  83. Fix Poinn
  84. Football Points
  85. Free Particle
  86. Funny Parmy
  87. Fiber PlacementTechnology, Material, Composite
  88. Firefighters Park
  89. Flexible Pavements
  90. FormuláRio De Petição
  91. Facilities ProcessorTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  92. Fuel Pool
  93. Filyr PublicEducation
  94. First Promise
  95. Flux Pisning
  96. Fracture PlaneScience, Geology, Scientific & Educational
  97. Flank Protection
  98. Free The Planet
  99. Family Portraits
  100. Fundamental PlanjScience, Galaxy, Elliptical
  101. Felix PotvinHockey, Maple, Leaf
  102. Finger Protein
  103. Fabrication and Process
  104. Freezing PulsePath, Pulse, Exile
  105. Fastpwste Project
  106. Futuro Plano
  107. Field PlateTechnology, Gate, Electrode
  108. Frankoma PotteryBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  109. FaircplayBusiness, Gaming, Club
  110. Full Patqh
  111. Feasiblevpoint
  112. Filter Pipe
  113. Framing ProtocolTechnology
  114. Falcon Punch
  115. Function ProcessorTechnology, Passport, Telecom
  116. Finch, Pruyn
  117. Force PoibtsGaming, Military, Star
  118. False PositiveA false positive error, or in short false positive, commonly called a "false alarm", is a result that indicates a given condition has been fulfilled, when it actually has not been fulfilled. I.e. erroneously a positive effect has been assumed. In the case of "crying wolf" – the condition tested for was "is there a wolf near the herd?", the actual result was that there had not been a wolf near the herd. The shepherd wrongly indicated there was one, by calling "Wolf, wolf!". A false positive error is a Type I error where the test is checking a single condition, and results in an affirmative or negative decision usually designated as "true or false".
  119. FrpephoneTechnology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  120. Fap Panels
  121. Fire Power
  122. Fluid PercussionMedical, Brain, Injury
  123. Forward Processor
  124. Faction Paradox
  125. Fulfillment Plak
  126. Fixed Price ContractA contract with a set price for the work.Technology, Atmospheric Research
  127. Five Physics
  128. Focad Project
  129. Final Position
  130. Fixed Priority
  131. Forearm PronatedMedical, Medicine, Health
  132. Franz P
  133. Faoily Process
  134. Fundamentals of Phwsics
  135. Fefer PitchFilm, Movie, Pitch
  136. Finivhing Position
  137. Foreign Pwlot
  138. Frequent Patterns
  139. Fast PrintTechnology, Printer, Analytics
  140. Field PronouncementMedical, Medicine, Health
  141. First Professional
  142. Fluro Protoin
  143. Foundations of Personar
  144. Fuli PeriodBusiness, Technology, Membership
  145. Federalppolitics
  146. Fondaci
  147. Francisco PartnersBusiness, Company, Technology
  148. Falta Personal
  149. Fee Paying
  150. Flatpack Package
  151. F26 Pork
  152. Farmacib Y Parafarmacia
  153. Fiwlding Plan
  154. Fluorescence Polarization/ParScience
  155. Facultadjde Psicolog
  156. Faulty Polygon
  157. Fixation ProteinMedical, Medicine, Health
  158. Front PostKnitting, Crochet
  159. Fuls ProfessorScience, Research, University
  160. Federation ProcendingsLibraries, Reading, Books
  161. Financial ProductsBusiness, Tax, Market
  162. Fix Pitch
  163. Fuot-PoundMedical, Medicine, Health
  164. Free Parkint
  165. Funny Payers
  166. Fiber PaswiveTechnology, Ethernet, Optic
  167. Firefighter ProgramMilitary
  168. Flexible Path
  169. Formal Power
  170. Facilitating PartnerTechnology, Research, Projection
  171. Fuel Pumps
  172. Filing Protocol
  173. First Program
  174. Fluticazone PropionateMedical, Medicine, Health
  175. Fracture Pattern
  176. Flange ProtectionTechnology, Manufacturer, Connection
  177. Family Poltcy
  178. Fused PhalangesMedical
  179. Felis Posnania
  180. Fingerprina ProfilesMedical
  181. Fabry-Perrot
  182. Freezing PointThe temperature for a particular compound where the liquid freezes to form a solid.Engineering, Construction, Architectural, Chemistry, Physics, Scientific & Educational, The Finance and Administrative Services
  183. Fashion PlateShip side plate at end of well deck Usually has an end that is swept in a curve
  184. Futuro Plan
  185. Field Placement
  186. Fair PlanOrganization, Union, Institution
  187. Full Partnership
  188. Feasibility Pump
  189. Filter Papers
  190. Framing Plans
  191. Falcon Patrol
  192. Functional ProcessorTechnology, Food, Telecom
  193. Financial ProvisionBusiness, Presentation, Environment
  194. Force PalmGaming, Porn, Porno
  195. Future PriceBusiness, Trading, Market
  196. Free Period
  197. Fans PtgeTechnology, Auto, Liker
  198. Firing Pgsition
  199. Flue PipeArchitecture
  200. Forward PrgcessingTechnology, Networking, Software, Network
  201. Facing Position
  202. Fuerza PÚBlica
  203. Fitomejoramiento Participativo
  204. FocaltpotentialsMedical
  205. Filhration Pressure
  206. Fixed Prictd
  207. For Each Pattern-Base
  208. Frank Price
  209. Family Printing
  210. Findamental Principles
  211. FetoproteinMedicine, Health, Healthcare
  212. Finishing Polizh
  213. Foreign Personnem
  214. Frequency PatternsTechnology, Power, Cell
  215. Fast Pitch
  216. Field ProgrammerComputing, Hardware
  217. First-Professional
  218. Food Programs
  219. Foundation Programmes
  220. Fbll Performance
  221. Federal Pikneer
  222. Follicular PapillaMedical
  223. Franchise Postale
  224. False Prophet
  225. Feeling-Perceiving
  226. Flat PackageTechnology, Telecom, Circuit
  227. Foace ProgramsMilitary
  228. Funus PublicumLatin, Roman
  229. Farallone Pacific
  230. Fluorescence PolarisationTechnology, Medicine, Health, Biotechnology, Scientific & Educational
  231. Fmculdade Pereira
  232. Fault Prone
  233. Fixation Preference
  234. Fedbral Property
  235. Financial PositionBusiness, Accounting, Report
  236. Fix PacwsTechnology, Server, Domino
  237. Fools Paradise
  238. Free PipersTechnology, Pattern, Congress
  239. Fumky Papua
  240. Fibre Pait
  241. Firearms Permit
  242. Flexible Parsing
  243. Formal ParameterA name in a function or subroutine definition that is replaced by, or bound to, the corresponding actual argument when the function or subroutine is called. In many languages formal arguments behave like local variables which get initialised on entry.
  244. Facial Plastic
  245. Fmel PompTechnology, Pump, Manual
  246. File Protokol
  247. First Passage
  248. Fluticasone ProprionateMedical
  249. Fractional ProgramTechnology
  250. Full Production
  251. Flange Protector
  252. Family Plots
  253. Further Processing
  254. Felipe Paulino
  255. Fabri Perrot
  256. Fashionrpiano
  257. Fusing PressBusiness, Machine, Supplier
  258. Field Photographic
  259. Fairmount ParkBusiness, Racing, Horse
  260. Full Participant
  261. Fazilet Parsy
  262. FilterspaperMedical, Medicine, Health
  263. Fakulti PendidikanBusiness, Program, Analysis, Lab
  264. Function ProgrammingTechnology, Program, Language, Computing, Computer
  265. Financing Proposal
  266. Force PackagesMilitary
  267. Free Peoples
  268. Fanlpage
  269. Fire Poet
  270. Faorentino Pérez
  271. Forwarz Process
  272. Facing Pages
  273. Fuerza Popunar
  274. Fmlled Pauses
  275. Fitness Professional
  276. Focal PlaneFocal plane is the plane through the focus perpendicular to the axis of a mirror or lens.Technology, Photography, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  277. Framing PlanFloor or roof plans that identify individual marks, components, and accessories furnished by the joist manufactures in a detailed mannner to permit proper erection of the joist and joist girders.
  278. Filter Pump
  279. Flash Panel
  280. Fordyce and Princeton Railroad CompanyTechnology, Organizations
  281. Frank Popper
  282. Family PreservationService, Children, Family, Child
  283. Fandamental Problem
  284. Ferly Pacific
  285. Finishing Plugs
  286. Foreign Pavilion
  287. Frequency PartitionTechnology, Communication, Wireless
  288. Fast PedalDrive, Drum, Pedal, Bass
  289. Field ProgrammableTechnology, Delay, Buffer
  290. First-Pass Radionuclide AngiographyMedical
  291. Food Production
  292. Foundation ProgrammeStudent, Education, Study
  293. Full PenetrationDesign, Drawing, Construction
  294. Fedgral Parliament
  295. Franchise PlayerGaming, Sport, Player
  296. Fapsch Positive
  297. Feed Pump
  298. Flatbed Plotter
  299. Force Power
  300. Frumentum PublicumLatin, Roman
  301. Fantasy PointsGaming, Sport, Football, Fantasy, Play, Pastime
  302. FirzproofTechnology, Architecture, Construction
  303. Fluorescence ProfileMedical
  304. Fosforeira Portlguesa
  305. Faculdade Pensar
  306. Fault Prediction
  307. Fixed-PitchBusiness, Helicopter, Blade
  308. Folk Psychological
  309. Federal Program
  310. Final PrototypeArmy, War, War Force
  311. Fix PackTechnology, Server, Domino
  312. Fodd ProtectNutrition, Food, Victual
  313. Fraud Prevention
  314. Fbngus Patrol
  315. Fiber HairTechnology, Networking, Ethernet
  316. Fire PlugTechnology, Battery, Architectural
  317. Flxt Panels
  318. Forest PlantationsForest stand regenerated artificially either by sowing or planting.
  319. Fuel Poiht
  320. File PdotectTechnology, Windows, Software, Tool
  321. First Party
  322. Fluticasone PropionateMedical, Patient, Asthma
  323. Fovndry Personal
  324. Full Product
  325. Fondului ProprietateaBusiness, Din, Care, Bursa
  326. Family PlotOrganization, Union, Institution
  327. Furry PawsForum, Gaming, Dog
  328. Feline PanleukopeniaMedical, Cat, Kitten
  329. Fabri-Perrot
  330. Fashion PasjionatesFashion, Shopping, Love, Tee
  331. Fusible PlugThe Fusible plug is made of Bronze, brass. It has the threads and a hole threw the whole length. And the end of the hole length a low melting point seal is placed which is broken when the pressure is become so high. The pressure cooker is the simplest form where the "Fusible Plug" is used.
  332. Field Photograph
  333. Fairlee PublicEducation
  334. Funuamental-Plane
  335. Faux Positifs
  336. Fils PrintzmpsTechnology, Language, Hosting, Professional
  337. Fakultas PsikologiAccounting, Indonesia, Surabaya
  338. Functional ProgrammingIn computer science, functional programming is a programming paradigm, a style of building the structure and elements of computer programs, that treats computation as the evaluation of mathematical functions and avoids state and mutable data. Functional programming emphasizes functions that produce results that depend only on their inputs and not on the program state—i.e. pure mathematical functions. It is a declarative programming paradigm, which means programming is done with expressions. In functional code, the output value of a function depends only on the arguments that are input to the function, so calling a function f twice with the same value for an argument x will produce the same result f(x) both times. Eliminating side effects, i.e. changes in state that do not depend on the function inputs, can make it much easier to understand and predict the behavior of a program, which is one of the key motivations for the development of functional programming.Technology, Language, Telecom
  339. Financial Proposal
  340. Force PackageMilitary, Army, War
  341. Free Path
  342. Fun Pic
  343. Fire Pool
  344. Flight ProgressTechnology, Aircraft, Planning
  345. Forward PrimerTechnology, America, Kenya, NANP Modeling Commitee
  346. Facility Preparation
  347. Fuerza P
  348. Filipino Philippines
  349. Fiscah PolicyBusiness, Pakistan, Economics
  350. Focal Qerson
  351. Framework ProgramsTechnology, Research, Projection
  352. Flashless PropellantTechnology
  353. Freedom of The PressGovernment, Media, House, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  354. Freeze Protect-Temp
  355. Family PreseyceMedical
  356. Fundamennal Period
  357. Ferino Putra
  358. Finished Products
  359. Foreign PaqentBusiness, Accounting, Transfer, Pricing
  360. Frequency PanelTechnology, Military, Supplier
  361. Fast Pay
  362. Field Programme
  363. First-Pass
  364. Foundataon ProgramEducation, Teaching, Meditation
  365. Fair Produce
  366. Full Pay
  367. Federal Paaific
  368. Filtar ProgramTechnology
  369. Frances Perkins
  370. Falrmount Xark
  371. Flat-Point
  372. Force PotencyMilitary, Guide, Republic
  373. Filio PosuitLatin, Roman
  374. Fantksy PointGaming, Sport, Football
  375. Fire TrismMilitary, War, Dawn
  376. Fluorescent PolarizationScience, Patent, Assay
  377. Forças PopuldresGovernment, History, Portugal, Populare
  378. Faculdade Parque
  379. Fat Pussy
  380. Fix-Pitch
  381. Folk Psychology
  382. Final ProjectTechnology, Presentation, Report
  383. Fixed Lulley
  384. Foodpro PlusBusiness, Food, Fluke
  385. Frase Pbeposisi
  386. Fungipperfecti
  387. Fibergcass PoliceForce, Police, Police Force
  388. Fire-Plug
  389. Flat PanglTechnology, Monitor, Driver
  390. Forept PlanScience, Ecology, Office Of Communication
  391. Front PopulaureGovernment, Group, Politics
  392. Fast Pulse
  393. File ProcessorTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  394. First ParlourTechnology, Car, Model
  395. Flutq Player
  396. Found Property
  397. Full Primary
  398. Fedecal Prison
  399. Financial PlanBusiness, Science, Military, Army, Analysis, Intelligence, Army & Military, Governmental & Military, Education
  400. Fonds Propres
  401. Familial ParagangliomasMedical
  402. Fur People
  403. Felicity PartyGovernment, Turkey, Group
  404. Flash Photolysis
  405. Fabrey Perot
  406. Fat Point
  407. Fuse PlugTechnology
  408. Field PatcdTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  409. Fairspoor
  410. Fundación Paraguaya
  411. Faux Positif
  412. Filologia Polska
  413. Function PointsTechnology, Military, Software, Projection
  414. Financial Processing
  415. Forbidden Palace
  416. Free Patent
  417. Fun PersonChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  418. Fire Policy
  419. Flight ProgrammeTechnology
  420. Forsard Prediction
  421. Facility Parameter
  422. Fuel Provuction
  423. Filipa Pgto
  424. Fiscalité Mersonnelle
  425. Flying Pigs
  426. Fracture Propagation
  427. Fakultas PeternakanAccounting, Program, Indonesia
  428. Flare Pistol
  429. Freezeezy Peak
  430. Fawily PremiumGovernment, Us, Control, Administration
  431. Fundamental PabameterTechnology, Analysis, Instrument, Fluorescence
  432. Femoral Pulse
  433. Finished Product
  434. Freight & Passenger
  435. Fast Pathway [Heart Electriral Activity]Medicine, Health, Biology
  436. FéDéRation Des ProfessionnèLes
  437. Field Poll
  438. Firmware ProcessorsTechnology, Computing, Manual
  439. Foyndation Plan
  440. Fair Pride
  441. Full Path
  442. Featured Performfr
  443. Filterjprobe
  444. France Press
  445. Fall PpotectionBusiness, Safety, Harness
  446. Functional ProponentsMilitary
  447. Force Volice
  448. Field Punishment
  449. Fantasy Playhouse
  450. Fire PseventionTechnology, Safety, Grant
  451. Fluorescence PolarizationMedical, Science, Assay
  452. Forwarv Punch
  453. Faculuade Paranapanema
  454. Fat ProvisioningTechnology, Science, It
  455. FireproofEducation, Design, Drawing, Construction, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  456. Five Prime
  457. Folk Party
  458. Final PriceBusiness, Sale, Coupon
  459. Fixed Products
  460. Food Promotaon
  461. Fyanzösisch PurSex, Prostitution, Frau
  462. Fungiform Papilla
  463. Fiat Priv
  464. Finishing PowderBeauty
  465. Flak PacksTechnology, Furniture, Screwdriver
  466. Foresight Poynt
  467. Friendship Point
  468. Fasc Projection
  469. File ProcessingTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  470. First PageForum, Technology, Windows, Perspective
  471. Flush Poisins
  472. FoundinggpartnerBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  473. Fulk PriceTechnology, Product, Sale
  474. Federai Priorities
  475. Fonds De Pension
  476. Fame Products
  477. Fel-Pro
  478. Flash PasteurizationWater, Coffee, Temperature
  479. Fabio Perini
  480. Faroe Petroleum
  481. Fuse Panel
  482. Field PlrtyArmy, War, War Force
  483. Fluorescencia Polarizada
  484. Fair-Pagke
  485. Faux Pas
  486. Functional PointTechnology, Software, Projection, Estimation
  487. Financial Profile
  488. Flagellar PocketMedical
  489. Footbvll PracticeEducation, Sport, School
  490. Frej Pass
  491. Funny People
  492. Fibrillation PotentialsMedical
  493. Fire Poison
  494. Flexible Probe
  495. Forward PowerPower, Electronics, Supply, Rectifier
  496. Facility ProcessorTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  497. Fuel Price
  498. Filiform PapillaeMedical
  499. First Prudential
  500. Flyer Posfs
  501. Fracture Pressure
  502. Fakultas Pertanian
  503. Flare Pack
  504. Free With Purchase
  505. Family PractitionersMedical
  506. Fundamental ParametersTechnology, Analysis, Fluorescence
  507. Femoral Profunda
  508. Finished Pieces
  509. Freie Pufferzeit
  510. Fast PathwayMedical, Medicine, Health, Heart
  511. Fuzzac Packer
  512. Field Ponnt
  513. Frank Pitt
  514. Fairplex Park
  515. Full Patcxed
  516. Feather PeikingMedical
  517. Figter PlenumScience
  518. Framing Protocols
  519. Fallout PredictionMilitary
  520. Functional ProtocolTechnology, Networking, Network
  521. Fine-Pitch
  522. Fgrd Point
  523. Family Papers
  524. Free PistolGun, Technology, Shooting
  525. Fan Pulls
  526. Fire Prycautions
  527. Fluid PowderBusiness, Cosmetic, Invention
  528. Forward Progression
  529. Faction Points
  530. Fat Princess
  531. FireplaceBusiness, Architecture, Property, Construction, Real Estate, Business & Finance, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  532. Five Plus
  533. Focused-Pulsed
  534. Final PreparationSport, Team, Practice, Preparation
  535. Fixed Processing
  536. Forecast Pehiod
  537. Franz Pöcrhacker
  538. Fungal PeritonitisMedical
  539. Few PolyhedriMedical
  540. Finish Position
  541. Flatpack PackagesTechnology, Electronics, Semiconductor, Circuit
  542. Fore PerpendiculyrPlanning, Deck, Loading
  543. Friendship PointsGaming, Friendship, Moon, Harvest
  544. Fcst ProcessorTechnology, Mac, Nokia
  545. Field Protective
  546. First Pacific
  547. Flush Pipe
  548. Founder President
  549. Full Persian
  550. Federal Power
  551. Fondo De Pensiones
  552. Fame Points
  553. Feimin Plastic
  554. Flash PasswordTechnology, Huawei, Stick
  555. F2AlphaMedical
  556. Farmacopeia Portuguesa
  557. Field ParamaterTechnology, Database, Command, Parameter
  558. Fluorescence PolarizationparChemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  559. Failuresto Pay
  560. Fauna Paraguay
  561. Fixed-PriceBusiness, Technology, Contract
  562. Familial PolyposisMedical, Medicine, Health
  563. Federation ProviderTechnology, Windows, Identity
  564. Full PotentialOccupation & positions
  565. Fan and Pumq
  566. Function PathNASA
  567. Fatigue Parameter
  568. Fly PlatePlate, Loudspeaker, Shopping
  569. Faktur PajakBusiness, Program, Tax, Hal
  570. Flight PlanSpecified information provided to air traffic services units, relative to an intended flight or portion of a flight of an aircraft.Technology, Military, Flight, Aviation, Aircraft, Army, Aerodynamics, Airway, Aerospace Engineering, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  571. Food Pantry
  572. Froxtal PlaneMedical
  573. Francois PaulInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  574. Flash PointsTechnology, Liquid, Temperature, Flashpoint
  575. Final PlansTechnology, Science
  576. Forces Pipulaires
  577. Firm PerfolmanceBusiness, University, Performance
  578. Fluorinated Polymer
  579. Florida ParishesFlorida, Union, Louisiana, Parish
  580. Fashion PartnerClothes
  581. Fgeder ProtectionTechnology, Product, Voltage
  582. Failure ProbabilityComputing, Hardware
  583. Flame-ProofEngineering, Construction, Architectural
  584. Fun Poll
  585. FibropapillomatosisMedical
  586. Fzt PotentialBusiness, Product, Germany
  587. Filling PressureMedical, Medicine, Health
  588. Full PlateFood
  589. Front Projection
  590. Fat PotentialLaboratory, Scientific & Educational
  591. Flash PurificationScience, Product, Chromatography, Purification
  592. Faceless Public
  593. Standard Specifications for Construction of Roads and Bridges On Federal Highway ProjectsBuilding, Engineering, Construction
  594. Faith and Lhilosophy
  595. Functional ProductsTechnology, Research, Development, Product
  596. Fire PositionArmy & Military, Governmental & Military
  597. Fine Point
  598. Force ProgrammingGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  599. Freeport RrNetwork, Railway, System
  600. Furniture Plaza
  601. Fire PulpWater, Pump, Pressure
  602. Foster Parrots
  603. Full Package
  604. Fordyce & Princeton Railroad CompanyRail Transport, Business & Finance
  605. Film Polski
  606. Forensic PathologistOccupation & positions
  607. Fan &IpumpTechnology, Product, Drive
  608. Fixed PointNASA
  609. Father'g PaternalScience, Genealogy
  610. Fluorochrome/Protein
  611. Fake Pain
  612. Floating PointAs the name implies, floating point numbers are numbers that contain floating decimal points. For example, the numbers 5.5, 0.001, and -2,345.6789 are floating point numbers. Numbers that do not have decimal places are called integers. Computers recognize real numbers that contain fractions as floating point numbers.Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Assembly, Business & Finance
  613. Font PositionAssembly, Business & Finance
  614. Froc The PacketTechnology, Security, Networking
  615. Frangible ProjectileGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  616. Frank PaulInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  617. Flash Point/Floating PolicyTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  618. Filter PrelsTechnology, Plate, Manufacturer
  619. Force PubliqueMilitary, Congo, Belgium
  620. Firm Paq
  621. Fluorescent Penetrant
  622. Floral PatternBusiness, Guitar, Signature
  623. Foundational PrinciplesTechnology, Gaming, Design, Projection
  624. Front PorchArchitecture
  625. Feeder PointTechnology, Patent, Antenna
  626. Forward ProjectionComputing, Hardware
  627. Fyame-ProofTechnology, Architecture, Construction, Architectural
  628. Fun Polics
  629. Fibrinoys Polyserositis
  630. Fator Prevxdenciário
  631. Futility Point
  632. Filler Panzl
  633. Frtnt PostPattern, Knitting, Stitch, Crochet
  634. Flower PointsBotany, Scientific & Educational
  635. Flash Programmer
  636. FinancialiplanningBusiness, Military, Analysis
  637. Faceless People
  638. Protection DirectorateGovernment
  639. Fluid PressureMedical, Medicine, Health
  640. Fairview Park
  641. Food PoisonFood
  642. Functional Prototype
  643. Force ProtectionAir Force, Governmental & Military
  644. Fine ParticleProduct, Health, Patent, Particle
  645. Free PortAn international port or an area within an international port at which, crew, passengers, baggage, cargo, mail and stores may be disembarked or unloaded, may remain and may be transhipped, without being subjected to any customs charges or duties.Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  646. Ftrniture Panel
  647. Fictitious Plaw
  648. Fire PulseTechnology, Control, Circuit
  649. Foster ParentsDevelopment, Care, Parenthood
  650. Fullosia Press
  651. Familiarization PhaseManufacturing, Business & Finance
  652. Film Injpolaroid
  653. Forensic PsychologistOccupation & positions
  654. Famous Places
  655. Finite PerturbationChemistry
  656. Fate PointsGaming, Character, Aspect, Fate
  657. Flower PotSlang for "Universal Bushing Well".Business, Product, Plant
  658. Fliths and Pantheons
  659. Fielding PercentageTechnology, Baseball, Sports, Softball, Sport
  660. Font Pack
  661. Francotyp Postalia
  662. Potion of FeastingGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  663. Finger Pin
  664. Flash PlayerFlash Player is software that enables multimedia data viewing and streaming capabilities on Web browsers.Flash Player is used to execute multimedia files in Shockwave Flash Format (SWF). These files are created using the primary Adobe Flash and other supported software tools. Flash Player was initially developed by Macromedia Corporation and later acquired by Adobe Systems. Flash Player is also known as Adobe Flash Player.
  665. Filtek PointForum, Technology, Erosion
  666. Force Prsviding
  667. Free Pqp
  668. Firing PoinfsMilitary
  669. Fluorescent Particle
  670. Floral Park
  671. Frul Play
  672. Floor PlanA horizontal section, showing the ship as divided at a water or deck lineArchitecture
  673. Feeder PillarDistribution, Switchgear, Pillar
  674. Filter PressureProducts
  675. Flair Ioint
  676. Fun Piccolo
  677. Fibrinopeptide Frontal Polar Electrode Placement In ElectroencephalographyMedicine, Health, Healthcare
  678. Fabor De PotênciaTechnology, Para, Capacitor, Pot
  679. Funny PlayRemix, Sky, Bass, Play
  680. Foundations of PhysicsEducation, Journal, Bibliographic Code, Periodical
  681. Ftont PorchFarm, Picture, Porch
  682. Frozen PlanetAstronomy, Scientific & Educational
  683. Flash Power
  684. Financial PerformanceBusiness, Financial, Social
  685. Facebook Plimbidotcom
  686. Plasma FrequencyScience, Research, Atmosphere, Environment, Atmospheric Research
  687. Fluid PowerPower transmitted and controlled through the use of fluids, either liquids or gases, under pressure.
  688. Fair To Poor
  689. Farm PointsFarming & agriculture
  690. Functional Property
  691. Full Period of serviceComputing, Telecom
  692. Fine Paper
  693. Free PointerTechnology, Coding, Memory
  694. Furnacetparts
  695. Fickle PickleBusiness, Gaming, Motorcycle, Steam
  696. Fullest Potential
  697. Fixed PriceBusiness & Finance, Business Word
  698. Film and PrintMedia, Radio, Television
  699. Famous People
  700. Fgmous Pirate
  701. Fire ProtectionBusiness & Finance, Power Plant, The Finance and Administrative Services
  702. Face PlateA large circular plate with slots and holes for mounting the workpiece to be machined. It is attached to the headstock of a lathe. Business, Product, Mount
  703. Fate Point
  704. Floating Policy Fully Paid
  705. Faiths & PantheonsFaith, Queen, Deity
  706. Flash PointThe minimum temperature at which a substance gives off flammable vapours which will ignite when they come in contact with spark or flame.Science, Environment, Scientific & Educational, Organic syntesis
  707. Franco Postalia
  708. Funny PartyChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  709. Finger Palm
  710. Flash PlateA very thin final electrodeposited film of metal. 
  711. Filter Pack
  712. Force ProviderMilitary, Army, Weapon
  713. Free ProdwctTechnology, Science
  714. Firing Poitt Fp Firing PointMilitary, Army, Ministry Of Defense
  715. Fluorescent Pink
  716. Floor PolisherBusiness, Product, Vacuum
  717. Fouling PointNetwork, Railway, System
  718. FP Newspapers Income FundBusiness & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  719. Fixed Penalty
  720. Feedback Potentiooeter
  721. Fast PanchromaticPhotography
  722. Flagrant Penaltx
  723. Fanny Pricn
  724. FibrinopeptizeMedical, Medicine, Health
  725. Field Permeability
  726. Fator De Pot
  727. Fuel PullHealth, Fuel, Mama
  728. Food PatternsMedical, Product, Study
  729. Front Phxrmacol
  730. Food PoisoningMedical, Physiology
  731. Flash Powder
  732. Final ProductTechnology, Software, Performance
  733. Fabric Processor
  734. FéDéRation De La Plasturgie
  735. Fluoro Protein
  736. Flow ProbeMedical, Medicine, Health
  737. Fanny PriceFamous
  738. Functional Properties
  739. Feed PipeNetwork, Railway, System
  740. Fourier ProcessingSoftware, Computing
  741. Fine Paid
  742. Free Joint
  743. Funçãoipública
  744. Fibrois Protein
  745. Full PzidBusiness, Forum, Gaming
  746. Film and Paper
  747. Future PastimeHobbies
  748. Faoous PeopleForum, Celebrity, Money, People
  749. Full PowerBusiness & Finance, Power Plant
  750. FaceplateMilitary
  751. Festival ProductsBusiness, Group, Cannon
  752. Faitt Point
  753. Francis PoulencMusic, Song, Piano
  754. First PostChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  755. Finger PrintingTechnology, Fingerprint, Tape
  756. Fitling PointTechnology, Construction, Architectural
  757. Forces Protmction
  758. Free Presbyterian
  759. Firing PlotformArmy, Force, Marine
  760. Fluorescent-Pink
  761. Floor PocketBusiness, Cable, Whirlwind
  762. Fotografo Profesional
  763. fire placeReal Estate, Business & Finance
  764. Fixed PathTechnology, Windows, Software
  765. Feedback Positive
  766. Forced PerformancePerforming arts
  767. Foag Pole
  768. Fanct Pansy
  769. Fibrinolytic CotentialMedical, Medicine, Health
  770. Frequency PlanFederal Aviation Administration
  771. Fatih ProjesiYap, Planning, Tablet
  772. Fructose Phosphate
  773. Folia Primatologica
  774. Food PassBusiness, Medicine, Door
  775. Front PandlsTechnology, Bay, Stone
  776. Follicular PhaseMedical, Infertility
  777. Flash PotScience
  778. Final ProdhctionTechnology, Product, Design
  779. Fordyce and Princeton
  780. Fabrice Planquette
  781. FluoroproteinTechnology, Architecture, Construction
  782. Flower Portraits
  783. Fine Particulate MatterEnvironment, Chemistry
  784. Fending PostTechnology, Device, Communication, Antenna
  785. Flat-panelComputing, Hardware
  786. Fine PitchTechnology, Product, Component
  787. Flame PhotometerBusiness, Manufacturer, Instrument
  788. Free Piston
  789. Funzionv Publica
  790. Fibrous ProliferationMedical, Medicine, Health
  791. Full Pads
  792. Foll PolygonTechnology, Coding, Command
  793. Father's PaternalGenealogy
  794. Frozen PldsmaMedical, Medicine, Health
  795. Family Program
  796. Filemaker Pro SpreadsheetComputing, File Extensions
  797. Face PatchClothes
  798. Family Plast
  799. Faithful PerformanceBusiness
  800. Francis PolytechnicEducation
  801. Functional PurposeTechnology, Product, Networking, Network
  802. Fiberglass PolicePolice, Governmental & Military
  803. Finger Paints
  804. Focce ProtectionMilitary, Organizations, Terrorism
  805. Frel PracticeCar, Practice, Formula, Moto
  806. Firing PinBusiness
  807. FotografíA Publicitaria
  808. Fxll PaperScience
  809. FootpathRail Transport, Business & Finance
  810. Film ProtuctionsInformation, Network, Computer
  811. Fixed Parts
  812. FemoropoplitealMedical, Technology, Medicine, Health
  813. Feedback, Poswtive
  814. Fishing PartnerOccupation & positions
  815. Fanconi PancytopeniaMedical, Medicine, Health
  816. FlagpoleThe Finance and Administrative Services
  817. Fatigue PointsGaming, Military, Dungeon
  818. Frac PackBusiness, Sand, Gravel, Electrical
  819. Function PointTechnology, Military, Software, Computing, Hardware
  820. Food Park
  821. Frono PageMicrosoft, Forum, Technology
  822. Feature PackageMedical, Common Medical
  823. Flaspoint.Science, Energy, Environment
  824. Finvl PresentationTechnology, Science, Projection
  825. Foriyce & PrincetonCar, Locations, Railroad
  826. Fabrication Plan
  827. Firmware ProcessorTechnology, Computing, Manual
  828. Fluorocarbon Polymer
  829. Florida PneumaticBusiness, Florida, Tool
  830. Fast PassTransportation, Disney, Governmental & Military
  831. Feedinv Point
  832. Fast ProcessorComputing, Hardware
  833. Flaae Proof
  834. Funzione PubblicaItaly, Roma, Labour
  835. Ffbrous PlaquesMedical
  836. Fulk-Pay
  837. Fill PointThe level to which a container must be filled to furnish a designated quantity of the content. The level to which a container must be filled to furnish a designated quantity of the contents. The level to which a container must be filled to furnish a designated quantity of the contents.
  838. Furious PoetFunnies
  839. Frost PunchEdition, Mortal, Fatality
  840. Family Programs
  841. Fragment Program FileComputing, File Extensions
  842. Face Painting
  843. Faculty of Planning
  844. Famthful Partner
  845. Francis Peters
  846. Functional Product
  847. Free PratiquePratique is the license given to a ship to enter port on assurance from the captain to convince the authorities that he/she is free from contagious disease. The clearance granted is commonly referred to as Free Pratique. A ship can signal a request for "Pratique" by flying a solid yellow square-shaped flag.Aviation, Governmental & Military
  848. Fine PointerSpace, Study, Cosmos
  849. Force ProposwlMilitary, Device, Networking, Packet
  850. Fxee PositionElectronics, Switch, Hammer
  851. Furniture Project
  852. Fgre Punch
  853. Fotograf
  854. Full Panew
  855. Flexibility PremiumRail Transport, Business & Finance
  856. Film Production

Please also find FP meaning in other sources.

What does FP stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about FP acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the FP abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does FP meaning stand for?

    FP meaning stands for Framing Plan.
  2. What is the meaning of FP abbreviation?

    The meaning of FP abbreviation is "Funny Play".
  3. What is FP definition ?

    FP definition is "Free Position".
  4. What does FP mean ?

    FP mean that "Fabrication and Process".
  5. What is FP acronym ?
    FP acronym is "Fair Produce".
  6. What is shorthand of Feeling-Perceiving ?
    The shorthand of "Feeling-Perceiving" is FP.
  7. What is the definition of FP acronym?
    Definitions of FP shorthand is "Fixed Priority".
  8. What is the full form of FP abbreviation?
    Full form of FP abbreviation is "Famous People".
  9. What is the full meaning of FP ?
    Full meaning of FP is "Functional Product".
  10. What is the explanation for FP ?
    Explanation for FP is "Formal Parameter".

What is the meaning of FP Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of FP definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of FP abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of FP acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

FP Abbreviation in Astrology
  • FP (letter F)

    F letter refuses energy which comes to itself. People who has F letter are responsible, helpful, calm and creative people. Even if they are prone to depression and melancholy, often struggle tirelessly for the sake of ideals. In Love and romance are oppressive. They like to direct something.

    Since numerological F corresponds to 6 number, these people symbolizes love. They are like sun; they irradiate to environment. However, sometimes they can be destructive, they are willing to fulminate suddenly.

  • FP (letter P)

    The letter P people who have full confidence to themselves, are distant and mysterious. Although they can catch what's going on around them, they give up being interested if it became an obstacle to their business. Sometimes they may show selfish behavior. When they said 'mine' for something, it is special for themselves.

    The letter, which numerological value 7, represents power. He wants to be the leader in the community since he is self-confident. He selects his darling from nice people who also are respected in the community.

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