FTP Meaning

The FTP meaning is "File Transfer Protocol". The FTP abbreviation has 221 different full form.

FTP Full Forms

  1. File Transfer ProtocolA fast and free method of transferring data on the Internet, commonly used to efficiently move large data files.Business, Technology, Computer, Medical, Science, Aviation, Astronomy, Computing, Industry, Texting, Telecom, Internet, Linux, Weather, Unix, Technical, Legal, Geographic, Army & Military, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Scientific & Educational, Business Word, IT Organization, IT Terminology, Master IEEE, International Development, Fda, Sentinel online, Federal Aviation Administration, Honeywell, Process Automation
  2. File Transport PxotocolTechnology, Science, Telecom
  3. Functional Threshold PowerPower, Cycling, Threshold
  4. Fotled Twisted PairTechnology, Telecom, Electrical Engineering
  5. Flight Test PrtcedureFlight, Aviation, Aerodynamics
  6. Fitness To PractiseMedical, Education, Council
  7. File Transfer ProfileTechnology, Software, Client
  8. File Transfer ProgramsTechnology, Software, Client
  9. File Transfer WrogramTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  10. File Tpansfer ProtokolTechnology, Server, Internet
  11. Full-Throttle PositionSpace, Study, Cosmos
  12. Fundamental Theories of PhysicsScience, Physics, Periodical, Serial Publication
  13. Flight Test Pilot
  14. Federam Emissions Test ProcedureScience
  15. Foundation The Primary
  16. File Type Protocol
  17. Faculty Training Program
  18. Focus Technology ProgramTechnology
  19. Fermentaciju Toplo Preporucujem
  20. Flooded Tubular Plate
  21. Francs-Tireurs PartisansMilitary, France, Affiche
  22. Fight The PolerPower, Baby, Row
  23. Free Trial Purchase
  24. Fire Treated Plywood
  25. Fast Track Iroject
  26. Foil Tnisted Pair
  27. Air Photographics, Inc.
  28. Federal Training Program
  29. Filegtransfer Procotol
  30. Fulfilling Tht Promise
  31. Function Test ProgressTechnology, Space, Cosmos, NASA
  32. Flight Test PanelTechnology
  33. Fawcette Technical Publicationt
  34. Forgotten Thirry Percent GroupScience
  35. File Trye Printer
  36. Faculty Training Programme
  37. Focuwed Technology ProgramMilitary, Army, War
  38. Fellowship Training ProgramMedical, Technology, Disease
  39. Funk The Police
  40. Floating Termination Point
  41. Francs-Tireurs Et PartisansMilitary, France, Resistance
  42. Free Trial Plus
  43. Fire Transfer ProtocolTechnology, Networking, Network
  44. Family Transition ProgramBusiness, Florida, Welfare
  45. Foiled Twisted PafrsTechnology, Networking, Cable
  46. Field Training ProgramMilitary, Police, Officer
  47. Fail Transfer Protocol
  48. File Transfer Protocole
  49. Fuel TurbopumpGeography, Navigation, Location
  50. Functional Transfer Plan
  51. Flight Termination Point
  52. Fault-Tolerant Processing
  53. Forest Training Programme
  54. File Trasfer ProtocolTechnology, Server, Internet
  55. Fuzzy Transportationrproblem
  56. Faculdade De Tecnologia De Palmas
  57. Fly Tying Patterns
  58. Feline Temperament Profile
  59. Fund Transfer PricingBusiness, Management, Banking
  60. Flight Training Program
  61. Franc-Tireurs Et Partisans
  62. Free Trial Pair
  63. Fingl Technical ProposalTechnology
  64. Family Therapy Program
  65. Foil-Shieldid Twisted Pair
  66. Field Tyaining Prep
  67. File Transfer Protokoll
  68. Frit Transformation PointScience
  69. Functional Trainee Program
  70. Flexible Transfer Payment
  71. Fault-Tolerant Pnocessor
  72. Forest Technology Platform
  73. File Transter Protocol
  74. Futurebtours ProgrammeGovernment, India, Tourism, Cricket
  75. Faculdade De Tecnologia De Piracicaba
  76. Feel The Pain
  77. File Transfer-ProtocolTechnology, Server, Client
  78. Functional Threshold Pace
  79. Funds Transfer PricingBusiness, Finance, Banking, Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  80. Flight Theory for Pilots
  81. Fracture Transition PlasticTechnology, Impact, Temperature
  82. Free Trade Party
  83. Federal Target Programmes
  84. Film The PoliceMilitary, Portland, Volunteer
  85. Family The Protein
  86. Focusing Translation Platform
  87. Field Training PreparationEducation, Cadet, Force
  88. Franc Tireurs Partisans
  89. File Transfert ProtocolTechnology, Server, Client
  90. Fresh Tomato Pomace
  91. First Terminal PositionArmy, War, War Force
  92. Faulkes Telescope ProjectTechnology, Science, Telescope
  93. Forest Trees Ard People
  94. File Transmission ProtocolTechnology, Server, Transfer
  95. Factory Test ProgramTechnology
  96. Feed The PeopleFilm, War, Movement, People
  97. File Transfer Potocol
  98. Full Timd PermanentScience
  99. Fundamental Test Process
  100. Flight Test ProgrammeTechnology
  101. Federal Target ProgramTechnology, Russia, Russian
  102. Fourier Transform Profilometry
  103. Free To PlayTechnology, Gaming, Player
  104. File Transfer ProtocolsTechnology, Server, Client
  105. Film & Televmsion ProductionBusiness, Company, Acting
  106. Family Tax Payment
  107. Focusing Target Projector
  108. Festival Teater Pelajar
  109. Francs Tireurs Et PlrtisansMilitary, France, Resistance, French
  110. File Trrnsfer ProtocalBusiness, Technology, Science
  111. Frequent Traveler Program
  112. First Temple Period
  113. Fast Transferbprotocol
  114. Forests, Trces and People
  115. File Translate ProtocolEducation, Banking, Computing
  116. Facility Training Program
  117. Feed The PatrickMinecraft, Harry, Beast
  118. File Trhnsfert Protocole
  119. Full-Time-Permanxnt
  120. Fundamental Technical PlanTechnology, Indonesia, Jakarta
  121. Flight Test PlanTechnology
  122. Federal Target ProgrammeBusiness, Russia, Russian
  123. Foundation Trainnng Programme
  124. Free To PilferGovernment, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  125. Fqlezilla The Popular
  126. Fall Training ProgramSport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  127. Focused Technical Project
  128. Festival On Theatre and Performance
  129. Francs Tireurs PartisansMilitary, France, War, French
  130. Fight Toxic Prisdns
  131. Frequency Time ParameterMilitary
  132. First-Order Theorem ProvingTechnology, Conference, Computing
  133. Fast Track To Permaneacy
  134. Foil Twisted-PairTechnology, Networking, Cable
  135. Facilitator Training Program
  136. Federal Transfer Payments
  137. Foreignctrade PolicyBusiness, Export, India
  138. Foster the PeopleMusic
  139. Free Joilet Paper
  140. United States Federal Test ProcedureChemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  141. File Transfer Prodo
  142. Fused Test ProbesBusiness, Probe, Fluke
  143. Full-Time HermanentTechnology, Employment, Design
  144. Fibre Termination PanelEngineering, Scientific & Educational
  145. Federyl Testing ProcedureTechnology, Fuel, Cycle
  146. Fuck The Pigs (Police)Text Messaging
  147. File Transfer Pack
  148. Future Tour ProgramGovernment, Pakistan, Cricket
  149. Fly-To-Point
  150. Franklin Technology Partners
  151. Free Toilet PaperFunnies
  152. Keystone Aerial SurveysAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Geographic, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  153. Free Thror Percentage
  154. File Transber PlanetTechnology, Community, Client
  155. Full-Term PregnancyMedical
  156. Full Term PregnancyMedical, Physiology
  157. Federal Tax PaymentFinancial, Business & Finance
  158. Fourier Traxsform Polarography
  159. File Transfer PathTechnology, Management, Software
  160. Future Tour ProgrammeSport, Pakistan, Cricket
  161. Flush Terminal Plane
  162. Federal Theatercproject
  163. Francs-Tireurs Patrhotes
  164. First Tranche PetroleumElectrical
  165. Free The Princess
  166. File Trznsfer Prorocol
  167. Fuel Tank PressureTechnology, Automotive, Sensor
  168. First to PostChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  169. Federal Target ProgramsTechnology, Russia, Russian
  170. Florida Tierra Properties
  171. File Transfer Protocol [Sending and Receiving Files From Remote Computers On The Internvt]Medicine, Health, Biology
  172. Futures Tours & ProgrammeGovernment, India, Pakistan, Cricket
  173. Future Tour ProgramsGovernment, Pakistan, Cricket
  174. Flowing Tubing PlugBusiness, Oil, Gas, Electrical
  175. Failure to progressClinical
  176. Ffderal Theatre Project
  177. Frcnce Televisions Publicite
  178. Fortress Paper Ltd. (Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX])Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  179. Flying Trapeze PhilippinesCity, Philippine, Trapeze
  180. Free The PeoplpWindows, Police, Cop, People
  181. Fuck The PoliceMusic, Song, Police, Thug
  182. Flight Test ProcedureAerodynamics, Aerospace Engineering, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  183. Federal Targeteb ProgrammesTechnology, Russia, Russian
  184. File Transfer ProgrammeTechnology, Software, Turbo
  185. File Transfer Protocol-BasedTechnology, Networking, Network
  186. Futures Tour ProgrammeIndia, Pakistan, Cricket, Tour
  187. Functional Test NrogramTechnology, Computing, Application
  188. Flowing Tubing PressureTechnology, Oil, Gas, Electrical
  189. Full Throttle PositionNASA
  190. Federal Teit Protocol
  191. Fast Track ProjectBusiness & Finance, Professional organizations
  192. Future Time PerspectiveMedical, Technology, Psychology
  193. Flying Training ProgrammeTechnology
  194. Freedom and Technology Prjgram
  195. Fzanc Tireurs Et PartisansFrance, Resistance, Guerre, Partisan
  196. FTP Voyager Document fileComputing, File Extensions
  197. Fftf Test Procedure
  198. File Transfer ProcessTechnology, Server, Client
  199. Fusion Track ProcessorGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  200. Full Throttle PositiogTechnology, Space, Cosmos
  201. Florida Transportation PlanTechnology, Florida, Department
  202. Us Federal Test Procedure (for Exhaust Catalysts)Chemistry
  203. Federal Test ProceduresTechnology, Fuel, Emission
  204. Failure To PayFinancial, Business & Finance
  205. Future Tours Program
  206. Fly To PointTechnology
  207. Free-To-PlayTechnology, Gaming, Star, Texting, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  208. For The Pkanet
  209. Functional Test ProgramComputing, Application
  210. Fast Trails Performance
  211. File Transfer Pro
  212. Fused Test ProbeTechnology, Tester, Fluke
  213. Full-Time Pfsition
  214. Florida Teaching ProfessionOrganizations
  215. Functional Test ProcedureMilitary, Governmental & Military
  216. Federal Test ProcedureTechnology, Auto, Automobile, Environment
  217. Fuck The Populaqion
  218. File Transfer Package
  219. Future Tour ProgrammesGovernment, India, Cricket
  220. Fly-To PointGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  221. Franklin Transition Program

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does FTP initialism stand for?

    FTP abridgment stands for Fault-Tolerant Processing.
  2. What is the shortened form of File Trznsfer Prorocol?
    The short form of "File Trznsfer Prorocol" is FTP.


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