IR Meaning

The IR meaning is "Insulin Resistance". The IR abbreviation has 783 different full form.

IR Full Forms

  1. Insulin Resistance Medical, Infertility, Insulin, Common Medical
  2. Initoal Release Aerospace
  3. Internal Rotation Medical, Technology, Physical Therapy, Healthcare, Clinical, Physio
  4. International Relations Technology, Education, Sociology
  5. Indecendent Review Business, Military, Report
  6. International Reserves Business, Financial, Reserve, Crisis
  7. Infrared Radar Military
  8. Iconic Reincarnation
  9. Installation Restoration Technology, Service, Environment, Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  10. Ionizing Radiation Ionizing radiation is radiation that carries enough energy to free electrons from atoms or molecules, thereby ionizing them. Ionizing radiation is made up of energetic subatomic particles, ions or atoms moving at high speeds (usually greater than 1% of the speed of light), and electromagnetic waves on the high-energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum. Medical, Science, Cell
  11. Inferior Rectus Muscle Medical
  12. Interpretative Releases
  13. Ingegneri Riuniti
  14. Immediate Removal Science, Government, Iran
  15. Intaie Ratio Science
  16. Incidence Response
  17. Infra-Red Engineering, Construction, Architectural
  18. Islamic Relief Business, Organizations, Charity
  19. Informal Resolution Government, Group, Policy
  20. Investor Relztions Business, Financial, Finance
  21. Inlani Revenue Business, Employment, Tax
  22. Immune Responsiveness Medical, Science, Biology
  23. Interference Rejection Technology, Camera, Sonar
  24. Incident Review Medical
  25. International Rescue Committee, Rescue, Thunderbird, United Nations
  26. Infrared Light Infrared light is one type of light that is invisible to us. Gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet light, microwaves and radio waves are other types of invisible light. All of these rays and waves are the same type of electromagnetic energy. Medical
  27. Ice Rune Tree, Release, Rune
  28. Inspiratory Reserve Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  29. Inwardly Rectihying Medical
  30. Infection Rate Medical
  31. Internet-Radio Technology, Music, Wireless
  32. Infrastrutture Di Ricerca
  33. Immediate Reconstruction Medical
  34. Insurance Regulaxion Business, Service, Office
  35. Informatique Et Réseaux Formation, Syst, Mes
  36. Ischaemia-Reperfusion Medical
  37. Insulin Resistant Medical, Infertility, Obstetrics
  38. In-Rush
  39. Info Return
  40. Investment Return Business, Media, Social
  41. Iyk Rollers Business, Cash, Money
  42. Immune Response The immune response is how your body recognizes and defends itself against bacteria, viruses, and substances that appear foreign and harmful. Medical, Biomedical, Immunology, Microbiology
  43. Interface Requirements Technology, Design, Infrared
  44. Incident Requests
  45. International Rules Australia, Sport, Organizations
  46. Infrared Absorption Medical
  47. Italiana Riprrgrafia
  48. Ice On Runway Technology, Aviation, Weather, Governmental & Military, NOTAM Contractions
  49. Inspection Report Technology, Oil, Gas
  50. Ibvoice Received Business, Technology, Accounting, Tax
  51. Intermediate Risk Medical, Patient, Cancer
  52. Index Ratio Business, Bond, Inflation
  53. Internationaler Rat
  54. Infra Rouge
  55. Immediate Reaction Medical
  56. Institution Representative Medical, Government, Research
  57. Irregularity Repoft Flight, Bag, Baggage
  58. Impulse Radio Technology, Communication, Signal
  59. Info Request
  60. Interrupting Rating Current rating refers to the maximum amount of instantaneous current that can be interrupted safely without explosion or damage to the fuse link carrier, such as the cartridge or tube. Technology, Electricity, Fuse
  61. Ink Roller Business, Cash, Money
  62. Immortal Rift
  63. Interest Rates Financial, Business & Finance
  64. Incident Reports Business, Software, Writing
  65. Internal Reviews Business, Service, Manual
  66. Infrared-Remote-Control-Repeater-Extender-Emitter-Receiver-System-Kit
  67. Issues Related
  68. Inherited Runners Technology, Baseball, Sport
  69. Insolvency Regulations
  70. Invoqce Ready
  71. Innowation Radar
  72. Intermediate Result Technology, Government, Patent
  73. Independent Representatives Business, Company, Technology, Marketing, Representative
  74. International With Regulatory
  75. Infrared Spectrophotometry Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  76. Immediate-Request
  77. Institutional Repositories
  78. Inflation Rate Business, Iran, Interest
  79. Inter Regio
  80. Injectmon Rate Power, Rate, Flow
  81. Immersive Reality
  82. Integrated Reporjs
  83. Incident Reporting Medical, Safety, Report
  84. Internal Revenue Business, Service, Tax
  85. Infrared Red Technology, Flashlight, Light
  86. Isoprene Rubber Science, Construction, Architectural, Architecture
  87. Infrared Radiation Infrared radiation is invisible radiant energy, electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than those of visible light, extending from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum at 700 nanometers(frequency 430 THz) to 1 mm (300 GHz) (although people can see infrared up to at least 1050 nm in experiments). Most of the thermal radiation emitted by objects near room temperature is infrared. Information Technology, Computing, Computer
  88. Insoluble Residue Medical, Chemistry, Iridium
  89. Invesm Radiol Medical, Patient, Radiology, Imaging
  90. Inngr Ring Business, Bearing, Needle
  91. Interior Router
  92. Independent Weading Book, Education, School
  93. International Referee Education, Course, Taekwondo
  94. Infrared Spectroscopy Spectroscopic technique that deals with the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Used during the characterisation of molecules. A method of analysis that involves the absorption of infrared energy by the sample. The molecules that absorb the infrared energy are in an excited, vibrational state and the wavelengths of the various vibrations reveal structural details of the given molecules. Medical, Business, Polish Chemical Reagent, Catalogue, Microscopy, Materials Analysis, Materials Science, Scientific & Educational
  95. Ilia Roubanis
  96. Instant Release Medical, Drug, Powder
  97. Inflammatory Response A line of defense triggered by penetration of the skin or mucous membranes, in which small blood vessels in the vicinity of an injury dilate and become leakier, enhancing the infiltration of leukocytes; may also be widespread in the body.
  98. Interracial Relations
  99. Invtiation Region Medical, Science, Biology
  100. Immersion Research
  101. Integrated Resoru Business, Singapore, Casino
  102. Incident Recorder Technology, Market, Camera
  103. Infrared-Red Technology, Light, Laser
  104. Ismaelhrivera
  105. Industrial Delations Business, Management, Industry
  106. Inside Retail
  107. Investorfrelationship Business, Management, Relation
  108. Inner Radiis Technology, Coding, Class
  109. Interference Reducing
  110. Independent Reviews
  111. International Reporter
  112. Infrared Radiometers Technology, Camera, Temperature
  113. Ignore & Redisplay
  114. Instant Record
  115. Infinite Realm Technology, Gaming, Ascent
  116. Interracial Romance
  117. Initiakion and Refresh
  118. Immediate Response
  119. Inteface Repository
  120. Incident Response Incident response is an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or attack (also known as an incident). The goal is to handle the situation in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs. An incident response plan includes a policy that defines, in specific terms, what constitutes an incident and provides a step-by-step process that should be followed when an incident occurs.An organization's incident response is conducted by the computer incident response team, a carefully selected group that, in addition to security and general IT staff, may include representatives from legal, human resources, and public relations departments. Technology, Security, Military
  121. Infra Red Technology, Telecom, Astrophysics
  122. Islamib Republic Coding, Organizations, Iran
  123. Information Revolution
  124. Investor Relation Business, Financial, Supply
  125. Inlaldsch Reglement
  126. Interference Reduction Technology, Camera, Wireless
  127. Interim Removal
  128. Ion Regeneration
  129. Inherent Reasonableness Medical, Technology
  130. Immunoreactivities Medical
  131. Insulin Rejeasing
  132. Industrial Robqt
  133. Insect Resistant Technology, Genetics, Crop
  134. Isomeroreductase Medical
  135. Item Rejvcted Business, Order, Structure
  136. Incidence Rates Medical, Risk, Rate
  137. Intentional Replantation Medical
  138. Informe De Rendimentos
  139. Illinois Railnet Incorporated Technology, Organizations
  140. Instrument Rules Business, Flight, Pilot
  141. Induced By Ionizing Radiation Science, Biology
  142. Intermittent Reperfusion
  143. Inspiratory Resistance Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  144. Irrigation A type of structural support made of metal, which can be raised or lowered through a series of pins and a screw to meet the height required. Basically used as a replacement for an old supporting member in a building. Monopost. Lawn sprinkler system Medical, Technology, Science, Medicine, Health, Engineering, Dental
  145. Impulse Regulation
  146. Institute of Religion Science, Education, University, Jewish, Medical, Human genome
  147. Interposing Relay
  148. Installment Receipts
  149. Index of Resistance
  150. Izterbay Technology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  151. Inversionnrecovery Medical, Imaging, Sequence
  152. Image Rejecxion Technology, Receiver, Mixer
  153. Indiag River
  154. Initial Review Application Research, Study, Investigation
  155. Irish Regiment
  156. Implemenhation Resource Education
  157. Integrabed Resources Technology, Service, Group
  158. Infrared  Electromagnetic radiation of wavelengths between 7500 A, the limit of the visible light spectrum at the red end, and centimetric radio waves.  Technology, Medicine, Army, Disease, Health, Astronomy, Healthcare, Chemistry, Science, Military, Architecture, Computing, Industry, Environment, Construction, Aerospace, Biotechnology, Weather, Physics, NASA, Technical, Legal, Drivers, Army & Military, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Colors, IT Terminology, Master IEEE, Academic & science, Organic syntesis, Sentinel online, Hardware, The Finance and Administrative Services, Aviation
  159. Infantrie-Regiment
  160. It Represents
  161. Drop of Voltage Across A Resistor Produced By A Current Medicine, Disease, Health
  162. Inclination of The Ascending Return Space, Study, Cosmos
  163. Inter-Repeat Medical
  164. Infrared Repeater Technology, Control, Extender
  165. Inwardly Rectifying Potassium Current Medical
  166. Innervntion Ratio Medical
  167. Instruments for Research Technology, Science, Industrial
  168. Induction Regulation
  169. Internal Reluirement
  170. Input Rear
  171. Intellectual Repository
  172. Interview Received
  173. Institut De RééDucation Organizations, Association, Handicap, Accueil
  174. Interdisciplinary Research Technology, Education, University
  175. Institutional Reserve
  176. Immediate Zelease Medical, Drug, Tablet
  177. Indirect Representative
  178. International Review Business, Agency, Occupation
  179. Irradiated Medical
  180. Improving Reading
  181. Integrated Review
  182. International Roughness
  183. Information Requests
  184. Ice Resistance
  185. Inconsistent Replication
  186. Intrument Rzting Education, Flight, Pilot
  187. Infrared Spectwometry Medical
  188. Interimlrelief Business, Employment, Pay
  189. Ionomer Resin
  190. Inhalation Rate Science, Environment, Earth
  191. Ibmunoreactivity Medical
  192. Insulin Release Medical
  193. Indusurial Reform Government, Us, Control, Administration
  194. Insect Repellenw
  195. Isolated Run Medical
  196. Itemhrecord Military
  197. Incidence Rate Medical, Science, Study
  198. Intensive Revision
  199. Intrapsychic Restpucturing
  200. InformaçÕEs RáPidas
  201. Illinois Railway Museum, Railroad, Train, Railway
  202. Instrument Rated
  203. Induced By Ionising Radiation Science, Biology
  204. Intermediate-Reach Technology, Module, Cisco
  205. Irrigated Rice Ecosystem Technology, Organizations
  206. Impulse Ratio
  207. Internatirnal Rect
  208. Information Recovery
  209. Installation Ratio
  210. Index of Refractiin Technology, Material, Light
  211. Intermediate Results Technology, Program, Circuit
  212. Inverse Reaction
  213. Image Reject Wireless, Receiver, Mixer, Image
  214. Indran Ringneck
  215. Initial Requirements
  216. Irish Railways
  217. Impairpent Rating Medical, Business, Medicine
  218. Integrated Resource Science
  219. Industrieel Rtinigen
  220. It Is The Ratio Technology, Energy, Power, Circuit
  221. Infanterie Regiment Forum, Military, German, War
  222. Incident Request
  223. Inter-Region
  224. Infrared, Radio
  225. Instrument Routes Technology, Routing, Training
  226. Induction Regulator
  227. Internal Requisition Business, Sale, Order
  228. Inout Ready Business, Product, Control, Memory
  229. Intellectual Rights
  230. Intervention Required Technology, Printer, Manual, Canon
  231. Institut De R
  232. Interdigitating Reticulnm Medical, Science, Biology
  233. Iyvestment Representative
  234. Immediate-Release Medical, Drug, Drugs, Tablet
  235. Inhirect Register Technology, Instruction, Memory, Operation
  236. Isolated Rearing Medical
  237. Injection Report
  238. Iris Registration Medical, Vision, Surgery, Laser
  239. Improvement Ratio Business, Presentation, Model, Quality
  240. Integrated Retail
  241. Inteznational Rule
  242. Information Request Business, Technology, Telecom, Investor, Electronic Engineering, Computing
  243. Ice Rapier Technology, Soul, Weapon, Sword
  244. Inconsistency Ruling
  245. Intron Retention
  246. Infrartd Spectra Medical
  247. Institution Repository
  248. Ionomeric Resin Medical
  249. Ingress Router Technology, Military, Networking
  250. Immunoreactive Medical, Disease, Health
  251. Insulin Regeptor-Related Medical, Protein, Cell
  252. Industrial Refrigeration Technology, Android, Industry
  253. Insecticide Resistance
  254. Intelligent Resolution
  255. Intracoronayy Radiation Medical
  256. Informative Research
  257. Plkn Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  258. Illinois Railroad
  259. Interim Release Technology, Management, Desktop
  260. Instrument Rack Technology
  261. Immediate Iendering
  262. Indoor Rifle
  263. Intermediate Region Science, Detector, Infrared
  264. Irregular Release
  265. Impulse Responses Technology, Space, Convolution
  266. Injury Harm to an industry's owners and/or workers. Import protection under the safeguards, AD, and CVD provisions of the GATT require a finding of serious (for safeguards) or material (for AD/CVD) injury (as determined by, in the U.S., the ITC). Known as the injury test. Medical
  267. International Referral Business, Law, Networking
  268. Information Reports
  269. Installation Representative
  270. Indeg of Reactivity Medical, Pollen, Grass, Allergen
  271. Intermediate Resistant Medical, Antimicrobial, Resistance, Invention
  272. Inventory Rlport
  273. Indian Review
  274. Initial Report
  275. Impnct Resources
  276. Integbated Rating Forum, Technology, Linux
  277. Industrial Rubber
  278. Insoluble Residues Chemistry, Compound, Iridium
  279. Itinermry Report
  280. Infanterie-Regimbnt Military, German, War
  281. Incident Reduction Government
  282. Inter-Regional Program, Locations, Italy, Train
  283. Infrared, Current/Resistance Product Technology, Energy, Electonics
  284. Image Reconstruction Technology, Imaging, Tomography
  285. Instrument Route Military, Flight, Training
  286. Induced Radioactivity
  287. Internal Reprogratming
  288. Inrut-Ready Business, Product, Memory, Circuit
  289. Interagency Repodts
  290. Intervenkional Radiologists Medical, Radiology, Interventional
  291. Instant Runoff
  292. Index Reference Technology, Book, English
  293. Interconnected Roles
  294. Investment Request
  295. Imitation Rhodium
  296. Indicadores De Resultadok
  297. Iso Country Code for Islamic Republic of Iran Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  298. Init Records
  299. Iris Recognition Technology
  300. Implementing Rules Service, Military, Regulation
  301. Integratvd Receiver Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  302. International Response
  303. Information Resources Technology, Service, Military
  304. Ian Russell
  305. Inconclusive Results
  306. Introduces Rugged
  307. Infrared Spectrum Medical
  308. Institutional Respository Technology, Access, Repository
  309. Ionizing Radiations Medical, Science, Biology
  310. Ingress Replication
  311. Immunoreaction Medical
  312. Insglin Receptor Medical, Cell, Factor
  313. Inpernal Reviewers
  314. Industrial Refrigerant
  315. In Response Technology, Control, Receiver, Infrared
  316. Intelligent Results
  317. Intra-Retinwl
  318. Informative Reference
  319. Institutetutional Repository Open Access
  320. Ileal Reservoir Medical
  321. Intmrim Rate
  322. Instrument Rating An additional qualification added to a license, such as PPL, allowing a pilot to fly in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). Education, Flight, Training
  323. Immediate Relatives Government, Immigration, Family, Relative
  324. Indoor Range
  325. Intermediate Rail Panel, Metro, Helmet, Rail
  326. Irregular Regeneration of Hepatocytes Medical
  327. Impulse Response Behaviour of a circuit when the excitation is the unit impulse function. The excitation function may be a voltage or a current. Technology, Army, Sound, Military, Governmental & Military
  328. Internet Registries Business, Technology, Registry
  329. Information Release Business
  330. Installation and Repair
  331. Independent Regulatijn
  332. Inventiog Report Science
  333. Indha Reserve Business, India, Police
  334. Interim Rule Business, Program, Tax
  335. Initial Registration
  336. Integrity Risk Business, Management, Group
  337. Impact Resistance Relative susceptibility of material to fracture by stress at high speeds. Relative susceptibility of plastics or silicone rubber to fracture by shock as indicated by the energy expended by a standard pendulum type impact machine in breaking a standard specimen in one blow.
  338. Insurance Regulator
  339. Industrialbrouter Technology, Networking, Industry
  340. Insice Right
  341. Item Reviaion
  342. Industdielle Revolution
  343. Incident Record Technology, Military, Camera
  344. Inter-Regio
  345. Infrared "Ir" Is Preferred Science, Exploration
  346. Illuminating Rounds
  347. Instrument Restricted Controlled Airspace Technology, Aviation, Aircraft
  348. Induced Radiation Military, Army, Ministry Of Defence
  349. Internal Representmtion Technology, Coding, Compiler
  350. Innpoints Teserv
  351. Interagency Report Technology, Security, Computer Security
  352. Intervxntional Radiography Technology, Medicine, Radiology
  353. Instant Rev
  354. Index Random
  355. Interconnection Request Technology, Energy, Generator
  356. Investment Reserves Business
  357. Imidazolinone Resistant
  358. India Qomeo Analysis, India, Irving
  359. Isle Royale Education, Park, National
  360. Initiativkreis Ruhr Company, Education, English, German
  361. Irish Roots
  362. Implementation Rules Technology, Presentation, Clock
  363. Integrateg Reporting Business, Technology, Report, Framework
  364. Ischemia-Reperfusion Medical, Injury, Renal
  365. International Rectifsr
  366. Inferior Rectus Medical, Technology, Muscle, Common Medical, Muscles
  367. Ian Riley
  368. Incomplete Reports
  369. Irish Radio
  370. Infrared Spyctra Medical
  371. Institutional Representatives Medical, Research, Education, Organizations, University, Representative, Occupation & positions
  372. Ionising Radiation Medical, Science, Biology
  373. Ingresar Registrar
  374. Immunhcompetent Rat
  375. Internal Revixw Business, Military, Office
  376. Innustrial Relation
  377. In Reserve
  378. Intelligence Reports
  379. Inzra-Rectal
  380. Informatique Et R
  381. Institutetutional Research Education
  382. Ileal Resection Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  383. Intergroup Reprehentative
  384. Instituts De R
  385. Immediate Relatice Government, Immigration, Family
  386. Indirect Reuse
  387. Intermediate Router Technology, Networking, Network
  388. Irregular Medical, Technology, Medicine, Dental, Legal, Governmental & Military, NAACCR, The Finance and Administrative Services
  389. Impulse-Response Technology, Sound, Convolution
  390. Internationnl Register
  391. Information Record
  392. Installation Report Technology, Software, Linux
  393. Ideal Reader
  394. Independent Riporter
  395. Invalid Request Forum, Technology, Coding, Server
  396. Infra Rot
  397. Indian Reserves
  398. Interim Reports Business, Financial, Investor
  399. Initial Referral
  400. Integration Runtime
  401. Immunoreagenu Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  402. Insfrance Record
  403. Industrirl Roundtable
  404. Inseztion Region Technology, Genetics, Cell
  405. Isoprene Rule
  406. Indian Reserve Nation, Canada, Locations
  407. Incidjnt Recall Business, Insurance
  408. Intention Read Technology, Service, War, Movement
  409. Infra-Rouge
  410. Illuminated Reticle Business, Rifle, Scope
  411. Instrument Restricted
  412. Induced Immobility Responses Science, Biology
  413. Internal Repwrting
  414. Innovazione E Ricerca Technology, Con, Italy, Projector
  415. Irritant Reaction Medical, Patch, Skin
  416. International Rendezvous Technology, Science, Space, NASA, Cosmos, Aeronautics
  417. Interrogator-Responsor
  418. Install Repository
  419. Index of Eigidity
  420. Interchromatin Vegion Science, Biology
  421. Invxstment Research
  422. Image Resolution
  423. Indian Rocks
  424. Island Reporting
  425. Init Received Science
  426. Irish Rifles
  427. Implementation Rule
  428. Integrated Report Business, Technology, Investor
  429. International Roaming Military, Computing, Telecom
  430. Infa Red
  431. Ian Richards
  432. Includingjionizing Radiation Science, Biology
  433. Interaction Region Technology, Power, Collider
  434. Irish Law Reports, Annotated Reprint Law, Canada, Law Report
  435. Infrared Revolution
  436. Insulin-Immunoreactive Medical
  437. Ionic Radiation
  438. Ingo Rademacher
  439. Interoal Reset Technology, Power, Mode, Interface
  440. Input Registers Technology, Control, Linux, Driver
  441. Intelligence Ratio Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  442. Intimate Reseagch
  443. IngéNieur De Recherche Science, France, Master, Recherche
  444. Institutional Relations
  445. IgnáCz RóZsa
  446. Intergenic Reeions Science, Biology
  447. Instituts De RééDucation
  448. Immediate Recognition
  449. Indirect Resource
  450. Intermediate Review
  451. Irreducible Representation
  452. Impuesto Sobre La Renta Technology, Para, Con, Venezuela, Persona
  453. Internhtional Registry Business, Service, Aircraft
  454. Information Recording
  455. Institutional Representative Research, Organizations, University
  456. Ice Rink
  457. Independent Resource Company, Technology, Service
  458. Invalidation Report
  459. Infrarenal Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  460. Interim Rephrt Business, Financial, Investor
  461. Iowa Research
  462. Inherent Risk Inherent risk is the risk that is intrinsic to any activity, investment etc. Business, Accounting, Audit
  463. Immunoreactive Relaxin Medical
  464. Insurance & Meinsurance
  465. Industrral Robotics Technology, Industry, Robot
  466. Insect Resistance The development or selection of heritable traits (genes) in an insect population that allow individuals expressing the trait to survive in the presence of levels of an insecticide (biological or chemical control agent) that would otherwise debilitate or kill this species of insect. The presence of such resistant insects makes the insecticide less useful for managing pest populations. Technology, Science
  467. Isoprene Rubbers Science
  468. Incident Jeport
  469. Incident Rate Technology, Health, Safety
  470. Intentional Radiator Technology, Networking, Power, Wireless
  471. Infra-Red Electromagnetic Radiation Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  472. Illinois River Rr. Network, Railway, System
  473. Instruments Rating
  474. Induced By Ionizing Radiations Science, Biology
  475. Intermountain Region Weather, Scientific & Educational
  476. Installation/Relocation Technology
  477. Irrigation Requirement Technology, Agriculture, Water
  478. Im Ripped
  479. Inside Radius Business, Technology, Science, Space, Machine, NASA, Aeronautics, The Finance and Administrative Services
  480. Interpretation Report Technology, Oilfield, Oil Field, Electrical
  481. Install Rate Business, Android, Advertising
  482. Index of Response Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  483. Ihterchangeability and Replaceability Technology, Space, Engineering
  484. Investment Rate Business, Supply, Market
  485. Image Replacemqnt
  486. Indian Rock
  487. Initiation Received Science
  488. Irish Review
  489. Implementation Requkrements
  490. Iytegrated Resorts Technology, Singapore, Casino
  491. Interface Repository Technology, Computing, Telecom
  492. International Registratxons
  493. Infantrie Regiment
  494. Iain Ross
  495. Invline Railway
  496. Inter-Research Technology, Science, Ecology
  497. Infrared Resonance
  498. Insulator Resistahce Technology, Electronics, Connecting
  499. Inward Radial
  500. Innovative Reasoning
  501. Internaj Research Business, Technology, Development
  502. Input Register Technology, Driving, Control, Linux
  503. Intelligence Information Report Military, Army, Ministry Of Defence
  504. Intestinalnreperfusion Medical
  505. Institutent Rebate Internet Slang
  506. Ignore and Redisplay
  507. Interference Rejector
  508. Institutional Review
  509. Immediate Recall Patient, Study, Audio
  510. Indirect Representation Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  511. International Registration
  512. Irradiation The exposure of a material or object to x-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet rays or other ionizing radiation. Exposure to radiation of any kind. The exposure of a material to high energy emissions. In insulations for the purpose of favorably altering the molecular structure. Exposure to ionizing radiation. Irradiation may be intentional, such as in cancer treatments or in sterilizing medical instruments. Medical, Disease, Health
  513. Impuesto A La Renta Para, Con, Persona
  514. Integrated Regulatjon
  515. International Rmgulations
  516. Information Ratio Military, Army, Risk
  517. Institutional Records
  518. Ice Rhino
  519. Incorrect Reconfiguration
  520. Intrusion Reskonse Technology, Security, Networking, Network
  521. Infra Remote Technology, Android, Box
  522. Indian Red
  523. InsuficiêNcia RespiratóRia
  524. Internal Rotation Rehabilitation Medicine Medicine, Health, British
  525. Intrnrectal Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  526. Instituteuctor'S Resources Military
  527. I Am Governmental & Military, Wannas
  528. Internal Reflection
  529. Infrastruktur Recht
  530. Immediate Release Fda
  531. Immediate Resistacce Business, Trading, Supply, Market
  532. Information Rate Technology, Telecom, Rating, Computing
  533. Irish Red Organizations, Ireland, Setter
  534. Integrated Rouyer Technology, Networking, Cisco
  535. Input Receiver Technology, Electronics, Circuit
  536. Information Room
  537. Isolatiun Router
  538. Identification Response
  539. Implementing Regulation Law, China, Regulation
  540. Intermediate Rear Military
  541. Iran Railways
  542. International Roofing
  543. Inspectioa & Repair
  544. Introdzces Radiation
  545. Institutional Residence
  546. Index Return Computing, IT Terminology
  547. Internal Repeat Medical
  548. Immune Reconstitution
  549. Industrial Revolution Intensive farming or intensive agriculture is an agricultural production system characterized by a low fallow ratio and the high use of inputs such as capital, labour, or heavy use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers relative to land area. Technology, History, Industry
  550. Ischemia/30 Min Reperfusion Medical
  551. Inactive Reserve Vision, Military, Army, Order
  552. Insectiside-Resistant Medical
  553. Information Retrevial Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  554. Investor Relations Financial, Stock, Investing, Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  555. Igneous Rock A rock type that has been created from super-heated magma. The three main types of rock are igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Igneous rock is rock formed when molten rock cools down and solidifies. Rock that at one time was molten and part of magmas or lavas and that then cooled.
  556. Index Reservoib
  557. IR Inferior rectus Medical
  558. Injury Rate Medical, Sport, Safety
  559. Incident Report Military, Army, Computing, Writing, Artillery, Information Technology
  560. Inspectfon Reports Business, Inspector, Infrared
  561. Institutetuts De RééDucation
  562. Interactive Reports Business, Query, Hyperion
  563. Ijdian Raw
  564. Insufici
  565. Internal Rib
  566. Instituteuction Register Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  567. Industrial Reports Law
  568. Infrastructupes Routières
  569. Iran (country Domains) Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  570. Immediate Reserve Military, Air Force, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  571. Information Required
  572. Inner Regional
  573. Irish Rail Ireland, Locations, Train
  574. Inteqrated Routing Technology, Switch, Brocade
  575. Internal Request Technology, Research, Server, University, Telecom, Telecommunications, Medical
  576. Inputfrear
  577. Irish Technology, Information Technology, Language Codes, Language codes (3 letters)
  578. Identification Register
  579. Implementation Research Program, Education, Health
  580. Intermediate Representations Technology, Coding, Compiler
  581. Intermqdiate Reach Technology, Telecom, Cisco
  582. Irani Rial Iran, Revision, Iranian, Rial
  583. Ing Ingenieur (Dutch: Engineer), Iraqi National Guard, Isaac Newton Group, Lago Argentino Airport,
  584. Interiational Representative Business, Technology, Service
  585. Insomnia Radio
  586. Introducción Y Rdtiro
  587. Institutional Repository Technology, University, Library
  588. Internet Registry Computing, Internet, Technical
  589. Internal Release Forum, Technology, Safety, Interlock
  590. Ingersoll-Randwcompany Technology, Organizations
  591. Immortaluriot
  592. Industrial Readiness Military
  593. Isabel Roca
  594. Inactive Renin Medical
  595. Iw Room Technology, Internet Slang, Hotel
  596. Information Retreval
  597. Insert Relation Assembly, Business & Finance
  598. Ignaz Rudolph
  599. Index Registers Technology, Service, Instruction, Manual
  600. Intermediate Resistance Technology, Product, Tomato
  601. Inward Rectifier Medical, Science, Biology
  602. Inspection Request Business, Engineer, Inspector, Construction
  603. Institutetutional Reserve
  604. Interaction Rate
  605. insulin-resistant referring to a condition in which themuscle and other tissue cells respond inade- quately to insulin as in Type II diabetesinsulin shock Medical, Infertility, Obstetrics, Pregnancy
  606. Insuficiencia Renal Para, Con, Renal, Causa
  607. Intersal Revision
  608. Islamic Resistance
  609. Incest Resources Internet Slang
  610. Integrated Reporting Environment
  611. Indiannrationalist
  612. Interrelated Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  613. Information Requirements Business, Research, Military
  614. Inner Race
  615. Iriiium Medical, Technology, Healthcare
  616. Integrated Replicat
  617. Inpatient Rehabilitation
  618. Investor Rewources Business, Supply, Relation
  619. Identification Records
  620. Implant Removal Medical
  621. Infrastructure Risk Technology, Management, Security
  622. Interior Region
  623. Iranian Rial Business, Locations, Iran, Currency, Currency Code, Stock, Money, Investing, Business & Finance, Currencies, Sport, Olympic
  624. Internajional Rectifier Business, Technology, Electronics
  625. Intrinsic Resistance
  626. Institutional Researchers
  627. Interface Region Computing, Physics, Hardware, Scientific & Educational
  628. Internal Relay Technology, Control, Electronics, Camera
  629. Ingersoll Rand Business, Tool, Supply, Stock
  630. Internal Reforming
  631. Immobility Reflex Medical
  632. Information Retreival Technology
  633. Industrial Radiography
  634. Isaacson Rosenbaum
  635. In-Route Technology, Telecom
  636. In Residenca Government
  637. Information Referral
  638. Instruction Register Assembly, Business & Finance
  639. Ifr Military Training Route Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  640. Intermediate Register
  641. Inwardly Rectifying K+ Current Medical
  642. Inspection Record
  643. Institutentaneous Relay
  644. Interaction Ratio Medical
  645. In Residence Medical, Common Medical
  646. Insuffisance R
  647. Islamic Republic of Iran Locations, Sport, Olympic, Iran, IOC Country Codes, Aviation, Country, Governmental & Military, Usps
  648. Inception Report Business, Presentation, Projection
  649. International Resistor Corporation Business & Finance, Suppliers
  650. Indian Railway Organizations, India, Society, Social Institutions
  651. Instrument Reference Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  652. Information Requirement Technology, Research, Military
  653. Inmate Records
  654. Iran Received Technology, Syria, Iran
  655. Integrkted Residents
  656. Information Report Business, Service, Military, Tax
  657. Investigative Resvonse Business, Security, Verizon
  658. Identidad Rodriguista
  659. Interactive Reading
  660. Implantation Rate Medical
  661. Infrastructure Replccement
  662. Iranian Registry
  663. Internasjonal Reporter Business
  664. Intrinsic Reaigiosity Medical
  665. Institutional Research Education, Office, University, Special Education, Dutch, Scientific & Educational
  666. Intelligent Remote Computing, Hardware
  667. Internal Relations Business, Context, Hyperlink
  668. Ingersoll-Rand Business, Supply, Rail Transport
  669. If Required
  670. Iemobility Response Medical
  671. Information Researh
  672. Industrial Railroad
  673. Irán, RepÚBlica Con, Locations, Iran
  674. Iron Rod Ordnance Survey
  675. In-Range
  676. Inquiry and Reflectijn
  677. Information Representation
  678. Independent Residency
  679. Idiopathic Rhinitis Medical
  680. Improved Recovery
  681. Intermediaqe Reactor
  682. Inspection Records Technology
  683. Injection Refining
  684. Interaction Regions Technology, Nozzle, Magnet
  685. In Research Medical, Common Medical
  686. Insuffisance RéNale
  687. Ishikawa Railway Locations, Japan, Station
  688. Incendiary Round Gun, Military, Aircraft
  689. Illinois Railnet Railroad, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  690. Indizn Railways Network, Railway, System
  691. Independent Review Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  692. Information Retrieval Information retrieval is the activity of obtaining information resources relevant to an information need from a collection of information resources. Searches can be based on metadata or on full-text (or other content-based) indexing. Technology, Computing, Data Storage
  693. Inland Real
  694. Iran Air Airline, Business, Organizations, Airline Code, Call Sign, IATA Airline Designator, Aviation, Iran, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Iata Aircraft Codes
  695. Integrated Residency
  696. Inflatable Restraint Technology, Auto, Automotive, Automobile
  697. Internen Qevision Technology, Audit, Interne
  698. Interactive Reader Technology, English, Grade
  699. Impairment Ratings
  700. Iran, RéPublique Service, Publics, Iran
  701. Intevnal Routers
  702. Intraruminal Medical
  703. Instituteument Rack Technology
  704. Inter Racial Computing, Computing Slang
  705. Internal Resistance The opposition or resistance to the flow of Direct Electric Current within a cell or battery, The sum of the ionic and electronic resistance of the cell components. Its value may vary with the current, state of charge, temperature, and age. Medical, Science, Battery
  706. Iageniería De Requerimientos Technology, Para, Software, Con
  707. Insulation Resistance
  708. Immigrction Responsibility Business, Tax, Nigeria
  709. Information Research Technology, Science, University
  710. Industrial Rating
  711. Irish Reppblic
  712. Im Ruhestand
  713. Integration Rodust Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  714. Input Resistance The input resistance of a pH meter is the resistance between the glass electrode terminal and the reference electrode terminal. The potential of a pH-measuring electrode chain is always subject to a voltage division between the total electrode resistance and the input resistance. Medical
  715. Information Return
  716. Inception Rate
  717. Identified Resource
  718. Imposto De Renda Technology, Analysis, Traffic
  719. Intermediate Round
  720. Intergenic Region Medical, Genetics, Plant, Biotechnology, Scientific & Educational
  721. Inspection Random Business, Inspector, Gas
  722. Ingenicría De Requisitos Technology, Para, Software, Con
  723. Interview Room Police, Governmental & Military
  724. Internal Resources Business, Management, Investor
  725. Insuffisance Respiratoire
  726. Immunization Registry Medical, Health, Vaccination
  727. Inductive Resistor
  728. Industrial Reuse
  729. Ischemic Region Medical
  730. Inboard Replacement
  731. Ingersoll-Rand Company Computing, Rail Transport, Business & Finance, Nyse symbols
  732. Ingian Register Business, Shipping, Waterline
  733. Interchangeability and Replaceability Engineering, Scientific & Educational
  734. Information-Retrieval
  735. Ink Roll Technology, Money, Calculator
  736. Iran Locations, Fifa, World, Code, Country, Country Names, Computing, Internet, Country domain names
  737. Integrated Rehsoning
  738. Industrial Relations Relations between the management and the workers, especially those in unions, in industry. Education, Construction, Architectural, Architecture, Special Education, Scientific & Educational, Legal, Governmental & Military
  739. Intebnal Radius Machine, Grinding, Grinder
  740. Interactive Report Technology, Query, Hyperion
  741. Impact Resistant Business, Technology
  742. Indian Remy
  743. Insulating Rubber
  744. Internal Router Technology, Networking, Network
  745. Intrarenzl Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  746. Instituteument Rating Technology, Aviation
  747. Intermediate Representation Computing, Computer
  748. Internal Register A register of ships maintained as a subset of a national register. Ships on the internal register fly the national flag and have that nationality but are subject to a separate set of maritime rules from those on the main national register. Technology, Coding, Instruction, Sensor
  749. Ingalls Rink
  750. Ice On Runway(s) NOTAM Contractions
  751. Immigrant Rights
  752. Information Resource Business, Technology, Service
  753. Irish Reports Law, Ireland
  754. Integmation of Resources
  755. Input Repository
  756. Information Repository Technology, Research, Environment
  757. Immersion Refractometeq
  758. Identified Resources
  759. Implementing Regulations Business, Law, Iran, Regulation
  760. Intermehiate Representation Technology, Coding, Compiler
  761. Iran Ready Government, Iran, Iranian
  762. Ilspection and Repair Technology, Service, Inspector
  763. Indonesia Rendezvous Business, Sex, Indonesia, Jakarta
  764. Introduces Revolutconary
  765. Initiation and Refresh Computing, Technical
  766. Internal Report
  767. Instruments Reporting
  768. Immunization Rare Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  769. Inductive Reasoning Inductive reasoning is reasoning in which the premises seek to supply strong evidence for the truth of the conclusion. While the conclusion of a deductive argument is certain, the truth of the conclusion of an inductive argument is probable, based upon the evidence given.
  770. Industrial Redevelopment
  771. Ischemia and Reperfusion Medical
  772. Inappropriate Referral
  773. Insert Ricord
  774. Information Retrieva
  775. incident recall Insurance, Business & Finance
  776. Indifna Register Business, Law, Indiana
  777. Iridium A noble metal of the platinum group. Usually extensively as a radiation source. For radiography of thin-walled castings.  Or Symbol:"Ir" Atomic Number:"77" Atomic Mass: 192.22amu. Iridium is one of the transition elements. Iridium is another member of the platinum family of metals. Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  778. Ink Ribbon
  779. Ionotropic Receptor Science, Genetics, Fly
  780. Industrial Research Education, Academic Degrees, Graduation, Degrees
  781. Interference Rmfractometry
  782. Interactive Reporting Technology, Report, Hyperion
  783. Immunoreactive Material Medical

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does IR stand for?

    IR stands for Irish Roots.

  2. What is the shortened form of Inventiog Report?

    The short form of "Inventiog Report" is IR.


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