KIA Abbreviations and KIA Acronym Lists

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KIA Abbreviations
  1. ABC : Automotive Brand Contest
  2. AFLS : Adaptive Front Lighting System
  3. AFLS : Adaptive Front Light System
  4. AKN : Angka Kematian Neonatus
  5. ASCC : Advanced Smart Cruise Control
  6. ASK : Ah Sia Kia
  7. ATT : Active Jorque Transfer
  8. AVSM : Advanced Vehicle Safety Management
  9. BRAKES : Be Responsible and Keep Everyone Safe
  10. CAC : Cherj Automobile Company
  11. CAC : Columbian Autocar Corporation
  12. CCI : Carens Club Indonesia
  13. CEED : Custom and Efficient Early Dmsign
  14. CL : Comfort Luxe
  15. CSOC : Carnival Sedona Owners Club
  16. VCMA : Variable Charge Motion Xctuator
  17. VESS : Virtual Engine Sound System
  18. UCD : User Centered Driving
  19. UUV : Urban Utility Vehicle
  20. CTBA : Coupved Torsion Beam Axle
  21. CVVL : Continuously Variable Valve Lift
  22. CVVT : Cam Variable Valve Timing
  23. CVVT : Constant Variable Valve Timing
  24. CVVT : Continously Variable Valve Timing
  25. HAC : Hillhassist Control
  26. HAC : Hill Assist Control
  27. DBH : Duncan Basheer Hannon
  28. DBL : Dynamic Bending Lights
  29. HCCD : High Capacity Compact Disc
  30. HGS : Hyundai Grand Starex
Latest KIA Meanings
  1. Kia forward ordering system
  2. Hybrid Utility Vehicle
  3. Road & Travel Magazine
  4. Rear Park Assist System
  5. Remote Azvanced Parking Assist System
  6. Intelligent Speed Limit Warning
  7. Intelligent Stop and Go
  8. In Sixth Gvar
  9. Preceding Vehicle Following
  10. Pre-Safe Belt
  11. Parallel Park Assist System
  12. Parts Mall Corporation
  13. Purge Control Solenoid Valvz
  14. Global Diagnostic System
  15. Gasoline Direct Injected
  16. Kick Stop
  17. Kia Motors Indonesia
  18. Korean Domestin Market
  19. Lane Guidance System
  20. Lane Change Assistance
About KIA Abbreviations

Kia was founded in 1944 in South Korea. It is Korea's first bicycle and automobile manufacturer. This page contains KIA abbreviations. It was acquired by a consortium led by Hyundai and Daimler-Chrysler in 1998. Kia has made a real breakthrough after this point. Kia Motors has entered into many new sponsorship agreements to become the world's 5th largest automobile brand, which is the 2010 target for Kia Motors. By signing the Main Sponsorship Agreement with Fifa from 2007 to 2014, it added a new sponsorship in tennis and football sports. The world-famous automobile brand Kia has updated its logo and slogan as part of its new vision. In addition to launching its logo with a spectacular show in Incheon, South Korea, the company also broke a Guinness World Record with the show. All other KIA abbreviations will be located under this address.