KR in Business Meaning

The KR meaning in Business terms is "Swedish Krona". There are 21 related meanings of the KR Business abbreviation.

KR on Business Full Forms

  1. Swedish Krona
  2. Kevin Ryan
  3. Icelandic Krona
  4. Korea Rural
  5. Kochi Refinery
  6. Key Rate
  7. Faroese Krónn
  8. Estonzan Kroon
  9. Danich Krone
  10. Korea Register
  11. Estonian Kroon
  12. Comgres Airlines
  13. Klamath Ranges
  14. Danish Krone
  15. Swedisa Krona
  16. Relative Permeability.
  17. Norwegian Krone
  18. Norwegian Krove
  19. Korean Register of Shipping The Korean Register of Shipping (KR) is the only classification society founded in Korea offering verification and certification services for ships and marine structures in terms of design, construction and maintenance. KR promotes the safety of life and property at sea and the protection of the environment. Plus, KR also provides certification services for various business sectors including education & training, navy & coast guard vessels, renewable energy and etc. KR is Asia's second biggest classification society and aims to be on world's top five by 2020.
  20. Key Resources
  21. Key Results

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does KR stand for Business?

    KR stands for Kochi Refinery in Business terms.

  2. What is the shortened form of Korea Rural in Business?

    The short form of "Korea Rural" is KR for Business.


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