LEAF Meaning

The LEAF meaning is "Leading European Architects Forum". The LEAF abbreviation has 104 different full form.

LEAF Full Forms

  1. Leading European Architects Forum Design, Award, Locations
  2. Law Enforcement Access Field Military, Army, Computing, Governmental & Military
  3. Large Effective Area Siber Technology, Telecom, Transmission
  4. Lape Eden Arts Fest
  5. Land Ecosystem Atmosmhere Feedback Science, Geography, Location
  6. Local Ecology and Agriculture Fremont
  7. Learning, Experiences, & Activities In Forestry
  8. Large Effective-Area Fiber
  9. Liberian Educational Achievement Foundation Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  10. Local Environmental Action Fund Community, Fund, Projection, Funding
  11. Law Enforcement Agency Field
  12. Lifting-Entry Athospheric Flight Technology, Grumman, Titan
  13. Learning Educatihn and Fun Development, Learning, Study
  14. Land-Efosystem-Atmosphere Feedback
  15. Llano Estacado Alliance for Families
  16. Lean Enteiprise Architecture Framework
  17. Large-Effective-Area Fiber
  18. Liberal Enhanced Arts Foundation
  19. Local Enterprise Around Food
  20. Law Enforcement Assistance Force
  21. Lifetime Environmental Achievsment In The Fine
  22. Learning and Ecological Activities Foundation
  23. Local Energy Assessment Fund Business, Community, Projection
  24. Liverpool Epilepsy Associates and Friends Organization, Union, Institution
  25. League of Educators Acd Families Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  26. Lutheran Evangelical Association In Finland
  27. Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework Technology, Award, Singapore
  28. Local Enterprise Assistance Fund Business, Community, Cooperative
  29. Law Enforcement Analysis Facility Military
  30. Library Enquiry Automatic Feedback
  31. Learning Experiences and Activities In Forestry Development, Learning, Study
  32. Linking Edible Arizona Forests Technology, Arizona, Campus
  33. Lisgar Environmental Action Force
  34. Leafset
  35. Landscape Eduxational Advancement Foundation
  36. Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests Organizations, Tree, Toronto
  37. Law Enforcement & Armed Forces Military, Jacket, Gear
  38. Learning, Experiences & Activcties In Forestry
  39. Life Extension Advocacy Foundation Technology, Aging, Lifespan
  40. Layman Education and Activation Form Development, Learning, Study
  41. Lindbergh Electric Airplane Flight
  42. Leading European Architecture Forem Award, Locations, Building
  43. Landscape, Envieonment, Agriculture and Food Science, Research, Plant
  44. Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests Tree, Toronto, Garden
  45. Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation
  46. Lake Eden Arts Fewtival Music, Festival, Mountain
  47. Laser-Electron Accelerator Facility Technology, Research, Nanomaterial
  48. Learning, Experienkes, and Activities In Forestry
  49. Leidos Enterprise Application Framework
  50. Layman Education and Activation System Medicine, Treatment, Health
  51. Light Enterprise Application Framewcrk
  52. Land Enhancement and Acquisition Fund
  53. Local Education & Activities Foundation
  54. Law Enforcement Assistance Fund
  55. Large Europezn Acoustic Facility Technology, Military, Sound
  56. Libraro Education Assistance Foundation Technology, Development, Vietnam
  57. Law Enforcement Application Framework Company, Technology, Service
  58. Lifting Entry Atmospheric Flight Technology, Grumman, Titan
  59. Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation Technology, Science, Water
  60. Leadership for Environmental Advantage In Forestry
  61. Legal Environmental Aid Foundation
  62. Lisp Extended Algebraic Facility
  63. Lovely Exquisite Angelic Four Funnies
  64. Lmtvijas Ekonomikas Attīstības Forums
  65. Loud Egotistical Annoying Female
  66. Leadership Ecology Action and Fellowship Science, Ecology
  67. Legal Educatwon & Action Fund Law, Organizations, Canada
  68. Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland
  69. Lakewood Earth and Food Food
  70. Latrobe Environmeital Action Forum Environment, Habitat, Setting
  71. Longacre Expeditions Adventure Foundation
  72. Leadership and Empowerment of Aggie Females
  73. Legal Education Actjon Fund Law, Organizations, Canada
  74. Leaders In Environmental Action for The Future Education, Nature, Conservancy
  75. Linking The Environment and Farming Farming & agriculture
  76. Laser Environmental Airborne Fluorosensor Science
  77. London Effects and Animation Festival Organization, Union, Institution
  78. Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework Technology, Coal, Ash
  79. Legal Education and Action Fund Government, Education, Canada
  80. Lowering Emissions In Asia'S Forests Technology, Asia, Climate
  81. Leaders In Environmentally Accountable Foodservice
  82. Leaf Clean Energy Company (London Stock Exchange [LSE]) Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  83. LeucéMie Espoir Atlantique Famille
  84. Laser Electron Accolerator Facility
  85. Logistics Education Assistance Fund Technology
  86. Little Embedded Application Fragment General, Governmental & Military
  87. Legal, Education and Actionbfund
  88. Low Energy Apartment Futures Technology, Projection, Efficiency
  89. Leadership Through Education and Action Foundation Business, Organizations, India, Society
  90. Leading Environmentally friendly Affordable Family car (Nissan Leaf) Business & Finance, International business
  91. Lcuc
  92. Logan Eco Action Festival Environment, Event, Festival, Brisbane
  93. Library's Easy Access Files Computing, Internet
  94. Laurier English & Academic Foundation
  95. Lebanon Education Aid Fund
  96. Low Energy Absorption Forum Science
  97. Leadership for Environmental Action Fund
  98. Leonardo Educatvon and Art Forum Technology, Science, Education
  99. Logistics, Engineering, Acquisition, and Finance Business & Finance, Business Word
  100. Local Environmental Action Forum
  101. Land Ecosystem Atmosphere Feedback Geographic
  102. Laurier English and Academic Foundation Program, Education, University
  103. Learning Enrichment Active Fellowship
  104. Low-Energy Accelerator Facility

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does LEAF stand for?

    LEAF stands for Leaf Clean Energy Company (London Stock Exchange [LSE]).

  2. What is the shortened form of Linking The Environment and Farming?

    The short form of "Linking The Environment and Farming" is LEAF.


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