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LOC Meaning

  1. Letter of CreditA financial document issued by a bank at the request of the consignee guaranteeing payment to the shipper for cargo, if certain terms and conditions are fulfilled, usually the receipt by the bank of certain documents within a given time. Normally it contains a brief description of the goods, documents required, a shipping date, and an expiration date after which payment will no longer be made. An Irrevocable Letter of Credit is one which obligates the issuing bank to pay the exporter when all terms and conditions of the letter of credit have been met. None of the terms and conditions may be changed without the consent of all parties to the letter of credit.Business, Finance, Economics, Insurance, Electrical, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational, International business, Nautical Terms, Aviation, Shipping, Banking, Freight, Air Cargo, Trade, Cargo, Chartering, Legal, Governmental & Military, Business Word
  2. Labor-Only Contracting
  3. Lemoyne-Owen CollegeEducation, Development, Colleges
  4. Lowest Incoming ChannelTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  5. Loss-Of-ConsciousnessMedical, Force, Loss
  6. List of ContributorsScience, Book, Library
  7. Lab-On-A Chip
  8. Legend of The CryptidsBusiness, Gaming, Card
  9. Linguistics Outside The Classroom
  10. Liquid Organic CleanerMedical, Business, Product, Cleaner, Products
  11. Left of Center
  12. Lines of CommunicationsTechnology, Military, Force
  13. Loss of ControlAerospace
  14. Loss of CommunicationTechnology, Science, Coding
  15. Land Office ComputerizationTechnology, Indonesia, Prose
  16. Lines of CodesTechnology, Coding, Metric, Count
  17. Lons of CellTechnology, Networking, Network
  18. Loss of ConsciousnessMedical, Medicine, Treatment, Nursing, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Clinical, Common Medical
  19. LocatingMilitary
  20. Lake Ontario CountiesScience, Locations, Fishing
  21. Letters of CommentBusiness, Internet Slang, Fiction
  22. Loss of Connectivity
  23. Locus CoeruleusMedical, Science, Neuron
  24. LocatedTechnology, Science, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway, Weather, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, NOTAM Contractions
  25. Labor Only Contracting
  26. Letter of ConsentBusiness, Military, Army, Governmental & Military
  27. Loss-Of Connectivity
  28. Lines of CreditBusiness, Credit, Banking, Loan
  29. Local Operating CompanyBusiness, Technology, Management
  30. Leadership and Organizatixnal Change
  31. London Offshore ConsultantsTechnology, London, Consultation
  32. Levels of Care
  33. Lowest Outgoing ChannelTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  34. Liquid, Oil,Gcream
  35. Letters of Commitlent
  36. Line-Of-CreditBusiness, Education, Loan
  37. Lega Degli Obiettori Di Coscienza
  38. Loss of CellndelineationTechnology, Computing, Telecom
  39. Level of ConflictTechnology
  40. Lab On A UhipTechnology, Science, Device
  41. List Ov Consumable
  42. Letter of CompletionProgram, Education, Learning
  43. Low Overhead CipherTechnology, Security, Cyber, Governmental & Military
  44. Limiting Oxidant Concentration
  45. Land of Confusion
  46. Loral Organizing Commitee
  47. Lead-On-ChipTechnology, Device, Semiconductor
  48. Logistics Operations CellMilitary, Governmental & Military
  49. Level of CareMedical, Service, Disability, Healthcare
  50. Loqs of ControlMedical, Military, Aviation
  51. Limked Object CodeTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  52. Lines of CommunicationTechnology, Military, Army, Force, Ministry Of Defense, Governmental & Military
  53. Letter of Conditions
  54. Lincolnshire Ornamental Challenge
  55. Locake, Located, LocationGovernment
  56. Legacy of Courage
  57. Look Out Circulars
  58. Levels of Consciousness
  59. Lab-On-Chips
  60. List of Clakses
  61. Letters of Cobmendation
  62. Lower Order Concern
  63. Limitation OfecostTechnology, Research, Contract
  64. Land of Chocolate
  65. Local Organizing CommitteesSport, Organizations, Conference, Committee
  66. Lead-On-Chip PackageTechnology, Telecom
  67. Logistics Operations CentreGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  68. Level of Capability
  69. Loss Ofrcontact
  70. Line of CreditGenerally an informal understanding between the borrower and the bank as to the maximum amount of credit that the bank will provide the borrower at any one time.Business, Credit, Loan, Mortgage, Accounting, Financial, Real Estate, Business & Finance, Business Word
  71. Lewter of Concurrence
  72. Lincoln Owners Club
  73. Large Optical CavitiesScience
  74. LocareEngineering, Construction, Architectural
  75. League of Cities
  76. Look Out CircularGovernment, India, Greenpeace
  77. Level of ConsciousnessMedical, Medicine, Nursing, Clinical, Common Medical
  78. Lab-On-ChipTechnology, Science, Device
  79. List of Changes
  80. Lttter of Commendation
  81. Loss of CommunicationsTechnology, Flight, Instrument
  82. Libyan Olympic Committee
  83. Land of CarnageGaming, Cheat, Absence
  84. Local Organizing CommitkeeGovernment, Organizations, Event
  85. Layers of Color
  86. Logistic Operations CenterMilitary
  87. Letter of ConcernUs, Transportation Command, Department Of Defense, Law, Business & Finance
  88. Limit Ok CloseBusiness, Trading, Market, Order
  89. Laptop Overnight CaseBusiness, Product, Pelican
  90. LocateTo find the position of Survival beacons transmit a signal which enables search air-craft/vessels to rapidly locate accident survivors still in the sea. The digital flight data recorder is located in the tail section.Internet Slang, Military, Architecture, Architectural, Texting, Construction, Real Estate, Game, Business & Finance, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  91. League of ChompionsGaming, League, Legend
  92. Look-Out-CircularGovernment, India, Greenpeace
  93. Level of ConciousnessMedical, Medicine, Presentation
  94. Lab-On-AschipTechnology, Science, Device
  95. Liot of CandidatesEducation, Class, Card
  96. Legions of Chaos
  97. Loss of ClockTechnology, Guide, Telecom
  98. Library Online Catalog
  99. Lander Operations CentreTechnology
  100. Local End, No NuiTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  101. Laxativm of ChoiceMedical, Medicine, Flashcard
  102. Logistical Operation Center
  103. Lab-On-A-ChipMedical, Technology, Market, Biotechnology, Scientific & Educational
  104. Letters of CompliapceTechnology, Science, Aviation
  105. Limtt of Convection
  106. Lan Operations CenterTechnology, Computing
  107. Local Oversight CommitteeTechnology, Science
  108. Leading Organizatiohal Change
  109. Long Open Can
  110. Levels of ConcernMedical, Water, Concentration
  111. Lubemoil Consumption
  112. List of CabalsWikipedia
  113. Legge Organica Comunale
  114. Loss OfzchargeTechnology, Carrier, Manual
  115. Library of The Congress
  116. Landelijke Organisatie CliËNtenraden
  117. LocalTelecom, Air, Telecommunications, Medical, Dental, Weather, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational, Power Plant, NOTAM Contractions
  118. Lawyers On Call
  119. Location NumberTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Transportation, Military, Army, Game, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Kindle
  120. Lettkr of ComplianceTechnology, Management, Service
  121. Limit of CoyfirmationMedical
  122. Lands of Conflict
  123. Local Organizing Committee of GhanaOrganizations, Africa, Ghana, Unions, Governmental & Military
  124. Leaders In Oncology CareMedical, London, Cancer
  125. London Open College
  126. Level of ConcernRating assigned to an information system indicating the extent to which protection measures, techniques, and procedures must be applied. High, Medium, and Basic are identified levels of concern. A separate Level-of-Concern is assigned to each information system for confidentiality, integrity, and availability.Science, Health, Environment, Medical, Law, Fda
  127. Lube Oil ComplexIndonesia, Oil, Wax, Slack
  128. Liquid Organic CompbundMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  129. Linj of CreditBusiness, Accounting, Accountancy
  130. Lega Obieutori Di Coscienza
  131. Loss of Channel
  132. Library of Cheick
  133. Lam On ChipMedical, Technology, Science
  134. List of Contents
  135. Letter of CompetenceMedical, Sex, Training
  136. Lunar Operations CommandProgram, Military, Space, Mars
  137. Limiting Oxygen ConcentrationTechnology, Dust, Explosion
  138. Landsat Oversight CommitteeScience, Geography, Location
  139. Local Organization CommitteeMeeting, Organizations, Conference
  140. Labuan Online CommunityComputing, Internet
  141. Laxative of ChoiceMedical, Medicine, Jobs, Technology, Common Medical
  142. Lane Occupancy Control
  143. Logistics Operations CenterBusiness, Service, Military
  144. Lateral Occipital CortexTechnology, Anatomy, Brain, Neural, Cerebrum, Human Anatomy, Medical, Neurology
  145. Location (Dns Recorj)Information, Network, Computer
  146. Load of crapSocial Media, Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Neologism, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  147. Locus of ConzrolMedical, Research, Education
  148. Letter of Correction
  149. Location IdentifierTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft, Transportation, Governmental & Military, Federal Aviation Administration
  150. Line of ContactMilitary, Army, Steel
  151. Launch Operations ContractorAerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Astronautical Engineering
  152. Library of CongressBusiness, Government, Army, Library, Congress, Us Government, Governmental & Military, Military
  153. Liaison Officer CoordinatorMilitary, Army, Governmental & Military
  154. Loss of ContrastComputing, Hardware
  155. Laboratory Office Computer
  156. Locus of Control ScaleMedical
  157. Operational Logistics Coordinator platformMedical
  158. Lateral Occipital ComplexMedical, Science, Brain
  159. Loss of CrewNASA, Governmental & Military
  160. Lockable Override ControlBusiness, Gun, Heat
  161. LocalizerIs a system of horizontal guidance in the instrument landing system, which is used to guide aircraft along the axis of the runway.Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Aerospace, Telecom, Airway, Governmental & Military, Military, NOTAM Contractions
  162. Letter of CooperationTurkey, Education, Malaysia
  163. Load On Call
  164. Loop Optical Control
  165. Ling of Conflict
  166. Launch Operating CenterTechnology
  167. Level of Operational CapabilityMilitary, Governmental & Military
  168. Localization string resource header fileComputing, File Extensions
  169. Lines of Communication LgcatingMilitary, Army
  170. Lyric Opera of ChicagoMusic, Chicago, Opera
  171. Lock AirportLock, South Australia,AustraliaAirport, Locations, IATA Code, Aviation
  172. Liquid Organic CompoundMedical
  173. Line of CommunicationMilitary, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  174. Locamive CaseEducation, Linguistics, Glossing
  175. LocalityScience, Military, Geography, Telecom, Telecommunications, Location, Geographic
  176. Letter of ContentGovernment, Us, Control, Administration
  177. Life Out of Control
  178. Loop On-Line ControlTechnology, Networking, Computing
  179. Line of CodmunicationsMilitary, Communication, Force
  180. Launch Operations ControlTechnology
  181. Localizer BeamAviation, Governmental & Military
  182. Limited Operational CapabilityTechnology, Military, Governmental & Military
  183. Letters of ComformBusiness, Oil, Shell
  184. Lines of CodeInformation Technology, Software, Computing, Computer, NASA, Application, General, Governmental & Military, IT Organization, IT Terminology
  185. Line Output ConverterTechnology, Car, Audio
  186. Law of Contradiction
  187. Lynn Operations Center
  188. Location On Cortex
  189. Limit of ConfirmationMedical
  190. launch operations centerMilitary, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  191. Locatbon NumberTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  192. LocatorA non-directional beacon used as an aid to final approach Terminal control areas require charts which show detail on a large scale – terminal VORs, locator beacons, ILS installations, holding patterns, arrival/departure and transit routes.Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  193. Letter of Cogfiguration
  194. Liaison Officers Committee
  195. London Orthotic ConsultancyMedical, London, Orthotics
  196. Line of CodesTechnology, Coding, Metric, Count
  197. Launch On Capture
  198. Lyc
  199. Gps Location FileComputing, File Extensions
  200. Letters In Orgayic Chemistry
  201. Live from Oujda CityMusic
  202. Line Out ConvertepBusiness, Car, Audio
  203. LycéE OuéZzin Coulibaly
  204. Lower Oesophageal ContractilityMedical
  205. Launch Operations ComplexSpace, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  206. Louation Counter
  207. LocationA coding system that defines the physical placement of materials, usually to a high degree of specificity. A specific relational database server in a distributed relational database system. Each location has a unique location name. A place or position where circuits, services, or equipment are situated. A place where assets are operated, stored, or repaired.Technology, Science, Cybersecurity, Telecom, Air, Air Cargo, Telecommunications, Computer Security, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Weather, Scientific & Educational, The Finance and Administrative Services, NOTAM Contractions, Construction, Kindle
  208. Letter of Conformity
  209. Letter of Committment
  210. London Oncology ClinicMedical, London, Cancer
  211. Linean Offset CarrierAerospace
  212. Launch-Off-Capture
  213. Licen
  214. Letter of ComplianceScientific & Educational, Nautical Terms
  215. Logic of Constraintj
  216. Letter of Credit, Letter of ComplianceIndustry, Oil, Gas
  217. Local Optical CommitteeBusiness & Finance, Professional organizations
  218. Line of Coverage
  219. Lunar Orbit CaptureScience
  220. Local Optometric CommitteeMedical
  221. Library of Congress (Washington, DC)Technology, Government, Research, Computing, United States, Governmental & Military
  222. Locaxion CodeArmy, Force, Marine
  223. LocallyTechnology, Science, Aviation, Aircraft, Weather, Scientific & Educational, NOTAM Contractions
  224. Lettxr of ConfirmationTechnology, Turkey, Education
  225. Learning Outcomes Council
  226. Logistics Operation CenterTechnology, Military, Engineer
  227. Lateral OlivocochlearMedical
  228. Lock, South Australia, AustraliaAustralia
  229. Law and Order Committee
  230. Logical Output Channel
  231. LocaliserA component of the Instrument Landing System (ILS) that provides horizontal course guidance to the runway.Technology, Flight, Aviation, Flightdeckfriend
  232. Letter of CounselingMilitary, Force, Rebuttal, Air Force, Governmental & Military
  233. Letter of CommentBusiness & Finance, Business Word
  234. Line of ControlMilitary, India, Pakistan, Police, Governmental & Military
  235. Local Organising CommitteeMedical, Medicine

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What does LOC stand for?

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  1. What does LOC meaning stand for?

    LOC meaning stands for Local Organizing Committees.
  2. What is the meaning of LOC abbreviation?

    The meaning of LOC abbreviation is "Loss of Cellndelineation".
  3. What is LOC definition ?

    LOC definition is "Left of Center".
  4. What does LOC mean ?

    LOC mean that "Lons of Cell".
  5. What is LOC acronym ?
    LOC acronym is "Locake, Located, Location".
  6. What is shorthand of Lttter of Commendation ?
    The shorthand of "Lttter of Commendation" is LOC.
  7. What is the definition of LOC acronym?
    Definitions of LOC shorthand is "Loss of Consciousness".
  8. What is the full form of LOC abbreviation?
    Full form of LOC abbreviation is "Line of Coverage".
  9. What is the full meaning of LOC ?
    Full meaning of LOC is "Lab-On-Aschip".
  10. What is the explanation for LOC ?
    Explanation for LOC is "Operational Logistics Coordinator platform".

What is the meaning of LOC Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of LOC definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of LOC abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of LOC acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

LOC Abbreviation in Astrology
  • LOC (letter L)

    The letter L people who keeps Venus’s love, are sensitive and harmonious like an artist. They express themselves very well. It is important for them to socialize. They like presence in crowded places and also they like to show themselves.

    Their humanitarian side always with them. They stand against injustice. They are romantic as they are in love with love. They can make clumsiness. Unforeseen accidents always find them.

  • LOC (letter O)

    They keep the energy taking from outside. It make seem little selfish. Since they are emotional they are willing to be jealous. They embrace whom they love but their desires come first. Empathy abilities are not developed.

    They are stubborn and sometimes it makes peoples angry. They desire to be successful. They work determinedly and they get what they want. They want to win people's admiration and adulation take pleasure for them.

  • LOC (letter C)

    Have a finger in every pie, Low concentration, diffident, vivacious and cheerful people. People whose their names start with C are creative, amusing and have strong communication skills. Especially, their hand skills are improved.

    C resembles semicircle and these people feel themselves deficient. Change is inevitable for them. Being impatient is their most insufficiency for them. People who has C as last letter in their names are slog on what they do since they get bored quickly. Not to finish a job is so common.

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