LPR Meaning

The LPR meaning is "Late Phase Reaction". The LPR abbreviation has 93 different full form.

LPR Full Forms

  1. Late Phase Reaction Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  2. Late-Phase Reaction Medical
  3. Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Medical, Surgery, Otolaryngology, Physiology
  4. Lawful Permanent Residence Government, Immigration, Card
  5. Lawful Permanent Residency Government, Immigration, Card
  6. Legal Permanent Resident Government, Immigration, Card
  7. Lawful Permanent Resident Business, Government, Immigration, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  8. Leadership Potential Rating Military
  9. Leave Preparatory To Retirement Business, Pakistan, Bangladesh
  10. Local Promotion Rate
  11. Low Production Release Technology
  12. Liga Polskich Rodzin Government, Group, League, Polish
  13. Low-Power Radio Technology, Networking, Wireless
  14. Laboratory Property Removal
  15. Liquid-Phase Polymer-Based Retention
  16. Lymphocyte Proliferative Responses Medical
  17. Lower Pressure Roller
  18. Lasso and Partial Ridge
  19. Local Problem Report Military
  20. Lima Panameña De Radioaficionados
  21. Low-Cost Pocket Radios
  22. Laboratory Performance Requirement Science
  23. Lipophorin Receptor Medical
  24. Lymphocyte Proliferative Response Medical
  25. Lower Passaic River
  26. Laser Plasma Reflectometer Science
  27. Little Pigeon Riverhouse
  28. Liga Ganame
  29. Low-Cost Packet Radio Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  30. Line Printer Technology, Computing, Electronic Engineering, Unix, Geographic, Hardware, Drivers, NASA
  31. Linked Polymorphic Region
  32. License Plate Recognition Technology, Military, Camera, Police, Governmental & Military
  33. Linv-Protected Ring Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  34. Low-Pressure Receiver Science
  35. Laryngo-Pharyngeal Reflux
  36. Little Patuxent Review
  37. Lifetime Prediction Routing
  38. Logistics Packaging Return
  39. Line Print Remote Technology, Windows, Server, Networking, Computing, Unix commands
  40. Licence Plate Recognition Technology, Licensing, Camera
  41. Ligues De Protection De La Révolutitn Association, Pas, Volution
  42. Low Power Radar
  43. Lactate-To-Pyruvate Ratio Medical
  44. Liquid Permanent Red
  45. Licenses Plute Recognition
  46. Logistic Packaging Return
  47. Line Printer Resource
  48. Light Precision Rifle Military, Knight, Armament
  49. Low-Power Radar
  50. Lactate-Pyruvate Ratio Medical, Medicine, Treatment
  51. Liquid Panty Remover
  52. Lymphoproliferative Responses Medical
  53. License Plate Readers Technology, Government, Police, Privacy
  54. Logic Program Register
  55. Lumension Patch and Remediation
  56. Liga Prawicy Rzeczypospolttej Forum, Jest, Jak
  57. Low Power Radio Technology, Networking, Wireless
  58. Laboratory Process Reengineering Science
  59. Liquid-Propellant Rocket Technology
  60. Lymphoproliferative Response Medical
  61. Lower Principal Representation
  62. Lineas Aereas Privadas Argentinas Airline, Technology, Organizations, Argentina, ICAO Airline Code, Business & Finance
  63. Radioactive Standards Laboratory Research, Organizations, Mexico
  64. Low Pressure Regulator Paintball, Marker, Regulator
  65. Line Print Computing, Unix, Drivers, IT Terminology, Unix commands
  66. Linear Polarization Resistance Technology, Corrosion, Probe
  67. Lynchburg Pool Reactor Science
  68. Line Printer Requester Technology, Networking, Telecom
  69. Low Power Rocketry
  70. Licensed Practitioner of Rock Music
  71. Linear Phase Recorder
  72. Lymphoproliferation Gene Medical
  73. Line Prpnter Remote Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  74. Low Power Removal
  75. Low Probability of Recognition
  76. Lymphoproliferation Medical
  77. Line Pkint Technology, Unix, Unix Command
  78. Low Power Regulator
  79. Liquid-Phase Reduction
  80. Low Priority Request Technology, Computing
  81. Low pressure return The Finance and Administrative Services
  82. Lymphoproliferation Mutation Medical
  83. Line Pressure Regulator
  84. Low Permeability Reservoir Business, Oil Industry, Gas Industry
  85. Lattice Parameter Ratio
  86. Low Pressure Rotor Aviation, Spacecraft, Avionics, Aircraft, Computing, Electronics, Aeronautics, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  87. Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  88. Linear Programming Relaxation Technology, Auction, Combinatorial
  89. Lowest Prime Rate
  90. Landau-Placzek Ratio
  91. Low Pressure Reg
  92. Line Printer Request Computing, Unix commands
  93. Linear Polarisation Resistance Technology, Corrosion, Polarization

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does LPR stand for?

    LPR stands for Lactate-To-Pyruvate Ratio.

  2. What is the shortened form of Legal Permanent Resident?

    The short form of "Legal Permanent Resident" is LPR.


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