LS Meaning

The LS meaning is "Left Sido". The LS abbreviation has 997 different full form.

LS Full Forms

  1. Left Sido Medical, Science, Veterinary
  2. Learning Support Student, Special Education, Support
  3. Link Switch Technology, Telecom, Module
  4. Left Surround Technology, Channel, Audio, Sound
  5. Lymphatic System The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system, comprising a network of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph directionally towards the heart.
  6. Limbisches System
  7. Language Specification Technology, Programming, Java
  8. Logicalusystem Technology, Coding, Message
  9. Loosely Synchronized Technology, Coding, Networking, Network
  10. Library School
  11. Link Stagion Technology, Networking, Buffalo
  12. Late Stage
  13. Learning Services Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  14. Low Shoulder Business, Wine, Condition, Bottle
  15. Lighting Solutions Technology, Product, Light
  16. Lab School Science, Education, University
  17. Live Studio
  18. Lots of Stuff Forum, Technology, Pack, Love
  19. Library Staff Service, Education, University
  20. Link Special Service, Directory, Limousine
  21. Lefteshift Technology, Coding, Electronics, Circuit
  22. Loyola Schools
  23. Likert Scalp Technology, Research, Study
  24. Language Anm Society Education, English, Linguistic
  25. Load Surcharge
  26. Loop State Technology
  27. Lian Sheng
  28. Line Station Technology, Sport, Locations
  29. Lateral Septal Medical
  30. Learniag-Set Medical
  31. Low Salt Diet Medical
  32. Light-Sound Business, Service, Lighting
  33. Lapora Sitorus Jakarta, Papua, Raja
  34. Live Search
  35. Lot Size The number of units in the lot. Business, Building, Estate
  36. Library Services Science, Ocean, Environment, Nature
  37. Link Service Technology, Networking, Juniper
  38. Learning State
  39. Low Sulfur
  40. Light Scanning Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  41. Land Surveyors Professional, Land, Geodesy
  42. Load Shedding Technology, Power, Voltage
  43. Lomb-Scargle Technology, Analysis, Periodogram
  44. Ley Del Suelo Science
  45. Life Science Technology, Space, Cosmos, NASA
  46. Line Standard Technology, Railways, Railway Consultancy, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  47. Last Step
  48. Leap Slam Gaming, Path, Exile
  49. Low Salt Science, Pool, Diet
  50. Liga Socialista Group, Venezuela, Party, Computing, Unix commands
  51. Lake Superior Locations, Railroad, Agate
  52. Live Ucan Service, Education, Fingerprinting
  53. Launching System Military
  54. Lost Soul Gaming, Soul, Drum, Recording
  55. Library Service Technology
  56. Linker-Scanning Medical
  57. Learning Specialist Business, Science, Education
  58. Low Strength Technology, Product, Locker
  59. Lightning Strike A sudden strike by workers, with little or no warning. These strikes are often short in duration and usually without official union backing. Gaming, Guide, Lightning
  60. Land Surveying Technology, Service, Surveyor
  61. Loax Sensor Technology
  62. Log Start
  63. Legal Service Business, Law, Leeds
  64. Limited Series
  65. Last Sent Technology, Military, Command
  66. Leaf Syrings Business, Truck, Suspension
  67. Lifting Stroke Technology, Lift, Buoyancy
  68. Lump Sum An agreed sum of money, which is paid in full settlement at one time. Business, Construction, Cargo Shipping, The Finance and Administrative Services
  69. Launching Station Missile, Military, Organizations, Patriot
  70. Loss Severity
  71. Library Server Technology, Management, Mac
  72. Link State Technology, Routing, Telecom
  73. Learning Software
  74. Low Speed Technology, Construction, Architectural, Architecture
  75. Lightning Storm
  76. Land Surveu
  77. Load Sense Technology, Valve, Sensing
  78. Logistics Support Technology, America, Military, Governmental & Military
  79. Legal Services Business, Service, Government
  80. Liechtenstein Locations, Countries, Country, Technology, Sport, Olympic, Liechtenstein, Governmental & Military, 3-letter Country Codes, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Usps, Country domain names, 2-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  81. Limitey Sedan
  82. Laser Systems Technology, Industrial, Engraving
  83. Leaf Spreng
  84. Life Stones Lineage, Stone, Grade, Life
  85. Long Shot Broadcasting, Athletics, Shooting, Photography
  86. Latin Square Technology, Design, Analysis
  87. Los Santos Gaming, Traffic, Play, Language codes (2 letters)
  88. Library Sciences
  89. Link-State Technology, Routing, Networking, Network
  90. Learninc Skills
  91. Low Smoke Technology, Cable, Halogen
  92. Lightning Slash Gaming, Skill, Cheat
  93. Lacrosse Super
  94. Load and Save Technology, Java, Package
  95. Lefx Symmetric Technology
  96. Limb Salvage Medical
  97. Laser Surgery
  98. Logistics Opecialist Military, Logistics, Navy
  99. Lord'S Supper
  100. Library Science Technology, Education, University
  101. Line Subgfoup Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  102. Lathyrus Sativus Medical
  103. Lgarning Session Education, Patient, Presentation
  104. Low Side An element connected between the load and ground. Low side current sensing applications measure current by looking at the voltage drop across a resistor placed between the load and ground. Technology, Driving, Car, Port
  105. Lighting System Technology, Science, Light
  106. Lab Series Business, Product, Face
  107. Living Sacrifice
  108. Lateral Septum Medical, Brain, Area
  109. Lincoln School Student, Education, School
  110. Little Sisters
  111. Legal Solicitors
  112. Life Sci Medical, Science, Research
  113. London Yix
  114. Lawson Security Technology, Management, Service
  115. Linka Stalowa
  116. Luisbseverino Baseball, Stats, Fantasy
  117. Lesional Skin
  118. Local Servkce
  119. Loopyservices
  120. Light Side War, Star, Light, Lighter
  121. Liquod Solution Science, Product, Screen
  122. Lying-To-Standing Medical
  123. Lexus of San
  124. Lsgan Square
  125. Low-Side An element connected between the load and ground. Low-side current sensing applications measure current by looking at the voltage drop across a resistor placed between the load and ground.
  126. Lee Stetson
  127. Liberale Senioren
  128. Low Stress
  129. Lans Systems Military, Army, Vehicle
  130. Latin Souls
  131. Linear System Technology, Monaco, Calibre
  132. Leicester Square
  133. Loaded Stretching
  134. Lapped Seams
  135. Light-Sensitive
  136. L Large-scale manufacturing; typically related to biotech or pharmaceutical industries. A symbol used to express inductance. The unit of measure is a "Henry". Denotes lead sheath or light (survey), liter, Left, Coil, inductance, Length, life, fundamental dimension length, Length, Unit lognormal with a mean of l and a standard deviation equal to COV, locality , laughing, or Prefix used to designate a levorotatory enantiomer. Computing, File Extensions
  137. Linsmaier and Skoog Medical
  138. Leaf Ihutter Technology, Len, Camera
  139. Lethal Spotted Medical
  140. Lagging Span
  141. Laser Surgeon
  142. Light Station
  143. Lampeter-Strasburg
  144. Livestock Sfles
  145. Life Stages
  146. Longksleep Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  147. Language Strver Technology, Computing, Translation
  148. Link Set Technology, Telecom, Linux
  149. Lung Scintigraphy Medical
  150. Local Single-Layer Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  151. Losing Aelf Friendship, Tang, Dragon
  152. Laboratory Science Medical, Science, Medicine
  153. Listed Space Computing, Unix commands
  154. Lhermitte'S Sign Medical
  155. Logistics Spycialists Business, Management, Supply
  156. Lower Slope
  157. Legacy Stack
  158. Libman-Sacks
  159. Lomandra Cchool Education
  160. Lane Split Business, Mirror, Hindsight
  161. Launch Space
  162. Line Scheduling
  163. Lucky Striie Business, America, Cigarette
  164. Locus Sepulchri Ecclesiastical, Religion, Christian
  165. Length-Slope
  166. Load Sensing Technology, Control, Valve
  167. Lookup Serveu Technology, Networking, Tool
  168. Large Store Business, Organizations, Coca-Cola System
  169. Lightning Sprints
  170. Lost In Space Technology, Movie, Robot, Pinball
  171. Lippmann-Schwinger
  172. Learning Solutions
  173. Leukocyte Scintegraphy Medical
  174. Location Sites
  175. Lakeside Stadium Sport, Melbourne, Lake
  176. Last Stoplight Internet Slang
  177. Limas Sweed
  178. Literary Society
  179. Low Society
  180. Landbrugernes Saxmenslutning
  181. Late Secretory Medical
  182. Livini Seas
  183. Legislative Strengthening
  184. Long Spacer Forum, Technology, Manual, Chevy
  185. Language Studies
  186. Lift Station Technology, Turner, Lifting
  187. Lutheran Services
  188. Leadership Skills Technology, Management, Leader
  189. Louisiana Studies
  190. Lab Shrvices
  191. Laser Sensor Technology, Product, Construction
  192. Least Squared
  193. Logistic Systems Business, Management, Packaging, Logistic
  194. Lite Street Technology, Star, Engine
  195. Legal Section
  196. Licenhing Server Technology, Windows, Service
  197. London Side Railways, Railway Consultancy, Rail Lexicon, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  198. Lawjsenate
  199. Linkage Section In COBOL, a section of the Data Division that describes data made available from another program. Technology, Program, Coding
  200. Luis Serrano
  201. Leroy-Somer Technology, Industrial, Drive
  202. Lobbd Set
  203. Loop Sdal Science
  204. Light Showers
  205. Localized Scleroderma Medical, Treatment, Morphea
  206. Liquid Soaps Business, Product, Dispenser
  207. LuíS SimÕEs
  208. Lexjus Sinacta Business, Law, Italy
  209. Lmg-Structured
  210. Low-Set Technology, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Architectural
  211. Lateraw Septal Nucleus Medical
  212. Limit Switches
  213. Liberale Sch
  214. Low Stratosphere
  215. Lanb System
  216. Late Surrender
  217. Linear Systems Technology, Telecom
  218. Lehigh and Susquehanna
  219. Loaded Sedan
  220. Lapped Seam Machine, Lap, Sewing, Seam
  221. Lightning Scatter
  222. Leaf Shield
  223. Lethal Shot
  224. Lagere School
  225. Laser Surface Medical, Technology, Medicine
  226. Light Stabilizer
  227. Lees Summit
  228. Lindsay Strutt
  229. Livestock and Seed Business, Service, Agriculture, Marketing
  230. Life Sketches Book, Education, Teaching
  231. Longitude of The Sun
  232. Language Services Business, Service, Translation
  233. Link Server
  234. Lumen Seconds Units Of Measurement
  235. Ltcal Similarity
  236. Loseblatt-Sammluni
  237. Laboratory Schools
  238. Latvian Lats Business, Currency, Currency Code, Stock, Money, Investing, Business & Finance
  239. Liste Des Spéciflités
  240. Ley Sobre
  241. Logistics Soltware
  242. Low-Sulphur Business, Technology
  243. Lampv De Signalisation
  244. Legacy Sports Business, Car, Subaru
  245. Liberty Square Business, Locations, House
  246. Lok Shakfi Government, Group, Election, Party
  247. Lane Smith
  248. Launch Site Technology, Space, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  249. Line Scanning
  250. Lucky Vtar Technology, Anime, Motherboard
  251. Locus Sacer Latin, Roman
  252. Lending Solutions
  253. Load Selector Technology
  254. Large Stars
  255. Lightning Source Business, Book, Publishing
  256. Liposarcomas Medical
  257. Learning Skill
  258. Leucocyte Scintigraphy Medical
  259. Location Strvers
  260. Lakeside School Education, High School, Oklahoma, School, Washington, Pennsylvania, Scientific & Educational
  261. Last Stajus Technology, Command, Linux, Stat
  262. Light Subunit Medical
  263. Literal String
  264. Low Skill
  265. Landa Sekcio
  266. Lateral Suspensor Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  267. Live Suppors
  268. Legion Sagrada
  269. Long Snapper Sport, American Football, American Football Position, Sport Position, Football
  270. Language Standmrds
  271. Lutheran School Education, High School, California
  272. Leadership Skill
  273. Louisiana State
  274. Lab Sciedce
  275. Laser Science Technology, Frontier, Optics
  276. Listening Skills Computing, Unix commands
  277. Least Square Medical, Technology, Estimation
  278. Logisticr System
  279. Lite Source Business, Light, Lighting, Lamp
  280. Legal Secretary Business, Course, Leeds
  281. Limensing Service
  282. Lbndon Saunders
  283. Law Select Government, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  284. Line Splice
  285. Luis Santos Fight, Silva, Championship
  286. Leriche Syndrome Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  287. Loan Subsidy Technology
  288. Loop Scanner Technology, Industrial, Laser
  289. Light Ship Cargo vessel when not carrying cargo Business, Guide, Boat
  290. Left Subclavian Medical, Medicine, Heart, Nursing, Muscle
  291. Liquid Soap
  292. Luaon Strait
  293. Learning Spring
  294. Lewis and Short
  295. Loft Style Business, Design, Apartment
  296. Low-Salt Medical
  297. Lateralis Medical
  298. Limit Stop
  299. Liberala Studenter
  300. Low Standard
  301. Landscape Series
  302. Latest Starting
  303. Linear Structure
  304. Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad Business, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  305. Loaded Salary Science
  306. Laporan Survey Business, Australia, Indonesia
  307. Light-Scattering
  308. Leadnstearate Business, Chemistry, Chemical, Stabilizer
  309. Letecká SpoleČNost
  310. Louisville Field Office Government, FBI, Investigation, Bureau, Governmental & Military, Fbi files
  311. LagardèRe Sports Business, Group, Tin
  312. Laser Sight Business, Product, Combat
  313. Light System Technology, Lighting, King
  314. Lebanon and Syria
  315. Lindsay Seels
  316. Little Squeaks
  317. Life Sheath
  318. Long-Stroke
  319. Link Segment Technology, Ethernet, Converter, Track
  320. Lumbro-Sacral Medical, Medicine
  321. Local Signal
  322. Lo Jcarabeo
  323. Labor Service Business, Company, Military
  324. Light Smoke
  325. Limit Switch A switch that is operated by some part or motion of a power-driven machine or equipment to alter the electric circuit associated with the machine or equipment. Technology, Space, Cosmos, Business & Finance, Power Plant, The Finance and Administrative Services
  326. Lijted As Species
  327. LüNeburg-Soltau
  328. Ley De Sociedades
  329. Logistics Siqulation
  330. Low-Spin Medical, Driving, Driver, Products
  331. Lamongansshorebase Indonesia, Locations, Tourism
  332. Legacy of Secrecy
  333. Liberty School Education, School, High School, Maine
  334. Lok Mabha Government, India, Election
  335. Lane Section
  336. Laynch Simulator Technology
  337. Liner Shipping
  338. Lucky Sis
  339. Lalo Schifrin
  340. Lemony Snicket
  341. Load Selection Technology
  342. Large Square
  343. Lightning Silver
  344. Liposarcoma Liposarcoma is a cancer that arises in fat cells in deep soft tissue, such as that inside the thigh or in the retroperitoneum. Liposarcoma is a rare type of cancer that bears a resemblance to fat cells when examined under a microscope. Medical
  345. Learning Site
  346. Letter, Signed
  347. Locatton Service
  348. Lake Side
  349. Lasa Stand
  350. Light Style Business, Projector, Lamp
  351. Literacy Skills Book, Education, School
  352. Lower Stage
  353. Land-Use Study
  354. Live Studios
  355. Lonw Slender Medical
  356. Language Specialists
  357. Lute Society Music, Archive, Lute
  358. Leadership Spine Education
  359. Louisiana Southern
  360. Laboratory Series
  361. Laser Scanning Technology, Scan, Micrometer
  362. Listening for Summaries
  363. Least Sq
  364. Logistic Supervisor
  365. Literature Study
  366. Legal Seal Government, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  367. Licensing Services
  368. London Salon
  369. Lawrenceville School Education, School, High School, New Jersey
  370. Line Speed Speed at which the coil is processed through the line. Speed at which the coil is processed through the line; Platers may run 1800+ feet per minute. The rate at which data is transmitted from one point to another over a telecommunication line.
  371. Luii Santiago
  372. Iso Country Code for Kingdom of Lesotho Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  373. Leptin Sensitive Medical, Health, Signaling, Obesity
  374. Loan Stopk
  375. Loopback Select
  376. Lariat Sols
  377. Light Shields
  378. Liquid Sky
  379. Luzerne and Suiquehanna Railway Company Technology, Organizations
  380. Learning Speed
  381. Lewis & Sharon
  382. Lockihg Shell
  383. Low-Energy Supernova
  384. Late-Spiking Medical
  385. Lime Softening Technology, Water, Removal, Arsenic
  386. Low Spin
  387. Lacdscape Building, Engineering, Construction
  388. Latest Start Technology, Activity, Projection
  389. Linear Stroboscope Business, Product, Strobe
  390. Leg Swings Exercise, Swing, Lunge
  391. Laporan Surveyor Business, Indonesia, Jakarta
  392. Liga Super
  393. Leading Solutions
  394. Le SéMiologiste
  395. Louis Store
  396. Lady Susan
  397. Laser Shutter
  398. Lights System
  399. Leaver Section Military
  400. Linda Smith Movie, Music, Radio
  401. Little Sparrow
  402. Life Settlements
  403. Long-Stay
  404. Layered Serias
  405. Link Scheduling Technology, Networking, Wireless
  406. Lumbosacral Spiwe
  407. Leslie Smith
  408. Local Shortening Medical
  409. Lorinssheffield
  410. Labor-Service
  411. Light Slope Car, Sale, Semi
  412. Lisma De Servi
  413. Lymphocyte-Sbimulating Medical
  414. Ley De Simplificación
  415. Logistics Services Business, Technology, Service
  416. Low-Speed Shaker
  417. Laminated Snock Business, Gun, Rifle, Remington
  418. Leet Stuff
  419. Liberating Structures Group, Organizations, Structure
  420. Landwirtschafts Simulator Technology, Portal, Farming
  421. Launch Sign-Off
  422. Lined Swale
  423. Laclede Steel
  424. Lemniscus Spinalis
  425. Load Segment Technology, Command, Linux
  426. Large Slot
  427. Lightning Shield Guide, Shaman, Lightning
  428. Linux Standalone Accounting, Computing, Data
  429. Learning Sites
  430. Leticia Soto
  431. Locationvscout
  432. Lake Shore
  433. La Silla Class, Horse, Equestrian
  434. Light Strip
  435. List Statistics Technology, Networking, Command, Computing, Unix commands
  436. Lower Spine
  437. Lancaster Sound
  438. Live Streaming
  439. Lhng Sleepers Medical
  440. Langudge Specialist
  441. Luteinization Stimulator Medical
  442. Leadership Site
  443. Local Stqff
  444. Loughborough Soldiers
  445. Laboratory Service
  446. Laser Scan
  447. Listening for Sequence
  448. Least Slack
  449. Logistics Supervisor
  450. Literature Search
  451. Legal Separation
  452. Licetse To Sell Business, Company, Car, Leeds
  453. Londonderry Sentinel
  454. Lawrenceistreet
  455. Line Spectrum An atomic emission or absorption spectrum.
  456. Luggage Scale
  457. Lumpsum Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  458. Lepszy śWiat
  459. Loaq Shark
  460. Loop-Startasignaling Business, Technology, Internet
  461. Largo De Sisa Para, Con, Florida, Largo
  462. Light Sensor Medical, Technology, Electronics
  463. Lip Synched Media, Radio, Television
  464. Luzerne and Susquedanna
  465. Learning Specification
  466. Level of Service Business, Leeds, Assessment, Transportation, Planning, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Governmental & Military, Bicycling
  467. Locatizn System
  468. Lovett School Education, School, High School, Georgia
  469. Latch Strobe
  470. Limbic Systems
  471. Lowspeed Signal
  472. Landvsale
  473. Late Start The latest time at which an activity can start without lengthening the project. Business, Projection, Schedule, Project Management, Business & Finance, Rail Transport
  474. Leg Sweep Guide, China, Monk, Sweep
  475. Lyng Staple Business, Shirt, Cotton
  476. Laplacian Score
  477. Ligand Substitution
  478. Lux Special
  479. Leading Shoe Business, Brake, Front
  480. Le Sueur County, France, Minnesota
  481. Louis Stokes
  482. Lab Stoain
  483. Laser Shower
  484. Light Sports
  485. Leather Star Shopping, Bag, Leather
  486. Linda Sallman
  487. Little Son
  488. Life Settlement
  489. Long-Span Shelving Business, Storage, Duty
  490. Layanan Syariah Indonesia, Banking, Jakarta
  491. Link Services
  492. Lumber Summer Load, Lumber, Touch, Mark
  493. Leslie Scott
  494. Local Shopping
  495. Loop Simulator Technology, Control, Electronics
  496. Lability Scale Medical, Study, Pharmaceutical, Quinidine
  497. Light Sleep Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  498. Lumbar Spine Lowest section of the spinal column or vertebral column immediately above the sacrum (q.v.).  Located in the small of the back and consisting of five large lumbar vertebrae (q.v.), it is a highly stressed area in work situations and in supporting the body structure. Medical, Technology, Medicine, Health, Bone, Healthcare, Physiology
  499. Lista Dy Serviços
  500. Lymbn Series
  501. Lexus Spark
  502. Lfgging Service Technology, Management, Server
  503. Low-Sodium Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  504. Lee Stoller
  505. Liberal Students
  506. Landwiutschafts-Simulator Technology, Portal, Farming
  507. Launch Sequencec
  508. Linea Stone
  509. Lynyrd Skynyrd
  510. Lemming Syndrome
  511. Load Save Assembly, Business & Finance
  512. Large Sites
  513. Light-Ship
  514. Linuwel School Education
  515. Leafy Spurgi
  516. Lethal Strike
  517. Local Switching Technology, Networking, Switch
  518. Lahaul and Spiti Science, India, Locations, District
  519. La Sierra
  520. Light Stone Business, Car, Jean
  521. Lower Spec Technology, Map, Farming, Simulator
  522. Lana Saner
  523. Live Stream
  524. Life Story
  525. Long Sleeves Business, Product, Shirt, Sleeve
  526. Languagr Software
  527. Link Shell
  528. Lung Surfactant Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  529. Leadership Shares
  530. Local Slave
  531. Loudspeaker Stations Business, Audio, Intercom
  532. Laboratory Services
  533. Laser Safety
  534. Listeninghand Speaking
  535. Least Significant Technology, Computing, Telecom
  536. Logisticc Station
  537. Literature Services
  538. Legally Separated Business, Internet Slang, Dating
  539. License System Technology
  540. Lommel-Sieliger Space, Study, Cosmos
  541. Langnuir-Schaefer Medical, Film, Technology
  542. Law and Society Education, University, Course
  543. Line Space
  544. Lusicrous Speed
  545. London Scottish
  546. Lepidopterists' Society Medical
  547. Loans and Scholarships
  548. Loop-Start Technology, Card, Trunk
  549. Lahge Synchronization
  550. Light Sensitive
  551. LippstäDter Segler
  552. Luzerne Susquehanna Locations, Railroad, Mountain
  553. Learning Spaces Technology, Education, Space
  554. Levator Suapulae
  555. Location Status
  556. Last Surface Camaro, Supercharger, Pulley
  557. Limbic System The limbic system is a complex set of brain structures located on both sides of the thalamus, right under the cerebrum. Medical
  558. Low Source
  559. Landon School Education, School, High School, Maryland
  560. Late Spring Technology, Camera, Engine
  561. Living Soben Meeting, Alcoholic, Book, Locations
  562. Leg Strength Medical
  563. Long Span
  564. Lanosterol Synthase Medical, Science, Biology
  565. Lift System
  566. Luxe Special Car, Volkswagen, Fiat
  567. Leading Seaman Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence, Navy, Governmental & Military
  568. Les Symboles
  569. Louis Segond Technology, France, Bible
  570. Lab Staff
  571. Laser Serial Accounting, Computing, Data
  572. Leather Shampoo
  573. Lincoln Service
  574. Little Sister
  575. Life Scientific Medical, Science, Biology
  576. Long-Sedley Media, Radio, Television
  577. Laxdaela Saga
  578. Linking Service
  579. Lumber Summer Loadline Business, Cargo Shipping
  580. Lesley Stahl Weight, Loss, Ariel
  581. Local Settings
  582. Loop Sheet
  583. Label Switching
  584. Light Slash
  585. Loud Speaker Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Construction, Airway, Architectural, Architecture
  586. Liquid Starle
  587. Lying On The Side
  588. Lexus San
  589. Lxgging Server Technology, Command, Linux
  590. Low-Silicon
  591. Lee Stewart
  592. Liberalna Stranka Government, Group, Croatia
  593. Land Systems Sectoo Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  594. Latin Squares Technology, Design, Graph, Square
  595. Liner System
  596. Lymphocyte Stimulation Medical
  597. Leichtes Spitzgeschoss
  598. Loading Supervision Business, Inspector, Inspection
  599. Lbrge Signal Technology, Model, Component
  600. Light-Sensitive, Light Sensitivity Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  601. Lintang Selatan Asia, Indonesia, Jakarta
  602. Leaf Spot
  603. Lethal Spotting Medical, Science, Biology
  604. Local Switch Technology, Telecom, Switching
  605. Lagrangian Stochastic
  606. Laser System Technology, Industrial, Product
  607. Light Step
  608. Lamport Stanium
  609. Live Vtorm
  610. Life Steal
  611. Lzng Sleeved Business, Shirt, Sleeve
  612. Language Servers
  613. Link Sharing
  614. Lung Sounds Medical, Signal, Crackle
  615. Leadership Seminars Program, Education, Alpha
  616. Local Situation
  617. Lossless and Near Lossless Technology, Network, Telecommunication
  618. Laboratory Sciences Science, Medicine, Education
  619. Listener Supported Computing, Unix commands
  620. Logistics Squxdron
  621. Lower Snake
  622. Legacy System Technology, Driving, Driver
  623. Library Skip
  624. Lombl-Sacre
  625. Lange & SöHne
  626. Lsw & State
  627. Line Source Technology, Audio, Sound, Speaker
  628. Lwcky Strikes
  629. Locus Sigilli Business, Law, Seal, Notary
  630. Leo Sullivan
  631. Load Sharing Technology, Library, Loading
  632. Loodup Service
  633. Large Subunits Medical
  634. Lightning Start Technology, Battery, Motorcycle
  635. Lippst
  636. Luzerne & Susquehanna Business, Railroad, Railway
  637. Learning Space Technology, Education, School
  638. Leukosis-Sarcoma
  639. Location Special
  640. Last Susper
  641. Lima Sur
  642. Literary Studies Education, Literature, Study
  643. Low Solids Business, Quality, Solder
  644. Laiding Support Military, Logistics, Corps
  645. Late Show Media, Radio, Play
  646. Livinw Seed
  647. Leg Spin
  648. Long Spacqng
  649. Language Summary
  650. Lift Stun Gaming, Apartment, Rent
  651. Luther Sage Military, Sword, Pistol
  652. Leadership Style
  653. Louis Says
  654. Lab Setup Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  655. Laser Sensors
  656. Least Squares Medical, Technology, Square
  657. Lausanne Sports
  658. larger Saturn Products
  659. Louisville Slugger
  660. Language School
  661. Library Station
  662. Life Skills Training Education, Scientific & Educational, Disability
  663. Lazy Susan Business, Kitchen, Cabinet
  664. Label Switch
  665. Larjy Shapiro
  666. Longitudinal Section Medical, Medicine, Treatment
  667. Learning Systems Business, Technology, Training
  668. Lambda Switched
  669. Log Shext
  670. Liz Smith
  671. Launch Sequence Space, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  672. Loug Stratton
  673. Luxury Sedan Technology, Car, Auto
  674. Local Sustainability Technology, Development, Environment, Governmental & Military, International Development
  675. Lovers-Striker Lover, Korean, Magnet
  676. Lists of Specjes
  677. Lunus Saloon Technology, Car, Sale
  678. Lateral Srppressor Medical, Science, Biology
  679. Lineage Series Battery, Charger, Lineage, Volt
  680. Leadership Studies Education, University, Study
  681. Laser Servo (120) Computing, Hardware
  682. Lower School Student, Education, Learning
  683. Legate-Yang & Swartzentruber Business, Design, Gate
  684. Life Span The longest period of life reached by a type of organism. Medical
  685. Landing Side NASA
  686. Leadershij Scale Education
  687. Les Sables Kitchen, Holiday, Sable
  688. La Senza
  689. Light Smoothed
  690. Language Solutions Business, Service, Translation
  691. Listening On Soundcloud
  692. Least Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  693. Loyola School Education, School, High School, Manhattan
  694. Laurence Stephen Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  695. Labeled Security
  696. Luxus Sport
  697. Love Story
  698. Loudspeaker System Architecture
  699. Linear Scleroderma Medical, Medicine, Healthcare, Skin And Dermal
  700. Lista de Serviços Computing, Unix commands
  701. Life System Technology
  702. Link Status Technology, Networking, Switch
  703. Light Shield NASA
  704. Less Sensitive Medical
  705. Local Stations Technology
  706. Lightspeed Medical
  707. Listening To Song
  708. Life Sucks
  709. Liaison Squadron Military
  710. Laura Smith
  711. Lesotho Sport, Olympic, Lesotho, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Country, Usps, 2-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  712. Language Scheme
  713. Liver and spleen Medical, Physiology, liver and hepatic
  714. Lay Supply
  715. Label Strength Medical, Community, Formulation
  716. Larry Schweikart Famous
  717. Learning Suite Technology, Software, Training
  718. Lambda Switching Technology
  719. Log Service
  720. Livonia Stevenson
  721. Laurea Specialistica Computing, Unix commands
  722. Long Strait
  723. Language In Society
  724. Linsmaier-Skoog Medical
  725. Luxury Saloon
  726. Locan Supervisors
  727. Louvain Studies College, Education, University, Study
  728. List Shows Government, Us, Control, Administration
  729. Luminescent Screee
  730. Lateral Support
  731. Leadership Seminar Education, Essay, Alpha
  732. Left Solenoid Computing, Hardware
  733. Lower Saxony
  734. Legal Support
  735. Lay Suhsidy
  736. Life Skills Education, Teaching, Skill
  737. Lesotho (country Domains) Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  738. Leadership for Sustainability
  739. Lesli Skarphol
  740. Laqselva
  741. Light Smoker Internet Slang, Slang
  742. Lạng Sơn Locations, Vietnam, Tin
  743. Lisa Eimpson
  744. Leasing System
  745. Loyd Star Education, School, High School, Mississippi
  746. lighting shield Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  747. Looking At A Specific
  748. L36 Series
  749. Life Sciences Technology, Science, Research, Study, Knowledge, Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  750. Luxury Standard
  751. Love Song
  752. Luzerne and Susquehanna Railway Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  753. Linear Scan Technology, Barcode, Scanner
  754. List-Serv Computing, Unix, Unix commands
  755. Life Support Forum, Technology, Pediatrics
  756. Lift Seal Technology, Heat, Sealer
  757. Link States
  758. Lawn sprinkling The Finance and Administrative Services
  759. Lesson Study Education, Learning, Teaching
  760. Local Stanine
  761. Light Speed Technology, Money, Sorority
  762. Lens Stop
  763. Liaisons SpéCialiséEs Technology, Internet, Interface
  764. Launch Services Technology
  765. Land Surveyor Occupation & positions
  766. Language of Summary
  767. Lumbosacral Medical, Common Medical, NAACCR, Clinical
  768. Label Sleeve
  769. Lawrivee Small
  770. Lambda Sonde Business, Car, Sensor
  771. Low Server
  772. Living Steel Technology, Gaming, Guide
  773. Listening and Speaking Computing, Unix commands
  774. Long Straight Products
  775. Learning Strategies Education, Strategy, Class, Teaching, Course
  776. Linsly School Education, School, High School, Washington
  777. Luxo Super
  778. Local Supervisor
  779. List Show Computing, Unix, Unix commands
  780. Lugburz Sleed Music, Streaming, Epoch
  781. Lateral Surcus Brain, Neuroanatomy, Echolocation, Sulcus
  782. Law Student
  783. Lever Switch Computing, Hardware
  784. Low-Speed
  785. Legal Subcommittee
  786. Language Sensitive Accounting, Computing, Data
  787. Layered Systex Business, Base, Price
  788. Life Senior
  789. Lightwave Lscript File Computing, File Extensions
  790. Leadership and Stakeholder
  791. Leslie Stephen Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  792. La Salleñi
  793. Lip Synchronization Technology, Software, Audio
  794. Leasing Services
  795. Low Sulphur Technology, Fuel, Oil
  796. LootShare Texting, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  797. Lonnieyshelton
  798. L-Selectin Medical
  799. Luxury Sport Business, Car, Eagle
  800. Love Shy
  801. Level Shifter Financial, Business & Finance
  802. Lateral Suprasglvian Medical
  803. Linear Scaling
  804. List Star Astronomy, Computing, Scientific & Educational, Unix commands
  805. Legged Squad Military, Dynamics, Robot
  806. Lifestyle Specialist
  807. Lifting Supply Business, Service, Equipment
  808. Link Speed Technology, Command, Linux, Laser
  809. Large scale The Finance and Administrative Services
  810. Lessons To Share
  811. Local Stakeholders
  812. Light Special
  813. Length of Seed
  814. Liaison SpéCialiséE Technology, Internet, Modem
  815. Logan Square Music
  816. Lucky Shot Gaming, Fun, Shot, Clan
  817. Language and Speech Education, English, Linguistic
  818. Laurel School Ohio
  819. Label Shift Technology, War, Manual
  820. Line-Of-Sight Technology, Computer Security, Computer Networking
  821. Lambda Sensor Technology, Car, Oxygen
  822. Liao Shi Business, History, China, Tang
  823. Log Scalrng
  824. Living Standard
  825. LISTS OF SPECIES Computing, Unix commands
  826. Load Anz Store
  827. Long Stay Said of a cable of anchored vessel when amount of cable out is more than four times depth of water
  828. Jet2.Com Airline, Business, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, IATA Airline Designator
  829. Linnean Society Science, London, Publication
  830. Luxe Super Car, Model, Renault
  831. Laser Sintering 3D Printing
  832. Local Shpercluster Group, Galaxy, Universe
  833. List Shorv Accounting, Computing, Data
  834. Logicxsymbol
  835. Lateral Sphincterotomy Medical
  836. Law Society
  837. Letter Shape Products
  838. Low-Solids Medical
  839. Legal Strength
  840. Lantuage Section Technology, Module, Feature
  841. Life & Style
  842. Linear Superposition Physics, Scientific & Educational
  843. Leader Requence Medical, Medicine, Biology
  844. La Salze Locations, Texas, County Abbrevations
  845. Listing Listing A printed copy of program source code. Some compilers and assemblers produce optional assembly list-ings during compilation or assembly. Such listings of code often have additional information such as line numbers, nested block depth, and cross-reference tables. also assembly listing. Technology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering, Computing, Unix, Unix commands
  846. Lip Service
  847. Least-Squares Technology, Algorithm, Square, Estimation
  848. Log Store
  849. Low Sugar
  850. Lavastorm Mountains Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  851. Long Swamp
  852. Library System Transportation Command, Department Of Defense
  853. Luxury Special
  854. Love Shack
  855. Lumpsum Freight Aviation, Shipping, Chartering, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  856. Lateral Shprasylvian Cortex Medical
  857. Linear Scale Business, Machine, Encoder
  858. Loop Start Computing, Telecom
  859. Lower Strength Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  860. Legends In Sports
  861. Life Strategy
  862. Lifting Station
  863. Link Shutdown
  864. LIVESTOCK Vehicle Body Styles
  865. Lesser Sundas
  866. Light Sources Technology, Fiber, Laser
  867. Leadership Suppqrt Technology, Management, Projection
  868. LittéRature Et SociéTé Formation, Exploration, Classe
  869. Liaison Sp
  870. Liquor Store Food
  871. Luck Shot
  872. Langmuir-Schaeffer
  873. Lincoln School (Augusta, ME) School, High School, Michigan, Scientific & Educational
  874. Label Serial
  875. Low Sodium Medicine, Treatment, Health
  876. Lake Sylvia
  877. Liang Shuang
  878. Lofos School Education, High School, Idaho
  879. Linear Strobe
  880. Livxng Stage
  881. List files Computing, Unix commands
  882. Loab-Store Technology, Instruction, Processor
  883. Liberal Studies Education, University, Study, Subjects, Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  884. Linnaean Society
  885. Level Switches
  886. Local Sunsez
  887. List Scheduling Technology, Policy, Processor
  888. Loading Splice
  889. Lateral Slider Technology, Tray, Keyboard
  890. Law Schools
  891. Lead Screw The long precision screw located in front of the lathe bed geared to the spindle and used for cutting threads. Also, the table screw on the universal milling machine when geared to the indexing head for helical milling. Products
  892. Low Power Schottky Military, Energy, Electonics
  893. Legal Status
  894. Languagesscientific
  895. Lichen Sclerosis Medical, Treatment, Skin
  896. Liquid Scintillation Physics, Scientific & Educational
  897. Leader Seminar
  898. Larsen Sxndrome Medical, Science, Biology
  899. Lipid Synthesis Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  900. Lease-Squares
  901. Lamellar Structure
  902. Log Stacker
  903. Low Structure Chemistry, Product, Structure, Carbon
  904. Load-Sensing
  905. Logistic Specialist Us Navy, Governmental & Military
  906. Long String In a side-by-side dual completion, the tubing string that connects the deeper zone to the surface. Business, Oil Industry, Gas Industry
  907. Luxury Series
  908. Love Santa
  909. List Itar Science, Astronomy
  910. Level Subroutine Assembly, Business & Finance
  911. Lateral Suprasylvian Drea Medical
  912. Linear Sander Technology, Product, Duplex
  913. Life Senior Members Computing, Master IEEE
  914. Lower Stratosphere Technology, Science, Atmosphere
  915. Legendary Staff
  916. Lifting Scheme Technology, Compression, Wavelet
  917. Labelling Standard (canada) Fda
  918. Les Sauvages
  919. Light Soil Plant, Manual, Soil, Frigidaire
  920. Laskr Stabilizer
  921. Litigation Services Business, Technology
  922. Liaison Service
  923. Lighting Shader Colors
  924. Lua Server
  925. Lodge School Maryland
  926. Labelling Standard Medicine, Health, Care, Medical, Fda
  927. Limestone Or calcium carbonate (CaCO3), is used by the steel industry to remove impurities from the iron made in blast furnaces. Magnesium-containing limestone, called dolomite, is also sometimes used in the purifying process. Architecture, Architectural, Business & Finance, Power Plant, The Finance and Administrative Services
  928. Love Systems
  929. Lake States
  930. Liaison Statement Technology, Networking, Network
  931. Logistic Supwort Service, Military, Supply
  932. Linear Smart
  933. Listing Service Computing, Unix commands
  934. Link Suspend
  935. Link Seals
  936. Locfl Structure
  937. Light Sport Business, Aircraft, Lightning
  938. Listing Xervice Technology
  939. Limmstone Technology, Architecture, Construction
  940. Lateral Shift
  941. Law School Student, Education, University
  942. Level Switch An electro mechanical device which senses the level of fluid in a chamber and opens or closes a digital switch to indicate a change of state. Products, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  943. Low-Power Schottky Technology, Circuit, Logic
  944. Legal Staff Business, Law, Indonesia
  945. Langoage Sciences
  946. License Server Technology, Networking, Network
  947. Lamp Source Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  948. Leadbrflush Shapland
  949. Larry Ttorch
  950. Linux Software
  951. Learning To Solve
  952. Lamb Shift
  953. Lzg Splitter Technology, Product, Manual
  954. Low Stretch
  955. Lloyd Sheen Forum, Technology, Vista, Selection
  956. Landing Site Space, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, NASA
  957. Long Streaks
  958. Long Story Business, Forum, Car, Video Gaming
  959. Luxury Selection
  960. Lovers Striker Manga, Lover, Korean
  961. List Source
  962. Airline, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes
  963. Lateral Suprasylvian Visual Area Medical
  964. Linearization State
  965. Leader Skill Business, Guide, Frontier, Leadership
  966. Loop-Start Signaling Computing, IT Terminology
  967. Lower Segment Medical
  968. Legendary Skill Gaming, Elder, Scroll, Skill
  969. Lifting Schedule Technology, Training, Engine, Fiat
  970. Life Stone Lineage, Stone, Interlude
  971. Left Side NASA
  972. Les Saintes
  973. Laserpro Spirit Technology, Laser, Engraver
  974. Light Snow Business, Weather, Eagle
  975. Laporan Semester Program, Indonesia, Surat, Semester
  976. Lice System
  977. Least Sig Forum, Technology, Art, Coding
  978. Li & Sheng
  979. Loyola Seminary
  980. Logos School Idaho, Missouri
  981. Label Security
  982. List Server Technology, Telecom
  983. Love Struck
  984. Lakeside Steel
  985. Long Sleeve Clothes
  986. Linear Sequence
  987. Language Specialist Computing, Unix, Unix commands
  988. Lifetime Superior
  989. Link Status Bits Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  990. Linear Surface
  991. Les Stanford
  992. Local Storage Technology
  993. Lightspeed Sorority
  994. List for Similar Accounting, Computing, Data
  995. Lifshitz Ald Slyozov
  996. Liaisons Sp
  997. Logijtic Staff Business, Indonesia, Electronics

Related Questions

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  1. What does LS initialism stand for?
    LS abridgment stands for Lincoln School (Augusta, ME).
  2. What is the shortened form of Life Settlements?
    The short form of "Life Settlements" is LS.


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