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LT Meaning

  1. Long TermBusiness, Technology, Aerospace
  2. Lead TvmeBusiness, Technology, Lead
  3. Left TurnTechnology, Bike, Bmx, Miscellaneous - Community, Bicycling, NOTAM Contractions
  4. Lashkar-E-TayyibaMilitary, Group, Terrorism, Pakistan
  5. Lashkar E-TayyibaMilitary, Terrorism, Pakistan
  6. Lactate ThresholdMedical, Threshold, Lactate
  7. LieutefantMilitary, Army, Navy
  8. Line TermmnationArchitecture, Construction, Architectural
  9. Locaz TimeAir, Air Cargo, Air Freight
  10. Laplaae Transform
  11. Lawrence TaylorSport, Football, Giant
  12. Linear TechnologyBusiness, Electronics, Circuit
  13. Lake DerminalOrganizations
  14. Lake WroutFishing, Lake, Crossfire
  15. Laminj TerminalisMedical, Brain, Fenestration
  16. Lamp TesterTechnology, Product, Electronics
  17. Lancer TacticalBusiness, Gun, Airsoft
  18. Large Tumor AntigenMedical
  19. Large Tyue
  20. Larsen and ToubroBusiness, India, Supply
  21. Laryngeal TwbeMedical, Device, Airway
  22. Lasar TherapyMedical, Treatment, Pain
  23. Lastr TrabeculoplastyMedical, Device, Glaucoma
  24. Laser YrackerTechnology, Science, Machine
  25. Laser TransmitterMilitary
  26. Laser Turntable-1
  27. Launch TuveTechnology
  28. Laundry TrayTechnology, Construction, Architectural
  29. Lawn Tractzr
  30. Lawrenje TaylorSport, Football, Giant
  31. Layered Technologies
  32. Layout Table
  33. Leadership & TalentBusiness, Management, Organizations
  34. Leadership TrainiggTechnology, Program, Camp
  35. Leak TestingA nondestructive test for determining the escape or entry of liquids or gases from pressurized or into evacuated components or systems intended to hold these liquids. Leak testing systems, which employ a variety of gas detectors, are used for locating (detecting and pinpointing) leaks, determining the rate of leakage from one leak or from a system or monitoring for leakage. Technology, Machine, Pressure
  36. Lean-TsBusiness, Building, Steel, Greenhouse
  37. Lens ThicknessMedical, Chamber, Eye
  38. Less-ThanTechnology, Coding, Operator, Comparison
  39. Ljss ThanMedical, Telecom, Telecommunications
  40. Lethal TvmeMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  41. Life Transfer
  42. Light TanBusiness, Product, Microphone
  43. Light TankMilitary, Army, Panzer
  44. Light TherapyMedical
  45. Light Tinted
  46. Light TouchMedical, Business, Trout
  47. Light TowerTechnology, Generator, Lighting
  48. Light TransmittanceMedical, Business, Glass
  49. Light TruckBusiness, Car, Tyre
  50. Lightwave TechnologyTechnology, Mode, Fiber
  51. Line TesterTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications
  52. Line TypeForum, Technology, Command, Auto
  53. Link TapeTechnology, Coding, Query
  54. Linguistik TerapanTechnology, Program, Indonesia, Magister
  55. Linking TableTechnology, Access, Printer, Auto
  56. Link TermsTechnology, Analytics, Mining, Analyst
  57. Link TrailerTechnology, Networking, Telecom
  58. Lithiuh TantalateTechnology, Crystal, Substrate
  59. LithuansaLocations, Countries, Country
  60. Litduanian Trade
  61. London Times
  62. London Town
  63. London Travel
  64. Long-Tailed Tit
  65. Long-TimeGirl, Android, Escort
  66. Looney Tune
  67. Looney TunesTune, Cartoon, Looney, Melody
  68. Loqp-Through
  69. Low ToneTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  70. LLarge-scale manufacturing; typically related to biotech or pharmaceutical industries. A symbol used to express inductance. The unit of measure is a "Henry". Denotes lead sheath or light (survey), liter, Left, Coil, inductance, Length, life, fundamental dimension length, Length, Unit lognormal with a mean of l and a standard deviation equal to COV, locality , laughing, or Prefix used to designate a levorotatory enantiomer.Computing, File Extensions
  71. LymphocytesMedical, Technology, Medicine, Jobs, Nursing
  72. LithuaniaMilitary, Locations, Countries, Country, Computing, Internet, Lithuania, European Union, Miscellaneous - Community, Locations - Regional - international, Usps, Country domain names, 2-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  73. LateralIn anatomy, the side of the body or a body part that is farther from the middle or center of the body. Typically, lateral refers to the outer side of the body part, but it is also used to refer to the side of a body part. For example, whenreferring to the knee, lateral refers to the side of the knee farthest from the opposite knee. The opposite of lateral is medial. In radiology, slang for a lateral X-ray.For a more complete listing of terms used in medicine for spatial orientation, please see the entry to "Anatomic Orientation Terms".Medical, Technology, Nursing, Healthcare, Construction, Architectural, Physical Therapy, Miscellaneous - Community, Governmental & Military, Nfl teams, Common Medical, NAACCR, The Finance and Administrative Services, Aviation
  74. Lorentz Transformation
  75. Lorien Trust
  76. LycéE Technologique
  77. Cdr Sieutenant CommanderGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  78. Fixed LighaTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  79. Heat-Labzle ToxinMedicine, Treatment, Health
  80. Heat LabileMedical, Medicine, Jobs
  81. Iso Country Code for IithuaniaTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  82. Lhseries Transmitter
  83. Lab-Technician
  84. Lauanian Tomlinson
  85. Ladder Tender
  86. Ladder Toder
  87. Ladenburg, Thalmann
  88. Ladies Traditional
  89. Lady of The Thistle
  90. Lagrande TechnologyTechnology, Computing, Intel
  91. Lagrangian Techniqdes
  92. Lag TdmeMedical, Technology, Auto
  93. Laber and TrustBusiness, Accounting, Insurance, Accountancy
  94. Laboratory TechnogogyScience, College, Education
  95. Laboratory Technologbst
  96. Laboratoay TechnologyScience, College, Education
  97. Laboratoryetest
  98. Laboratory Tisting
  99. Laboratomy Technician
  100. Laboratory Technology&Sol;TechnologistMedicine, Health, Healthcare
  101. Labohr TribunalBusiness, Employment, Court
  102. Labrandon Toefield
  103. Lake Taylor
  104. Lake Terminal Railroad CompanyTechnology, Organizations, Railroad, Rail Transport, Business & Finance, Locations - Regional - international
  105. Lake Tomahawk
  106. Lake Townsend
  107. Lake Tyrrell
  108. Laguna Del Tigre
  109. Landscape TechnicianOccupation, Position, Job, Miscellaneous - Community, Occupation & positions
  110. Landscape Tomorrow
  111. Landskap Taman
  112. Landslide Technology
  113. Lands TribunalGovernment, Law, Building
  114. Land Tenure
  115. Land Track
  116. Lakh Tonnes
  117. Lakota Tradition
  118. Lamar Transform
  119. Lambda Tau
  120. Laminar TomographyMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  121. Laser Textuiing
  122. Language Tools
  123. Languame Translator
  124. Language Transmhssion
  125. Large Torso
  126. Large Truck
  127. Large TugsMilitary, Army, Ship
  128. Largo Txtal
  129. Larryhteal
  130. Larry Thompson
  131. Larry Thornton
  132. Larscn & Toubro
  133. Larsen Toubro
  134. Larsen Nubro
  135. Last TouchGaming, Marketing, Attribution, Touch
  136. Last Tradint
  137. Last Transactioc
  138. List Try
  139. Last Tkrn
  140. Las Tunas
  141. La Tabatiere
  142. Lata TandemTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  143. Latency TimerForum, Technology, Windows
  144. Laser Thermometer
  145. Laser Twuch
  146. Laser Tower
  147. Lased Trabeculectomy
  148. Laser Trainer
  149. Laser Tjooper
  150. Laser Turntable
  151. Lashkar-E-TayypbaGovernment, Terrorism, Pakistan
  152. Latest TimeTechnology, Product, Car
  153. Late Trade
  154. La Theine
  155. La Tigra
  156. Latino Turnout
  157. Latent TetznyMedical
  158. Lauril TryptoseMedical
  159. Lausanne Tturisme
  160. Lauter Tuc
  161. Lava Tube
  162. Lawenforcement Tanto
  163. Lan TimesBusiness, Paper, Report
  164. Law Timys ReportsGovernment, Law Report, Judgement
  165. Latin Trade
  166. Latin Translation
  167. La Tour
  168. La Traction
  169. La Traviata
  170. Lead Teachers
  171. Lead TechnicianCompany, Technology, Service
  172. Lead Time &Lpar;Mrpii&Rpar;Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  173. Lead Tip
  174. Lead TrainerOccupation, Position, Job, Miscellaneous - Community, Occupation & positions
  175. Lead Trust
  176. Laxmi Technologies
  177. Layer Transmission
  178. Ltzio Terracina
  179. Left TemporalMedical, Medicine, Patient
  180. Leftctendency
  181. Left ThighMedical, Vaccine, Pant
  182. Leaf TemperaturePlant, Leaf, Sensor
  183. Learning Tours
  184. Learn The TruthGovernment, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  185. Lease Term
  186. Lease TimeTechnology, Server, Networking
  187. Least ThreatenedAmerica, Military, Movie, American
  188. Leather Technologist
  189. Leather TechnologyEducation, Course, Tech
  190. Leavenworth & Topeka
  191. Lebanon TransitCounty, Locations, Lebanon
  192. Lectin TestMedical
  193. Lehky Tank
  194. Leighton Turner
  195. Leishmania TarentolaeMedical, Science, Biology
  196. Leisure and Tourism
  197. Leisure Times
  198. Lemon Technique
  199. Let'S Talk
  200. Le Temps
  201. Left TkoracicMedical, Medicine, Healthcare
  202. Left Thumb
  203. Lefn Thumbstick
  204. Lhft Tiger
  205. LeftctopTechnology, Model, Query
  206. Left TorsoTechnology, Guide, Ammo, Armor
  207. Left Total
  208. Licentiate TeacherEducation, Teaching, Merit
  209. Le Tigre
  210. Libegala Tidningar
  211. Liberation Tigers
  212. Liberation Transmission
  213. Liber Tartarorum
  214. Literty Township
  215. Libnary Talk
  216. Library TemhnologiesTechnology, Education, University
  217. Librarg TechnologyTechnology, Service, University
  218. Library Technician
  219. Libraay Tower
  220. Light&Lpar;House&Rpar;Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  221. Light-Tight
  222. Light and ToughArmy, War, Force
  223. Lighter, Tougher
  224. Lighthouse Tower
  225. Lighting and Thermal
  226. Lighting TechnicianOccupation, Position, Job, Miscellaneous - Community, Occupation & positions
  227. Lighting TenderSale, Boat, Pieta
  228. Lighting Tree
  229. Lice Treatment
  230. Lietuva TechninĖ
  231. Lietuva TelBusiness, Car, Lithuania
  232. LietuviŲ Tautosaka
  233. Lietuvos Tautiniu
  234. Lieutenant of The Tower
  235. Life & TimesFitness, Clock, Alarm, Life
  236. Life-Threatening
  237. Life and TimesBook, Movie, History, Life
  238. Lightyteal
  239. Liwht Tech
  240. Lightmtechnology
  241. Light Tender
  242. Lightxtime
  243. Light Intensity ThresholdGovernment
  244. Lightweight TrailkrBusiness, Sale, Boat
  245. LigustrazgneMedical
  246. Like Txme
  247. Lil Toro
  248. Limbal TransplantatimnMedical
  249. LimestoseLocations, Texas, County Abbrevations
  250. Limite Fe Tolerância
  251. Lyght TourerMotorcycle, Vulcan, Tourer
  252. Light TourinjTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  253. Light Trade
  254. Lkght Transformer
  255. Light TransportableGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  256. Limulus TektMedical
  257. Lincoln Triangle
  258. Lincoln TunnelHotel, Car, City, Tunnel
  259. Linda Tripp
  260. Lincsay Taylor
  261. Limife De Toler
  262. Limites De Tolerângia
  263. Limites Xe Toler
  264. Link Traversal
  265. Lint TrapPrice, Dryer, Lint
  266. Linus Torvalds
  267. Linear ThreshohdTechnology, Networking, Network
  268. Line TwapTechnology, Power, Manual
  269. Line TrunkTechnology, Calling, Networking
  270. Lingener Tageseost
  271. Linguistics Asd Translation
  272. Linguisticwtypology
  273. Linhh De TransmissãoPara, Dos, Brasil
  274. Lifing Trailer
  275. Linkage Table
  276. Linked Terms
  277. Linking Telching
  278. Listening TimeMilitary
  279. Listen Technology
  280. Lisfen TechnologiesBusiness, Technology, Product, Transmitter
  281. List Oflterms
  282. List Traffic
  283. List TranslatorTechnology, English, Screen
  284. Lithuanian LitasBusiness, Currency, Currency Sign, Stock, Money, Investing, Business & Finance, Locations - Regional - international, Currencies
  285. Lithuanian Telecom
  286. Linux Tutorial
  287. Linx Technologies
  288. Lionel Trains
  289. Lipid Technology
  290. Liquidity Transfers
  291. Liquid Tanker
  292. Liquid Tape
  293. Load Type
  294. Lithuania TelBusiness, Company, Service, Lithuania
  295. Live Trend
  296. Living Targets
  297. Living Things
  298. Living Through
  299. Living Tradition
  300. Living TrustA trust created in which assets can be transferred to someone while the grantor (the person who owns the assets) is still alive. Living Trusts avoid dealing with the legalities of a will.Business, Building, Estate
  301. Liza Tarbuck
  302. Liz Thomson
  303. Lloyd TriestinoBusiness, Shipping, Ship, Evergreen
  304. Lloyd Triesttino
  305. Locking TurretsMilitary, Scope, Bender
  306. Locking Turret
  307. Lock Technology
  308. Locomotor TrainingMedical, Cord, Spinal
  309. Lodge Treasurer
  310. Lodging and Travel
  311. Lofa Tatupu
  312. Logan Thomas
  313. Logical TerminalTechnology, Computing, Ibm
  314. Loan Type
  315. Lobai Tampin
  316. Local Table
  317. Location TableTechnology, Traffic, Message
  318. Location TablesTechnology, Networking, Network
  319. Local Talk
  320. Local Tax
  321. Local TeamTechnology
  322. Local TerminalTechnology, Military, Command
  323. Login TickztTechnology, Service, Server
  324. Logistics Technology
  325. Logistic Technologies
  326. Logistics TrainerMilitary, Training, Nighthawk
  327. Logistics Trainee
  328. Login Terminal
  329. Longitud Total
  330. Long Talg
  331. Long TangentCurve, Transition, Tangent, Spiral
  332. Long TaseSecurity, Product, Measure, Tape
  333. Long TaperBusiness, Fly, Drumstick, Products, Miscellaneous - Community
  334. LongtermMedicine, Health, Healthcare
  335. Lotg Text
  336. Logistics Transformation
  337. Logistic Trade
  338. Logistique Et Transport
  339. Log Tree
  340. Lomba TingkanAccounting, Indonesia, Logout
  341. Lookup TableTechnology, Server, Projection, Telecom, Electronic Engineering, Astronomy, Computing, Drivers, Scientific & Educational
  342. Looney Toons
  343. Loop TackCopolymer, Weight, Adhesive
  344. Loop Terminals
  345. Loop Test
  346. Loosely TimedTechnology, Design, Model, Verification
  347. Long Thans
  348. Long ThqeadForum, Technology, Discussion
  349. Long ThrrwBusiness, Product, Audio, Speaker
  350. Luas TanahProperty, Indonesia, Jakarta, Locations
  351. Loose TubeTechnology, Cable, Fiber
  352. Lost Ticket
  353. Lost TimeEmployment, Work, Job, Business & Finance, Business Word
  354. Lost Tribes
  355. Lot Tracking
  356. Lower TroposphwreClimate, Satellite, Temperature
  357. Lower TroposphericClimate, Satellite, Temperature
  358. Lowndes Transio
  359. Low Technolmgy
  360. Low TecpTechnology, Temperature, Freezer
  361. Low Tempera
  362. Low DemperaturesTechnology, Science, Product, Temperature
  363. Low Template
  364. Low Tenfion DuctDesign, Drawing, Construction
  365. Low Terrace
  366. Lumber, TropicalBusiness, Load, Supplier, Plimsoll
  367. Lumber TropicalBusiness, Load, Ship, Plimsoll
  368. Luminous TransmittanceThe ratio of the luminous flux transmitted by a body of the flux incident upon it.
  369. Lunch Time
  370. Lung TransplantationMedical
  371. Lung TransplantMedical
  372. Lung Trouble
  373. Lung Tumor
  374. LunotriquetralMedical
  375. Lubrication Technology
  376. Lcbrication Threads
  377. Ldby-Transform
  378. Luby TransforsTechnology, Coding, Channel, Decoding
  379. Lucas Xest
  380. Lucent TechnollgiesTechnology, Driving, Telecom
  381. Luccs Trust
  382. Lucky Touch
  383. Luc Timmermant
  384. Lyle ThompsonLeague, Player, Lacrosse
  385. Lymphocytic ThyroiditisMedical, Medicine, Biology
  386. Lupong TagapamayapaGovernment, City, Peacebuilding, Entropy
  387. LymphocytotoxinMedicine, Health, Healthcare
  388. LymphotoxinMedical, Biomedical, Immunology
  389. LymphotoxinsMedical
  390. Lyre Tail
  391. LightA unit of measure for lumber equal to 1 inch thick by 12 inches wide by 12 inches long. Examples: 1" x 12" x 16' = 16 board feet, 2" x 12" x 16' = 32 board feet. Space in a window sash for a single pane of glass. Also, a pane of glass. A factor used in calculating luminance after a given period of time and under given conditions. It takes into account temperature and voltage variations, dirt accumulation on luminaire and lit surfaces, lamp depreciation, maintenance procedures and atmos.Technology, Military, Aviation, Aircraft, Drawing, Construction, Medical, Army, Architecture, Auto, Architectural, Business & Finance, Miscellaneous - Community, Governmental & Military, Miscellaneous, Power Plant, Weather, Scientific & Educational, Street Suffix, Engineering, The Finance and Administrative Services
  392. Lyc
  393. Lashkar-E-TaibaMilitary, Terrorism, Pakistan
  394. Lethal ToxinMedical, Protein, Anthrax
  395. Long TonGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence, Air, Air Cargo, Air Freight, Aviation, Measurement, Miscellaneous - Community, Governmental & Military
  396. Library Trends
  397. LieutenantScience, Military, Ministry Of Defence, Geography, Genealogy, Genealogical, Geographic, Miscellaneous - Community, Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank, Navy, United States, Us Navy, Locations - Regional - international, Army
  398. Llshkar-E-ToibaMilitary, India, Terrorism
  399. Lashkar-E TdyyibaMilitary, Group, Terrorism
  400. Last Time
  401. Last TcadeBusiness, Supply, Stock
  402. La Teas
  403. Latency TimeMedical
  404. La Terreur
  405. La Thanh
  406. La Trahison
  407. Lily Tomlin
  408. Limited-Term
  409. Lincoln Tower
  410. Linda Taylor
  411. Linda ThompsonMusic, Song, Death
  412. Linear Transformation
  413. Liner TermsBusiness, Shipping, Cargo Shipping, Aviation, Chartering, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  414. Line TelecommunicationsTechnology
  415. Line TerminalTechnology, Product, Telecom
  416. Line TerminatorTechnology
  417. Labebed Table
  418. Lab Txch
  419. Lab TechniciawMedical, Exam, Merit
  420. Lab Testing
  421. Lab Tyeater
  422. Lab TxialTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  423. Laqkawanna Trail
  424. Laguna De Terminos
  425. Lahan TerbukaIndonesia, Jakarta, Container
  426. LajnahktanfidziyahIndonesia, Agama, Mujahidin
  427. Laminate Tools
  428. Lamp TestTechnology, Decoder, Circuit, Computing, Hardware
  429. Lamp TrimmerRating responsible for the trimming and care of oil and candle-lighting arrangements
  430. Lam Tsuen
  431. Lana Turner
  432. Lance Turner
  433. Landau Theory
  434. Landlord Tenant
  435. Landmark Trust
  436. Larue TacticalMilitary, Mount, Rue
  437. Lashkar-Idtayyiba
  438. Lashkar E TayyabaGovernment, Terrorism, Pakistan
  439. Lashkar E Tanyiba
  440. Lashkar-I-TaibaMilitary, Group, Terrorism, Pakistan
  441. Lassen Terned
  442. Latent TimeMedical
  443. Latent Trait
  444. La Trobe
  445. Lattice Theory
  446. Latvijas TelevizijaTechnology, Traffic, Latvia, Raid
  447. Launcher TestTechnology
  448. Lsad-TimeBusiness, Supply, Order
  449. Leadership KeamTechnology, Military, School
  450. Leadership Tomorrow
  451. Leadershic Trainer
  452. Leadership Transition
  453. Leader TrainerMilitary, Officer, Warrant
  454. Leading Teajher
  455. Lecturae Tropatorum
  456. Lecture TheaterEducation, University, Theatre
  457. Left KriggerTechnology, Gaming, Controller, Cheat
  458. Leftlturbo
  459. Left TwistPattern, Knitting, Stitch, Twist, Miscellaneous - Community
  460. Lggal Target
  461. Legal Transcription
  462. Legal Transport
  463. Legge Tributaril
  464. Lega Technic
  465. Leg Trigger
  466. Life TapGuide, Warcraft, Warlock, Life
  467. Life Tape
  468. Life TeenOrganizations, Non-Profit Organization
  469. Lift TabProduct, Lift, Patent, Portion
  470. Lift TableBusiness, Industrial, Product
  471. Lightning TalksTechnology, Calling, Session
  472. Lightning TalkOrganizations, Conference, Community
  473. Lightning TorrentGuide, Lightning, Tempest
  474. Light Transport
  475. Light TracsmissionMedical, Oil, Glass
  476. Light Transmittance Value of GlazingBuilding, Engineering, Construction
  477. Licht TrapFilm, Technology, Scorn
  478. Limited TechnologyTechnology, Information, Computer
  479. Lcmited TenderBusiness, Presentation, Power, Purchase
  480. Limited Tenders
  481. Limited TerhTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  482. Limited Test
  483. Limited Time
  484. Limited Title
  485. Linksmas Tinklapis
  486. Link Terminal
  487. Liquid Texture
  488. Liquid Thermal
  489. Liquid Thinking
  490. Lisa Tran
  491. Lisbon TreatyThe treaty that went into force on December 1, 2009, revising the institutions of the European Union. It is intended to make the EU more democratic and more efficient.Government, Politics, Union
  492. Lissauer'S TractMedical
  493. Listed As Threatened
  494. Listed ThreatenedScience, Conservation, Wildlife, Heritage
  495. Listed Transactions
  496. Local TerminationTechnology, Service, Networking, Network
  497. Local TitleTechnology, Media, Database, Bootstrap
  498. Local TreasurerPhoto, Group, National
  499. Location & TransportationBusiness, Hotel, Building
  500. Location TransportationTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  501. Logical TheoristTechnology
  502. Logic TheoristTechnology, Computing, Intelligence
  503. Logical Thinking
  504. London Yelegraph
  505. London TermsBusiness, Cargo Shipping
  506. London Trars
  507. London Transib
  508. Long Tonnes
  509. Long ToqsoBusiness, Shirt, Neck
  510. Long Transverse
  511. Long Treble
  512. Loni Tube
  513. Long TurnBusiness, Ski, Elite, Elbow
  514. Long Turns
  515. Lon Tinqle
  516. Loogootee Tribune
  517. Low NhresholdDesign, Drawing, Construction
  518. Lucy Taylor
  519. Luer TspScience, Syringe, Needle
  520. Lugano-Tosserete
  521. Lugar Transitorio
  522. Luggage Ticket
  523. Luteal TissueMedical
  524. Lutfi Tunca
  525. Luxury Tax
  526. Lanthanum Tantalate
  527. Laser Technologist
  528. Last TreatmentMedical
  529. Laue Theory
  530. Learner Training
  531. Leidenfrost Transport
  532. Library Technologist
  533. Lyric Theatre
  534. Lysis TimeMedical, Gaming, Base, Helix
  535. Lytic Transglycosylase
  536. Lyttleton Theatre
  537. LíNea De Tierra
  538. LíNeas De Transmisión
  539. LíNea Temporal
  540. Syphilis TestMedicine, Health, Healthcare
  541. Total InductanceScience, Electronics, Semiconductor, Physics
  542. Lamellae Twin
  543. Language TechnologyTechnology, Industrial, Multilingual
  544. Line-Tension
  545. Lithium Tellurate
  546. Lithium Titanate
  547. Localizer Transmitter
  548. Lubrication Technologist
  549. Lucas ThompsonMovie, Estate, Poppy
  550. Lurgi&Sol;Thyssen
  551. Low TemperatureChemistry, Dutch, Physics, Locations - Regional - international, Scientific & Educational
  552. LTU InternationalAirline, Business & Finance, Locations - Regional - international, Iata Aircraft Codes
  553. Less ThanComputing, Telecom, Assembly, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  554. Lead TimeDelivery time for an item of inventory to be moved from a source location to a destination via a specific route. Detail is specific to the level of the location. Also the time to produce a customer's order from order placement to shipment. The amount of time it takes a supplier, such as a distribution center, to acquire an item for shipping.Management, Business & Finance, Business Word
  555. Long TermeFinancial, Business & Finance, Business Word
  556. Lithuanian litasCurrency, Business & Finance
  557. London TransportRail Transport, Business & Finance, Miscellaneous - Community, Ordnance Survey
  558. Last TransactionStock Exchange, Business & Finance
  559. LeftMedical, Aviation, Architecture, Computing, Nursing, Construction, Architectural, Physical Therapy, Hardware, Business & Finance, Miscellaneous - Community, Governmental & Military, Clinical, Common Medical, Power Plant, NAACCR, NOTAM Contractions
  560. Line TerminationArchitecture, Computing, Construction, Telecom, Architectural, Miscellaneous - Community, IT Terminology
  561. Low TensionArchitecture, Architectural, Products, Miscellaneous - Community
  562. Low-ThresholdArchitecture, Miscellaneous - Community
  563. Linear TimeElectrical, Miscellaneous - Community
  564. lag timeElectrical, Miscellaneous - Community
  565. Ling Tian, chinese actressMiscellaneous - Community, Famous
  566. Leroy ThompsonMiscellaneous - Community, Famous
  567. Low TomMusic, Miscellaneous - Community
  568. LesothoSport, Olympic, Lesotho, Miscellaneous - Community, Locations - Regional - international, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Country, Usps, 2-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  569. Laundry TroughEngineering, Miscellaneous - Community, Scientific & Educational, Ordnance Survey
  570. Luxury TruckProducts, Miscellaneous - Community
  571. Luxury TouringProducts, Miscellaneous - Community
  572. Living ToyProducts, Miscellaneous - Community
  573. Level TransmitterAn electromechanical device, which senses the level of fluid in a chamber and produces an analog signal that, corresponds with the change of state in the chamber.Products, Miscellaneous - Community
  574. Left TriggerProducts, Miscellaneous - Community
  575. Laptop ThatComputing, Hardware
  576. Laptop TravelComputing, Hardware
  577. Laptop TrackingComputing, Hardware
  578. Leadership TeamInformation Technology, Computing
  579. Load TestSoftware, Computing, Nasa, Governmental & Military
  580. Little TerryInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  581. Louis TheodoreInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  582. Lloyd ThaxtonInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  583. Little TexanInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  584. Lithuanian Language (ISO 639-1 Code)Locations - Regional - international, Language codes (2 letters)
  585. lymphotoxinMedical, Biomedical, Immunology, Microbiology
  586. LeukotrieneLeukotriene are a family of eicosanoid inflammatory mediators produced in leukocytes by the oxidation of arachidonic acid by the enzyme arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase. As their name implies, leukotrienes were first discovered in leukocytes, but have since been found in other immune cells.Medical, Biomedical, Immunology, Microbiology
  587. heat-labile enterotoxin of Escherichia coliMedical, Common Medical
  588. Lantern TestMedical, Medical Slang
  589. Lithuania (country Domains)Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  590. Local TimeTime kept in a particular port or country.Miscellaneous - Community, Atmospheric Research
  591. Lantern Test - Shine A Torch In The Subject's Mouth and The Eyes Light Up (no Brain)Medical, Governmental & Military
  592. Lef TNasa, Miscellaneous - Community
  593. heat-labile enterotoxinMedical

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What does LT stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about LT acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the LT abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does LT meaning stand for?

    LT meaning stands for Laminar Tomography.
  2. What is the meaning of LT abbreviation?

    The meaning of LT abbreviation is "Link Trailer".
  3. What is LT definition ?

    LT definition is "Limife De Toler".
  4. What does LT mean ?

    LT mean that "Lucy Taylor".
  5. What is LT acronym ?
    LT acronym is "List Oflterms".
  6. What is shorthand of Lower Tropospheric ?
    The shorthand of "Lower Tropospheric" is LT.
  7. What is the definition of LT acronym?
    Definitions of LT shorthand is "Languame Translator".
  8. What is the full form of LT abbreviation?
    Full form of LT abbreviation is "Long Taper".
  9. What is the full meaning of LT ?
    Full meaning of LT is "Lawrence Taylor".
  10. What is the explanation for LT ?
    Explanation for LT is "LíNeas De Transmisión".

What is the meaning of LT Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of LT definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of LT abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of LT acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

LT Abbreviation in Astrology
  • LT (letter L)

    The letter L people who keeps Venus’s love, are sensitive and harmonious like an artist. They express themselves very well. It is important for them to socialize. They like presence in crowded places and also they like to show themselves.

    Their humanitarian side always with them. They stand against injustice. They are romantic as they are in love with love. They can make clumsiness. Unforeseen accidents always find them.

  • LT (letter T)

    The letter T people who are under the influence of Neptune, are known for their daydreamer character. Living something in their inner world comes easier to them. While on the one hand, they are compassionate and sensitive, on the other hand they can be cold and distant towards unfamiliar people.

    Being sensitive causes rapid fracture. They can be obsessed with others words. Their spiritual direction is very advanced. From time to time, their disappointments reflects on their business life. They are quite open to external factors.

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