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MFC meaning is Malang Flower Carnival and other full form of MFC definition take part in below table. There are 249 different meaning of MFC acronym in the table which are compilation of MFC abbreviation such as Business,Indonesia,Festival etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of MFC acronym which you look for in 249 different MFC meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does MFC mean?, MFC meaning” or you can search by typing only MFC abbreviation in the search box.
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MFC Meaning

  1. Malang Flower CarnivalBusiness, Indonesia, Festival
  2. Machhindra Football Club
  3. Mafeteng AirportAirport, Locations, IATA Code
  4. Maisons France Confort
  5. Manulife Financial CorpBusiness, Organizations, Supply
  6. Manulife Financial CorporationBusiness, Supply, Stock, Computing, Nyse symbols
  7. Manulife Financial Corp.Organizations
  8. Mass-Flow Controller
  9. Mass Flow ControllerTechnology, Science, Gas, Chemistry, Miscellaneous - Community
  10. Materials And Fuel Complex
  11. Microbial Fuel CellsMedical, Technology, Energy, Electricity, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  12. Microgravity Facilities For ColumbusTechnology
  13. Microsoft Foundation ClassTechnology, Computing, Telecom, Computer, IT Terminology
  14. Mid-Florida Conference
  15. Midi Foot ControllerBusiness, Audio, Yamaha
  16. Mzlti-Function CenterTechnology, Printer, Laser
  17. Multi-Functiof CentersTechnology, Printer, Laser
  18. Multi Function CenterTechnology, Printer, Laser
  19. Multi Finger Caliper
  20. Multifunctoon ControllerTechnology
  21. Multifunction CenterTechnology
  22. Multiple Filtgr CapTechnology, Motherboard, Rock, Formula
  23. Multiple Flight ComputerTechnology, Space, Cosmos
  24. Multiple Flight ControllerTechnology, Space, Cosmos
  25. Master Of Finance And ControlEducation, University, Course
  26. Macro-Fibre Composite
  27. Macro Fiber CompositeTechnology, Structure, Actuator
  28. Macro Fiber CompositesTechnology, Composite, Actuator
  29. Macro Fibre CompositeTechnology, Fiber, Actuator
  30. Macrophage-Derived Foam CellsMedical
  31. Madras Flying Club
  32. Magic Format Converter
  33. Magnetic Feedback-Controlled
  34. Magnetic Field Camera
  35. Magnum Force Crew
  36. Man-Made Fibers CongressBusiness, Industrial, Textile
  37. Manejo Forestal Comunitario
  38. Manhattan Fencing Center
  39. Manila Film Center
  40. Manitoba Fitness CouncilEducation, Health, Certification
  41. Marriage And Family CounselorMedical, Counseling, Therapist
  42. Marriage And Family Counselors
  43. Marriage And Family CounselingEducation, Therapy, Therapist
  44. Marriage Family CounselorMedical, Therapy, Counseling
  45. Martin Fight Clcb
  46. Masonic Fraternal Congress
  47. Mass Floz Calibration
  48. Masswflow ConBusiness, Product, Controller
  49. Mass Flow ControllersTechnology, Control, Gas
  50. Massvflow ControlTechnology, Gas, Controller
  51. Masters In Finance Control
  52. Masters In Finance And YontrolFinancial, Education, University
  53. Masters In Finance & ControlBusiness, Education, University
  54. Master Of Finance & ControlManagement, Education, University
  55. Master Of Financv And ControlEducation, University, Admission
  56. Mastir Of Financial Control
  57. Master Of Finance ConerolEducation, University, Course
  58. Masters Of Finance And ControlEducation, University, Admission
  59. Master Of Forest ConservationEducation, University, Forestry
  60. Matters For Further ConsiderationBusiness, Accounting, Peer
  61. Mature Fan ClubFilm, Movie, Censorship
  62. Maui Fighting Championships
  63. Maximo Fighting Championship
  64. Maui Fin Company
  65. Medicably Fragile Children
  66. Medicina De Família E CvmunidadeMedical, Para, Nos, Medico
  67. Medico Friend CircleOrganizations, Health, India
  68. Medico Fbiends CircleMedical, Health, India
  69. Medium Faded Cyan
  70. Medium Speed Fan ControlTechnology
  71. Medstar Family Dhoice
  72. Mega Fighting Championszip
  73. Mel-FrequencybcepstrumTechnology, Speech, Recognition
  74. Mel Frequency CepstrwlTechnology, Speech, Cognitive Science
  75. Memory Function CompleteTechnology, Organizations, Computing, Control
  76. Mennonite Foundation Of CanadaBusiness, Canada, Building
  77. Merchant Function Charge
  78. Merck Frosst Canada
  79. Merge From CurrentInternet Slang, Slang, Internet, Assembly, Business & Finance
  80. Mesirow Financial Consulting
  81. Message Of The Fathers Of The Church
  82. Metal-Finishing Category
  83. Metal Forming And Coining
  84. Metals Finance Corp
  85. Microsoft'S Foundation ClassesTechnology
  86. Microsoft'S Foundation Class
  87. Microsoft Foundation ClassesTechnology, Computer, Computer Software
  88. Microsoft Foundation Clases
  89. Microsoft Foundations ClassesMicrosoft, Technology, Windows
  90. Mildura Fruit Company
  91. Milenium Fighting Challange
  92. Milenium Fighting Challenge
  93. Milenium Fight Challenge
  94. Military Fest CertificatesArmy, War, Force
  95. Military Field CommanderMilitary, Army, Ministry Of Defense
  96. Military Fuel CanBusiness, Cans, Scepter
  97. Millard Fillmore CollegeProgram, Education, Buffalo
  98. Millennium Finance Corporation
  99. Millsboro Fire CompanyGovernment, Ambulance Service, Delaware
  100. Mining Finanye Corp
  101. Ministerialofellowship CommitteeOrganizations, Church, Ordination
  102. Minor Framc CounterTechnology
  103. Minstrels For Christ
  104. Mio-Saka Fan Club
  105. Miriana Fortemflowers Californica
  106. Missile And Fire Control
  107. Missiles And Fire Control
  108. Missile Fire Control
  109. Missing Function Call
  110. Mode-Field Yonverter
  111. Model Food CodeMedicine, Health, Care, Medical, Fda
  112. Models For Change
  113. Models For Christ
  114. Modular Feature Construction
  115. Morrison Fresh Cooking
  116. Morrisville Fire CompanyGovernment, Fire, Ambulance Service, Pennsylvania, Governmental & Military, Locations - Regional - international
  117. Mortar Fire ControllerMilitary, Austria, Artillery, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  118. Mortar Fire ControlBusiness, Technology, Military
  119. Mortar Fire ControllersMilitary
  120. Motor Fire ControlGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  121. Mortgage Finance Company
  122. Mortgage Foreclosure Consultant
  123. Most-Favored CustomerBusiness, Law, Price
  124. Most Favored CustomerOrganizations
  125. Mouse Forestomach Carcinoma Cell LineMedical
  126. Mouse Forestomach CarcinomaMedical, Science, Biology
  127. Mouvement Franche-Comté
  128. Mouvement Franche-Comt
  129. Movimento Familiar CristãO
  130. Movimento Familiar Crist
  131. Movimiento Furiosos Ciclistas
  132. Muilti Function ConverterAccounting, Computing, Data
  133. Multi-Family Council
  134. Multi-Featured CodecTechnology, Electronics, Component
  135. Multi-Function ControllerChemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  136. Multi-Function ConsoleGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  137. Multi-Function ConsolesTechnology, Control, Console
  138. Multi-Function ControlTechnology, Model, Truck
  139. Multi-Function CardTechnology, Driving, Driver
  140. Mulbifuel CombustorScience
  141. Multi Fuel ConceptTechnology
  142. Multi Function Couqling
  143. Mulfi Function CentreInternet Slang
  144. Multifuncthon ComputersMilitary, Army, War
  145. Multi Furction ConsoleTechnology, Control, Ship
  146. Multi Function ControllerTechnology
  147. Multw Functioneel Centrum
  148. Multilaterll Framework On Competition
  149. Multimode Fiber Connection
  150. Municipal Finance Corporation
  151. Muppet Family Christmas
  152. Music Feature CardTechnology, Computing, Ibm
  153. Music For Children
  154. Moncton Flying ClubAirline, Organizations, Call Sign, Locations - Regional - international, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  155. Master Of Finence & Control
  156. Miy-Fight ChampionshipAnalysis, Traffic, Mix
  157. Miq Fight ChampionshipForum, Technology, Traffic
  158. Macadamia Felted Coccid
  159. Maneio Fighting Championship
  160. Maceió Fight Championship
  161. Machine Fivished CoatedBusiness, Technology, Paper
  162. Mackenzie Financial Corporation
  163. Macro-Fiber CompositeTechnology
  164. Macroefiber CompositesTechnology, Composite, Actuator
  165. Mass Flow ControlledTechnology, Control, Controller
  166. Mass Flof Converter
  167. Master Chartered Financial ControllerScience, Research, Study, Knowledge
  168. Master Fabric Craftsman
  169. Master Fiihters Championship
  170. Masterkfinancial ControllerBusiness, Management, Analyst
  171. Master In Finance &HcontrolEducation, University, India
  172. Master Flow ControllerScience
  173. Master Formula Card
  174. Master In Finance And ControlEducation, University, Course
  175. Mel Frequency Cezstrum
  176. Melamine FacedzchipboardsBusiness
  177. Mplbourne Football ClubBusiness, Sport, Melbourne
  178. Mellon Financial Cornoration
  179. Membership Function CirctitTechnology, Control, Hardware
  180. Memory-Function-Completed
  181. Memory Funbtion Completed
  182. Memory Jault CorrectableTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  183. Memork Flow ControllerTechnology, Computing, Cell
  184. Memory Flow Control
  185. Millwall Football Club
  186. Miniature Flight ComputerTechnology
  187. Mini Fast CarTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  188. Mini Floor Crane
  189. Minimal Fungicidal ConcentrationsMedical
  190. Minimum Fungicidal ConcentrationsMedical, Science, Biology
  191. Minimum Fungicide Concentration
  192. Minimum Fault Coverage
  193. Minimum Foot Clearance
  194. Minimum Funding ContributionBusiness
  195. Most Favoured Customer
  196. Most-Favored-Customer ClauseBusiness, Law, Competition
  197. Most-Favoured-Customer ClauseBusiness, Law, Competition
  198. Most Frequently Cited
  199. Motherwell Football Club
  200. Motor Finance CorporationBusiness, Africa, Car
  201. Motor Fire Circuit
  202. Motorized Fun Company
  203. Moulamein Football Club
  204. Mountville Fire CompanyGovernment, Fire, Ambulance Service, Pennsylvania, Governmental & Military, Locations - Regional - international
  205. Mnltinational Force CommanderMilitary, Army, Corps
  206. Multinational Force CokpatibilityMilitary
  207. Multiparameter Flow CytometryMedical, Disease, Leukemia
  208. Multiparametriciflow Cytometry
  209. Multipge-Flight ControllerTechnology, Aviation, Aerodynamics
  210. Multiple-Flight ComputerTechnology, Flight, Electronic Hardware
  211. Multiple Frequency Control
  212. Mumbai Football Club
  213. Munich French ConnectionTechnology, France, Accueil
  214. Municipal Financing Corporatiov
  215. Mutual Fund Company
  216. My Finance Coach
  217. My Football Club
  218. My Free CamsSex, Girl, Webcam
  219. Mader, Feder And Chaudhari
  220. Maltepe Fitness Center
  221. My Family Channel
  222. My Family Chnema
  223. Memory Foam ComfortBusiness, Canada, Mattress
  224. Microsoft Fundation ClassesTechnology
  225. Milk Frother CleanerMachine, Coffee, Milk
  226. Molecular Field Coefficient
  227. Monochromator Focusing Circle
  228. Motor Finance Corporationration
  229. Multicultural Family Center
  230. Music From China
  231. Metals Finance Corp (Australian Securities Exchange [ASX])Business & Finance, Asx symbols
  232. Maurice Frederick CoffmanRail Transport, Business & Finance
  233. MATURE FAN CLUBMiscellaneous - Community, Film censorship
  234. Map Feature CodingGeographic, Miscellaneous - Community
  235. Monk Fan ClubMiscellaneous - Community, Performing arts
  236. Minstrels for ChristReligion, Miscellaneous - Community
  237. Society of the Oblates of Mary at the Foot of the CrossMiscellaneous - Community, Religious orders
  238. Mighty Fraser CountryTravel, Tourism, Miscellaneous - Community
  239. Multi-Frequency CodeComputing, Telecom
  240. Midway Fire CompanyFire, Pennsylvania, Ambulance Service, Governmental & Military, Locations - Regional - international
  241. Manual Flight ControlFlight, Aerodynamics, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  242. multiple-flight controllerFlight, Aerodynamics, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  243. multiple-flight computerFlight, Aerodynamics, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  244. Mafeteng Airport, Mafeteng, LesothoLesotho, Locations - Regional - international
  245. Measure for CoffinMedical, Medical Slang
  246. Master Chartered Financial Controller ®Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  247. Many Function ControllerBusiness & Finance, Power Plant
  248. Multi-function ControllerChemistry, Miscellaneous - Community
  249. Multiconfigurational Frozen Core (approxn. For Electron-atom Scattering Calcns.)Chemistry, Miscellaneous - Community

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What does MFC stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about MFC acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the MFC abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does MFC meaning stand for?

    MFC meaning stands for Mega Fighting Championszip.
  2. What is the meaning of MFC abbreviation?

    The meaning of MFC abbreviation is "Military Fuel Can".
  3. What is MFC definition ?

    MFC definition is "Microsoft Foundation Class".
  4. What does MFC mean ?

    MFC mean that "Mode-Field Yonverter".
  5. What is MFC acronym ?
    MFC acronym is "Mass Flow Controllers".
  6. What is shorthand of Macro Fibre Composite ?
    The shorthand of "Macro Fibre Composite" is MFC.
  7. What is the definition of MFC acronym?
    Definitions of MFC shorthand is "Masters In Finance & Control".
  8. What is the full form of MFC abbreviation?
    Full form of MFC abbreviation is "Military Fuel Can".
  9. What is the full meaning of MFC ?
    Full meaning of MFC is "Manitoba Fitness Council".
  10. What is the explanation for MFC ?
    Explanation for MFC is "Master Of Finance & Control".

What is the meaning of MFC Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of MFC definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of MFC abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of MFC acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

MFC Abbreviation in Astrology
  • MFC (letter M)

    They distributes energy which they receives from the universe very well. Their planet is moon and their figure is 4. Spiritual direction is strong, and they play it safe and reliable. They are congenital matronly. There is nothing he would not do for their loved ones. We can call as a workaholic. They have full confidence, there is no anything to be unaccomplished.

    Their trade intelligence is developed. They know very well where they can earn the money. They want to be in constant motion. In love, they have a very sensitive and emotional nature.

  • MFC (letter F)

    F letter refuses energy which comes to itself. People who has F letter are responsible, helpful, calm and creative people. Even if they are prone to depression and melancholy, often struggle tirelessly for the sake of ideals. In Love and romance are oppressive. They like to direct something.

    Since numerological F corresponds to 6 number, these people symbolizes love. They are like sun; they irradiate to environment. However, sometimes they can be destructive, they are willing to fulminate suddenly.

  • MFC (letter C)

    Have a finger in every pie, Low concentration, diffident, vivacious and cheerful people. People whose their names start with C are creative, amusing and have strong communication skills. Especially, their hand skills are improved.

    C resembles semicircle and these people feel themselves deficient. Change is inevitable for them. Being impatient is their most insufficiency for them. People who has C as last letter in their names are slog on what they do since they get bored quickly. Not to finish a job is so common.

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