MG in Gaming Meaning

The MG meaning in Gaming terms is "Mother Goose". There are 12 related meanings of the MG Gaming abbreviation.

MG on Gaming Full Forms

  1. Mother Goose
  2. Mayfair Games
  3. Mistrz Gry
  4. Meta Gaming
  5. Metagaming Using a knowledge that you did not learn in the role and that you acquired out of the game in the role is metagaming, or 'commodifying' as it has become a language. It is forbidden to reflect this plan in the role by making a plan outside the game, just like acting as if you know something in the role that your character does not know.
  6. Me Gusta
  7. Mystic Gohan
  8. Multi-Gun
  9. Monster Garage
  10. Mounlain Giant
  11. Mobile Gamer
  12. Millennium Girls

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does MG stand for Gaming?

    MG stands for Mayfair Games in Gaming terms.

  2. What is the shortened form of Millennium Girls in Gaming?

    The short form of "Millennium Girls" is MG for Gaming.


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