MRF Meaning

The MRF meaning is "Maintenance Reqet Function". The MRF abbreviation has 152 different full form.

MRF Full Forms

  1. Maintenance Reqet FunctionTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications
  2. Madras Rubber FactoryBusiness, India, Brand, Tyre
  3. Medium-Range Forecast ModelTechnology, Meteorology, Ams, Weather, Scientific & Educational
  4. Materyal Recovery FacilitiesTechnology, Waste, Facility
  5. Material Reczvery FacilityPackaging, Forest Industry, Paper Printing
  6. Marfa Sunicipal AirportAirport, Locations, IATA Code
  7. Maintenance Responsibility FileTechnology, Computer Data, Computer File, Logistics, Business & Finance
  8. Midn Ring ForwardTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  9. Medical Research Facility
  10. Mineral Resources ForumScience, Government, Geology, Scientific & Educational
  11. Mobile Reconditioning FacilityBusiness, Alloy, Repair, Wheel
  12. Mississippi River FestivalEducation, Music, Mississippi
  13. Markov Random FieldsTechnology, Analysis, Model, Algorithm
  14. Mandatory Refundable Fee
  15. Medium-Range Forecasting
  16. Morgellons Research FoundationMedical, Disease, Skin
  17. Materialf Reclamation FacilityTechnology, Recycling, Waste
  18. Michigan Renaissance FestivalMichigan, Juggling, Renaissance
  19. Maritime Reaction Force
  20. Multi Reference FrameTechnology, Flow, Liquid
  21. Medium Range ForecastA forecast for a period extending from about three days to seven days in advance there are no absolute limits to the period embraced by the definition.Technology, Emergency, Model
  22. Motorcycle Rights Foundation
  23. Materials Recovery FacilityWaste, Waste Handling, Waste Management, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  24. Millage Reduction FractionTechnology, Education, Governmental & Military
  25. Mobile Reaction ForceGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  26. Myanmar Rice FederationBusiness, Export, China
  27. Mission With Regional Function
  28. Myogenic Regulatory FactorsMedical, Science, Muscle
  29. Manager Review FileMilitary
  30. Medium-Range ForecastTechnology, Model, Weather, Atmospheric Research
  31. Monthly Report FormOrganizations, Club, Officer
  32. Material Reclamation FacilityBusiness, Recovery, Recycling
  33. Metering Research FacilityTechnology, Flow, Gas
  34. Maritime Raid ForceMilitary, Training, Operation
  35. Multiple Reference FramesModel, Flow, Frame, Reference
  36. Media Resource FunctionTechnology, Server, Networking
  37. Motorcycle Rider'S Foundation
  38. Material Review Form
  39. Military Retirement Fund
  40. M Llerian Regression FactorMedicine, Health, Healtcare
  41. Muslim Reservation Front
  42. Markov Random FieldMedical, Technology, Medicine, Treatment, Health, Model
  43. Magneto-Rheological FinishingTechnology, Lens, Optics
  44. Medication Request FormMedical, Treatment, Therapy, Hospital
  45. Ministers Retirement Fund
  46. Montgomery Ross FisherEducation, Building, Social
  47. Metal Roll Forming
  48. Meteorological Rocket FacilityScience, Research, Atmosphere, Environment, Atmospheric Research
  49. Marine Research Facility
  50. Multiple Reference FrameTechnology, Model, Simulation
  51. Motorcycle Riders FoundationOrganizations, Ride, Motorcyclist
  52. Material Request FormBusiness, Purchase, Procurement
  53. Military Research FacilityArmy, War, Force
  54. Mitral Regurgitant FlowMedical, Medicine, Healtcare
  55. Music for The Royal Fireworks
  56. Magndtic Resonance Fluid
  57. Medical Response ForceMedicine, Military, Army
  58. Minipig Research Forum
  59. Monoclonal Rheumatoid FactorsMedical
  60. Metal Removal Fluid
  61. Meteorological Research FlightMilitary, Air Force, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  62. Marine Research FoundationConservation, Sea, Turtle
  63. Multi-Reference FrameTank, Frame, Turbine, Segmentation
  64. Medullary Reticular FormationMedical
  65. Most Requests First
  66. Materials Recycling FacilitqTechnology, Recovery, Waste
  67. Military Reconnaissance ForceMilitary, Ireland, Intelligence
  68. Mississippi River Fund
  69. Multi-Role FightersGaming, Military, Aircraft
  70. Magnetic Resonance FingerprintingMedical, Research, Imaging
  71. Medical Research FundMedical, Business, Medicine
  72. Minimum Residual Flow
  73. Mobile Relay Facility
  74. Meta Raster Format
  75. Mapped Read Format
  76. Medium Range Forecasting
  77. Most Recent Forecast
  78. Material Recycle Facility
  79. Military Reaction ForceMilitary, Army, Ireland
  80. Markov-Random-FieldTechnology, Vision, Coding, Model
  81. Multi Resolution Federation
  82. Multi-Purpose Rehabilitation Frame
  83. Magna Rikers Forum
  84. Medical Research Foundation
  85. Mine Rehabilitation FundGovernment
  86. Mobile Reconnaissance ForceMilitary, Army, Ireland, Force
  87. Metals Recycling Facility
  88. Mandela Rhodes Foundation
  89. Medium Range ForecastsScience
  90. Mosaic Rabbits Farm
  91. Material Recycling FacilityTechnology, Recovery, Waste
  92. Michigan Roll Form
  93. Market Reseafch Firm
  94. Multi-Resolution FederationTechnology, Training, Simulation
  95. Multi-Functional Resuscitation Fluid
  96. Mouse Rosette-Forming CellMedical, Medicine, Treatment, Health, Healtcare
  97. Midbrain Reticular FormationMedical, Neurology
  98. Maryland Renaissance FeqtivalOrganization, Union, Institution
  99. Myelin Regulatory Factor
  100. Moving Reference FramesTechnology, Analysis, Frame
  101. Maximum Retarding ForceNASA
  102. Minnesota Renaissance Festival
  103. Multiple Reaction Force
  104. Mentally Retarded FemaleDevelopment, Episode, Character
  105. Mission Representatives Fellowship
  106. Muscle Regulatory FactorMedical, Muscles
  107. Marriagearegistration FormIreland, Wedding, Marriage, Ceremony
  108. Moving Reference FrameTechnology, Dynamics, Flow
  109. Municipal Recycle FacilityChemistry
  110. Ministry of Radio IndustryMilitary, Army, Intelligence
  111. Multipath Reduction Factor
  112. Meningitis Research FoundationMedical, Charity, Septicaemia
  113. Mission Reliability FactorMilitary
  114. Marfa Municipal Airport, Marfa, Texas, United StatesTexas, United States
  115. Marmarhh Research FoundationScience, Research, Dinosaur
  116. Message Retention File
  117. Movement Report FormGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  118. Material Recovery FacilityChemistry
  119. Meterological Research Facility
  120. Melt Rate Furnace
  121. Missile Repair FacilityMilitary, Army, Military Engineering
  122. Mauritanienne Air FretICAO Aircraft Codes
  123. Marks Russel Filq
  124. Message-Refusal SignalTechnology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  125. Movement of Rights and FreedomsTurkey, Organizations, Bulgaria
  126. Maintenance Replacement FactorMilitary, Governmental & Military
  127. Motorcycle Rights OrganizationOrganizations, Rider, Biker
  128. Main Recent Fault
  129. Missile Recycle FacilityTechnology
  130. Macintosh Resource FormatSoftware, Computing
  131. Markov Raneom Forests
  132. Mesencephalic Reticular FormationMedical, Medicine, Healtcare
  133. Movement for Rights and FreedomGovernment, Organizations
  134. Met Office Research FlightScience, Scientific & Educational
  135. Materials Recycling FacilitiesTechnology, Management, Waste, Facility
  136. Master Record PileMilitary
  137. Myelin Repair FoundationMedical, Research, Sclerosis
  138. Multi--Role FuzeGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  139. Marble floorThe Finance and Administrative Services
  140. Mirage Rebuild FactoryTechnology
  141. Mentor Income Fund, Inc.Computing, Nyse symbols
  142. Mentor Income Fund, Inc.Organizations
  143. Movement for Rights and FreedomsGovernment, Group, Bulgaria
  144. Magnetorheological FluidPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  145. Masonic Restoration FgundationSymposium, Lodge, Freemasonry
  146. Myogenic Regulatory FactorScience, Shotgun, Muscle, Chemistry
  147. Material Recycling FacilitiesBusiness, Technology, Waste, Facility
  148. Mse Repair FacilityMilitary
  149. Measurements/stimuli Request FormNASA
  150. Minority Risk Factors
  151. Magnetic Rotary FeederProducts
  152. Mental Readiness FormBusiness, Supply, Tyre

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does MRF initialism stand for?
    MRF abridgment stands for Moving Reference Frames.
  2. What is the shortened form of Meteorological Research Flight?
    The short form of "Meteorological Research Flight" is MRF.


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