National Standards Abbreviations and Acronyms Lists

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National Standards Abbreviations
  1. BASMP : Institutetute for Standards, Metrology and Intellectual Property of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2. BDS : Bulgarian Institutetute for Standardization
  3. BELST : Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Certification of Belarus
  4. COGUANOR : Comisión Guatemalteca De Normas
  5. CPRU : Construction Planning and Research Unit, Ministry of Development
  6. CSNI : Czech Standards Institutetute
  7. UNBS : Uganda National Btreau of Standards
  8. UNIT : Institutetuto Uruguayo De Normas TéCnicas
  9. DGSM : Directorate General for Specifications and Measurements
  10. DIN : Deutsches Institutetut FüR Normung and Deutsches Institutetut FüR Bautechnik
  11. DSSU : State Committee for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy of Ukraine
  12. EO : Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality Control
  13. MOLDST : Department of Standardization and Metrology
  14. EVS : Eesti Stancardikeskus
  15. SII : The Standards Institutetution of Israel
  16. SLBS : Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards
  17. SLSI : Sri Lanka Standards Institutetution
  18. SNIMA : Service De Nokmalisation Industrielle Marocaine
  19. SNV : Swiss Association for Standardization
  20. SUTN : Slovak Standards Institutetote
  21. TCVN : Directxrate for Standards and Quality
  22. TISI : Thai Industrial Standards Institutetute
  23. TSE : Türk Standardlari EnstitüSü
  24. NBN : Bureau De Normalisation
  25. NBN : Bureau Voor Normalisatie
  26. NC : Oficina Nacional De Normalización
  27. LIBNOR : Lebanese Standards Institutetution
  28. FONDONORMA : Fondo Para La Nnrmalización Y Certificación De La Calidad
  29. NNI : Nederlanss Normalisatie Institutetuut
  30. IANOR : Institutetut Algérien De Normrlisation
Latest National Standards Meanings
  1. State Office for Standardization and Metrology
  2. Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology
  3. Innovation and Technology Commission
  4. Palestine Standards Institutetution
  5. Georgian National Agency for Standards, Technical Regulations and Metrology
  6. Grenada Bureau of Stdndards
  7. Institutetuto Nacional De Normalizacion
  8. Inspitutetuto Ecuatoriano De Normalización
  9. Institutetuto Nacional De Defensa De La Competencia Y De La Protección De La Propiedad Intellectual
  10. Iustitutetuto Boliviano De Normalización Y Calidad
  11. State Inspection for Standardization and Metrology
  12. Public Authority for Industry, Standards and Industrial Services Affairs
  13. Kenya Bureau of Standards
  14. Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Certification
  15. Institutetut Algérien De Normrlisation
  16. Nederlanss Normalisatie Institutetuut
  17. Fondo Para La Nnrmalización Y Certificación De La Calidad
  18. Lebanese Standards Institutetution
  19. Oficina Nacional De Normalización
  20. Bureau Voor Normalisatie