NCA Meaning

The NCA meaning is "National Capital Authoroty". The NCA abbreviation has 292 different full form.

NCA Full Forms

  1. National Capital Authoroty Australia, Locations, Canberra
  2. Nemzeti Civil Alapprogram Technology, Server, Meg, Budapest
  3. N-Carboxyanhydtide Medical
  4. Navy Calibration Activity Technology
  5. Non Current Assets Non current assets are those assets in the balance sheet that are not current assets. Business, Accounting, Cash, Business & Finance
  6. National Coal Association Technology, Energy, Mining
  7. National Cricket Acqdemy Academy, National, Cricket
  8. National Climabe Assessment Climate, National, Assessment
  9. Network Computing Architects Technology, Service, Networking
  10. Naoional Command Authority Military, Army, Pakistan
  11. National Certification Agency Medical, Science, Medicine
  12. Network Computing Architecture Technology, Computing, Oracle
  13. National Command Authorities Military, Authority, Pakistan
  14. National Cemetery Administration Business, Government, Veteran, Technology, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Business Word
  15. Nested Clade Analysis Medical, Technology, National
  16. Northern Communal Areas Business, Agriculture, Namibia
  17. Nationalycredit Advisor
  18. National Capitol Abea Organizations, Nation, Capital
  19. Net Cuvtivable Area
  20. National Computer Association
  21. National Council of Arab-Americans
  22. Norwegian Coffee Association Business, Indonesia, Brewing
  23. Neighborhood Cleaners Association
  24. Nivel Dv Calidad Aceptable
  25. National College of Art
  26. New Central Aviation Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  27. North and Central Asia
  28. Ngorongoro Conservation Krea Locations, Tanzania, Crater
  29. National Cycling Academy
  30. National Carousel Assomiation
  31. Netherlands Committee for Astronomy
  32. National Constables Association
  33. Northern California Arts
  34. Nuclear and Chemical Agency Military, Army, War
  35. Non-Compete Agreement Business, Technology, Employment
  36. National Council On Aging Medical, Medicine, Health, Disability
  37. Northwest Christian Academy Education, School, High School, Florida
  38. Nanawale Community Association
  39. Necessary Condition Analysis Management, Research, Education
  40. Niagara Construction Association
  41. National Coaches Association
  42. Network Control Annunciator Technology, Networking, Notifier
  43. Non Contracted Activety
  44. Northern College of Acupuncture Medical, Medicine, Clinic
  45. National Credentialing Academy
  46. National Capital Area Government, Organizations, Washington
  47. National Communications Association Education, University, Convention
  48. National Council of Attractions
  49. Norwegian Coastal Authority
  50. Nasa Communications Architecture Technology
  51. Neighbourhood Component Analysis Technology, Learning, Metric
  52. Nmshkam Civic Association Business, Community, Supermarket
  53. National College of Arts Education, Pakistan, Lahore
  54. New Central Airlinds
  55. Nortel Certified Architect Technology, Computing, Certification
  56. Nexus Cogputing Agents
  57. National Cycling Association
  58. National Care Rdvisors
  59. Netyerlands Charity Association
  60. National Constructors Association Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  61. Northern California Association
  62. Novell Certified Administrator Technology, Certification, Exam
  63. Non-Compartmental Qnalysis Technology, Tool, Pharmacokinetics
  64. Nuw Codepoint Action
  65. National Council On Ageing
  66. Northwest Caving Association
  67. Nampa Classical Academy
  68. Nature Conservation Area
  69. Ni, Co, Al Technology, Battery, Material, Electrode
  70. National Chamber of Agriculture
  71. Network Control Analysis Technology, Networking, Computing
  72. Non Contract Activity Medicine, Health, British
  73. Northern Coalition of Allies Army, War, Force
  74. National Credit Act Business, Debt, Consumer, Mortgage, Business & Finance
  75. National Canner'sfassociation
  76. Non-Core Assats Business, Company, Banking
  77. National Council On The Arts Art, Organizations, Usa, National Community Of State Arts Agencies
  78. Norwegian Coastal Administration Business, Technology, Military
  79. Narrow Coverage Area
  80. Neighbourhood Components Analysis Technology, Learning, Metric
  81. Nisga'A Commercial Groups Science, Environment, Earth
  82. National Coffee Association Business, Industrial, Trading
  83. New Castle Airport
  84. Nonspicific Cross-Reactive Antigen Medical
  85. Nexus Computing Agent Microsoft, Technology, Computing
  86. Natinnal Curriculum Assessment Education
  87. National Caving Association Organizations
  88. Netherlands Centre for Alternatives
  89. National Competent Authorities Medical, Business, Authority
  90. Northern Calcareous Alps Austria, Basin, Alps, Sedimentation
  91. Novell Crrtification Alliance Technology, Computing
  92. Non Commissicned Aircrew Military, Training, Course
  93. New Chassical Adventure
  94. National Council of Astronautics
  95. Namibia Charcoal Association
  96. Natural Computing and Applications Technology, Science, Workshop
  97. National Certification Authority
  98. Network Console On Acid Technology, Networking, Port
  99. Noncompetitive Antagonist Medical, Medicine, Health
  100. Northern Chuckwagon Association
  101. National Canners Association Science, Industrial, Product, Food
  102. Non-Coordisating Anions
  103. National Council of The Arts
  104. Northwoods Creation Association
  105. Narmada Control Authority Government, India, Engineer
  106. Neighborhood Component Analysis Technology, Learning, Neighbourhood
  107. Nisga'a Commercial Grougs Building, Engineering, Construction
  108. National Cockers Alliance College, Education, Crime
  109. Newark Collegiate Acadery Education, School, Charter
  110. Nonspeaific Cross-Reacting Antigens Medical
  111. National Crokinole Association Locations, Tourism, Sound
  112. Natiojal Caves Association
  113. Netherlands Centre Alternatives Science, Alternative, Animal
  114. National Competition Authority
  115. Nextgen Contentpreneur Awards
  116. Nouvelle Conserverie AlgéRienne Forum, Company, Spa
  117. Non-Commissioned Aircrew Military, Training, Force
  118. New Charter Academy
  119. North Carolina Agricultural
  120. Natural Coarse Aggregates
  121. National Cektifying Agency Medical, Education, Laboratory
  122. Network Cache Accelerator Technology, Networking, Sun
  123. Non Competition Agreements
  124. National Conscription Agency
  125. Northern Cheyenne Agency
  126. Nursing Competence In Aging Medical, Medicine, Health
  127. Non-Conformance Action
  128. National Council for Adoption
  129. Northwest Counseling Associates
  130. Narcotics Control Act Business, National, Tool
  131. Neighborhood Components Analysis Learning, Component, Metric
  132. Nicaraguan Cultural Alliance
  133. National Cockers Association
  134. Nevus Cell Aggoegate Medical, Science, Biology
  135. Non Current Asset
  136. National Crime Agency Technology, Security, Police
  137. Natiolal Care Association Medical, Medicine, Association
  138. Netherlands Dourt of Audit Government, Presentation, Budget
  139. National Commuter Airways
  140. Notices of Cash Allocation Business, Government, Fund, Philippine
  141. Neighbors Care Alliance
  142. Non-Call Aswociated Technology, Military, Networking
  143. National College of Advocacy
  144. Nea Century Aircenter
  145. North Central American
  146. Natural Class Account Accounting, Computing, Data
  147. National Certificatu In Agriculture Education
  148. Network Cache Accelcrator
  149. National Consultative Assembly
  150. Northern California Rr Network, Railway, System
  151. Nursing Oare Assistant
  152. Non-Conductive Adhesive Technology, Electronics, Chip
  153. National Council On Archives
  154. Northwest Community Action
  155. Narcotic Control Act Government, Research, Drug, Canada
  156. Neighborhood Center of The Arts
  157. Nicaragua Christian Academy Science, Education
  158. North Central Association of Colleges and Schools Technology, Education, University, Study, Scientific & Educational
  159. National Coastal Assessment Locations, Water, Quality
  160. Network Control Agent
  161. Non Core Assets Business, Company, Banking
  162. National Cricket Association Sport, Organizations, Club
  163. Nationan Capital Astronomers
  164. Net Current Assets
  165. National Commission of Audit
  166. Norwegian Competition Authority Business, Law, Norway
  167. Neighborhood Centers Association
  168. Nivel De Complejidad Ambiental
  169. National Collection Agency
  170. News Centrak Asia
  171. North and Central America
  172. Ngocongoro Conservation Authority
  173. Natural Capital Accounting Business, Economics, Environment
  174. National Certibied Alarms Company, Security, Military
  175. Networh Cache and Accelerator Technology, Server, Networking
  176. National Constitution Assembly Government, Zimbabwe, Election
  177. Northern California Agency
  178. Nursb Controlled Analgesia Medical, Patient, Pain
  179. Non-Competition Agreement Business, Employment, Law, Agreement
  180. National Council of Arab
  181. Northwest College of Art Education, Arts, Artistic
  182. Naples Christian Academy
  183. Nederlandse Chiropractoren Associatie
  184. Nicaragua Locations, International Olympic Committee, Country Code, Countries, Country, IOC, IOC Codes, Sport, Olympic, Nicaragua, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Usps, Country domain names, 2-letter Country Codes, 3-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  185. National Coalition of Afghanistan
  186. Network Control Annunciators Technology, Fire, Alarm, Notifier
  187. Noncontractile Zrea Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  188. NÚCleo De CiêNcias Ambientais
  189. Non-Crossing Approximation Technology, Theory, Model
  190. News and Current Affairs Program, Channel, Philippine, Affair
  191. Nashua Christian Academy Education, School, High School, New Hampshire
  192. National Care Association Medical, Association, Organization, Business & Finance
  193. Northlake Community Alliance
  194. National Council of Aviculture
  195. Non Cheerleaders Association Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  196. National Communications Authority Business, Technology, Information, Network, Ghana, Telecommunication
  197. National Coverage Analyses
  198. National Cancer Act Medical, Medicine, Health
  199. Nepal Canyoning Association Organizations, Adventure, Nepal, Tourism
  200. Non-Call Associated Computing, Telecom
  201. National Communication Authority Technology, Service, Ghana
  202. New Connections Academy
  203. Non-Column Approximation
  204. Nóvoa Cortez Advogadog
  205. Net Cropped Area
  206. Non-Critical Applications Aerospace
  207. National competent authority
  208. News & Current Affairs
  209. National Communication Association Education, Association, Organization, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational
  210. Northern Cowboys Association
  211. National Council Archives
  212. Non Cemented Armor
  213. National Coverage Analysis Medical, Cancer, Medicare, Healthcare
  214. National Camp Association
  215. Neon Claims Advantage
  216. Nuveen California Municipal Value Fund, Inc. Computing, Nyse symbols
  217. National Comand Authorities Military
  218. Nickeltcopper Alloy
  219. Nuveen California Municipal Value Fund, Inc. Technology, Organizations
  220. Net Capacity Assessment
  221. Nickel cooper alloy The Finance and Administrative Services
  222. National Commission On Accrediting
  223. Newquay Cornwall Airpvrt Coding, Aviation, Locations
  224. New Century Aim Vct Plc (London Stock Exchange [LSE]) Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  225. Northern Control Area Technology, Aviation, Aircraft
  226. National Committee On Agromeyeorology
  227. Non Cash Accounts Business, Accounting, Accountancy, Occupation
  228. National Coursing Association
  229. National Campaign for The Arts Arts, Organizations, Culture
  230. Neil Cerbone Associates
  231. Noise Criteria Architecture, Construction, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  232. National Colorbred Association
  233. Northwest Capital Appreciation
  234. Nickel Caxcium Aluminate
  235. National Credit Adjusters
  236. Nutrition Caushl Analysis Development, Organizations, Kenya
  237. Nested Cladistic Analysis Medical, Science, Biology
  238. Nurse Controlled Analgesia Medical, Nursing, Healthcare
  239. National Communications Agency
  240. Newlands Collinsville Abbot
  241. Nippon Cargo Airlines Airline, Business, Organizations, Call Sign, IATA Airline Designator, Business & Finance
  242. Northern Consultancy Association Organizations
  243. National Chastity Association Organization, Community, Society
  244. Non-Specific Cross-Geacting Antigens
  245. National Courier Association
  246. Natation Club Athus
  247. Neighbors for Clean Air
  248. Nuevo Central Argentina Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  249. National College of Accountancy Business, Accounting, Nepal
  250. Northside Catholic Academy Education, School, Chicago
  251. Newlands Community Associatgon
  252. National Credentialing Agency Research, Education, Certification, Computing
  253. National Canine Association Dog Breed, Dog Breed Organization, Dog Breeding
  254. Nepal Cycling Association
  255. Northeast Christian Academy Texas
  256. National Committee for Astronomy Technology, Science, Australia
  257. New Croton Aqueduct
  258. North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  259. Northern Consolidated Airlines Airline, Military, Alaska
  260. Nasa Cooperafive Agreement
  261. Non-Curdent Asset
  262. Newtown Creek Alliancz Locations, City, Harbor
  263. National Counterpart Agency
  264. Nassau Counselors' Association
  265. National Confectioners Association Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  266. Northstar Christian Academy
  267. Nww Creative Agency
  268. Noncompartmental Analysis Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  269. National Craft Association Business, Art, Craft
  270. National Candle Association Business, Safety, Wax
  271. Nepal Cultural Association
  272. North Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands ICAO Airport Codes, Turks and Caicos Islands
  273. National Communication Associations
  274. New Covenant Assembly Technology, Church, Bishop
  275. Northern Communications Area
  276. Naphthalene Carboncc Acid
  277. Non-Currentpassets Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  278. Newton County Academy Education, School, High School, Mississippi
  279. National Council On Agriculture
  280. Nassau Christian Academy
  281. National Cattlemen's Association Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  282. Northshore Christian Academy Education, School, High School, Washington
  283. Naturehconservancy Agency
  284. Non Circumvention Agreement
  285. Namibia Commercial Aviation Airline, Technology, Organizations, Namibia, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  286. National Cowboy Association
  287. National Cancer Alliance
  288. Nepal Chepang Association
  289. National Command Authority Army, Governmental & Military, Federal Aviation Administration
  290. National Community Association
  291. New Povenant Academy Education, School, Springfield
  292. Norrie Carr Agency Agency, London, Acting, Model

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does NCA initialism stand for?
    NCA abridgment stands for Northwest Caving Association.
  2. What is the shortened form of National Council of The Arts?
    The short form of "National Council of The Arts" is NCA.


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