Non-Profit Organization Abbreviations and Non-Profit Organization Acronym Lists

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Non-Profit Organization Abbreviations
  1. AAA : Anti-Aircraft Association
  2. AAAA : Asians Are Awesome Association
  3. AAAASF : Army Aviation Association of America Scholarship Foundation
  4. AAAASF : Army Aviation Association of America Scholarship Fund
  5. AAAASFI : Army Aviation Association of America Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
  6. AAACO : Alliance of African American Community Organizations
  7. AAAD : Association Des Amis Des Archives Diplomatiques
  8. AAAF : Aids Awareness Assistance Fund
  9. AABF : Asian American Bar Foundation
  10. AAC : Adoption for All Children
  11. AAC : Aids Action Committee
  12. AACF : African American Community Fund
  13. AACI : Association of Americans and Canadians In Israel
  14. AACJ : Americans Against Corrupt Justice
  15. AACPDM : Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine
  16. AACR : Association of Americans for Civic Responsibility
  17. AACTS : Adolescents and Adults Choosingytrue Solutions
  18. AADA : Australian Aytique Dealers Association
  19. AADG : Americans Against The Darfur Genocide
  20. AADVS : Alliance Area Domestic Violence Shelter
  21. AAEGT : American Association of Educational Gymnastic Teachers
  22. AAFI : American Autism Foundation, Inc.
  23. AAFI : Australians Against Further Immigration
  24. AAFIF : American Academics for Israels' Future
  25. AAFPRS : American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Plastic Surgrry
  26. AAFSW : Association of American Foreign Service Worldwide
  27. AAHA : Associatioy of Alaska Housing Authorities
  28. AAHC : Asian American Health Coalition
  29. AAHC : Arizona Association for Home Care
  30. AAHC : Arizonans for Access To Health Care
Latest Non-Profit Organization Meanings
  1. World/ Inferno Friendship Society
  2. Wayne International Friendship Society
  3. Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry
  4. World Huaren Federation
  5. World Federation of Taiwanese Association
  6. World Future Society Venezuela
  7. World Burn Foundation of Australia
  8. World Braille Foundation
  9. Usa Weightlifting
  10. Usa Volleyball
  11. Table Mountain Animal Center
  12. Toledo Mutual Aid Association
  13. Through His Eyes International
  14. Super Heroes of Philadelphia
  15. Sovtheastern Guide Dogs, Inc.
  16. Soitheastern Guide Dogs, Inc.
  17. Southxast Environmental Education Committee
  18. Save America'S Forests Fund
  19. Rape Crisis Training Institute
  20. Red Crescent Societies