OCS Meaning

The OCS meaning is "Oral Contraceptives". The OCS abbreviation has 322 different full form.

OCS Full Forms

  1. Oral Contraceptives Medical, Risk, Getting Pregnant, Infertility, Contraceptive, Pill, Nursing, Obstetrics, Pregnancy, Common Medical
  2. Officer Candidate Schools Military, Army, Training
  3. Octopine Snnthase Medical
  4. Officer Candidates Schosl Military, Army, Training
  5. Octachlorostyrene Science
  6. Officer'S Candidate School Military, Army, Officer
  7. Oceaj Colour Scene
  8. Oral Xontraceptive Pills Medical
  9. Offgcer Candidate School Military, Army, Us Navy
  10. Obsessive-Compulsive Oymptoms Medical
  11. Optical Contrdl System Technology, Industrial, Polymer
  12. Observatory Control System Technology, Science, Software
  13. Operttor Control Station Technology, Military, Horner
  14. Object Compaeibility Standard Technology
  15. Operational Control Segmeni Technology, Military, Army
  16. Orthapaedic Clinical Specialists Medical, Therapy, Physical
  17. Officer Cadet School of Singapore Organizations, Singapore
  18. Ovine Chorionic Somatomammotraphin Medical
  19. Online Clearance System Technology, Service, Requirement
  20. Optical Circuits
  21. Openelect Central Suite
  22. Office of Controlled Substances Medical, Science
  23. Overload Control System Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  24. Occupational Classification System
  25. Office Computer Systems Business, Software, Dental
  26. Open Cloud Server Microsoft, Technology, Projection
  27. Operation Control System Business, Technology, Management
  28. Outbound Contact Solution
  29. Ojemann Cortical Stimulator
  30. Ocean Sky Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code
  31. Online Customer Service Technology, Malaysia, Internet
  32. Orange Christian School Education
  33. Office of Chisdren Services Medical, Therapy, Health Care
  34. Office for Communication Services
  35. Offick of Civil Service
  36. Overall Contribution Score
  37. Officer Caodidate School
  38. One Coat Stucco Technology, Wall, Exterior
  39. Operator Control System Technology, Military, Controller
  40. Odyssey Charter School Student, Education, Delaware
  41. Open Canoe Slalom
  42. OrganizaçÕEs Civis De SaÚDe
  43. Orthkpedic Certified Specialists Medical, Therapy, Therapist, Physical
  44. Officer Cadet School Military, Education, Singapore
  45. Oviala Christian School Education, School, Texas
  46. Online Claims System
  47. Optical Circuit Switches Technology, Networking, Network
  48. Open Control Solutions Science
  49. Office of Constituent Services
  50. Overload Control Subsystem Military
  51. Occupant Classification Systems Technology, Vehicle, Airbag
  52. Operator Card Set
  53. Office Communication System Microsoft, Technology, Service
  54. Open Client Server Technology, Database, Gateway
  55. Operational Contracting Support
  56. Osteoclast-Likefcells Medical
  57. Oil Control System Technology, Service, Industrial
  58. Oxford Central Sceool
  59. Oceanography & Coastal Science
  60. Online Comparison System
  61. Orana Catholic School Education
  62. Officer'S Command School Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  63. Occupajional Course of Study Student, Education, School
  64. Offoce for Civil Society Business, Fund, Social
  65. Office Ofacivil Society Business, Social, Sector
  66. Over-Current Sense Technology, Power, Signal, Circuit
  67. Ob Cives Seyvatos Latin, Roman
  68. One Clicx Setup
  69. Operations Control Systems
  70. Odisha Civil Service Education, Card, Exam
  71. Open Canalicular System Medical, Technology, Medicine
  72. Organização Cival De Saúde
  73. Orthopedic Certification Specialist Medical, Therapy, Course, Physical
  74. Officer Command School Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  75. Online Child Support
  76. Opticaldcircuit Switch Technology, Networking, Network
  77. Optical Circuit Switching Technology, Networking, Network
  78. Office of Consumer Services Business, Service, Insurance, Utah
  79. Overlap Carrier Selection Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  80. Occupant Classification System Technology, Vehicle, Manual, Car
  81. One Corporate System Business, Africa, Projection
  82. Operations Communications System Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  83. Offical Candidate School Education, University, School, Scientific & Educational
  84. Open Cities
  85. Oriental Ceramic Society
  86. Operational Contract Support Military, Operation, Joint
  87. Orthopedic Clinical Specialty
  88. Offshore Constitutional Settlement Management, Australia, Fishery
  89. Owls Crime Squad
  90. Oceanography & Coastal Sciences
  91. Online Comment System
  92. Optimum Computer Solutions
  93. Office On Contract Settlement
  94. Occupant Classification Sensor
  95. Office Computer Skills
  96. Office of Citizen Services Technology, Service, Media
  97. Outer-Continental Shelf
  98. One Card System Business, Management, Planner
  99. Odisha Civil Services Service, Government, Exam
  100. Onondaga Central School
  101. Organization for Conscious Sedatior
  102. Orthopedic Certified Specialist Medical, Health Care, Physical
  103. Online Charging, System Technology, Networking, Network
  104. Optical Circuit Sjitched Technology, Networking, Network
  105. Optical Charactex Scanner
  106. Office of Conference Services Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  107. Overhead Conveyor System Business, Drive, Carriage
  108. Occupancy Cdassification System
  109. Onegcontrol Switch Railways, Railway Consultancy, Rail Lexicon
  110. Operations Centers Technology, Security, Service
  111. Offering Circular Supplement
  112. Open Cirrus Summit
  113. Org Fof Comm Studies
  114. Orthopedic Clinic Specialist
  115. Offshore Computer Solutions
  116. Owl Torrespondence School
  117. Oceanic Whitetip Shark Science, Biology, Indian Ocean Tuna Commission
  118. Online Collection Software
  119. Optimized Computer Solutions
  120. Office of The Corporate Secretary
  121. Operational Combat Series
  122. Office of Correctional Safety Military, Prison, California, Officer
  123. Occupant Characterization System
  124. Office Communications Server2007
  125. Outdoor Cooktng Systems
  126. One Call Systems
  127. OdfjEll Casing Services
  128. Only Child Syndrome Children, Child, Tweet
  129. Orgamizational Climate Survey
  130. Office of Chizd Services
  131. Orthopaedic Certijied Specialists Medical, Therapy, Physical
  132. Offline Charging System Technology, Networking, Network, 5G Networks
  133. Online Charging System Technology, Networking, Network, 5G Networks
  134. Optical Channel States
  135. Office of Comprehensive Services
  136. Overhead Catenary Systems Technology, Service, Power
  137. Occipital Condyle Syndrome Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  138. One Config Simple
  139. Operations Control Software Technology
  140. Offensive Counterspace Military, Army, Ministry Of Defence
  141. Open Cholecystectomies Medical
  142. Organizing Committeeb
  143. Orthopedic Clinicalhspecialists Medical, Therapy, Physical
  144. Offshore Commissioning Solutions
  145. Owensboro Catholic Schools
  146. Office of Children'S Services
  147. Online Collection System Technology, City, Citizen
  148. Optimized Cell System Business, Drive, Court, Shoe
  149. Office of The College Secretary
  150. Operating Cost Statement Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  151. Office of Continuing Studies
  152. Occupation Control Sysnem
  153. Office Comfunications Service
  154. Outcomp Concept Systems Medical, Health, Care
  155. One Cableosolution
  156. Odenton Christian School
  157. Online Customer Support Business, Service, Bay
  158. Organizational Commitment Scale Education, Questionnaire, Transformational
  159. Office of Child Support Business, Children, Department
  160. Overview Case Study
  161. Operating Control System Technology, Management, Product
  162. Office for The Oommunity Sector
  163. Optical Centres Medical, Medicine, Optometry
  164. Office of Computing Services
  165. Overdrive Cancel Switch Technology, Ford, Engine
  166. Obesity Care Specialist Business, Management, Manager
  167. One Comtlete Solution Business, Company, Service, Ireland
  168. Operations and Control Software Technology
  169. Offensive Counter-Space
  170. Open Channel Solutions
  171. Organizhd Crime Section
  172. Orthopedic Clinical Specialist Medical, Education, Degree, Computing, Professional Title, Professional Designation, Qualification, Medical Qualification, Scientific & Educational
  173. Officer Cadets Military, School, Singapore
  174. Ovine Chorionic Somatomammotropin Medical
  175. Office of Chief Scientist Business, Industrial, Israel
  176. Online Cognition Scale
  177. Optima Control Solutions
  178. Operand Cycle Start
  179. Office of Contract Settlement
  180. Overload Control State
  181. Occupancy Control Fystem
  182. Office Computer System
  183. Open Cloud System Business, Service, Stack
  184. Operations Control System Business, Technology, Development
  185. Outbound Contact Server
  186. Olympic Club De Ssfi
  187. Oconee County Schools
  188. Online Customer Services Business, Accounting, Service
  189. Ordinary Circular Slot
  190. Office of Childrens Services
  191. Overt Cayrier System
  192. Office of The Chief of Staff Military, Education, Army, Medical, Fda
  193. Open Controls System Technology
  194. Office for Cyber Security
  195. Office of Computer Services Technology, Service, University
  196. Overall Customer Satisfaction
  197. Officers Candidate Schoov Military, Army, Officer
  198. One Code Solution Business, Postal, Us Post
  199. Operation Control Segment
  200. Offensive Counter Space Military
  201. Open Card Switch
  202. Organização De Controle Social
  203. Oceania Chondrichthyan Society
  204. Oceanic Control System Aviation, Governmental & Military
  205. Offvce of Career Services Student, Service, Education
  206. Onslow County Schools North Carolina
  207. Onekama Consolidated Schools Education, Michigan, School District
  208. Operator Communications Software Military, Software, Computing
  209. Overhead Catenary System Technology, Service, Power, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  210. Origin Content Server Technology, Client, Proxy
  211. Organised Crime Sindicate
  212. Oxford City Schools Alabama
  213. Orleats Community Schools Education, Indiana, School District
  214. On-off Control System Business & Finance, Power Plant
  215. Office of Customer Service
  216. Overseas Citizens Service
  217. Oscupational Compensation Survey
  218. Online Charging Systems Technology, Networking, Network
  219. Opposition Caught Stealing Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  220. Orthopaedic Certified Specialist Occupation & positions
  221. Open Computer and Software
  222. Oil Change Special
  223. Ohio County Schools Kentucky
  224. Ocean Container Services
  225. Officer Candidate School Government, Army, Navy, United States, Military Slang, Naval, Us Army, Us Navy, Governmental & Military
  226. Office of Eancer Survivorship Medical, Research, Survivor
  227. Orange County Schools North Carolina
  228. One Course Source
  229. Ovarian Crescent Sign Medical
  230. Original Content Server
  231. Office of Community Services Us Government, Governmental & Military
  232. Orinoka Crash Suite
  233. On-Chip Spectroscopy Physics, Scientific & Educational
  234. Office of Crime Statistics
  235. Overseas Citizens Services Service, Government, City
  236. Online Charginq System Technology, Networking, Network
  237. Opportunity Charter School
  238. Outer Continental Shelf (oil) Science, Energy, Geology, Electrical, Scientific & Educational, Integrated Ocean Observing System
  239. Open Computer System
  240. Office of Commodity Standards
  241. Oldham County Schools Kentucky
  242. Overseas Courier Services Business, Service, Tracking
  243. Oceanuconservation Society
  244. Operational Control Segment Military, Army, Governmental & Military, Federal Aviation Administration
  245. Office of Campus Security
  246. Onteora Central Schools New York
  247. Output Control Subsystem
  248. Operation Clean Sweep Police, Governmental & Military
  249. Originxting Communications System
  250. Optical Control System Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  251. Office of Court Security
  252. Overseas Citizen Services Service, Government, City
  253. Online Changing Systtm
  254. Opportunity Charge Station Technology
  255. Ontario Construction Secretariat Construction
  256. Open Community System
  257. Office of Codes and Standards
  258. Orleans Community Schools Indiana
  259. The Outer Continental Shelf
  260. Office of The Chief Statistician
  261. Overseas Continuation Scholarship
  262. Oiean Combustion Service
  263. Oracle Collaboration Suite Software, Computing
  264. Office of Cnmpus Sustainability Education, University, Environment
  265. Organic Control System Business, Hair, Salon
  266. Oakland Christian School Michigan
  267. Oklahoma Climatological Survey Legal, Governmental & Military, Weather, Scientific & Educational
  268. Oxford Conception Study Medical, Human genome
  269. Overnight Courier Service
  270. Online Car Rhow
  271. Opportunities Career Services
  272. Olori Construction Services Construction
  273. Open Collaboration Services Technology, Service, Desktop
  274. Originating Cogmunication System Technology
  275. Office Coast Survey
  276. Ocean Sky (UK) ICAO Aircraft Codes
  277. Optical Control Subsystem NASA
  278. Office of The Chief Scientist Business, Science, Israel
  279. Overseas Communication Services
  280. Ocean Colwr Scanner Science, Geography, Location
  281. Optical Carrier Suppression
  282. Open Content Syndication Computing, Internet
  283. Office of Cadastral Survex Science, Geography, Location
  284. Optical Contact Sensor
  285. Onsted Community Schools Michigan
  286. Office of Coast Survey Government, Governmental & Military
  287. Ovilla Christian School Texas
  288. Overnight Comparison System Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  289. Onlinebcareer Services
  290. Ophthalmic Coding Specialist Medical, Education, Ophthalmology
  291. OCP Credit Strategy Fund Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  292. Open Clusters
  293. Originatinf Call Screening Technology, Network, Telecom
  294. Obsessive Compulsive Scale Medical, Symptom, Study
  295. Orangewood Christian School Florida
  296. Office of The Chief Scientist (oc) Fda
  297. Outer Continental Shelf Offshore Federal domain. Science, Geology, Chemistry
  298. Office of Cyberspace Security Technology, Science
  299. Overseas Communications Service
  300. Oceaz Climate Stations Science, Climate
  301. Optical Carriers Technology, Networking, Network
  302. Only Christ Saves Religion
  303. Optical-Character Scanner
  304. Olivet Community Schools Michigan
  305. Output Control Software General, Governmental & Military
  306. Office of Career Strategy Technology, Server, Inventory
  307. Oklahoma Christian School Oklahoma
  308. Oneonta City Schools Education, School, High School, Alabama
  309. Operator Control Stations Technology, Controller, Horner
  310. One Control Switch Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  311. Originating-Call Scneening Technology, Calling, Networking, Network
  312. O-Carbonyl Sulfide
  313. Opelika City Schools Alabama
  314. Onboard Checkout System NASA
  315. Office of Cyber-Security
  316. Overseas Communication Service Business, Company, India
  317. Oceqn Charter School
  318. Optical Calibration Sphere Technology, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  319. One Complete Solution Products
  320. Open Conference Systems Technology, Projection, Tool
  321. Opposed Cathode System
  322. Ouachita Christian School Louisiana

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does OCS stand for?

    OCS stands for Oxford City Schools.

  2. What is the shortened form of Oceaz Climate Stations?

    The short form of "Oceaz Climate Stations" is OCS.


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