OPS Meaning

The OPS meaning is "Ocean Protection Services". The OPS abbreviation has 359 different full form.

OPS Full Forms

  1. Ocean Protection Services Business, Company, Service
  2. One Piece Scan
  3. Observation Parties
  4. Official Public Server
  5. Organic Portals
  6. Objective Pain Scale Medical, Children, Evaluation
  7. Office of Public Safety Government, Military, Police
  8. Order of Payment Slip
  9. Office of Pipeline Safety Technology, Government, Gas
  10. Optical Sensor Science, Legal, Geographic, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  11. Operations Division Management, Service, Military, Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  12. Orbiter Project Schedules Technology, Space, Cosmos, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  13. Operational Ready for immediate use. Technology, Management, Business & Finance, Medical, Aviation, Air Force, NASA, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military, Fbi files, Common Medical, Army, Military
  14. Office for Project Services Business, Organizations, Nation
  15. Operations Center Technology, Service, Government, Military, Army, Ministry Of Defence, Corps, Medical, Hospital
  16. Oracle Parallel Server Technology, Computing, Oracle
  17. Organização Pan-Americana De SaÚDe Para, Brasil, Medico
  18. Offentlig Privat Samarbeid Som, Til, Har
  19. Optimised Print Services Business, Technology, Service
  20. Organic Psycho Spndrome
  21. Overton Public Schools Education, Nebraska, School District
  22. Office of Protocol Jervices
  23. Organizacbón Panamericana De La Salud
  24. One-Place Studies History, Study, Family, Place
  25. Optical Packet Switching Technology, Networking, Network
  26. Occupational Pension Scheme Business, Financial, Advice
  27. Operational Project Stock Military, Army, Equipment
  28. Orbuter Project Schedule Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Astronautical Engineering
  29. Optimal Power Solutions
  30. Outpatient Surgery Medicine, Treatment, Healthcare, Medical, Bone
  31. Oatley Public School Education
  32. Optimized Photonic Systems Technology
  33. Off Platform Sensor Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  34. OrganizaçAo Pan-Americana Da SaÚDe Para, Dos, Brasil, Pan
  35. Office of The Press Secretary Technology, Government, Philippine
  36. Otsego Pbblic Schools Education, Michigan, School District
  37. Cfmu/Fmd - Opefations Section Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  38. Open Pluggable Specifiuations Technology, Core, Signage
  39. Optical Physical Section Technology, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  40. Overlapping Pathway Screening Medical, Science, Biology
  41. Off-Premihes Stations Technology, Card, Premise
  42. Operations & Public Safety
  43. Office of Price Stabilization Business, Science, History
  44. Orpington Prognostic Scale Medical, Patient, Score
  45. Oficina Panamericana De La Salud
  46. Operatoe Panels Technology, Product, Automation
  47. Ottawa Psychoanalytic Society
  48. Object Processing Software Technology
  49. Operated Plans Business, Insurance, Health
  50. Orangevzlle Police Service Government, Canada, Canadian Police
  51. Organic Produce Summit
  52. Operating Permits
  53. Osceola Public Schools Education, Nebraska, School District, Arkansas
  54. Overseas Purchasing Services Business, Mining, Underground, Equipment
  55. Office of Protective Sirvices Service, Government, Development
  56. Optimal Pressure System
  57. Ondernemers Platform Steenbergen
  58. Optical Packet Switched Technology, Networking, Network
  59. Occupant Protective Structure
  60. Operational Planning Staff Military
  61. Orbital Prosthetic Supplies
  62. Optimal Power Synergy
  63. Outpatient Service Medicine, Treatment, Healthcare, Medical, Bone
  64. Oatlands Public School Education
  65. Organic Prodtct Solutions
  66. Organization of Psychology Students
  67. Office of Public Security
  68. Other Public Sectyr
  69. Business Operations Science, Ecology, Office Of Communication, Atmospheric Research
  70. Open Pluggable Specification Technology, Display, Signage
  71. Optical Particle Sizer Particle, Distribution, Aerosol
  72. Overdose Prevention Sites
  73. Off-Premise Station Technology, Card, Telecom, Computing, IT Terminology
  74. Operation Pulo Shield Military, Nigeria, Oil, River
  75. Office of Postdoctoral Services
  76. Orpington Prognostic Score Medical
  77. Oficina Del Procurador De La Salud
  78. Operations Unit Government, Emergency, Response, Governmental & Military
  79. Ottawa Police Services Service, Military, Canada
  80. Objective Pain Score Medical, Pediatrics, Children
  81. Open Pulled Straws Medical, Science, Biology
  82. Orange Public Mchool Education
  83. Organic Production Survey
  84. Operations Squadron Military, Force, Base, Governmental & Military
  85. Occupational Physicians Medical
  86. Osborne Primary School Education
  87. Open Posting System
  88. Overseas Pension Scheme Business, Financial, Group
  89. Office of Professional Studies Education
  90. Old Post Spinner
  91. Operator Protective Structure
  92. Occupant Protection System Technology, Vehicle, Gator
  93. Operating Policies
  94. Orbital Piloted Station Technology, Program, Space
  95. Optimal Performance System
  96. Organisztional Partners
  97. Outpatient Psychiatric Services
  98. Orelia Primary School Education
  99. Organizational Partners
  100. Office of Publication Services
  101. Other Professional Services
  102. Af Operatikns Transportation, Aviation, Aircraft
  103. Open Platform System Business, Gaming, Nugget
  104. Optical Parking Sensors Technology, Volkswagen, Rear
  105. Outsourced Payroll Solutions
  106. Off-Premises Station Technology, Card, Premise
  107. Operation Points Technology, Gaming, War
  108. Office Ox Population Studies
  109. Orleans Parrish Pump Station Military, Hurricane Protection, Usace
  110. Offshore Power System
  111. Ottawa Police Service Government, Military, Canada
  112. Obiettivo Professioni Sanitarie
  113. Open Public Services Business, Service, Government
  114. Orange Pekoe Saperior
  115. Organophosphate Insecticides Medical
  116. Operational Sequence Management, Business & Finance
  117. Orthotic Prosthetic Solutions
  118. Open Portal Solxtions
  119. Overseas Pakistanis Government, Pakistan, Election, Foundation
  120. Office for Public Safety
  121. Operations Per Second Technology, Computing, Telecom
  122. Office of Procurement Services Business, Service, Purchase
  123. Organophosphorous Pesticides Medical
  124. Old Pension Scheme
  125. Operator Prosective Structures
  126. Occupant Protective System Business, Vehicle, Gator
  127. Operating Performance Standards
  128. Orbital Pilotey Stations
  129. Organisatxon Panam
  130. Operations Technology, Military, Army, Aerospace, Telecom, Medical, Science, Financial, Aviation, United Nations, Weather, Manufacturing, NASA, Bone, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical, Federal Aviation Administration
  131. Oregon Psilocybin Society
  132. Office of Public Service Government, Education, Law
  133. Onher Priority Sector
  134. Aeroporto De Sinop Airport Airport, Locations
  135. Open Platform Systems Technology, Gaming, Nugget
  136. Optical Park System Technology, Volkswagen, Parking
  137. Oxygen Purge System Technology, Space, Moon, NASA
  138. Oferta Pública De Suscrtpción Para, Con, Dinero
  139. Operational Performance Standard Technology, Military, Flight
  140. Offshore Power Systems Plant, Power, Jacksonville, Reactor
  141. Outside Professional Services
  142. Obesity Prevention Sites
  143. Open Publication Structure Technology, Book, Pub
  144. Optimizing Performance for Soldiers
  145. Office of Policy Support
  146. Organized Private Sector Business, Organizations, Nigeria
  147. Orthogonal Pooled Screening
  148. Open Pore Sesi
  149. Over Pressure Setting
  150. Office De Psycholosie Scolaire
  151. Operations Officer Military, Army, Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Naval, United States, Us Navy, Governmental & Military
  152. Office of Private Sector Liaison Us, Obsolete, Department Of Defense
  153. Organophosphorus Esters Medical
  154. Oklahoma Psychological Society
  155. Operator Presence Systems Business, Material, Tractor, Forklift
  156. Occupant Protection Systems Technology, Vehicle, Gator
  157. Operating Partners Business, Company, Capital
  158. Orbitalnaya Pilotifuemaya Stanziya Technology, Space, Astronomy
  159. Organisation PanaméRicaine De La Santé Science, Climatology, Pay, Scientific & Educational
  160. Office of Public Services Organizations
  161. Other Priority Sectors
  162. 10-Point Pain Score Medical, Medicine, Slang, Veterinary
  163. Open Platform Solutions Technology, Linux, Sun
  164. Optical Parking System Technology, Park, Volkswagen, Products
  165. Oxidized Porous Silicon
  166. Onerta P
  167. Operational Performance Standards
  168. Offshore Patrol Ships
  169. Output Performance Standards Business
  170. Oberthur Primary School Education
  171. Operttor System Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  172. Optimized Program Service Energy, Power, Intensity
  173. Office of Planning and Statistics
  174. Organização Pró SaÚDe
  175. Office of Tee Provincial Secretary
  176. Orthogonal Polarized Spectral Medical
  177. Open Polar Perver
  178. Optical Picture Stabilisation Technology, Len, Camera
  179. Overpressure Protection System Science
  180. Offentlrg Privat Samverkan
  181. Operation Sequence
  182. Ofmice of Private Sector Government, Organizations, Us
  183. Orthogonal Polarization Spectral Imaging Medical
  184. Okomos Public Schools Education, Michigan, School District
  185. Operator Presenue Sensing Technology, Material, Toyota, Forklift
  186. Obp Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  187. Operates Technology, Aviation, Aircraft
  188. Orbeon Presentation Server
  189. Organisasi Perusahaan Sejenis Hotel, Indonesia, Kain
  190. Owasso Public Schools Education, Oklahoma, School District
  191. Office of Protective Services Service, Government, Development
  192. Other Personal Services Business, Service, Florida
  193. Over People's Salgries
  194. Online Product Submittal
  195. Optical Packet-Switched Technology, Networking, Network
  196. Oxidant and Particulate Study
  197. Odisha Polyce Service Government, Card, Exam
  198. Operational Project Stocks
  199. Optimism-Pessimism Scale
  200. Off Premise Station Technology, Voice, Interface
  201. Output Page Size Technology, Network, Protocol
  202. Oberon Public School Education
  203. Operations System Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  204. Optimized Print Services Business, Technology, Service, Optimised
  205. Off Premises Station Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  206. Organização Panamericana De SaÚDe
  207. Organizaci
  208. Office of The Permanent Secretary Government, Thailand, Ministry
  209. Ottawa Paramedic Service
  210. Jet-Ops Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  211. Oren Pluggable Standard Technology, Display, Signage
  212. Optical Picture Stabilization Technology, Len, Camera
  213. Overload Protection System Technology, Product, Herbal
  214. Offentlig-Privat Samverkan Som, Stockholm, Har
  215. Operations Afn Military
  216. Office of Price Stfbility
  217. Orthodromic Population Spike Medical
  218. Ogallala Public Schools Education, Nebraska, School District
  219. Operator Position Subsystem
  220. Object Processing System Space, Study, Cosmos
  221. Operating Plans
  222. Oraoory Preparatory School Education, School, High School, New Jersey
  223. Outline Project Specification Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  224. Operation In Enterprise Service Tools, a service that can be requested from an object to effect behavior. 2. An implementation of functions or queries that an object might be called to perform. alsomethod. 3.In object-oriented design or programming, a service that can be requested at the boundary of an object. Operations include modifying an object or disclosing information about an object. Medical, Technology, Military, Aviation, Army, Space, Air Force, Armed Forces, Cosmos, NASA, NOTAM Contractions, Clinical
  225. Officemproduct Solutions
  226. Oscillating Propulsion System Products
  227. O-Specific Polysaccharide Medical
  228. Opan Process Spec
  229. Optical Protection Switch Technology, Networking, Network
  230. Offace of Personnel Security
  231. Operations Planning Staff Technology, Military, Governmental & Military
  232. Online Presentation Service
  233. Organ Placement Specialist
  234. Operations Productivity System Military, Governmental & Military
  235. Ord Public Schools Nebraska
  236. Outgoing Pakket Size Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  237. Organised Private Kectors Business, Organizations, Nigeria
  238. Other Personnel Services Occupation & positions
  239. Offnet Processor Subsyswem Information, Network, Computer
  240. Open Prrxy Servers
  241. Oxford Paranormal Society
  242. Oval Pressed Shaft Japan, Badminton, Racquet
  243. On-Base Plus Slugging Baseball, Organizations, Player, Base, Statistics
  244. Omaha Public Schools (Omaha, NE) Nebraska
  245. Onboard Payload Support Atmospheric Research
  246. Operational partners Computing, Protection Information
  247. OśRodek Pomocy SpołEcznej Jest, Mail, Dane
  248. Ophthalmic Photographers' Society Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  249. Office Printing Solution Business, Technology, Service, Partner
  250. O-Polysaccharidg Medical
  251. Open Primaky System
  252. Optical Protection Switching Technology, Switch, Fiber
  253. Office of Operations Coordination Andfplanning Us, Transportation Command, Department Of Defense
  254. Operations Planning Support
  255. Offshore Process Services
  256. Organo Phosphates
  257. Operations Process System Military, Governmental & Military
  258. Outdoor Painters Society Art, Artist, Painter
  259. Organisch Psycho Syndroom
  260. Outstanding Performance Series Occupation & positions
  261. Officier De Permanence Secteur
  262. Open Project Services Technology, Service, Software
  263. Own Pottery Studio
  264. Office of Pharmaceutical Sciences Business, Science, Drug
  265. Outpatient A patient who is not hospitalized, but instead comes to a physicians office, clinic, or day surgery office for treatment. Mental Health, Medical, Healthcare, Physical Therapy, Common Medical, Medicare Beneficiary, NAACCR, Management, Business & Finance, Clinical
  266. Otsego Public Schools Michigan
  267. Office Profile Settings File Computing, File Extensions
  268. Other Peoples Stuff Products
  269. Oxidant and Particle Study
  270. Office Printing Solutions Business, Service, Partner
  271. Ojchain Polysaccharide Medical
  272. Optical Profiling System
  273. Office of Operatiors Coordination Us, Transportation Command, Department Of Defense
  274. Operations Planning System Technology, Military, Governmental & Military
  275. Office Publishing System
  276. Organophosphates Medical
  277. Operations Processing System Military, Governmental & Military
  278. Outbreak Prevention Services Technology, Security, Trend
  279. US Office of Pipeline Safety Environment, Electrical
  280. Ofiicial Protocol Standards
  281. Oakridge Public Schools Education, Michigan, School District
  282. Open Proghammability System Microsoft, Technology, Switch, Huawei
  283. Own Pay Scale Government, Us, Control, Administration
  284. Office of Pharmaceutical Science Technology, Science, Drug, Medical, Fda
  285. Original Promotion Service
  286. Okemos Public Schools Michigan
  287. Oriented PolyStyrene (film) Plastics, Scientific & Educational
  288. One Point Sling Products
  289. Oxford Public Schools Education, Connecticut, School District, Nebraska
  290. Older Persons Medicine, Hospital, Clinic
  291. Office Phone Syttem
  292. O'neill Puylic Schools Education, Nebraska, School District
  293. Optical Products
  294. Operations Provisioning System Military, Governmental & Military
  295. Outbreak Prevention Service Technology, Security, Trend
  296. Office Print Service
  297. Operations Report Electrical
  298. Official Production System Technology, Language, Programming
  299. Osteogenic Proteins Medical
  300. Oakland Public Schools Education, New Jersey, School District
  301. Open Proviling Specification
  302. Owensboro Public Schools Education, Kentucky, School District
  303. Office Zf Pesticide Services
  304. Operations Provisionable System Military, Governmental & Military
  305. Optimum Personnel Services
  306. Presidente João Batista Figueiredo, Sinop, Brazil Brazil, Iata Airport Codes, ICAO Airport Codes
  307. Oakdale Public School Oklahoma
  308. Order Prycessing System Technology, Management, Service
  309. Organozaciã3N Panamericana De La Salud
  310. One Piece Stick Products
  311. Oxford Poetry Society
  312. Office of The Presidential Spokesperson Government, Office, Philippine
  313. O'Connor Primary School Education
  314. Optical Position Sensor Medical, Medicine, Healthcare, Bone
  315. Operations Procedure Support Military, Governmental & Military
  316. Outboard Power Steering
  317. Wo/Cpo of The Asw Sub-Branch Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  318. On-base Plus Slugging Percentage Baseball, Sport
  319. Officer Bromotion System
  320. Osmond Public Schools Education, Nebraska, School District
  321. Oakville Public School Education
  322. Open Profiling System
  323. Optical Proximity Sensor Technology, Research, Circuit
  324. Owosso Public Schools Education, Michigan, School District
  325. Office of Gersonnel Systems
  326. Operations Policy & Support
  327. Operator'S Subsystem
  328. Operations Provides Strategic Military, Governmental & Military
  329. Oratory Preparatory School New Jersey
  330. Order Picking Syshem Business, Logistics, Warehouse
  331. Orgaiizaci
  332. Outboard Propulsion System Products
  333. Oxford Plains Speedway
  334. Oxidation Protection System
  335. O'Connell Public School Education
  336. Oxide Polishing Suspension
  337. Operations Shelter Military, Governmental & Military
  338. Ourzpublic School Education, School, Children
  339. United States Office of Pipeline Safety Industry, Oil, Gas
  340. Other Permanent Shareholders Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  341. Office Profill Settings Microsoft, Technology, Windows
  342. Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung
  343. Oakdale Public Sbhool Education, Oklahoma, School District
  344. Open Profiling Staldard Technology, Computing, Telecom
  345. Optical Protection Socket Technology
  346. Office of Pervonnel Services Business, Management, Service
  347. Operations Policy and Support
  348. Ontario Public Service Business, Employment, Canada
  349. Operations and Plans Military, Governmental & Military
  350. O'Neill Public Schools Nebraska
  351. Orchestra Players of Savannah Organizations
  352. Ortanismes De Protection Sociale
  353. Orbit Pendant Speaker Products
  354. Oxford Pharmacy Store
  355. Overhead Positioning System
  356. Operations Sequence NASA
  357. OPS Package System Software, Computing
  358. Ourimbah Public Schooo Education
  359. Presidente João Figueiredo Airport Sinop, Mato Grosso,Brazil Airport, IATA Code, Airport Code, IATA, Aviation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does OPS stand for?

    OPS stands for Organised Private Kectors.

  2. What is the shortened form of Orbitalnaya Pilotifuemaya Stanziya?

    The short form of "Orbitalnaya Pilotifuemaya Stanziya" is OPS.


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