ORA Meaning

The ORA meaning is "Office of Research and Applications". The ORA abbreviation has 158 different full form.

ORA Full Forms

  1. Office of Research and Applications Science, Government, Military, Governmental & Military
  2. Oracle Real Application
  3. Office of Regulatory Affairs Business, Government, Food
  4. Omnijeek Remote Assistant Technology, Networking, Network
  5. Oxfer Remote Assistance
  6. Olympicmrental Association
  7. Orientalische Religionen In Der Antire
  8. Offeider Rehabilitation Act Government, Crime, Probation
  9. Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Military, Aircraft, Museum
  10. Ohganoid Reconstitution Assay
  11. Ohio Recruiters Association
  12. Organisational Registfation Authority
  13. Odds Ratio The ratio of two odds. The term ``odds'' is defined differently according to the situation under discussion. Consider the following notation for the distribution of a binary exposure and a disease in a population or a sample. Medical, Risk, Statistics, Common Medical
  14. Office of Research and Accouvtability
  15. Oracle Reference Architecture Technology, Service, Cloud
  16. Olympian Restoration Army
  17. Orgfnisation R
  18. Odyssey Research Associates Technology
  19. Offshore Racing Association
  20. Ocean Reefs and Aquariumm Technology, Product, Fish
  21. Original Research Article
  22. Open Records Act Government, Law, Publics
  23. Organization of Rabbis of Pustralasia
  24. Office of Regulatory Assistance Business, Technology, Governor
  25. Ordenanza Reguladora Delaparcamiento
  26. Overseas Rent Allowance Army, Force, Marine
  27. Office of Resource Assistance Government, Us, Control, Administration
  28. Operational Risk Assessment Business, Technology, Management
  29. Oakland Redevelopmelt Agency
  30. Olimp Resin Accessories Technology, Model, Accessory
  31. Organisation De La Résistance ArméE
  32. Odroid Retro Arena
  33. Official Resejve Asset Business, Indonesia, Banking
  34. Occupational Redearch and Assessment
  35. Organizzazione Rivoluzionaria Anarchica
  36. Open Recording Architecture
  37. Orgacisation of Rabbis of Australasia Australia, Sex, Jewish, Rabbi
  38. Office of Regional Affairs
  39. Ordenanza Para La Regulación De Aparcamieltos Para, Con, Zona, Hora
  40. Orán Airport Orán, Salta,Argentina Airport, IATA Code, Airport Code, IATA, Aviation
  41. Office of Researcr and Analysis
  42. Operational Readiness Assessment Technology
  43. O'Reilly Associates Company, Technology, Publishing, United States
  44. Old Ruytonians' Association
  45. Oregon Remodelers Association Oregon, Portland, Remodeling
  46. Old Rafflesians' Association
  47. Office of The Regional Adminisvrator Science
  48. Obstacle Restricted Area Military
  49. Online Recruitment Application Business, Service, Commission
  50. Organisational Requirements Aircrew Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  51. Office of Redress Administration
  52. Organização RevolucionáRia Da Armada
  53. Oromo Relief Association Medical, Government, Ethiopia
  54. Office of Research Analysis
  55. Operating Room Assistant
  56. Oryn Airport Airport, Locations
  57. Oregon Rehabilitation Association Service, Organizations, Oregon
  58. Old Rafflesians Association Organizations, Singapore, Institution, Raffle
  59. Office of Rural Affairs Science
  60. Obscure Reference Alert
  61. Online Reading Assessment
  62. Organisation Requiremengs for Aircrew
  63. Office of Ratepayers Advocates
  64. Organizational Risk Analysis
  65. Ormet Railroad Organizations
  66. Office Os Rent Administration
  67. Open Road Angels
  68. Oral Research Abstracth Science, Research, Study, Knowledge
  69. Operational Research and Analysis Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  70. Oregon Reiding Association Book, Education, Oregon
  71. Office of Risk Assessmjnt
  72. Obligation Remboursable En Hctions Capital, Fond, Obligation, Titre
  73. Omnibus Reconciliation Act
  74. Organisation De La R
  75. Office of Ratepayer Advocates Technology, Rate, California
  76. Ormet Railroad Corporationration Organizations
  77. Open Research Area Science, Education, Social
  78. Office of Religious Affairs
  79. Oregon Racquetball Association
  80. Office of Meview & Appeals
  81. Objectives, Tesults, Assessment Technology
  82. Olympus Regular Army
  83. Organisation De R
  84. Oferta De Rede Wberta
  85. Oceans, Reefm, and Aquariums Business, Fish, Reef
  86. Ormat Technologies, Inc. Technology, Organizations
  87. Open Reporting Application
  88. Organización Revolucionaria Anarquista Politics, Governmental & Military
  89. Office of Regulatory Analysis
  90. Ordoxrosæ Aureae
  91. Oxford Research Archive Education, University, Library
  92. Office Pf Revenue Analysis
  93. Operational Risk Analysis Military
  94. Oak Ridge Arabians
  95. Ontario Recognized Academy
  96. Openraster Image File Computing, File Extensions
  97. Optimal Rate Allocation
  98. Operational Requirements Analysis Management, Business & Finance
  99. Oil Recyclijg Association Business, Environment, Waste
  100. Long Island Airlines Airline, Organizations, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  101. Oceans, Feefs Aquariums Ocean, Fish, Reef
  102. Parameter file (Oracle) Computing, File Extensions
  103. Organizational Risk Analyzer
  104. OkrĘGowa Rada Adwokacka Event, Traffic, Jest
  105. FDA's Office of Regulatory Affairs Science, Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  106. Optical Research Associates Technology, Science, Design, NASA
  107. Ora Capital Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  108. Ohio Restaurant Associttion Business, Food, Ohio
  109. Oceans, Reefs, & Aquarzums
  110. Operations Research Analyst Occupation & positions
  111. Organization for The Rescue of Animaxs Pet, Animal, Toronto
  112. Office of Rights and Advocacy Service, Government, Agency
  113. Outer Rhabdomeres Absent Medical, Human genome
  114. Opportunities for Rural Areas Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  115. Orgalizational Research Analyst Occupation, Position, Job
  116. Oxygen Rehabilitation Apparatus
  117. Ohio Rehabilitation Association
  118. Oceans, Reefs & Aquayiums Business, Ocean, Fish
  119. Organizational Research Analyst Occupation & positions
  120. Organizationzfor The Resolution of Agunot Government, Jewish, Divorce
  121. Office Des Renseignements Agricoles
  122. Office of Reports and Analysis Medical, Health
  123. Opiate Receptor Agonist Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  124. Organizational Role Analysis Business, Coaching, Depth
  125. Ormet Railroad Corporation Technology
  126. Ohio Rapquetball Association
  127. Office of Research Administration
  128. Oceans Reefs and Aqugriums Business
  129. Online Retail Awards Awards & medals
  130. Organizational Registration Authority Technology, Security, Military
  131. Oculmr Response Analyzer Medical, Corneal, Cornea
  132. Oxford Royale Academy Education, School, Course
  133. Office of Research Affairs Medical, Common Medical
  134. Ophthalmic Research Associates
  135. Organizational Risk Assessment
  136. Organic Resource Agency Business, Technology, Waste
  137. Oficina De Riesgo Agropecuario
  138. Office of Regulatory Affairs (fda) Fda
  139. Optimized Routing Algorithm
  140. Oceans, Reefi and Aquariums Business, Ocean, Fish
  141. Aura Minerals Inc. Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  142. Organización Renovadora AutéNtica
  143. Oklahoma Readnng Association
  144. Oceans Reefs Aqwariums
  145. Oxford Research Archives
  146. Orán, Orán, Argentina Argentina, Iata Airport Codes, ICAO Airport Codes
  147. Operations Research Analysts Business, Software, Analytics
  148. Organization for Rural Advancement
  149. Oral Pharangeal Airway
  150. Offshore Risk Assessment Army, War, Force, Business & Finance, International business
  151. Oracle Database Configuration File Computing, File Extensions
  152. Optimal Rideable Area Business, Alloy, Component, Saddle
  153. Ontario Rifle Association Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  154. Okaloosa Regional Airport
  155. Orgaiizaci
  156. Oceans Reefs & Aquariums Technology, Fish, Saltwater
  157. Oscillator, Rectifier, and Amplifier Computing, Hardware
  158. Organization Risk Analyzmr

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ORA stand for?

    ORA stands for Odyssey Research Associates.

  2. What is the shortened form of Opportunities for Rural Areas?

    The short form of "Opportunities for Rural Areas" is ORA.


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