ORMC Meaning

The ORMC meaning is "Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation". The ORMC abbreviation has 17 different full form.

ORMC Full Forms

  1. Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation
  2. Oakaridges Medical Centre
  3. Osceola Regfonal Medical Center Medical, Medicine, Hospital
  4. Oam Ridge Metrology Center
  5. Orange Regional Medical Center Medical, Medicine, Hospital, Middletown
  6. Oconee Regionalimedical Center Medical, Medicine, Georgia
  7. Ocala Regional Msdical Center Medical, Medicine, Florida
  8. Object Replication and Mobile Corputing
  9. Ogden Regiomal Medical Center
  10. Oxygen Ratio Monitor Controllej Medical, Medicine, Healthcare
  11. Odessa Regional Medical Center Medical, Medicine, Texas
  12. Other Relevant Measurable Criteria
  13. Orlando Regoonal Medical Center Medical, Medicine, Orlando
  14. Originating Register Markyr Connector
  15. Operational Zisk Management Committee Business, Organizations, Banking
  16. Online Recruitment Marketing Council
  17. Oak Ridges Medical Centre Laboratory, Scientific & Educational

Related Questions

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  1. What does ORMC initialism stand for?
    ORMC abridgment stands for Oxygen Ratio Monitor Controllej.
  2. What is the shortened form of Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation?
    The short form of "Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation" is ORMC.


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