PAP Meaning

The PAP meaning is "Port-Au-Prince". The PAP abbreviation has 43 different full form.

PAP Full Forms

  1. Port-Au-Prince Regional
  2. Pulmonary Artery Pressure Medical, Nursing, Pulmonary, Artery And Arteries, Clinical, Common Medical, Pulmonary Hypertension
  3. Prostatic Acid Phosphatase Medical, Laboratory, Amino Acid, Prostate Cancer, Scientific & Educational
  4. Papillary Adenocarcinoma Medical, NAACCR
  5. Toussaint Louverture International, Port-au-Prince, Haiti Haiti, ICAO Airport Codes, Iata Airport Codes
  6. Personal Auto Policy Insurance, Business & Finance
  7. Papanicolaou test Medical
  8. Patient Assistance Program Medical, Fda
  9. Picture and Picture Media
  10. Pay-At-The-Pump
  11. Panoramastudio Project File Computing, File Extensions
  12. People's Action Party Politics, Governmental & Military
  13. Papanicolaou stain Papanicolaou stain is a multichromatic staining cytological technique developed by George Papanikolaou, the father of cytopathology. Medical
  14. Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis Medical, Pulmonary, Common Medical
  15. Poppits Are Plentiful Funnies
  16. Payload Attach Plate NASA
  17. Plastic Animation Paper Plastics, Scientific & Educational
  18. People Against Pollution Politics, Governmental & Military
  19. Patient Assistance Programs Fda
  20. Positive Airway Pressure Medical, Common Medical
  21. Premium Annual Pass Disney
  22. Performance Assurance Procedures NASA
  23. PhenolAminoPhenazone Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  24. Asia Pulp & Paper, LTD. Computing, Nyse symbols
  25. Product Assurance Plan NASA
  26. Papanicolaou test (pap smear) Medical, Pharmacy, Common Medical, NAACCR
  27. permit application package Construction
  28. Performance Assurance Plan NASA
  29. PAPanicolaou exam Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  30. Printer Access Protocol Computing, IT Terminology
  31. Pancreatitis-associated Protein Chemistry
  32. Papiamento Language codes (3 letters)
  33. H. Paulin & Company, Limited Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  34. Primary atypical pneumonia Clinical
  35. Papanicolaou Medical, Pharmacy
  36. Password Authentication Protocol (ATM) Security, Information Technology, Computing, Computer, Telecom, Governmental & Military, IT Terminology
  37. Password Authentication Protocol Computer, Scientific & Educational
  38. Langtry Flying Group ICAO Aircraft Codes
  39. Paddy Power, PLC. Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  40. Postes à Pourvoir Medical
  41. peroxidase antiperoxidase Medical
  42. Performing Arts Programm Performing arts
  43. Corel Painter Paper Texture Computing, File Extensions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does PAP stand for?

    PAP stands for Printer Access Protocol.

  2. What is the shortened form of Papanicolaou stain?

    The short form of "Papanicolaou stain" is PAP.


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