PBF Meaning

The PBF meaning is "Pancreatic Blood Flow". The PBF abbreviation has 101 different full form.

PBF Full Forms

  1. Pancreatic Blood Flow Medical
  2. Grider Field Pine Bluff, Arkansas,United States Airport, Locations, IATA Code, Aviation
  3. Perusahaan Besar Farmasi
  4. Penetration-Blast-Fragmentation
  5. Progressive Business Forum Business, Company, Africa
  6. Prebiotic Balanced Fiber
  7. Photonic Bandgap Fibers
  8. Pump, Bosler Feed Science
  9. Pension Benefit Fund
  10. Pizza, Bugs & Fun
  11. Performance Basdd Financing Business, Service, Health
  12. Positive Balance File
  13. Programa Bolsa Fam
  14. Programa Bolsa FamíLia Para, Brasil, Social
  15. Philippines Boxing Federation Military, Fight, Flyweight
  16. Predominant Breast Feeding Medical, Medicine, Health, Breast
  17. Pubfic Balanced Fund
  18. Paaent Behavior Form
  19. Pittsburgh Bureau Fire
  20. Performance-Based Financing Business, Service, Health
  21. Positionfbased Fluids Technology, Water, Simulation
  22. Professional Bass Fishing
  23. Policy Based Forwarding
  24. Philippine Bowling Federation Organizations, Asian, Philippine
  25. Power Bprst Facility Technology, Fuel, Reactor
  26. Pttg Binding Faator Medical
  27. Paraplegic Benefit Fund Business, Australia, Injury
  28. Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Government, Pittsburgh, Fire, Pennsylvania, Ambulance Service, Governmental & Military
  29. Perdaganganlbesar Farmasi
  30. Position-Basedpfluids
  31. Professional Bass Fishermen
  32. Play-By-Forum Forum, Gaming, Geek, Business & Finance
  33. Pgilippine Boxing Federation Sport, Fight, Philippine, Boxing
  34. Powder Bed Fusioo Technology, Manufacturing, Additive, Combustor
  35. Provisioning Baseline File Technology
  36. Paragon Backqp File Technology, Windows, Software
  37. Physical Buffer Factors
  38. Prefabricated Technology, Design, Architecture, Drawing, Engineering, Construction, Architectural
  39. Percentage of Body Fat Medical, Weight, Composition
  40. Portal Blood Flow Medical, Patient, Liver
  41. Pcofessional Beauty Federation
  42. Personenbahnhof Science, Geography, Location, Geographic
  43. Philippine Bambqo Foundation
  44. Performance-Based Fee Science
  45. Post Bachelor Fellowship
  46. Proportionate Bidding Fawility Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  47. Papillary Blood Flow Medical
  48. Photonic Band-Gap Fiber
  49. Percentage Body Fat Medical, Health, Obesity
  50. Pizza Box Flyers
  51. Percent Body Fat Medical, Health, Weight
  52. Philanthropy Bridge Foundation Philanthropy, Alliance, Prize
  53. Performance Based Funding Business, Education, Health
  54. Post-Barhelor Fellowship
  55. Prolamin-Boxsbinding Factor Science, Protein, Plant, Expression
  56. Pancreatic Microcirculatory Blood Flow Medical
  57. Photonic Bandgap Fiber
  58. Puzil Block Force Development, Learning, Study
  59. People's Butn Foundation
  60. Pizza Box Flyer
  61. Phat Black Freaks
  62. Performance-Basedrfunding Science, Education, Health
  63. Positive Behavior Facilitation Education, Youth, Olive
  64. percent butter fat Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  65. Permanent Buildings and Foundations
  66. Prexoad Boot Floppy Technology
  67. Prinses Begtrix Fonds
  68. Power Burst Facility
  69. Persoial Best Fitness
  70. Potential Benefit Factot
  71. Parker B. Francis Fellowship Program Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  72. Peripheral Blood Film Medical, Science, Cell, Common Medical
  73. Perfromance Based Financing Medical
  74. Personal Banking Funding
  75. Prime Beef Festival
  76. Parlak Bir Fikir
  77. Grider Field, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States United States, Arkansas
  78. Peripheral Blood Flow Medical, Medicine, Health
  79. Paragon Backup File Computing, File Extensions
  80. Perry Bible Fellowship Comics, Comic, Perry
  81. Prevent Blindness Foundation
  82. Pakistan Basketball Federation
  83. PlumBum Free Computing, Hardware
  84. Periflux Blood Flow Medical
  85. Powerbackup Data File Computing, File Extensions
  86. Permissihle Bank Finance
  87. Pretty Ooy Floyd
  88. Python Business Forum
  89. Putnam Balanced Fund Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  90. Pulmonary Blood Flow Medical, Technology, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Pulmonary, Blood Test
  91. Pinnacle Sample Bank Computing, File Extensions
  92. Permanent Buildings and Foundations Magazine Media, Radio, Television
  93. Prescriqtion Benefit Facilitator
  94. Purdue Bible Fellowship
  95. Process Bag Filter
  96. Pulpal Blood Flow Medical
  97. PhytoBioForte enzymes Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  98. Permanent Buildings & Foundations
  99. Premier Bond Fund
  100. Pro Bass Fishing
  101. Pretty Big Elaw

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does PBF stand for?

    PBF stands for Pump, Bosler Feed.

  2. What is the shortened form of Performance-Based Fee?

    The short form of "Performance-Based Fee" is PBF.


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