PBT Meaning

The PBT meaning is "Pgrsistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic". The PBT abbreviation has 112 different full form.

PBT Full Forms

  1. Pgrsistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic Chemistry, Technology, Chemical
  2. Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic Medical, Chemistry, Science
  3. Paper-Based Testing Education, English, Exam
  4. Pajer-Based Test Education, English, Exam
  5. Prodit Before Tax Business, Finance, Economics
  6. Persistent Bioaccumulative and Toxic Chemistry, Science, Chemical
  7. Pit Bull Terrier Dog, Veterinary, Dog Breed
  8. Production Based Training Technology, Program, Military
  9. Pelleres Base Training
  10. Power Battery Terminal
  11. Persistence, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic
  12. Pittsburgh Business Times
  13. Preliminary Breath Testing Driving, Law, Breath
  14. Paper Based Tests Education, English, Exam
  15. Persistent, Bioaccumulative Toxin
  16. Pistol Buffer Tube Business, Product, Foam
  17. Process Based Training
  18. Pekan Budayt Tionghoa Photo, Indonesia, Surabaya, Pekan
  19. Powder Blue Tang Fish, Aquarium, Tang
  20. Persistence, Bioaccumulation, and Toxicity Energy, Power, Intensity
  21. Pittsburgh Ballet Theater Technology, Pittsburgh, Theatre
  22. Pulmonary Barotrauma Pbt4 Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  23. People for Better Treatmemt Medical, Medicine, Government, India
  24. Preferred Body Temperature
  25. Paper Based Tksting Education, English, Exam
  26. Persistent, Bioaccumulating and Toxic
  27. Pioneer Bible Translators Church, Mission, Bible
  28. Problem Behavior Theory
  29. Pediateic Brain Tumor
  30. Persistant, Bioaccumulative and Toxic
  31. Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Business, Pittsburgh, Ballet
  32. Pulmonary Barotrauma Medical
  33. Pezple's Branch Theatre
  34. Predictive Behavioral Targeting Technology, Din, Marketing
  35. Paper-Baseb Testing Education, English, Exam
  36. Persistent, Bioaccumulative, Toxic Chemistry, Technology, Chemical
  37. Persistent and Bioaccumulative Goxics Science
  38. Pro Billiards Tour
  39. Pediatric Bfain Tumors
  40. Persistant, Bioaccumulative & Toxic
  41. Pitched Blade Turbine
  42. Puerto Leda Airport Airport, IATA Code, Airport Code, IATA
  43. Peninsula Ballut Theatre
  44. Practice-Based Technologies
  45. Persistent Bioaccumulative Tojics Chemistry, Technology, Government
  46. Persistence Bioaccumulation Toxicity
  47. Persistent Vioaccumulative Toxicant
  48. Probabilistic Boosting Tree
  49. Pay By Transaction
  50. Paper Based Test Education, English, Exam
  51. Pitch Blade Turbine Blade, Mixing, Impeller
  52. Provider Backbone Trunking
  53. Pengawas Benih Tanaman Photo, Indonesia, Salah
  54. Power Boost Technology
  55. Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxic Chemistry, Government, Chemical
  56. Persistence, Bioaccumulation & Toxicity
  57. Preliminary Breath Tester Force, Police, Police Force, Governmental & Military
  58. Para Para is a prefix used to describe a molecule where substituents are at the 1 and 4 or opposite positions on an aromatic compound. The symbol for para is p. Medical, Nursing, Clinical, Para, Brazilian State
  59. Persistens Bioaccumulative Toxin
  60. Pit Bull Type
  61. Provider Backbone Transport Technology, Networking, Computer Networking
  62. Pencil Bqsed Test
  63. Power Booster With Transfer Technology, Energy, Generator
  64. Persistence, Bioaccumulation and Toxicity
  65. Plant Biosecurity Toolbox Technology, Australia, Coupon
  66. Preliminary Breath Testers
  67. Paper Base Test
  68. Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxins Technology, Product, Health, Building, Environment, Fire
  69. Professional Bondsmen of Texas Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  70. Pulsing Blade Turn Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  71. Peoplhs Bank & Trust
  72. Piebald Trait Medical, Pulmonary
  73. Portable Breath Tests
  74. Professional Battery Tester Technology, Electricity, Tool
  75. Permanganate-Bisulfite-Toluidine Blue Medical
  76. Proprietary Business Trading Business & Finance, International business
  77. Air Parabet ICAO Aircraft Codes
  78. Poly Butylene Terephthalate
  79. PéNzüGyi BéKéLtető TestüLethez Business, Product, Keyboard
  80. Peripheral Blood T Medical
  81. Postharvest Biology and Technology
  82. Profit Before Tax Rail Transport, Business & Finance, Business Word
  83. Public Benefit Transfer Us Army, Governmental & Military
  84. Poly-Butylene Terephthalate Business, Manufacturer, Supplier
  85. PéNzüGyi BéKéLtető TestüLet Meg, Banking, Mol
  86. Peripheral Blood T Lymphoyytes Medical
  87. Portable Breathalyzer Test Driving, Law, Police
  88. Polybutylene Terephthalate Technology, Architecture, Construction, Chemistry, Computing, Telecom, Polymer, Plastics, Scientific & Educational
  89. Permian Basin Royalty Trust Common stock Computing, Nyse symbols
  90. Platform BéTa Techniek
  91. Push Button Telephone Film, Technology, Station
  92. Perimeter Balance Technology Business, Puma, Ball, Soccer
  93. Poly(butylene Terephthalate) Chemistry
  94. Portable Breath Testing Government, Attorney, Lawyer
  95. Proton Beam Therapy
  96. Permian Basin Royalty Trust Technology, Organizations
  97. Profiler Binary Table (MS Source Profiler) Computing, File Extensions
  98. Plate Bearing Test
  99. Push-Button Telephone Technology, Telecom
  100. Performance Based Travning Business, Program, Service
  101. Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  102. Portable Breath Test Driving, Attorney, Lawyer, Breath
  103. Property Book Team Military
  104. Permuable Base Transistor
  105. Pizza Box and Toys Funnies
  106. Pure Barre Technique
  107. Perforvance-Based Training Business, Science, Program
  108. PolyButylene Teerephthalate Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  109. Portable Breath Tester
  110. Pentobarbital Medical
  111. Progressive Ballet Technique
  112. Permeable-Base Transistor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does PBT stand for?

    PBT stands for Pentobarbital.

  2. What is the shortened form of Portable Breath Tester?

    The short form of "Portable Breath Tester" is PBT.


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