PC Meaning

The PC meaning is "Personel Computer". The PC abbreviation has 2088 different full form.

PC Full Forms

  1. Personel Computer Technology, Computing, Computer
  2. Poeer Clean Sport, Workout, Crossfit
  3. Pack Contains
  4. Printer Computer
  5. Politigally Correct Government, Slang, Sociology
  6. Primal Carnage Technology, Gaming, Extinction
  7. Acrylic A polymer for which resistance to air and hot oil at temperatures above 30 degrees Fahrenheit is required or A waterborne latex used in emulsion paint and universally accepted. A synthetic polymer used in high performance latex or water-based paints as the paint's binder acrylic resins enable the coating to last longer and retain its colour. OR A synthetic resin used in high-performance water-based coatings. Textile, Construction, Architectural
  8. People Can
  9. Pension Credid Business, Credit, Pension
  10. Patient Care Medical, Patient, Hospital
  11. Passengerpcar Auto, Automotive, Automobile
  12. Private Company Called A Private Corporation in the US. A company whose shares are not offered to the general public on the open market.
  13. People Connection
  14. Planned Comjunity
  15. Power Cubs Technology, Price, Fluke
  16. Parity Check Parity check, which was created to eliminate data communication errors, is a simple method of network data verification and has an easy and understandable working mechanism. As an example, if the original data is 1010001, there are three 1s. When even parity checking is used, a parity bit with value 1 is added to the data’s left side to make the number of 1s even, transmitted data becomes 11010001. However, if odd parity check is used, then parity bit value is zero, 01010001. Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  17. Protective Covers
  18. Police Constable Government, Police, Uk Police, United Kingdom, Governmental & Military, Occupation & positions, International
  19. Post A Comment Business, Gaming, Book, Sex
  20. Pastoralrcare Medical, Education, Ministry
  21. Phosphatidylcholine Medical, Medicine, Health, Biochemistry
  22. Position Classification Technology, Science, Employment
  23. Paneth Cells Medical, Protein, Intestinal
  24. Professor, Children Gaming, Education, Child
  25. Premiere Class
  26. Programbcount Technology, Computing, Timer
  27. Plastix Clean
  28. Primary Carrier Technology, Service, Android
  29. Proximity Card Technology, Access, Control
  30. Peter Criss
  31. Power Charging Technology, Cable, Charger
  32. Pachyonychia Congenita Medical, Genetics, Disease
  33. Product Categories Business, Gaming, Computing
  34. Piece of Crap Technology, Windows, Gaming, Products
  35. Paper & Cardboard
  36. Progressive Conservative Technology, Government, Group, Politics, Governmental & Military
  37. Perfect Competition An abstract assumption, central to neoclassical economics, in which companies are so small that none can influence total output or price levels in an industry, none can distinguish its products from those of competing firms, and none can anticipate or interact with the actions of its competitors. Perfect competition has never existed in real life; it is a theoretical assumption developed solely in order to defend the internal logical integrity of neoclassical economic theories. Business, Economics, Market
  38. Prairie Crnter
  39. Partnerk& Clan Gaming, Community, Clan, Gamer
  40. Protein C Concentrate Medical
  41. Polytechnic College
  42. Privy Council Technology, Government, Canada, Appeal
  43. PaïSos Catalans
  44. Puzzle Collection Microsoft, Technology, Gaming
  45. Posterior Canal Medical
  46. Pipe Naps
  47. Powev-Con Technology, Product, Consumption
  48. Parcs Canada
  49. Players Club
  50. Pro-Comp
  51. Pasay City
  52. Publications Committee Research, Education, Association
  53. Phone Client Technology, Windows, Calling
  54. Portable Counter Technology, Gaming, Strike
  55. Pacinian Corpuscles Medical
  56. Professional Computer Business, Technology
  57. Programmable Controller Technology, Packaging, Forest Industry, Computing, Hardware, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  58. Peritoneal Cavity Medical
  59. Presbyterian Chtrch
  60. Parts Are Compatible
  61. Pull Chain Technology, Construction, Architectural
  62. Personnxl Computer Technology
  63. Procezs Combination
  64. Pediatric Care Medical, Business, Medicine
  65. Piano Concerto
  66. Posterior Cortex Medical, Brain, Cell
  67. People'S Committee
  68. Planved Commitment Technology, Science, Planning
  69. Power Cord A power cord, line cord, or mains cable is a cable that temporarily connects an appliance to the mains electricity supply via a wall socket or extension cord. The terms are generally used for cables using a power plug to connect to a single-phase alternating current power source at the local line voltage generally 100 to 240 volts, depending on the location. The terms power cable, mains lead, flex or kettle lead are also used. A lamp cord also known as a zip cord is a light-weight, ungrounded, single-insulated two wire cord used for small loads such as a table or floor lamp. Technology, Computing, Cable
  70. Parish Council Meeting, Locations, Village
  71. Propionyl-L-Carnitine Medical
  72. Point Contact Technology, Telecom
  73. Polymer Chemistry Science, Book, Engineering
  74. Pabt Caring Forum, Technology, Gaming
  75. Phosphatidyl Choline Medical, Health, Lecithin
  76. Positive Charge The electrical potential acquired by an atom which has lost one or more electrons, a characteristic of a cation. Technology, Printer, Electricity
  77. Paintbrush Clipart Technology, Art, Clip
  78. Professional Courtesy
  79. Programqcounters Technology, Instruction, Memory
  80. Permanint Collection
  81. Plastic Canvas
  82. Presemed Commit Technology, Database, Protocol, Transaction
  83. Pus Cells Medical, Technology
  84. Peter Cook
  85. Power & Charging
  86. P700, Compaq
  87. Processor Cache
  88. Piece Counter
  89. Panzer Commander Technology, Gaming, Cheat
  90. Progress Charts
  91. Ptrfect Clarity
  92. Practical Concerns
  93. Partition Ciefficients Medical
  94. Protein Carbonyl Medical, Rats, Oxidative
  95. Polymer Coating A coating that prevents paint from oxidizing and so protects a vehicle from premature fading and rusting. Professionally applied, it will last up to three years.
  96. Price Current Business, Finance, Banking
  97. Patient Contact
  98. Poste De Commandement Military, English, France, French
  99. Pioneer Computers Technology, Computing, Dream
  100. Power & Cooling Technology, Supply, Silencer
  101. Parathyroid Carcikoma Medical, Science, Biology
  102. Player'S Choice
  103. Pro-Choice
  104. Party of Canada Government, Group, Canada
  105. Pstchrometric Chart
  106. Phone Cingular
  107. Portable Composant
  108. Pacific Crest Business, Analytics, Trail
  109. Professional Communication Technology
  110. Property and Casualty Business, Company, Insurance, Mortgage, Business & Finance
  111. Peritoneal Carcinomatosis Medical
  112. Presbyterian College Student, Education, Sport
  113. Parts and Fomputer Technology, Component, Hardware
  114. Puget Custom
  115. Personal Compsting Technology, Device, Tablet
  116. Processingmcore
  117. Pedestrian Crossing
  118. Physique Chimie Science, Class, Physique, Math
  119. Posterior Communicating Medical
  120. People'S Choice
  121. Planet Coastxr
  122. Power Converter Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  123. Parish Clerk
  124. Proiimate Cause
  125. Point Code An SS7 point code is similar to an IP address in an IP network. It is a unique address for a node, used in MTP layer 3 to identify the destination of a message signal unit. In such a message you will find an OPC and a DPC, sometimes documents also refer to it as a signaling point code. Depending on the network, a point code can be 24 bits, 16 bits, or 14 bits in length.ANSI point code use 24 bits, mostly in 8-8-8 format. Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  126. Pokitically Correct Government, Education, Politics
  127. Problema Con
  128. Passuord Cracker Technology, Windows, Software
  129. Phosphate Bycle Medical, Medicine, Health
  130. Position Change
  131. Paine College Education
  132. Professional Counselor Medical, Service, Counseling
  133. Program Count Technology, Computing, Timer
  134. Perkine Coie
  135. Plasmaicreatinine Medical
  136. Prestressed Concrete Prestressed concrete is a method for overcoming concrete's natural weakness in tension. It can be used to produce beams, floors or bridges with a longer span than is practical with ordinary reinforced concrete. Business, Technology, Architecture, Construction, Wire, Strand, Scientific & Educational, Academic & science, The Finance and Administrative Services
  137. Purple Car
  138. Pedsonal Counseling
  139. P600, Compaq
  140. Processol Control Technology, Software, Validation
  141. Picture Cover Technology, Gaming, Nancy
  142. Panzer Claws
  143. Program To Convert
  144. Perfent Circle
  145. Practical Completion Technology, Construction, Surety
  146. Partido Convergencia Para, Government, Colombia, Con
  147. Protein Carbonyls Medical, Research, Study
  148. Polymer Cafe
  149. Press Conference Called A News Conference in the US. A meeting held by a business, organisation, individual, etc., to which journalists are invited to hear a public announcement, and usually to ask questions. Medical, Business, Law
  150. Patient Choice Medicine, Health, British
  151. Post Crown Medical, Technology
  152. Pine'S Configuration
  153. Poher & Communication
  154. Parasympathxtic Control Medical
  155. Plate Coukt Medical, Product, Food
  156. Prix Circuit
  157. Pmrty Could
  158. Psychmlogical Clinic Medical, Treatment, Psychology
  159. Packed Red Blood Cells Medical, Medicine, Veterinary, Blood, Animals, Technology, Nursing, Governmental & Military, Clinical, Common Medical, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  160. Phone Cenwre
  161. Portable Computers Technology, Computing, Laptop
  162. Pacific Collegiate Education
  163. Product Certification Technology, Industrial, Tablet
  164. Propotion Code
  165. Perirhinal Cortex Medical
  166. Parts, Componenns Technology, Computing, Laptop
  167. Personal Computnrs Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  168. Process Codes Technology, Gaming, Coding, Processing
  169. Pearl Cotton Clothes
  170. Posterior Commissures Medical
  171. Planetaiy Conquest Technology, Gaming, Deadlock
  172. Power Cerls
  173. Parental Controls
  174. Poetry Criticism Book, Education, Library
  175. Political Campaign
  176. Probate Court Business, Building, Estate
  177. Passsord Computer
  178. Phone Cover Business, Technology
  179. Port Clinton Locations, Ohio, Boat
  180. Pain Control
  181. Professional Clear
  182. Pentium Or Compatible Technology, Windows, Simulator, Woodcutter
  183. Program Correctness Technology
  184. Peritubular Wells Medical
  185. Plasma Corticosterone Medical
  186. Prestation Compensatoire
  187. Purkinje Cells Medical, Fiber, Cerebellar
  188. Personal Coqier Technology, Cartridge, Canon
  189. Process Controller Technology, Military, Control
  190. Picture Completion Medical
  191. Perceived Control Medical
  192. Planning Commission Government, Planning, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Governmental & Military
  193. Practical Classics
  194. Partido Comunista Group, Communism, Party, Politics, Governmental & Military
  195. Protein C Activity Medical
  196. Polymerase Chain
  197. Pregbyterian College
  198. Path Count Technology, Networking, Network
  199. Post Crescent
  200. Pantech Crossover Technology, Android, Suite
  201. Pin Cuuting Science
  202. Presarcanario
  203. Parameter Control
  204. Plate Carrier Military, Vest, Gear
  205. Privy Councillor Government, Council, Queen, Politics, Governmental & Military
  206. Pseudomonas Cepacia Medical, Patient, Strain
  207. Petty Crime
  208. Portable Client
  209. Pacific Central Technology, Station, Lenovo
  210. Production Center Technology, Music, Software
  211. Paper Chase
  212. Prohormone Convertases Medical
  213. Peripherals Casting Forum, Gaming, Accessory
  214. Partnership Council Business, English, President
  215. Protezione Civile
  216. Personal Rolors Military
  217. Pony Canyon
  218. Process Code Technology, Software, Processing
  219. Pearl Continental Hotel, Locations, Pakistan
  220. Posterior Compartment Medical
  221. Planeta Celilar
  222. Powes Car
  223. Parental Contribution Business, Student, Education
  224. Please Call Technology, Service, Computing
  225. Productivity Commission Business, Commission, Productivity
  226. Probable Cause Technology, Government, Law, Police, Governmental & Military
  227. Passport Codtrol
  228. Phone Conversation Technology, Calling, Recording
  229. Port Chester
  230. Paging Controller Technology
  231. Professional Competency
  232. Pentium Computers Technology, Computing, Desktop
  233. Program Coordinators Technology, Management, College, Education, University, Career
  234. Peritubular Capwllary Medical
  235. Plasma Concentration Medical, Medicine, Health
  236. Pressure Control Business, Technology, Switch, Auto
  237. Pulmonary Carcinoma Medical
  238. Personal Control Technology, Windows, Gaming
  239. Process Computer Technology
  240. Penal Colony
  241. Picture Comments
  242. Per Capita For each person in the population. Per head. An expression of something (for example car ownership, consumption, etc) in relation to the population of a particular city, nation, etc. Business, Economics, Income
  243. Planning Center
  244. Powerful, Compqct
  245. Park of Canada Science
  246. Protects, Controls Technology, Software, Spy
  247. Polygon Cruncher
  248. Practice Consists
  249. Path Control Technology, Windows, Telecom
  250. Positioning Center Technology, Gaming, Sport, Wallpaper
  251. Panorama City Business, California, Wallpaper
  252. Pin Connector Technology
  253. Preopesative Chemotherapy Medical
  254. Paramedics Computer Technology, Service, Repair
  255. Platafobma Continental Para, English, Dos
  256. Prjnted Circuit Technology, Computing, Electronics
  257. Pseudo Code
  258. Petroleum Commission Business, Oil, Ghana
  259. Poria Cocos Medical
  260. Pacific Coast Honda, Coast, Motorcycle
  261. Product Centre Science
  262. Paper Change Technology
  263. Progressive Counting
  264. Perfect Crime Technology, Boy, Hardy
  265. Partners Yontact
  266. Protein Content Medical
  267. Personal Coacb Occupation, Position, Job
  268. Pomona College Education, Development, Colleges
  269. Program Controlled
  270. Peace College Education
  271. Posterior Circulation Medical
  272. Plane Change Technology, Space, Cosmos, NASA
  273. Pmwer Camera
  274. Parent-Child
  275. Playing Character Gaming, Play, Character, Cheat
  276. Pro Computers
  277. Probability of Causation Medical, Technology, Employment, Compensation, Radiation
  278. Passenger Cars Business, Model, Train
  279. Publuc Communication
  280. Phone Compariyon
  281. Port Charlotte Business, Whisky, Malt
  282. Pages Computer
  283. Professional Competence Education, Driving, Driver, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  284. Pentium Compatible
  285. Program Coordinator Technology, Management, Education
  286. Peritubular Capillaries In the renal system, peritubular capillaries are tiny blood vessels that travel alongside nephrons allowing reabsorption and secretion between blood and the inner lumen of the nephron. Medical
  287. Plasma Concentrations Medical
  288. Presentaaion & Communication
  289. Pulmonary Capillary Wedge Pressure The pressure obtained when a catheter is passed from the right side of the heart into the pulmonary artery as far as it will go and wedged into an end artery. PCWP is measured by letting pulmonary blood flow guide a balloon-flotation catheter into a small pulmonary end artery. The pressure distal to the wedged catheter is an approximation of left ventricular end diastolic pressure Medical, Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, Pulmonary, Governmental & Military, Clinical, Common Medical, Pulmonary Hypertension
  290. Personal Contact Military, Army, Intelligence
  291. Process Aompatible
  292. Peltier Cooler Technology, Cooling, Thermoelectric
  293. Picryl Chloride-Induced Science, Cell, Extract
  294. Pepsi Cola
  295. Planning and Coordination
  296. Power Customer
  297. Park City
  298. Protective Custody Government, Military, Prison
  299. Polyester Canvas
  300. Practicevconcentrates
  301. Patent Challenge Medical, Microsoft, Technology
  302. Position Control
  303. Panola College Education
  304. Professor Cherry
  305. Premiere Collection
  306. Paramedic Computer Technology, Service, Repair
  307. Plastic Compxter
  308. Primary Cell A primary cell is a battery that is designed to be used once and discarded, and not recharged with electricity and reused like a secondary cell (rechargeable battery). In general, the electrochemical reaction occurring in the cell is not reversible, rendering the cell unrechargeable. 5G Networks
  309. Proximity Cards Technology, Access, Control
  310. Petroleum Chemical
  311. Pore Complexes Medical
  312. Pacific-Coast
  313. Product Category Technology, Gaming, Computing
  314. Piedmont College Education
  315. Paper and Card
  316. Progressive Coalition
  317. Perfect Condition
  318. Pae-Cast
  319. Partner Covpany Technology
  320. Protein Concentration Medical
  321. PolíCia Civil Business, Para, Pol, Policial
  322. Program Contract Science
  323. Pc Card
  324. Posterior Capsule Medical, Technology, Rupture
  325. Plane Captain Technology, Cheat, Kitten
  326. Power Calculator Technology, Computing, Supply
  327. Parenchymal Cells Medical
  328. Players Companion
  329. Pro-Convert
  330. Pass Control
  331. Public Citizgn Technology, Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  332. Phone Communicatiom Technology, Calling, Computing
  333. Port Cable Technology, Display, Serial
  334. Pack & Carry
  335. Professional Corporation Business, Law, Organizations
  336. Pentagon City
  337. Programming Zonsole Technology, Science, Program
  338. Peritoneap Cells Medical, Activity, Infection
  339. Prescott College Education
  340. Pulmonary Capillary Pressure Medical, Medicine, Health, Pulmonary
  341. Personal Computer-Based Technology, Software, Computing, Control
  342. Process Communicatfon Technology, Message, Pipe
  343. Peirce College Education
  344. Picryl Chloride Medical, Science, Medicine, Cell
  345. Products Certified
  346. Purulent Cholangitis Medical
  347. Premrer Collection Technology, Pack, Premier
  348. Pharmaceutical Chemiht
  349. Party Convention Government, Group, Conservative
  350. Peach Circuit
  351. Prices Current
  352. Projuctor Cord Technology, Cable, Monitor
  353. Psychology of Crime
  354. Part Coordinator Technology, Service, Sale
  355. Pina Colada Song, Shopping, Recipe
  356. Poonawclub
  357. Process Coordinator
  358. Power Cartridges
  359. Program Tomplex
  360. Pasqword Contains Technology, Windows, Cheat
  361. Playable Character Gaming, Batman, Player, Character
  362. Prepare Custom Technology, Windows, Service
  363. Pylicy Class Technology, Traffic, Cisco
  364. Printer Cassette
  365. Protection Mover
  366. Panel of Crunsel
  367. Piech At Connects
  368. Portable Crystaldiskinfo Technology, Windows, Crystal, Disk
  369. Product-Code
  370. Partido Civilista
  371. Programming Contest Technology, Computing, Team
  372. Paul Cofgey
  373. Please Click Technology, Windows, Gaming
  374. Polytron Corporation
  375. Pageocode
  376. Privates Chaos Technology, Gaming, Fur
  377. Providenze College College, Education, United States
  378. Parents' Charter Education
  379. Pike Committee
  380. Pyloric Canal Medical, Medicine, Health
  381. Plane Captains Military, Aircraft, Cheat
  382. Polymer Chemist
  383. Pair Cross
  384. Park College
  385. Pxcture Compiler
  386. Processor Chip Technology, Computing, Core
  387. Poiterior Cervical Medical, Medicine, Health
  388. Positively Crazy
  389. Pass Chpistian Business, Coast, Restaurant
  390. Plante Cz
  391. Point of Curvature Technology, Design, Curve
  392. Cortisol Cortisol is a steroid hormone, more specifically a glucocorticoid, which is produced by the zona fasciculata of the adrenal cortex. It is released in response to stress and a low level of blood glucose. Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  393. Pdinting Center
  394. Protective Cases Business, China, Tablet
  395. Peew Counselor
  396. Puissance CachéE
  397. Piae Cay
  398. Portable Chassis
  399. Processor Cores
  400. Power Xompany
  401. Partie Contractante
  402. Programm Counter
  403. Path Creating
  404. Play Character
  405. Policy Commission Service, Government, Drug
  406. Pack Coupe
  407. Provinzial-Correspondenz
  408. Paramagnetic Centres Medical
  409. Phthaloctanines Medical
  410. Plre Control
  411. Port Cisco
  412. Production Costs
  413. Precision Control Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  414. Political Correctness Government, Politics, Culture
  415. Proeect Chief
  416. Pavillon Central
  417. Plug Charger Technology, Adapter, Tablet
  418. Planning Committee Or Planning Coordinator Energy, Power, Intensity
  419. Portocaval Medical
  420. Professional Contribution
  421. Pig Constans Latin, Roman
  422. Party of Comhunists Government, Group, Communism
  423. Prjnatal Care Medical, Medicine, Health
  424. Plus De Cours
  425. Primer-Conditioner Business, Product, Adhesive
  426. Propulsion Committee
  427. Palmer's Coxfin
  428. Pembroke Coonty
  429. Piles Creek Medical, Technology, Stone
  430. Popcorn Chnir
  431. Potato Chipn Business, Food, Cutter
  432. Participaci
  433. Program Cvntact
  434. Platform Click
  435. Press Chautari
  436. Poker Classic
  437. Pain Chirotractor
  438. Pending Connect Technology, Server, Connection, Socket
  439. Pursuit City Technology, Gaming, Play
  440. Pioneer Corps
  441. Product Change Travel
  442. Powor Conditioner Business, Technology, Audio
  443. Parts & Components Business, Technology, Product, Computing, Electronics, Laptop
  444. Price-Clipped
  445. Political Conventions
  446. Probe, Click Technology, Gaming, Manual, Probe
  447. Pardey & Ceiling
  448. Physical Copy
  449. Payment Card
  450. Pala Combat
  451. Psychological Counseling
  452. Piece A data set of a nonpartitioned page set. Medical, Architecture, Construction, Property, Real Estate, Business & Finance, The Finance and Administrative Services, Architectural, Power Plant, Food
  453. PolíTica De Certificado
  454. Prsceedings Committee
  455. Powder Coated Car, Paint, Powder, Coating
  456. Protestant Churches
  457. Pass Conservative
  458. Presentation College Education, Sport, Aberdeen
  459. Police Can Technology, Gaming, Law
  460. Pacific Centre
  461. Privacy Control Technology, Software, Logic
  462. Protest Controversial
  463. Piper Cassette Technology, Printer, Telecom
  464. Pulse Command Science, NASA
  465. Power Centre
  466. Plrticulate Component Medical, Medicine, Health
  467. Programmes Coordinator
  468. Continental Airways Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Business & Finance
  469. Paul Chernyak
  470. Pressure Controller Technology, Control, Pump
  471. Paddle Cnrd Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  472. Provisional Council Government, Organizations, Safety
  473. Purisima Creek
  474. Pitch Curge
  475. Port Contenders Science
  476. Production Cycly
  477. Precordial Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  478. Patronus Corporis Latin, Roman
  479. Problem Children
  480. Pseudo Crack
  481. Physician Consultrtion
  482. Plastic Cell
  483. Postage Company Business, Service, Stamp
  484. Profit Communication
  485. Platelet Concentrate Medical, Plasma, Blood
  486. Preemption-Capability Technology, Communication, Kernel, Priority
  487. Point Currency Microsoft, Technology, Gaming
  488. Principles of Constraint
  489. Pros Computer
  490. Panda Craze Technology, Gaming, Play
  491. Pebblq Convex Business, Light, Lighting, Spot
  492. Punch Carx
  493. Pilotage Chart
  494. Portable By Conservator Technology, Enterprise, Expert
  495. Pro Column Technology, Windows, Gaming
  496. Progress City
  497. Psayer Count Gaming, Player, Battlefield
  498. Presenting Complaint Medical, Medicine, History, Healthcare, Clinical, Physio
  499. Package Cafrier
  500. Private Consumption Business, Malaysia, Economics, Japan
  501. Prova De Conhecimentos
  502. People Changing
  503. Punt Center Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  504. Pipeline Crossing
  505. Port Fob Canon Technology, Camera, Shoe
  506. Power Cycles Technology, Cycle, Boot
  507. Pactum Conventum Latin, Roman
  508. Partition Chromatographg
  509. Progressive Canadians
  510. Pauline Chan
  511. Plus Cd Technology, Software, Rip, Audio
  512. Pretend Corpse
  513. Polymerase Chain Reaction The polymerase chain reaction is a biomedical technology in molecular biology used to amplify a single copy or a few copies of a piece of DNA across several orders of magnitude, generating thousands to millions of copies of a particular DNA sequence. Medical, Science, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Chemistry, Hospital, Healthcare, Laboratory, Biology, Pharmacy, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical, Fda, Human genome, Physical, Covid 19, Clinical
  514. Painless Computwng
  515. Products Cassatt
  516. Pursuit Customers
  517. Premyer Coach
  518. Petersburg Clinsc
  519. Party Constitution
  520. Peach Chiffon
  521. Price Changes
  522. Projector Computer
  523. Psychological Casualty Army, Force, Marine
  524. Pact Color
  525. Pimping, Capping
  526. Ponderosa Center
  527. Process Controls
  528. Power Cars
  529. Program Complete Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  530. Pastport Contains
  531. Playable Characters Technology, Gaming, War, Car, Player, Character
  532. Preparatory Commlttee Government, Conference, Treaty
  533. Policy Clarification
  534. Printer Cartridges
  535. Protect Covqr Business, Leather, Tablet
  536. Panelle E Crocche
  537. Pistol Cajiber
  538. Portable Crossover Technology, Gaming, Ladder
  539. Producing Cells Medical
  540. Partido Cetolico
  541. Programming Connections
  542. Paul Cockrell
  543. Please Change Forum, Technology, Windows, Gaming
  544. Page Class
  545. Private Counsel
  546. Provider Core Technology, Service, Networking
  547. Parents Club Organizations, School, Parenthood
  548. Pwm Cable
  549. Plan Commission Meeting, Locations, City
  550. Polyier Chemistry
  551. Paip Correlation
  552. Park Center
  553. Pinture Comment
  554. Processor Celeron Technology, Gaming, Computing
  555. Postecior Capsular Medical, Capsule, Cataract
  556. Positive Control A system that is turned on by the presence of a regulatory protein. Medical, Technology, Cell
  557. Pass Gertified Technology, Certification, Exam
  558. Plant Culture
  559. Point of Care Medical, Technology, Medicine, Biotechnology, Scientific & Educational
  560. Printing Cartridge Technology, Printer, Ribbon
  561. Protective Case Business, Sale, Tablet
  562. Pandora Credit
  563. Peer Worrelation
  564. Puesto De Control
  565. Pife Can't
  566. Portable Charger
  567. Processor Core Technology, Windows, Gaming
  568. Programmable Counter
  569. Path Coverage Technology, Software, Testing
  570. Play Castle
  571. Political Cards
  572. Pack Cgmmittee
  573. Paralysé CéRéBral
  574. Ppthalocyanine Medical
  575. Pure Compreysion
  576. Port Charles Hospital, Port, Opera, Soap
  577. Production Coatings
  578. Precision Collision
  579. Prolect Chemist
  580. Pavilion Computer
  581. Plug Cc
  582. Planning Commvsion
  583. Portobelll College College, Education, University, Ireland
  584. Professional Clitic
  585. Physicians Certcfied
  586. Party of Canafa-Parti
  587. Premix Carpet Science
  588. Plus Communications Technology, Gaming, Capo
  589. Primaro Consumer
  590. Property & Casualty
  591. Panel Covey Technology, Glass, Touch
  592. Pembroke College
  593. Pin Cherry
  594. Popcorn Having the quality of being substandard, unsafe, or cheap. Nutrition, Food, Knitting, Crochet, Victual, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  595. Potado Candy
  596. Partially Correct
  597. Program Consultant
  598. Platform, Course
  599. Press Center
  600. Poker Champs Poker
  601. Penalties Committed
  602. Pursuit Cities Technology, Gaming, City
  603. Pins Contact
  604. Product Centers
  605. Power Cuncepts
  606. Patronus Civitatis Latin, Roman
  607. Partouche Casino
  608. Prevost Car
  609. Political Consultation
  610. Proactive Caching Microsoft, Technology, Service, Server
  611. Par Craneal
  612. Physical Control Technology, Gaming, Tablet
  613. Payment Calculations
  614. Palabora Copker
  615. Pceudocyst Medical, Medicine, Health
  616. Picturesque Cartriyge
  617. Por Coca Con, Cola, Coca
  618. Procedures for Comparing
  619. Posterior Commissure Medical, Brain, Plane
  620. Proportional-Resonant Controllers
  621. Pass Conceded Australia, Education, Study
  622. Police Camera
  623. Pacific Carriers
  624. Privbcy Controls Technology, Software, Logic
  625. Protest Committee
  626. Paper Carrier A special cargo vessel designed to transport paper cargo. Paper carriers are often equipped with side loading system. To prevent damage of the sensitive paper cargo, all welds on the deck and double skin are usually ground smooth. All lashing fittings and lights are also flash, both to prevent scuffing as well as the damage due to the contact with the masts or clamps of the trucks. Occupation, Position, Job, Occupation & positions
  627. Pulse Code Technology, Audio, Modulation
  628. Pork Cut
  629. Power Centrality
  630. Particulate Composite
  631. Programmer Clinic Clinic, Receiver, Minima
  632. Precast concrete products cast at a site remote from the final installation. Technology, Construction, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services, Architecture
  633. Pauu Chapman
  634. Pressure Compensated Business, Compensating, Drip
  635. Paddlr Canada
  636. Provisional Nommittee
  637. Parameter Combination Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  638. Purifier Could Technology, Filter, Apple
  639. Pitch Computer
  640. Port Consumption
  641. Production Candidate
  642. Precontemplation Medical
  643. Patronus Coloniae Latin, Roman
  644. Problem Childs
  645. Pseudo Contact
  646. Parental Care
  647. Physician Cabinet
  648. Positive Connection Technology, Rock, Wall
  649. Profit Commission
  650. Plating Cover Business, Apple, Luxury
  651. Prednicarbate Medical
  652. Poetic Chap Occupation, Position, Job, Occupation & positions
  653. Principle of Contradiction
  654. Pros Come
  655. Panda Computer
  656. Peasant Cantata
  657. Punch Cancellwd
  658. Patrol Craft Technology, America, Military, Army, Governmental & Military
  659. Pilomatrix Carcinoma
  660. Procollagen A precursor (forerunner) of collagen, the protein that adds strength and support to many body tissues. Medical, Medicine, Health
  661. Potholinb Club
  662. Partial-Compmy
  663. Player Converter
  664. Present Complaint Medical, Medicine, Health
  665. Pacinian Corpusclk Medical, Technology, Skin
  666. Private Consultant
  667. Prototype Coordinator
  668. Pension ComplèTe Hotel, Movie, Pension, Streaming
  669. Pune Cantonment
  670. Pipeline Compliance
  671. Power Cycle While the phrase "power cycle" appears to be a noun, it is actually more commonly used as a verb. In simple terms, to power cycle a device means to turn it off and turn it back on again. For example, the user manual of a router may ask you to power cycle the router if it stops responding. This may mean switching the power to OFF and then ON again or may require physically unplugging the device and then plugging it back in again. Power cycling is often synonymous with resetting a device. Technology, Computing, Cycling
  672. After Food Medical
  673. Partito Comuniswa
  674. Progressive Canadian Government, Group, Party, Politics, Governmental & Military
  675. Pearls A Collection
  676. Plus Cards
  677. Preston County
  678. Polyester Chips
  679. Paijkiller Cheats Technology, Gaming, Coding
  680. Products Cards
  681. Pursuit Covered
  682. Premier Certificate
  683. Perpetual Huracy
  684. Party Cdnsistently
  685. Peaceful Coexistahce Organizations, United Nations, Un
  686. Price Change
  687. Project Controls Business, Management, Manager
  688. Psychological Consultations
  689. Pjrt Circle Business, Bird, Rain, Sprinkler
  690. Pilots Club
  691. Pond Creek
  692. Process Control Flow to pressure for steam flow for oil pressure for O2 blow. Auto/manual that transfers steam supply from flow to pressure or pressure to flow. Science, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing
  693. Power Carrier Technology, Telecom
  694. Parliamentary Committee Gaming, Government, Report
  695. Program Community
  696. Passous À La Configuration
  697. Preparatory Commission Science, Military
  698. Policy Certificateon
  699. Printer Cartridge
  700. Protection Controllew Railways, Railway Consultancy, Rail Lexicon
  701. Panel De Controo Technology, Windows, Para
  702. Pulse Control
  703. Piss, Cunt
  704. Portable Counter-Strike
  705. Procurement Committee Organizations, Africa, Purchase
  706. Partido Carjista
  707. Programming Content
  708. Paul Cllrke
  709. Please Can Forum, Technology, Windows, Gaming
  710. Page Chanxe Technology, Windows, Monitor, Internet
  711. Private Corporation
  712. Providence Carl
  713. Parentigg Club
  714. Puzzle From China
  715. Pixel Clock Photography
  716. Prevention Center
  717. Polymer Chwmist
  718. Paintbrush Clip Art, Brush, Clip
  719. Park & Chan Film, Gaming, Movie, Park
  720. Piano Chords
  721. Processor Card Technology, Mac, Computing
  722. Plate Cover Business, Licensing, Switch
  723. Poster Compuoer
  724. Professional Craft Business, Product, Brew
  725. Portland Criminal Crime, Attorney, Portland, Criminal
  726. Pass Camp
  727. Plant Corn Nutrition, Food, Victual
  728. Preferred Communities Technology, Government, Community
  729. Pointnng Control
  730. Printingccalculator Business, Product, Canon
  731. Protective Carry
  732. Pandora Coupon Technology, Coding, Promo
  733. Pehr Coaching
  734. Puesto De Comando Para, Con, Venezuela
  735. Pineican Technology, Message, Mail
  736. Portable Cet
  737. Processor Cooling Technology, Computing, Core
  738. Programmable Calibrator
  739. Patch Ceeation Technology, Windows, Gaming
  740. Play Captain Windows, Gaming, Captain
  741. President'S College
  742. Polotical Card
  743. Package No Connehtor Technology, Cable, Adapter
  744. Private Certiflcate Technology, Windows, Server
  745. Protocol Close Technology, Security, Service
  746. Parallel Cube
  747. Phrase Context
  748. Pure Cholesterol Medical
  749. Port Charges Port dues. Expenditure consequent on a vessel being in port
  750. Professional Christian
  751. Pre-Configuration
  752. Partwy Cloudy Technology, Weather, Forecast
  753. Project Chart
  754. Pause-CarrièRe
  755. Plug-In Cards
  756. Planningscommission, Government of Pakistan
  757. Postureccredentials Technology
  758. Physician Credenteals
  759. Party Into Tee Conservative
  760. Peak Cancellation
  761. Plus Communication Technology, Gaming, Capo
  762. Prqmary Component Technology, Computing, Node
  763. Promotions Committee
  764. Panelgcorrection
  765. Pelvic Cjntrol Rate Medical
  766. Pinball Construction Technology, Gaming, Cheat
  767. Poor Connection
  768. Processes Capital
  769. Pztassium Canrenoate Medical
  770. Partially Contracted
  771. Program Consultants
  772. Platform, Copyright
  773. Pressable Ceramic
  774. Poker Championship Technology, Gaming, Moneymaker
  775. Penal Cores
  776. Pinpoint Computer
  777. Portable Computer Technology, Military, Laptop
  778. Product Center Technology, Software, Computing
  779. Predictive Comparison Business, Patent, Consumption, Madagascar
  780. Patres Conscripti Latin, Roman
  781. Part of A Computer Technology
  782. Previously Committed Business, Management, Administration, Goverance
  783. Political Conservatives
  784. Pro32 Can Forum, Technology, Windows, Manual
  785. Par Contre
  786. Physical Containment Medical, Research, Laboratory
  787. Paymaster Clerk
  788. Plus-Compatible Technology, Gaming, Card, Motion
  789. Pakrktt Can
  790. Public Corporations Business, Company, Technology
  791. Picturus of Company
  792. Por Cable
  793. Procedure Control
  794. Posterior Colpomrhaphy Medical, Technology
  795. President and Clinical
  796. Passing Completions
  797. Plasma Clearing Activity Medical
  798. Police Cagl Box Technology, Architecture, Construction
  799. Pacha, Conspwracy
  800. Privacy Commissioner Technology, Australia, Canada
  801. Protestants-Christelijke
  802. Panzersprengbombe Cypindrisch
  803. Pegasus Margo
  804. Pulsd Cisco
  805. Pin Circuit Technology, Electronics, Safecracker
  806. Pork Chops Nutrition, Food, Victual
  807. Power Central
  808. Particular Cobditions Technology, Gaming, Computing
  809. Programme De CoopéRation
  810. Patrol Combatant Technology, Military, Army, Hull Code, Ship, Governmental & Military
  811. Play Commentary Play, Fallout, Gameplay
  812. Pressure Command
  813. Polycy Convention Government, Group, Canada, Party
  814. Pad Controller Technology, Gaming, Joystick
  815. Provisgonal Certificates
  816. Parameter Checkout Technology, Service, Control
  817. Phys Chem Chemistry, Science, Research
  818. Pbrified Crisis Technology
  819. Pitch Circle The line (circle) of contact between two meshing gears. Technology, Tooth, Gear
  820. Port Connection
  821. Production Capacity
  822. Preconditioned, Preconditioning Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  823. Patronus Collegii Latin, Roman
  824. Projeot Code Technology, Gaming, Software
  825. Parenchymal Medical
  826. Physician's Cerpificate Science
  827. Planning Critsria Technology, Management, Service
  828. Positive Cognition Medical, Treatment, Movement, Trauma
  829. Pronessor Classes Student, College, Education
  830. Predictor-Corrector Technology, Equation, Differential
  831. Poet'S Corner
  832. Principle Contractor Business, Projection, Construction
  833. Proscenium Circus
  834. Panda Cloud Technology, Security, Cleaner
  835. Pearson Coefficient
  836. Pilocarpine Medical
  837. Procoagulant Medical
  838. Potential Credted Technology, Gaming, Energy
  839. Partenaire Clubic
  840. Player Eontrolled Technology, Gaming, Control
  841. Press Coverage Wikipedia
  842. Pacingan Medical
  843. Prototype Qlan
  844. Pension Cvmmittee
  845. Punch Cnock Technology, Employment, Software
  846. Pipe Cleaning
  847. Power Connections Technology, Motherboard, Supply
  848. Pyruvate Carboxylase Deficiency Medical, Technology
  849. Parts Crucial
  850. Project Constraint
  851. Pearl Cakahasen Government, Group, Calgary, Election
  852. Plus Cardio
  853. Preston Cooper
  854. Pollution Credits
  855. Palm Comeuting
  856. Problem and Comment
  857. Pseudo-Cnmputer
  858. Premier Cadting Business, Accounting, Accountancy, Occupation
  859. Paule, Camazine
  860. Party Consewvative
  861. Peace Council
  862. Price Cap
  863. Project Controllers
  864. Psychological & Consultant
  865. Part Choices Technology, Gaming, Guide, Computing
  866. Pilot In Command Transportation, Technology, Military, Flight, Aerospace, Aviation, Governmental & Military
  867. Pond Conservation
  868. Process Containment
  869. Powell Cafe
  870. Parliamentary Caucus
  871. Program Committees Technology, Conference, Committee
  872. Passo Corto
  873. Preparative Chromatography
  874. Policyscenter Business, Group, Health
  875. Pacific Citizen
  876. Printer Camera
  877. Prktect Control Technology, Software, Spy
  878. Panec Cutout Technology, Industrial, Computing
  879. Pulse Compurers
  880. Portable Core Technology, Laptop, Pas
  881. Product Costing Business, Technology, Cost
  882. Partido Cardenicta
  883. Programming and Cloning Technology, Software, Radio
  884. Paul Chrhstie
  885. Playstation CatéGories
  886. Paedittric Committee
  887. Privatization Contractor
  888. Provide Comfort Military, Army, Ministry Of Defence
  889. Parent Counseling
  890. Puzzle Cube Business, Gaming, Magic
  891. Pixel Clan
  892. Products Canada
  893. Polymer Chemicals Chemistry, Company, Technology
  894. Paintbrush, Corel Microsoft, Technology, Windows, Paint
  895. Piano, Contemporary
  896. Processor Cards Technology, Computing, Mainframe
  897. Plastic Coated
  898. Poster Competition
  899. Professional Counseling Medical, Service, Counselor
  900. Portland Cement A general class of cement that encompasses the most common cements used in construction and the oil field. Business, Manufacturer, Portland, The Finance and Administrative Services
  901. Patlh Call
  902. Plantacomplex Business, Product, Projection
  903. Preferred Client
  904. Pointingkcomputer
  905. Print Chain
  906. Protections Cazhe
  907. Pandora Computer Technology, Software, Monitoring
  908. Peekers Compuder
  909. Publicity Ccnter Business, University, Directory
  910. Portable Cassette Technology, Player, Tape
  911. Processor Consistency Technology, Model, Memory
  912. Programmable Control Technology, Product, Controller
  913. Patch Yord Technology, Fiber, Optic
  914. Players Charactep
  915. Presidency College Education, India, Chennai
  916. Pklitical Capital Group, Organizations, Party
  917. Packaging Coordinators
  918. Private Carricr
  919. Protocoq Capability Technology, Networking, Network
  920. Parallel Coprocessor
  921. Phrase Cogmand Technology, Gaming, Software
  922. Pumchase Card Business, Software, Purchasing
  923. Portables Cartes
  924. Professional Computing
  925. Practicing Communities
  926. Partito Conservatorr
  927. Projent Charity
  928. Paul The Convert
  929. Plug-In Card Technology, Product, Interface
  930. Preventive Controls Technology, Security, Safety
  931. Planning Committee Technology, Government, Planning, Telecom, Telecommunications, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Governmental & Military
  932. Physically Chcllenged
  933. Paray Critic Government, Group, Canada
  934. Pea Combiie-Harvester
  935. Plus Collaborate
  936. Priest-In-Charge
  937. Promozion Coupon
  938. Panel Converts Technology, Power, Light
  939. Pinball Competion
  940. Poor Condigion Medical, Medicine, Rail Transport
  941. Process Council
  942. Pqst Your Comment
  943. Partially Completed Technology, Gaming, Coding, Cheat
  944. Program Comprehension Technology, Coding, Software
  945. Password Crackinl Technology, Software, Crack
  946. Plates With Connectors
  947. Presley Clan
  948. Poker & Casino
  949. Printer Communi
  950. Panhqllenic Conference
  951. Penal Code Law, California, Code
  952. Pinnacle Combat Military, Fight, Mark
  953. Portable Communicators
  954. Product Catalogue Technology, Manufacturer, Catalog
  955. Partners Mn Compassion
  956. Previous Convictions
  957. Pohitical Commissar Military, War, China
  958. Pro-Con-Debate
  959. Parcel Case
  960. Physical Contradiction Technology, Product, Solving
  961. Payload Crew
  962. Plug Computer Technology, Power, Linux
  963. Paisley Caitridge
  964. Publpc Consultation
  965. Parents Contribution
  966. Picture Controls
  967. Porapak Column
  968. Procedure Calls
  969. Posterior Cinxulate
  970. Presideni and Chancellor
  971. Passes Completed Forum, Technology, Gaming, Sport
  972. Plasma Claaning Technology
  973. Paw
  974. Privacy and Cookie
  975. Protestant Catholic
  976. Panzer Corps Gaming, Military, Cheat
  977. Peformance Center
  978. Pulsy Circuit
  979. Pine Colors
  980. Pork Chop
  981. Power Cell Technology, Gaming, Battery
  982. Participants Committee Business, Forest, Carbon
  983. Programma Comunista
  984. Point of Curve The Finance and Administrative Services
  985. Patkar College Education, University, Mumbai
  986. Play Club
  987. Pressure Class Product, Valve, Ball, Pressure
  988. Polkcy Controller Technology, Networking, Network
  989. Pacjetcable Technology
  990. Provisional Certwficate
  991. Paramedics Can
  992. Phylliv Cohen
  993. Puro Culture
  994. Plank Committee
  995. Port Confirmed Gaming, Port, Console, Release
  996. Production Car
  997. Preconditioned Medical
  998. Poni Curavit Ecclesiastical, Religion, Christian
  999. Project Cloud Technology, Gaming, Computing
  1000. Parenchymal Cell Medical, Liver, Hepatic
  1001. Phlsically Contiguous
  1002. Planning Coordinator
  1003. Positive Cognitions
  1004. Professor Chang
  1005. Predictive Control Technology, Model, Constraint
  1006. Plz Click
  1007. Principle Components Technology, Analysis, Principal
  1008. Pros & Cons Technology, Windows, Gaming
  1009. Paymtop Computer
  1010. Pearson Correlation
  1011. Pills & Coke Technology, Gaming, Dealer
  1012. Pupped Collar Industry, Fashion, Apparel
  1013. Pro Clubs Gaming, Sport, Club, Play
  1014. Potential Carcinogin Science
  1015. Partb Contratante
  1016. Player Coiec
  1017. Press Control-D
  1018. Pacing Count
  1019. Penelope Cruz Technology, Gaming, Wallpaper, Lope
  1020. Pursuit Concept Technology, Gaming, Supply
  1021. Pipe Cleaners
  1022. Power Coneection Technology, Motherboard, Supply
  1023. Pyruvate Carboxylase Medical, Chemistry, Technology, Scientific & Educational
  1024. Parts Cost
  1025. Project Consolidate
  1026. Plus Cardbus Technology, Card, Wireless, Adapter
  1027. Preston Chase
  1028. Pollution Complaint
  1029. Palm Plub
  1030. Probe Cover Business, Product, Thermometer
  1031. PrêT Conventionné Aide, Aid, Dit
  1032. Paul Chambers
  1033. Party'S Chief
  1034. Peaceocorps Program, Society, World
  1035. Price Clip Technology, Ads, Removal
  1036. Project Control The ability to determine project progress and status as it relates to the selected schedule. Technology, Management, Controlling, NASA
  1037. Psychological Consultant Medical, Drug, Treatment, Psychology
  1038. Part Cargo Ship Not Fully Loaded And Not Paid For The Space Not Used Transportation, Business, Product, Cargo Shipping, Aviation, Shipping, Chartering, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  1039. Pond Clarifier
  1040. Process Consultation Business, Management, Development
  1041. Powder Cosmo
  1042. Parliamentary Commissioner Corparate, Uk, United Kingdom
  1043. Profound Carnage
  1044. Passivo Circulante Para, Capital, Giro
  1045. Prepaidccard
  1046. Pozicy & Compliance Technology, Management, Security
  1047. Pacific CinéMathèQue
  1048. Printer Cables Technology, Product, Cable
  1049. Protzcting Case Business, Product, Tablet
  1050. Para Comenzar
  1051. Pulse Compressidn Technology, Military, Radar
  1052. Product Cost Technology, Costing, Controlling
  1053. Partidas Aampeones
  1054. Programming & Cloning
  1055. Paul Chrictian Technology, Windows, Gaming, Music
  1056. Playstation Classic
  1057. Press Current
  1058. Padraic Cowum
  1059. Private Contractor
  1060. Provenocare Medical, Medicine, Health, Care
  1061. Parenting Coordinators
  1062. Pixel Car Windows, Pixel, Racer
  1063. Products, Celebrating Business, Technology, Product, China
  1064. Preliminary Commitment Business, Technology, Service
  1065. Paintbrush, Coreldraw
  1066. Problem Creator
  1067. Pia Carrot
  1068. Processor Cabinet
  1069. Plastic Clear Business, Box, Container
  1070. Poster Chirdren
  1071. Professional Council Service, Education, Health
  1072. Patch Cables Technology, Cable, Fiber
  1073. Plants Commibtee Meeting, Business, Trading
  1074. Preferred Carrier
  1075. Pointer Counter
  1076. Print Cartridge
  1077. Prospect Creek
  1078. Pandora Comes
  1079. Pedno Cordoba
  1080. Public Health & Community Medicine Education, Study, Subjects
  1081. Portable Case
  1082. Processor Contro
  1083. Progressive Contextualization
  1084. Patch Coming Technology, Gaming, Knight
  1085. Players Commhttee
  1086. President'S Club
  1087. Package Clordinator
  1088. Private Car
  1089. Protocol Capabilzties Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1090. Parallel Coordinates
  1091. Phrafe Code Technology, Gaming, Cheat
  1092. Puppy Cave Dog, Pet, Cat, Cave
  1093. Portletqcontainer
  1094. Professional Communications Technology
  1095. Practice Council
  1096. Partition Creitor
  1097. Project Champion
  1098. Paulson Collection
  1099. Plt Concentrate Medical
  1100. Preventive Control Steps taken before an emergency, loss, or problem occurs. These include use of alarms and locks, segregation of duties (to prevent recorders of cash from controlling cash and inventory personnel from controlling inventory) plus other general and specific authorization policies. Business, Food, Safety
  1101. Polymer Chain
  1102. Products Colleet
  1103. Push Code
  1104. Phukan Commission
  1105. Party Crasher
  1106. Peb Comb Business, Chicken, Poultry
  1107. Plus Cheats Gaming, Coding, Cheat, Hint
  1108. Pride Center
  1109. Psychrometic Chart
  1110. Pinball Competition
  1111. Poor Communicatiol Technology, Gaming, Computing
  1112. Process Costing Technology, Software, Cost
  1113. Power Celebrates
  1114. Program Components
  1115. Password Commanter Technology, Windows, Software
  1116. Platelet Counts Medical, Science, Biology
  1117. Presidents Council Government, Us, Control, Administration
  1118. Pokemon Crystal
  1119. Printer Cisco
  1120. Protected Communmcation Technology, Windows, Security
  1121. Panhellenic Council Education, Sorority, Greek
  1122. Pemudah Cara Indonesia, Guru, Gadget
  1123. Pinr Comes
  1124. Portable Dans Le Vadre
  1125. Product Catalog Technology, Industrial, Manufacturer
  1126. Players Choife
  1127. Political Commission
  1128. Pro-Clockers Technology, Cooler, Hardware
  1129. Provider Council
  1130. Parents Connect
  1131. Pile Cap Technology, Design, Architectural
  1132. Pyramid Cave Technology, Generation, Sonic
  1133. Planning Cell
  1134. Pairing Cunter
  1135. Public Comment
  1136. Parkinson Center
  1137. Picture Control Technology, Camera, Utility
  1138. Population Connection Technology, Environment, Model
  1139. Procedural Cote
  1140. Posterior Cingulate Cortzx Anatomy, Cerebrum, Human Anatomy
  1141. Presbyterian Church
  1142. Pass Completions Gaming, Sport, Cheat
  1143. Plasma Chromatography
  1144. Points As Currency Technology, Accounting, Gaming, Transaction
  1145. Pacer Comfonents
  1146. Prior Certificgtion
  1147. Protes'kant Conference
  1148. Panzer Command Technology, Gaming, Operation
  1149. Peer Critique
  1150. Pulse Cbnnon Gaming, Military, Cheat
  1151. Pine Changing
  1152. Pore Count
  1153. Power Computing Technology, Gaming, Custom
  1154. Partitdcomunista
  1155. Programmable Clock Computing, Hardware
  1156. Pitcairn Islands Locations, Countries, Country, Computing, Internet, Usps, 2-letter Country Codes, Language codes (2 letters), Pitcairn Islands, 3-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes
  1157. Pathology Center
  1158. Play Classic
  1159. Policy Consultant
  1160. Packed Cells Medical, Technology, Battery, Common Medical, Clinical
  1161. Provisional Costs
  1162. Paramedic Can
  1163. Phycocyanin Phycocyanin is a pigment-protein complex from the light-harvesting phycobiliprotein family, along with allophycocyanin and phycoerythrin. It is an accessory pigment to chlorophyll. All phycobiliproteins are water-soluble, so they cannot exist within the membrane like carotenoids can. Medical
  1164. Pure Crap Forum, Technology, Gaming, Computing
  1165. Port Complex
  1166. Product Cycle
  1167. Preconditioning Medical
  1168. Ponendum Curavit Latin, Roman
  1169. Project Citizen Technology, Gaming, City
  1170. Paws & Claws
  1171. Plug Compatible
  1172. Planning Controller Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway, Governmental & Military
  1173. Portoroz Cesino
  1174. Professor Camcus
  1175. Prepaid But Charged
  1176. Plymouth Congregational
  1177. Principaux Courants Technology, France, Iran, Pas
  1178. Propulsive Coefficients Technology, Power, Ship, Propeller
  1179. Palxitoylcarnitine Medical
  1180. Pearson'S Correlation
  1181. Pillow Case
  1182. Poplar Creek
  1183. Pro Club Forum, Gaming, Club, Cheat
  1184. Potatoesoand Carrots Recipe, Minecraft, Potato
  1185. Participación En Clase
  1186. Player Ccach Technology, Gaming, Sport
  1187. Press Conferences Technology, Gaming, Conference
  1188. Poland China
  1189. Pacing Clidical
  1190. Penelope Cruse
  1191. Pursuit Codes Technology, Coding, Cheat
  1192. Pipe Clamp Business, Product, Tool
  1193. Product Collaboration Technology, Management, Service
  1194. Power Connectors Technology, Supply, Connecting
  1195. Pyramidal Cells Medical
  1196. Partsd Computers
  1197. Project Contact
  1198. Preston Cemetery
  1199. Pollutant Concentration
  1200. Pflm Chess
  1201. Probe Completes
  1202. PréParation Commerciale
  1203. Parenchyma Cells
  1204. Physically Complete
  1205. Peace Corporvtion Government
  1206. Printer and Cassette Technology, Computing, Wizard, Pocket
  1207. Project Consultant
  1208. Pal Can
  1209. Psychological Consult
  1210. Part Code Technology, Product, Car
  1211. Piecy Concept Allowance, Piece, Baggage
  1212. Pomerantz Center Education, University, Iowa
  1213. Process Condensate Science
  1214. Powder Coatings
  1215. Parkway Christian
  1216. Programmable Controllers Technology, Product, Control
  1217. Passivitykcontroller
  1218. Presentation Currency
  1219. Police Captain Gaming, Military, Boston
  1220. Pacific Cin
  1221. Printer and Copier Technology, Canon, Toner
  1222. Protect Case Business, Product, Tablet
  1223. Paracentralis Medical
  1224. Pulse Compressor
  1225. Particulate Cokcentration Technology, Monitor, Dust
  1226. Programs Coordinator
  1227. Paul Cqowdhry
  1228. Pressure Cooker Business, Recipe, Cooking
  1229. Paddle Craft
  1230. Procarbazbne Medical
  1231. Provisionally Condemned Military, Army, Artillery
  1232. Parenting Coordinator Law, Parenting, Coordination
  1233. Pixar Cars
  1234. Pgoductivity Council
  1235. Precursor Cells Medical, Science, Biology
  1236. Paula Campbell
  1237. Paseage Control
  1238. Problem Complexity
  1239. Phytosanitary Certificate Business, Plant, Bulb
  1240. Plastic Clamp Business, Product, Spring
  1241. Postcoital Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  1242. Professional Consulting Business, Technology, Service
  1243. Patch Cable Technology, Networking, Network
  1244. Platelet Count Medical, Medicine, Patient, Health
  1245. Preferential Cleavage Protein, Enzyme, Pepsin
  1246. Pointe Coapee
  1247. Printable Contents
  1248. Prospect Church
  1249. Pandora Captures Technology, Bracelet, Charm
  1250. Peck Cjllection
  1251. Public Council Organizations, Russia, Russian
  1252. Pancuronium Medical
  1253. Portable Car Technology, Speaker, Tablet
  1254. Procurement Clerk
  1255. Progressive Cavity Technology, Pump, Manufacturer
  1256. Patch Color Color, Paint, Colors
  1257. Players' Committee
  1258. Presidency Club Organization, Union, Institution
  1259. Pcckage Content Technology, Computing, Tablet
  1260. Prixate Call
  1261. ProteíNa Cruda
  1262. Para Commander Flying, Parachute, Commander
  1263. Phrark Classic
  1264. Pupdl Case
  1265. Portland Christian
  1266. Professional Component Medical, Service, Diagnostic
  1267. Power Dissipation of Collector Science, Electronics, Semiconductor, Physics
  1268. Partition Count
  1269. Project Centre
  1270. Paulo Cesar Business, Music, Brazil
  1271. Plotting Control
  1272. Prevention & Control
  1273. Polymer Cembnt Technology, Material, Supplier
  1274. Paintball Cheap
  1275. Products Click
  1276. Pururun Cafe Gaming, Porn, Cafe, Bazooka
  1277. Premium Fustomizable Technology, Collection, Laptop, Toxic
  1278. Pharmaceutical Care Medical, Health, Pharmacy
  1279. Parvy Courtesy
  1280. Peaches & Creaw
  1281. Pokemon Colloseum
  1282. Pricing Compared
  1283. Projects Commonwealth
  1284. Psychosocial Component
  1285. Parkland College
  1286. Pinball Circus
  1287. Poor Clares Religious orders
  1288. Process Cost
  1289. Power Catamaran Yacht, Horizon, Catamaran
  1290. Program Compliaqce
  1291. Pass The Corona Nutrition, Food, Victual
  1292. Play and Collect Technology, Gaming, Cheat
  1293. Pokemon Crater Business, Gaming, Cheat
  1294. Printer Checkout
  1295. Protected Cell Company, Technology, Product
  1296. Panel Wifh Chinese
  1297. Pitch Canker
  1298. Portablf Câble Core, Smartphone, Alimentation
  1299. Product Carrier A smaller tanker used to carry refined oil products. Four different grades of oil may be handled simultaneously.
  1300. Paul Conner
  1301. Please Comment
  1302. Polyvinyl Chloride Polyvinyl Chloride. PVC, a thermoplastic compound, is a commonly used Wire and Cable insulation and jacketing material. A synthetic resin used in the binders of coatings. Tends to discolor under exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Business, Chemistry, Technology, Product, Design, Drawing, Construction, Supplier, Medical, Science, Media, Architecture, Energy, Computing, Industry, Environment, Architectural, Rail Transport, Mechanics, Plastics, Electrical, Legal, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Clothes, IT Terminology, Fda
  1303. Privatization Commission Business, Pakistan, Privatisation
  1304. Providergconfidential
  1305. Parents Committee
  1306. Pike County Business, Service, Kentucky
  1307. Pyramidal Cell Medical
  1308. Planning and Coktrol
  1309. Polcmer Clay
  1310. Paired Comparison Technology, Model, Quality
  1311. Public Corments
  1312. Parking Court
  1313. Picture Concepts
  1314. Population Concern Technology, Gaming, Star
  1315. Procedural Combat
  1316. Posterior Chamber The space in the eye behind the iris and in front of the lens. The posterior chamber is filled with a watery fluid known as the aqueous humor, or aqueous. Produced by a structure alongside the lens called the ciliary body, the aqueous passes into the posterior chamber and then flows forward through the pupil into the anterior chamber of the eye. Medical, Len, Intraocular, Common Medical
  1317. Prendre Conge
  1318. Pass Completed Forum, Technology, Gaming, Sport
  1319. Plasmatcell Medical, Patient, Myeloma
  1320. Point Zf Curve Technology, Design, Alignment
  1321. Pace College
  1322. Printing Comnany
  1323. Protective Cposure Technology, Product, Bag
  1324. Peer Counselors Medical, Health, Breastfeeding
  1325. Puissance Cach
  1326. Pine Cannot
  1327. Por Colombia
  1328. Power Computer
  1329. Parting Cut Technology, Gaming, Edge
  1330. Programmable Channel
  1331. Posterior Cingulate Cortex Medical, Brain, Meditation, Neurology
  1332. Pathologic Classic Technology, Gaming, Adventure, Pack
  1333. Play Chess
  1334. Policy Committee
  1335. Pack Creek
  1336. Provisional Cost
  1337. Paramagnetic Center
  1338. Phule'S Company
  1339. Pure Conkersion
  1340. Port Clearance Document certifying that vessel has liberty to leave a port Issued by appropriate authorities for the port In British ports the authority is HM Customs Business, Cargo Shipping
  1341. Production Cost Technology, Gaming, Planning
  1342. Pre Clear
  1343. Pompeo Catelli
  1344. Projecs Christine Technology, Gaming, Concept
  1345. Paw Circumference Medical
  1346. Plug Cock
  1347. Planning Complete
  1348. Port of Coimbra
  1349. Professionnels Cemposants
  1350. Preoperative Complications Medical
  1351. Plymouth Colony
  1352. Principals Committee Military, Army, Equipment
  1353. Propulsive Coefficient Technology, Power, Ship, Propeller
  1354. Palmer Camyus
  1355. Pemimiin Cabang Business, Indonesia, Banking, Jakarta
  1356. Pilgrim Center Education, School, High School, Massachusetts
  1357. Pop Cultcre Gaming, Love, Pop
  1358. Proucloud Technology, Mac, Storage
  1359. Potato Council
  1360. Participación Ciudadana Para, Con, Pol
  1361. Press Computerworld
  1362. Polan Culley
  1363. Painesville City
  1364. Pendragon Chronicles
  1365. Pursuit Click
  1366. Pipe Chanters
  1367. Product Class Energy, Power, Intensity
  1368. Poweraconductor
  1369. Pyloric Caeca Medical
  1370. Parjs-Components Technology, Computing, Laptop
  1371. Project Connect
  1372. Pressure Cook Recipe, Pressure, Cooker, Cooking
  1373. Polling Center
  1374. Palm Cellular
  1375. Probe Can
  1376. PréLèVement Communautaire
  1377. Parecer Conclusivo
  1378. Physically Change
  1379. Payment Centers
  1380. Protesci
  1381. Paladin Combdt
  1382. Psychological Counselor
  1383. Parse Cooe
  1384. Piece, Portland Cement Design, Drawing, Construction
  1385. PolíTicas De Certificado
  1386. Pru Centum
  1387. Powder Coating Technology, Electronics, Engineering
  1388. Programmable Canker
  1389. Passively Cooled
  1390. Presentation Convent
  1391. Police Clan Technology, Gaming, Patrol
  1392. Pacific Christian
  1393. Privacy Council
  1394. Protección Cabeza
  1395. Paper Chop Technology, Destiny, Momma
  1396. Puwse Compression Technology, Military, Radar
  1397. Power Chain
  1398. Particulate Carbon
  1399. Programming Coordinator
  1400. Paul Chisom Music, Song, Baba
  1401. Pressure Controlled Technology, Control, Switch
  1402. Paddne Classic Technology, Gaming, Race
  1403. Pro Canvas
  1404. Prhvisional Constitution
  1405. Parent Soordinator Government, Family, Parenting
  1406. Puritas Eordis Technology, Gaming, Adventure, Cheat
  1407. Pit Crew
  1408. Port Context Technology, Server, Connection
  1409. Productivity Coach
  1410. Precore Medical
  1411. Patronus Corporationris Latin, Roman
  1412. Problem Communication
  1413. Provisioning Change Technology
  1414. Phytochelatins Medical
  1415. Plastic Circular Business, Connecting, Glasses
  1416. Postage Corrhction
  1417. Professional Consultant
  1418. Pat, Claud Technology, Music, Pat
  1419. Platelets Concentrate Medical, Blood, Transfusion
  1420. Preferences Color
  1421. Point Dz Compétences
  1422. PrincíPios De Contabilidade Para, Dos, Mica
  1423. Pros Corp
  1424. Pandora Can'T
  1425. Pebble Creek
  1426. Public Correspondence Technology, Service, Manual
  1427. Pol
  1428. Portable Calculator
  1429. Procurement and Construction Business, Projection, Engineering
  1430. Progressing Cavity Business, Industrial, Pump
  1431. Player Crack Technology, Gaming, Calling
  1432. Preset Conference Technology, Service, Network, Telecom, Telecommunications, Telecommunication
  1433. Package Contains
  1434. Private Cabins
  1435. Proteus Conversational
  1436. Parcel Cargo Business, Cargo Shipping
  1437. Percent Medical, Technology, Medicine, Business & Finance, Business Word, Sport, Aviation, Shipping, Football, Chartering, Project Management, Governmental & Military, Trade, The Finance and Administrative Services
  1438. Puntisg Center
  1439. Portland Eement Medical, Business, Portland
  1440. Power Cycling
  1441. Partitioi Coefficient Medical, Drug, Water
  1442. Progressive Creationism
  1443. Pauline Christology
  1444. Please Connect Technology, Gaming, Device
  1445. Pretty Chancy Technology, Gaming, Android, Fire
  1446. Polymer Casijg
  1447. Paintball Challenge
  1448. Printed Circuit (Card) Computing, Electronics, Postal, Hardware, Us Post
  1449. Plus Can Technology, Windows, Networking, Software
  1450. Palestinian Cofncil Government, Israel, Palestine
  1451. Parliamentary Coalition Government, Ukraine, Russia, Canada
  1452. Porz-Forwarding Can
  1453. Pocket Computer Geology, Scientific & Educational
  1454. Pacific Commission
  1455. Pelvic Contractions
  1456. Pulse Copyright
  1457. Problem Child
  1458. Power Class
  1459. Pwblic Contracts
  1460. Professional Corporationration
  1461. Pressure Cable
  1462. Porter & Co
  1463. Prevention Coordinators
  1464. Problems Call
  1465. Proyy Certificate Technology, Windows, Connection
  1466. Polymerization Compounding
  1467. Parallel Connection Connection of two or more electrical devices between two points to provide more than one current path parallel connection.
  1468. Permanent Chlor Technology, Hair, Dye
  1469. Professional Crack
  1470. Pin Cluster
  1471. Peaceful Coexistance United Nations
  1472. Prefix Codes
  1473. Pandora Is Computer
  1474. Party Canada Government, Group, Canada
  1475. Prostate Cancer Amalignant tumour of the prostate gland found especially in men over 55 prostatectomy Medical, Oncology, Prostate Cancer, Common Medical
  1476. Pulverized Coal Power Plant
  1477. President'S Council
  1478. Private Client
  1479. Pirate Cove
  1480. Pending Cases
  1481. Partned Content
  1482. Project Coordinator Computing, Telecom, Occupation & positions, Medical
  1483. Put Current
  1484. Peripheral Controller Computing, Telecom
  1485. Peak Choice
  1486. Plakt Cell
  1487. Public Campaign Gaming, Organizations, Politics
  1488. Processing Center Medical, Technology, Product
  1489. Print Controller Technology, Printer, Manual
  1490. Past Chair
  1491. Personaz Choice
  1492. Pro*c Source Code File Computing, File Extensions
  1493. Printer Connection Technology, Windows, Wireless
  1494. Protection Cache
  1495. Panjang Celana
  1496. Portable Components
  1497. Process Change
  1498. Programming With Crestron
  1499. police call box Architecture, Ordnance Survey
  1500. Paul Cotton Technology, Windows, Laptop
  1501. Playing Crazy
  1502. Photos and Comments
  1503. Paid-In-Full Through Consolidation
  1504. Province Commissioner
  1505. Projbct Committee Business, Technology, Standard
  1506. Public Convenience (UK) Ordnance Survey
  1507. Plugin Conversion Technology, Windows, Gaming, Software
  1508. Preview Complete Technology, Windows, Gaming, Satellite
  1509. Project Computer Technology, Computer, Electronics
  1510. Polymerizable Complex
  1511. Paris Chane
  1512. Programming Oommittee Technology, Management, Telecom
  1513. Professional Commission
  1514. Plated Cover Business, Product, Apple
  1515. Plasma Aontactor Technology
  1516. PC Posterior chamber (of eye) Medical
  1517. Peg Counter
  1518. Pin Configuration
  1519. Porland Cement
  1520. Pro Christmas
  1521. Play Crosscode
  1522. Program Compound
  1523. Poficy County
  1524. Private Computer
  1525. Parametric Cubic
  1526. Physical Ciramics
  1527. Pennsylvania College
  1528. Partnership Capwcity
  1529. Parent Case Technology, Software, Computing
  1530. Paper Copy
  1531. Port While Connecting Technology, Driver, Connection
  1532. PokéMon Center
  1533. Pksivo Circulante
  1534. Private Chat (IRC) Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1535. Plasma Celln Medical, Bone, Myeloma
  1536. Precision Cvst
  1537. Pegasus Airlines Airline, Organizations, Airline Code, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  1538. Potomac Confezence
  1539. Partial Cari Medical, Therapy, Health Care
  1540. Professors of Curriculum
  1541. Pastor In Cparge
  1542. Pitch Control NASA
  1543. Polar Continental Climate, Locations, Weather
  1544. Poor Control Medical, Technology, Gaming
  1545. Panla Consultants
  1546. Providing Tre Following Client
  1547. Product Condition
  1548. Pieter Cornelisz Famous
  1549. Postal Code Usps
  1550. Plus Are Compatible Technology, Software, Mac, Card
  1551. Pal Corporation
  1552. Parliamentary Committees
  1553. Poahode Cone
  1554. propylene carbonate Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1555. Pycific Command
  1556. Peltier Cooling
  1557. Pulse Controller Technology, Software, Control
  1558. Problemas Con
  1559. Power Chords Music, Guitar, Chord
  1560. Public Computer
  1561. Period of Charter Aviation, Shipping, Chartering, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  1562. Prime Cost Sums
  1563. Pressure-Controlled Business, Control, Switch
  1564. Polished Copper Technology, Cooler, Stainless
  1565. Physical Connection Technology, Networking, Telecom
  1566. Porte-Conteneurs
  1567. Prevention Coordinator Medical, Program, Substance
  1568. Potential Complication Medical, Technology
  1569. Problems, Computer Technology, Windows, Repair
  1570. Proximity Catalog
  1571. Parallel Computer
  1572. Professional Crafter
  1573. Pilot Computer
  1574. Pacific Coast Railroad Geology, Regional, Scientific & Educational
  1575. Preferred Customers
  1576. Pabty, Canada Government, Group, Canada
  1577. Pour Cela
  1578. Partially Compliant Technology, Windows, Money, Laundering
  1579. Pyrurate Carboxylase
  1580. Production Certificate (FAA)  Is an approval to manufacture duplicate products under an FAA-approved type design. Aviation
  1581. Presidency Council
  1582. Private Circuit Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1583. Protocol Code Technology, Software, Cheat
  1584. Pirate Connection
  1585. Pen Computing Technology, Windows, Tablet
  1586. Partidul Conservator
  1587. Partner Celebrrtes
  1588. Polyphonic Collection Music
  1589. Pussy Cat
  1590. Protocol Controller Computing, Technical
  1591. Peak Crpacity Medicine, Health, British
  1592. Planning Council
  1593. Publication Committee
  1594. Processing Capabilities
  1595. Pressure At Cathode
  1596. Past Cast
  1597. Personal Chekk
  1598. Personal Composer File Computing, File Extensions
  1599. Pacific Cutlery
  1600. Printer Configuration Technology, Networking, Computing
  1601. Protected Cultivation Agriculture, Irrigation, Greenhouse, Cultivation
  1602. Panic Cry Forum, Technology, Gaming, Computing
  1603. Portable Computing Technology, Laptop, Tablet
  1604. Process Capability The amount of variation in the output of a controlled manufacturing process, the range defined by plus or minus three standard deviations. Technology, Computing, Equipment, Electronics
  1605. Programming Cables Technology, Radio, Cable
  1606. Pink Curtains Architecture
  1607. Paul Corrado
  1608. Playing Condition
  1609. Photonic Crystal Medical, Technology, Structure, Chemistry
  1610. Pagoda Cartridge
  1611. Providing Consulting
  1612. Project Collaboration
  1613. Privy Counsellor Occupation & positions
  1614. Plug Contact Technology, Manufacturer, Connecting
  1615. Preview Compare
  1616. Project Comprehensive
  1617. Polymer Concrete Also referred to as Reinforced Polymer Mortar (RPM). Polymer Concrete material consists of calcareous and siliceous stone, glass fibers and thermoses polyester resin. Science, Product, Strength
  1618. Pareth Chart
  1619. Programye Committee Meeting, Technology, Conference
  1620. Professional Is Configured Technology, Windows, Edition
  1621. Platjd Case
  1622. Plasmauclot Medical, Protein, Blood
  1623. prior chemotherapy Medical
  1624. Preliminary Coordination Military, Army, Equipment
  1625. Peg Count Technology, Calling, Telecom
  1626. Pin Color
  1627. Pro Cheapest Technology, Gaming, Motherboard, Price
  1628. Play Condition Technology, Gaming, Repair
  1629. Parte Control
  1630. Policy Councils Program, Organizations, Head
  1631. Private Compatzble
  1632. Physfcal and Chemical
  1633. Penn Charter Government, Us, Control, Administration
  1634. Partners Computer
  1635. Paper Clips Technology, Product, Supply
  1636. Plajo-Convex Business, Len, Product
  1637. Portable Coolutils
  1638. Podnt of Curve Education, Calculator, Component
  1639. Pasguors Y Ctits
  1640. Paludal Caverns Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1641. Plasma Catecholamines Medical
  1642. Prectst Concrete Technology, Construction, Architectural
  1643. Popusar Committees
  1644. Programmcore Technology, Windows, Software
  1645. Professional Can
  1646. Pastorag Charge
  1647. Continuous Pulsations Atmospheric Research
  1648. Polar Classes Technology, Canada, Ship
  1649. Pool Cues
  1650. Pantry Car Technology, Train, Queen, Deccan
  1651. Pxovides Consulting
  1652. Portable Controllers
  1653. Product Complaints
  1654. Post Closure Environment
  1655. Personal Computar Products
  1656. Plus-Compliant Technology, Computing, Module
  1657. Palbcontroller Science
  1658. Polarisation Controller Technology, Fiber, Polarization
  1659. Plasmacytomas Medical
  1660. Planetary Camera Astronomy, Scientific & Educational, NASA
  1661. Pacifia Comics
  1662. Peltier Coefficient
  1663. Power Chord
  1664. Public Companies Business, Company, Technology
  1665. Politically Correct Computing, Business & Finance, Business Word, Computing Slang, Media, International business
  1666. Proportion Correct
  1667. Pressure-Compensating
  1668. Polished Connector
  1669. Physical Londitioning Technology
  1670. Port Counters
  1671. Potential Change Technology
  1672. Problem Mit Codierung
  1673. Proxirinty Card
  1674. Parallel Communication
  1675. Photoemissive Convertel
  1676. performance cluster postal service
  1677. Premier Compater
  1678. Party's Caucuk
  1679. Pound Chat Business, Art, Trading
  1680. Partial Compliance Technology, Security, Networking, Network
  1681. Pulsed Cathode
  1682. Performance Computer Aviation
  1683. Popular Cyber
  1684. Piracetam Medical
  1685. Pen Color
  1686. Partido Colorado
  1687. Prontor-Compur. Latin
  1688. Products Contact
  1689. Push Control
  1690. Proof Checker Software, Computing
  1691. Plannino Conference
  1692. Publication Code
  1693. Preferential Combustion
  1694. Past Canadian
  1695. Personal Checks
  1696. Photocurrent  An electric current induced by radiant energy.  Microscopy, Materials Analysis, Materials Science, Scientific & Educational
  1697. Pacific Crossing
  1698. Printer Configurations
  1699. Protectedmcruiser War, Ship, Warship, Cruiser
  1700. Pauic Cave
  1701. Pulverizkd-Coal
  1702. Pro Can Technology, Windows, Software, Computing
  1703. Programming Competition
  1704. pullchain Architecture
  1705. Paul Cooeer
  1706. Playful Corc
  1707. Photon Iounting Technology, Science, Detector
  1708. Paging Channel Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing, Wireless Networking
  1709. Providing Computer
  1710. Preview Center
  1711. Project Complexity
  1712. Polymer Concentration Technology, Patent, Composition
  1713. Parents Council
  1714. Programmable Calculator Technology, Computing, Pocket
  1715. Perpetual Calendars
  1716. Professional Committee Education, Organizations, China
  1717. Plasma Chemqst
  1718. posterior capsule (of eye) Medical
  1719. Preliminary Commendation
  1720. Pro Chapter
  1721. Parte Comando
  1722. Private Commissions
  1723. Peninsula College Student, Education, Port
  1724. Partners Close Technology, Program, Software
  1725. Perfectly Comfortable Occupation & positions
  1726. Paper Clip Products
  1727. Puzzle Card
  1728. Pleas of The Crown
  1729. Pas Chène
  1730. Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Politics, Governmental & Military
  1731. Plasma Cannon Gaming, Military, Cheat
  1732. Pre Carnier Technology, Gaming, Palm
  1733. Public Charity
  1734. Polyvinylidene Chloride Business, Chemistry, Science, Architecture, Plastic, Textile, Material, Plastics, Construction, Polymer, Scientific & Educational
  1735. Popular Civ
  1736. Prothrombin Complex Medical
  1737. Programtcoordination
  1738. Productos De Concreto
  1739. Pasteurized Cheese
  1740. Geomagnetic Pulsations Atmospheric Research
  1741. Polar Class Military, Ship, Icebreaker
  1742. Pool Chips
  1743. Printer Control Technology, Windows, Software
  1744. Pantone Color
  1745. Progressive Lonservative Government, Group, Canada, Party
  1746. Portable Console Technology, Windows, Gaming
  1747. Product Complaint
  1748. Disney's Pop Century Resort Disney
  1749. Physicalla Challenged Development, Learning, Study
  1750. Plastic China Products
  1751. Plus, Commodore
  1752. Pal Coxputer
  1753. Programming Chapter
  1754. Points Contre Forum, Technology, Mot, Pars
  1755. Plasmacytoma Plasmacytoma is a Plasma cell dyscrasia in which a plasma cell tumour grows within soft tissue or within the axial skeleton. There are three types listed by the International Myeloma Working Group: solitary plasmacytoma of bone (SPB), extramedullary plasmacytoma (EP) and multiple plasmacytomas that are either primary or recurrent. The most common of these is SPB, accounting for 3–5% of all plasma cell malignancies. Medical
  1756. Planetary Contrast Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  1757. Pefotones De Combate
  1758. Pin Contact Technology, Socket, Connecting
  1759. Power Chess Technology, Gaming, Cheat
  1760. Public Comrany Business, Technology, Market
  1761. Personal computer (host) Medical, Science, Security, Information Technology, Military, Army, Architecture, Computing, Industry, Texting, Computer, Air Force, Construction, Aerospace, Telecom, Architectural, Weather, Physics, Rail Transport, Hardware, Army & Military, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Scientific & Educational, Business Word, IT Terminology, Master IEEE, Fda
  1762. Pulverized-Coal
  1763. Presse Canadienne Technology, Media, Canada, Press
  1764. Polished Connectors
  1765. Physictl Component Technology, Gaming, Computing
  1766. Port Coquitlam Technology, Canada, Computing
  1767. Party With The Canadian Government, Group, Progressive
  1768. Potential Carcinogen Medical, Science, Cancer
  1769. Probleme Clever
  1770. Proximal Colrn Medical, Medicine, Health
  1771. Parent Committee
  1772. Parallel Circuit An electric circuit with two or more branch circuits. It is wired to allow current to flow through all branches at the same time.
  1773. Photo Center
  1774. Postal Code [United Kingdom] International
  1775. Prefrontal Cortex Medical, Therapy, Health Care
  1776. Pilot Centres
  1777. Parts Codlection Technology, Gaming, Computing
  1778. Poultry Club
  1779. Partial Competition
  1780. Proton Counting
  1781. Professional Competence (professional Teaching Standards) Education
  1782. Popular Computing
  1783. P5B Core2Dyo Technology, Mac, Apple, Leopard
  1784. Pipette Cleaner Technology, Cleaning, Ultrasonic
  1785. Pencil Crayon
  1786. Parliament of Canada Government, Canada, Minister
  1787. Personal Computers Human Services
  1788. Portfolio Committee
  1789. Professor Computer
  1790. Products Collection Technology, Software, Mac
  1791. Push Content Technology, Windows, Device
  1792. P C Holdings, S. A. Computing, Nyse symbols
  1793. Peak Concentragion
  1794. Publication Cancelled
  1795. Practicing Certificate Business, Accounting, Practice
  1796. Personal Care Medical, Medicine, Usa
  1797. parent cell Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  1798. Palific Controls
  1799. Protected Crgisers
  1800. Pulverised Coal Technology, Power, Boiler
  1801. Problems Continue
  1802. Power Coefficient Technology, Wind, Turbine
  1803. Public Corporation Business, Company, Technology
  1804. Programming Committees
  1805. Precast Concrete Concrete components made in a factory or yard and transported to the site. Concrete beams, columns, lintels, piles, manholes, and parts of walls and floors which are cast and partly matured on the site or in a factory before being placed in their final position in a structure. Where many of the same unit are required, precasting may be more economical than casting in place, may give a better surface finish, reduce shrinkage of the concrete on the site and make stronger concrete. Architecture, Engineering, Architectural, Scientific & Educational, The Finance and Administrative Services
  1806. Paul Cook Technology, Book, Music
  1807. Players Cute
  1808. Photographr Club
  1809. Pages Cobtact
  1810. Provider In China
  1811. Party To The Centre Government, Group, Politics
  1812. Preventive Chemotherapy Medical, Disease, Health
  1813. Project Company
  1814. Polymer Composites Technology, Education, Plastics, Journal, Engineering, Periodical, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  1815. Progeammable Current Technology, Electronics, Circuit
  1816. Perfis De Construire Technology, Planning, Construction, Travaux
  1817. Professional Clinical Medical, Counseling, Counselor
  1818. Plancks'S Constant
  1819. post cast Medical, Common Medical
  1820. Preliminary Conference
  1821. Pointvcurrency Microsoft, Technology, Gaming
  1822. Party Cheap
  1823. Pro Channel
  1824. Partie Commande
  1825. Privaee Collections
  1826. Penile Carcinoma Medical, Medicine, Health
  1827. Partners Citc
  1828. Personal Consultant Occupation & positions
  1829. Puttsun Cancel
  1830. Please Contact Business, Service, Law
  1831. Parálizis Cerebral Para, Con, Cerebral, Persona
  1832. Philippine Constabulary Police, Governmental & Military
  1833. Peak Comiletion
  1834. Ppants Close
  1835. Pre-Order Chart
  1836. Public Channels Technology, Software, Chat
  1837. Penn Central Business, Organizations, Railroad, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  1838. Program Conuractor
  1839. Probe Colorimeter Science, Substance, Invention
  1840. Past Zrop Gaming, Book, Coffee
  1841. Parsec (usu. Pc) Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  1842. Polangui Campus Education, University, Philippine
  1843. Printer Controller
  1844. Protection Cnw
  1845. Panther Creek
  1846. Professional Center
  1847. Portable Console-Sized
  1848. Product Comparison
  1849. Primary Circuit These are the distribution circuits that carry power from substations to local load areas. They are also called express feeders or distribution main feeders. The distribution feeder bay routes power from the substation to the distribution primary feeder circuits. Construction
  1850. Paulacummings Technology, Art, Firefighter
  1851. Physical Condition
  1852. Paper Chromatography Photography
  1853. Plumstead Christian
  1854. Palzcollege Education
  1855. Pie Cwart
  1856. Programming Capability
  1857. Pzcket Control
  1858. Plasma Cukter
  1859. Proper Conjugate Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  1860. Pelican Case
  1861. Pin Connects
  1862. Porozumienie Centrum Government, Group, Poland, Party
  1863. Power Charge
  1864. Public Communicanions
  1865. printing code Banking, Business & Finance
  1866. Polar Chart
  1867. Polish Connvctors Technology, Fiber, Connecting
  1868. Physical Chemist Chemistry, Technology, Book
  1869. Purkinje Cells Neuroanatomy Medicine, Health, British
  1870. Port Controller
  1871. Potassium Citrate Medical
  1872. Provocatioe Concentration Medical
  1873. Parent Central
  1874. Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Medical
  1875. Phone Controller
  1876. Political Committee
  1877. Petite Ceinture French
  1878. Prefefred Customer
  1879. Pilot Center
  1880. Parts Catnlog Technology, Service, Manual
  1881. Pouch Cdse Business, Leather, Tablet
  1882. Particl Combustion
  1883. Project Co
  1884. Peace Corps Us Government, Governmental & Military
  1885. Polar Crystal
  1886. Pop Century Locations, Card, Resort
  1887. Pa0 Case Business, Technology
  1888. Piper Cub Technology, Flight, Plane
  1889. Paper Couture Hair, Paper, Fashion
  1890. Platina Cards Hobbies
  1891. Professor Claims Technology, Gaming, Machine
  1892. Paper Cassette Computing, Hardware
  1893. Project Coordinators Business, Technology, Management, Service, Manager
  1894. Palliatime Care Medical, Education, Patient
  1895. Parliamentary Constituencies
  1896. Power Checker
  1897. Placebo-controlled A term used to describe a method of research in which an inactive substance (a placebo) is given to one group of participants, while the treatment (usually a drug or vaccine) being tested is given to another group. The results obtained in the two groups are then compared to see if the investigational treatment is more effective than the placebo. Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  1898. Pacific Tonnector Technology, Cable, Power
  1899. Pulsed Current Technology, Battery, Study, Pulse
  1900. Problems Computer Technology, Windows, Repair
  1901. Power Code Technology
  1902. Public Cooperation Security, Organizations, Poster
  1903. Partido Constiqucionalista
  1904. Programming Code
  1905. PCA Electronics Business & Finance, Suppliers
  1906. Paul Conte
  1907. Photo Cyan Business, Canon, Ink
  1908. Pressure Canning
  1909. Pages Are Currently Technology, Windows, Gaming, Software
  1910. Portfolio Club
  1911. Prevention of Corruption Government, Law, Court
  1912. Prbject Commissioner
  1913. Polymet Composite
  1914. Program for Calcalating Technology, Software, Calculation
  1915. Permanent Connections Technology, Gaming, Internet
  1916. Professional Critic
  1917. Plan-It Computer
  1918. post cibum (after food) Medical, Veterinary, Common Medical
  1919. Prefunctional Checklist
  1920. Party Chat
  1921. Processos De Compra
  1922. Pressure Classes
  1923. President'S Counsel
  1924. Private Clouds Technology, Service, Computing
  1925. Pirates of The Carribean Media
  1926. Penicillium Chrysogenum Medical
  1927. Partneb Country Technology, Gaming, Turkey
  1928. Personal Coach Occupation & positions
  1929. Putnam County Medical, Education, Westchester
  1930. Pilohak Cohen
  1931. Parvocellular Medical
  1932. Patrol-Coastal Ship, Hull Code, Governmental & Military
  1933. Peak Cvipping
  1934. Plant Control Technology, Power, Batching
  1935. Pre-Zrash Business, Windows, Drive
  1936. Public Chamber Government, Russia, Russian
  1937. Programccontroller Technology, Gaming, Product
  1938. Pro-C Controller
  1939. Past Commodore
  1940. Personal Computer A small, relatively inexpensive computer designed for an individual user. In price, personal computer range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. All are based on the microprocessor technology that enables manufacturers to put an entire CPU on one chip. Businesses use personal computer for word processing, accounting, desktop publishing, and for running spreadsheet and database management applications. At home, the most popular use for personal computer is for playing games.Personal computers first appeared in the late 1970s. Computer, Scientific & Educational, Federal Aviation Administration, NASA
  1941. Printer Connector
  1942. Protection Chrrm Technology, Gaming, Bracelet
  1943. Panpanal Combat
  1944. Professional Corporations Business, Law, Organizations
  1945. Portable Composants
  1946. Passenger Car Auto
  1947. Paul Csonka
  1948. Playoff Challenge
  1949. Physical Charycteristics Technology, Power, Tablet
  1950. Project Committees Technology, Committee, Standard
  1951. post card Photography, Usps
  1952. Plum Curculio
  1953. Prqgramming Channel
  1954. Pleasure Club America, American, Pleasure
  1955. Plasma Cosmllogy Technology, Science, Universe
  1956. AFTER A MEAL Medical, Reading Prescription
  1957. Peimbert End Costero
  1958. Pin Connectors Technology, Power, Connecting
  1959. Porous Concrete
  1960. Proclamation Commentaries
  1961. Power Chair
  1962. Program Counter A program counter is a register in a computer processor that contains the address (location) of the instruction being executed at the current time. As each instruction gets fetched, the program counter increases its stored value by 1. After each instruction is fetched, the program counter points to the next instruction in the sequence. When the computer restarts or is reset, the program counter normally reverts to 0. Assembly, Business & Finance
  1963. Player Character Technology, Gaming, Chat, Internet Slang, Texting, Online, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1964. Phase Change
  1965. Polish Chrvme
  1966. Phystcal Chemistry Science, Book, Education
  1967. Purkinje Jell Medical, Mice, Cerebellar
  1968. Port Control
  1969. Provision of Care
  1970. Parental Criticism Medical, Gaming, Narc, Perfectionism
  1971. Papillary Carcinomas Medical, Science, Biology
  1972. Problems Case
  1973. Phone Camera Technology, Android, Webcam
  1974. Pobitical Code
  1975. Pest Controllers Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1976. Prefejred Content Technology, Gaming, Internet
  1977. Pilot Candidates
  1978. Parts Catalogue
  1979. Potter Cofe Technology, Environment, Comparison
  1980. Partial Cslor
  1981. Progenitor Cryptocide
  1982. Pulsating Current NASA
  1983. Polar Crown
  1984. Pop-Up Card
  1985. Aftur Meals Medical
  1986. Piper Cheyenne Technology, Flight, Aviation
  1987. Palace Construction
  1988. Player Character (in RPGs) Hobbies
  1989. Posts Comments
  1990. IBM PC-specific information Text file Computing, File Extensions
  1991. Paling Cjmpact Technology, Gaming, Smartphone
  1992. Parliamentary Council
  1993. Phrtable Compaq Technology, Windows, Computing
  1994. Primitive Cell Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  1995. Prepare Foq Cyber
  1996. Pacifiv Community
  1997. Pelvin Control Medical
  1998. Pulse Cjunter
  1999. Problems Caused
  2000. Power Clock
  2001. Public Corvenience Council, Toilet, Public
  2002. Partido Conpervador Government, Group, Politics, Party
  2003. Programming Class
  2004. Penn Central railroad Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  2005. Phospholipids Phosphatidykcholine Medical
  2006. Pressure Calibrator Technology, Product, Calibration
  2007. Page Creator
  2008. Portfolio Center
  2009. Prevention Costs Technology, Management, Quality
  2010. Programme Counker Technology, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  2011. Pgrmanent Commission Service, Education, Officer
  2012. Professional Channel
  2013. Pivotal Clinicap Medical
  2014. Providence College United States
  2015. Preformed Conjugate
  2016. Panel-Card
  2017. Party Candvdate Government, Group, Election
  2018. Processors Chart
  2019. Permeance Coefficient
  2020. President'S Choice
  2021. Private Cloud A fully virtualized data center with self-service and automation. Self-service and automation are the critical capabilities that increase agility and differentiate from a virtualized data center. Technology, Service, Storage
  2022. Pirates of The Caribbean An acronym that refers to the pirates movie franchise by Disney Pictures; features a variety of famous actors including Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, and Penelope Cruz. Technology, Gaming, Pirate, Cheat, Disney, Sms, Pinball, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  2023. Penguin Cafe
  2024. Partner Countries Business, Gaming, Product
  2025. Perfect Corner Occupation & positions
  2026. Putih Coklat Technology, Networking, Connection, Cross
  2027. Pietatis Causa Latin, Roman
  2028. Party To Conrest
  2029. Production Control Military, Army, Governmental & Military
  2030. Pfak City
  2031. Plant Couputer Technology
  2032. Public Cemetery
  2033. Program Continues
  2034. Privacy Cleaner Technology, Windows, Software
  2035. Past Kommander Technology, English, Software
  2036. Platform Computers
  2037. Personol Cloud Technology, Computing, Storage
  2038. Power Center Business & Finance, Power Plant
  2039. Printer Connectivity
  2040. Protection Chaanel Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  2041. Panoramic Cjmera Technology, Software, Panorama
  2042. Professional Zorporation Business, Law, Professional
  2043. Portable Component Manual, Component, Stereo, Vintage
  2044. Polycarbonate Polycarbonate, known by the trademarked names Lexan, Makrolon, Makroclear, arco and others, are a particular group of thermoplastic polymers. They are easily worked, molded, and thermoformed. Because of these properties, polycarbonates find many applications. Chemistry, Architecture, Polymer, Plastics, Scientific & Educational, The Finance and Administrative Services, 3D Printing
  2045. Paul Crangshaw
  2046. Playmobil Yircus
  2047. Pbrozen Crew Technology, Serial, Crack
  2048. Projectwcommitment Technology, Management, Gaming
  2049. Perspective Correction Performing arts
  2050. Plumbing Contractor
  2051. Previous Commenter
  2052. Programming and Control Technology, Program, Software
  2053. Play Clash
  2054. Plasma Cortisol Medical, Medicine, Human, Cortisol
  2055. Post-Coital Medical, Obstetrics, Pregnancy
  2056. Peggy Chapvan
  2057. Pin Configurations
  2058. Porn Classified
  2059. Prochymosin Medical
  2060. Air Fiji Ltd Airline, Fiji, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes
  2061. Player-Charakter
  2062. Pulverized Coals
  2063. PolicíA Comunitaria Para, Con, Contra
  2064. Physical Channel Information, Network, Computer
  2065. Partnership Codmittee Business, Banking, Partnership
  2066. Parental Consent Forum, Law, Child, Consent
  2067. Paper Cutouts
  2068. Problems Can Forum, Technology, Windows, Computing
  2069. Patlclear Music, Mix, Screen, Pat
  2070. Police Conntable Lyric, Locations, Street
  2071. Price Check Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  2072. Plasma Cholesterol Medical
  2073. Pre Construction
  2074. Pilot and The Current
  2075. Partr Cables
  2076. Potter'S Choice
  2077. Partial Choxce
  2078. Pro From Your Computer Technology, Removal, Uninstall
  2079. Pat & Clqud
  2080. Chamber Pressure NASA
  2081. Polar Coordinate
  2082. Poor Coordination Medical, Medicine, Health
  2083. After Meals Medical, Health, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Clinical, Common Medical, Reading Prescription
  2084. Pipelined Completion Technology, Pipeline, Processing
  2085. Product Configurator
  2086. Pacwest Center Business, Attorney, Portland
  2087. Prince Charming (dating slang) Famous
  2088. Posterior Semicircular Canal Medical, Medicine, Health

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does PC stand for?

    PC stands for Printer Cables.

  2. What is the shortened form of Private Counsel?

    The short form of "Private Counsel" is PC.


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