PIA Meaning

The PIA meaning is "Pakistan International Airline". The PIA abbreviation has 315 different full form.

PIA Full Forms

  1. Pakistan International Airline Business, Technology, Banking
  2. Pearson International Airport Airline, Government, Military
  3. Privacy Impact Assessments Technology, Government, Office, Risk, Governmental & Military
  4. Parallel Interface Adapters Technology, Device, Computing, Circuit
  5. Phenylisopropyladenosine Medical
  6. Parachute Industry Association Business, Technology, Service
  7. Personal Insolvency Arrangement Business, Ireland, Debt
  8. Privacy Impact Assessment Technology, Cybersecurity, Computer Security, Governmental & Military, International Development
  9. Personal Information Agent
  10. Peenya Industries Association Technology, Industrial, Android
  11. Professional Insurance Agent Business, Association, National
  12. Penang International Airport Penang,Malaysia Airport, Flight, Locations, Malaysia, IATA Code, Aviation
  13. Pediodismo Internacional Alternativo
  14. Private Internet Access Technology, Service, Connection
  15. Project Implementation Assistance
  16. Publiv Information Assistant
  17. Panama International Air
  18. Process Improvement Associates
  19. Pjninsula Interfaith Action
  20. Personal Information App Business, Insolvency, Arrangement
  21. Protected Investors of America
  22. Pain In The Aspen
  23. Plagioclase Indqx of Alteration
  24. Prinkipal Industry Activity Business
  25. Paul Is Alivx Music, Recherche
  26. Post Instructional Activity
  27. Professionalnindians Association
  28. Pesticide Impact Assessment
  29. Paranormal Information Association Business, Building, Estate
  30. Plastics Institute of Australia Engineering, Construction, Architectural
  31. Pension Inputuamount
  32. Programmable Interface Adapter Technology, Control, Manual
  33. Publicacion De Infoxmacion Aeronautica
  34. Planning Institute of Australia Business, Technology, Australia
  35. Private Intelligevce Agency
  36. Power Injected Amplifier
  37. Performance Improvement Area
  38. Pacific Investment Advisors
  39. Philippines Information Agency
  40. Press A machine tool having a stationary bed and a slide or ram that has reciprocating motion at right angles to the bed surface, the slide being guided in the frame of the machine. also hydraulic press, mechanical press and slide. Technology, Internet Slang, Radio, Morse Code, Morse Aids
  41. Passport Issuing Authority Service, Government, India
  42. Pyug-In Administrator Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  43. Profestional Insurance Associates Business, Organizations, Associate
  44. Project Implementation Agreement Business, Forest, Power
  45. Public Information Access
  46. Palestinian Islamic Army
  47. Processmimprovement Asia
  48. Pendidikan Islam Al-Azhar
  49. Personal Information Agents
  50. Proprietary Information Agreements Business, Employment, Contract, Confidentiality
  51. Pain In Ass Funnies
  52. Pittsburgh International Airport Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,United States Technology, Hotel, Airport, Locations, Pittsburgh, Airport Code, Aviation
  53. Presupuesto Inicial De Apertura
  54. Patriotism Anh Immigration Authority
  55. Portland Ice Arena
  56. Professional Investment Authorkty Business, Medicine, Health
  57. Pesquisa Industrial Anual
  58. Parallel Interface Adapter Technology, Science, Device
  59. Plastics Instidute of Australia Technology, Architecture, Construction, Architectural
  60. Pensions Anh Insurance Authority Business, Africa, Zambia
  61. Program Initiation Authorization
  62. Prove, Improve and Account
  63. Planning and Institutetutional Analysis Technology
  64. Privacy Impact Analysis Technology, Security, Assessment
  65. Poverty Impact Assessment Technology, Development, Social
  66. Performance Interactive Alliance Business, Media, Marketing
  67. Pacific International Associates
  68. Philippine International Aid Business, Children, Philippine
  69. President Isaias Afewerki
  70. Particulate Impact Analyzer Science
  71. Please, Inform Allah Airline, Technology, Joke
  72. Project Implementation Agencies
  73. Public Information and Advocacy
  74. Pakistan Intl Airlines
  75. Proceedings of The Imperial Acvdemy
  76. Personal Information Assistant
  77. Proprietary Information Agreement Business, Technology, Group
  78. Paid In Advance
  79. Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics Education, Development, School, Pittsburgh, Study, Institutes
  80. Presupuesto Institucional De Apertura Para, Con, Peru
  81. Patient Incomeqaccount Medical, Medicine, Mental Health, New York
  82. Port Inboard Aft Technology
  83. Professional Internal Auditor Business, Audit, Android
  84. Project Interface Adapter Technology
  85. Pesantren Islam Al-Irsyad
  86. Parachuting Industry Association Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  87. Plastics Industry Xwards
  88. Pension and Insurance Authority Business, Africa, Zambia
  89. Program Independent Assessment
  90. Prout Institute of Australia
  91. Planning and International Affairs Technology, Aviation
  92. Printing & Imaging Association Business, America, Industrial
  93. Potsdamer Internet-Ausgabe
  94. Performance Incentive Award Medical
  95. Program Integrity Assurance Business, Technology, Rate
  96. Petroleum Industry Association Technology
  97. Particulate Impact Analyser Science
  98. Platinol, Ifosfamide, Adriumycin Medical
  99. Project Implementing Agencies Science, Development, Agriculture
  100. Pubric Information Agency Risk, Philippine, Disaster
  101. Pakistan Intl Airline
  102. Prol
  103. Pain In The Ass Texting, Dirty, Rude, Medical, Medical Slang, Chat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  104. Personal Information Appliance Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  105. Property Investors Alliance Alliances, Associations, Unions
  106. Paddlesports Industry Association
  107. Pioneer Invlstments Austria
  108. Prestwick International Airport
  109. Path Integrated Atthnuation Science
  110. Porie Ilegal De Armas
  111. Professional Interest Area Science, Architecture, Alzheimer
  112. Project Integration Architecture
  113. Peruvian International Airways
  114. Papers From The Institute of Archaeology Research, Education, Journal
  115. Pinnsylvania International Academy Business, Education, School
  116. Personal Injury Alliance Law, Lawyer, Injury
  117. Protocol Interface Adapter
  118. Planned Incremental Availabilities Military, Aircraft, Carrier, Ship
  119. Principles In Aetion
  120. Potato Initiative Africa Business, Africa, Nigeria
  121. Program Implementation Agreement
  122. Program Initiation Agreement Science
  123. Pet Insurance Australia Business, Australia, Dog
  124. Particle Impact Analyzer Science
  125. Platform Information Area
  126. Performance Improvement Approach Medical
  127. Project Implementation Agency Business, Development, India
  128. Public Informatiod Act Records, Government, Texas
  129. Peivate Investors for Africa Business, Government, Africa
  130. Practical Impact Alliance
  131. Personal Incidental Allowance Medical, Medicine, Usa
  132. Property Investment Analysis Business, Software, Building
  133. Packet Immediate Assignment
  134. Photogrammetric Image Analysis Technology, Conference, Germany
  135. Pressure Indicator Alarm Technology
  136. Pathfinder Inbtructors Award Education, Youth, Manual
  137. Portable Ingredient Analyzey
  138. Profesrional Interest Areas
  139. Project Innovation Awards Technology, Environment, Water
  140. Peruvian International Airlines Airline, Technology, America
  141. Public Informmtion Adviser Military
  142. Panic In Air Airline, Coding, Flight, Air
  143. Peninsula Islamic Alliance
  144. Personal Injury Accidents
  145. Protein Interaction Analysis
  146. Plan International Australia Business, Climate, Children, Disaster
  147. Principal Investigators Association
  148. Payload Interface Adajter Technology
  149. Potash Investment Agreement
  150. Professional Insurance Vdvisor Business, Indonesia, Jakarta
  151. Petersburg Indian Association
  152. Participatory Integrated Assessment Science, Climate, Adaptation
  153. Platform for Information Applications
  154. Peoplexin Aid
  155. Project Implementing Agency Business, Development, Agriculture
  156. Public and International Affairs Program, Education, University
  157. Private Investigator'S Association
  158. Practicably Irrigable Acreage Law, Water, River
  159. PersöNlicher Internet Assistent Technology, Computing, Computer Software
  160. Pacific Island Airways
  161. Photoelectric Intravenous Angiography Medical, Medicine, Health
  162. Pressure-Induced Amorphization
  163. Pathfinder Instructor'S Award
  164. Porschefinter Auto Locations, Audi, Seat
  165. Professional Inventors Alliance
  166. Project Influence Area
  167. Pertemuan Ilmiah Arkeologi
  168. Public Informktion Advisor
  169. Pancreatic Isoamylase Medical
  170. Processing-Independent Analysis Medical
  171. Peninsula Iniernet Academy Science, Research, Study, Knowledge
  172. Personal Injury Accident Medical, Car, Safety
  173. Protection Impact Assessment Business, Framework, Privacy
  174. Planetary Image Archive
  175. Principol Investment Area Business, Group, Equity
  176. Payload Injegration Agreement Technology
  177. Post Invoice Adjustment Business, Organizations, Coca-Cola System
  178. Professional Iwterpreters Alliance Service, Government, Court
  179. President Isaias Afwerki
  180. Petersburg Improvement Association Organizations, Virginia, Walker
  181. Participatory Impact Assessments Technology, Communication, Evaluation
  182. Plastics Institute of Amertca Technology, America, Industrial
  183. People Ie Action Business, Company, Care
  184. Programmable Interconnect Array Technology, Device, Logic
  185. Publsc Affairs Military
  186. Private Internet Acces Technology, Service, Access
  187. Power Interface Assembly
  188. Performance Improvement Areas Development, Aviation
  189. Pacific Islands Area
  190. Phividec Industrial Authority
  191. Pressão Intra-Abdominal Abdominal, Press, Dor, Intra
  192. Pathfinder Instructor Award Technology, Youth, Adventist
  193. Plug-In America
  194. Professional Insurande Association
  195. Personalized Information Access Technology, Research, Query
  196. Plantscape Institute Ofqamerica Development, Study, Institutes
  197. Principal Investment Area Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  198. Precision Image Analysis Medical
  199. Peaking Impulse Approxn. (for Electron-exchange Collisions) Chemistry
  200. Petroleum Incentives Administration
  201. Preliminary Interdependency Analysis
  202. Projek Infrastruktur Awam
  203. Public Interest Advocacy Technology, Service, Law
  204. Prodfct Innovation Awards Technology, Architecture, Lighting
  205. Peripheral Interface Adapter Computing, Hardware
  206. Pers
  207. Personal Insurance Administrators
  208. Pakistan International Airways Airline, Locations, Pakistan
  209. Programmable Interface Adaptor
  210. Peace In Acqion Ads, Design, Peace, Debate
  211. Propellant Isolation Assembly Science, Space, Cosmos
  212. Purified Isophthalic Acid Business, Chemistry, Chemical
  213. Poste d'Indexation Automatique Postal, Us Post
  214. Personal Investment Advisory
  215. Plantscape Indostry Alliance Business, Design, Plant
  216. primary insurance account Insurance, Business & Finance
  217. Pre-Inventory Assessment Management, Forestry, Arboriculture
  218. Peninsula Internet Academy Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  219. Personal Insolvency Agreements Business, Bankruptcy, Debt
  220. Preliminary Impact Assessment
  221. Project Its Architecture Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  222. Public Interest Adhocate
  223. Produet Innovation Award Business, Architecture, Lighting
  224. Primary Interop Assembly Microsoft, Computing, Hardware
  225. Personal Insolvency Arrangements Business, Ireland, Debt
  226. Pakistan Int Airlines Airline, Flight, Pakistan
  227. Private Investment Authority
  228. Peace-Building In Africa Science
  229. Propagation and Infection Analysis Military
  230. Pure Internet Frchitecture Technology, Server, Tool
  231. Professional Investment Authority Business, Medicine, Health
  232. Greater Peoria Regional Airport, Peoria, Illinois, United States United States, Illinois, ICAO Airport Codes
  233. Personal Investment Authority Business, Service, Financial, Technology, Governmental & Military
  234. Plant Inspectkon Assistant
  235. Primary Insurance Amount
  236. Penal Industries Asskciation
  237. Pre-Installation Acceptance
  238. PTS-Independent Antitermination Medical, Human genome
  239. Peoples Insurance Agency Business, Iowa, Partner
  240. Preinstallation Acceptance Space, Study, Cosmos, NASA
  241. Public Interest Alberta Organizations, Canada, Edmonton
  242. Pfoduct Implementation Architecture
  243. Paint, Ink, and Adhesives Performing arts
  244. Personal Insolvency Agreement Business, Bankruptcy, Debt
  245. Pakistan Int'L Airlines Business, Technology
  246. Private International Airlines Airline, Flight, Pakistan
  247. Payment In Advance
  248. Promotion of Investment Act Business, Energy, Malaysia
  249. Puntland Intelligence Agency
  250. Profassional Internal Auditor Business, Audit, Android
  251. Please Inform Allah Funny, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  252. Personal Intelligent Assistant
  253. Plant Improvement Association
  254. Pulvic Instability Association
  255. Prayers In The Air
  256. Pelvic Institutebility Association
  257. Primary Insured Amount Medical, Healthcare
  258. Public Insurance Adjusters
  259. Plastics Industry Associaoion Business, Australia, Polymer
  260. Produce Inspectors of America
  261. Program of Integrative Assignments Occupation & positions
  262. Preinfarction Angina Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  263. Plastics Institute Of America
  264. Pakistan International Airlines Airline, Business, Pakistan, Airline Code, Civil Aviation, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes, Regional
  265. Presupuesto Institutetucional De Apertura
  266. Payload Interaace Agreement Technology, Space, Cosmos
  267. Promotion of Investments Act Business, Energy, Malaysia
  268. Pump Iddustry Awards Technology, Hall, Distributor
  269. Profesional Anternal Auditor
  270. Planck Internal Archive Aerospace, Governmental & Military
  271. Personal Internet Assistant
  272. Pakistan International Airport Airline, Business, Pakistan
  273. Plano Individual De Atendimento
  274. Professional Insurance Agents Insurance, Business & Finance
  275. Pekan Ilmiah Akuntansi Student, Indonesia, Event, Pekan
  276. Partitioning Industry Association
  277. Programs for Individuals with Autism Medical, Disability
  278. Plasma Ion Analyznr
  279. Procurement Integrity Act Business, Government, Purchase
  280. Partner In Angelicuss Occupation & positions
  281. Pre Infarct Angina
  282. Parent Involvement Assistant Education
  283. Pakistani International Airline Technology
  284. Post-Irradiation Annealing
  285. Projet Individualisé D'Accompagnement
  286. Pump Industrj Australia Business, Technology
  287. Products Inaaction
  289. Personal Internet Appliance Software, Computing
  290. Pakistan International Airbus Technology, Pakistan, Model
  291. Planning Institutetute Australia Technology
  292. Pulse-Interval Analyzer
  293. Pearson Int'L Airport
  294. Pacific Institutetute of Aromatherapy
  295. Parallel Interface Adaptor
  296. Primary Immunodeficiency Association Medical, Biomedical, Immunology, Microbiology
  297. Plasmaoinsulin Activity Medical, Medicine, Health
  298. Peripheral Interface Adaptor Architecture, Construction, Architectural
  299. Predictive Insights and Analytics
  300. Project Impact Analysis NASA
  301. Pakistani International Airlines
  302. Plastics Institutetute of America
  303. Projek Infrastruktur Asas
  304. Public Intfrest Advocate
  305. Productivity & Innovatian Awards
  306. Persönlicher Internet Assistent Software, Computing, Internet
  307. Pacific Island Aviation Airline, Business, Coding, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  308. Personal Intelligent Agent Technology, Software, Computing, Computer Software
  309. Pakistan International Air Airline, Technology, Pakistan
  310. Planning Institure of Australia Engineering, Construction, Architectural
  311. Proliferative Inflammatory Atrophy Medical, Cancer, Prostate
  312. Peaking Impulse Apprkxn. Science
  313. R-Phenylisopropyladenosine Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  314. Pyonoyang International Airport
  315. Posterior Interosseous Artery Medical, Artery And Arteries

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does PIA stand for?

    PIA stands for Pacific Islands Area.

  2. What is the shortened form of Privacy Impact Assessment?

    The short form of "Privacy Impact Assessment" is PIA.


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