PIJ Meaning

The PIJ meaning is "Point Informations Jeunesse". The PIJ abbreviation has 26 different full form.

PIJ Full Forms

  1. Point Informations Jeunesse
  2. Project Investment and Justification
  3. Palestinian Islamic Jihad Military, Army, War
  4. Point Information Jeunesse Service, Information, Commune, Animation
  5. Project Investment Justification
  6. Palestine Israel Journal Organizations, Journals, Magazines, Publications
  7. Palestine Islamic Jihad Government, Military, Terrorism
  8. Programa De Inglés Para JóVenes
  9. Palestine-Israel Journal Organizations, Israel, Palestine
  10. Pacific Island Jobs
  11. Points Information Jeunesse Service, Information, Commune, Accueil
  12. Points D'Information Jeunesse
  13. Point Information Jeunes
  14. Permaculture International Journal Technology, German, Hosting
  15. Performance Improvement Journal Science, Education, Performance
  16. Puntos De Información Juvenil
  17. Perbadanan Islam Johor Business, Malaysia, Boutique
  18. Programa De Interc
  19. Punto De Información Juvenil Para, Con, Punt
  20. Partners In Justice
  21. Privacy International Japan
  22. Punt D'Informaci
  23. Paradize In Japan
  24. Pride In The Job
  25. Public Insight Journalism
  26. PalestĪNieŠU IslĀMa Jihad

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does PIJ stand for?

    PIJ stands for Punto De Información Juvenil.

  2. What is the shortened form of PalestĪNieŠU IslĀMa Jihad?

    The short form of "PalestĪNieŠU IslĀMa Jihad" is PIJ.


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