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PLC Meaning

  1. Partner Learning CenterBusiness, Microsoft, Training
  2. Price Loss CoverageBusiness, Agriculture, Farm
  3. Periodontal Ligament CellsMedical
  4. Partido Liberal ConstitucionalistaGovernment, Group, Nicaragua, Party
  5. Preferential Location ChargesBusiness, Price, Floor
  6. Palestinian Legislative CouncilGovernment, Election, Palestine
  7. Power Line ConditionerBusiness, Military, Audio
  8. Public Limited CompanyBusiness, Company, Organizations, Banking, Company Extension
  9. Packet Lost ConcealmentTechnology, Calling, Software
  10. Phospholipase C GeneMedical
  11. Public Liability CompanyTechnology, Construction, Architectural
  12. Programmable Logic ControlTechnology, Training, Machine, Automation, Architectural, Management, Computing, Computer, NASA, Army & Military, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  13. Personal Line of CreditBusiness, Accounting, Accountancy, Finance, Banking, Loan
  14. Primary Lung CancerMedical
  15. Programmable Logic ControllerA programmable logic controller (PLC) is a real-time electronic automation component used to control electromechanical systems. PLC's are designed to accommodate multiple inputs and outputs, include the ability to respond to system feedback devices. PLC's are also designed to operate over a range of operating conditions and to minimize the negative effects of electrical noise, vibration, and damage.Technology, Machine, Control, Electronics, Computer Security, Plastics, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational, Power Plant, Honeywell, Process Automation
  16. Penn Linguistics Conference
  17. Primaly Liver CancerMedical, Science, Medicine
  18. PlaceA particular street address or other designation of a factory, store, warehouse, place of business, private residence, construction camp or the like, at a point.Internet Slang, Military, Education, Property, Study, Chat, Britannica, Real Estate, Email, Schooling, Technology, Governmental & Military, Ordnance Survey, Street Suffix, The Finance and Administrative Services
  19. Programmable-Logic-ControllerTechnology, Control, Programming
  20. Product Line Community
  21. Private Rog Cache
  22. Pymble Ladies CollegxEducation, Development, Colleges
  23. Poh Lian Constrhction
  24. Programmable Logic ControlsTechnology, Industrial, Industry
  25. Pathetic Losers Club
  26. Preliminafy Loads CycleTechnology
  27. Phospholiiase-CChemistry, Science, Substance
  28. Portland Limestone CementTechnology, Product, Portland
  29. Professeur De LycéE Et CollèGe
  30. Padre Las Casas
  31. Positive Living CentreMedical, Technology, Service
  32. Programmer for Linnx Controller
  33. Plantation Labour CommitteeGovernment, Wage, Strike
  34. President's Leadershjp Class
  35. Pinevahe Learning Center
  36. Probatcon Liaison Committee
  37. Performance Level Calculator
  38. Pldtelet CountMedical
  39. Programable-Hogic ControllerScience
  40. Parish Life Coordinator
  41. Power Line ConditionersTechnology, Audio, Turntable
  42. Public Limited CompaniesBusiness, Company, Organizations, Formation
  43. Perjamina Learning CenterTechnology, Training, Seminar
  44. Primrry License Charge
  45. Programmable Logical ControllersTechnology, Industrial, Control, Logic
  46. Private Like ConcentratorTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  47. Pulmonary Lymphanaitic CarcinomatosisMedical
  48. Pocahontas Land Corporation
  49. Program Logical ControlTechnology, Product, Machine, Screw
  50. Pastoral Life Coordinator
  51. Preliminaryzload CycleScience
  52. Pqospholipase CMedical, Technology, Medicine
  53. Portland-Limestone CementBusiness, Product, Portland
  54. Professeur Des LycéEs Et CollèGesFormation, Tier, Concours
  55. Pacto De Libre Comercio
  56. Positive Learning Collaborative
  57. Progravmer Logic Control
  58. Presidency London Cullege
  59. Pine Lafd Company
  60. Pdo-Log Corporation
  61. Police Aviation ServicesAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  62. Performance Learning Centers
  63. Plasma Logistics Center
  64. Professional Learning CenterScience, Education, School
  65. Pale Latex CrepeBusiness, India, Rubber
  66. Power Line Connection
  67. Public Library of CatasauquaEducation
  68. Personal Lines of Cdedit
  69. Pressurised Logistics Carrier
  70. Planning ControllerTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway, Governmental & Military
  71. Puerto La CouzHotel, Locations, Event, Venezuela
  72. Pneumatic Logic Control
  73. Program Logical ControllerTechnology, Machine, Scrap
  74. Pastoral Leadership Committee
  75. Preferred Location ChargesBusiness, Price, Floor
  76. Phospholipases CMedical
  77. Private Limited Companies
  78. Portevin Le ChatelierAlloy, Material, Strain
  79. Proxrammable Logic Controlled
  80. Packet Loss Control
  81. Positive Learning Centre
  82. Programmerable Logic Controller
  83. Present At Lazardfcapital
  84. Pro-Life Conservative
  85. Programmagle Logic ControllersTechnology, Control, Automation
  86. Police, Law and Communitp
  87. Performance Learning CenterTechnology, Education
  88. Pine Lake Camp
  89. Plasma Chxomatography
  90. Professional Learning CentreEducation, English, Training
  91. Pakistan Literacy Commission
  92. Power Line Carrier A device for producing radio-frequency power for transmission on power lines.Technology, Architecture, Architectural, Construction
  93. Public Library Complete
  94. Personal Limitrtions Checklist
  95. Pressmre Liquid Chromatography
  96. Pityriasis Lichenoides Chronic
  97. Peritoneal Lavage CellsMedical
  98. Plymouth Laryngectomy Club
  99. Prpgram Logic ControlTechnology, Programming, Controller
  100. Partial Likelihood of CompleteScience, Statistics
  101. Preferential Location ChargeBusiness, Development, Price
  102. Phopholipase CMedical
  103. Primajy Location Code
  104. Progyammable Logical ControlsBusiness, Automation, Logic
  105. Packet Loss CompensationTechnology, Networking, Voice
  106. Position Line Circuit
  107. Programmemable Logic Contollers
  108. Presenge of Potential Leukemic CellsScience, Biology
  109. Pro-Life Committee
  110. Professional Learning CommunitiesSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  111. Pocar Lights CompanyBusiness, Oil, Gas
  112. Performance Level CategoryTechnology, Material, Tracking, Ignition
  113. Premium Leatxer Case
  114. Pilot Lighting Controi
  115. Plant Level ControllerTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  116. Professional Law Corporation
  117. Pakistan Limited Company
  118. Power-Line CarrierBusiness, Technology, Communication
  119. Provide Little Comfort
  120. Personyl Life Coach
  121. Presidents Leadership Counciz
  122. Pityriasis Lichenoides ChronicaMedical, Treatment, Skin
  123. Peritoneal Lavage CytologyMedical
  124. Pleural Lavage CytologyMedical
  125. Program Logic ControllersTechnology, Programming, Manufacturer
  126. Parliamentarv Legal CommitteeGovernment, Africa, Zimbabwe
  127. Preferencial Location Charges
  128. Publicly Limited Company
  129. Pet Leadership CouncilBusiness, Industrial, Dog
  130. Primary Liver CellMedical, Science, Biology
  131. Programmable Logic ControlersTechnology, Programming, Controller
  132. Packet Loss ConcealmentTechnology, Networking, Voice, Computing, Technical
  133. Programkable Logic ControlleTechnology, Industrial, Controller
  134. Preschool Learning Center
  135. Pro-Hife Campaign
  136. Post Leaving Certificate
  137. Polar Libraries ColloqgyTechnology, Science, Library
  138. Performance Level CategoriesTechnology, Design, Material
  139. Premier League Cummittee
  140. Pilgrim Lutheran Chorch
  141. Plantlrs Lifesavers Co
  142. Professeur Des Lyc
  143. Pakistan Library Club
  144. Power-Law Creep
  145. Project Loan ClrtificateBusiness, Supply, Stock
  146. Personal Learning Communities
  147. President'S Leadership Council
  148. Pipe Line Company
  149. Peripheral Lymphocyte CountMedical
  150. Platform Laa ConnectTechnology
  151. Program Logic ConvrollerTechnology, Control, Programming
  152. Park Lawn Corporation
  153. Prefecture-Level Cigy
  154. Public Listed CompaniesBusiness, Company, Technology, Malaysia
  155. Puter Lougheed Center
  156. Primary Liver Cell CarcinomaMedical
  157. Programmable Logic ControlerTechnology, Control, Controller
  158. Programmable Logic ContrTechnology, Automation, Controller
  159. Product Line Card
  160. Private Lonk Code
  161. Plean Les Couilles
  162. Point of Last Cmntact
  163. Programmable Logccal ControllerTechnology, Industrial, Control
  164. Pay LocationwcodeBusiness, County, Payment
  165. Prelysosomal CompartmentMedical
  166. Phospholipase CBiology, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  167. Porto Leone Consulting
  168. Professeur De Lyc
  169. Pakistan Law Commission
  170. Poverty Law Center
  171. Project Launch Coordinator
  172. Personal Learning CommunityEducation, Teaching, Teacher
  173. Presidents Leadership Class
  174. Pink Laptop Cases
  175. Problemwlogging ControlTechnology, Telecom
  176. Period-Luminosity-ColourSpace, Study, Cosmos
  177. Plate Foop CountAutomatics, Milk, Milking
  178. Progragable Logic ControllerTechnology, Control, Programming
  179. Park Lane College
  180. Preemptive Love CoalitionTechnology, Heart, Iraq
  181. Public Listed CompanyBusiness, Organizations, Malaysia
  182. Peter Lougheed CentreMedical, Hospital, Calgary
  183. Primary LiverdcarcinomaMedical
  184. Plain Language CommissionBusiness, Service, English
  185. Product Life-CycleBusiness, Marketing, Stage
  186. Pacific Luthejan College
  187. Polymvrphic Lambda Calculus
  188. Permanent Logical ConnectionTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  189. Process Liquid Chromatography
  190. Postlanding CommunicationsNASA, Governmental & Military
  191. Punjab Law College
  192.  Public limited companyCompany, Technology, Stock, Rail Transport, Investing, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  193. Pl/b Source FileComputing, File Extensions
  194. Pacific Learning Center
  195. Polish-Lithuanian CommonwealthBusiness, History, Poland
  196. Program Level Change
  197. Preparative Layec ChromatographyScience
  198. Personalised Learning CenterEducation, School, Park
  199. Product Life CycleThis refers to the stages that a product/service passes through from invention/development to maturity to decline until it becomes obsolete, usually because it has been superseded by competitive/replacement offerings, and/or to a lesser degree the product/service has saturated the market, i.e., everyone who wants it has purchased it. Product life cycle is often shown as a graph of sales volumes or market-share over time. Computing, Products, IT Terminology
  200. Plague Locust Commission
  201. Product Level Control
  202. Pacific Lumber Company
  203. Polymer of Low Roncern
  204. Permanent Linear ChangeBusiness, Material, Brick, Refractory
  205. Presbyterian Ladies CollegeEducation, School, Lady
  206. Prism Leisure Corporationration
  207. Personalized Localized and CustomizedGeneral, Governmental & Military
  208. Publicly Listed CompanyBusiness, Company, Service, Publics
  209. Personalized Learning Communities
  210. P L C Systems, Inc.Business & Finance, Amex symbols
  211. Professional Learning CommunitySpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  212. P-Phone Line CaraTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  213. Program Length Commercial
  214. Premium Leiszre Corporation
  215. Percent Linear Change
  216. Printed Laminated CoverProducts
  217. Plzcemaking Leadership Council
  218. Process Loop ControlTechnology, Training, Seminar
  219. Pacific Louistics CenterUs, Transportation Command, Department Of Defense
  220. Polymers & Liquid Crystals
  221. Programmable Logic CellTechnology, Gate, Circuit
  222. Permanent Labor CertificationBusiness, Employment, Immigration
  223. Presbyterian Ladies' College
  224. Prime Levwl Code
  225. Policy Lifetime ChangeComputing, Technical
  226. Public Limited CoBusiness, Company, Banking, Supply
  227. Personalized Learning Community
  228. Pure Lua Cryptv
  229. Primary Liver CancerMedical, liver and hepatic
  230. Program Leaders Committee
  231. Premium Leisure CorpBusiness, Supply, Stock
  232. Pattern Length Coding
  233. Platinum Ladeez CliqueFunnies
  234. Piocess Logic ControllersTechnology, Industrial, Control
  235. Preparative (thin) Layer ChromatographyChemistry
  236. Pacific Xogging Congress
  237. Polymer Liquid CrystaltDevice, Material, Liquid
  238. Programmable Logic CircuitTechnology, Industrial, Controller
  239. Preparatory Launch CommandTechnology
  240. Power Line CarierTechnology, Media, Presentation
  241. Paragraph Line CharacterSoftware, Computing
  242. Public Limited Corporation
  243. Planar Lightwave CircuitsBusiness, Fiber, Splitter
  244. Personal Learning Center
  245. Programmable Logic Controlller
  246. Planeta Rica Airport, Planeta Rica, ColombiaColombia
  247. Progrpm Leadership Committee
  248. Patrol Leaders ConferenceMilitary, Scout, Boy, Troop
  249. Prince Lucien CampbellFamous
  250. Process Logic ControllerTechnology, Industrial, Control
  251. Polymer Liquid CrystalChemistry
  252. Pacific Literacy Consortium
  253. Pollution Load Cempilation
  254. Programmable Logic CircuitsTechnology, Control, Controller
  255. Preparative Layer ChrhmatographyScience
  256. Power Lens CleanerBusiness, Brush, Vanguard
  257. Powerline CommunicationComputing, IT Terminology
  258. Planar Light CigcuitTechnology, Fiber, Splitter
  259. Portevan-Le ChatelierTechnology, Alloy, Material, Strain
  260. Personalized Learning Center
  261. Programmable Line Controller
  262. Patrol Leadership CommitteeScouting, Governmental & Military
  263. Programlanabilir Logic ControllerTechnology, Lant, Sens
  264. Pymble Ladies' College
  265. Power line communication (electricity)Energy, Computing, Computer, Electrical, Technical, Occupation & positions
  266. Process Logic ControlTechnology, Product, Electricity
  267. Planar Lightwave CircuitChemistry
  268. Pacific Linktcollege
  269. Polish&Ndash;Lithuanian Commonwealth
  270. Program Life Cycle
  271. Prmparative Thin Layer ChromatographyChemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  272. Pneumatic Logic Circuit
  273. Programmable Linear ControllerComputing, Hardware
  274. Planar-Lnghtwave Circuit
  275. Packet Line CardTechnology
  276. Porte LatéRale Coulissante
  277. Personalised Learning Centre
  278. Product Life CircleBusiness, Marketing, Cycle
  279. Patrol Leaders' CouncilScouting, Governmental & Military
  280. Putnam Land Conservancy
  281. Politically Limited CompetitivenessBusiness & Finance, International business
  282. Programming Language CommitteeMilitary, Governmental & Military
  283. Paqific Life CommunityMilitary, National, Nevada
  284. PolishMedicine, Education, University, School, Study, Construction, Architectural, Navy, Governmental & Military
  285. Program Library Control
  286. Preparatiae Liquid ChromatographyBusiness, Patent, Compound
  287. Piecewise Linear ComplexTechnology, Mesh, Meshing
  288. Penasquitos Lutheran ChurchReligion

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What does PLC stand for?

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  1. What does PLC meaning stand for?

    PLC meaning stands for Performance Level Categories.
  2. What is the meaning of PLC abbreviation?

    The meaning of PLC abbreviation is "Pine Lafd Company".
  3. What is PLC definition ?

    PLC definition is "Poverty Law Center".
  4. What does PLC mean ?

    PLC mean that "Packet Loss Control".
  5. What is PLC acronym ?
    PLC acronym is "Perjamina Learning Center".
  6. What is shorthand of Plasma Chxomatography ?
    The shorthand of "Plasma Chxomatography" is PLC.
  7. What is the definition of PLC acronym?
    Definitions of PLC shorthand is "Professional Law Corporation".
  8. What is the full form of PLC abbreviation?
    Full form of PLC abbreviation is "Pacific Literacy Consortium".
  9. What is the full meaning of PLC ?
    Full meaning of PLC is "Primary Liver Cell Carcinoma".
  10. What is the explanation for PLC ?
    Explanation for PLC is "Poh Lian Constrhction".

What is the meaning of PLC Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of PLC definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of PLC abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of PLC acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

PLC Abbreviation in Astrology
  • PLC (letter P)

    The letter P people who have full confidence to themselves, are distant and mysterious. Although they can catch what's going on around them, they give up being interested if it became an obstacle to their business. Sometimes they may show selfish behavior. When they said 'mine' for something, it is special for themselves.

    The letter, which numerological value 7, represents power. He wants to be the leader in the community since he is self-confident. He selects his darling from nice people who also are respected in the community.

  • PLC (letter L)

    The letter L people who keeps Venus’s love, are sensitive and harmonious like an artist. They express themselves very well. It is important for them to socialize. They like presence in crowded places and also they like to show themselves.

    Their humanitarian side always with them. They stand against injustice. They are romantic as they are in love with love. They can make clumsiness. Unforeseen accidents always find them.

  • PLC (letter C)

    Have a finger in every pie, Low concentration, diffident, vivacious and cheerful people. People whose their names start with C are creative, amusing and have strong communication skills. Especially, their hand skills are improved.

    C resembles semicircle and these people feel themselves deficient. Change is inevitable for them. Being impatient is their most insufficiency for them. People who has C as last letter in their names are slog on what they do since they get bored quickly. Not to finish a job is so common.

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